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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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said you 52016 and i am feeling way in. rosanna: uehara? five days into a good diet. greg: and mounds bar yesterday around 5:00 o'clock. rosanna: that would totally derail my whole day. greg: i only have the one mounds bar. rosanna: they want you to have
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nothing on them. it is cold outside. rosanna and i are getting through it. rosanna has that great big pool party. it will be nice to take off my shirt for a change. rosanna: it would be nice to see what is underneath that shirt. greg: times square. that was not a good moment. [laughter] rosanna: totally fine. sometimes we put these ideas out there about how we need to look. they are unrealistic. date even photoshop people on sports illustrated. greg: i want my money back. you walk through times square and you see that guy with the
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bit -- rosanna: i have seen steve on. that is real. greg: what do you think about all of his tats? he is all tatted up. rosanna: meantime, it is freezing outside. i have to say, it is making my desire to sell my diet a lot harder. i am craving comfort food. greg: rosanna, do you want to be big rosanna or media rosanna or even small rosanna? a couple things that happened rosanna: big the universe was talking about it. this would be something.
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could do. greg: if i gave you a card and said read that name, i am sure you could read it. guess who is here. world cup footage if you can. it is between her aunt columbia. let's bring in their real miss universe. nice to have you here. you look gorgeous. congratulations. are you sick of seeing all of this? when you see that video? >> oh, no, actually it. greg: maybe it is the hair. when you found out that it was not you, it was ms. columbia, we were all wrong, what did you
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>> well, of course i wanted to win. what was more important is i made my country proud. women. you think to yourself, okay, i will just do my best. everybody will be proud of me were card lists. greg: i saw ms. columbia. it. i saw almost genuine relief from you. am i crazy? was there any sense momentarily? >> oh, yeah. whatever the results will be. i was prepared.
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now, who took the crown off? we could not see that really awkward moment. >> miss universe 24th team. rosanna: they've basically they basically ripped it off or had them put it on your head. greg: actually, here is the footage. here comes the light. this usa seems to have figured it out. >> i think you just one miss universe. so confused. >> miss universe 2015 --
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are you sure? >> not that you should have been embarrassed, how did you feel? >> i was very excited. rosanna: now that you are miss universe, usually people do not get this much attention. >> i guess that that is the good side of it. have you talked to her afterwards? >> i did during her birthday. it also happened to be christmas day. i messaged her. rosanna: do you think you guys
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of coffee or anything? greg: you are headquartered here now. >> why not. how old are you? >> i am 26. philippines. i started when i was around 12 years old. i was also a writer for a newspaper in the philippines. i like to do makeup reviews. also, i am a culinary graduate. is it heavy out there?
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steve harvey. [laughter] >> thank you for sharing. i know it is a big thing to be miss universe. i heard you also are interested in act team more. >> yes. i have been doing it for a long time. the producers of the next james bond. here is the deal. daniel craig, he will probably
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there she is with sean connery. i think we have another picture. boy, oh boy. she was -- thank you, rosanna. ava green from casino royale. >> i would love to be a bond girl. what about you? >> you are under consideration as well. for the james bond role. rosanna: do you have a line? >> i do not know. can you do anything like that? >> the producers have made their
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we cannot even fake this one. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next bond girl that will not have daniel craig is rosanna scotto. rosanna scotto. >> thank you. greg: i think we have a mini crown for you. this just in. more accurately, i got it wrong. i am so sorry. it is you, of course.
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that was a disaster. thank you for playing with us. terrific miss universe. what are you doing next? >> my next demonstration is in the works. i will have my home coming very greg: at that moment when they thought you lost. just a few moments ago, they were really sad. >> brothers and sisters back
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do you have a special someone in your life? >> i apologize for her. greg: what is your favorite bond movie? >> can you do that? [laughter] greg: i know she's got it. >> thank you very much. rosanna: all the best. rosanna: i will talk to you to off-camera. all right. let's show you what is going on out there. let's talk about the whole temperatures. very cold throughout the area.
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the single digits. 13 degrees right now. out at central park. same thing for you in poughkeepsie and bridgeport. wind is coming in from the north and northwest around six-17. even 20 mile-per-hour wind out of islip. that will make it feel a lot colder than it actually is. here is what it feels like right now. april low in monticello. up until about 9:00 o'clock this morning. you have to bundle it up on a day like this. yesterday we did have some snow showers. even the snow flurries that we
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let all. high pressure is in control. keeping our skies may make clear. you will start to see more westerly and southwesterly flow. that is not happening during the day today. clear skies. your temperatures are starting to come up. here is what we are doing here. high temperature makes it up to about 29 degrees later on today. tonight, we will see clear skies. not as cold. a high of 29 for you today. forty-two tomorrow. forty-three on thursday. next chance of rain is here
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your temperatures are going back to a much more comfortable range. rosanna: thank you so much, mike. what should we talk about? greg: making kelly. i guess that it would be the march edition. the presidential debate. broadcast journal. she has her own show. the kelly file. this woman. so impressive. we have not seen a superstar like this and television that i can really work all. >> i think she really reminds me of a diane sawyer type here and very accomplished. >> you are right. she worked in politics. >> making kelly is the mother. she has three kids.
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she is a lawyer. certainly another perspective to her job. >> she is a superstar. a really nice person. vanity fair magazine. take a look at that cover one more time. she looks like grace kelly. i met her the first day of fox. we shared an office for an afternoon. so nice. so impressive. who knows what is next for her. >> when she moderated the first republican debate, she really came out as a very strong woman. >> she had a very great question. a very great reply. discussing jerks and all this
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[laughter] >> actually, sir, probably so. >> you realize she is part of the dream team again for the next republican debate. part of the same team. greg: this is an election year. it is an election year. we will be talking about it all year long. next up, starbucks. starbucks is not my cup of tea or my cup of coffee. things are a little overpriced. i like the guy that runs the joint. here is footage. lakewood california starbucks. here is what is going on here. she is confronting the paris staff who she believes stole her credit card information and went
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>> i got you on camera yesterday. just know that the cops are coming up. they recorded everything. you took a copy of my car. we know what you did. you know what you did; right? >> i am so sorry. >> you are so sorry about what? they got you on camera yesterday. do you know what you did? what are you sorry about? that you took money from me and my kid? >> i am sorry that this is inconvenient for you. greg: she confessed. rosanna: it seems like she confessed. i am sorry for everything. most reporting is indicating
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interest in this. a hard-working woman feared $200 is $200. she said you stole from my kids. she is a crime victim. this is proven to be true. rosanna: by the way, starbucks has let her go. >> i don't know. maybe i do this too much. rosanna: all right beard let's talk about what is coming up on our show. one of the stars of the real housewives of atlanta.
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brookside. talk about delicious. there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. greg: you are looking at the skyline of atlanta. rosanna and i have both lived in atlanta. i lived on 14th street. cynthia bailey. you can see her on the real housewives of atlanta.
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day new york." >> we are freezing. not coming to new york cold. we are thinking a lot of rain in atlanta. too much rain. rosanna: a lot going on. the season has started. it is already in the can for you. >> i know what i shot did you know what i mean. it just kind of member inns. i had a couple of incidents. on a certain boat. lots of drinking on the boat.
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thing. drink because the kind of flu since you up. >> i do not think it hurts to drink beard they are not pushing out call on us. [laughter] greg: cynthia, we will get to the classes in a second. you were born and raised in alabama. you became a very successful supermodel. >> i was discovered in a pageant. i did not win. i was actually hong kong cleaned of my high school.
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>> a model scout here in new york city. i did not win the pageant, but i kind of want. rosanna: you are married. i was googling you. your husband is coming up. whether you are going to kick him out. hard to live your life out on tv. >> marriage is hard anyways. it is a lot harder on television, that is for sure. one day at a time. one day at a time. >> i got the video. i was mad at him about something else yesterday. [laughter]
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i hope you work through that. fancy eyeglasses. where do you buy this stuff? department stores. >> minor department stores? >> very affordable. i name them after myself. i love them so much. these are like 145. i wanted to keep them reasonable. these are my kids names. you get a cynthia bailey napkin.
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this is not a napkin for the mouth. >> you can use it for whatever you want. if you want to frame a comment use it as a coaster, whatever you want to do. rosanna: did you feel like there was something missing out there? >> my background is fashion. i love showing people how to put it together. i wear a lot of our eyewear on the show. greg: cynthia, we are all for it. diverse of five. rosanna: a real housewives. can we come on your show? >> absolutely. do you like politics? >> yeah. greg: room for anyone in
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i am very open-minded. >> it is great to have you here. how long will you be in town for? greg: back in the day, you are on the cosby show. i would just like to get your impression of bill cosby. everybody loved him. of course, we now believe that he was doing some really horrific things. your take on bill cosby. >> my experience with bill was great. i came in and did my job. he was nothing but great with me. i did not keep in touch with him
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>> being escorted into court. what was going through your mind? >> it is tough to watch. it has to be difficult. >> it is very difficult. an african-american woman. you know, i keep him and family and prayers. >> we like you. congratulations. >> if you go on now, we have a sale going on. i think these go on sale for 99. greg: i wish i would have known last week.
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sunglasses. if you can spend 300, you can definitely go get a pair. >> i was hoping to score a freebie. we will see about that. you are terrific. >> good luck. hopefully everything works out with you and peter as well. greg: what do you think? rosanna: coming up. you probably know her from the food network. a new coat book out. i think she wants us to
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one of the times where you have a great big meal. there are leftovers for five-six days. it is foolishness. anyway. our next guest is a very firm believer in leftovers. time. >> that is right. ellie krieger.
9:34 am
great person. >> we are learning that she is a queens native. >> i am indeed. i can bring it out every once in a while. >> i like the premise of the book. not every day do we feel like this. >> this kind of thing. 140 make ahead recipes. life is crazy. you do not have time. you find out with takeout. some of my favorites from the book. i went to cornell.
9:35 am
>> months ahead. greg: what do you recommend? in the book, i gave you specific directions for freezing. i have just this healthy cheese sauce happening here. it is butternut squash. you can cut your own or you can just buy a frozen or in a can. it sneaks in. more vegetables make it healthier. it gives that great orange color.
9:36 am
greg: they are brown. >> you could use regular, if you want. this is so much more delicious. >> sometimes that stuff in the box has a lot of process stuff in it. here is the fun part. they make for really individual servings. >> some cheese on top. then -- rosanna: these are cupcakes? >> these are macaroni and cheese. you can freeze them in a bag like that.
9:37 am
freezer into the microwave. >> genius. sending them to the international space station. >> you do the same thing with turkey meatloaf. really easy to reheat. >> does anyone ever get confused for cupcakes? [laughter] i have some healthy things in there, too. he is in turkey. instead of breadcrumbs, i use oatmeal. they may not be very hot right now. greg: not eating anything other than at mealtime. it is day five of my new year's
9:38 am
>> also in here is an entire zucchini. you can add vegetables. healthy, delicious, make ahead. you are on your way to a healthy year. greg: there is the book. you can buy it everywhere. rosanna: check it out. thank you. greg: that radio crew. rosanna: they are going to
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>> pump up the volume a bit as we look at mad at. rosanna, you were good. connecticut. they started the university of hartford. >> 100 tv shows. films. commercials. greg: you will get real familiar with them. the new album is called like me up. what do you call when it is a single the same name as the album? >> it is a single.
9:42 am
rosanna: very nice. thank you so much. great song. out now. greg: trying to work out. rosanna: trying to get back into shape here. greg: so many different people. rosanna: a very hip way to work
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we have some trainers. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich
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your clever moves won't stop the cold and flu. but disinfecting with lysol can. lysol wipes and spray are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. to help keep your family healthy, lysol that. greg: rocky balboa. rosanna: i will take you down. greg: boxing movie. that was not the waterfront. all right. we love boxing. we watch it on tv. pay-per-view sometimes. greg: a lot of people using this. daily routine.
9:46 am
they just started this place not that long ago. it's called shadowbox. it is called heavy boxing, i think. guess what. that is serious. rosanna: julie nelson. the five jaws. >> i love sharks. rosanna: a grand star. i am have to do. it is just kind of like hanging out. enjoying artwork on your arms. >> online shopping. >> starting with you. what do you know about the shadowbox routine?
9:47 am
our class is 45 minutes. we give almost everyone a bit. rosanna: tell us why these are better workouts than something else. >> boxing is aerobic. it is a full body workout. we are doing traditional rounds. three-minute rounds with a mini recovery. you push the body to the max. greg: can you box somebody? can you show up and have a fight with somebody? you can get in the ring and box somebody. >> personal training sessions. greg: can i see that video one more time?
9:48 am
>> packing the punches. >> exactly. >> what do you have? >> let's start with a little bit of shadow boxing. we will kind of freestyle it here. three-two-one. rosanna: you do this for how long? >> we will shadowbox for about six-seven minutes. just a warm-up. rosanna: let's get into it now. come on. >> we would go right into the bags. rosanna: oh.
9:49 am
150-pound bags -- next time. >> go for it. greg: show who's boss. greg: are you just taking it? keep going. a workout for you, too. this is like artform pattycake. who remembers that? rosanna: is there a routine for this? >> in class we will tell you some combinations. >> pick it up. [laughter] >> you know where we are going.
9:50 am
getting destroyed. how much does it cost? >> it is on 20. it is called shadowbox. greg: you sign up for the month? >> you pay for each class. gloves. high-quality h2o. >> we will just kind of work on the jack cross. are you left-handed? rosanna: i am a righty. break it up. >> clearly. [laughter]
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>> the best is not bad. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm.
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want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. with internet fast enough for your guests might get a bit carried away. get fios. rosanna: thank you so much for saying nice things about us. greg: okay. rosanna: i want to break it down at the same time.
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in that corner is the samurai. rosanna scotto. in this corner, the real champion. rosanna: have a "good day new york." people are shocked, that this process is so easy. every person that i helped,
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hey, ted. how's it going?
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