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tv   Action News  ABC  June 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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flames. it is the breaking news from philadelphia international airport tonight. a fiery scene caused a closure of one of the terminals.
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it shutdown access to arriving. smoke could be seen billowing above the airport. monday night. jim is off. i am rick williams. the latest on this fiery breaking news from the airport. going live to dune dune a dann t the scene. >>reporter:everything is under control. some nervous passengers didn't know what was going on when a park and jet shuttle bus erupted in flames followed by a couple of explosions. they shot this spectacular cell phone video. the entire vehicle was engulfed. >> it was blazing away. it was a cabin at the front end at first. it escalated to what appears to be a bonfire. >> flames, the bus was parked. people were running and nervous. i didn't understand what happened. i didn't he see when it first
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boom. i heard a boom all the way to another terminal. >>reporter:vince gallagher heard a boom too. >>reporter:fearing for passengers inside the debaggage claim area. they were evacuated to terminal c. >> the tires were popping where it was situated it could blow out the windows. >> i was nervous. i didn't know what the boom was especially with things that were happening across the country. i didn't know if it was terrorist attack or something negative. i was hoping that folks got out safely. >>reporter:the driver was the only one on the bus that was able to get out safely. no injuries whatsoever. the police don't suspect
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anything criminal. the fire is under investigation. operations have resumed back to normal. live outside of the philadelphia international airport i am dann cuellar. thank you. fire to rain it came with little warning. the streets were swamped. traffic in fo in i in norristowf fayette street. as quick as ilafayette street. there is a flood threat adam and a week of unsettled weather. >> it's di diurnal driven.
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and a linkerand lingering showes county. that is it. the 476 and the pennsylvania turnpike and plymouth meeting 3 inches. and willow grove 2 to 3 inches of rain. that is why you get the quick-rising water in a flash flooding. there were small streams and area roadways and the northeastern sections of philadelphia near the pennypack creek. that expires at midnight tonight. we are good to go early in this the morning. once again in the afternoon it's humid and warm. the scattered showers and downpours could cause the
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localized flooding. thank you. meantime the expansion of the construction zone of i-95 in philadelphia is not going on as scheduled tonight. it delayed wednesday night at 10:00 because of weather. it's the fourth largest phase of the billion dollar expansion of the highway. it is north to allegheny avenue. 160,000 vehicles use the stretch every day. delays afternoon up to 45 minutes. the phase could magnify traffic headaches. we are not half-way through the facelift. it won't be finished for another four years. you can get a handle on the traffic situation before you get in your car right from your smartphone. use the 6abc news app with high live camera feds.
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the app is free for apple and android devices. >> the truck driver that killed tracy morgan's friend and injured himself, driving a mart tractor-trailer. >> a terrible accident. the car flipped on its side. >> are you calling it in. >> no, i am calling it in. is the vehicle turned over? >> it's two vehicles and a walmart truck. >> the investigators say they don't know why the truck did not slow down for traffic on the new jersey turnpike. whether it's something mechanical or human error is to blamed. tracy morgan has a broken nose, leg and cracked ribs. >> they are surrounded by a swat team this morning.
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they are trying to find the person responsible for the phony 911 call behind it. meredith dunbar was feeding her horses. they received reports of a man with a gun that killed his family. in reality everyone was fine. the prank called swatting is not only dangerous but also illegal. >> if someone see as swat team and grabs a gun they are going to get shot. they are going to be killed. it's going to be the fault of these idiots that are making these swat calls. >> dunbar bleaches that the call came from scotland over skype. one of his break-ins took place in springboard media.
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all three burglaries -- there was a shark bite at delaware beach. it happened today. the teenager boy suffers gashes to his left arm. he was able to bat the shark away. they are opening the beach to allow the lifeguards and marine biologmabiologist to make sureb. >> time for some traffic problems in fort lee: dowd believe: del'snomination is su.
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>> there are building bridges with other republicans. they are supporting tom corbett which is a bruising re-election campaign. the critics were not far away. kenneth moton was there as voters took to the streets in protest. kenneth joins you live. >>reporter:chris christie was inside the area to help to raise money nor corbett's campaign. they were talking education cuts, layoffs and school closures. >> out of the town center they tried to penetrate the wall was protest against governors tom corbett and chris christie.
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the new jersey governor was raising money for his counterpart lagging in the polls. >> our school advice suffered tremendously this year. we can't do it day in and day out. >>reporter:at first, the large group set up at union league. the original venue. things changed marching over to comcast. >> all the teachers are suffering under the governor's education budget. we need money. >>reporter:they joined the ranks. governor christie was in camden talking about the variety of services that help children. >> our schools are closed in camden and new jersey.
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>> they were prompting a handful of arrests. governor christie and corbett made their exits through the garage. >> they put themselves in the building that they can't hear the people that they represent. we are upset here. the children are losing an education. >>reporter:governor corbett left the private fundraiser without speak the media. christie is the chair the republican governor's association corbett's largest and very big campaign donor. kenneth moton "channel~6 action news." >> thank you. a west philadelphia man is claiming responsibility. ernest pled guilty to the crash including felony charges drive ising on a suspended license. richard paterson and his pelt poodle were killed. he fled the scene and he will be
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sentenced in august. from our new jersey newsroom tonight a reminder that trenton will elect a new mayor tomorrow. they are choosing between two candidates. paul perez on the left right through and eric jackson on the right were the top two vote-getters to replace tony mack that was convicted on federal corruption charges and kicked out of offers. >> the v.a. hospital scandal hit home. how the veterans are treated. and a police chase where the suspect gets away at least for a while. how it ends and the surprise that you have to see. it's a class act as his son returns home for some shock and awe at his mom's graduation. >> 65 and 70, the humidity is spiking. we'll talk about the unsettled
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in accuweather. ducis sits down with a real talk with ruben amaro and the fill's and the rest of the season when "action news" comes right back. [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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in los angeles a man that climbed across rooftops kept the police at bay for five hours. it started when the police tried to arrest the suspect on a warrant. he drove off waving in and out of the traffic for 45 minutes before ditching his car. then he barricaded himself in a home with a rifle. they forced him out and made the arrest. details emerge about the husband and wife team about the ambush. they paint a portrait of
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antigovernment extremists. they were hell bent on murdering police and vocal about their plans. they gunned down two officers and draped their body was don't tread on me flag and a swastika. they also said that the revolution has begun. >> i believe they are associated with the nazi movement. >> they killed a customer in confronted them and then carried out a suicide pact. almost 60,000 veterans have been waiting three mont waitingr more. the audit is the first look of the v.a. network following mistreatment and cover-ups that forced a person to resign last
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week. they have the most new enrollees in the state rating 60 days for the appointment. more than 200 veterans had that wait time. the average wait time was 43 days. 94% get an appointment under 30 days according to the audit. philadelphia and five years in pennsylvania including horshams will require an additional review. the white house wants to ease the burden for americans that want to get a college degree. this cap the student loan debt payment of 10% of the borrowers monthly income. they let some of the borrowers to refinance their loans at lower rate. >>president barack obama:i want the americans to pay attention to see where the lawmakers authorities lie her. more for the middle class.
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this should be a no-brainer. >> the measure expand as law that covers though that started to borrow from the federal government after 2007. most college graduates leave school $30,000 in debt. well these are some of the young men and woman that benefit under the plan to reduce the college debt. 420 students graduated from haverford high school tonight. it was at pil pavilion of villaa university. someone she has not seen in months made a special trip to help to celebrate her achievement. sharrie williams has the story. >>reporter:excitement and joy as hundreds of college students received their hard earned degree. a mother of three that went back to school.
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the 43-year-old has no idea that paul robinson has driven from his base in virginia to personally present the degree. >> she gave her whole life. >>reporter:then the big moment. chopper [cheers and applause] >> her reaction was what i expected. exactly what i was expecting. i know that my mom is a big cry baby. corporal robinson is in town one night. he only found out this morning. >> when i went into work. hey roby robinson, aren't you supposed to be home with your mom. >> words cannot express. this is the next best thing. >> her husband charles jr. died
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after a battle of diabetes. they had to be strong for each other since his passing. >> i did a lot of things. i raised my children. i wanted to go to school. >> now they have her bachelor degree in resource management with her son by her side. >> my mom is one of my biggest inspiration. we are taller than her now. we don't forget who mom is. we know. we are all proud of her. >>reporter:in center city, sharrie williams. we are going to need an umbrella every day this week. the weather is not as nice. tomorrow all the way through friday as the pop-ups will be around. it is quiet out there. we have one little left over shower falling apart as it is pushes to bucks county. the flavor of the day it was
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warm and humid. dry for most and a soaker for others. so far not one day has hit 90 degrees in it philadelphia for a high temperature and in fact as you take a look at last decade in a half the last 15 years. 93% of that time over the last 15 years we already hit 90 degrees at least one day. this will we the latest that we have not hit 90 degrees since 2003 and specifically on june 23rd. so it's a little later to see the temperatures not climbing above 9. right now 73 in philadelphia. a warm, muggy 71 in reading. 71 for wildwood and dover. at the shore upper 60s. no relief it's muggy when you step out the front door the. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar, we had the downpours and thunderstorms erupting along the pennsylvania turnpike. it was dry to the south and dry to the north. some will be the same as we are
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in this pattern where low pressure area and the upper part of the atmosphere is stuck over the breaks carving the jet stream down to the tennessee valley. we are in the warm humid section right now. it's holding a lot of water. when it does rain it wrings out the atmosphere in the heavy downpours. 2:00 in the afternoon they will be hit-or-miss throughout the region. this evening they will fall apart as we get deeper into the evening hours as we lose the daytime higdaytime heating. exclusive seven-day forecast pop-ups. on wednesday humid. 81 degrees. if there is one day this week there is less of a chance of storms it would be wednesday.
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thursday is warm and humid. a warm front arrives in the afternoon. downpours april storms. the most active day is friday with a cold front of 85 degrees. it does wipe everything out of here in time for the weekend. saturday morning clouds, afternoon sun and father's day is looking good. 84. monday is warm. not bad. 90 dre90-degree days. they emceed the cradle of liberty gala. it brought bernie prazenica to the union lead.
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. ducis rodgers is here with sports. the phillies didn't lose tonight. >> they didn't win either. they were off. enjoying night noenjoying mightt word. they have the worst record in the league. what ails the team? we are more than a third of the way in the season. amaro knows that the phillies are running out of the time. >> we have not canned the season as of yet. there may be a point at some point where we do not begin to play consistent baseball we are going to have to do things to
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turn around. that may be an act of looking forwards more of the future than the present. >> as for cliff lee ruben is close to be pain-free. he had an elbow sprain. he should be back in rotation in three weeks. >> and retired by the lakewood blue cloths tonight. he had a 0.84era tha 0.84 era t. they signed marcus smith to a four year contract. he's the last of eagles last seven draft picks to put ink to paper. they are going to another o.t.a. rick foles is still on his rookie deal.
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he signed a deal with the 9ers. he's not focused on the numbers. >> you get a contract like that. you know i have to continue to proprove that every day. >> he and a sweep with the proprove that every day. >> he and a sweep with the rangers. hall: oh oh, here she comes, proprove that every day. >> he and a sweep with the rangers. hall: she's a... oates: scary lady oates: she's an angry tiger hall: she's a mangobbler oates: eater hall & oates: she's a maneater ♪ oh oh, here she comes ♪ watch out boy, she'll chew you up ♪ ♪ oh oh, here she comes
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subject to credit approval. this year's come back kids are l.a. kings. the heroics gave them a two run lead in the finals. jeff carter scores a goal. the kings win 3-0. taking a 3-0 series lead.
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>> finals with the spurs. and lebron james scored a game high 35 points. he had the home advantage. and game three is in miami. coverage begins at 8:30. you can see the game on your mobile device by downloading the watch abc app. >> and these kids were not alive back then. jordan surprised a grade school place in charlotte, north carolina. one kid asked jordan if he was still friends with characters cs from space jam. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards karen rogers with traffic.
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for ducis rodgers, cecily tynan, jim gardner, the entire "action news" team, i am r >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, tom cruise. from "mistresses," alyssa mylano. and music from boyz ii men. with cleto and the cletones. and now, right back at you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] it's been a hot


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