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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to come forward. >> while the police department and the city is engaged in investigating this matter, we are investigating this matter as well. [applause] >> naacp attorney eric jointer says at this point they are happy with how the police chief has handled the case. >> she has attempted to convey to this community her desire for an open and transparent investigation and process and we are holding her to her projections that that is what is going to occur. >> with that said they have some serious concerns. >> there is some affirmation that the scene of the shooting had been cleared up, had been altered in some way before it was released to the public for
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so that is concerning. >> the naacp has just wrapped up their press conference and want to dive more into that. at this point they want more information from the public they are asking anyone who saw anything to call them or the family's attorney. we'll get that number on our website. this is preliminary information and they will continue their continue theirs. coming up at 6 we have more reaction from the autopsy carolina. live here tonight jonathan rodriguez investigating. >> several members of the community held prayer services to come to grips with what happened this week. mario boone has more on this. mario? >> praise break erupted during a thursday afternoon community meeting in response to the
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of 24-year-old akeel denkins. >> we know what, when, where we just don't know why. >> his aunt begged any witnesses to bypass cops and call her. >> your identity will be kept anonymous if you so choose. >> family members met to view his body. they declined to speak to me about the condition of his body but preliminary autopsy rialtos show he was shot at least four times once in the chest. back at the meeting an naacp attorney told the crowd he was given information that the shooting scene was altered but offered no proof. moments later the press was asked to leave and the meeting conducted in private. >> i talked with mrs. byrd today, the mother.
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know right now. in just a little while the ministers will leave here and head to a private meeting with the raleigh police chief to discuss the latest developments in this case. we will be checking with our sources to learn more about what is discussed there and will pass that along as soon as we learn more. live in raleigh, mario boone cbs north carolina. >> mario thank you. story. you can see all of our team coverage from the past week right now on a special section of meanwhile body cameras are coming to sanford. the city approved the purchase of 70 cameras, it will cost $76,000 to buy the cameras and computer equipment to maintain them. we are awaiting rain and maybe some snow. here's wes with more. >> hi sharon good evening to you and to you at home. a couple of days ago in the 70s
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out of the 40s some of us not at all. that's where we sit right now. 40s from the triangle on north, 50s to the sand hills and i-95 corridor and rain starting to show up just to our west. light rain falling in moore county and parts of western chatham county and sincerely later city. it is rain right now and for some of us we could see a few wet snow flakes mixed in. moving over us throughout the overnight hours and the rain snow line is just parked on the north carolina south carolina border and because of that most of virginia under a winter weather advisory and that includes you guys in south hill and chase city and mecklenburg county. in that county alone you could see up to an inch to a dusting and a dusting on the northern counties of the virginia border but for most everyone else it's a rain event and it comes in
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hour by hour at 7:00 to 44 degrees, 43 at 8 and as the temperatures slowly go down the rest of tonight as we go through midnight our rain chances continue to go up and in just a few minutes we talk about what exactly you could see for the morning commute and who is going to get what? where is that snow rain line. we'll look at that in a few minutes. >> all right wes. the zika virus is spreading with alarming speed across the americas. the world health association declared it to be a global emergency and it's showing up in wake county. a woman went on vacation in the caribbean and contracted the virus. >> this is just something we are watching. >> it all started with a trip outside of the u.s. when officials with the wake county health department say a woman came back feeling under the weather. >> you'll see varying degrees. some people as a matter of fact most don't even know but there are some people that do have enough symptoms that they are
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>> those symptoms led the woman to her doctor. >> local physician then requested the zika lab test, did that and confirmed that she did indeed have zika. >> it's not being revealed which country she visited only that it was one much the countries listed within the advisory. >> we check in with her and she'll be monitored for a few days and she'll be okay. >> the virus can cause serious birth defects. dr. sue has this message for the public. >> it's not something they need to worry about at this time. we do not have mosquitoes that would transmit this disease in this area. public health does due diligence in trying to make sure we are ahead of the game and that's what we've been doing for weeks is preparing and making sure if and when we are presented with something that we have a game plan and that's what we are doing is carrying that out. >> we have a list of the
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zika virus on@ our website. go to google is donating is million dollars to help stop the spread in the virus. they help people find information daily and help to build a platform for weather and travel patterns to help predict potential out breaks. raleigh police made an arrest in the north hills jewelry store heist. daniel showed a gun when he robbed this store last saturday just before the store closed. no one was hurt but police say he did get away with some merchandise. the 18-year-old is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. the number of times corporal punishment was used last school year went up 20%. this form of discipline was used 127 times during the school year and 121 students received corporal punishment. the schools still use the
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the state board of education released these numbers. charlotte approval of bathroom choices isn't sitting well with state lawmakers. the city council approved the ability of transgender people to use bathrooms based on their identity and the ordinance doesn't define gender identity. they can over turn the ordinance. reporter beau minuteic just heard about the issue. where do they stand now? >> they are calling on democratic attorney general roy cooper to put a stop to this ordinance and the lawmakers also did not rule out the possibility of a special session on this issue. the general assembly comes back into session on april 25 but the ordinance goes into effect on april 1. there's statewide concern about the ordinance. >> the idea that grown men and young girls should use the same bathroom and middle school boys and girls should share locker facilities defies common sense
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at risk. this is crazy. >> my reaction was this press conference is crazy. this was just an extension of the already existing ordinance which clearly the cities have the right to pass and change. >> and governor mccrory has said he wants to see this issue addressed as well though he prefer it not happen in a special session. as for roy cooper who is running for the democratic nomination for governor his campaign spokesman told me today he called this is a political side show and cooper made it clear local ordinances do not trump criminal law so ahead at 6:00 we are going to hear about what they think about this issue. live in raleigh beau minick cbs north carolina. there are some things you need to keep in mind. you must have a valid id to vote and due to the
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congressional elections are june 7. coming up at 5:30 we'll take a closer look. and a blast from the past will show donald trump shaking hands with mitt romney after trump endorsed romney for president four years ago. there we go right there. what a difference four years makes. at 5:30 we'll show you the new war between these republicans. plus. >> the biggest entry way into your home is this, the router. >> you may love your wifi and i do all the high-tech gadgets but hackers love them too. how your security is at risk. and still ahead think about your favorite route to get to school or work.
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a look police cars in lumber ton are being set on fire.
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patrol cars up in flames during a routine patrol. they are offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. a new superintendant is on the job in johnston county. he's served the students and community in various capacities for 24 years. the county board of education chose him to succeed edecrin who retired march 1. a bond worth $35 million to help with aging facilities on the ballot march 15. voters last passed a bond for the city more than 20 years ago. ibm is under going another round of lay offs, the exact number not known but the company is working to go in a different direction. they tell cbs north carolina that ibm is transforming their business to live in a new area of cloud computing including
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>> in a few months you'll notice big changes on the roads. the state is spending millions to not only get you there safer and faster. north carolina is one of the fastest growing states in the country and with more people moving here and driving it's putting a greater strain on the roads. you can't avoid it. more gridlock and more accidents as more people flock to north carolina. state officials want to put the brakes on this by spending $50 million to improve highway safety. >> we are very excited about it and we think it will be a great asset to the public. >> the dot has a list of more than 80 places in dozens of counties they are planning to work on over the next year or so. they are installing traffic lights, left turn lanes, guard rails, cross walks and round abouts. this is one area in line for a make over, the intersection of lake wheeler and farm roads in
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drivers can expect more warning signs and more lights. >> money well spent. we hear our infrastructure is falling behind when it comes to roads. >> many of these are in rural and suburban areas not designed for heavy traffic. >> we need good infrastructure. brings in business, makes things safer. >> the federal government will road. >> the nc dot identified the roads they are looking on and also through public input. in raleigh north carolina. >> a new app is making public transportation easier and more assessable for you in the bull city. the pilot program was created in durham and made it's debut this morning. the free app will provide a public schedule and put in your public destination. they will also connect you with an uber if public transit doesn't get you all the way there. this move has a potential to increase the number of people
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by 300% in the triangle. coming up on north carolina news at 6 hear from one of the directors of the app. >> more housing is coming to fort bragg for certain military members. the national guard and reservists are eligible to live off post in select homes to jump start an expansion as the move will bring in more income allowing for home construction. previously the service members could only live on post when they were activated. a program called listen to veterans is helping those struggling to read in civilan life. they call it healing. they listen to a veteran while they talk through the issues and creates empathy from a civilan.
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with the listening project. >> this program helps veterans readjust and right now making final tweaks to the program before the larger national watch. i know we had 70s just a couple days ago but it is officially still winter and mother nature is going to remind us of that in the next 12 hours because snow is going to come close to our area. right now it is just rain as we look west of the triangle from orange county through western chatham county and you guys in syler city to highway 64 to lee and moore county light rain starting to fall but as we widen out you see what's coming our way overnight tonight. heavy rain in parts of south carolina and georgia move over central north carolina tonight and it will be all rain. sometimes it will be heavy but it will not be severe. you've got to go north up by the virginia border and even north of that if you want to
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i'll get to the details of that in just a second but a cold day, 48 in raleigh, 54 in fayetteville, 20s and 30s in the mountains and that's one of the places you can go to guaranty to get snow. they are getting some right now but hour by hour through the overnight hours you can see we are going to stay cloudy as rain chances continue to go way up peaking from midnight through 2 and 4:00 a.m. then starting to go down in a hurry about 6:00 a.m. so some of you might sneak out tomorrow morning with dry weather. temperatures from 43 at 8 to 39 at midnight and you are out the door above freezing, 36. and that's very important because most all of us are going to be above freezing. and a wet snow flake or two which could happen. it's a mainly rain event but the roads stay above freezing so wet and nothing more. here's the picture a big system right snow goes all the way up to the great lakes and down to
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cold front too so in addition to being wet overnight it's going to be cold again friday into saturday. so let's go hour by hour and take you through what's going to happen. first tonight at 8:00 rain showers move in. everything tonight going to be rain. as we get closer to midnight notice the rain picks up a little bit, gets a little heavier. the snow line is just to our north and of course snow back in the mountains of west virginia and north carolina. rain continues through 3:00 a.m. and then at 6:00 a.m. that rain starts to move out in a hurry and quickly go through a drying period so check in with alyssa tomorrow morning to see what the radar looks like before you leave and by 9:00 a.m. a stray shower northeast of the triangle but you see the bulk of what we just had was green meaning rain so we are into dry weather by the afternoon with a little bit of sunshine not perfectly sunny but a little bit of sunshine. all in all big picture most everyone is going to be an all
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could be a dusting to a few flakes. maybe up to an inch in northern person county and mecklenburg county if you want two to four inches of snow drive to the north or west. for us this is a cold rain event and it will be cold tomorrow after early morning rain. a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon and high of 49 in raleigh, 48 in durham, 52 in fayetteville well below normal for this time of year but we saturday. starts off around 32 up to 56. quick shot of rain late saturday night for a few of us and dry and sunny i definitely like that as the pick day of the weekend. high near 60, same deal on the weekend then bring back the 70s. by then what snow but for most of us tonight that just is a rain event. it's a cold rain. i'm not sure what's worse, cold rain or a little bit of snow.
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we are all right " exactly. roads tomorrow morning even if it's dry by the time you walk out the door will be wet and nothing more. >> excellent. >> coming up the changes coming to one popular fast food chain to help make their food safer.
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in tonight's consumer watch made of antibiotic free chicken. the switch is being by the warnings of the amount being used on live stock. public health officials think reducing them will make you safer. >> this is a problem that's been brewing for decades and is getting seriously worse. we are at the beginning of potential ka taskty. even a simple cut could become infected and have a deadly staff infection. >> the danger is not the antibiotics themselves. >> 23,000 people die from super bugs. >> watching us on the live stream on the app direct t.v. is offering up new options for streaming video. now. it will save you money compared
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the down side you won't have dvr and it's not yet clear if it will include the nfl season ticket. remember the call for
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we'll tell you which wear wants checking out u.s. 1, u.s. 64, i-440 and i-40 traffic moving smoothly. a little back up but again moving smoothly. nothing serious to report right now. the blade runner is going back to jail. oscar lost his appeal against his conviction for murdering his girlfriend. he faces sentencing in april. the former olympics athlete was convicted of killing his
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apartment on february in 2013. he faces 15 years in jail. the texas trooper who arrested sandra bland who later died in custody is officially off the job. he arrested bland during a traffic stop last year accused of her of failing to use her turn signal and three days later she was found dead in her cell. no one was indicted for her death but he removed her from the car so he could conduct a safer traffic investigation. he was indicted on a perjury charge. officials fired him on tuesday decision. the world trade center transit hub opened in lower manhattan. it took a decade to build and it will make your travel more convenient. it will connect all subway lines in the lower part of the city. there's a shopping center and it cost $4 billion. >> it's neat looking too. you can get a non stop flight
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they got permission to carry the trip as air carriers took to reestablish ties with cuba. a plane from charlotte would be once a day and go year round. they are looking to add ten daily flights out of miami. since everything is now connected to the internet from baby monitors to smart t.v.s. >> you don't have to be a particularly sophisticated attacker to guess the pass word is the pass word. >> tonight on cbs north carolina how new technology could be inviting hackers into your home. >> and campaign 2016 how republican mitt romney is working to derail donald trump's plan to win the nomination. today is the first day the new voter id law is having an impact to the polls here in north carolina. >> early voting started today and now when you vote you'll have to show a photo id. north carolina political reporter beau tells us what else you need to know when you head to the polls.
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>> but starting today the way we vote in north carolina is a bit different. voters are being asked to present a photo id at the polls. the republican led general assembly passed the new law in 2013. supporters say it will cut down on voter fraud. challengers say it will put an unfair burden on minority voters. that challenge is pending. >> a lot of people don't have photo id and then a lot of people don't want to go through the trouble of getting photo id. >> it identifies who you are. i have no problem with it some of the acceptable ones are a driver's license or learner's permit and ones that expired in the last four years. state id or trial id cards. voters who don't have ids can
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they running will be given a provisional ballot and must show an id to the county board of elections by march 31. they can also vote with a provisional ballot to include transportation problems or an illness or disability. for voters who are older than 70 they can vote with an expireed id so long as it was 70. much more on our website for photo id. in raleigh beau minick cbs north carolina. >> although it will be on the ballot state lawmakers changed the lines so a separate primary will be held on june 7. meanwhile the four candidates will meet in their 11th debate the first since donald trump's big win on super tuesday. the frontrunner will work to fend off a tax from ted cruz
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time he's faced megyn kelly since their heated change in august. missing from the debate will be ben carson. he suspended his campaign but stopped short of dropping out of the race. >> donald trump is on the cover of time magazine. the cover shows a check list with trump's face in the background. check labels include bully, show man, party crasher and leaves the president box unchecked. the article looks at trump's role in the presidential race. back in 2012 mitt romney and donald trump were on the same side politically. fast forward four years and today now seems they are at odds. >> donald trump is a phoney, a fraud. >> donald trump's plan to win the g.o.p. nomination just got hit by an romney. >> he's playing for suckers. he gets a free ride to the
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lousy hat. >> today romney threw himself back into the discussion not to but to take donald trump out attacking his policies and personality. >> watch how he responds to my speech today. this may tell you what you need to know about his temperment, his stability and his suitability to be president. >> as expected trump firing back at a rally in portland maine. >> mitt failed horriblely. >> trump spent more than ten minutes rebutting romney's attacks and suggested he still has political ambitions. >> we can't take another loss and he is a choke artist. >> it's a far cry from 2012 when romney sought his blessing for being president. >> being in his hotel and having an endorsement is a delight. >> romney now leading the effort to discredit trump but has it come too late.
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states and has a quarter of the delegates needed to win the nomination. we are sure to hear more tonight when the four debate in i'm scott mcclain. >> a fast moving storm could dump several inches of snow in the north carolina mountains. downtown boone look closely at your t.v. monitor. that's snow falling. there. not a lot but still it's falling. a winter weather advisory went into effect late this afternoon state. parts of the mountains could see up to four inches of snow. wow nice. storm team chief meteorologist wes joins us with the latest. >> you are going to have to drive west or north if you want to see the snow with this storm. here it is up in the mountains a little bit of a break now but still falling and more expected into the overnight hours. so again our mountains and the west virginia mountains getting fresh powder if you want to strap on the boots to do skiing and snow boarding wouldn't be a
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back here at home it is cold but above freezing and expected to stay that way. what we have is mainly rain and will stay that way through the overnight hours so from chapel hill and the hillsborough area on i-85 through pitts bureau to syler city to moore county where the rain is now and it's moving west to east moving over central north carolina tonight but it's going to be cold but an all rain event except up by the virginia border. i'll give you the details north of the border in a few minutes but for tonight we go through 7 and 8:00 slowly through the low 40s late tonight through 10 and the 30s. i'll tell you what to expect for the morning commute and look ahead to your weekend in just a few minutes. >> all right thanks. a high school counselor is charged with inappropriate
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nate rogers joins us live from sampson county. what have you learned about this case? >> the counselor worked here at lakewood high school in the sheriff's office and has engaged in multiple sexual acts with a 15-year-old student. >> he should have known better. she should have known better. >> 27-year-old is charged with sexual offense with a student, rape and indecent liberties against a child all felony easement the incidents occurred between april and october of last year. arrest warrants say at the time the student involved attended the middle school where he worked as a school administrator. >> i think it's a very unfortunate situation. it let's you know you can't put nothing past anybody. you have to be very careful who you let your children around. >> the sheriff's office got wind last month after being notified by the department of social services.
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position of trust dealing with young people certainly needs to be up and above the board. >> he was hired by the district in 2013 and worked as a student support specialist at lakewood high school and coached the girl's varsity soccer team. in a statement they said it saddens us to learn of such charges. we hold employees to high moral and ethical standards. >> now he remains in custody at the sampson county jail. his bond was set at $525,000. campos is next in court on april 22. in sampson county cbs north carolina. we have a warning about a scam effecting local churches. an e-mail scam nearly cost one church in raleigh thousands of dollars. scammers are sending e-mails that appear to be from a
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the e-mail reverses an ertz matter and asks for money to be wired quickly. the attorney general's office says a person at one church tried to wire thousands of dollars. fortunately an employee at the bank was suspicious. >> the bank caught it to be able to pull back the wire transfer but they very nearly lost the money they had intended to wire before the bank stopped the transfer. >> they aren't sure who is behind the scam but it likely originates from over seas. a shooting outside of a mcdonalds killed one person in hickory. eric shot and killed rashell yesterday afternoon. cody watts remains in critical condition. charged with first degree murder and being held without bond. a domestic dispute led to the shooting. it's a cold case that haunted the sheriff's office for nearly 20 years. investigators are still working to identify the 10-year-old boy
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the medical examiner has ruled the case a homicide. they even sculpted an image of what the child may look like today and has gotten thousands of hits on youtube and 100 boxes containing unidentified remains in the medical examiner's office. living in the commutes they serve, giving perks to officers who live in the city, a take home car is one of them. the city counsel silt kicked around--council kicked around ideas at a recent meeting. thousands of dollars below the state average for the fire chief also several years since members of his department have gotten a raise. the job is tough enough but trying to earn a living is even harder. >> i have three part-time jobs. i work at a lab for a fire investigation company.
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and i work part-time at another fire department. >> 28,000 people live in garner. there are calls for service increasing by 2% each year. and keep rolling in for grammy award winning teacher from durham. today the state board of education honored phillip riggs who recently won the award for his work mentoring students in the city. recognizing teachers who have made a significant contribution to the field of music education. >> he certainly deserves that. the north carolina music hall of fame also among the honorees is kelly pickler, chuck brown and the band of odds. they take place october 20 in canapolis. look at all of them. it's all part of the read across america initiative. in honor of dr. seuss the mayor read cat in the hat and red fish blue fish.
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for sure coming out and reading. what a great class. they are all superexcited and really interested and doesn't get much better than dr. seuss. >> that's right. read across america began in 1998. kids who spend more time reading do better in school. something you got to believe. >> i definitely believe that for sure. it's an app that will make you think twice about cyber bullying. >> if they would have had a few extra seconds. >> what a teenager developed
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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covering the carolinas a gaston county woman behind bars tonight accused of killing her husband in a triple murder. crystal gambino shot and killed her husband and two others inside her home on saturday night. she's being held without bond. police have not release released a motive in the killings. a father stabbed his own two-year-old son. william pitts is charged with two counts of attempted murder. his son and girlfriend were also hurt in the attack. they are all expected to be okay and the two-year-old remains in critical condition. a teenager made a disturbing find in her mailbox. four nude photos were taken from her phone, printed out and
5:45 pm
one of the pictures contained a threatening message. she believes a student took her phone during class and downloads the images. she's since resigned and no arrests have been made. there's a new thing against cyber bullying. it gives teenagers a chance to rethink what they are about to message, comment or post on social media. when a person types i hate you an alert shows up on the screen asking you to reconsider. >> if they would have had just a few extra even seconds to think about what they were going to send it may make a difference to someone. >> listen to this number, research shows teenagers change their minds 93% of the time after using this app. right now it's only on mobile devices but developers are working to make it on desktops. modern home gadgets entertain us but morning anchor stefan chase shows us the down
5:46 pm
>> these smart devices have hidden risks that could make you and your family easy targets for hackers. it seems like everything is now connected to the internet like this baby monitoring camera and this fridge with cameras built into the door. toys are also tied to the web. >> you are here. how are you? >> they all have processors that transmit and receive data. it's part of an exploding category of connected devices called the internet of things. >> we are going to have something in the neighborhood of 20 billion of these devices on line by 2020. >> todd is a tech security researcher with rapid 7. he says gadgets that send out information on the internet can also let hackers into your home. has april a new york city couple was horrified to hear a man talking to their three-year- old through a web connected baby monitor. hackers can also invade your privacy just for fun.
5:47 pm
camera feeds from homes around the world. >> the biggest entry way into your home is the router. >> changing your router's default pass word is a must. >> you don't have to be a sophisticated attacker to guess the pass word is the pass word. >> once one device like your router is compromised hackers can learn a lot about you. >> first name last name zip code date of birth and i can use it directly for crime or sell it. >> create unique pass words for them often. stefan chase north carolina news. back to you guys. >> also check for software updates on connected gadgets and turn off devices when they are not in use and reset them to their original factory settings at least once a year. imagine going to take a swim in your pool and finding this, a nine foot alligator
5:48 pm
tampa florida. animal control safely removed the animal. no one was hurt including the animal. the gator busted through a screen. as it turns out this is an every day occurrence in florida. >> yeah when i lived there i used to have to dodge those things. oh there's a log, no it's an alligator. >> that's wild. >> when i was a kid they flushed a baby alligator down the toilet and years later the alligator came back to get him so ever since then. >> freaked out about toilets and al greaters. thanks for bringing that fear up. it's thursday and tomorrow is friday and the weekend so we are almost there. temperature 48 cloudy and dry right now here in raleigh but that's about to change as you can see. a little bit of light to moderate rain moving in from durham down through syler city and parts of the sand hills and
5:49 pm
the overnight hours it will be rain. it doesn't look like it's going to be cold enough for us here in most of central north carolina. if you want real snow head into the mountains and virginia and maybe a dusting up by the virginia border. more on that in a second but again mainly a rain of it. you can see all of these showers in south carolina and georgia. that's what's heading our way into the overnight. it's not going to warm up any time soon. it's 48 outside right now but look at all of this cold air throughout a good eastern half of the united states. what we had today it's not going to be much warmer tomorrow or on saturday and as we head into tonight rain continues to arrive as we drop down to 43 at 8, 39 overnight and that's when most of the rain will be falling at times heavy but it does not look to be a severe weather event. that's good news nor a flooding event and if you are up early tomorrow morning you might run into a little bit of rain but
5:50 pm
temperatures cold but above freezing. hour by hour through the next 24 hours. as you see at 9:00 tonight good chance of scattered showers for most everyone and those dry spots fell in throughout the overnight hours and again look where the rain snow line is just to our north. winter weather advisories up in virginia but because it's a rain only event here and the radar will look like this at 3:00 a.m. no winter weather advisories here except for mecklenburg counties you guys see maybe up to an inch and most of the rain is gone by 6:00 a.m. dry for most of the rest of the day. trouble shaking the clouds and it won't be warm again. temperatures barely around 50 degrees. the warmer weather does come into the weekend. by the time it's all said and done here's what we are expecting. for most everyone it's rain. maybe a dusting up in northern beganville northern vance and person county. maybe up to an inch in mecklenburg county but because temperatures are going to stay
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because it was 70 i don't expect impacts on roads anywhere in our area. head north and far to the west if you want those kind of impacts. tomorrow early morning rain and a little bit of sun mixing with the clouds as temperatures only get up to 49 degrees. breezy as well. winds out of the north 10 to 15 miles per hour. early morning rain and mix up the sun and clouds topping out in the upper 40s. the morning commute i think it's going to be okay for most of us. early on temperatures in the mid 30s wind chills upper 20s so it's going to be cold but the rain ending at 7:00 a.m. and the roads no matter what is coming out of the sky are going to be warm enough where the roads will be wet and not frozen then we warm up to 56 on saturday quick shot of rain late saturday night near 60 sunday and monday and 70s return. again i just said the word snow but it will be back into the 70s by tuesday wednesday and thursday.
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is 49. we have forecasted 51 so meaning $100 from us and our friends at allen kelly for the assistance league of the triangle area bringing the monthly total to 200. they are all volunteer organizations ways to raise money throughout the year is the a to z thrift shop here in raleigh. check them out for donations or buy some stuff. it's an upscale thrift shop and they raise their money. >> a to z? >> a to z thrift shop. it means they have everything from a to z.
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>> up next monkeys controlling here's a look at what you find first on w from a paper bag in a house came this a baseball card that's the find of a life time. seven of them, ty cobb cards from 1909 and 1911 and the values in the seven figures. there were only about 15 known to still exist. and here's a new polar bear in ash bureau. the 9-year-old was born at the toluide o zoo and came to kansas city. she's already at the ash bureau zoo and the two are getting along great. neuro scientists at duke
5:56 pm
to allow monkeys to navigate a wheel chair using only their thoughts. >> it's incredible. here's how it works. >> shawn and sharon this technology is just a glimpse of the potential for people with disabilities who have lost most muscle control and mobility. the brain enterface machine uses signals from hundreds of neurons as the animals move towards their goal a bowl containing fresh grapes the computer translates activity into real-time and operation of the wheel chair. as the monkeys learn to control the wheel chair just by thinking they became more efficient at navigating towards the grapes and completed the trials faster. the team hopes after a series of different experiments it could lead to implants to help humans. guys? >> russ thank you. stay with us. cbs north carolina at 6 is next.
5:57 pm
officer involved shooting in raleigh where the investigation
5:58 pm
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expect answers i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. the preliminary autopsy just released following breaking news out of raleigh. >> and what revealed in the deadly officer involved shooting and what's next in the investigation. >> and a few days after 70s a winter weather advisory rain
6:00 pm
i'll tell you who is going to get what and what your morning commute will look like in the forecast. >> good evening. >> thanks for joining us. >> the family of akeel and the attorneys also speaking today. >> cbs north carolina investigates. jonathan rodriguez spoke with them. >> have they reacted to either of tonight's reports yet? >> they are actually still on the process of reviewing that. we learned he was shot four times once in the right chest that hit his heart and both of his lungs, once in his right forearm right upper arm and right shoulder. the naacp was addressing some of the community members during that meeting is when the autopsy came out so the family's attorney took off immediately. we weren't able to speak to her right then but i did talk to the local pastor and naacp who are doing their own investigation. >> the da did say this is just the beginning phase of the report.


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