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tv   CBS News Campaign 2016  CBS  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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on cbs. >> you're going to look back on this night and you're going to say this was an amazing evening. >> we have come too far to stop now. we've got to keep going. >> i will unite this party, and we will grow it, and we will win in november. >> the people when we stand together will be victorious. >> we are going to win the republican nomination, and we are going to turn this country around. >> i hope you'll all stand up for me. i hope you will fight for me. >> everybody, i love you. get out and vote, vote, vote,"vote! >> pelley: good evening. i'm scott pel weour super tuesday team. norah o'donnell, elaine quijano, charlie rose, anthony mason, and bob schieffer presiding over our political panel with peggy
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america>> reporter: nearly half of the delegates needed to capture the republican nomination were up for grabs tonight along way third of the delegates needed for the democratic nomination. >> pelley: let's have a look at the republicans. trump has won georgia, alabama, virginia, tennessee, and massachusetts. cruz wins texas and oklahoma. >> reporter: and take a look at the democratic side. hillary clinton has won georgia, virginia, alabama, tennessee, arkansas, and texas. and bernie sanders, his home state of vermont and oklahoma. >> pelley: john dickerson, what's the big tirk so far? >> reporter: the big picture on the republican side was marco rubio and ted cruz needed to find some way to stop the steam roller of donald trump. they have not done it. ted cruz won outside his home state but just one state. this was supposed to be a big night for him in the original game plan. marco rubio still hasn't won anywhere. donald trump is now basically trying to turn and move to the
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he's basically made his pitch tonight in his speech, asking everybody to come together. the path for his opponents has narrowed tonight. >> pelley: the republican establishment doesn't want trump. they don't want cruz. they were putting all of their chips on rubio, but he hasn't won anywhere, and virginia was a big loss for him tonight. >> reporter: that's right. virginia was the state is it fhe was gog have a good state, after all of these attacks on trump, it was going to be in virginia. he did shrink the margin. donald trump was up in the polls and it's smaller in the results tonight. but i was talking to a republican who has been in and out of administrations and he said what we're seeing tonight is the party changing before our very eyes. donald trump is creating a trump coalition in the republican party, and it's a new thing to a lot of people. but whatever it is, it's winning. >> pelley: well, the leader of that new thing is still speaking to his followers in florida tonight. let's listen in to donald trump live. >> our roads, our horizon, our airports.
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i mean, guto qatar, you go to-- some people say cutter. you go to qatar, so many places, you go to different places in china, different places in asia, different places in the middle east. you look at some of the airports they have. you look at the roadways they have. you look at the transportation systems they have and the trains they have. we're like a third world country. so i'm going to be very good for the world. i'm going to get along with the world. you're going to be very proud of me. even you will be very proud of me as a president. but we have to rebuild our country. our country is going to hell, and people don't understand that. and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. she can't do that. she's shooez talking about eye mean, one of the things that has really bothered me and i think one of the reasons i have such great support is people-- you take a look-- people in the ddle income groups are make less money t tay, less money than they made 12 years ago. and in her speech she just said they're making less money. well, she has been there with obama for a long period of time. why hasn't she done anything about it? practically everything that she
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picked up what i say. the difference is she's been there are a long period of time. why haven't they done anything about it? then you look at her record as secretary of state. it's abysmal. you look at what's going on with syria. you look at what's going on with everything. it's a disaster. so we're going to have an interesting period of time. i don't know that she's going to be allowed to run. what she did is a criminal act. if she's allowed to run, i would be very, very surprised. but if she's allowed to run, honestly, it will be a sad day for this country because what she did was wrong. and what she did was-- ( applause ) let me just tell you. what she did was wrong, other and people have done far less than her and they paid a very, very big price. okay, one or two more questions. go ahead, jeremie.
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where did i say that? where did i say that, jeremie? where, where, where? tell me. i didn't say that! yeah, i'll negotiate. feet. i'll take two feet off the wall. you didn't listen, jeremie. ( inaudible ) at this moment absolutely not, no. we either have a country or we don't. we have a country or we don't. we have borders, or we don't have observer borders. and at this moment the answer is absolutely not. how about one or two more questions. david, go ahead. make it a nice question, dave, please. >> some suggestions from your former aides that some people inside the republican national commit reconsidering monkey wrenching with your delegates at the state level, trying to clear you away and maybe even put ago. >> i think, david-- >> go ahead. >> at the end of the night you may have sewed up 10 of the 15 states.
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that the r.n.c. should commit to you? >> well, look, i don't expect eye have a lot of respect for riensen and the group and i don't know if i've been treat fairly or not. i really don't know. i can tell that you i do respect them. what i valley is a great number of people. i have millions and millions of people. and when i was watching those broadcasts just a little while ago before i came in here, because i wanted to say exactly where we were before i started speaking, i was amazed at the kind of numbers. energy. the democrats don't. they don't have any energy. their numbers are down. our numbers are through the roof. and people are making the statements they've never seen in modern times a party that was so energized. i think if somebody is doing as well as i'm doing-- and i'm not just speaking for myself. whether me or anybody else-- but if i'm going to win five-- i've already won five-- but maybe it could be six, seven, eight, nine-- it could be nine.
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if i'm going to win all of these states with tremendous numbers and if i'm going to come in the worst is second in the two or three that i might not win, i think, you know, we're a democracy. i think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party. right? you know, it's very hard. but i really think that-- i think it's a great question, david. because i really think that one of the biggest things that everybody is seeing happening, everybody, is the republican party has become more dynamic. it's become more diverse. we're taking from the democrats. independents. we have a lot more people. we have a lot more people. i mean, take a look at south carolina, look at the numbers. look at the numbers from four years ago when nobody even vote. and then you look-- i was there. and you had lines that went a mile long. and it was virtually more than doubled. so we have a very, very dynamic party. and i think we're going to be able to unify the party. i hope to be able to get along
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i don't know paul ryan well, but i hope to be able to get along with him. i do know mitch mcconnell a little bit. but i hope to be able to get along with him. but remember this eye have millions and millions and millions of people. this is th isn't like it's a close match. i mean it's only too bad that winner didn't take all bought because if winner took all, this thing is over. we're just vague celebration. ( applause ) you know. we're having a celebration. >> pelley: donald trump speaking live to his supporters and taking questions from reporters as well. you saw chris christie there, the governor of new jersey, standing behind him. donald trump, a big night for him. he's won everywhere from new england to the deep south. a short time ago, charlie rose spoke with marco rubio, one of cruz's principal rivals. senator marco rubio is with us now from miami. senator, good evening. >> good evening, good evening, charlie. >> so you didn't win tonight. you haven't won any states.
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more states. why stay in the race? isn't he is a better alternative is your goal is to beat donald trump? >> no, no, he's not. first of all, we're still-- we have to understand where we are in this process. all of these states are apportioning out delegates. i'll give you an example, virginia purpose we were down 15 points in the last polls in virginia. tonight we basically fought donald trump to a draw there, and that's despite having some other candidates on the ballot. it took a few votes it probably would have gone our way and we would have won. we're going to end up with just as many delegates out of virginia as donald trump. we're competitive across the board in almost every state on the map tonight we will take delegates. now, when you get to march 15, the winner-take-all states, then you have to start winning the state, second place doesn't count for anything. but this is a delegate thing. here is the bottom line, donald trump will never get to 1,237 delegates which is what you need to be in the nominee. >> so your strategy is to stay in the race and go to the convention and deny him until
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>> well, first of all, i'll do anything it takes to keep donald trump from being our nominee. anyone who won't condemn the k.k.k., who won't condemn david duke. there's no place for that in the conservative movement. i have people joining our campaign from all over the country. i ask them to go online now at and sign up for our efforts. sleuth. after tonight the map gets really friendly for us. tonight was supposed to be the night ted cruz closed out his nomination. he won his home state and a neighboring state. moept is still out. we feel great about our team there and the work we've done there. and we will leave tonight with a significant number of delegates and a trajectory to win this nomination, even before a convention in the states that start on march 15. you're going to start to see that progress. >> reporter: but donald trump has had a big night, and many will stay that when you call him a con artist, you are criticizing the people who are voting for him. >> well, he's a con artist. i don't-- i don't deny that there are some people that have been taken by his message.
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state tonight. he lost in oklahoma. we were right in the mix. we're performing very well in arkansas as well. virginia, as i pointed out, he was 15 points ahead of me, and then we started informing people of who he truly is. this man say world-class con artist, and he is conning people into believing he fights for the little guy. this is the guy who defrauded people in trump university and he is doing for voters what he upinar school. and that's why if you want to stop donald trump i am the only candidate that can not only unite the party but i can grow it. and that's yi ask you to go on our web site and join our team. >> reporter: defight spooit all you have campaigned, are you 20 points behind in your home state of florida with only two weeks to close. >> that's not true. no. well, first of all, that's just one poll or a couple-- we know that that's not true. we're going to win florida. i'm confident of it, especially after tonight. we took-- the state of virginia in five days, we took a 15- or
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and basicallyinar toad to nothing. we have two weeks to work here in florida. donald trump not win florida, and donald trump will not be the republican nominee. >> reporter: what is your road map to change florida and win in florida? what do you have to do? >> well, i know we know how to win elections in florida. and what we have to do is remind people what's happening with donald trump. i don't deny up to this point there are people that have been taken by his msage. he's trying to exploit people that are hurting with this argument that he's fighting for the little guy. donald trump has never fought for the little guy. he's a guy that says he's tough on illegal immigration but he hired illegal immigrants to work on his trump towers to build it. he is a con artist and that's being exposed and you're seeing ere he was up by huge margins in every poll and is pug off small victories and in theis -- >> reporter: but senator he's winning. he's winning delegates and winning states.
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>> charlie, you have to get to 1,237 delegates. donald trump is not on track to do, that especially after tonight. when you get into the winner-take-all states and the race continues to narrow down he's not going to have 1,237 delegates. >> reporter: if donald trump wins the nomination, will it destroy the republican party? >> absolutely. if donald trump wins the republican nomination, it will split the republican party and it will basically i think split the conservative movement. we cannot have someone in charge of the conservative movement who has repeatedly refused to condemn the ku klux klan. there is no room in our party for someone who will not condemn the ku klux klan or racists like david duke. how can that be the leader of the republican party and the conservative movement. it is not going to happen. charlie, if i have to campaign in 50 states and every territory i will do that to ensure he is is not the nominee. one more point, no one-- no one-- no one is going to come to us and say get out so we can rally around donald trump.
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and fight this man and we will and i'm asking people to join our effort at >> reporter: marco rubio, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: hillary clinton has won at least six states tonight but she's also focusing on florida already, looking ahead to march 15. nancy cordes is in mime, where a clinton campaign rally just wrapped up. nancy. >> reporter: norah, clinton isn't just dominating in those southern states. she is winning them by 30 and 40 points, and that is only going to add to her delegate haul tonight making it more difficult for bernie sanders to catch up in future contests. she took this stage and essentially positioned herself as the anti-trump. she didn't mention the republican front-runner by name but she said she doesn't want to build walls. she wants to tear down barriers. and she said what she thinks this country really needs is a little more, in her words, love and kindness. take a listen. >> it's compleer tonight that
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never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. and we're not going to let it work. ( cheers ) rb. >> reporter: she did not mention her democratic opponent, bernie sanders, other than to congratulate him for some of his victories tonight. he spoke from his home state of vermont, which was one of those victories, and he insisted that this race is still just getting started. >> pelley: nancy cordes. nance, thanks very much. and in just a moment-- >> at the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted. 35 states remain. and let me assure you that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social
10:16 pm
sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. ( applause ) >> reporter: sanders has the money to keep going. he raised $41 million in february alone, mostly from small and enthusiastic donors. but the reality, scott, is that it would take some kind of major shift in the trajectory of this race for him to be able to catch up to clinton at this point. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks very much, nance. in a moment, we're going to have some words of wisdom from bob schieffer and our panel of political commentators. plus what our exit polls reveal about the voters when cbs news coverage of super tuesday continues. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo
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90-day plans with unlimited carryover ststt as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract. tracfone. do everything for less. >> reporter: to learn why folks voted the way they did today, we talked to some of them as they left the polls. anthony mason and elaine quijano are here now with what we found out. good evening. >> reporter: the unemployment rate may be down to 4.9%, norah, but the economy was still the most important issue for voters in both parties today. let's look at the republicans first. fully a third of republicans told us the economy was their top issue.
10:20 pm
second at 28%. among those who made the economy their top issue, look at how they broke. donald trump got most of these voters. he took 36%. marco rubio took 25%. so the economy playing for donald trump. >> reporter: the economy was also the top issue among democratic voters, 38% saying it was the most important, following by income unequality at 27%. now, of those democratic voters who said the economy and jobs are most important, 62% of those voters went to hillary clinton, 36% went to bernie sanders. particularly interesting because, of course, senator sanders has made income inequality and the economy his signature issues. >> reporter: as donald trump pointed out earlier this evening, the median income of americans has actually declined since the last presidential election. >> pelley: elaine quijano, anthony mason, thank you very much. we're going to go with bob schieffer who is with our two cbs news political contributors, peggy noonan of the "wall street journal," and jamelle bouie of "slate" magazine.
10:21 pm
scott, if i was writing a press release tonight for the mainstream traditional republicans, the washington republican establishment, i would start it out like snoopy would-- i would start, "it was a dark and stormy night." this is the night they never thought would happen, peggy noonan. they never took donald trump seriously. they're part the denial now. they're coming to grips with the fact that donald trump is on his way to getting the republican nomination, and the alternative that may be emerging is someone that washington republicans, especially in the senate, dislike even more than donald trump,ing and that is ted cruz. what are they going to do? >> it is an amazing moment. they, of course, "they" being, if you will, the washington establishment, the republican establishment-- they do not want trump for all the reasons you know and everybody knows.
10:22 pm
who i think emerged at his challenger tonight. that is ted cruz. i think a lot of people had been thinking it would be marco rubio. who would be coming up, and he's be the anti-trump. i think it has not worked well for him tonight. he still hasn't won something. and you're going to be a winner, it's important to win something. i think virginia was probably a big disappointment for him tonight. but i thought rubio's comments in his interview with charlie rose, in which he saidd essentially-- thee threw down the gauntlet. he said a trump nomination will destroy the republican party. it will split the republican party. he will fight to the end. this is epic. >> reporter: what do you think, jamelle. >> i think there's a real open question if trump comes in march 15 and picks up the winner-take-all primaries and is the presumptive nominee, the republicans like marco rubio, they've said these things. and now they really have to make a choice-- are they going to fall behind him or are they going to reject him?
10:23 pm
say to themselves they're forfeiting the white house now, that the more important thing here is to prevent a trump takeover of the republican party and prevent a destruction of conservative, movement conservatism. >> reporter: i heard today from republican leaders, senior people in washington who say they are now hoping for an open convention. how long has it been since you've heard leaders of either papaty say, "when we realally want is an open convention." they want to sew it up before they get to a convention. >> yes, party leaders exist so that they can continue themselves and have a certain amount of predictability and stability built into the system. they don't want an open convention. you notice they all call it a brokered convention. that's because they still have the illusion that they will be the brokers. i'm not sure that's so. this thing, i think, if it goes to the convention, if it goes to the floor, wow. that would be a donnybrook.
10:24 pm
little bit about the democrats. what about hillary clinton? is she well on her way now to getting the nomination? >> 100%. this was a great night for her. she is expected to continue to do as well. the upcoming primaries have the similar combination of large african american populations, substantial latino populations and enough white voters to bring her the extra mile. so this is sort of just a steady march to the nomination for clinton. with that said, that does not mean bernie sanders needs to give up. from the beginning, it's been clear that bernie sanders is much more concerned about his message -- >> reporter: he has said actually, and said again tonight,"i'll see you in philadelphia at the convention." he's not going anywhere. norah. >> reporter: all right, bob schieffer, thank you so much. and coming up, well, it's his party and he's crying. >> my party has gone ( bleep ) crazy. ( cheers and applause ) you kill ted cruz on the floor
10:25 pm
in the senate, nobody could convict you. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> reporter: we'll talk to that comedian, thehe former presidential candidate, lindsey graham about the future of the g.o.p. when we come back. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks."
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>> the republican party has become more dime. >>, it's become more diverse. we're taking from the democrats. we're taking from the independents.
10:30 pm
we have a very, very dynamic party, and i think we're going to be able to unify the party. i hope to be able to get along with everybody. i don't know paul ryan well, but i hope to be able to get along with him. i have millions and millions and millions of people. this isn't like it's a close match. i mean, it's only too bad that winner didn't take all, because if winner took all, this thing soever. we're just having a celebration. ( applause ) you know. we're having a celebration. >> reporter: well, donald trump is nonetheless cell praight tonight as he has won at least five of the 12 states holding republican contests. but ted cruz wins the biggest g.o.p. prize of the night, and that is his home state of texas. >> pelley: we're going to turn again now to john dickerson. john, the front-runners, are they unstoppable at this point? no one can get mathematically the number of delegates they need to clinch the nomination tonight, but do they have the momentum that is going to carry them there? >> reporter: they certainly look like they have the momentum. you saw donald trump there basically pivoting to the general election, talking about
10:31 pm
paul ryan, the speaker of the house. let's step back and take a look at donald trump and the party he is on the way to be the nominee for. paul ryan has spoken twice about the election, both took times to call out donald trump. he differs with paul ryan on the issues of trade, on immigration, on the budget, and entitlements. so on policy grounds. and, also, it's not just the washington establishment with whom trump has been clashing. the governor of south carolina, nikki haley, so popular she gave the republican response to the state of the union, he is in a fight with, and he is in a fight with three top republicans in texas. >> pelley: john, let me interrupt you. we have breaking news. cbs news is now projecting that donald trump has won the state of arkansas, another win for donald trump. this is a cbs news projection based on the vote that has been counted so far, and also on the exit polling that we have done. in just the last few minutes, charlie rose has done an
10:32 pm
leading senate republicans. charlie. >> reporter: marco rubio said earlier today that in fact if donald trump got the nomination, it would destroy the republican party. joining us now is south carolina senator and former republican presidential candidate lindsey graham. welcome, senator graham. >> thank you very much for having me. >> reporter: is the republican party about ready to destroy itself? >> well, i think we're about ready to lose to the most dishonest politician in america, hillary clinton, and how could you do that? nominate somebody who is crazy. i think dishonest beats crazy. that's our problem and donald trump, i think, is just crazy the things he says. but congratulations-- look what he's done. he invited hillary and bill clinton to his wedding. he gave money to harry reid and chuck schumer. he said george w. bush lied about the iraq war, and he's about to become the republican party nominee. that's very hard to do.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: so what will it do to the republican party if he is the nominee? >> well, we'll be divided, but we're going to lose. the hispanic community is trying to tell us that they want to be republicans. we just won't let them. you know, bush got 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004, and we're down to 27%. you'll never convince me that donald trump is the answer to the problem we have with the hispanics. it will tear the party apart. it will divide conservatism. and we're going to lose to hillary clinton, have the third term of barack obama. that's what's going to happen. >> reporter: so there is no way, you seem to be suggesting, at the convention or before the convention to stop donald trump from being the nominee? >> short of a major scandal, probably not. and if marco doesn't win florida, i don't know how he goes forward. if kasich loses ohio-- you know, ted cruz is not my favorite by any means. i don't wish himil. i made a joke about ted but we may be in a position where we have to rally around ted cruz as the only way to stop crump and
10:34 pm
>> reporter: but you would recommend that in order to stop donald trump and rally behind cruz. >> i can't believe i would say yes, but yes. >> reporter: when you look at donald trump, he's doing something right. >> yeah. >> reporter: he isaying something that the republican voters are saying, yes, a lot more than they said yes to lindsey graham. >> oh, absolutely. i got beat by a drum so take what i say with a grain of salt. but 35% might have party believes that barack obama's a muslim born in kenya. here's what i think is going on. they see in donald trump the anti-obama, a strong man that can't be bought air, successful man that will fix a broken town called washington that doesn't owe anything to anybody, a guy that will tell our enemies get back in line and we'll change america and make it great again. what i see is a demagogue, somebody who has solutions that will never work, that is playing on people's prejudices and the dark side of politics. that's what i see. we're seeing two different people in donald trump. we'll see what the average person sees.
10:35 pm
independent voter, not me or bernie sanders, but the independent voter. >> reporter:r:ut, senator, you seem to be saying that hillary clinton will beat donald trump. >> no, i'm not seem to be saying that. i am saying that. ( laughter ) like a drum. >> reporter: and if that happens, there's a great division in the republican party. do you have the trump wing of the party and the establishment wing of the party? >> here's what i'm going to tell people when we lose to hillary. "i told you that the immigration issue is killing us. we're doubling down on the problem we have with hispanicing. we went from self-deportation to forced deportation." have you ever heard the statement, "too big to fail?" we're too stubborn to win. here's what i'm going to say in november had we lose. "i told you so. please quit being beeting up on the hispanic community. quit saying most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers, because they're not. try to open up the party to
10:36 pm
will allow us to grow." we're losing because we're in a demographic death spiral. how many times do you have to lose to understand why you're losing? we're in a demographic death spiral with hispanics and young people and donald trump is not the answer to our problems. >> reporter: but at the same time, you're too late to stop him, many people will say. >> yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: so that means the fault lies with you and the republican establishment. >> blame me if you want to. all i can say is that i-- ted cruz says we're losing because we nominate mitt romney, john mccain, and bob dole, who are moderates and there are 50 million evangelicals who won't vote for a candidate like mitt romney. i say we're losing because we're driving away the fastest growing demographic in america, hispanics, who should be our voters. we come across as really intolerant to young people, that conservatism would sell to anybody. but the way we're approaching the public at large is not working. so there's a theory here between me and ted as to why we're losing. and i believe donald trump's
10:37 pm
he has an 80% disapproval rating with growth potential. >> reporter: thank you, senator graham. scott, there we have it, a divided republican party. >> pelley: there it is. in spades. charlie, thank you very much. john dickerson we were watching donald trump's victory speech earlier this evening. what are your thoughts on that? >> reporter: we were. just back to the point of party unity. donald trump of the tableau there was of a presidential moment. he looked like he was being conciliatory, saying he would work with paul ryan but later he said i'm going to get along with congress, get along great with paul ryan. if not heerkz gog have to pay a big price. so the concillation doesn't last until the end of the sentence. >> reporter: there are still more contests ahead, and i'm sure voters in those states would say i would still like my say in this contest. cruz won two states today, his home state of texas and oklahoma. look forward, are there other states that cruz can do well in, or is really the south his best
10:38 pm
>> reporter: it was his best opportunity. to get the number of delegates you need-- marco rubio is right with this. the future states help marco rubio and places like michigan, ohio, and florida are better states for a candidate like him. that's why ted cruz's original strategy really relied on tonight to have a big win, to catapult him, to get people to look at him in a slightly different way in the states that don't have as many as religious and conservative voters. >> reporter: anywhere else rubio can do well? there. he's down by 20 in florida. he's gog have to spend time in his own state. he can't go to the other states and campaign. he as it haz to protect his home base. >> pelley: and if he loses in florida, that campaign has to be done. >> reporter: that's right, he has to be done. unless there's some fantasy idea about the convention we haven't yet condiswhrawrd he would play a role in, but i think that gets us into the pure science fiction. >> pelley: major garrett has been covering the trump campaign and he is at trump headquarters in florida tonight, major.
10:39 pm
trump declared himself the big ocialg he was. he also declared marco rubio the big loser, although, obviously, rubio contests that. trump also had complimentary words to ted cruz, and texas and oklahoma. but trump addressed head on the angst, the handwringing of the republican party, and said, "listen, if you want to spend $25 million as has been published tonight in super pac ads against me gright ahead. if you want to run an alternative third party candidate against me, go ahead. the party will lose and you'll regret it." trump also made this point in a somewhat conciliatory way of speaking that we haven't heard much from him that he wants to be a unifier. he wants to bring the republican party together. and those who were concerned about his effect on the party ought to look at the turnout and how he says he's not only change the republican party but expanding it. >> reporter: all right, major garrett, thank you, major. we have much more ahead on this
10:40 pm
latest fromhose exit polls and our political panel. we'll be right back. united states for the first time in eight years we will have a president that follows the constitution, not violates it every day. >> we're gog make our military bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody, nobody, nobody's going to mess with us, folks, nobody. >> this country belongs to all
10:41 pm
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>> reporter: let's take another look now at the democratic contest. tonight, hillary clinton has won six states. bernie sanders has won two states, his home state of vermont and oklahoma. >> pelley: now we're going to check in again with anthony mason and elaine quijano who are looking at the exit polls, the polls that we did of voters as they left the polls today. anthony, elaine. >> reporter: scott, we wanted
10:44 pm
voters wanted an experienced politician or an outsider and we got very different answers from the two partys. let's take a look at the democrats first. among democratic voters today, 80% told us they want someone, a candidate, a president with political experience. and, obviously, that plays very well for hillary clinton. >> reporter: we, though, found it was the exact opposite on the republican side. 50% saying they wanted someone who was outside of politics, just 40% saying they wanted someone with political experience. but take a look at this. when we asked republican voters, "do you feel betrayed by the republican party?" more than 50% of republican voters in these four states said yes, and that, of course, would signal outsiders are very much what the electorate on the republican side are looking for. >> reporter: nine out of 10 voters, in fact, today, on the republican side told us they were disappointed, even angry with the federal government. elaine, you're going to be leaving us now to join us with coverage on cbsn. what do you have ahead there.
10:45 pm
political analysis with our rock star panel, but the story of commandir scott kelly, who has been in space for 340 days is coming back to earth and we expect live pictures. >> reporter: later on cbsn. scott. >> pelley: anthony, thank you, elaine, thank you. now we will go back to bob schieffer with our two political contributors, peggy noonan of the "wall street journal" and jamelle bouie of "slate" magazine. bob. >> reporter: i'll tell you, scott, i'm just trying to process what i just heard in the last few minutes. let's think about this. marco rubio says that it will destroy the republican party if donald trump, who seems to be heading toward the nomination, is the nominee. you just heard lindsey graham say republicans are about to elect the most dishonest politician in america, hillary clinton, because crazy always loses to dishonesty, saying that donald trump is crazy. and, meanwhile, back at the ranch, while all this is going odonald trump is holding a news
10:46 pm
going to try to get along with congress and, yes, he's going to try to get along with paul ryan, the speaker of the house, but if he can't, then paul ryan is going to pay a big price. i mean, that's a threat. >> yes, it is. i gotta tell you, bob, more than ever now, after seeing just the past hour, hour and a half of tv, i believe we are seeing a great political party shatter before our eyes. what we have seen tonight is more dramatic, contentious, and almost violent in language than anything that happened in 1976 when ronald reagan took on an incumbent sitting republican president. more dramatic than 1964 when a whole new ideological school of thought came in and knocked over the republican establishment. this is something.
10:47 pm
>> i think what we are seeing is the fruit of a lot of resentment, racially and otherwise, that's sort of been taken up in the person of donald trump. trump is running this campaign, and even though during his press conference-victory speech, he tried to sound a more moderate note, sound a more conciliatory note, the undercurrent there-- just yesterday, or even i think it was earlier today, you had black students ejected from one of his events simply for being black pup have continued rhetoric against immigrants, against muslim americans. this hyper-reactionary movement. and this is part of yi look at trump and for as muchaise know a lot of people are worried that he could actually win a presidential election, this kind of thing counter-mobilizes, i think, the majority of americans who do not feel this way, who do not want to see this kind of racially reactionary movement
10:48 pm
and just after we elected our first black president, especially. >> reporter: well, i'm going to tell you, i'm still trying to figure this out. i don't know what happens after this. let's go back, maybe norah and john and scott know what the answer is. >> reporter: thanks to bob, jamelle, and peggy. we have 53% of the precincts reporting in minnesota. marco rubio is currently leading with 37% of the vote there, ted cruz 28%, and donald trump has 21%. we have been looking for a bright spot for marco rubio, that he's got to win one state if he wants to continue forward. there are bright spots in minnesota tonight. >> pelley: it would be minnesota. un, one of the things peggy said that really struck me that we're watching a great political party shatter before our eyes, a couple point about donald trump tonight. he won in new england and he won in the deep south. he's winning with what appears to be a unique coalition. not the old republican coalition but a coalition of people from many walks of life who are
10:49 pm
theme, and that is they are mad as hell about washington. >> reporter: yeah. >> he seems to be first or second wherever he is running. >> reporter: what we have seen in the exit poll numbers, as you pointed out, four in 10 voters said they were angry. he won a majority. he won not only non-college educated, he won college educated. educated. he had a broader coalition than >> reporter: and the democratic party we see, the establishment kind of coming together. the party is kind of gathering together. bernie sanders is still going to continue to fight, but it field like the democratic party is moving towards the center. in the republican party, the center is not holding. the party is molting before our eyes. and now the question for a lot of republicans is going to be which side are you on? that has a short- and a long-term element to it. the short term is are you going to go after donald trump as hard as possible, the way a lot of these establishment republicans
10:50 pm
negative ads, lots of personal attacks, really go after him between now and the 15th of march. some fashion? and what does that mean for the future of the republican party? he's are big questions. and sometimes on these nights not tonight. night. desk for an update on the delegates in just a moment. >> reporter: you seem to be saying that hillary clinton will beat donald trump. >> no, i am not seem to be saying that. i am saying that. ( laughter ) like a drum. >> reporter: donald trump declared himself the big winner tonight. obviously, he was. he also declared marco rubio the big loser. my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back.
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>> pelley: let's get an update now on the delegate count in the democratic race for president. demarco morgan is at our decision desk with cbs news director of elections, anthony salvanto. >> reporter: it's been a busy night for the team that continues to monitor results.
10:54 pm
what are the numbers looking like, anthony? >> hillary clinton has won states by big, big margins. that means big delegate gains. in fact, she's gotten twice as many delegates as bernie sanders tonight, demarco. >> reporter: this adds to her already enormous number of delegates. >> right. she came in with a league is up 6000 delegates today, on the path to the nomination. >> all right, anthony, thank you. we'll send things back to you. >> pelley: thank you very much, demarco. john, we've been talking about trump, obviously, all evening. one of the things that strikes me about his wins today is how he is winning in many different regioning of the country-- the north, the south. >> reporter: that's right. as republicans have been saying, it's this-- he's building a new party. and this is something when they are trying figure out how to respond to this, what does that party mean? and the problem is that party for republican establishment
10:55 pm
so they're not quite sure what to make of this. >> pelley: and, norah, on the democratic side, is hillary it? >> reporter: well, her campaign had hoped to end this evening with a 100-delegate lead, and what we saw in the states she won tonight, she won them big. she was dominant. bernie sanders has also had a decent night tonight. he won not only in his home state of vermont,. i think massachusetts, we can't yet call on the democratic side at this point. bernie sanders, we'll argue, there are still 45 states to go but it's m me difficult the math after tonight. >> pelley: and norah and charlie will be on "cbs this morning" with all the latest. for scott pelley and the rest of our cbs news election team, good night. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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11:00 pm
3 delegates are up for grabs between the re more than 1400 delegates up for grab. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm jr. berry. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are the big winners of this super tuesday as they win more states and more importantly more delegates. >> for more on this night, let's go to craig boswell in our nation's capitol. >>reporter: donald trump had a big win in georgia, alabama and massachusetts and tennessee. >> i think we've done something that


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