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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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. live from cleveland's news center, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. that historic flooding in louisiana has now affected 40,000 homes according to the state's governor. we'll take a look at where that death toll has gone coming up straight it's a story we've been following. a strike looming with cleveland teachers. >> mark: denise zarrella getting answers now from people at the center of this. >> denise: yes, i'll get to that in a second. but first i should mention we have a lot of cleveland firefighters here on the scene because just a few moments ago here at successtech academy, one of the firefighters told me that somebody pulled a fire alarm. we don't see any smoke and we don't smell anything right now.
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course, we're covering the possible teacher strike today. a short time ago all of the students got out of school here. teachers and students obviously going about their business and everyone hoping that this strike never happens. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: it was the first day of school in cleveland and there was all the usual excitement. melissa scott's 8-year-old daughter loved her teacher especially. >> oh, it was beautiful. she loved it. she had a very good day. >> denise: teacher strike could be looming in the next several days. >> the big sticking point really is around evaluations and how that is fair for our members. >> denise: there have been a lot of broken promises in something called the cleveland plan was crafted in the last contract. >> we're not looking at changes state law. it mandates that you use what's called value added.
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evaluate teachers. we're simply not asking that they be eliminated because that's in the state law. what we're asking to do is make them fairer by putting the weighting system that you use on the different measurements that evaluate a teacher more equal. >> denise: the cleveland school district released this statement saying "a significant number of items have been resolved and only a few remain. it's unfortunate, therefore, that the ctu has put their efforts towards a than resolve a few items. nonetheless, the district is making preparations to minimize the impact on our 39,000 students". so the union president, of course, says that he's hoping that the school district and union leaders head back to the bargaining table and work something out before the strike date hits. he said they're down to the nitty gritty. the toughest issues coming up at 5:00. we'll have a live report on what teachers and grandparents are
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eye on possible someone pulled a fire alarm. whether or not there's any kind of a fire inside successtech academy. right now it looks like they're checking things out. we're asking questions and getting answers here in cleveland, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. well, as you know, many kids around the country are hitting the books, once again. so this is the perfect time for dan deroos to give you a few facts and figures as the new school year starts. dan. >> dan: let's take a look at some numbers. we're going to be talking er the u.s. department of education. let's talk about the sheer number of kids headed back to school this year. 50 million students in the public school system. that's up this year. 4.8 million in private. that is down this year. 3.1 million teachers in public schools. that is also up. there were 249,000 new teachers hired this year. that puts a student to teacher ratio right at about 16 to 1. let's talk a little bit about how much we spend in this country per student.
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that's for every student in public schools. and, of course, we're already looking at the end goal. we're looking for 3.5 million u.s. seniors to graduate high school this year. back to you, ramona. >> mark: >> romona: all right, dan, thank you. let's look at live pictures now. this is from california. there is a huge blurb fire happening there. and it quickly exploded to aut 1,000 acres today. this is in the san bernardino, calf california area. the blaze prompted mandatory evacuations. at least one structure was seen burning there. we'll keep monitoring the pictures there and we will come back if need be. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. as expected, things did get a little active this afternoon.
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there. no severe thunderstorm warnings coming out of these. but let's check out the radar. first of all, out to the west, we have this thin line of showers moving through erie county approaching lorraine county. that's where the actual front is. but the bulk of the heavier showers and storms now moving east of i-77 around the canton area. dover-new philly. the only lightning we're seeing is with those storms in southern tuscarawas county. and the ones developing here in pennsylvania. but here is a switch over to county approaching youngstown. these are pretty fast moving. so not much of a flood threat here. this is a heavier shower with thunder in huntsburg and track grove. that will be moving into ashtabula county here shortly. now, when we look at the future view model, by 5:00 you can see most of the stuff is out. but we're going to keep isolated showers still perhaps a few rumbles of thunder inland here this evening mainly.
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the storm risk will be ending this evening. it's going to stay humid. get used to that the rest of the week. and right now we're still looking at that unsettled weekend. i'll bring you the details on that next timeout. mark. >> mark: jeff, thank you. flood waters are still affecting thousands in louisiana. thousands forced from their home. now as waters moving to the south, more areas getting ready for the flooding. >> reporter: larry lee felt helpless as he saw flood waters swallow his town. >> i kind of expected it, but i couldn't picture it. >> reporter: for days, residents knew the water was coming. in just a matter of hours, lee's mother's home flooded. his could be next. >> yes. i got a lot of friends. i have friends that drove out and lost everything. >> reporter: as the water rose, volunteers from a local college
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determined to protect their property. people here in sorrento and other parts of ascension parrish satisfy they're bracing for the possibility of at least another foot of water by tonight. to the north in baton rouge, flood waters are finally receding. water was up to the roof of this home. now you can see the entire structure. the governor says 40,000 homes are damaged and about 20,000 people had to be rescued. >> we understand that there's still a lot of peo suffering. >> reporter: some flood victims are getting a first look at their damaged homes. >> it looks devastating, you know, but it's not. it's just something we're going to deal with, get better with it and make it happen. >> reporter: even with massive property damage, many residents are determined to rebuild. don champion, cbs news, sorrento, louisiana. >> mark: at last check, more than 11,000 people are in shelters. 30,000 homes and businesses have no power.
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heading to louisiana to help aid the flood victims. they left the american red cross headquarters in cleveland this morning. more volunteers from northeast ohio will be sent down later this week as the red cross response team deems necessary. an estimated 1500 workers will be on the ground to help with the recovery effort by the end of the week. one of the things those volunteers are going to have to be concerned about is the zika virus. according to a tropical medicine expert. mosquito breeding. and some of those eggs could come from zika-carrying insects. but the cdc says zika-carrying mosquitoes are tienier and therefore more likely to be swept away with the flood waters. now, in lake county, a $60,000 grant awarded to the health district there for mosquito
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explain why. >> reporter: workers collect samples every night and then they count those mosquitoes in the morning. the goal is to track down traces of west nile here in northeast ohio. so far this summer, lake county found one pool of mosquitoes in mentor that tested positive for the virus. now, as you likely know, west nile can cause fever, headaches and fatigue. but the good news is, workers with the mosquito-control program told me the dry summer up until recently kept mosquito counts down lower than normal. if tests come back positive, crews go to those spray. >> this year i would say it's about normal. as a matter of fact, it's even a little below normal. we would send a crew out. they would scout the area, try to find any breeding locations. we'll, of course, spray the area. night spray. >> reporter: the spray he mentioned they use is a dual action pesticide. it attracts and it kills the mosquitoes. this year lake county has a new type of trap that collects the type of mosquitoes that could potentially carry the zika
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call 1-866-999-0150 to apply now. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. welcome back. we have breaking news here at this hour. this was developing just as we went on the air here at 4:00. cleveland police tell cleveland 19 news that two people were shot in front of martin luther king, jr. high school today. we're told those people are adults and it did not happen on school property.
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first street. we learned the shooting happened just after 2:35 just after school let out for the day. ramona. a health alert now about a common painkiller pregnant women are told they can use. acetaminophen, the active ingredient in tylenol, has long been considered safe for pregnant women. but a new study found a link between the drug and behavior problems in children. the study questioned pregnant women at 18 and 32 weeks 5% of those who took acetaminophen had children with an increased risk of behavior hyperactivity. also want to let you know that there's still time for you to join team 19 for the cleveland komen race for the cure. the race is saturday, august 27th. i'm proud to be your honorary chair, once again. you can join our team by signing up on our website. now, if you join team 19, you'll get a t-shirt and a pink wig. more than 16,000 northeast
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donations last year. >> mark: you had me at t-shirt and pink wig. national weather service says do not hit the water. the combination of wind and the large waves creating rip currents there. don't want to have get out there and rescue anybody. be careful. >> romona: oh, yeah. >> jeff: don't be doing the midnight swim. it's in effect until 2:00 a.m. >> romona: good to see you, jeff. i haven't seen you since you've been away. you got some sun. >> jeff: i did. >> romona: what's that you didn't use on your nose. >> jeff: i did wear sunscreen. >> mark: just not enough. >> jeff: not enough. i fell asleep on the beach. >> romona: oh, jeff. >> mark: jeff. you need some of that zinc. the white stuff. >> jeff: yes. we talked about this yesterday. >> romona: he just will not listen. >> jeff: it will fade. it will fade away. speaking of the beach hazard, there you go. that's why we got those rip currents. west wind 17 to 22 knots winds this evening. small craft advisory in effect 3
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so i would stay away from the water this evening. all right. well, we didn't get the severe weather going here, which is good news, i would imagine. i'm sure not too many people like severe weather. i like thunderstorms but not the severe stuff that comes with it. but we do have some showers and storms coming through with this front. it's going to remain humid. and there isn't a big difference on the other side of this boundary. so it's still going to be pretty muggy throughout the week. but the chances of we get through this. most of the rain now from ashtabula down to youngstown, columbiana county affecting the canton area and tuscarawas county. then we have this line of showers moving now through lorraine county that i'm going to show you. but this is a thunderstorm. hearts grove, that's quickly racing to the northeast. so that will track across the southern half of ashtabula county. and then we have this heavier
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tracking east. avon lake moving in right now. elyria 4:31. cleveland 4:51. parma at 5:06. after that, there's not much behind it. so tribe game we're going to be good to go. i just have a chance of a shower. muggy meter we stay up there tonight, tomorrow and thursday. so that's not going to be going away until next week. big picture. 83 tomorrow. 86 on thursday. friday 84. small chances of storms in the next three days. and then with this next front approaching over the weekend, it looks like the risk of storms going up on saturday. that's going to be the next yellow alert day. tribe game i went 77 with just a brief shower possible. it will be breezy, humid at the start of the game. 69 the low. so after we get to about 8:00, it's just isolated showers and a
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akron-canton until the front comes through. 69 your low. 83 tomorrow. it remains humid. and just isolated showers and storms. near 70 at 8:00 a.m. we'll warm to about 83 at 2:00. and 82 at 5:00. that's your tomorrow day planner. so, again, 83 the high. thursday 86. friday 84. it's just isolated showers and storms for the next three days. but over the weekend by saturday afternoon, rain and storms saturday night. sunday as well. 85 on sunday. it will be windy. but then look what happens next week. the start of a big pattern shift. some of the coolest air we've seen in quite sometime around here monday, tuesday. low to mid 70s. mark. >> mark: all right, jeff. thanks. it looks like google is going to start -- well, they're going to try to take on face time. the company launched a free new video chatting service called duo. unlike face time, duo allows
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duo will ring your phone for up to a minute before it gives up. google is expected to launch ollo. a dedicated text messaging app coming up in a few weeks. a rare day for team usa when americans win zero gold medals. but gymnast simone biles and lori hernandez did make it to the podium. meanwhile, allison felix joins some exclusive company despite not doing it quite the way she wanted to. ben tracy with highlights from here comes the finish line. it will be tied. it will be a dive. >> reporter: american track star allison felix was nearly certain the gold was hers. >> miller wins from the bahamas. >> reporter: but she was edged out by a 22-year-old sprinter with an unconventional finish. >> at this point in the race, you will do whatever it takes. >> reporter: miller laid out along the line to snatch the
4:20 pm
>> this is still a courageous move. >> reporter: with the silver, the 30-year-old grabbed a pretty good consolation prize. with seven medals, she's now the most decorated female track athlete in american history. eclipsing her mentor jackie joiner kersey. >> all she needs to do is hit the same one she's been doing all week long here in rio and the gold is hers. >> reporter: simone biles proves she's human after all. >> >> reporter: this minor stumble on the beam cost the 19-year-old a gold medal. and her shot at five golds in rio. she settled for bronze. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: biles's teammate lori hernandez captured the silver with a near perfect routine and the cameras captured her parents' perfect response. speaking of cameras, there was a bit of a scare at the olympic
4:21 pm
wire fell off during high winds and crashed to the ground in the middle of a bunch of olympic fans. thankfully there were only minor injuries, but a lot of people there a bit daysed and confused after that happened. ben tracy, cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> mark: ben, thanks. we take a peek at what is going on with the medal count. the u.s. with 82. great britain 44. 48 china. and 38 so keep an eye on that. >> romona: i'm a little dizzy looking at that. >> mark: you got it. you got it. . this is being called one of the most moving parts of the games today. these athletes, nikki hamblin from new zealand and abby dagazeno didn't know each other and she helped her rival and managed to finish the race after suffering a nasty fall. of course, folks praised this
4:22 pm
a class act. we agree. >> mark: that's what the olympics is all about. trending today. ? music ? . >> chitty chitty bang bang, we love you. >> mark: that will not stop. what has the legendary dick
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. hold the phone. justin justin bieber will not be up loading pictures to instagram anymore. >> romona: and a serenade by a legend. but first. ? music ? >> romona: mark has some moves. >> mark: you should have seen it. the beebes just quit his instagram. what are we going to do. when he started posting pictures
4:26 pm
started. negative feedback. the beebs threatened to block access when his ex selena gomez child in he shut the whole thing down. >> romona: all righty. puppy love. [ laughing ] and how about a show and something to eat? >> romona: at denny's. it happened in santa monica where the legendary dick vandyke performed ? chitty chitty bang bang ? ? chitty chitty bang bang ? ? we love you ? ? chitty chitty bang bang ? ? chitty chitty bang bang ? ? the time we'll spend ? >> mark: justin bieber isn't fit to wear it. the 90-year-old was sharing a
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friends. >> mark: he's fantastic. >> romona: did you say he's 90? >> mark: i think. i'll have to check. new questions about hillary clinton and e-mails and an
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. going live pictures happening out in california. a huge brush fire there. this is in the san bernardino county california area. this brush fire quickly exploded into more than 1,000 acres. it's prompted some mandatory evacuations out there. at least one structure was seen burning. also television stations out there reporting that this fire is coming dangerously close to power lines out there.
4:31 pm
full there. and still plenty more top stories here to cover at this hour. a teacher strike is looking likely here in the cleveland school district. >> romona: educators have authorized a walk out on friday, september 2nd if a new contract can't be reached. now, their list of concerns include fair evaluations over testing of students. the need for more libraries and electives in all schools. the contract expired on june 30th imme mediators have not been able to agree on terms for a new contract. southern louisiana remains under water. more than 20 inches of rain has fallen in and around bat on rouj. and forecasters say more is on the way. the widespread flooding is blamed for nine deaths. u.s. coast and other first -- coast guard and other first responders have rescued more than 30,000 people. jeff. jo >> jeff: you know, in fact,
4:32 pm
they're still getting it. in fact, baton rouge heavy thunderstorm rolling through. this is a flash flood warning. this area in green is where we continue with the flood barwarn is in the baton rouge area. that's where the worst of the flooding has been. they continue to get hit. we do have a thunderstorm rolling across southern ashtabula county. and this is the actual front itself. a line of showers and sto tracking into western cuyahoga county approaching lakewood at 4:40, cleveland area 4:50. i'm not seeing any cloud to ground lightning. but this is certainly a thunderstorm. heavy rain with it and parma 5:02, north royalton at 5:22. behind this, there doesn't appear to be much out there. we'll be around 84 at 6:00. although we have rain-cooled air.
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at 2:00 in the morning. we're just going to slip into the 60s for the low temperature. and even some fog forming over night. the storm risk will be ending this evening. it's going to stay humid. unsettled weekend. in fact, this is the next alert on saturday for rain and storms. and it's going to be unsettled right through the weekend. we have storms on the way saturday night and then on sunday as well with the actual front. this is going to be a stronger system. so stay tuned. main issues, heavy rain and high wind. more on your and the seven day focus later in the half-hour. ramona. >> romona: thank you, jeff. tragedy strikes in east cleveland when a boy was killed and a hit skip. our harry boomer sat down with his mother today to hear her heart-breaking story of loss. >> i want to go see him this morning. and she broke into pieces. i mean to pieces. both legs broken. pelvis broken. ribs broken. skull fractured.
4:34 pm
but out of respect for her family and friends, we'll stop there. witnesses say a neighborhood female driving a green pick up truck hit her but didn't stick around to offer aid. >> she speeds up and down that street every day. every day. i have stood on my porch and yelled at her. there's kids on the street. slow down. >> reporter: his sister saw what happened. >> she was walking across the street and it was raining and he slipped. and once he got up, she hit him. >> he's a good boy. that was he was so active. [ laughing ] >> and he loved sports. he loved basketball. he loved his friends. he wanted to become a firefighter and engineer because he loved to build things. >> reporter: 12-year-old amer mitchell was at school here at harvey rice elementary school yesterday. that's not going to happen now because of that fatal hit skip. >> to have to pick out clothes
4:35 pm
parent has to do. >> reporter: mrs. clark and her family have to find a way to deal with this latest family tragedy. >> i just lost his aunt three months ago -- sorry, six months ago. we lost his big brother six months ago. he got shot and killed. >> reporter: amer's funeral is scheduled for saturday morning at emmanuel christian fellowship church on superior avenue starting at 1 10:30 harry boome. cleveland 19. >> mark: harry, thank you. for a good few men and women to serve and protect. the ideal candidate already has a valid certification and three years police experience in ohio. the cleveland unit offers medical, dental, life insurance, as well as a pension. ramona. hillary clinton is facing more scrutiny from some lawmakers about her use of a private e-mail server and how she answered some questions while she was under oath. donald trump is making a direct
4:36 pm
making an admission. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton returned to philadelphia and urged people to register to vote. >> we care about what's going to happen in this election. and we also care about winning back the senate and making the senate democratic begin and trying to pick up some more democrats in the about private e-mails she made while serving as secretary of state. republicans sent a letter to the u.s. attorney in dc alleging she may have perjured herself during testimony. lawmakers will compare notes to her fbi testimony given to the bureau during its investigation. clinton says she has answered all questions honestly. donald trump who calls himself the law and order candidate is
4:37 pm
campaigning on tuesday. trump is struggling to gain traction in the polls. he even admitted last week he needs help in the traditionally red state of utah. he made his pitch to voters there saying earning support and trust from the voters of utah is a top priority for me. it's why i'm pleased to have the endorsement of so many great leaders. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> romona: cbs news has learned donald trump will receive his first intelligence briefing tomorrow at a secure facility at the fbi in new york. time for timeout where lebron plans to hold the cavs training camp. did you hear about this? and tony is out at progressive field as the tribe gets ready to roll. that's next. >> mark: i got a personal invite from lebron to get out
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. welcome back. with kids heading back to school, there's a new concern for parents. super lice. it's harder to get rid of. what you can do to keep your kids lice free. >> reporter: mark, basically it's a new form of lice mutating meaning it's more resistant to many of the over-the-counter remedies. there are things to wipe the pesky parasites out. >> i thought they made a mistake. i thought, no, we were at the beach the day before. she had maybe some sand flee
4:41 pm
>> reporter: michele says at first she couldn't understand why the school nurse wanted her to pick her daughter up from camp right away. >> to think that there are bugs on your child biting your child just the thought of it makes you itch. >> reporter: turns out, 8-year-old kahla had lice. >> i thought it was just weird for like little bugs to live in your hair and how they like hatch and everything. but then when i saw the eggs, look it's really gross. >> reporter: lice among kids, especially at school. mom michele knew she had to treat the problem right away but worried about using toxins on her daughter's hair and even heard that some of the over-the-counter shampoos are resistant to lice. but according to the centers for disease control, there are effective and inexpensive lice treatments that you can buy over-the-counter that cost anywhere from 14 to $18, like a200. rid. nix and pronto.
4:42 pm
different route. gilbert has been treating the pesky bugs for seven years and has seen thousands of patients. kahla now one of his patients. and during a check, they discovered her younger sister joesy also had lice. >> half the parents are crying. they're devastated. they just can't believe their kid got it. a lot of people have a mi misconception that lice is for dirty people. >> reporter: clean hair so they can lay their eggs in each individual fo follicle. he uses an enzyme spray to help remove the lice and a comb. >> it removes the bug but also eats the glue that holds the egg on. >> reporter: you have to do the treatment every night for five to serve days, unlike the overcounter chemical shampoos that take at least ten days. >> all right.
4:43 pm
checks both girls to make sure the lice doesn't return. she said she found a safe way to get rid of the bugs and now educated what to do and how to treat it. >> i know more about lice now than i ever care to know. but i'm happy to share with anyone. >> reporter: according to the study published in the journal of medical entomology, 42 out of the 48 states tested are overrun by super lice, including right here in ohio. for more information, and we have plenty of it for you on this new form of lice and what you think is best child, just head to our website mark. >> mark: tiffani, thank you. the 22 day pushup challenge could be the next ice bucket challenge. the viral awareness campaign that aims to bring attention to 22 vets that commit suicide daily. dwayne rock johnson, kris pratt, chris evans and scott eastwood have posted videos of themselves doing the 22 push-ups. the goal of the campaign is to
4:44 pm
total. >> romona: good for them. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> romona: time for one of my favorite segments in the show where i get to talk about our cleveland sports teams in timeout. tony zarrella is actually today over at progressive field. speaking of the tribe, tony, are you there? [ laughing ] >> romona: there is tony. >> tony: i am here. i love being here. hey, ro, it's easy toe this year. this team has been doing it for 116 games. they're not going away. they have the five game lead within the division. coming up at 5:00, we'll be joined by a couple of special guests to talk more about how the indians have played just a major roll in a playoff run this year. >> romona: all right. they're still doing good. that's great. what's this i hear that lebron is actually having the cavs camp in los angeles? is this something new that he's starting to do? >> tony: it's not -- it's new
4:45 pm
but when you drop 20 million on a house, you may as well spend some time out there, right, which is what he's been doing. a lot of the guys live out there anyway in southern california. more than that, he did it a couple years ago when he came back to the cavs. he had a private camp for the players here. and then last year, you remember, he did it down in miami. and tristan thompson was a free agent. he was not able to attend. and now he can. so it's really about lebron in the past kind of rebuilding the culture among the cavaliers. and now keeping the culture going now that they together now the nba champions. >> romona: can you believe in a few short months, they'll be playing again. this season went forever, which was great for us. >> tony: you and i -- it was like a minute ago you and i were over to gateway plaza doing the remote outside and every game such an emotional roller coaster. i get you through it and i'm proud of it. >> romona: you really did, tony. let's talk about john hughes. he was coming back to the
4:46 pm
great to have him back. the starting defensive end missed two weeks for family personal reasons that he's not going to go into and we're not about to ask. family first, of course. but now that he's back, the question is how long will it take him to jump back in. they've been working other guys, including nick haden into that position. this defense was not good. john hughes, get it together quickly. he was back on the bike at practice today. time is a wasting here close in on the second preseason game on thursday night. >> romona: all right. thursday night against the bears. we'll be watching. thank you, tony. >> tiffani: i know you're ready for football, aren't you? >> you know it. >> anchor: the first pre-season game is this thursday. coming up at 5:00, some important reminders before you plan to tailgate. plus as students across northeast ohio head back to class, there is one district
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things right. and a just released poll about distracted driving. you might be surprised. cell phones are not the only culprit. we'll have that story at now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall
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. it can be hard to get things done w distracted, whether that be from social media or just a lack of sleep. but we have some tips to help keep you on track at work. first, save scrolling through your social media feeds for when you are on break so you are not distracted during the day. we've all experienced e-mail overload. set a specific time every day to read and respond to your e-mails so that you are not constantly checking your inbox.
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your short-term memory and being hungry is linked to lower energy levels. it's important to not skip any meals and to make sure you are getting a full night's rest. always watching, always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. well, we're going to look at feazel roof cam and here we are at progressive field where they don't know we're on, by the way. but there you see tony zarrella right here. the rain i might as well -- okay. i wanted to have a little fun there but i guess we don't have time. anyway, here is the thunderstorm coming through. downpour right now. good news is, this will get out of here in time for the game. we don't expect the rain to be a factor, even at 7:00. at worse, there might be a brief shower throughout the course of the game. that will be it. they will play. tomorrow 83.
4:52 pm
all right. these are going to be spotty. so no alerts. but as we get into the weekend, we do alerts. by saturday afternoon, scattered showers and storms here. 85 saturday night. showers and storms. 71. and sunday windy with storms. 85. are we going back to progressive field. all right. here is another good shot. now they know we're on. all right. so it's coming down. i mean, this storm -- this is going to affect your commute. take it easy out there because this rain, this picture now right at progressive field, got winds at about 30 to 35 out there. and a little thunder with this. but there you go. so now we've got the actual front coming through. the thunderstorm in cleveland. again, that's going to slow down the evening commute. we're going to be keeping an eye on that. mark over to you. >> mark: jeff, thanks. cedar point sharing some big news. this sunday coming here cedar point's director of communications tony clark tweeted out today to check
4:53 pm
details about what's new for the park in 2017. the news could be about what will replace the main street roller coaster over in frontier town which closes for good on september 16th. still to come here at 4:00, just married. >> romona: why a photo of justin timberlake has folks
4:54 pm
. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. >> mark: welcome back, ramona. >> romona: thank you, mark. >> mark: what percentage of brides won't book a wedding venue unless it has good wifi. >> romona: today's brides 80%.
4:55 pm
lower. about 50%. >> romona: oh.
4:56 pm
. singer actor dancer and wedding crasher. >> mark: justin timberlake is the latest to accidentally appear at the bride and groom as
4:57 pm
other. here is a look last weekend posing with the bride and groom just before the reception. they told entertainment tonight they were taking a first look photo when timberlake appeared out of nowhere. he shook the groom's hand and congratulated the two. it looks like he was playing a round of golf. >> romona: i was going to say he didn't get the dress code mental mow. winning? not even an olympic medalist can escape uncle sam. that's coming up at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0150 to apply now. cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: school just started this week in cleveland but teachers deliver a strike threat
5:00 pm
by labor day. but we begin tonight with a police-involved shooting. one man is dead in ashtabula county. >> denise: that's right. four sheriff deputies are on leave as a result starting as an armed robbery in windsor township. dani carlson is here with the investigation. >> reporter: what we know is michael s. martin was shot and killed in a deputy-involved shoo ashtabula sheriff county deputies are on paid leave as the investigation goes on. we can also tell you in the midst of that shooting the s.u.v. actually hit a pole in ashtabula county. it is not yet known how the person who was involved in this was actually killed. here is what we have learned so far today. we do have surveillance video from nearby business that show the moments before the s.u.v. hit that tree.


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