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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. now,abc 2news at 11. >> and we have been working for you for a long time in this one. for as long as you keep saying you think is he ripping you off we will keep telling you this story. > tonight joe shy says we may have reached the end of the line for the locksmith overcharging customers by the thousands. >> reporter: many people have needed joe horton have been outraged. wanted pay back and jail time and it seems they may finally get their wish. >> yes. >> reporter: why charge them 825 after quoting them 150? >> reporter: he has been caught on camera overcharging, hit with two court orders telling him to put his business practices on lockdown and he is waiting for a final judgement
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on a legal case that could force him to pay thousands. it seems he has continued to snub his nose at state until now. >> this time he is facing a possible jail sentence. >> reporter: and our investigations may be part of what sends him there. he is the owner and sole employee around the clock locksmith. do you think the prices were fair? >> reporter: we are covered his court battles for months exposing how he quotes one price and then jacks up the price, sometimes by thousands. we confronted him face to face when he tried to do it to us but that didn't stop him. >> i said it's 1, 9$95 and he said yes. i said why? >> reporter: 81-year-old rose is one of nine people who complained about horton since our last story. she claimed he never gave herian estinate, just showed up, unlocked her car and gave
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her a $2,000 bill. >> took him longer to write up the bill than it did to pop the lock and no time desai anything to me. >> reporter: instead when he was done he charged her card, handed her a stack of papers and told her to sign sign sign. like more than 50 others who have complained she had no idea how much the work would really cost until she saw the jaw dropping bottom line. >> stripped of everything he has and pay back all the money he charged people. it's ridiculous that something like that can go on in this day and age. >> reporter: now he may finally have to refund everybody he has overcharged. he could end up in jail buzz the ag wants him held in contempt. >> he is still not giving people estimates, still overcharges, still holding their property hostage. >> reporter: the attorney general got a cease and desist order for over charging people.
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with that hearing in progress he continued so in august attorney was the ag's office got another order. in october we caught him trying to charge us $900 to free our keys after quoting us $150. haven't you been to court for this? >> reporter: after seeing our sting and hearing more victims the ag decided to take a stronger step. >> the court does in fact find it's ordinaries have been violated. we have asked the court to return -- to have him return the money and if he is able to pay and doesn't he should go to jail. >> reporter: that's where rose wants to see him so he has time to think about the pain he has caused. >> two weeks he sucked the life out of me. i felt terrible. >> reporter: they say nothing will make them feel better than finally seeing justice for joe. >> we are definitely going
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fight him until we get a resolution. if it's -- if it takes year itself will take years. we aren't going to give up. >> reporter: the civil contempt case isn't the only thing that may send him to jail. he has been criminally charged with theft, fraud and credit card crimes. a trial date for that is set for march 9ing. we tried to contact him for comment but couldn't reach him. his voicemail was full. his attorney said he will plead not guilty and looks forwards to fighting the charges in court and not in the media. >> we have details of another alleged scam artist accused of targeting brides and photographers. >> quite a mix, closing time in the city. have you to wonder had police not been on high alert how bad this would have turned out. police say it was road rage, alcohol and possibly a fight over a girl may have led to a
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shooting. is the officers were already there, they were monitoring local nightclubs for problems when they saw someone start shooting at a man from inside his car. police followed the car, arrested the 25-year-old james johnson, charges him with attempted murder. >> what is very worrying should be that the penalty for carrying an illegal gun didn't deter him. he has no criminal record but to set with this guy he pulls out a gun. >> reporter: the victim is expected to be okay but it's why we need tougher gun laws the police say. he commissioner will speak in annapolis tomorrow pushing for tougher penalties and will no doubt use this case to highlight the need for change. >> tonight baltimore county police aren't saying what happened in the moments leading up to a deadly accident involving a bus and pedestrian. it happened just before 6:00 last night but cops haven't released the name of the person struck and killed near the intersection of park heights
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and slate. the investigation is ongoing. >> it was a nice day. we got a few clouds but got some sun and temperatures, yes, they felt really good. all right look at the temperatures now because we are not to bad. we can see what's going on. 50 degrees right now. we were in the 50s earlier today so things still feeling nice outside. we are a little bit on the breezy side but nice temperatures to look at right now. annapolis around 52 degrees, cambridge in at 46 degrees, culpepper at 48 degrees right now. we are still in the upper 40s into winchester. we are look agent the radar and things looking good. we are nice and quiet here and will stay that way for a while. forecasting a nice week ahead. satellite and radar picking up on a few clouds trying to move through. i will call it partly cloudy through the evening. all in all it is going to be a nice night. the temperature coming in at 35 degrees and we will be a little on the breezy side. we have been dealing that throughout the day and it'll
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get windier into tomorrow. check out this forecast as we go hour by hour. by 8:00 in the morning the temperature around 37 degrees. that's well above where we should be for this time of year. by lunchtime it'll be very windy, that temperature at 49 degrees. we will be mild as we go throughout the day. at 4:00 temperature at 57 degrees. i have temperatures that are in the 60s in the seven day forecast. all that coming up, back to you. >> all right. there is a moment in your life you want that shot, saying i do at the altar is that shot. after the first kiss, the first dance, cutting the cake, the third anniversary and four babies later you would expect your wedding album. >> reporter: it's a scam that crossed many states and tomorrow the man apparently behind it all will be back in court. this time in baltimore city from brides to free lance photographers he became known for a ripoff. behind the shutter there is a
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local photographer who was shut out of a deal that cost him $1,200 and wasted energy. almost a year ago he took the advice of others and went to a seminar hosted by a man of many names. >> craig small was used, he had put together a photograph workshop weekend at a news studio he was opening up as a rental location for photographers. >> reporter: he said he snapped this picture of the man who name is actually listed on court documents as darion craig small. there is a website with his name but nothing that says good character. a website was launched by someone who was scammed. pasquel acted on his first impression. >> there was studio lighting being used, dividers hung up, area for the make up artist to work. >> reporter: the warehouse off
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route one looked legit and so did the man running it. >> charming, easy to talk to, personallable, very engaging, and stories about his photography and what he does and what he wants to do. >> reporter: the stories started to fall apart days after he signed up to rent studio space for a year. >> said he wanted to sign up for a year, i will give it to you for a hundred dollars a month and i wrote him a 1,200- dollar check. >> reporter: then a change. no activity at the warehouse and he quickly realized he had been scammed. some online check was his real name showed the history and a look at online court records brings up fraudulent activity in more than jurisdictions in maryland alone. he had small arrested. he snapped these pictures last april of him being handcuffed. small bailed out and then
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started to come around slowly. >> he continued to stall, always had an excuse, he was out of town, on travel, getting a wheelchair fitted for his handicapped son. >> reporter: excuse after excuse until finally every penny was repaid before his trial. that case was dismissed but since then he has found guilty and served seven days for writing a bad check in howard county. on the same day he was let out of jail baltimore city picked him up on theft charges. nobody answered at the elliot city address listed for him. according to stop dariom he runs to other cities or states when it gets hot. pasquel hopes his day in court will keep him in jail and away from new victims. >> the house of cards can only be supported so long before it falls. >> reporter: and he said if he had to do it again he would have asked for references and
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typed small's name into a search engine. small is scheduled to be arraigned on several charges including theft tomorrow morning at 9:30. share. >> parkville can you sleep? tomorrow morning the president of the united states will visit parkville middle school along with the education secretary and the house budget director. they are expected to discuss budget priorities, maybe get a haircut or bite at charcoal grill. the president feels the continue -- it falls on the same day the president will submit a budget plan. he wants to use cuts to help pay for increased spending. >> rough weekend to be in new york. today this man was charged with four counts of murder, he is the man police say is behind a strange 28 hour stabbing rampage and violent crime spree in new york. in addition to killing a friend, her mother and running down and killing a pedestrian
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police say the 23-year-old also murdered his father by stabbing him nearly a dozen times. >> his father was -- see him every day and going to work or coming home. it was just -- from what i could see average family. i had no idea. i can't believe -- i feel the horror. >> police say he snapped friday morning after his mother said he couldn't borrow her car. he was arrested saturday in time square. in addition to murder he is also facing one count of attempted murder, assault, two counts of robbery and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. >> you stayed at holiday inn last night but did you get sick of the playboy mansion? a dozen conference goers got headaches and fevers. there were meetings held at the santa monica motel and then the party at the playboy mansion. some suspect a fog machine but
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the mansion spoke people say no they didn't catch thinking there. >> you spent all morning long cutting out the coupons but when you get to the store you realize they are back on the kitchen table. >> don't clip them, click them. we will tell you what you should be down loading so you will always have the deals and discounts right there in the palm of your hand. >> plus celebrating valentine's day with two words, i do but it's not the first time. we will take you to a special ceremony. [ pilot 1 ] everybody gets excited
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always easy. the military has been clear it's in charge. people are celebrating still. he removed the president's picture out of the government building for the last time. there it goes. in the square there is a little bit of a disagreement of if it's time to go home. >> do you think people should stay? >> no. why not in. >> -- because our residents has gone and we -- >> so now the country waits for a temporary constitution allowing parties to form, freedom of the press and religion. >> i think most people can related to this. clipping coupon is a drag. >> you don't need successors though john shows us how to use the smart phone instead of weekly coupons. >> do you go to the grocery store and say darn i left all my coupons at home?
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i have. now if you have a smart phone you no longer need to worry. one showed us how she saves big money with the latest apps. andrea has turned saving money into an almost full time job. her blog now has a national following. while she is still clipping coupons her smart phone is becoming a source. >> free anti bacterial. yshe is using a free app. it lets her search for general grocery coupons for a specific store. >> great way for me as a busy mom trying to get in and out of a store and maybe i forgot -- i need to run into children's place to see they having a good sale, i just caught that and i can go to my phone and see what coupons they have. >> reporter: two similar aps are moby coupons and sell fire.
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she doesn't just use it for that. she has shop saavy that lets her compare prizes. >> this is in a lot of different stories. when you scan the bar code it'll give us a result to say where it's at and what the price is at each store. >> reporter: she scans the bar code. >> it says the lowest price is 494 and here it's 549. >> reporter: compare everywhere and red laser do the same thing. they are just some of the latest ways this mom saves. to find them get on the smart phone. you some are free. more and more grocery stores are also adding apps of their own. that way you don't waste your money. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate.
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>> all right. let's talk act today because today was beautiful outside. especially temperature wise. that temperature coming in right around 52 degrees and we are still a little on the breezy side. check out the winds out of the southwest at 13-miles an hour. the pressure is falling as of now. as we check out what's happened today we had a beautiful day into annapolis. we could see the blue skies, we saw boats on the river. it was beautiful and you know we are going to do it all over again in terms of temperatures. highs today came in right around 53 degrees, 54 in dc, you see the 61 culpepper. you will get to 60s not tomorrow but in through the being week and i will show you that in the seven day. the wind the big story. sustained in to baltimore coming in more at 13, check out
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oakland. close to 20. that will be the situation through tomorrow as well. right now into york 15-mile an hour. it's a little bit on the windy side as we go through tomorrow temperature wise, we are looking good. we will get that sun cloud mix throughout the day. the winds are going to be the big story. i'm thinking gusts maybe up to about 40 miles an hour. it'll be on the windy side and the winds at 15 to 25 miles an hour. as for right now the satellite and ray door not picking up on a lot. we had clouds trying to push through. we go through the overnight. i'm going to call it partly cloudy through the overnight. in the meantime that weather pattern will get a little changing for us. i think you will like the change. we have the cold front moving through the area into tomorrow in the wake of that that's when it gets windy, we are already breezy but we will get windy into tomorrow and that cold front is going to drop the
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temperatures down on tuesday but it'll be seasonable. about 44, 46 degrees as we go into tuesday and then we shoot in to the latter part of the week. in the meantime the future forecast and we are looking good and tomorrow will be a dry front that comes in. we aren't going to think of rain that will becoming in with this. maybe just a few more clouds, lots of sun, as we go into tuesday. temperature tomorrow, 57 degrees, we have that sun cloud mix, windy and mild as we go into tomorrow night 27 degrees, mostly clear and still on the breezy side but not windy. the seven day forecast for you and we are looking pretty good. 65, there you go -- 65. you like it? 59 on thursday. maybe a 60 there. we like, and then into saturday and sunday 55. we can take it. so much happier when she has good news. >> are we friends now? >> we love you this week. >> keep it going.
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love it. >> you're great. >> all right. as a kid you always walked down the ramp to see the green grass, to see where number eight was and toe tyler on a stool behind the plate. every noontime you could find rex, rogers and ernie having lunch. today was the first day we got a chance to say good-bye to ernie who died last week. 48 years he didn't miss a game and man the fans, the former players wouldn't miss being here for him today, tomorrow, tuesday at 10:30 for the funeral. he will be laid to rest at belaire memorial gardens. >> gone but not forgotten. they today married greyhounds came back. >> and what did you see at the movies? did you see justin bieber?
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find out when we return after this popcorn break.
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. love is in the air this valentine day. >> more than 60 coupleless said i do again. they renewed their vows. for many it wasn't the first time they walked down the aisle. >> it's important. to be able to do it with family and to -- really just -- make it a part of our life again and make it an important day it's exciting to be able to do this again. >> and to come back to the place where we got married. >> how romantic. unlike the last time many of them renewed their vows with their children and grandchildren. that's a great idea.
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>> let's go eat for a good cause. chicken wings for everybody. this is the third wing bowl to benefit signal 13, a great organization that helps police officers and their families faced personal emergencies. hello --. >> foundation has always been there to back them up, to support them and to help them, to get through the holes in their life. >> and today's winning team gets to get married -- no kidding, they get a trip. >> this is something. it started on price -- it just got better and better at the motorcycle show in fairgrounds. if you are a bike lover you know about this great weekend from old school choppers, you will see all the bikes again
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when the weather breaks at aj's pub and daniel's in elkridge. >> they don't have a bike named bieber but never say never. >> did he beat out jennifer and the sand man? find out if you win the seats for it. this is the aircraft log book.
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we have to write down everything about every flight. with so many new southwest flights, that's a lot of ink. i filled up three of these this month already. kind of like the little black book... of all the cities we've dated. [ male announcer ] starting march 13th fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg or charleston. and remember our fares are online only at is "camera crew" two words or one word? [ laughs ] you should know... you're the cameraman. [ ding ] . just go with it. just go see it. you did. it debuted approximate $31 million. >> and the valentine for teens, justin bieber a close second. they are like knocking at the
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door. disney's newest just with 25 million. >> all right. you have a million dollar forecast. >> what can i say. i have two close friends tonight. >> yes. >> i will just jump right to friday. things look good. we see the warming trend. 65 degrees, we will take that. no complaints. >> still -- >> it was a two weeks. >> i never believed it. >> president coming to parkville tomorrow. >> that's right. >> have a good night. >> seeyou. [ pilot 1 ] everybody gets excited
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when southwest announces a new nonstop. [ pilot 2 ] we like to look out the window and see new places. we love to fly. and we really love to fly to new destinations. [ male announcer ] starting march 13th fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg or charleston. and remember our fares are online only at we have the best window office in the world... ...and the best job -- making sure people get where they need to go faster and better.
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