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tv   News 19 11  CBS  March 2, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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more than 1400 delegates up for grab. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm jr. berry. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are the big winners of this super tuesday as they win more states and more importantly more delegates. >> for more on this night, let's go to craig boswell in our nation's capitol. >>reporter: donald trump had a big win in georgia, alabama and massachusetts and tennessee. >> i think we've done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> ted cruz nabbed the biggest prize of texas. a win for a conservative candidate. cbn news also projects he won oklahoma.
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beat and will beat donald trump. >> a third of republican voters said the most important quality in their candidate is that he shares their value and can bring change. for democrats is that they have the right experience. >> cbs news hillary clinton won arkansas where she won as first lady for georgia, alabama and virginia and tennessee. >> this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. >> bernie sanders is celebrating a victory in his home state of vermont. cbs news also projects he picks up oklahoma. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president, it is aboutmaking a political revolution. >> half the delegates needed for the republican nomination are being handed out tonight and more than a third needed to clinch on the democratic side.
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that trump has also won arizona. the results not final yet but her is a look at how cbs is breaking down the delegate count right now. on the republican side donald trump is leaded the candidates. he is the only candidate to have more than 200 delegates. it looks like the top three trump, rubio are separating themselves from the field. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton continues to grow over bernie sanders by a 3- 1 margin. keep in mind no party can clench the democratic party. there is still more to vote later this year. >> also he says he is not endorsing donald trump, americans are seeing a difference in the businessman. sure what he said. >> 35% of my party believe that
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obama was won in kenya. they see anti-obama a strongman that will fix a broken town called washington that doesn't know anything to anybody. a guy that will tell our enemy to get back in line and change america and make it great again. what i see is a demagogue, somebody who that is solutions that will never work and preying on the prejudice and politics. we are seeing a different person in donald trump. we'll see what the average person thinks. >> meanwhile donald trump has gotten into a little fight during a campaign. she said that trump should release his tax returns. today trump's campaign manager released a video where he had also did not release hisax returns. she says it was a political stunt and
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people of south carolina are nikki haley. tweet and he responded by saying bless your heart. earlier in the week she says trump is everything we hear and teach our kindergarten. tonight, we are watching showers and thunderstorms moving through georgia. thunderstorm watch in effect until 2:00 a.m. in central georgia. we have already rain in the counties. currently in columbia we have clouds moving in. our temperature is 67 degrees. winds from the southwest at 13 miles per hour. we do expect to have some showers and maybe thunderstorms through the night. when you wake up, it's going to be sunny. we'll see a high temperature tomorrow of 62 degrees.
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>> we don't want to talk about race. another day at the statehouse and another delay. state senators didn't talk or take any action to fix our state's crumbling road system. >> now business state leaders are taking action. >>reporter: state business leaders say they know your concerned about the pot holes you keep hitting. >> they are worried about the safety and the hazardous roads and the calls to their vehicles to the calls to the trucks that go on and on every year. >> and what lawmakers should be working on? >> highways. >> i'm from north carolina and the roads are terrible. >> they are asking to take a vote on the roads plan that's been on
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agenda for the last year. >> this bill has a tax increase that came from the house. my concern is even with the tax increase goes back over the house and tax increase and the next thing you know is you put a burden on the taxpayer. >> he says they are blocking the bill for no need for a tax increase because they have $1.3 billion this year. >> they say they need that additional money for schools. >> they say they are not doing their jobs. >> i want every south carolina senator to start turning their paycheck back to the taxpayer on a daily basis for everyday they stop voting. >> he says that doesn't deserve a response. >> he says if they vote to end the filibuster they won't be able to finish all the amendments to the bill.
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only get 10 minutes of debate. the county councilman was not in attendance at tonight's council meeting and this comes days after he was charged with felony dwi. the two passengers that washington hit was hospitalized. terry russ spoke briefly. >> first and foremost we are concerned for the victims involved in this process, involved in that accident and we are waiting for law enforcement agencies to do what they are responsible for doing. >> no word yet on any court date when councilman washington will be in court for dui. the county board elections of registration is asking for help to double it's budget for the upcoming election. they don't have enough funds to carry out the required election for
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>> we have to be ready when come around. >> during tonight's city council meeting there was much debate over whether or not to fund the results. there were comparing it to the county $2 million budget and what the county gets annually. >> richmond county has 265,000 voters. greenwood has over 290,000, chelsey county has a little bit more than we do. we want a comparable budget. >> the monies are expected to be paid from reimbursement from the 2015 columbia election and the 2016 republican and democratic primary elections and the june run off. the office would still need
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for repairs for voting machines, batteries and election machine technician. county council members like greg peers asked hours of questions before first approving the budget but looking for clarification as to how much and where that money will be going. >> we just don't have a lot of money sitting around. i think that's why you are getting the questions you are getting. >> the election is essential to our county. we want to make sure we do the right thing for that and also want to make sure we protect taxpayers dollars and we are going to did that. >> the richland county council is expected to come back and discuss this budget increase even further in an upcoming meeting. >> the violent incident involving now former springville high school officer has sparked a national conversation asking exactly what is the role of an
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that discussion continued at the university of south carolina with officials and professors. >> it's an issue that sits on everybody's mind. >> he's the father of two where school resource officers are present. >> it's not just here but anywhere is concerned about these types of sdindz. >> he's concerned about sro's and students when one through a chair to a student. law professor and former tennessee police officer was a member of that panel. >> it's very important to have a clear line as clear a line as you can get between actions that should be dealt with as a matter of school disciplines and actions that should be dealt with criminally.
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with the sheriff's department he says he often tells the sro's in the county. >> sometimes it's okay to say no that it's for law enforcement and sometimes we let the school handle the situation.n. >> and the school districts each with their own set of rules, he says it's easier said than done. >> it's difficult. we have meetings every month and quarterly meetings with the entire squad and we fast forward information and changes we need to make and things we need to focus on. optimistic. says there is a major way to learn from the incidents in the past, it's from the school districts and school resource officers to gather more data on how often force is used and what
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force sro's are using. >> the radar outside is showing
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a rai astronaut >finally the moment he has
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waiting for for a year. nasa astronaut kelly is back after his year long mission in space. this is a stream from nasa on the website. he is supposed to arrive about 11:25 p.m.. he spent 340 consecutive days in space. by the time the capsule lands the pair will have circled the world 5400 times. according to iss twitter, it has reached the atmosphere. the parachute opened at 11:10 p.m. and they are expected to touchdown down once again on the earth's soil in just a matter of minutes. this has been a very unique mission for nasa. the first time they have done a mission to study the effects of long-term space travel on the human body.
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identical twin brother and compare how the body reaction and then send someone to mars. >> that can be another year. >> although his girlfriend waiting for him to get home, she probably can't wait. we are going to show you a live stream. >> it's a great picture. >> you have to go to twitter and look at the pictures from space. it's just amazing. tonight we are watching thunderstorms headed outweigh. we have severe weather from georgia and not expected from severe weather from south carolina. the line has been weakening in the last few hours and still have a watch from alabama to central georgia and as we look through columbia radar, you can see rain through fairfield and
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there is a little rumble of thunder there and north richland county and towards the augusta area. this is going to continue to move towards the east. this is all ahead of the cold front through the atlanta area and it will change. the clouds will be moving in and the rain and it's moving towards the east. as it does, this front will come through the area in the early morning hours. now, today was warm. we saw temperatures warming up into mid-70s and 76 and augusta and 77 in columbia and 73 in rock hill. right now temperatures are cooling off because of the rain in fact it's 67 here in columbia and augusta and
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you might be just a few clouds around but everything is moving out rapidly and will be sunny tomorrow. tomorrow just thin clouds and mostly cloudy on thursday. by late afternoon we do expect to see some showers coming in over the west overnight. 52 here in columbia, 53 in sumter. tomorrow we'll be seeing high temperatures generally in the low 60s. 62 in columbia. for thursday we'll be seeing that rain coming in late, 61 degrees for a high temperature and will be dry on friday. 62 degrees on saturday and from there
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tuesday and by tuesday it will college baseball tonight - for the first time this season - taking a trip to >> we are starting with college baseball tonight. on the road for the first time. alex with the rbi and josh jones with the
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scoring and off and running. it is an rbi double and by a final of 6-0. they are now 9-0 overall in the season. >> then the upstate clemson hosting where wilson left okey will score. it's 2-0. it's hotshot with the third and the tigers win it 7-0. theyill be in down friday night and then sunday in clemson. >> senior night in greenville. hosting the no. 4 virginia and the yellow jacket playing his final home game and anthony gill transferred out of ufc and he had 11 points for the cavaliers. he scores two there.
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clemson was down 6 at the break. it's blossom continuing to show the honest. the dive on the base trump. he rallies and takes the lead. he knocks it down. 31 points and the only tiger with double figures. he needs a couple more horses. they gave virginia a good run. 54-67. >> they ran a couple of big awards for the nfc defensive player of the year. two time awards for her. tiffany mitchell she won the award for the last 2 years. that means, the first program has three straight winners of the fcc player of the year award.
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wilson led the game cox and won four in the conference in rebound and she's already got the season record. it's quite an impressive resume for a sophomore. elena coach, this is her first appearance in the team selection and the previous two season. she is the only league player to add a double double and ten of those fcc games. she leaves the fcc through the atlanta coach and mitchell, those are your team first all fcc performers. and don has been named the first scc coach of the year. she was never a three time consecutive coach of the year. of course they led to that perfect 16-0 record. just a second time in league history that's been done after their third
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the favors to win the conference tournament to shift to jacksonville this week. senior night for came cox. the fan favorite not just because of what he does stats wise but how he will prepare to serve to be an emotional night thursday night. >> i know i'm really emotional. so, i don't know how i'm going to react when i have to walk. you know, on my last game. so, it's going to be hard. it's all i have to say.
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>> yeah, >> well it is success. good news to report to you. at 11:26 p.m. the capsule touched down and astronaut scott kelly is back on earth. it will be tomorrow night when he will see his family. they will study him and his twin brother to figure out what the affect
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and muscle mass and what they plan to do in the next couple of days. you can find nasa research on iss twitter. >> all right. the rain is upon us. >> maybe you can head out the door here. the heavier thunderstorms are back in edge field county and moving east about 45 miles per hour. >> okay, you can make it home, jr.. >> i'm going to try.
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welcome those kinds of margins are really going to drive up the number of delegates that she takes home tonight. that upset win in massachusetts was just the icing on the cake for her. sanders came out early in the night, spoke in his home state of vermont. when clinton took the stage here in miami, she barely mentioned him. instead, she positioned herself as the anti-trump. not mentioning donald trump by name saying she doesn't want to build walls. she wants to tear down barriers. and she argued that what the
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love and kindness. >> this country belongs to all of us. not just those at the top. [ cheers and applause ] not just to people who look one way, worship one way, or even think one way. [ applause ] >> we can disagree on a democracy. that's what a democracy is about. but i hope all of us agree that we are going to not allow billionaires and their super pacs to destroy american democracy. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sanders took home trophies of his own. he won in vermont, oklahoma, minnesota, colorado. and he certainly has the money to keep going. but the reality is, norah, it would take some kind of major development at this point to - change the trajectory of the race. >> nancy cordes, thank you very


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