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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 8, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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had. so here are the heat advisories i am talking about. you can see for the areas shaded in the orange. so, eastern shore you are basically out of the heat advisory. it's in effect from noon until 8 p.m. but eastern shore you are not out of this air quality alert. so once again, the code orange for today basically for everyonech the only people not in maryland is western maryland. but we are going to be dealing with asthma and if you have that you need to stay inside or limit your exposure to outside. if you have a lung or heart disease or elderly keep it indoors as long as possible. maryland's most power fop radar looks dry. things -- powerful radar looks dry. now back to you. >> thanks. it's about stifling outside so bad you may not want to leave your house. but children has to go to school the school day has been shortened. sherrie johnson continues team coverage outside a school in northeast baltimore. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, we are here
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at leaf walk elementary school. this is just one of several schools in baltimore city that does not have air conditioning. and on a day like today it could make it fop for teachers and students. they are on a half day because of the heat and keith joins me live here, chief operating officer for baltimore city public schools. thanks for talking to us this morning. can you tell us what goes into deciding into what goes into deciding when to close schools. >> there are a couple factors. first and foremost it's the safety of the students. we want to make sure they are safe given the conditions in the city. secondly, we want to make the children and students receive the education they deserve and that's extremely important. maintaining the integrity of the school year. >> ex-- >> reporter: an exbeing a-- exactly. what information do parents need to know on a day like today when they are getting the kid prepared for school.
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what do they need to know? >> well week want parents to -- well, we want parents to dress your children lightly and comfortably so they can learn and be comfortable while in the classroom and we think that you know we tell the administrators and they know to allow the children to have as many water breaks as possible if they are thirsty. >> reporter: this cab tough day. they can't -- this can be a tough day. it's hot for the teachers and students. >> well, we think that techly right now, the -- techly right now, the temperatures -- particularly right now, we feel the temperatures are cool. closing a half a day allows us to get in the school year and allows the schools to have the programs that have been scheduled and yet get the kid out of the school before he gets too hot. >> reporter: thanks so much. you will be joining us throughout the morning. we appreciate you being out here talking to us. so at 5:30, we will hear more from him about keeping kids safe in school. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. cooling centers around the area will be opened throughout
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the day today. baltimore city they are opening the centers because of a code red heat alert. anyone who doesn't have a cool place to stay can come by there for free. you can get water as well as some air conditioning. especially seniors the older adults who may have severe chronic illnesses like asthma or reading problems, you can head into the places to seek some much needed cool shelter. heat is the number one weather related killer in the united states. the national weather service statistical data shows heat cause more deaths per year than floodlight ening tornadoes and hurricanes combined. based on the ten year average from 2000-2009 caused 16 # people perrure -- 162 people per year. in 1995, heat left more than 700 dead in the city of chicago alone. so just a reminder abc2 now is wants to help you and is the place for heat related tips. we have information on the
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website in a slide show to find the cooling center. just click on the article that reads special report hot weather guide and read more to learn. >> all right. many of you may be planning to go awhich with your family and it's going to get you ready to leave your home. you want to make sure you can return home and be safe. if there is no one left at your house officers offer tips on how to be sure the property will not be vandalized while you are away. >> when you go on vacation and leave your premises for any length of time. we like to encourage people to do is give your home that lived in appearance. and what i mean by that is in a situation like this, have a neighbor take your mail in for you at the end of the day. >> police are also saying remember to check around your home for any unlocked doors or windows. you want to install additional locks if necessary and always, always, leave a light on. kids want to be outside. and especially when it gets hot. >> yeah. the word of caution on days
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like today. >> number one thing is hydration. we have hydration coolers all over the entire camp. >> protecting your children is not as simple as drinking fluids. >> also, your pet safety is into question on days like these. ,000 keep them cool during the extreme heat. we will let you know when you return. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 5:30. a look at the radar this morning as we go off to break. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen.
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welcome back. temperatures will be unbearable but they are going to have a huge impact on pets. >> absolutely. so something to think about. a lot of you think leaving your pets in the car for a few minutes while running into the store is okay. not at all. pets left in hot cars for a brief amount of time can suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke or brain damage and they can die. we have other suggestions today if your pet gets overheated. vets say apply ice packs or cool towels around the neck or head and chest only.
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and let your pet drink a small amount of water or maybe even lick ice cubes. all right. that's good advice. i wanted to run a errand but i drove back to the house because i didn't want to hieb him in the carp today we will need to heed that advice. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and we are not look at wet weather for today. that comes in the form of the humidity. very moist air. the temperature right now into annapolis is coming in at around 69 degrees. darlington elementary school at 67 and bel air elementary school is at 69 degrees. so the temperatures are close to 70 and we have not started the day yet. so you can see what the day has in store as we start you out at nope. the temperature coming in right around 90 degrees. and very humid outside and going into 4 p.m., hot 96 degrees. the heat index will be up to
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about 100 to 105 as we go throughout the day. and also, we are dealing with another air quality alert. we have a code orange in effect. and that means that it's unhealthy for sensitive groups so if you have asthma, if you are elderly, you need to limit your outdoor activity. back to you. all right thanks so much. we want to take a live picture of traffic moving along this morning. looks fine but it's early. and this is 895 south been "dome in -- by o'donnell. things are moving smoothly right now. and things are looking okay in other areas of the baltimore region. again, it's early and as things pick up, we will keep you posted on any delays on the road out there. now it's 5:10. you may be make plans to send your kids to summer camp as the school season winds down. >> before you, prevention advice. the danger zone that could be for kids.
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>> what he is doing off the field today that is going to give him the tip of the cap. what he is doing to help patients. we will fill you in. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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we have heat warning for parents who are about to send their kid off to summer camp. it's going to be a great time but extreme heat is dangerous especially for kids who spend all day outside at various camps. sweating outside is normal. doctors say kid who have stopped sweating can be in a danger zone. they can't stress enough water, water they say. and constant water breaks are recommended by doctors. and remember to head to for the latest place to turn to find extensive heat related advice. we have information on the website in the slide show to find the cooling centers that are listed there on the website. all you have to do is click on the article special report hot weather guide and read more. all right. we are talking about the heat today. and yesterday, that was the
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start of our warmup. we came in around 90 degrees. so, yes, that was the beginning of everything. easton 88. dover 88. hagerstown 82 and 85 in york, pennsylvania. charlotsville at 87 degrees. temperatures right now, close to 70 in baltimore. we are at 72 or 70 rather in easton and 72 in the patuxent river. 65 in dulles and 61 now into york. so the dew point is what we will talk about today. that's what's going to make it feel so fasty outside. once you get the dew points in the -- so nasty outside. once you get the dew points in the upper 60s, you are feeling it. 70s is going to be feelingoppressive and you can see that in dover around 71. and by the time we go through today and tomorrow week might see some of the dew points in the 70s. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we are dealing with mainly clear skies. and mainly clear skies going to translate into lots of sunshine as we go through the rest of
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the afternoon. now, high pressure is still in control of our weather. and that's basically what's pumping in all the heat and the humidity as we go through today. and also tomorrow and by friday, we will get a little bit of relief but temperatures are going to be in the 90s. it won't be until the weekend that we start to see the temperatures fall back into the 80s. but we do have showers in the forecast and also some thunderstorms. so this will start to move in. a cold front a cool front i will say will move in as we go into let's say thursday afternoon and evening bringing us the chance for showers and thunderstorms a little more relief in the forecast for us. so you can see friday looks pretty good. still not ruling out a chance on friday for a shower or thunderstorm. we will be 96 degrees today. we have the hazy sunshine. that heat advisory is in effect and code orange in effect that can keep going on and on. by tomorrow, temperatures around 72 and mostly clear and steamy. and tomorrow, the temperature looks at 98 degrees and hotter and more humid and the heat
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index once again 100 plus degrees. now back to you. >> all right, thanks. you know the orioles look great last night. we will get to that in a second. but first, a look at your traffic this morning. i-695 at wilkins avenue, traffic appearing to be picking up a little bit on the outer loop. around 6959 beltway on the north side and south side congestion picking up a little bit. everywhere else traffic is at or around speed. no delays. the outer loop is giving us the most headaches this morning. >> a reminder if you are headed to downtown baltimore, conway is closed. now a little sports. those o's we mentioned looked great last night against the oakland a's they won 4-0 behind a return to the mound by chris jakubauskas before last night he hadn't pitched in over 45 days.
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>> brian will be visiting sick children. yesterday, jake and zack stopped by the under armour freedom bunker to help put together the wounded warrior backpacks to be handed out to injured service members recovering in military hospitals. >> growing up as a kid i. didn't think i would be in a position to do something hike this to give back to the people that you know allow us to live a free life and live in this country and do a lot of the things we are capable of doing because of the men and women brave enough to put their lives on the line. >> you can give a wounded warrior backpack to a soldier. log on and buy it which will be sent to a wound warrior project and then distribed to a hero in -- distributed to a hero in need. last night, the n about. a finals game -- nba finals game4. tied at game 2 games a piece.
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86-83 the final score. and dirk nowitzki scored 10 of the 21 points in the fourth quarter and guess what? he did it with running 101 fever. the guy is sick and drops 21. no big deal. game 5 thursday night once again in big d. happy birthday jail young miller from northeast maryland turns 13 today. she enjoys playing basketball and is a 7th grader at perryville middle school. >> happy birthday to you, and this morning the picture of the day, we showed outdogs surfing video. but look at this. the -- you the dogs surfing video but look at this. this is a dog surf competition. this is the exesion in -- competition if san diego. >> we have water skiing squirrels and surfing dogs. if you have an interesting
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photograph to share, pets, anniversaries, birthdays, whatnot, morning show at wmar.come. when you send help in send in the fact so we can get it straight when we share it with maryland. gun safety is a huge problem in our country. there's no denying. >> especially when you bring kids into the mix. >> the free child safety classes offered in one city and the lessons being learned. and officers have a dash cam mounted to the front of the cruisers. but it's a new camera that is introduced that could help catch criminals happening from the side when they leave the cruisers. we will explain when "good morning maryland" returns. we are first and only at 4:30. i can't let allergies stop me from leading the way.
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[loud feedback] man on tv: i'll tell you, duckett has been great in the clutch all-- [playing electric guitar] [guitar stops] [boy singing indistinctly, drums and guitar playing] announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today. now "good morning maryland." children may think guns are fun to see in the movies but when they get up close and personal, the reality sets in.
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>> they can be loud. this is from california where children received a free gun range lesson after a little boy there in their community accidently shot and killed his sent sister. the course is the -- sister. course is the first monday every month for the rest of the year. and free gun locks are available. law enforcement agencies are using a new came are -- camera than the standard dash cam. it looks like a blue tooth and law enforcement jobs are taking this out of the cars when they are on food. -- foot. in kansas they are starting to use them. so when the shift end they take the device and down load the video into the computer where it is stored as evidence. as the heats set in, officers will be out patrolling the roads. and many will be trying to stay cool. we are not the only ones dealing with the heat. this is georgia where officers
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are using what's called cool cop attaching it to the air conditioning and connect it to the other end of the those a sweet spot under the bullet protected vest. it gives them cft and puts them in a-- comfort and puts them in a better mood. wild fires are barreling across arizona. >> causing concern for parents. >> i am safe that's all we are trying to do is keep them safe so they don't get too scared and get sick. >> more on the fire that burned hundreds of acres in the -- and the towns being threatened. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. but first we will head up to look at this morning's tech bites right now. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, video game makers are raising the stakes at the annual conference. nintendo announced a new version. wii video console. it has touch screen displays and high definition video and
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won't hog the family television. sony unveiled the play station vita the next portable station. it allows them to connect over at&t cell phones and wi-fi hot spots. >> you are doing games and it plays audio and video and has social net working functions make it competitive to the ipod touch. >> reporter: it should be available for christmas and the wii in a year. the back to school shopping list will be a pad. they think it will happen soon and plan to stock up on tablets this fall. those are your tech bites. i am daniel sieberg.
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now "good morning maryland." i am sherrie johnson live
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in northeast baltimore. coming up, i will talk to a city school administrator about hot classrooms and students. elevator safety in baltimore. the agency now taking action after what an abc2 newsinvestigation uncovered. it shook the halls,. >> how a pilot survived after the a jet slammed into a house in wisconsin. that's incredible. first, this is what happens when temperatures are over or near 100. look at this town in mississippi. this week they have had temperatures that hot and caused the roads to buckle and looks like a speed bump in the community. >> unbelievable. a heat alert is out there and the temperatures are going to be oppressive and record breaking maybe. some record were broken last week. >> that's causing schools to let out early today. baltimore city schools
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operating on a half day schedule today. it's because of a heat afternoon half day prekindergarten canceled after school activity are -- activities are canceled and teachers will be on half a day. >> baltimore county all public schools will let out two hours early today with no afternoon prekindergarten like baltimore city. graduation ceremonies for high schools there be -- will be held as scheduled and meteorologistlynette charles is tracking the heat what we could be in store for today and tomorrow and getting into the weekend. lynette. >> that's right, charley. we are going to be very, very hot for today. you will factor in humidity. it's like in the wintertime when you factor in the wind and that is the problem. you are factoring in humidity and that's the problem for today. check out the heat we have. we will see hazy sunshine and the heat advisory is in effect. we have the heat index at 100 to 105. temperatures in the


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