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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 8, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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maryland. land of discovery. they're off in the belmont stakes! >> good morning, america. new overnight -- the post-race rant. >> it won't not a triple crown this year! >> the california chrome fails to win at belmont dashing hopes of a triple crown. his owner sounds off. >> this is a coward's way out. in my opinion. >> what he said to reporters and even his own wife. >> dramatic new pictures this morning, the aftermath of the crash that severely injured comedian tracy morgan. with the driver of this tractor-trailer now in jail. we're going to hear from the man who was at the wheel of morgan's limo. >> i climbed around and heard tracy screaming for help. from a cage in afghanistan, to a military hospital in germany, fresh details of bowe
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bergdahl's captivity. and recovery. why he hasn't spoken to his family yet and what he knows about the controversy swirling around him. and as we head into game two of the nba finals tonight, the barber in san antonio helping spurs' superfans to quite literally get their heads into the game. we're looking at the barber in san antonio, it's really going to look good on ron claiborne's head. >> no, yours. >> ron -- >> we're in this together. >> we're in this together, as with everything, ron claiborne. good morning on a busy sunday. we're tracking overnight developments in several stories, including the crash that injured comedian tracy morgan. we're hearing from morgan's driver who describes the
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helpless and horrifying moments after impact. >> tracy is still in intensive care, fighting for his life. also, we're learning more about bowe bergdahl, how his taliban captors punished him for trying to escape. why he's not been in touch with his family. the cinderella story of california chrome, the chestnut colt coming up short in his quest to capture the triple crown since the 1970s. this morning, the owner of the horse being called a sore loser. for what he said on live television right after the race. espn's lindsay czarniak with more in a moment. she'll be speaking with the trainer of the horse for his opinion. good morning to you. a lot of controversy surrounding what the owner said. i have to tell you, yesterday, when those horses crossed the finish line here, and it wasn't california chrome leading, you could actually feel a collective sigh in these fans. it was pretty remarkable to feel that.
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but this morning, that horse is nursing a sore feet as america nurses sore hearts. >> they're off in the belmont stakes! and california chrome has a very good start. >> reporter: unlike in the derby and the preakness, california chrome didn't break away. after the neck and neck race, tonalist pull ahead in the final stretch. >> it won't be a triple crown this year! it's going to be close, it's going to be very close! >> reporter: california chrome's owner steve coburn's frustration boiled over. >> if you can't make any points to get into the kentucky derby, you can't run in the two races. it's all or nothing. because this is not fair to these horses that have been running their guts out for these people. this is a coward's way out in my
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opinion. >> reporter: coburn was so worked up, even his wife tried to calm him down. his reaction was seen by many as a case of sour grapes. >> steve coburn went on a sore loser rant post-race. >> the rant setting social media on fire. #soreloser. one tweeting -- steve coburn needs to learn that if you win with grace, you need to learn how to lose with grace. a comment day or the writing -- i'm glad the horse lost, he's not worthy of owning a triple crown winner. jockey was racing in his second attempt at a triple crown but again came one leg short. >> i looked down, he was bleeding a little bit, the right leg. i had to have the right horse and today he was -- california chrome, he doesn't have it today. >> reporter: california chrome's trainer art sherman joins me
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now. and art, what was your reaction when you heard steve coburn's comments? >> well, i didn't really know about it until i was doing an interview myself and i think he was just kind of let down. and probably said a couple of words that he really didn't mean. you know, things out of context. you know, we're in a big race, you can't make a lot of excuses. even though the horse did have an excuse, he got banged by the 3 horse leaving the gate and it grabbed his quarter pretty deep. when he came back to the barn, he was bleeding. we had the vet over, we trimmed his foot. we cleaned up the wound, gave him an antibiotic shot. so he wouldn't get any infection. he was okay walking this morning. you figure -- in layman's term, you would have
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to say it was like a broken fingernail and you know how it hurts when it happens. >> reporter: why do you think he made those comments? >> you know, i really don't know. i know it's something to do with the triple crown, you know, it's wear and tear on you, you run three races in five weeks, it's hard on the horse, and he had this comment to me that he didn't think it should be that people nominate for the triple crown should run in the triple crown, not just pick the races and freshen their horses up. we know that five-week period is really tough on a horse. so, i think he was kind of aggravated, having the favorite, and disappointments leading up to this. >> reporter: how much do you think the celebration of the day played a role in it? >> you know, i think, leading up to that point, you know, you get
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this real big high then the letdown right after, and then being miked up and in the interview, he probably kind of lost it a little bit. >> reporter: and your thoughts on the horse? >> i'm going to bring him home and doctor him up and it will probably take me at least two weeks to get to where he feels comfortable and then we'll give him six, to seven weeks, out on the farm and let him be a horse. he needs to do that. we'll look for him around the breeders cup time. hoping he comes back like i know he can. you know, he's a good horse. >> art sherman, thank you so much for joining us. we're not used to, is california chrome being a normal horse. >> you can see that coburn even startled his wife, with her reaction. >> that was quite a moment. >> you have to feel with the jockey, as well, second time going for the triple crown and didn't get it.
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and we're going to switch gears and turn the latest on the horrific highway crash that seriously injured tv star tracy morgan. the driver of the tractor-trailer that triggered the crash has been charged. this morning, the limo driver is recounting the terror he felt. abc's gio benitez. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you, bianna, morgan right now in the intensive care unit here at the hospital. his family by his side. and this morning, we're learning a whole lot more about that horrific crash. >> it felt like an explosion. >> reporter: this morning, the limo driver is speaking out, as we get a new look at the aftermath of that dramatic car crash, leaving comedian tracy morgan and three others in critical condition and killing one. >> i climbed around and heard tracy screaming for help. but i couldn't reach them and pull them. >> reporter: this instagram posted just before the crash,
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showed morgan and his team were all smiles after a stand-up routine in delaware, they were on their way back to new york city. >> a great show in dover. tracy was holding his baby before we left. he said, i'm holding my princess. >> reporter: police sources tell abc news, that the truck driver was driving this walmart tractor-trailer early saturday morning and failed to see the slow-moving traffic ahead. >> i just remember the impact, we didn't know which way was up, which way was down. i don't know if we flipped several times or one time. >> reporter: the truck swerved to avoid the limo bus, but the truck slammed into it. and morgan's limo lost control. he's been charged with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto, roper was arrested late saturday. his bond set at $50,000. morgan we're told has head injuries. now his friends and colleagues
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are sending messages of support. >> it's just a testimony of who he is and who they are. >> i don't know who i am >> reporter: he's perhaps best known for his tv role on 30 rock and his decade on saturday night live. remember, sources say that the truck driver was driving that walmart truck you saw in the video, walmart now telling abc news, we're profoundly sorry that one of our trucks were involved. if it's determined that our truck caused the accident, walmart will take full responsibility. dan? >> gio, thank you. we're pulling for tracy morgan. a lot of new information coming out about sergeant bowe bergdahl. we're learning much more about his brutal captivity. why he's not ready to speak with his family yet and why his hometown abruptly canceled that celebratory parade. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, new details of the conditions that bowe bergdahl was subjected to while being held by the taliban.
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abc news has was kept in a cage in the dark. an american official said, quote, they kept him in a shark cage in total darkness, for weeks. possibly months. a senior defense official telling abc news, it should not be surprising that bergdahl was held in brutal conditions and was abused and beaten. as for his current condition, sources tell abc news, bergdahl is doing physically well. going for walks and speaking to staff assigned to him. but he's not yet mentally prepared to speak to family and friends. bergdahl's next step, longer-term therapy and counseling at a military medical center in san antonio before the ultimate goal of returning home to hailey, idaho. now, for the first time, we're learning why that town canceled his homecoming celebration.
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>> there's been some specific threat e-mails toward the bergdahls. >> reporter: the fbi says it's monitoring the situation. the police chief also telling abc news one message hoped that bergdahl would come back with bombs strapped to himself. the threats coming amid controversy about the possible circumstances of bergdahl's capture. he was taken hostage apparently after walking away from his post. sources tell abc news, bergdahl does not know about the controversy surrounding his release and he's not been asked about his alleged desertation. he doesn't like being called sergeant. >> a long road to recovery. thank you. meanwhile, hillary clinton is talking about the deal to free bergdahl in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer. >> did he make a deal with the devil by releasing five
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taliban?. >> i think this was a hard choice, which is why i think my book is so aptly named. if you look at the factors going into the decisions, of course there are competing interests and values. i mean, one of our values we bring everybody home off the battlefield, the best we can, it doesn't matter how they ended up in a prisoner-of-war situation. >> it doesn't matter? >> it does not matter. we bring our people home. >> she seems to have supported the deal. let's bring in host of abc's "this week," george stephanopoulos. george, gorod morning to you. what are the political ramifications for hillary if she decides to run? >> absolutely. the president saying no apologies at all for bringing him home. i don't think there's any danger in standing by that. part of the military code. the big questions are now, what happens to bowe bergdahl next? once he does recovery, once the
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investigation goes forward. will he face some kind of trial? will he face any more punishment? >> five years in captivity. so, let me ask you, you're going to air other portions of the interview, between diane sawyer and hillary clinton, including a part diane really presses clinton if she'll run for president. did diane achieve any more clarity on this issue? >> i think the clarity coming out of this, hillary clinton certainly seems poised to run. as far as when the announcement is going to come, bottom line, i think when she's good and ready. she's in such a commanding position right now, looking at the democratic nomination. 7 out of 10 democrats want her to get the nomination. one big caveat, she had 50-point lead over barack obama in the early stages in the last campaign as well. >> george, thank you.
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>> and diane coming up with many new ways to ask it. all right, george thanks again. george has a big story this morning, including much more of that exclusive interview with hillary clinton. >> and of course, don't miss all of diane's exclusive interview with hillary clinton, inned a vantz of her new book, "hard choices," everything was on the table. nothing off-limits. it's a one-hour abc news primetime special. it's airing monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't want to miss that. >> a big show monday night. we've got a lot of other headlines this morning and for that, as always, we get it over to ron claiborne. good morning, everyone. we begin with a breaking news story, this developing story out of quebec, canada, where police are searching for escaped inmates, using a helicopter to get make their getaway.
8:16 am
the chopper dropped down and picked up these inmates and flew off. >> we were talking about inmates so they might be dangerous, so of course we're doing the best we can to locate them quickly. >> and this is the second time in two years that a helicopter has been used in a prison break in quebec. and a dramatic rescue at sea, by the u.s. navy, almost 300 migrants being pulled from a small boat on friday. two american ships plucked them from their ships, after one of the vessels began to sink. the migrants were given food, water and aid. and turned over to island nation of malta. and exiled nba owner donald sterling isn't ready to sign off on that deal. to sell his los angeles clippers team. he'll not complete the sell if -- until the nba lifts his lifetime ban. the team is being sold for a record $2 billion.
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and the stanley cup finals are moving from west to east. after a marathon game in los angeles. this was saturday night the l.a. kings came from behind to beat the new york rangers in double overtime last night. the final score, kings 5, rangers 4. it's a best of seven series, of course. the teams head to new york city where they'll play next on monday. games three and four will be played here in new york. it was about a four-hour hockey game, which is very, very long. lot of hockey for me. >> i have a sense you stayed up to watch it. >> i did. i did. yankees lost, too, by the way. >> all right, thanks, ron. we're going to turn now to severe weather being felt from the rockies to the south. meteorologist julie durda from our abc station in miami, wplg, has all of the details.
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thousands still dealing with severe weather from the south central plains. all of the way to the east. yesterday it was no different. same story with the same situation. with the severe weather. our friends dealing with the tornado, possible reports of 200 reports of tornadoes. from roswell, new mexico, we want to show you a video, this severe weather continuing parts east. as we head east, we want to show you something else we also captured, from missouri, take a look at that baseball-sized hail in roswell. this weather doesn't stop unfortunately for our friends. you can see that very impressive sight. where is the severe threat today? very similar situation across central portions of the united states. what about the rest of the country? not only are we dealing with more rain and flooding,
8:19 am
but if it comes down too fast, we dealing with flash flooding concerns. what about the west coast, dealing with sunshine and dry good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. another beautiful morning around the delaware valley with comfortable temperatures and quite a bit of sunshine. let's get you outside and show you the view of the philadelphia international airport. we're not checking delays when we have weather like this. 87 degrees is the forecasted high. 80 tomorrow, sunshine this afternoon, showers and storms monday. tuesday, threat of showers and thunderstorms, h >> back to you, dan and bianna. >> thanks, julie. as we head into game two of the nba finals tonight, we're learning that there are fans and then are there are superfans. >> we have seen people facing their faces with their team colors. but that's nothing compared to
8:20 am
what one barber in san antonio is doing for big-time spurs' fans. ron has the story. >> the barber's name is joe barajas. he's one of those superfans of the spurs. cutting people's hair into the images of those spurs players, that's right, you too can have tony parker or tim duncan's visage shaped onto your skull. it's a story that's creating quite the buzz. slam dunk. spurs are doing it on the court. but the mvp isn't even playing. >> joe barber. >> reporter: he's someone who can make an ordinary head look like this. that's right, 33-year-old joe barajas sculpted all 12 spurs into one head.
8:21 am
since 2007, barajas's been creating knockout masterpieces of the noggin. >> i have been doing this for years. i'm one of the pioneers of doing portrait designs. i cut a lot of people. get a lot of recognition. >> reporter: how much does one of these set you back? joe says on average, for 100 bucks, you can anything from nba superstar, to peyton manning, to mickey mouse. trimming away to create the finest details of these portraits, evening color them in to create a stunning success. and barajas has his own fans, too. >> joe's the best. >> somebody once said that, what joe is doing, it's only crazy if the spurs don't win.
8:22 am
i don't think they're going to win. okay. >> you don't think they're going to win? >> i'm not sure. he's also done the images of marvin gaye, ray charles, and believe it or not, lebron james of the heat. 8:00 eastern time on abc. if the spurs win, we're going to have our heads shaved. maybe we can get joe barajas to do it. >> you said it on television, you agreed to it. you said my face would be here, ron, sara. i remember. >> this show is really going well for me, ladies and gentlemen, which means it's time to take a commercial break. coming up on "good morning america" -- >> i'll save you here. coming on "good morning america" -- what landed this judge on the witness stand. how it affected a death penalty case. and speaking of haircuts, penelope cruz looking almost
8:23 am
unrecognizable in her brand-new role. wait until you see her totally different look -- this isn't it. but it's coming up in "pop news" with the one and only sara haines. >> favorite part of the show. >> yes, best part of the show. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the congestion sufferers who feel like there's a brick on their face. who are so congested, it feels like the walls are closing in. ♪ who are so stuffed up, they feel like they're under water. try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. zyrtec-d®. discover light & fit greek nonfat yogurt.eal pleasure? irresistible flavors, like toasted coconut and vanilla,
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>> good morning, it is 8:27 i'm shirleen allicot in the news, philadelphia police say they are investigating a deadly road rain shooting. police say the gunman shot a man and a woman on the 500 block of west roosevelt boulevard in feltonville last night. the 43-year-old man was killed a
8:28 am
31-year-old woman is in critical police say the suspect is in custody. let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather, chris. >> reporter: good morning to you, shirleen, the winning streak continues today. another gorgeous day around the delaware valley with quite a bit of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. it will be warmer than yesterday. yesterday we topped out at 84, today, 87. there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday, today looks beautiful. get out and enjoy [ michael strahan ] i'm michael strahan,
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and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. my favorite thing is the excitement of the outdoors. like rock climbing in the catskills, rafting in the adirondacks, surfing on long island, or getting your heart racing at watkins glen international. come discover your favorite part of new york. plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me
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to lead the life that i want to live. what i want to do now is something you really should not do. but since tonight is the orchestra move from the hood night. >> hilarious. sir mix-a-lot getting ready to mix things up with the seattle symphony. the unforgettable performance that everyone is talking about is coming up ahead in "pop news." what an unusual combo. also, coming up in this half-hour, penelope cruz and the transformation for her new role. we hear -- now, this isn't the transformation -- this is what she looks, what she looks like now is quite different.
8:31 am
>> they do crazy things for roles. i don't want to give it away. a little bit different. with a face like that, she can pull off anything. all right, that's coming up in "pop news." we're going to start with disorder in the court, in florida, a former judge crossing the line. >> she lied about the personal relationship with a prosecutor trying a case in her court. now she's paying for it with her career. >> bianna, it was a death penalty case no less, that judge and prosecutor exchanging almost 1500 texts and calls over the course of the trial. now it's the judge who's facing judgment, disbarred for life, found guilty of not disclosing a personal and emotional relationship. former judge ana gardiner was tearful in her testimony to save her career and her reputation for lying under oath about a secret relationship with prosecutor howard schienberg. >> nothing has ever interfered
8:32 am
with my job because that has been my life. >> reporter: that doesn't keep the florida supreme court from disbarring her. "considering her dishonest conduct during the trial in a death penalty case, we conclude that disbarment is a appropriate sanction." this man was accused of stabbing a man to death. he blew the whistle on the relationship, alleging they talked about the trial while they partied together. it was revealed in court documents the pair exchanged over 900 phone calls and almost 500 texts, even on the day gardiner sentenced him to death. the court ruling stating that gardiner's failure to disclose the relationship tainted the entire legal process. he was given a retrial and is now serving life in prison. this isn't the first time
8:33 am
relationships have formed in the courtroom. during the infamous o.j. simpson trial, prosecutors marcia clark and chris darden got extremely close. now the prosecutor that she had a relationship with, is serving a two-year suspension. of his law license and gardine are who married the attorney representing her in this case, was ordered to pay legal fines. >> you would think they would be more discreet. >> the man was retried. >> 900 phone calls. that's a lot. they talked a lot. >> yes, they did. mara, thank you. let's get another look at the headlines of the morning with mr. ron claiborne. in the news, dramatic new video that shows the aftermath of the horrible six-car crash. involving actor/comedian tracy morgan.
8:34 am
he remains in intensive condition. a truck driver is being blamed for ramming morgan car. new details about army sergeant bowe bergdahl's five year in captivity in afghanistan, he told u.s. officials that the taliban kept him in a metal cage in the dark. bergdahl is not psychologically ready talk to his family yet. and so much for the possibility of the triple crown, california chrome suffered a cut to his right hoof during the belmont stakes, that may explain his poor showing, he finished in fourth. tonalist won it. something that you won't see at the world cup in brazil. a soccer game in belgium delayed 30 minutes by pounding hail. forced to run for cover, as hail the size of golf balls bounced all over the field. >> you know, you could see bad
8:35 am
weather at the world cup in brazil because it's their winter. >> only julie durda can answer that question. >> right. let's get over to julie durda who's visiting from our miami affiliate. >> good morning to you. we talk about the severe weather across the country's midsection. now, we're going to talk about some nice, comfortable weather. check out the northeast, warm and dry with temperatures in the 80s, new york, we're expecting new york city at a temperature of 86. 82 in atlantic city. to the other coast, the southwest dealing with a scorcher. now we're talking about vegas and phoenix, they're dealing with an extensive heat warning going into tonight and tomorrow. as 2 the southwest is on fire. where we're seeing showers develop across parts of the dakotas. dry day in chicago, st. louis. as we take you coast to coast,
8:36 am
the nation dealing with overall >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live no issues out there this morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast looks like another real nice one. 87 degrees is the forecasted high. showers and storms >> this weather report has been brought to you by the american frozen food institute. dan and bianna? >> julie, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- california chrome's owner joins us live. steve coburn explains his angry comments, after his horse fails to win the triple crown. and penelope cruz's going to new lengths to change her appearance for her latest movie role. ahead in pop news. because freezing is nature's pause button. but do you know what else it keeps at their peak?
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so do tire swings! this is our ocean spray cran-lemonade. it's good, old-fashioned lemonade. only better! whoa! [ splash! ] ocean spray cran-lemonade. a bold twist on an old favorite. it's all or nothing. because this is not fair to these horses that have been running their guts out for these people, and for the people that believe in them, to have someone come up -- this is a coward's way out. >> angry words. we have been telling you about the owner of california chrome, being called a sore loser this
8:41 am
morning for those comments he made on television, after the race when his horse failed to win the triple crown. >> steve coburn has more to say this morning and he joins us this morning. do you regret what you had to say after the race? >> not only no, but hell no, i do not regret it one bit. it's the truth. >> and you stand by those words in your convictions. but, of course, we were watching this on live television, we could see your wife behind you, she seemed a bit dismay, how does she feel about it and are you in the doghouse with her? >> no, she's still getting out of bed right now. but, i'm here at the park. you know what, i stand by what i said, simply because, there are people who train their horses to run in the kentucky derby and they have to qualify, they have to get points to run in the
8:42 am
kentucky derby, you don't have to have points to run in the preakness or the belmont, but you have to nominate your horse for the triple crown. and that means three. triple crown, three. you might compare this to a triathlon. you got to swim, bicycle and run. if you don't make it in one you're not going to do it in the other two. >> just to clarify for our viewers, essentially, your beef is that the horse that won and beat your horse last night, didn't run in one of the two races leading up to belmont. and you're saying that's basically a violation of some sort of code. do you think the rules should be changed? >> yes, i do. i mean, think of it this way, okay, it says triple crown, you nominate your horse for the triple crown, that means three, even the trophy, the triple
8:43 am
crown trophy, has three points on it. so when you earn enough points to run in the kentucky derby, those 20 horses that are starting the kentucky derby should be the only 20 allowed to run in the preakness and belmont for he triple crown. they nominate their horses for the triple crown, which means three, they hold two and come back one. you know, they haven't done anything with their horses in the triple crown, three horses in this race -- california chrome, ride on curlin and general a rod -- that ran in the first two. none of the other horses did. so, you figure it out. i mean, you ask yourself, would it be fair if i played basketball with a child in a
8:44 am
wheelchair? >> well, i understand. >> they're fresh, they come in. >> i understand your point, mr. coburn. but what role do you think the leg injury that we're hearing actually played in the disappointing finish yesterday? >> he got a quarter tear. the horse to the outside stepped on him coming out of the gate. he got a quarter tear, he'll be all right. he'll heal up and he'll come back. and i just want america to know, this is still america's horse, he's the only horse that ran in the triple crown, that won six races in a row. no other horses did. >> steve, i apologize again for interrupting you. we're out of time sadly, thank you for joining us. that's steve coburn at the center of a controversy this morning after his horse failed to win at the belmont stakes. the triple crown last night.
8:45 am
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♪ all right, time now for "pop news" and over to sara. sir mix-a-lot coming up. >> but not quite yet. we got penelope cruz, she's known for her luscious locks. yes, i said luscious locks. so, it came as a surprise, when she showed up on the new set, sporting a pixie cut, looking almost unrecognizable. it's movie magic, it's just a wig. it's part of a movie she's shooting in, in madrid. and it was quite the scene when sir mix-a-lot took the
8:50 am
stage at the symphony in seattle. he bought the house down when he had members of the audience help him with his classic hit. ♪ ♪ >> the singer joked to the audience he was performing orchestra maneuvers from the hood. this is such a crazy juxtaposition watching this song with a orchestra. you called me, -- these aren't my words -- the best pun of the morning, baby got bach. >> that was quirky. >> when you give a woman a chance to dance to baby got back, you don't give that up. and everybody's heard about the running of the bulls. but what about the running of
8:51 am
the goats? watch as these goat kids sprint across the field. this is ridiculously cute. at a farm in cumberland, maine. her goats go on mini runs together every day to get their wiggles out before bedtime. how adorable. >> they're pretty cute. i have been to cumberland, maine, it's a great town. >> okay. >> ron is not impressed. >> we'll be right back. like a champ. to sleep then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiqtm technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store,
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8:56 am
she got married, she tied the knot with ben aaron. a beautiful ceremony in michigan yesterday before family and friends. a beautiful couple, and congratulations, ginger. we love you. have a great day. have a great day. . >> good morning, i'm shirleen allicot along with brian taff. >> reporter: coming up on "action news" this sunday morning, a road rage shooting in philadelphia leave a man dead and a woman in critical condition. we have the latest on the investigation snroosm. plus a 7-year-old pennsylvania boy faces punishment from the school after bringing a toy gun to class. >> reporter: yesterday's weather was a perfect ten, today is a
8:57 am
9 1/2, enjoy it while we have. showers and thunderstorms return to the forecast tomorrow. i'll have the details from sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. >> good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday june 8. nydia and eva are off, i'm brian taff along with shirleen allicot. >> in the news, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly road rage shooting. >> new this morning, a south jersey walmart became a crime scene overnight. >> a race this morning in fairmont park ends with an unusual medal for runners. we begin with meteorologist
9:00 am
chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: yesterday was picture perfect, yesterday was a perfect ten today we're talking about a 9 1/2. let's go outside and show you what's going on this morning. that's the philadelphia international airport. we don't have too much of anything going on, just a few high, thin clouds overhead. comfortable temperatures that are climbing. 73 is the 9:00 a.m. number. 75 for millville. even the jersey shore has shot up to the 70s. 70 in beach haven, will also -- atlantic city, and ocean city. the poconos a very enjoyable 68 degrees. satellite and radar shows a few high, thin clouds. these are called blow-off cloud tops from the great lake states. we'll have more clouds in the first part of the afternoon followed by increasing clouds in the afternoon and evening hours.


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