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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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wia state of denial." meanwhile, hillary clinton sounded off.. tweeting --"the president is confirming what we know: our economy-and our country-are stronger under a democratic president." happening today -- governor rick scott will be in orlando to kick off a state-wide tour about jobs. scott says the tour is the celebration -- of the more than one-million jobs created in florida in the last 5 years. the bus tour comes one day after scott delivered the state of the state address -- which kicked off a new legislative session. coming up at 7 on good day orlando, the governor join us live to talk about the bus tour. daytona beach police are looking for a suspect they say hit an elderly woman in the head. it happened while the 71-year-old woman was walking her dog. the victim she was walking on south ic avenue just before one yesterday afternoon when she was attacked. police describe the suspect a dark skinned man, in his
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and scar on left side of his face. the victim is scared to show her face in fear of being recognized... but explained what happened to her. police don't have a motive because the suspect didn't take or say anything. if you have any information call daytona beach police. tonight's powerball jackpot has gotten even bigger. it's now at a whopping 1-point-5 billion dollars! but how much of that do you actually take home after taxes? straight ahead-- we'll give you a
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has climbed even higher. tonight when the numbers are drawn... you could win 1 point 5 billion dollars! fox 35's andrea jackson is live in *ke mary with more on tonight's drawing. good morning
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saving you money on the fox 35 pump patrol-- regular gas is 1-78 the wawa on south goldenrod road and hoffner avenue... jyou can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. breaking news -- all ten u-s navy sailors
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reports all 10 detained u-s navy sailors have been freed. the sailors were detained yesterday after 2 u-s navy ships to sail into iranian waters. it is now being reported, that a broken navigation system may have caused 2 u-s navy ships to sail into iranian waters. now back to the other big story this morning -- president obama delivering his final state of the union address. last night, the president laid out big ideas for our nation's future. he also talked about his regret. the president says the country is more divided now, than what it was when he became president. g-o-p presidential candidate marco rubio couldn't agree more. trt: oc:
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"good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud -- what do you think, the president said the country is strong- but also admits, it's divided. bud -- moving onto the presidential race...
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a new rolling poll... it shows jeb bush's
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he now has more than 10 percent support among likely voters. do you think bush, is finally gaining some traction? you can listen to bud --on his show
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on f-m 102.5. the way death penalty cases are \t%ed in florida.. is about to change! straight ahead-- the details of the could have some
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the way death penalty cases are decided in florida.. is about to change! the u-s supreme court ruling it is unconstitutional because it gives too much power to judges -- and not enough to juries. the justices ruled yesterday that the state's sentencing procedure is flawed because juries play only an advisory role in recommending death. the judge can reach a different decision on a case by case basis. florida attorney general says with 390 people on florida's death row... there's a lot to
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the new ruling will affect some central florida cases...including the death sentencing of bessman okafor. he was convicted for the murder of 19-year-old alex zaldivar in orange county. coming up in the our half hour-- a daytona beach woman is arrested... charged with animal cruelty. straight ahead-- what a neighbor says she caught the woman doing... that got her in trouble.
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i'm amy kaufeldt. were in for another cold morning. so let's get over to
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president obama
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- and final - state of the union address. but rather than focus on his own legislative agenda for the next year - in what the white house called a non- traditional speech, the president laid out his grand vision for the country - extending well past his time in office. fox's caroline shivley is live in washington d-c with more. good morning
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meminole county-- sanford police are working to catch the killer of a convenience store owner who was murdered at his business last month. people held a candle light vigil tuesday night in front of the store of 63 year old joshua hur. he was shot to death on the night of december 23rd while closing the store to go to church with his family. people and pastors of different backgrounds came together tuesday night to call for justice for hur's family. crimeline is offering a five thousand dollar reward in this case. orlando police are releasing new (j9 the murder of an orange county man. they've just released a surveillance picture of what could be the suspect's car! that story kicks off the morning rush. orlando police say this silver vehicle was last seen leaving the area where the murder happened on new year's eve. police say someone gunned down lawarence pipkin at
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apartments... just west of orange blossom trail. witnesses say the gunman ran to the vehicle after the shooting. it's being described as a silver dodge ed windows. a teenager accused of running over an orlando police officer will not get out of jail any time soon. a judge ruled yesterday that edward kelty will stay behind bars without bond. kelty is accused of running over officer william anderson during a traffic stop near universal last year. the incident was caught on dash-cam video. kelty's lawyers had argued that officer anderson slipped and fell-- but the judge did not agree. investigators in jacksonville are ll working to identify whether human remains-- found in a wooded area-- belong to missing toddler lonzie barton. lonzie disappeared last july. his mother --- 26- year-old lonna barton --- and her boyfriend --- william ebron --- are behind bars. detectives say ebron is the one who led investigators to the site where the remains were found. this morning -- a daytona beach woman is accused of beating her puppy with a belt and leaving it out in the
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tamia james was arrested yesterday. she's facing animal cruelty and resisting arrest charges. daytona beach police say a neighbor saw james hitting the puppy with a belt out on her balcony. the neighbor took video and called police. according to the arrest report, james admitted to hitting the puppy and said it was chewing things in her apartment. dog lovers can't believe the alligations. the puppy was taken to the halifax humane society. no word on what will happen to it. james out on bail this morning... turning to sports-- los angeles hasn't had a n-f-l franchise "!an 2- decades. but it could have two as soon as next season. the rams are officially heading back to l-a... after getting approval from n-f-l owners. and the rams may not be alone in their new home. the san diego chargers have been given a year to decide whether the team wants to head
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if the chargers don't make a decision by january of next year... then the oakland raiders will ve the option to join the rams in los angeles. fans fox spoke to in saint louis... more or less told the rams "good riddance". right now the rams are planning to spend their first season in l-a playing at u-s-c's stadium. the team will likely remain there until their new stadium is ready to open in 20- 19. it's official... the head of the u-f-c says ronda rousey's rematch against holly holm... will not go down at u-f-c 200. president dana white tells "yahoo sports" that rousey has scheduling conflicts on the day of the pay-per-view. rousey will now be filming a remake of "road house" during that time... after
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movie was delayed. rousey had called for an immediate rematch after holm knocked her out... to win the title. coming up next-- low gas prices may sound nice... but it's not good for everyone. which major oil laying off thousands of its employees world- wide. plus--new data says delta airlines is climbing the list... as one of the most- used airlines. we'll tell you why it's becoming more popular... and what
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soared to 1.5 billion dollars.... and people have jing social media with pictures of their tickets. officials say the jackpot could increase even more before tonight's drawing... tonight's numbers will be announced at 11 p.m. an orange county man is out on bail this morning... after police say he threatened a pizza delivery man. the customer complained the pizza was too cold. then-- grabbed a gun. according to the police report the
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wrong orlando address. the driver showed up with the pizza at the correct house about 5 minutes later. that's when police say 24-year-old hector emanuel pereirasantiago told the driver the pizza wasn't warm enough and ordered him to take it back. ken french, the general manager, tells us what happened next. according to the report the pizza delivery guy leftand went back to the restaurant. his boss then called police... who arrested the customer. on the business watch... b-p is slashing thousands of jobs... as oil prices plummet. the company now cutting costs... as some gas stations could soon be selling for as low as 1-dollar a gallon. b-p announced yesterday-- it plans to cut 5-
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global work-force-- about 4-thousand employees worldwide. analysts are warning-- the low cost of oil will put a strain on companies... like b-p. a company spokesperson says... they want to "reduce costs-- without compromising safety." delta has snagged a spot as the number-2 airline... de-throning united airlines. this is based on air traffic data from last year. paying delta customers traveled about 209-point-6 billion miles last year. american airlines is still number-one... with 223-billion revenue-passenger miles under its belt. if you rank the air- lines by "number of passengers carried"... american and delta are still the top two... and south-west is in third place. the university of central florida earns more high marks--- this time... for its online programs. "u-s news and world report" looked at over 12-hundred online programs from universities around the nation. u-c-f's programs ranked at number 20 on the list.... up from number 50 last year. the school topping the list-- is also local. at number-one... is "embry-riddle aeronautical university," based in
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tom--orlando toss to john at the wall your first headline
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it reads... "an ohio fugitive sent police a selfie because he didn't like his mug shot." donald pugh was horrified when he saw his mug shot on the lima police department's facebook page. officers posted his picture after he failed to appear in court. donald wasn't upset was on facebook.... he just hated the picture they posted. that's when he department a new picture saying-- photo, that one is terrible." now they have mugshot photo... after he was arrested in north florida. your next headline news." it reads.. "american folk singer hopes peace concert for isis will win over terror group." james twyman is leaving next week to
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despite our state department's warnings...the folk singer believes he can soften the hearts of the islamist army...with his music. james says he has contacts in israel that are currently searching for a venue in the isis controlled territory. he also plans on having a group of jewish, muslim and christian leaders--who will lead the group in prayer for peace. the show is set to take place on january 31st. your final headline comes from "the new york times." it reads... "man cuddles 1,500-pound bear... and lives to share the video." bear and human encounters are usually dangerous... but as you can see in the video--jim ko- wal-czik...and his bear "jimbo" are very affectionate. jimbo literally gives his owner a "bear- hug" and tons of kisses. jim rescued the bear when he was just a cub... the video was posted on "the orphaned wildlife rehabilitation center's" facebook page...and it's been viewed over 12 million times
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we're following new developments after a florida-born woman is killed in italy. straight ahead-- what authorities just confirmed about her death. plus-- doctors are now using a robot to help with hair transplant procedures. we'll show you how it works. it is time for the job of the day brought to you by "career source central florida." today's opening is for a "tax professional/accou ntant." to review the requirements for this job, or to view jobs in other industries, log on to,
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theme parks--like disney and universal--are stepping up their security. they're hiring additional security personnel-- in an effort to protect their guests from dangerous situations. the parks haven't released too many details about their new plans-- but experts say we can expect parks to hire hundreds of ff members. over the past few weeks, the parks have been cracking down on security----even adding metal detectors to their entrances. . time to take a look
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around florida. italian authorities are now confirming a florida-born woman living in florence... was in fact murdered. the medical examiner's office released a report yesterday-- saying 35-year-old ashley olsen was strangled with "rope or cord- like object." her body was found on saturday... inside her apartment in florence. olsen was originally from summer haven, florida... but was living in italy to pursue a career in fashion. police have not yet identified a potential suspect the crime. three people are recovering in boca raton -- after a several aisles collapsed inside a "party city." it happened around after the party the day. seven aisles collapsed like dominoes. all employees and customers were accounted for. firefighters used thermal imaging and k-9 units-- before determining that no one was trapped under the debris. it's still unclear what caused the aisles to fall. check out some
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technology out of tampa-- one doctor is using
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