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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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would have loved to have them paid f. >> therere a warrant out for your arrest. that's what's making news in americ . you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland"at 4:30. shots ring out in the knottingham community. gun man is on the loose this morning. an insurance policy reveals new clues on a missing woppingwoman in aruba. the breakthrough in the fight against skin cancer. we have details on that and more. its thursday thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson -- crowson. >> a hour ago a line of showers lieu owings mills apast -- owings mills and past 83. just enough to damp the streets and it looks like fallston and
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pushing in on bel air could be a brief heavy downpour. look at this. a line of heavy storms extends up towards lancaster and this is the leading edge of warmer and more humid weather swinging into the region. there's the line of rain enhancing to the east so pours of harford and cecil county get a brief heavy downpour this morning. and we will get clearing and see the warm, muggy weather continue many we are at 72 in baltimore and will talk about the chance of showers and storms for a few days coming up in a moment. first look at traffic with tonya. >> reporter: -- tanya. >> reporter: good morning abroken down car 95 southbound at the beltway. other than that no accidents in baltimore city or baltimore can'ty. looking at the beltway, light traffic building in both directions. no incidents in your way at wilkins on the southwest side. jfx is moving smoothly at coldspring no incidents to report as you make your way downtown. most of the cars heading southbound. -- cars are heading southbound.
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police in baltimore county need help searching for a gunman. the deadly shooting happened at jack pine place in notingham. linda so joins us with the details this morning. linda. >> reporter: well, the victim was found shot to death. police have not releeed his identity -- released his identity. the call came in after 9. the shooting happened in a town home community off puddy hill avenue. neighbors gathered around the crime scene. there was a heavy police presence, cops interviewing people and trying to get information on what happened. police used helicopters and k-9 units to search for the suspect but no luck. they are work on a motive and trying to come up with a suspect description. if you know anything, call police at 410-307-2020 or metro crime stopers at 1-866-7- lockup. look at your screen this morning because police want to know if you recognize the sketch of this man. he is wanted for sexually
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assaulting a teen in glen burnie. police say he attacked a 15- year-old girl in a wooded area near tall pines court in anne arundel county on tuesday. anyone with information is asked to call anne arundel county police. police believe after 16 months they he caught a man in the connection with a ram of a pikesville woman. they believe damilola animashaun is the man they look format dna collected was entered into a national system where they got a match. in prince george's county police charged a 15-year-old with murder in the death of a 92-year-old woman. sell ma steel was found death she was beaten and stabbed. the suspect william fitz lived on the same block. motive appears to be robbery. fitz will be charged as an adult. records show the fight
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against crime appears to be working in maryland. governor o'malley released crime numbers for the end of last year. and they are down. violent crimes are down 6%. o'malley says it's not just about having officers on the streets but about everyone who examines the evidence and sees the process through. the latest in the disappearance of a woman in aruba. police have a suspect and say they have a motive. robyn gardner was in aruba with gary giordano. giordano says she disappeared while snorkeling and prosecutors say he purchased a $1.5 million accidental death policy and he has a history of domestic violence. >> each one of the pieces standing alone may not mean much. when you add the pieces together, it sounds like it may be substantial. >> investigators found blood
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behind a restaurant where the couple was last seen together. and witnesses say gardner was woozy. he said they were drinking vodka and she was taking sleeping pills. giordano is in police custody. back to school news. elijah cummings will visit the dawnson family safe -- dawson family safe haven center to issue backpacks and supplies. they will provide 4 dozen school supplies. center is a memorial fos the dawson family that had five children killed by drug dealers. that starts at 10:30 this morning. it's called france transform baltimore, a came -- transform baltimore a campaign aimed at changing schools. today at booker t washington there will be a call to all eelectriced officials to stand a -- elected officials to start tomodern size public schools. mod rising city -- modernizing
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city schools will cost billions of dollars. the fda approved a drug that will save lives. what you need to know about the drug in this morning's health news. in a florida community, parents, students and teachers are over shock with what a teacher -- student planned to do on the first day of school. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. #:39. vice president and first ladies for more than 30 years and today the bc9 jet will make a final -- dc-9 jet will make a final flight. it lay rieive it will arrive for the final resting -- it will arrive for its final resting place. museum is opened tuesday through saturday from 9 to 4.
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 4:38. about to turn 4:39. but yesterday almost 12 hours ago, a storm erupted on top ofbaltimore city. we were looking northbound from the inner harbor at the science center and saw clear skies but behind it and through brooklyn park, a heavy downpour that sat over the city for an hour or so. localized flooding was flortd highland town. other parts of bolt tsh -- flood was reported in highland town. 72 in towson. and we are pouching laurel. that's the cool -- pushing that also in laurel. about to move through fallston and jaredsville and up towards rising sunday cecil county showers and thunderstorms likelyto pop up this afternoon.
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we will go for a high of 86. weekend outlook in a minute. here tanya with track. >> reporter: we have a broken down car this parkville, 95 is moving fine from white marsh past the beltway. looking at the beltway on the northwest side, at liberty road, the outer loop is moving with no we do have a little bit of traffic on the jfx southbound to the left of the screen. there have been a few cars. we are doing okay. also on the jfx, we are moving fine north at northern parkway. now back to you. black and decker and home depot and others are providing power tools to the baltimore city tool bank. it's worth about $25,000. the tool bank loans tools to all sorts of services and volunteer organizations in an effort to transform communities and increase volunteering in the baltimore area. the shipment will be delivered at the american warehouse which
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is is in hanover with the grand prix coming to baltimore, businesses are finding ways to make sure they get your business. it a-- the aquarium is offering a 5 dollar discounts for tickets bought september 1 through the 4th. it was a chilling case a more's worst nightmare. hearing her child being attacked and now the verdict is in. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson. a live-- i am live in downtown at the mitchell courthouse. coming up, i will have reaction to the murder trial of stephen pitcarin. and a restaurant that bans children under the age of 18, when and where is it. details on this story creating a lot of buzz when we go around the nation. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. as we head to break, a live picture of downtown baltimore.
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before you head out here are five things you need to
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know. today the mayor and community leaders will be on hand for the grand opening of the baltimore food co-op. the ribbon cutting takes place at 12:30 in north baltimore. also governor o'malley will join the governor of delaware, for a meeting on cross border public safety issues. it will be at the student center at university campus. a panel voted to allow up to 6 million bucks in reimbursements to the casino developer for its improvement that will be made to two casinos. one in baltimore and the other in cumberland. it will be made over a 3-year period. and according to published reports, verizon pucking -- putting striking workers on notice to get back to work or lose medical benefits. they protested cuts. we remember this and now the band sugar land will be back on stage for the first time since the fatal stage collapse in indianapolis. they plan to sang tribute song to the victims -- sing a
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tribute song to the victims. it started out with a robbery that turned violent in the death of a promising young man in charles village. >> now the man responsible for stephen pitcarin's death has learned his fate. >> reporter: the jury deliberated for less than three hours in the murder case of stephen pitcarin. the jury did find john wagner guilt every felony murder but didn't feel it was premeditated. members of stevens family stephen's family left the courthouse and yelled out justice is served. stephen was working as a research assistance at johns hopkins when he was murdered last year. it happened while he was on the phone talking to his mother. days later, police arrested john wagner who was convicted and ladevelopa merritt who pled guilty and testified for the prosecution against wagner. her testimony was part of what led to the guilty verdict.
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>> i don't think it was just one individual piece. i think it was several. like i said, i believe it was all the ingredients. >> reporter: john wagner faces life in prison plus 40 years for other charges like robbery and we are told that his attorney does plan to appeal. right now no sentencing date has been set but it's expected to maybe be in late october. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a birthday gone wrong. a explosion in a home injuries three people and police say it may have been caused when fireworks were mistakenly mixed with birthday candles. it happened tuesday what 13- year-old girl and her parents were celebrating. the candles were lit and the cake exploded. they were taken to the hospital and reported to be in good condition. health news this morning, a major breakthrough that could make a big difference in the fight against skin cancer. the food and drug administration has approved a drug that targets specific
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genes mutation that will be present in half of cases of melanoma. the deadliest form of skin cancer. drug will save lives of countless people. while there are some noted side effects, patients who took the drugs in trials say they wouldn't trade the benefits for the world. >> my hope is that with the approval of the new drug that everybody is going to be tested for the v600eb mutation so they will know right away there is another treatment option out there for them. >> doctors say that the decision is here for all patient was skin cancer but gives hope on what's to come. it cost $9800 for a month's supply. instead of drinking your morning cup of coffee, pour a little on your skin. researchers at rutgers university say they found caffeine helps to guard against the development of nonmelanoma skin cancer. based on studies with mice. the researchers believe the
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caffeine applied to the skin could help. they say it works by blocking a protein enzyme in the skin and for each cup you drink, there's a 5% decrease of sunlight induced skin cancer. the breast cancer is best -- we have heard that the breast is best for a baby but still some women are opting for the botel according to a breast feeding report cart and maryland is listed among the states not meeting the breast feeding goals. 32% of infants were breast fed at 13 months and 13% at 6 months. the centers for disease control hopes they will reap the goal of 46 and 26% respectively. things will be different for student heading to school in joplin missouri. they will abe tending class in the -- they will be attending class in the north park mall. a florida teen is in police
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custody after cops were tipped off that his plan to attack his high school on the first day back. tampa police say the 17-year- old had a plan to cause more casualties than columbine. they searched his room and found a fuel source shrapnel and plastic tubing and timing and fusing desizes to make bombs. -- devices to make bombs. they found a manifesto how he planned to attack the high school. >> and it goes minute by minute what he intended to do starting at 5 a.m. in the morning. and then going through the day where he intended to put the destructive devices and you know particular layouts of the school. that type of information. >> he is expelled from school last year at the sim he was -- time he razz a-- he was arrested for possessing a tonal fire -- a stolen firearm. a restaurant has a new
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policy in nashville. no children allowed. the holland house bar and refuge made it clear, there's a sign on the door, leave your kid at home. they want the place to be a place for people to get away from their children so from now on patrons under 18 are not allowed there during dinner hours. so we wanted your thoughts on this story. do you agree with the policy? you can leave your comments on our facebook fan page. you can find us at all right. he is one of the most famous beloved children's book authors of all time. and now dr. seuss fans will be thrilled to know that there's even more to come. a new book of seuss stories is set to hit the shelves this month. charles cohen is a dentist by the day and seussologist by night and while doing seuss worker came across a collection of what he calls lost stories. they are a number of works written by dr. seuss in the
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early 1950s. when you thought there were no more to be found, 7 new seuss treasures collected and bound. all right. we are looking forward to that. what's your favorite book, justin? >> do i have to do that right now? >> you can think about p it. we have got -- about it. we have got our is eves 72 degrees and a push of showers -- ourselves 72 degrees and a push of showers and storms. we have a pocket of cool air to create some unsettled weather. we have push number one coming in right now. but essentially it's a cold front that means business. it will come and stall out just to our west. a little pockets of energy ahead of it and troughs in the atmosphere triggers for developing showers and storms and they are tough to pick out. once you identify them, it's about the time they start popping showers and storms. one just erupted an hour and half ago across central maryland and we are watching what appears to be another
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boundary that will spark showers and storms late this afternoon and this evening. this is just one gauge of the computer model, but often the showers intend to line up with the boundaries that stick somewhere around the mountain to the northwest. it's possible we stay dry in baltimore and annapolis and eastern shore. and the hereford zone gets hit with showers and storms. we will have to watch the placement of this boundary and there will be more popping up tomorrow. we tap into more moisture and better threat tomorrow afternoon and evening and the ravens game of getting wet weather and lingering showers for the start of the weekend. today, partly sunny and there will be a chance of storms and especially north and west. high of 86. tonight we will settle back down into the upper 60s with patchy fog but we are continuing the threat of storms. that will increase tomorrow afternoon and evening. locally heavy downpours 87 and mid-80s over the weekend. another round of storms are trying to come through. saturday and sunday, we can't avoid this through the weekend as well. let's see what's happening on the roads with tanya.
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>> reporter: still pretty light traffic out there. no major accidents to report on our interstates. checking on the southwest side, 95 north of 195, traffic is moving smoothly. this is southbound. most of the traffic is southbound to the right of the screen. there's a car on the right shoulder. no incidents in your way. on the other side of town, 95 north of white marsh boulevard, traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. southbound to the right of the screen up ahead at beltway there's a broken down car right at the beltway. so be careful there. megan. >> reporter: 4:53. the-- not everyone is happy about this visit. what protests are being planned for the on the i've visit. and why syrian -- for the pontiff's visit. and why searion --
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now "good morning maryland"
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at 4:30. thousands hit the streets in india. after demonstrators turned out to support a hunger strike, government officials released him and many say corruption is pervase of across indian society and the issues strikes a cord with most indian citizens. and today the pope will be in spain for world youth day. however not everyone is pleased about the coming visit. people are putting together signs protesting the pontiff's arrival. they say the area's economy is struggling and can't afford to the cost associated with the pope's trip. the ongoing violence in syria forced the united nations to temporarily withdraw some of the staff. there's a lot of antigovernment sentiment in the syrian city. activists have heard gunfire this morning while the government has maintained it is targeting armed groups and terrorists.
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witnesses say the government has been brutally cracking down on civilians as well as activists. iran's foreign minister says the country is ready to keep talking about the nuclear program. he says that iran is open to negotiations but will not tolerate international pressure. iran long insisted the nuclear program is to create energy and not weapons. now "good morning maryland." a late night shooting in baltimore county leaves one person dead. the latest on the investigation. the investigation into the des appearance of a frederick woman vacationing in aruba continues with new leads. the search continues for robyn gardner. he was found guilty of the killing of a hopkins researchers. now the fate of john wagner lies in the in the hands of a judge. i am megan pringle.
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>> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast with justin berk. >> we have got it on top of bel air a. heavy downpour stretching through bel air towards i-95 to mountain road. exit will be damp and this is heading towards aberdeen and port depos lit get it and darlington is getting it towards rising sun. a longer duration of the heavy rain towards rising sun so eastern harford and cecil county and up 95 going to be a slow trip. watch it erupt. it hit reisterstown, owings mills and flare up at 3, 3:30 this morning. this is one of the many disturbance waiting for the proper tryinger to enhance them. we will look -- trigger to enhance them. we will look for that throughout the day. we will talk about the outlook for the weekend coming up. right now here's tanya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. traffic is moving pretty smoothly. no major accidents in the city or county. we have a broken down car in
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rossville. 95 southbound at the beltway. let's look at 95 on the southwest side. this is north of 195 looking southbound. we have a parked car on the right shoulder. all of the southbound traffic is heavier now to the right of your screen. we are doing okay at the harbor tunnel. those cars are going southbound into the tunnel. no incidents to report. your ride should be okay this morning so far. megan. >> a minute before 5 right now. police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened in a town home community. linda so is here with what happened. linda. >> reporter: police were called to the nottingham neighborhood for shots fired and found a black man in his 20s dead. the call came in after. >> en last night. it happened on -- after nine last night. it happened -- neighbors gathered around the crime scene. police used helicopters and k-9 units to search for the suspect but no luck. investigators are working on


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