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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: it is thursday, february 11. i am rosanna scotto. just a few days away from valentine's day. greg: weatherwise, what do we have? rosanna: look at how pretty it looks right now. looking for this man. he is wanted in a horrible massacre. police say he stabbed his girlfriend. all three of her young daughters. just one of them survived. a 2-year-old. they had such a wild ride. 100-mile wind. the whole place looks like it
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what about the captain? rosanna: we will talk to some of the passengers right here on "good day new york." greg: governor chris christie. it is back to jersey. that is it. rosanna: history. greg: i get it. rosanna: guess who is coming to new york. we may not want him, but he is coming anyway. greg: on trial in brooklyn. our prisons would keep him inside. rosanna, it was a warm-up for valentine's day.
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on a pretty cool helicopter last night. rosanna: they are doing this really fun thing for valentine's day. rosanna: i was a little nervous. i told the driver, you could make this a quick little hop around new york. they take you around the statue of liberty. lower manhattan. greg: 595 per couple. they throw in a blooper ride. they throw in dinner. rosanna: i don't know if you have ever been there, but i am going back. greg: again, we dressed down.
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we were on a date. this is a dry run. rosanna: look at you. you were so not into me being there. [laughter] greg: rosanna, we will never take it to a romantic level. we will talk to them. they may be doing this more than just valentine's day. a show for limo.
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mike: it was not wednesday. today would be the day. trying to think. valentine's day is self. we have some cool days coming up for you. it is going to be really cold the next few days. let's take a look at the maps and show you what is going on up there. these are your temperatures. still dropping down. we have 23 degrees out at central park. 22 degrees and poughkeepsie. 10 degrees and monticello. we do have some wind that we're dealing with, too. windchill factored down to three below. feels like nine out of newark.
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park. snow showers, they are moving on. now, things are moving on. we should see a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies here today. a chance for a little bit of that snow trying to make a quick visit. it looks like your high temperature goes up to 30 today. a small shower chance. even colder over the weekend. including valentine's day. let's bring in christina stoffo. we have the cold temperatures. christina: that is right. very had to go on the road with this morning.
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we are dealing with an accident. westbound, you have an accident as well. very, very heavy for you moving into that spot. remember that use pound 70. we have and use pound closer. things will not be looking good for you here. we have been dealing with this check knifed tractor trailer. we are absolutely jammed moving into this spot. let's look at the live picture on the eastbound side. this is why fight the area of exit 34. things are at a standstill here. the bqe is not looking good either. eastbound side, we do have a stall. you can see flashing lights right on the span of the fridge
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here is the tappan zee periods. very congested. southbound freeway, we have an accident blocking one lane. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> they are pack. they finally pulled back into port last night. new jersey. the ship looks fine, but the passengers were out told. >> i do not know how they would go back on another one. some of them say that they will. >> one who did mile-per-hour wind. they had to stay in their camera untrimmed untrimmed -- cabin for hours.
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close this ship. it is nearly as long as the empire state building is tall. this thing is absolutely enormous. you realize how powerful the storm must have been. royal caribbean has apologized to the passengers. the anthem of the seas slighted slowly into cape liberty last night. solid, dry ground. boy, did it look good. >> it is really scary. >> the passengers had hoped for a memorable trip to the bahamas.
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relaxing, hardly. winds that reached 125 miles per hour. through the vessel around like a sailboat. 30-foot waves so passengers on the worst roller coaster ride ever. >> it was a horror. reporter: pictures and videos showed how violent it god. forecasters had predicted the storm. royal caribbean said its severity far exceeded expect patients. the cruise line will give customers a full refund and a certificate for a future cruise. in the statement, the cruise
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sustained by the storm has been repaired. there is another trip scheduled on saturday. at this point, that trip is on schedule. i know someone that will be on that cruise. he will be on the eighth floor of that ship. there are still tickets available. that is the latest. back to both of you. greg: take a look at that ship. rosanna: i am sure that this one has some great little features to it. rosanna: this is not over. he wants a national transportation board. it would seem like we have the
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kind of weather. rosanna: apparently we knew about this storm four days prior to the storm. greg: last night not every passenger had nice things to say. rosanna: we will talk to some of the passengers coming off that 730. rosanna: the nypd is looking for this man. he was accused of going on a yesterday. greg: two of her daughters and one other person. let's go to antwan lewis. for four good morning. underwent emergency surgery yesterday. we just spoke with the nypd. let's show you the picture one
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twenty-three years old. take a good look at him. police say that he is responsible for stabbing his girlfriend. the 2-year-old, though only one to respond and recover after emergency surgery. the motel was being used as housing for the homeless. showing the suspect around 9:00 a.m. and then leaving about four hours later. here are a couple city officials beginning with mayor deblasio. >> attacking an innocent child. this is an atrocious crime.
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we want to get him very, very quickly. >> reporter: he called his mother and confessed his crimes to her. taking a bus to the staten island ferry. as far as how long they have been here, we are still trying to determine that. apparently on tuesday, there was also a domestic violence incident report. this is what we know right now at this hour. back inside to you. rosanna: police are looking for or investigate using the stabbing of a man in brooklyn. greg: the victim was walking along empire boulevard. he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his shoulder.
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if you know anything about this, please call crime stoppers. 1-800-577-tips. governor christie may be dropping out of the race. he officially jumped out of the presidential race yesterday afternoon. >> he has suspended his campaign. look, you know what, i do not think that he lost much here. he can do this again someday. >> totally. he has to get back to business in new jersey now. making decision on the transportation. >> is he kicking himself? also dropping out of the race is
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the only woman in the republican field. not leaving the campaign trail. she will continue to travel the country to fight for america. >> in the meantime, what else is going on politically. mayor bloomberg make it into the race. he wanted so bad, rosanna. >> a source close to him cause it itching. testing his chances as an independent candidate. victory by trump and mister sanders has left an opening. greg: is there any way he can run as a democratic still? >> i do not think so. let's face it, he has the
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>> these polls, do they mean anything? this is a new time. we will see what happens. we do have a debate tonight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. rosanna: to do see there actually use one of those to keep everyone away from the table? president. a lot of people are interested. this is not an endorsement. obviously, bernie sanders need some help with the african-american vote. let's see what happens. tonight is another deep a.
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debates this time around. >> you fell asleep last time. >> i did. it is all new to me. >> 40000 times. there you go. it is another cold start to the day. bundle it up. 23 degrees. it makes it feel colder than it actually is. we have temperatures in the teens and 20s. see these pink and purple shades we have up here? that is the arctic and that we will have up in the tri-state region.
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kind of clear out for us here. i do not think that there is enough going on to bring us anything significant. futurecast does hold onto a spot of snow here and there. same thing for you tomorrow. as we head into friday, more that cold air coming down. your temperature coming down even more so. if you think it is time to get it warmed back up, that is not happening anytime soon. snow showers should not be a pig problem. valentine's day itself, temperature. it will be very chilly outside. let's bring in christina stoffo
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here what is going on. kelly: christina: we have a lot going on. a second accident right after the tappan zee bridge. we have a lot of slow-moving cars. we're also seeing the kind of traffic on the eastbound side of 80. this is where we have a check knife tractor-trailer. absolutely jammed. the westbound side of the lad, that is an accident where one lane is blocked off. i will bring you to a picture of what is going on. traffic moving away from you. here. now we will see that bqe where it looks like it may have been
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we have some train issues right now. delays because of signal problems. alternate side is in effect today. >> thanks a lot. backend day on. >> some people decided to stay on it last night. they could not get a hotel room. >> that is kind of wild. >> yes. just let me off this thing. they are giving away everything
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always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. greg: what else is going on? valentine's day will be celebrated on saturday night. rosanna: if you are married -- you do not have to really amped it up. rosanna: our friend did that for his wife.
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that are going on right now as we speak. another arrest. he is the 74-year-old father of the jailed leader of the standoff. greg: owned by the federal these ranchers have been demanding that the government free of land to local control. the federal government says no way. they say they will turn themselves in sometime today. rosanna: we will let you know. rosanna: al chabot could be coming here.
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united states. our prisons are a bit better. those two guys got out of prison upstate summer. he is wanted in numerous municipalities. rosanna: he is facing indictment in several jurisdictions. greg: they were big cocaine dealers. that was before he escaped prison twice in mexico. >> nobody has ever gotten out of those federal prisons. what else is going on? new jersey transit rail workers. authorizing a walkout yesterday. we still have some time here to negotiate. it would increase health
7:26 am
a month. health insurance increases in new jersey. new jersey transit did not comment on the specific proposal. the last strike was in 1983. the city, the government there accuses hoover and its drivers ordnance. it will start fining or towing drivers. >> some officials argue that many drivers are not properly licensed and have been operating state. i have to say, you know, they
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i did a comparison the other day. >> send it into consumer reports. i think we have that cruiseship. the passengers. wild stuff that they went to.
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>> somebody is on the ship still. rosanna: that is not the high-rise. that is the great big cruiseship back home. boy, oh boy. they went through quite a journey. greg: they were concerned they were going to lose their lives. greg: they got in last night. welcome home, everybody.
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walk the plank? anybody? here is the captain of the ship. ma'am, i am sorry. we're going to explore this coming up. rosanna: did we serve them anything? lunch? greg: take it away. rosanna: here is what we have going on. it will really start sinking in over the next few days. there is a blast of arctic air coming this weekend. windchill factors between 15 and 20 degrees below zero. here is what we have with the temperatures.
7:30 am
twenty-three in central park. that is without the wind. seven-fifth team-16 miles per hour. makes it feel colder than it actually is. 9 degrees is what it feels like in newark, as well as belmar. now, it looks like we have drier conditions coming up for us here. a few little isolated flurries are not out of the question. seventeen only for you on sunday. he ready for some cold weather today, two. the big chill out there. christina: a lot of things going
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look at all the volume. we are dealing with an eastbound stalled truck. it will take you almost two hours. you definitely want to keep that in mind. if you need to be traveling in new jersey, route one and nine. it will also be eastbound 78. this is an update for you. it has cleared away. the roadways has not recovered. you. let's go outside to the lad. westbound. damage done. the roadway is not looking good. we have seven train delays.
7:32 am
queensborough plaza. signal problems at 125th street. rosanna: christina, thank you. the whole country is talking about anthem at the seas. live pictures of that ship that they own, new jersey. let's go to that footage. some of it taken during the heart of that storm. people on board thought that the ship was either going to sink or capsize. it was terrified. we have for the passengers with us. rosanna: nice to have you back on dry land. period what was your experience.
7:33 am
>> we are. after that, you are just so happy to be alive. if prop people closer. i just really do not think that it was the captain's fault. we were in the eye of the storm. first of all, you are on the ship. when do you realize there was a problem? what happened? >> they tell us that we should get back to our cabins and stayed there until they tell us otherwise. we are holding onto things to get to the room.
7:34 am
going 30-45-degree angles. we received a champagne basket with food and cheeses. all that good stuff. the first thing that comes to mind is, i am going to die. this is it. >> i was nervous the wartime. either going to survive this or you are going to die. the whole day. it was a disaster. >> , the days were you held captive? >> probably from 340 all the way until 330 in the morning. >> this is your video. >> it is terrifying, as you just said. was the ship already rocking
7:35 am
the captain? >> the ship started rocking. go back to your rooms. people started crying. we just wanted to make it to our state rooms. get our life jackets or whatever we can. >> i was watching a show. >> all of the actors were falling over. >> i heard that the tv was on the whole time. >> that is what kept us kind of going. >> that is what kept us kind of going. it made the situation a little bit better, if that is even possible. luckily, just a few minor injuries.
7:36 am
going on. rosanna: they stayed there. >> as i was going back, back downstairs to my cabin, the captain announced to get into the cabin. a group of 10 people. a little kid. a little baby. it was a disaster. >> you are very impressed with the captain. did you meet with them? did you meet with them personally? >> he got me into this position
7:37 am
>> he did what he had to do. he knew four days in advance. he knew that it would be risky going out there. he continues to bring us into this mess. i just feel that he is responsible. they offer you 50%. anybody going to take them up on the offer? >> i think they will. >> it is like falling off a bike. you have to get back on. >> i would be. >> you can take some cashier.
7:38 am
we do not know. >> i work for a incentive. we pay people. extremely sophisticated equipment. trying to fire you up here. >> they had known there was supposed to be a small storm system. the captain explained to us. it just grew. it was a freak monster or hurricane situation. a national transportation safety board. he thinks that this could have been anticipated and avoided. rosanna: did you have any son? >> when we were in the eye of
7:39 am
>> 12 hours later. >> easily rain. >> absolutely. we had a little mini bar. >> we had pringles. [laughter] greg: in the event of a storm, the minibar is free. >> and free movies. we were so impressed. the crew was walking around nonstop cleaning up. bringing us water and food. i always saw crew everywhere. greg: we have a statement from
7:40 am
>> we apologize exposing our crew. they performed very well to keep everyone safe. more than 6000 people on board. >> it really is a miracle. >> here is the captain of the ship. >> you are the sole guest here that has concerns about his decision-making. >> if they knew four days in advance that we would have just bad weather, they should have made a better judgment call. not gone as far as they did. >> there is a lot of water out there.
7:41 am
one point or another. there was one time that the weather was getting bad. they rerouted us. >> you and jose were celebrating . >> what are you going to do? you have to make it up to your wife's a little bit. >> we are from the bronx. greg: what do you do up there? >> i work for the agency. >> i am just a bookkeeper. >> i write a little poetry every now and then. stories. fiction. >> liane, we know you work for a
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>> welcome back, everyone. i know she has been waiting for a birthday shout out. happy birthday to you. 18 degrees in sussex. 10 degrees in monticello. this is what it feels like. eleven in bridgeport. it looks like they are heading out to see. we have a dryer condition out there. we will see a mix of clouds and sun. more flurries this afternoon. it will be preceded as well. we have a high of 30 today. it looks like even colder over the weekend. do not forget the fox5 ny
7:46 am
by the way, another shout out. i want to say good morning to you. my pals brandon and aidan. thanks for helping me out there. but the way, the ski report. that did not pop-up for some reason. they are out there. they are doing okay. you have powder conditions. all right. let's bring in christina stoffo. have to have some snow out there here it. christina: there is no snow on the roadways. we still have a crash just after that tappan zee bridge. you will definitely see a lot of
7:47 am
the dq week eastbound still seeing that stalled truck. this is really messing up your commute. let's actually take a look at the staten island expressway east. pretty hard at a standstill. here is a helix coming into a toll plaza. it will take you 30-45 minutes. the span moving away from the inbounds. thirty minutes to get into the tunnel. alternate side of the street
7:48 am
greg: did anyone get seasick. she was gambling and she was losing. the chips were down all over the place. people could have blown them up. greg: maria, however, she won $400. >> first story is kevin hayes. look at the patient's here. throwing a stick at it. that is just beautiful right there. same score. dominic moore.
7:49 am
two-zero right now. a career shutout. 1971. rangers were at three-zero final score. basketball. looking good. that's up five. that gave it a 20-point lead. he nails it. 3918 in the third. baseball now. think warm thoughts. some of them that's already in
7:50 am
>> you have a season and he. he was going to go together. great success with it. >> i think that everyone trusts their stuff. you can go back out there in five days. we all know that we're pretty good at pitching.
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>> it seems that everybody is imitating donald trump. rosanna: getting a lot of attention. greg: you can watch the whole thing. >> you are donald trump. >> that is my name and you
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trust me. do you know that this is the second best-selling book of all times. you know what, it is boring. >> i have seen better. keep it up. >> the singer. the actor. >> taj mahal. >> i do not know. giants. >> this is 50 minutes. you can watch it on do or die. >> funny or rosanna: there are so many of them. can we give a little attention
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greg: hi, everybody. welcome. i am draco late.
7:57 am
it is cold and breezy outside. a man killed three people including two small children. the search is on for the alleged killer. >> anything but smooth sailing for the anthem of the seas. greg: we just met four of them. they are all willing, a fair cruise. rosanna: a mastermind behind a car robbery that left two police officers dead. released from prison. deadly armored car robbery. >> to park secures stepfather.
7:58 am
eligible for parole until 2056. >> we love it. imho kohala. what are the real benefits? who has a square but then calls it a knife? >> everyone likes milk chocolate with nougat. rosanna: how do you know? anyway. we will talk about that. perfect timing. it is valentine's day. greg: we had a bit of a warm-up for valentine's day. a couple. they will fly you around manhattan. dinner at the thompson hotel.
7:59 am
it is a little pricey. compared to what i thought it was going to cost, not that bad. rosanna: helicopter ride. altogether, 595. i don't know if it includes wind or spirits. >> rosanna needed it to calm her nerves. by the way, here we are landing at the wall street teleport at night. rosanna, even for a moment, she put down her phone. she stopped snape chatting. >> i saw the statue of liberty. we are really high. then i went back to social media. >> they have a car waiting for
8:00 am
>> apparently, a very popular restaurant. >> i did not want anyone to think that i needed a date. >> we had a couple of glasses. >> i still catch you at arms length. [laughter] enough of that. not a bad deal. >> we will learn a couple more about it tomorrow. apparently, this special is going very quickly. they may try to implement it for the weekend. if you want to do something special like getting gauged or something like that. [laughter] >> mike, what's up. you are ready have it all out of
8:01 am
you are going on this valentine's day ride with greg. greg: off the hook or the pressure is on. >> step it up, powell. what are you doing for valentine's day. >> everyone has been taking me on. >> you raise all kinds of issues. >> okay. fine. i am going to chill. first of all, it is called. that is for sure. we have a temperature of 23 degrees out at central park.
8:02 am
when you throw in the wind, we have wind coming in from the northwest around 9 miles per hour. twenty-two at islip. as that windchill factor really gets to you, that is what it feels like. snow showers early this morning. coming across long island. the cold front sliding through. we may have just enough to squeeze out a few quick flurries. your highs are limited. highs of 30 degrees. well below normal. the record high of 65. that sounds ridiculous. high temperature goes up to 30.
8:03 am
twenty is your high on that saturday. let's take a look at what is happening with our dry, but very cold commutes. we have a stall. the right lane is blocked off. you can see a lot of red moving. you know, elsewhere on the deegan. bumper delays on the roadways this morning. look at all this traffic. back to the god-awful's bridge. it is going to take you almost two hours just to move through that area. it will take you a very long
8:04 am
let's take a look at the gowanus . here is another picture of the belt parkway. another spot that is very heavy. moving past the area of kennedy airport. just a lot of volume. we are also seeing this issue with the train. queensborough plaza. also your for trained in both directions. alternate side of the street parking whirls, they are in effect today. >> the nypd is searching right now for this man. he is accused of stabbing his girlfriend and her three young children, including his own daughter. one of them survived. >> 23 years old. let's go to antwan lewis.
8:05 am
hello, antwan. the 2-year-old is the only one that survived this. he is accused of stabbing to death his girlfriend. his two daughters and a four cutler's 2-year-old is the only one we mentioned that survived. the motel is being used as housing for the homeless. going into cutler's room around nine in the morning and leaving four minutes later. as you come back to us live, a number of people are outraged about all of this. i want to bring in marjorie
8:06 am
your face. >> i was here yesterday when i found out out about it. i try to help out with the community. i found out that the two of them are dead. it is just unbelievable that something would happen like that. >> what do we know about this? was it temporary? >> they use it all the time. they shelter people also. i come by here every once and a while to check on things. >> reporter: this was one of
8:07 am
certainly, there is some screening of people that goes into situations like this. do you think that more needs to be done? it has nothing to do with the homeless. it has something to do with the relationship between the two people. we do not know if he is stable or not. that is the situation.
8:08 am
to us. we will send it back inside to you. we will keep it on the homeless issue. there are new reports about homeless. we are also hearing from controller stringer. $1.7 billion on the homeless. that is an increase from two years ago. new yorkers expect us to be doing a lot better than we are. the city's homeless population is expected to be just below. yesterday i was walking along lexington avenue. there was a young boy. twenty-four years old. just sitting on the side. he said he was homeless. he had no family. it is heartbreaking to see these faces out there. there is a group of three people that i see it all the time.
8:09 am
>> it does seem to be going up. a -letter facility. great people. food. all right. what else? police have arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the upper east side. his name is gregory anderson. early saturday morning, a woman was on her way to work. he rocked her and then sexually touched her. police say they first identified him through a crimestoppers tip. greg: still deliberating the case of officer peter liang. he shut and unarmed man in the
8:10 am
they asked for a mistrial yesterday. they may have swayed the jury. >> intentional crimes that are not charged in the indictment. officer liang is charged with second-degree manslaughter. >> okay. a radiation leak up save for the weekend. at times, controversial. rosanna: always problems with this travel plan. a radioactive leak that happened over the weekend. cancer-causing -- leaked into the ground underneath the plan. looking into what went wrong. the amount below the power plant is about 740 times the amount in
8:11 am
>> they are on that. who remembers the case in nyack new york? a huge story. he was released from federal custody yesterday. many interesting things here. will not be eligible for parole for like another 50 years. >> a lot of people not happy when they learned about this. >> he was convicted. he was sentenced to 60 years. served just over half that time.
8:12 am
that is him. $1.8 million. a lot of money back in 1981. an officer waverly brown. a roadblock. all around the area. this towards the entrance in nyack. a lot of people upset about this. if the crime would have been committed today, they would have gotten rid of it. and some, only served 10 years for each of the three wise killed. judith clark. you mentioned her. serving 75 years to life in state prison. governor andrew cuomo has so far refused to release it.
8:13 am
>> he fired a gun. >> yes. it is also tied to that of joann in new jersey. convicted about eight years before 1973. killing a trooper along the turnpike. escaping her in prison in new jersey. the warming of relations. a lot of people say she should be extradited back to new jersey. >> a lot of people like to see that happen. down fifth avenue. there is report in the irish times. he will march in the parade.
8:14 am
organizers are not gay friendly. rosanna: there was talk that many would march twice during the parade. once again with the irish gay group alliance. >> that is up to him. remember when we marched in the parade. >> that is something else. rosanna: mike, have you ever done that? >> i did it with you. thanks for remembering. [laughter] it was their day. i realized they wanted to wear the proper clothing. remember.
8:15 am
good times. they may have said lack irish. the kelly's were on your side. what else. let's talk about the winter. what we have seen so far. coldest night was 11 degrees on january 5. a big blizzard that we had. coming through the 22nd to the 23rd. 1.8 inches of rain. not so bad. the colder air coming to us. cold temperatures throughout the northeast. this is a cold air coming into town.
8:16 am
this weekend. we are getting colder and colder. only 17 on valentine's day. did we see a little bit of a warm-up. we have an anniversary shout out. that is to john and debby. there it is. happy anniversary. we are glad to have you. all right. let's bring in. clicker is doing crazy things. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we have a lot of fact vividly on the roadways this morning. a lot of heavy moving traffic. we have an accident here. one lane is blocked off. we are also seeing some accidents up in this area.
8:17 am
have a stall here. it is in the right lane. we are looking at so much traffic moving into that spot. it will cost you a ton of time. the newark bay extension. traffic moving away from you. the eastbound truck. up to 45 minutes. we can switch over. really heavy here. alternate side is in effect today. >> okay.
8:18 am
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rosanna: fox means business. greg: traditionally, that is your take. rosanna: it was an awkward moment. greg: forgive us. stocks are getting hammered right now. they reported earnings yesterday. they are losing subscribers. why is twitter having such a difficult time getting people to come to its site and use it site? okay. we are working on things. when you, when i go out to tell you something, your name as part of my characters.
8:21 am
the other thing is, they fear that we are not getting the best news, the most relevant news to us. what is most relevant to you is on the top. your timeline would no longer be in chronological order. it is confusing for so many people. >> i can pretty much figure it out. donald trump's tweets are confusing. rosanna: lauren, thank you so much for that of date. greg: this is big news. burger king. make room for hot dogs. it is happening. listen to this. >> today we are training you
8:22 am
rosanna: it is perfect. >> where my dogs out? you see this? all fluffy and whatnot. it happened so quick. doing his thing. dj. >> snoop. they will be available. a classic version. have a doorway at burger king. i think you may have to have it their way. greg: will mcdonald's follow suit? rosanna: this was a cruise from health. they all lived to tell the tale. >> here is a look again live at
8:23 am
remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
8:24 am
new jersey, international news. ran into that storm off north carolina and, rosanna, some of the passengers are, you know, thrilled to be home, and they're anxious to go back out to sea. >> you were stirring up trouble though. >> at least one of them told me they are upset with the captain, like maybe this could have been avoided. captain anderson, i believe his name is. is he too young to be a captain maybe not. >> i think he looks younger than he is. i think he's very experienced. if there was some good to come out of it -- >> what? >> lee an, one of the passengers was gambling at the time, and she was down. she was down a few hundred dollars, and next thing she knew, the chips were all over the place. she didn't have to, basically, call in her bet. >> there are a few things i've learned hanging around with rosanna scotto, she's not afraid
8:25 am
she sleeps with a lawyer -- >> i do. >> there's lawsuit potential here. >> i thought it was risky. it'll be interesting to see whether that captain had real information about the seriousness of that storm that was coming. >> you know -- >> because if he didn't and it was just something he's encountered in the past, he was going to sit it out, then i can understand why he did that. >> the senior senator of florida, bill nelson, wants the ntsb to look into this. this is not over. you can't just hand out coupons and say, okay, back to work. i have a feeling this is going to go on and on and on. >> we'll see. by the way, the weather down south is not any better than it is here. >> it got pretty cool down there -- >> how cold? >> 60 in florida. this time of the year -- >> i know. a friend of mine said he was going to go down this weekend, he decided not to because the low was going to be 40. >> that happens in florida. >> it does. 30s, 40s. and you know what they call it?
8:26 am
[laughter] >> you weather guys. [laughter] >> so did you do that when you were in florida in. >> well, sure, why not? >> i was just checking. >> it's this weekend where, you know -- >> oh, valentine's day. i'm going to get to the bottom of what the two of you are doing, by the way. >> always so nosey. nosey rosie, that's what they call you. your ma's here -- >> my mom's here. >> oh, one more announcement. 50% off appetizers at fresco by scotto if you mention good day new york. i have authorization. this is part of a special promotional campaign. >> who authorized it? >> 50% off all appetizers -- >> for lunch. >> they seem to have left now. >> rosanna, this is totally authorized by management. and i think you should take advantage of it. you too. what's up, mike? >> i'm free for lunch. anyway, let's see what's going on with the weather.
8:27 am
we've got sunny skies trying to make a comeback here, but the cold temps are here to stay for a while. it gets worse before it gets were better. here's the averages for the day and what we're going to see. average high temp for today is 41 degrees, but we're only managing to get up to 30, which is more like the average low this time of the year. that's pretty chilly stuff today. that's what we've got going on. what are you going to do? here's what we have with your temps right now. same thing bridgeport as well as newark and bridgemar, 13 is what it feels like, central park, and it feels like 99 in islip. snow showers have moved on, and we're going to see a mix of clouds and sun, but some of the clouds, every once in a while they'll be thick enough to perhaps squeeze out a few quick snow showers, but it would be short lived and not really add
8:28 am
high temp goes up to 30, still breezy. 27 tomorrow, 20 on saturday with falling temps and a high of only 17. that hurts on valentine's day itself. put on some more clothes, you'll be all right. a little snow later monday and tuesday. tuesday it's rain. let's bring up christina now and see what's going on. >> we have a couple of problems going on. let's talk about it. good morning, everyone. island. first of all, if you're helded westbound, we have an accidently exit 37 and the area of the meadow brook, and that's a crash that's blocking one lane. we're still seeing some issues on the eastbound cross-county, an accident eastbound out through the hutch. deegan, southbound by 230th street we have a stall, it's cleared away, but the damage is volume here. the i newark bay extension still running around with a westbound
8:29 am
bridge, and then the garden state parkway, see all that red? that means traffic is crawling moving into that stent on the northbound parkway -- accident on the northbound parkway in the area of exit 151. more in the area of 135 northbound side is traffic moving away from me, but this is just a volume delay. up by 151, remember, it gets congested because of that accident. we also have an issue with the lirr. we have a 15-minute westbound delay on the ronkonkoma branch and this is because of some earlier problems, 15 minutes but, you know, it's enough to mess up your commute, so something to keep in mind. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you. >> okay, thank you. so back to that ship, the anthem of the seas, finally back. they arrived last night in new jersey. they weren't due back until saturday, of course, that horrific storm slapped that ship around and the passengers inside. >> by the way, they only got one
8:30 am
they were in the eye of the storm. fox 5's robert moses has the latest. some of those people actually stayed onboard last night, right, robert? >> they did because, of course, they didn't have any arrangements, no hotel room, so royal caribbean gave them the option to stay onboard. more on that in just a second. first of all, though, i want to show you the anthem of the seas in all of its enormity now docked safefully, thankfully -- safely, thankfully, and passengers have never been so grateful to have their liberty. i mentioned those passengerses. we were with them earlier this morning as they disembarked. they had their luggage in tow and also pretty good spirits. they almost universally praised the crew saying they were treated so well despite the fact that they were in this awful storm. the ship arrived late last night around 9:00.
8:31 am
heard yelling free at last! the anthem of the seas left on saturday for the bahamas, but on sunday it encountered that really severe storm near cape hatteras, 120 mile-an-hour winds, 30-foot waves, deck chairs went flying, glass shattered, and more than 6,000 souls onboard had to hang on for dear life. four people suffered minor injuries. again, i spoke to some passengerrings this morning, and they said they are none the worse for the wear. >> just got off the ship, but it was, it was fun. we did have a little problem staying in the room, you know, the whole 15 hours. the people who came in before us had pretty much eaten everything out of it and stuck it back in there. [laughter] >> were you afraid? >> not at all. not at all. >> i was never afraid. my wife was a little built, but we were many our room, we were safe, and nothing happened to us.
8:32 am
>> i'm very grateful to be back, but i'm very happy that they gave us good service. >> my girlfriend said to me, i don't know, you know, this could be it. >> fortunately, it wasn't it. all things considered, the ship made it back just fine. by the way, we have seen national transportation safety personnel here and obviously they, along with the coast guard, will be investigating what happened. as for royal caribbean, they have apologized to the passengers and crew, they've given passengers a full refund and a certificate for 50% off a future cruise. whether people take them up on that offer is another story, but most of the people i spoke to this morning say, yes, they plan to cruise again. that is the latest live from new jersey, back to you. >> well, thank you, robert. a wide array of opinion there. one guy not afraid, others thought this is it. we talked to some passengers earlier today. >> they were all scared. >> go to that video. i mean, this happened to you.
8:33 am
>> i know. >> apparently, it listed or tilted even more after this. i don't think they can just get away with handing out a bunch of coupons. >> i don't know, greg. movies. you would have been happy with the free food. come on now. [laughter] >> yeah. if the ship wasn't about to capsize. i don't know. it looked pretty intense. it is interesting that the lights stayed on, and they were able to watch the super bowl at a 45-degree angle. >> meanwhile, some young musicians from long island are getting ready for the performance of a lifetime in cuba. >> these kids are from north shore high school in glen cove, and they are traveling today to perform in cuba. you know, you had to go through mexico city to get to cuba, now you can get there direct. >> they will be one of the first american public schools to make this trip since the travel embargo was lifted. >> one of the highlights, i
8:34 am
side-by-side when our students get to play with their fellow teenage cuban artists together repertory. that's, you know, that's golden. >> it's a pretty big responsibility for kids of our age to undertake, but i think we can handle it, and we just gotta show them what we can do and who we really are, you know? >> all right. enjoy yourself down there, north shore high school. i would love to check in with elian gonzalez. remember that kid in florida? >> oh, ye. >> maybe you and i should take a good day new york adventure to cuba. >> that would be fantastic. let's start making that happen. leave on a friday be, come back on a sunday. >> we could do that. >> come back with some cigars for everyone. let's do this. >> we'll talk about it after the show. >> oh, no, that sounds like you're going to -- >> stay focused for the next hour and a half. >> but we're doing this. >> can i bring my husband just in case? >> lou!
8:35 am
>> how about actor's max casellas. >> he was doogi's friend in doogie houser. >> he was also on the sopranos for a new years, boardwalk empire. >> there's in awe show i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture.
8:36 am
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>> coupons? >> you still on the cruise ship, huh? >> that ship, all those people seasick, and they gave them a coupon to for the next trip? >> you know what? you weren't there. >> rosanna, we talked to these people, i've seen the footage. i think they've got to give them a little bit more than a coupon. >> how about chocolate? dr. raj -- >> speaking of chocolate -- >> speaking of chocolate. >> yeah. we've talked about the health benefits of chocolate and in particular dark chocolate, but now a new study says not all dark chocolate may be created equal. we know that dark chocolate has surgeon nutrients which are antioxidants meaning it protects your body from free radical damage, which is a good thing, may prevent types of cancers, lower blood pressure, even prevent dementia, but this is specifically dark chocolate.
8:38 am
the same concentration, it also has the milk and the sugar which is not good for it -- >> it makes it delicious. >> it does, but all dark chocolates are not the same. some of them because of processing remove a lot of those nutrients. bottom line is even for dark chocolate, you don't want to overdo it because it may not be as good as we thought. a square or two once a day -- >> doc, nobody's having a square or two. [laughter] once you eat a square, you're going for the whole thing. >> dark chocolate is a little stronger, so sometimes people do stop. >> the dark chocolate stinkings. >> you don't even want a square. >> no. in it? >> there you go, you also get your fruit. >> greg and i are on a diet. >> okay. what does that stand for? >> basically fiber. >> big proponent of fiber.
8:39 am
also is a prebioyachtic, so a lot of reasons to eat fiber. >> okay. >> doctor, i've got to say, you are healthy. you're perfect weight for your height, whatever -- i appreciate it. [laughter] thank you, greg. >> she practices what she preaches. >> what are you doing for valentine's day? >> oh, gosh. it's so cold out, i think we're just going to hunker down and have a cozy movie night. >> you're going to let him get away with that? have there will be presents involved. >> you're pretty easy. [laughter] >> you're a stitch, i heard. >> i didn't mean it in that sense. what else, doctor -- >> you did have a hot date last night. >> since you're staying in, we have some ideas on dishes that you can cook that will put you in the mood. >> could my husband took -- cook them? >> yes. to put you in the mood. >> the headline is rosanna's family is here promoting the restaurant, which is a great
8:40 am
by the way, special offer at fresco -- excuse me, excuse me -- >> who died and left you in charge? >> donald trump goes there sometimes. and anyway, mention good day new york, you'll get 50% off your
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>> all right. fashion week. it's kind of a big deal, comes to new york -- >> kind of a big deal? economy. >> billions? billions? >> yeah. the fashion industry pumps billions into the economy. >> well, the fashion industry's important anyway. >> and this week is big because a lot of the designers spend a lot of money to put on these shows. >> here's some file footage -- >> by the way, they're not at lincoln center anymore. they're now at places like skylight. >> milk studios. various venues around town. i believe other than having kim kardashian sit in the front low low -- front row and, you know, blogging about it, this is to --
8:43 am
remember when we were fashionistas? right. yes. all right, so what happens here? looks -- >> they show for spring/summer right now. >> and department store buyers. >> wait, wait -- yeah, spring/summer. and what they do is they look at it and decide what trends they like, and they order, you know, the ordering takes place months ahead. >> check out today's new york times. beth freeman, i think her name is, has a big thing about the new wave of fashion week. it's cell phone-based, twitter-heavy. >> good stuff. >> yearks good stuff. >> did you hear about the huge art forgery going on involving a major new york art galleriesome. >> an older gallery. they are settled this situation, it was a $25 million lawsuit. the suit was brought by collectors. they were basically convinced that the gallery had sold them fakes. >> with huh.
8:44 am
this painting for $8.3 million. i would have given 8.3 cents, i think. come on, i could have done something like that. you couldn't have done two squares? >> rosanna, this is mark rothko, a big deal. >> i take that back. >> did you take one art appreciation class at catholic university? >> i did. that's the real one. the other one was a fake, by the way. you couldn't tell, obviously. maybe i did the other one. anyway, the couple settled with the gallery's former president on sunday, and the president was supposed to testify on the noble lawsuit but won't have to do that now that the lawsuit has been settled for $25 million. >> okay. to kill a mockingbird, classic book. the sequel came out, go set a watchman, last summer. remember that? we all read it. anyway, finally after lots of speculation, to kill a mockingbird coming to broadway. >> by the way, it's being written and kind of adapted to
8:45 am
sorkin. >> aaron sorkin, the guy from "west wing," "social network." >> he's terrific, yeah. >> he's done a lot of great movies and tv shows. >> by the way, it's not going to happen until the 2017-2018 season. >> harper lee, the author, is still alive and doing okay down there in alabama, and her -- the sequel did quite well last summer. >> all right. can we talk about "american idol" last night? because it was good, and tonight i think five people have to go. so 12 of the top 24 contestants performed on the show last night including one of our favorite jersey girls, gianna isabella. >> amazing voice. truly amazing. clearly, you're a student of "american idol," because you hit big, loud notes in the right places. that's greet. how can you arc your performance, yeah, challenge yourself to find as much meat in there as buck. >> by the way, she is the daughter of '80s pop singer
8:46 am
>> ben da k -- brenda k. starr, she did that i still believe -- >> yes, yes. the one who sang i put a spell on you, she was fantastic as well. anyway, the remaining 12 will perform tonight. "american idol" airs at 8:00 right here on fox 5. i think five people have to go home. >> well, beyonce, remember her halftime show? she was wearing all those bullets? the guy who dressed her in the bullets, we're going to meet him. >> lots of controversy on the i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto
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>> liz thompson, thank you very much for supporting good day new york. >> coming up, ty the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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