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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjztv, wjzhd and wj baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> man hunt underway. gun fire erupts inside an upscale howard county salon. the man wanted as a warning sign leading up to the attack. >> good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. we have brand new information. officers say the estranged boy friend of a nail salon employee stormed inside and critically wounded her and another man. wjz live on the developing story tonight. derek has the new lead. >> reporter: tonight there's reports they have found the suspect's abandoned car but the search continuings for the man who opened fire inside a nail
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salon sending two people here. this is 35 year old now on the run. howard county police say saturday night he came armed with a gun to the salon where his exgirl friend and mother of two children worked as a nail technician. employees at the nearby creamery heard and seen some of the chaos. he encountered a male friend who was waiting the pick her up in the parking lot. shots were fire and the struggle moved inside the salon. >> his whole shirt was covered in blood and he had a gun in hand. >> after shooting the nail technician in the shoulder and shooting her male friend he
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took off. >> as i was taking care of her i saw a victim like on the counter. >> both victims expected to survive. police say the nail technician had an active protective order against fam. they called the incident a shame. >> they're part of the community and run a wonderful business and very kind and i would hate to have something like this effect them. >> reporter: both of the victims are expected to survive. they say this is the first and second degree murder once he's captured. police are offering a 2500- dollar reward for information that leads to his arrest. >> still on the run tonight derek, thanks so much. anyone with information is urged to call howard county
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police. for the first time in months the family of a high profile mushed case -- murder case speaks for the first time. >> reporter: families that were total strangers bond over the loss of loved ones. murder victims and an honor student killed in 2010 while visiting relatives in baltimore. >> we're all here for reasons. >> reporter: the sisters invited by the group founder. she lost her son in a 2008 unsolved shooting in harper county. since then she's turned grief into action. >> when people leave they want to come back and add community and volunteer at the schools and wreck centers. this is especially to the black community because we are way behind with our children. we made it through slavery and
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through the crack cocaine era and now we need to make it through this. >> reporter: they hope their justice is just around the corner. the sister's exboy friend was just arrested months ago. they're thankful for the support. >> we want to give become to the community. >> michael johnson pled not guilty in the barnes murder. his trial is scheduled for august. we are getting breaking news. crews are now serging for a missing man this harper county. we're told the volunteer fire department is telling that two people struggled in the water off of park beach drive. one person is under water and the other is still missing. the coast guard is trying to
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find him. more storms are moving this way. let's check in with your meteorologist. >> adam, we have a water -- reported off the bay earlier this afternoon. we'll show you first warning doppler radar. thunderstorms making their way away from maryland. a couple of showers down from the south. another thing we want to show you out to the west there are more thunderstorms in the mountains of virginia and west virginia. we've got more to come not only today but tomorrow. we'll have all of that coming up, adam. >> the families of two american missionaries kidnapped in egypt are holding on the hope tonight that their loved ones will be quickly released. they were visiting biblical sites with a tour guy when a tribesman took them hostage. tonight the u.s. embassy is in
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close contact with egyptian authorities. it is a civil war in syria. that's what the red cross is calling the violence tonight. the international lot now across the country and attacked . earlier today the pair took to the airways focusing on romney's firm he founded. drew reports with harsh words from both sides. >> reporter: president obama says his campaign would not apologize for saying mitt romney outsourced jobs while running bane capital. in an interview the president said mr. romney claims he's mr. fix it for the economy because of his business experience so i think voters entirely, legitimately want to know what
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is exactly his business experience. mitt romney says he wasn't at bane when the outsourcing happened. he left the 999 -- 1999 to run the salt lake city olympics. documents show he was still legally in charge in 2002 when the jobs were shipped over seas. obama advisers say they won't apologize for suggesting he may have committed a felony. if he misrepresented how long he was at the private equity firm. >> i think it's troubling he would label his campaign. >> reporter: romney's camp says the obama administration should stop the personal attacks and focus on the economy. >> we know this president will say or do anything. >> reporter: in an interview president obama admitted he can't criticize for attacking
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his record on the economy. >> if i was in his shoes i would be making the same argument. in new york, drew, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz 13 is always on. check in for complete coverage of campaign 2012 for instant updates. you can log on to it was right after 2007 when inmates and guards were killed and now the house of corrections is being torn down. in the meantime inmates are being used to deconstruct the facilities to save millions of dollars. calling 911 is about to get easier soon. you'll be able to text or tweet emergencies thanks to a multimillion dollar state grant. we report this new system puts maryland on the cutting edge of technology. >> tell me whose the shooter.
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>> reporter: life threatening calls come by phone but now there's a new way to reach out for help. texting. even tweeting 911. >> there's so many different calls coming in for more important matters and maybe the texting will help reach them faster. >> reporter: it's called next generation 911. with it, troopers who handle about 3% of maryland's calls will have more technology to track time and deliver help. >> so if they're not on a cell phone traveling down the highway we can follow that cell phone down the highway and make sure we get the fastest and best response for the citizen. >> okay. i can help you. >> reporter: right now most of the state police don't have an automated answering machine. operators turn to old fashioned ten digit numbers. some say texting may -- >> how are they going to get to
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reading the text messages? >> i don't twitter, tweet or text. i just use the phone and talk. i like that better. >> reporter: the state plans to test the texting system first. the eastern shore will receive the program next year and then by 2014 every other call center across the state will be able to receive text for help. i'm gee gee barnett wjz eyewitness news. >> times are changing. it can respond the updates and facebook accounts. still to come, lost and found. a car stolen decades ago. you're not going to believe how an owner tracked it down. missing sister. two babies alone in a crib. a camping trip gone horribly wrong. what landed two boy scouts in critical condition. >> playing the dating game with
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blue crab. >> i'm meteorologist. we have thunderstorms making their way across the state and the heat has returned. we'll have all that coming up in your first warning forecast. >> complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist woods. woods. it's wjz maryland,, you don't exactly have that green thumb. but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. it's cloudy and 77 degrees in central maryland. we're going to have to complete forecast coming up. first up, check out this video where deadly waves of tornadoes
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touched down earlier today. you can see bits of debris floating through the air. very bad accident in south carolina sends several boy scouts to the hospital. their van lost control and flipped over and trapped at least one person inside. two boy scouts are in critical condition tonight. family and friends are clinging to hope as the search for two missing sisters is continued. police have recovered a white pick-up truck that is possibly tied to the disappearance. >> looks like they're gone and there's personal guns missing
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as well. >> they say there were no signs of foul play found inside the truck they recovered 6789. a texas man has been reunited with a stolen car after 40 years. robert russell found his 1967 austin heely on ebay. he still had the title certificate and paid around 3000 bucks for the car and now it's worth $23,000. some new concerns over the chesapeake bay crab population. they're worried that regulations are causing a sperm shortage in the males. tonight tim williams looks at the new numbers and what they mean for your next crab. >> reporter: in the digging
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world of crabs. >> male and female sex ratio has actually increased, that is, there are fewer females than males. >> results of the latest independent survey show the number of female crabs has increased for the second straight year while juvenile crabs have increased. >> the ultimate goal is to have more adult crabs that are back into the fishery. >> reporter: the new findings are a complete turn around. in january there were three females to every male. now we're closer to the ideal number of eight females to every male.
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if there's not a male that's fully charged, ready to go at that point, it doesn't happen as effectively. >> reporter: still, the overall blue crab numbers are good which in a nutshell means enough for both sexes to go around. tim williams, wjz eyewitness news. >> did not know all of that. the latest assessment suggested studying the sex ratio should be a -- an oregon due yohe is -- duo. saturday they made a pretty hard landing and were hit by some hail. the aircraft took off without
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them. >> i would be a little nervous. he looks very cool. >> people might think it's a weather balloon. >> okay. we have a couple of thunderstorms out there tonight. scattered about during the afternoon and they will wind down overnight. we have another round coming our way tomorrow. there was a massive bag of thunderstorms skirting by earlier. all of that has moved over into new jersey. a couple of showers across the state and extreme lower parts of the eastern shore. all of this is a little bit stronger not that long ago but as it made its way out of the mountains we're seeing showers. we're going to see more of that spread across the state over the next few hours here. we had clouds which gave way to sunshine. the clouds produce showers and thunderstorms. with all this going on it's because we're preparing for a
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cold front to pass by. we felt the difference. it's still p 7 degrees outside and baltimore, 81 in d. c. we have a scattering of temperatures. this is where we top out. 95 degrees. it's going to continue. we're back above the average of 88 degrees and we'll be above the average for the next few amps here. this is where the air coming from once again look at all of this in canada, 84 degrees at this hour in denmark. 90s not that long ago. as we said, in addition to the heat that's going to continue, we have various chances for showers and storms. it will wind down overnight.
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as the front passes by to the north tomorrow it's going to spark another round of scattered showers and storms. prepare for another front to come our way on wednesday. that's not to say something might not pop up this afternoon. wednesday this next front, out on the water west winds 5-10 knots. winds today generally 30-40 miles per hour. tonight things winding down and 72 degrees. tomorrow we're going right back down. we're going up to 95 degrees for our high and we go up from there. 98 on tuesday, 98 on wednesday. then the cold front comes through thursday. it will start to knock down temperatures. adam. >> coming up next. the up and down days ,,,,,,,,,,,
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the wjz sports report. >> i have a lot to talk about. first off, tigers 4 and royals nothing. relatively speaking jason hammel now on the disabled list. johnson making a major league debut. suiting in a pressure cooker. johnson walked the first two batters and struck out kelly with a swing and a miss. then we retire sides. got the next batter too. top nine. the best at swing. burning on that homer and that seals the deal. unfortunately robert hurt himself in the sixth.
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mri tomorrow and no brakes. would you believe that steve johnson got back after today's effort during the big show. >> pretty good walking off the field in the eighth inning. probably will remember that for a long time. >> elsewhere, yankees hosting the angels. could it have been better for a hollywood movie? angels won 10-8. also, they have an attitude. the rookie ends it. nationals 4-0 over the marlins.
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meantime, rev it up. nascar in new hampshire. kyle busch had a bad tire. 19 laps left and casey -- kasey took the lead. he won and denny hamlin was second. that's sports. i hope you have a great week everybody. >> still to come, human dominoes. these people are going for a world record. world record. can they do,, it's the perfect match for the perfect moment -- oreo the dunkin' way. introducing the new oreo coffee coolatta and new oreo vanilla bean coolatta. taste the fun today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in to dunkin' and try the new
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that's it for us tonight. be sure to watch tomorrow morning. thanks for watching eyewitness


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