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tv   Action News  ABC  June 9, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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you know the value of a healthy improvement. and so does gateway health. that's why we're so excited to welcome university of pennsylvania health system to our network of care. for a medicare advantage plan that gives you all the healthcare coverage, quality and choice you need, call 1-877-gateway. medicare assured from gateway health, a better way. ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with rick williams, sarah bloomquist, and meteorologist david murphy. good afternoon. rick will be along a little
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later. in the news this noon, philadelphia police are hunting for a burglar who has been preying on scattered showers businesses governor christie staff telling what he knows about the closures on the george washington bridge. the big story on "action news" this noon, the start of a week of unsettled weather. sky 6 checking out the gray skyline. and david murphy with more. >> sarah, stormtracker live double scan showing this morning's rain departing but this area, harrisburg, lancaster, reading, where we think more activity will pop later this afternoon. so far so good. part of what has us concerned though shows up on satellite. in the morning we got some clearing, at least temporarily in central and western pennsylvania. when you get the sun into an
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unavailable atmosphere like today it can cook things up leading to afternoon showers and thunderstorms. and futuretracker showing you until 2:00, 3:00 there is a chance some of this stuff begins to erupt. every now and then we will heavy a heavier downpour, a fair amount of moisture in the atmosphere and the model showing a fairly good number of larger cells that if you get stuck under these this afternoon or early this evening, it will create ponding and puddling on the roadways and localized street flooding if it happens. obviously not raining the rest of the way, but where it does it can be heavy. after 10:00 or 11:00 it is pretty much off the board. and warm out there. oxford 75, 73 in chester. and high numbers and almost 80 in delaware, dover and smyrna and schocooler by the beach.
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when the dewpoint is over 60 it is an indication we are experiencing humid air. if you get it between 65 and 70 it is pretty darn humid. and a twitter follower tweeted me, holy humidity and you can see as we high have dewpoint readings and it is sticky air. if you have plans to head to the playground or anywhere else keep cool water handy, it is a warm one. temperatures in the low 80s between 2:00 and 4:00, and have your app handy on the smart phone showers could erupt in the afternoon. it is a good week to have stormtracker 6 with you in your pocket or perhaps just keeping an eye on it on because this humid, unsettled pattern looks like it is with us through the end of the workweek. details on that coming up in the seven-day. >> holy humidity. i like that, david. >> that's what she said. >> thank you. you can be really for the weather whatever it brings following the forecast any time with our free stormtracker 6
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app. live radar, hourly forecast and any weather alerts for your area. a court hearing postponed for later this week for the driver of the big rig that slams into tracy morgan's limo. and keven roper charged with debt by auto and four counts of assault by auto. saying roper failed to slow for the stopped traffic in front of him and the crash killed james mcnair and criticalally injured morgan and others. and he could be in hospital for weeks with a broken leg and fractures. and resuming on the rail line after a person struck and killed by a train near the queens lane station in east falls. the police don't know why the victim was on the tracks at the time and investigators on the scene most of the morning, which
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caused the suspension of some train service. but again, septa's manayunk/norristown railli railline -- rail line on time again. and the police charged a new york man in connection with the road rage murder. 34 year old christopher fields behind bars at this hour awaiting arraignment. fields they say was riding with the new york chapter of a motorcycle club and they surrounded a car driven by todd riley who you saw there at fifth and the boulevard on saturday night. the police say riley got out of the car and got into an argument with the bikers. that's when fields allegedly pulled a gun and shot riley several times, killing him. his girlfriend was wounded. officers were right behind the motorcyclists and quickly made the arrest. the murder weapon was recovered. all police officers in las vegas are riding with a partner as a precaution following yesterday's deadly ambush.
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the shootings claimed the lives of two veteran officers, and so far no one is sure of the motive for the shooting. we have the latest. >> the authorities say it was an ambu ambush. two police officers eating lunch in the a pizza place at this shopping center when a man and woman walked in opening fire. >> what precipitated this event we do not know. my officers were simply having lunch. >> one of the officers shot back, but both cops, 42 year old allen beck and 32 year old igor soto were killed. >> they tooked the officers ones and ammunition from them on the way out the door and made a statement something to the effect of "this is a revolution" and the male repeated it and the man and woman fled across the street to a wal-mart.
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>> i saw the gun and he said it was a revolution. >> and in wal-mart a third person shot and killed. and they rush the scene and some enter from the front seeing the body and some from the back and encounter the suspect and engage in gunfire. and then the man and woman carry out a suicide pact. >> and a short time later shots were heard and it appears that the female suspect shot the male suspect and took her own life. >> and they searched an apartment belonging to one or both of the suspects and the police still don't have a motive. an 18 year old woman speaking out about a man who lured her to his apartment with an ad on craigslist. the suspect, kevin cornish placed an ad for a home health aide. at first appeared to be
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legitimate, but when she went to his apartment saying cornish raped her. and he asked her to drive her home and that's when she made her mistake. >> and i put my bags in the hand and got out of the car and started running. >> if they were afraid of him. they don't have to be afraid of him. he was in jail. we have a strong case against them. if there are other victims, they have to come forward and tell their story. >> after the police arrested cornish they found other applications for jobs and fear there are more victims. if you have information call the upper darby police. the philadelphia police say a series of burglaries committed by the same man. he broke into springboard media and stole tablets. and then they say he stole a car from south 16th street. and last week they say he broke
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into chatter blast and stole even more computers. they will be dealing with another mile and a half of headaches starting tonight. construction, which has been underway is expanding north to allegeny avenue. it is a $212 million project the second largest ever for penndot. the work done from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and drivers can expect uneven services and delays. and chris christie chief of staff testifying about the bridge scandal. he is the highest ranking member of thes administration to appear before the legislative committee investigating the closures on the george washington bridge. he has already told the attorneys that he learned of the traffic jam four months after they happened.
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christie's attorneys named ex-staffer bridget kelly as the mastermind behind the plan. the co-owner of california chrome is apologizing for strong statements he made. interviewed right after the race on saturday, he said it wasn't fair because the winner, totalist, didn't run in either of the first two legs of the triple crown. and he called it the "coward's way out" but this morning had a change of heart. and he spoke on "good morning america" to take back what he said. >> i need to apologize to the world and america, our fans that have written us and given us so much support. i apologize. i sincerely apologize. >> and he also apologize informed his wife, and did on the air again this morning. california chrome, it is headed
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back to california with an injury to his foot that he suffered during saturday's race. and he said that the horse would be ready to race again in a few weeks. still to come on "action news at noon," the search area for the missing malaysian airliner is moving again. and hugh jackman hops to it as host of the tony awards. and "action news" volunteers ready to help you with any consumer i
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>> the pakistani taliban taking credit for a brazen five-hour assault on the airport in karachi that left 18 people dead. the gunman pulled off the assault at the busy airport by disguising them as guards. and they say it was in retaliation for a drone strike that killed their leader. threatening even more attacks and for five years waged a campaign to oust the u.s.-allied government in pakistan. and family of the missing airline is taking action. they launched a drive hoping to raise $5 million for further investigation and reward for anyone with concrete information on what exactly happened to flight 370. in the meantime the search area
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shifting again as investigators revise some of the calculations about the plane's whereabouts. malaysian authorities held a news conference this morning to reassure families that they will find the plane. today the veterans administration releases its internal audit on scheduling practices at hospitals neighboringswi nationwide. and they have been under scrutiny nor thes delays, primarily at the medical center in phoenix. other hospitals may have had similar problems. and the acting veteran secretary, gibson, says he wants to overhaul the department and return trust to the network. and nature's light show across central minnesota. this was shot in the town of st. cloud but it was the lack of cloud cover allowing for the view. and it happens when particles
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♪ >> financial news this noon. more people are back in the job market following the recession. but there is a gender difference in the recovery. physician fr >> figure show men have fewer
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jobs than when the recession began, but women recovered all jobs lost. and the male-dominated field such as manufacturing or construction are changing or not coming back at all. but female-dominated continue to grow. and apple stock splitting hoping to attract instrefters. a share costs $92 compared to $647 when the markets closed on friday. the computer and electronics giant wants to issue more shares to existing stockholders and make more available to new investors. just ahead of the expected debut of the iphone 6. apple is already the world's most valuable company. "healthcheck," schools winding down in the delaware and lehigh valleys, but child experts say the learning should not stop. studies show what majority of kids lose about a month worth of math or reading skills over the summer. to prevent the brain drain,
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psychologists suggest that parents turn play into learning. and practicing multiplying, if
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>> topping the people scene, broadway tipped its hat to the best at the tony awards. and picking up honors for the performance of president johnson. and winning sixth tony award.
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and host hugh jackman cececcilily y tytynanann w wasae weather on "good morning america" and adam joseph will finish out "good morning america" filling in for ginger guessing married over the weekend. meteorologist david murphy in our own studio who didn't go there. we need him, there is some action. >> there may be. we said good-bye to the morning rain and on the look out to the west for development of additional showers. nothing out there right now. if you have plans to get out and r run errands early you are ok.
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and some folks are squeezing out beach time ahead of showers that may develop in the afternoon. when you are on the beach this season head in if you hear thunder. and the dewpoint, boy, it's not like it's oppressive humidity but when you get a dewpoint in the upper 60s it is pretty good humidity and it probably feels stick ier because we haven't ha much. and 68 in trenton, and toasty numbers from about philadelphia over to the west and south. dover, delaware 77 degrees. 78 in millville. and 81 we jumped up to 81 in wildwood. most spots on the beach are going to hold in the upper 70s today. satellite and radar showing you how there has been a lack of cloud cover to the west. now it is kind of closing in a little bit. we may squeeze out sunny breaks in the afternoon and then looking at the development of possible showers and a thunderstorm to the west. and again, futuretracker 6 shows us between now and 3:00, and then up to the dinner hour there
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is the chance of not raining everywhere, but a chance of some showers, in some cases they can blossom no good downpours that will slowly move over any given area. yep, some problems with ponding and puddling on roads where that happens. by 10:00 or 11:00 tonight it looks like we are in the pink and the clear, ok. in allentown, 77 the high today. humid and clouds maybe some sun. and there's a chance of a shower or perhaps a spotty thunderstorm. and 70 in the ocean water after atlantic city. in the beach probably stopping at 76 or so in most locations. it will feel a little humid and it is one of the situations where about might feel more humid once you get back off the beach a couple of blocks. 82 the high in philadelphia. clouds, perhaps some sunshine and humid conditions out there with a chance of a shower or storm popping up in some neighborhoods later in the afternoon and into the evening. 67 the overnight low. any storms taper off early. and there is a chance of some
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fog developing in some spots early in the morning. and it is possible depending on how the dice rolls that some of you may have a little slower commute if you help to get caught in a shower or thunderstorm. if you can avoid that, you are in the 80s and no big problems keeping you away from home any longer than unusual, it depends on whether up hit the showers. and tomorrow, in the same humid forecast. and in the broadcast, through the noon hour and up until didn'tary chance of possible spotty showers. not a washout but a little unstable. and the seven-day 82 and warm and humid and showers possible. tomorrow warm and humid and showers possible. wednesday sticky and 81. and could see a pop-up shower here or there wednesday. and spotty through here. and getting into thursday and friday and up to 85, and warm and humid. it is these days where we have larger system coming at us and it could trigger a better chance of rain, some showers and perhaps drenching thunderstorms.
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we are hoping for some quick-drying on saturday sarah, and some of the models have us bone dry all day long and sunday looks great. getting better soon. >> thanks. and "action news" team working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. another attempted attack on a female jogger into a different township and the details on the website. and follow-up days half two gunmen terrorize a local churches chicken employee. and video of how violent those men were. that does it for "action news at noon." now for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great afternoon. ♪
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>> ah. hey. how are you, buddy? what's up? what up? what up? what up? what up? hey, hey, hey! hey. how are you? how are you? >> i'm good. >> come on. [cheers and applause] yeah! hello and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant has a weird obsession with abraham lincoln. [laughter] from secaucus, new jersey, give it up for maria amato. [cheers and applause] what's up? so... >> i know. >> you got to tell me-- abraham lincoln. >> i know, i know. okay, so, i don't-- i can't explain it. >> you can't? >> but he's, like, the one kind of figure in history that is so iconic


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