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tv   Inside Story  ABC  June 8, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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. >> i'm monica malpass. it's a year away, but already there's speculation about who will run in the mayoral election to 15, who's in, who's out, we'll talk about it next on inside story. good morning, i'm monica malpass, woman come to inside story. let's meet our insiders this weekend. nia meeks. ajay raju, and jan ting. and dom we have the poll out mer
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frank rizzo junior garnered 10%, milton street, state representative, anthony hardy williams did not get very high numbers, based on that due guess who the -- do you guess who the top three whole win. >> when you say milton street didn't get high numbers, 4%, that's high numbers. the dye hadn't casted yet in terms of who will merge as a leading candidate. i was surprised that senator williams didn't get more than one%. >> you have to leave office if you're alan but but to win. 41% of voters are undecided.
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you have a sense there's a hunger for somebody else. anyone else out there those not included in this poll. gill green has taken himself out by serving on the school board as really a volunteer. one wonders is sam katz out there waiting in the wings? he always had his eye on the mayor slot, so i think there's some interest in asking who else is out there. >> i think it's early, as jan said. terry gillian whose been an aide to former governor ed rendell. as of right, she would be the only female in the race which does not guarantee anything at this point. it's part name recognition and partly whole commission the poll. hardy williams has high name recognition, where you do put the poll.
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41% is the more indicative number overall. there's no clear person at this point. >> are they looking for a rock star someone who is bigger than life like ed rendell. >> tom wolf polled at 5% in february this past february and look where he ended up. ken trjio is a name in the hispanic community. >> tom knox i would not be surprised or darrell clark or senator williams candidacy or tom knox candidacy. >> committee of 70 another important watchdog group that was started 110 years ago literally. zack stallberg is retiring and moving out west. have you heard any rumblings on
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whole take his place. >> i do, ajay who doesn't have enough to do. ellen kaplan or larry platt. these are the type of people they have to be nonpartisan or bipartisan. journalist. >> i asked zack about this, he said one of the things that was most important to him not that he has a lot of sway that we have new blood coming in. it does look like it doesn't change much around here. in philadelphia, people stay until they die and when they die their children come in. the osification of leadership --
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to bring a fresher set of eyes to it. not the same old same old. we're looking for new leadership in this city. >> and not seeing so much of it. >> let's go back to tom wolf the businessman who won the preliminary race to be in the november final with the governor, 20 points up on govenor corbett. here's the survey to show the last time they checked it. he is at 53%. corbett 33% undecidedl -- undieded 11. >> there was a are as -- are al that leans republican. i think there's good news for channel 6 and all the tv stations. >> a lot of ad revenue. >> both sides will be well
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funded and there will be a tremendous mendsous campaign for governor in pennsylvania. >> tom corbett is our governor so he is out there a little bit. corbett is running as if he is the challenger. >> tom wolf has a little bit of a halo. >> tom wolf is running at 3 entities. it's an up hill battle. it's 30% lead for a challenge, right after a democratic nomination that will be wiped out between now and closer to election time. i wouldn't count out the republican candidate on this one, pennsylvania history is on
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that side, incumbency matters. >> most people are writing off tom corbett nationally. it is interesting to see if the republicans, democrats, the new york times those leads will evaporate when we get closer to the race. tom wolf has been slow and steady. more democrats have to decide we have to get tom corbett out. tom corbett his own party people are not excited. >> almost one in three republicans are not supportive, that's the crushing number. >> here's an interesting study that was done by the university of penn where people are learning about civics or politics and how things work, jan was this surprising to you, because what we came up with was a show like stephen colbert
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where else playing a role on the show, his viewers knew more about campaign financing by watching his show at night. >> there's a transformation in the media. we were talking about the dismiels -- displays of newspaper and the proliferation of other forms of entertain him that are out there. it's not the 19th century when people went to the lincoln debates for entertainment. people have so many different choices and colbert merged entertainment with serious politics and was able to get a message through. >> he was able to teach what a pact is. diewnched it's interesting they -- do you find it interesting they don't go to the newspaper, fox news, it was
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co-bare. >> it's the insiders who like to read new yorker and c shf span it's the masses who are not interested in eating vegetables, you have to dip it in chocolate. upts to give them truitt -- you want to give them fruit you ever to dip it in chocolate. when you're entertaining, you mix it, it doesn't feel like it's in school. >> when we were kids almost we know how much a bill becomes a law watching schoolhouse rock. civics are not taught in school any more. you get wherever you can. how many people do i run into they do not have an-year-old what a block captain does versus a ward leader or committee person. now you have an entertainer who uses sources whether a
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newspapers used to do. >> let's talk about pennsylvania state government which appears will be trimmed down the line it takes forever with these things, but there's one step in the trimming direction, if you will. they are trying to eliminate 55 ledge -- ledgelegislator seats. pennsylvania has the biggest legislature and the most expensive after california and new york. >> you did mention a leadup. they proposed cutting the judiciary i'll speak to my fell experts which is absolutely ridiculous. pennsylvania has -- 17 other
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states has more justices and the superior court has significant backlog, nobody why they added the judiciary to the constitutional amendment. it's reform it's still pennsylvania and they have to vote on themselves in two concurrent sessions which means two years. >> jeff is right, nobody should hold their breath even for this one. under the most optimistic scenario it would wait until the 20/20 consensus is completed. we're talking about 2022 election. it's a good idea, i'm surprised it has gotten as far as its gotten in both houses of the legislature. i don't think it goes far enough. i think the judiciary was thrown in to say everybody sacrifice here. if you meant a radical pro asal,
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go -- proposal go uni like michigan did. >> if you want to consolidate power in the hands of the fewer, then let's talk about saving a few pennies or a few dollars in the longer context that will be a tear drop in a rainstorm. in terms of power consolidation fewer numbers of legislatures that's what you want -- >> in vermont they have a large legislature they make $100 a year, ours makes 84,000 a year. >> when you look at it enmalice, it's millions of -- enmass, it's millions of dollars, we're talking about billions of dollars. it's far less than the overall
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spending. people are saying i can't stand this lawmaker, they are sitting around and doing nothing, blah blah, it's not getting to the heart of reform. if you want to limit the power, already people say i don't have enough face time with our legislator. >> let's talk about the local newspaper industry that had its bumps in the last two decades, they had a events takes place when lewis katz was killed in a plane crash. now his son will step on board with gerry lynn fest, do think any pause in this will be hard on the stafferrer, waiting for
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something good to happen. 2008 economy went bankrupt, now another change and a death. do you think it's one more thing. >> people are excited. >> clearly a tragedy for the katz family, he gave by the way a great commencement address on may 15th which is up on the temple website if anyone wants to see it. but one of the great things that's happened already since the change of ownership or the clarity of other than there's two comments columns. >> a lot of people i've been speaking with in the newsroom they feel heartened they think we're on the right path. they feel good built leadership.
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we were talking about youthful leadership drew katz is a younger man to try to offer new insights. people are optimistic and hopeful even though they are trying to get through a tough time. >> we have a former inside panelist, was a former owner of the newspaper is being brought on as an advisor. else a deep think, regardless of the past experience, it was financial. i think you'll see a substance focus on journalism. i think inquirer and the media entities they don't focus on the journalist solution focus it's a snapshot of problems. >> all right we'll have more inside story after this, stay with us.
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>> welcome back to inside story, budget issues are forcing the philadelphia archdiocese to close 16 additional parishes, a lot of folks upset because their local parish is closing. attendance is down 15% from a decade ago. that's a challenge. donations continue to fall. they are trying to really get the best number of people in the
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right spot without hurting the church overall. fewer priest available overall. where do you think this is heading. it's decision hartening it's -- heartening its continuing to happen. >> it is. you didn't see as much about this this time, reveals is -- vis-a-vis lewis katz passing. the church i would give them credit for how they are communicating they have learned tough lessons. doesn't seem like the trend will turnover. >> is it a sign of the times people are more overt in their religion off? >> you have orderly generation that is dieing off. some of the parishes are not clear what the criteria is as far as this church closes and this church merges i think that
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needs to be communicated out. if it is going to be a kind of of renewal and rebirth you ever to cut down and go back. >> the archdiocese had the money to bailout monsignor lynn from the child abuse charges and launch a legal challenge against the affordable care act and contraception. >> it's a question of priorities where the church wants to spend its money. >> if you were a member of the church would it be disheartened on that. >> sounds like a lot of parishners are not happy with the choices the archdiocese has made. >> how do you feel about that ajay do you feel on owe -- do they stand on religious
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principal or moral principle. it's not just about catholic faith, but faith in general. people are not using churches and temps as a beacon that everybody comes together for community. there are different organizations and entities and pockets of folks that fill that void for folks today. in the past you had a center for economic job creation with a center for togetherness and faith and renewal. people are moving on. there are fewer block busters today because -- blockbusters today because there's netflix. to the larger point, the social issues those are decision that are made at one level may not be symbiotic with the parishners. >> there's the convocation of families coming up next year that will be a tremendous
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expenditure. >> new jersey elections the race for rob andrew's seat is heating up, it's pitting john new craft against gary cobb who is a republican. let's start with jan because he is a legal professor. >> i'm more interested in the senate rails -- race where jeff bellows is taking on corey booker. what chance do you have knocking off a celebrity senator. >> he said in 1970, there was a jeff bell knocked off case. >> republicans they are going to be competitive. gary cobb looking for someone outside the mainstream. whistles pleased from a
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competitive standpoint was mcarthur winning against lonegan. new jersey said no, i think that's going to be a competitive race in congress. i think it bodies well to have -- bodies -- bod. he -- bodes well for them. >> inside stories of the week coming up next. stay with us.
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>> time for inside stories of the week, let's start with jeff. >> we have an interesting three weeks coming up in harrisburg. our budget is dubai june 30. -- due by june 30. i look for governor corbett
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becoming more flexible could we see an extraction tax for the gas industry. could we get movement on the state liquor stores being sold. medical marijuana look out for these issues coming up in the next few weeks. >> you are saying the money would be applied to education. >> we have a 500 million-dollar gap in expenditures versus revenues, something needs to be done. >> thanks to obama administration lacks i immigratn enforcement policy we're experiencing an surge of immigration at our southern border, so much so unaccompanied minors are crossing in record numbers. the number is up 90% this year over last year, 90,000 unaccompanied minors are expected to cross the border into the united states this fiscal year alone they get housing and schools and support and medicaid, it's a tremendous
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mendsous problem for the administration among the many scandal that they are dealing with. >> ajay. >> monica, last night the green tree school honored steve harm harmalin. he was the quarterback for moving the barns to center city he was the architect one of the main players with the constitution center to get a historical document in philadelphia. when you listener to it, it sound like four different people who were getting the award, he is a unique and great leader. a partner in my firm. >> on this show we bee -- bemoan the fact that we we have too many single households.
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the father's day rally encourages father to come out and be involved in the the their sons and daughter. dr. bill could cosby will be th. it will be a baseball game at the end of the event. >> thanks for the insiders for their ideas, and thank you for watching. hope to see you back here next sunday morning. >> i'm brian taff up next on "action news" today it's a busy sunday for water department crews after a massive water main break overnight. the driver of the big rig that slammed into comedian tracy morgan's limo has turned himself in. it's time to dream big. it's the powerballing jackpot -- powerball jackpot hit a quarter
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bill mark.
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