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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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see a bunch of people scattering after he heard two gun shots. >> frank: the latest in a deadly shooting in denver. what people are saying. we of hall fletcher and we just want to be heard. >> frank: the grassroots push to get people involved in their children's school.
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mountain street. where city officials are hoping people who get stuck in the traffic with help them out. from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. national western show several shootings. >> frank: we begin with a story we first brought you here at 6 o'clock. a developing situation out in colorado. denver police say one person was shot and killed, several others injured during a fight at a motorcycle expo. in addition to the one fatality, three other people were shot, another person stabbed, others injured in jured in a fight. >> you're a rider. you're aware of what goes on here.
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heavy presence at the hospital where the injured people are being treated tonight. we will continue to follow this story for you on news 13 this weekend beginning at 6:00 a.m., as well as on and our facebook page. possible changes coming at an asheville public school are being met with a speak out. hall fletcher elementary may see a program overhaul. news 13's justin hinton joins us live from the school. justin, administrators say they're trying to adjust for growth. >> justin: that's exactly right. particularly in the 3rd through fifth grade. parents we spoke with today are hoping a grassroots effort in the community will get them to show up to this meeting and share their thoughts. >> here we go. it's the beginning of what could be the end of hall fletcher elementary school and these folks know it. it's the reason they're
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meeting. >> it's just important to come because your word can help mold something and make something better. you just never know unless you voice your opinion. >> justin: on the table right now, changing hall fletcher to a 4th through 8th grade school. >> that's 29. we gotta go up to 24. >> justin: they're canvassing across hilltop apartments. personally. okay. hopefully we'll see you. >> justin: in they're not home, they'll leave a flyer. >> i'm hoping they won't disregard it. a lot of times you get a lot of flyers as a parent. but i'm hoping they hear, yes, you have a voice. >> they need to keep it the way it is. it's working. >> justin: and the proposed
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as early as next year. if you feel the same way or if you feel differently, tuesday is your night. there's going to be a community forum taking place in the little theater here at school. it's going to be taking place at 5:30 and ending around 7. justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: madison county sheriff's deputies are asking for help finding a missing man. andrew smith was last seen on river road in hot springs yesterday. he has gray hair and brown eyes. anyone with information should contact the sheriff's office. taking steps to ease traffic congestion on one of the most heavily traveled streets in hendersonville. 9th avenue is the thoroughfare of concern. home to middle and high schools, as well as pardee hospital. the idea was to get input and feedback on ways to improve
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it's part of a study to set long term goals. >> as now as we see growth around the hospital and growth around the neighborhood that we need to continue to focus our attention on the neighborhood and improve circulation in the area. >> frank: this will be an ongoing project the next several years. officials expect to get results of the study back in the spring. then begin making recommendation recommendations for improvements. speaking of spring, it certainly felt like it today. here's karen wynne with our skywatch forecast. >> karen: what a huge difference compared to a week ago. today, it was 50s and 60s for all of us here in the mountains. beautiful day. made it up to 62 in bryson city. 55 the high in asheville. 56 in forest city. right now we are quite a bit cooler but not too bad for a late night in january.
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at 31. 35 in forest city. upper 20s in some of our northern mountain counties. winds overall have come down. we were breezy in asheville. now just a little bit windy out of the south at 6. your morning planner earlier on, sure, it's going to be chilly. make sure you have that jacket to go at 8:00 a.m. we're down to 35 by then. 44 by 10 o'clock. 55 by midday. we have a big warm up. sunny and cool at 8 in the morning in the upstate. pushing 60 by noon. coming up, i'll show you how much warmer we'll be in the afternoon than we were today. and how long we can enjoy in nice break from winter. >> frank: local cooks go head to head tomorrow in asheville in the spirit of mardi gras. the best of their new orleans style dishes are being entered in the annual cajun cook off.
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asheville mardi gras parade which takes place downtown on sunday, february 7th. if you're thinking about a field trip to the greenville zoo, you better do it in a hurry. like tomorrow. that's because the facility closes on monday for routine maintenance maintenance. the zoo reopens on saturday february 13th, that is two weeks from today. a popular climbing destination in asheville is expanding. now open for business in the river arts district. today marked the grand opening of the smoky mountain adventure center. he opened climax on wall street downtown. this new space brings the rad, its first climbing wall. >> this will be the most unique feature like this in western north carolina. and really, one of the more unique ones in the whole country.
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an outdoor climbing wall, a ropes course and a zip line. some local boy scouts headed to the track today for an annual rite of passage that's known as the pinewood derby. each car was raced twice. the winner determined by finish times averaged. today was about much more than a trophy. >> well it's fun for everyone because ait's good competition. everybody's just having a good time. >> frank: a good time's what it was all about. bonuses at pine wood race day as well. a bake sale, pizza and desserts all to raise money for boy scout activities. don't forget you can win our valentine's selfie contest. you could win a pair of diamond earrings.
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the winner will be announced during our morning newscast on thursday, february 9th. fighting the zika virus at the source. what officials in one nation are
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>> frank: the manhunt is finally over for two fugitives who escaped. a third convict already surrendered. lauren lister shows us how they all busted out in the first place. >> reporter: off the streets and back in custody, the remaining two california escaped inmates captured today in san francisco. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> reporter: and this may have been a key moment in the investigation. less than 24 hours earlier, the first fugitive caught on camera calmly surrendering in santa ana
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>> he wants to make sure he get caught safely. >> reporter: investigators believe yung was in charge of transportation. that same van spotted in a san francisco whole foods parking lot this morning. a man alerted some district police officer who quickly investigated. >> officers approached the van as nierri fled the area on foot. >> officers discovered the other escapee hiding in the van. >> reporter: now officials are working on transporting the pair back to orange county. police believe nierri may have been tasked with getting information. somehow coaxing his jailhouse english teacher to give him more than lessons. >> it showed the image of the entire jail complex. she played a significant role in
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>> reporter: the 44-year-old now under arrest for suspicion of contributing to the men's escape. the sheriff t tling us they will be kept in a different manner and area than before. making it clear they will not be held together. lauren lister, abc news, santa ana, california. >> frank: more than 100 firefighters battled a blaze in kentucky. flames shot as high as 70 feet in the area. people who live within a half mile were told to stay inside and keep their windows closed. fire also caused power outages in some parts of the city. the president of brazil is calling for an all out war on the zika virus. it's been linked to a birth defect and spreading quickly. officials are asking people to take measures to fight the
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such as eliminating standing water in puddles, ditches and even buses. the u.s. defense department will not take additional action against david petraius. ashton carter could have dmoeted petraeus from 5 star to 3 star. that would affected retirement. you've heard of a cat stuck in the tree before. but they had to rescue his owner. the man tried to get his feline out of the tree but the ladder fell. first responders put it back up for the owner. he came down but the cat was still stuck. they accomplished what the owner had set out to do. they've long been known for bringing cats out of trees. maybe he should have called them in the first place.
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and we have a happy ending for today. >> karen: that happiness is going to continue in to the second half of the weekend. top headlines, spring in january. actually in to a little bit of february, too. i'll show you how much warmer we're going to be tomorrow afteteoon. rain is eventually going to return. behind that rain, turning colder again.
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more on how long we can keep now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: it took a while but finally all of the skiers are off of cataloochee. but what a great day to be out there skiing. 41 degrees on your leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network at cataloochee right now so skiers could enjoy that snow but not get too cold. a lot of them did not want the day to end. who could blame them. right now we are cooling off. we have cool skies. our winds are mainly calm. temperatures are falling from the 50s and 60s to the 40s and now in to the 30s. asheville clear skies. light breeze out of the south at 6 miles per hourur in greenville, milder. 43. a very pleasant evening for you. clear skies. light breezes. just nice if you have that jacket. bigger picture shows even warmer changes in the future cast.
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we still have that area of high pressure in control. that is going to keep us dry. but we do see a warm front on the move. it is going to bring a few more clouds in as we go in the afternoon. this southerly flow is going to pick up and continue. our highs some warm well in to the 60s for just a very pleasant afternoon on the last day of january. we do have that cool front that will be moving closer. and as it makes its move closer to the mountains and upstate, it brings a few light showers ahead of it. that monday morning commute could be just a little bit damp. it's going to be light and spotty shower activity during the day on monday. the front should move in to the mountains and actually stall out bringing a few more scattered showers. we do see another storm system winding up and getting going.
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that is eventually going to move bring some changes. but none of that snow. that stays out in the rockies. but we will go ahead and take a look at things hour by hour, closer to home with a little bit precipitation that we do have on this future cast model. really nothing as we go through the overnight. it should be clear all night long. by day break, by 6 o'clock, we could see a few wispy high clouds. the clouds are going to spread east ward and thicken up a little bit. by 5 o'clock it could be a little cloudy in some locations, asheville towards burnsville. the clouds are going to continue to increase as we go through sunday night and monday morning,a little bit of light rain to begin the work week. light and widely scattered showers on monday. picking up more on tuesday. your lows tonight are going to range from the upper 20s in the northern mountains to the upper
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around 33 degrees in asheville. highs tomorrow are going to rebound nicely. asheville 63. franklin 65. clemton 68. forest city 65 degrees. partly cloudy and just beautiful. r warmth is going to continue on through thursday even with the wind picking up.
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in the upstate, we >> luke: the western carolina men's basketball team has struggled over the past couple of weeks losing four of its five games. first half, excellent for western carolina. esescially because they play some good defense. let's pick it up here in that first half.
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all the way for that two-handed dunk. cats trail 27-22. they'll keep chipping away at that league. mike brown gets the ball. gets fouled. scores. western actually leads by 1, 40 to 39 at half time. second half, more from mike brown. off the window for two of his 23 points. he leads the way for the cavs. but the terriers would pull away from the stretch. wofford goes on to beat western carolina tonight 85 to 66. there's several things in the big south conference standings that are very close near the top. after today, just two teams will be tied for first place. it's asheville hoping to be up there. the bulldogs would need a victory today against longwood. nice bounce pad to ahmad thomas.
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picks it up and dwayne sutton knocks down the three. asheville just takes control of the game after that. a bit later, ahmad thomas misses the short jumper but sutton is there to clean it up. asheville beats longwood. the mack championship where every team was hoping to claim that conference title. the enka jets would dominate the conference. here is michael cantrell's introduction out on to the mat. later in the meet, 126 pound class, it goes in to sudden death overtime. two points against justin payne from erwin. banks is loving it.
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tournament championship. mark godfreed at nc state looking to the point guard was making shots all over the court. barber, with a nice look down. barber cuts to the rim and finishes an easy layup off the glass. nc state pulls off the upset beating miami 85 to 69. the unc tar heels hope to
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>> luke: the unc tar heels have yet to face the best teams in the acc. carolina entered the weekend with a 7 and o conference play.
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let's pick it up in the first half. joe up top for bryce johnson. 17 points. a little bit later in the game, marcus paige hits the three. his first triple after missing the heels beating bc 89 to 62. juan rivera and the carolina panthers are getting more practice in before they leave for california. panthers will arrive in california later sunday. they continue getting ready for the super bowl. of course they'll take on peyton manning and the broncos next sunday. best of luck to the panthers. >> karen: exciting. warmer tomorrow. highs about 63. enjoy that.
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california all mixed up. > ring of honor wrestling is brought to you in part by the health alert hotline. if you have knee or back pain
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