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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  June 6, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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unfolds on camera. and a special look at the growing problem with truancy in philadelphia public schools. the former students explain why they had to drop out in order to just survive. details, students at seattle pacific university called heros after coming to the rescue after a headily shooting. the flowers are piling up, one person killed and three others wounded. the suspect nine custody after a dramatic takedown by the students. and we are live in seattle with the very latest. mary? >> good evening. classes canceled today at seattle pacific university. and they are coming together trying to make sense of the tragedy. another college campus in mourning after a gunman opened fire. >> you never thought it would happen here. >> late thursday afternoon at seattle pacific university, a
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small christian school, when a gunman walked into the science and engineering building and began shooting. armed with a gun and a knife, the suspect, 26 year old aaron ybarra allegedly shot three people, killing a 19 year old man. when the shooter paused to reload his weapon this young man a student monitor, risked his life to intervene. >> i saw his guy and got the pepper spray and strayed and tackled him. into and they held him down until thes police arrived. >> regular citizens stepped up trying to do the right thing. and in this case i believe prevented a more horrible tragedy than it was today. >> a man and woman in the hospital, she in critical and the man in satisfy condition. >> a lot of anguish and trauma. >> the alleged shooter making his first appearance in court charged with homicide. ybarra's motive remains unknown, and those close to him are in a state of shock. >> what put him over the edge? don't know. >> friends seen here on a recent
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fishing trip with ybarra telling abc news he was a nice guy. not angry or violent. the shooting took place in the building behind me. ybarra not a student here, his connections to the victims one ever many unanswered questions. >> thank you. days ever terror over for a small town in canada after the arrest of a gunman suspected of killing three police officers. 24 year old justin bork was arrested just after midnight, not far from where the shootings happened in moncton. and the shootings were the first this year in the town. violence is very rare there and moncton had no murders at all last year. from our new jersey news room a man shot dead in camden car, saying he is 31 year old andrew perez shot several times
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after 3:00 a.m. driving in the area of south 9th street and atlantic avenue. he drove into several parked cars before stopping. if you have information on the murder contact the police. at least six students at a philadelphia high school were hurt today by pepper spray. an 18 year old student released the spray in the hallway at the high school, and he fled but later surrendered. his dad told "action news" it was an accident. and had the students complained of burning eyes and skin and treated at the scene. the 18 year old not charged. an academic in the philadelphia school district. our investigation revealed an alarming number of students are dropping out each year. >> and ending out on the streets and the school has few checks and balances in place to track down the students. and we have more on the
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troubling findings. this is terrible. >> without educating the kids the consequences to our community communities, to our b businesse about is themselves is out of line. and we are telling the stories and asking officials for answers. >> these four drop outs stacked to "action news" to give us a look into their lives. >> i skipped almost every day. >> philadelphia's lost children. >> people always picked on me. >> jennifer stratford never felt safe in school. a downward spiral that began when she was first kicked out in elementary school. >> i thought bringing in scissors would protect me. >> and dropping out of a high school known nor violence when he was just 16. >> and taking my niece to the school in the morning that would make me late. >> and ultimately he stopped attending all together.
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in 2009, 4% dropped off the school district roll. in 2011 and 2012 it jumped to 8.96%. >> we don't have that kind of support for families to do all the home visits as we did when we were rich with staff. >> and saying over the last several years truancy officers have been cut. >> they had almost 9% drop-out rate. >> no drop out rate is acceptable. that's not what we want the kids to do. >> the districts closed schools and laid off staff and attendance rates are suffering. in 2008 mayor michael nutter vowed to cut it in half, a rate going this the wrong direction. >> this is not rocket science. this is not a mystery.
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you don't need a study. it is lack of resources. >> and at 11:00, continuing our investigation with harsh words from mayor nutter and from family court judge docherty did what needs to be done to stop this trend. and some astonishing truancy numbers and that is tonight on "action news." in northeast philadelphia police still trying to determine why a car careened into a building this morning. happening after 8:00 a.m. on bustleton and robbins street. and you see the damage after it struck the wall. no serious injuries, they had to call in workers to see if thing was structurally sound. and no idea what they determined or why the drive lost control and crashed. and get "action news" and accuweather any time free with the if apps at the google and
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apple store. and the traffic on this friday. >> and matt pellman with the update. >> and this is a week we wouldn't mind forgetting, rick and monica. it is crazy this week. and we are ending with craziness on the schuylkill expressway. heavy traffic on this friday afternoon. the eastbound side especially 202 through this point at the conshohocken curve into the vine. the travel time getting a little better, but still in the red at 36 minutes from the blue route into 676. on the vine street expressway westbound by the ben franklin parkway a broken down vehicle take out most of the right lane. and parkside a school bus accident girard 46th and belmont, and use lancaster avenue instead. subpoena we l >> and we are coming up on the closure of the platt bridge. stick with 95. and in gous ter county a bound
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pole blocking black horse pike and. if you are shore bound you have company now. and the span there, a lot of people are hitting their brakes heading towards 55 and the a.c. expressway. regardless, enjoy the pizza and the weekend, back to you. >> it starts with the pizza and then the water ice and the pretzel -- it is all good. >> and the garden state discovery museum in cherry hillary opening in grand fashion. kids and parents there for the ribbon cutting of the back stage theater. this space reimaged with hollywood's golden age. and new lighting and costumes for those taking on dozens of characters. and putting on shows to introduce theater to little ones early on. i do and hundreds of fish wash up on thes jersey shore.
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where this was discovered. >> and the owner of the car with more than broken windows to worry about, battling a fire. and comfortable conditions ov overhead. and the weekend forecast on the way. and jeff skversky is here with sports and the phillies when "action news" comes right back.
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>> philade lphi a police need your help finding two armed thugs robbing a fast food restaurant at dinner time on the churches chicken on woodland avenue. after one suspect jumped the counter i attack the store manager. after come -- camera a second man taking cash. and they both got away. they wasn't to hear if you have information on the crime. nine homeless after a fire in wilmington the frames in the 800 block of north van burn street this morning. and they jumped to the home next door heavily damaging both. they had to break the windows of
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a car illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant to get water on the scene. and trying to figure out what killed massive amount of fish off cape may. and along the shorelines and the camera on the inlet. despite the fishy situation we spotted fisherman trying to wrangle in the catch of the day. and sports, phillies in cincinnati, hoping to finally get one in the win column. >> wouldn't that be nice? and jeff skversky with more. >> it has been a week since the phillies won. the phillies are in cincinnati trying to figure out a way to get out of the red. the phills 10 games under .500. it is only june. off to the worst start in 12 years. a team meeting did not change it the phills swept by the nationals and lost the season high six games. things getting so bad, even
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shortstop jimmy rollins saying it is getting out of control. and hopefully cole hamels can stop the bleeding never losing against the reds, 9-0 in his career. every day is more and more evident that the front office needs to think of the future. that's why the draft this week is so crucial. >> the philadelphia phillies select aaron -- >> what a moment last night the phills drafted louisiana state pitcher and he was one of the best pitchers in college. and he is hoping to join the long list of successful phillies pitchers one day in the big legal. >> they are a great team and have been for a long time. they had many great players. and everybody knows roy holliday, one of the great pitchers. and i am excited to work with
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those guys. >> have you ever had a cheesesteak? >> not a philadelphia cheesesteak. >> he better get one. and miami could not beat the spurs or heat in game one of the nba finals with the air conditioning in san antonio's arena and the temperatures approving sauna levels, lebron james left with cramps. and he said he will be ready for game two. approaching 90 degrees, the fans were feeling it, but nobody had a bigger issue than the heat star. ice on his neck, could not finish the game, carried off the floor with cramps. with james out the spurs ran away to beat the heat and miami in game one. and james says he is still in pain physically and mentally. >> i was very angry and disappointed in myself. i mean i did everything that i needed to do to prepare for this game, for this moment, and i
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felt the body failed me last night. and i was angry in the fact i couldn't help my team get over the hump. >> the air conditioning has been fixed and lebron expects his body to be ready for game two, as well. and coverage starts at 7:30. and what could come to an end is the longest race in the triple crown. and trying to be the first horse in 36 years to win the kentucky derby, the preakness. and nascar in the poconos. and the monster mile not tough enough now the tricky triangle and jimmie johnson won the last two, why not make it three in a row in the pocono 400. and j.j. likes his chances. >> coming in with what we feel is the optimized race car and have a ton of speed and put us where we were before.
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but until you make some laps you just don't know. >> and setting a record for fastest lap up there in august, and the qualifying underway tonight in long pond as we speak. monica, back to you. a game show-inspired obstacle this is the rock or ridiculous obstacle challenge. you and see who tide it out, the phillie phanatic. a wrecking ball, sweeper, and the largest inflatable water supplied. the event itself is tomorrow. let's see how he does. let's[ male announcer ]from col. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv.
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>> the aim academy sends seniors off into the real world today. the commencement ceremony held at the country club. and everyone in the class 2014 is graduating with two colleges at scholarships. and another group graduated the little flower catholic high school for girl with the ceremony at holy family university this afternoon. con gre congrats to the graduates.
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and the weekend looks like it is going to be a top ten. >> get out and enjoy it saturday and sunday, after that tracking a couple of changes. two good days on the way. what is going on, stormtracker double scan radar, it is quiet. no issues with precipitation. radar is going to stay quiet as we head through the rest of the weekend. and showing you the picture outside and the "action news" cam outside earlier this afternoon at the pocono raceway in long pond. and the flags are gently flapping in the wind. beautiful conditions with the puffy cumulus clouds as well. the temperatures this afternoon, no complaints. and along the coast in sea isle city, 74. and beach haven cooler 69. and to the west and lancaster the low 70s. and allentown and the lehigh valley the temperature 74. and satellite 6 and action radar, quiet from new england all the way down to the mid-atlantic region. we have a big ridge of high
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pressure that's really concentrated over the lower great lakes and ohio valley. and it will protect us from unsettled weather. you look to the south and that's where you find the showers and storms across the southeast and back through the southern plains states. and staying dry and quiet with comfortable conditions and low humidity. and tracking if for you on futuretracker 6. and 9:00 tomorrow morning, temperatures near the 70, upper 60s north and west of town, and south and east as well. 4:00 in the afternoon in the lower 80s, the except is lakehurst to wildwood. temperatures in the middle and upper 70s. by the afternoon a bit of an average sea breeze kicking on in. the sun will be out and temperatures slightly higher than normal. so this weekend as we look at the u.v. index, giving it an 8. it is very high, meaning it can only take about 15 minutes for you to get a sunburn, slather on
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the sunscreen if you are stepping out for an extended period of time or as much as 15 minutes. and sun and afternoon sea breeze and 76. and sunny nice on sunday with an a high temperature 79. the pocono 400 taking place this weekend and the main event on sunday. tomorrow gorgeous. high 78, high pressure the fair-weather friend sunday. warm with a temperature of 80. the call from accuweather, mainly clear and comfortable. 52 in the suburbs and 62 in center city with the northwesterly wind 48 miles per hour. and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast afternoon for us tomorrow is 80. we are above that with a high of 84. sunny and beautiful sunday, high temperature of 85. and tracking a pattern change. a disbushance moves through sunday and scattered showers and storms are likely with high of 80 degrees. tuesday, a leftover pop-up
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shower and storm with a high of 82. and wednesday, clouds and some sun and mostly cloudy as we get into thursday and stuck in the clouds by the end of next week, guys. enjoy this weekend on the way. >> thank you very much. >> and from our delaware news room the second annual summer in the parks program kicked off today. it is designed to offer arts to young people including dance, music and storytelling and children got a chance to take a part in some events. and it actually starts next monday, a way for kids to stay involved with the arts when school is out. it is free of charge and
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>> whoever said physicia physicians -- physics isn't fun. and working on these catapults in leavittown. they had a contest using what they learned in lessons, like
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the forced energy to make it work. and whether it was golf balls or match -- marbles. and a big change for the 76s are, moving the practice facility. and how the new bridge problem will impact doctors. and a doctor unarrest. a disturbing discovery on his computer. >> that and more up at 6:00. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, melissa magee, monica malpass, the e
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♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is disappointment for philadelphia, but great news for camden. the philadelphia 76s are have confirmed that they are in fact planning to build new executive offices and a practice facility on the camden water front. they will set the process in motion tonight by filing for tax credits from the new jersey economic development authority. "action news" reporter, what did mayor nutter say. >> he has not heard anything official but heard the 76ers are
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moving ahead. they will vote on tuesday on a move that will seal the deal after two years of negotiations. again, mayor michael nutter says he has not heard anything officially, he would be disappointed. he is aware of how aggressively the state of new jersey has been moving to lure the practice facility there. >> the state of new jersey literally throwing money at the 76ers and, you know, sometimes that might be a little tough to turn down. >> sources tell "action news" the sixers and the state of new jersey reached a deal to be announced next week. one source said they made the sixers an offer they could not refuse. not just to build a new practice facility on the waterfront but to pay for 85% of the cost. for camden it is an incredible boost. and in philadelphia mayor michael nutter says they would be disappointed with the move,


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