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tv   Action News  ABC  June 11, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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th let's go to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> we'll start you on the big board with storm tracker storm 6 live double scan picking up showers and thunderstorms that have been inching in from the west. lancaster still dry, harrisburg has seen this pop through. if you're in lancaster and reading and perhaps wilmington, we're going the keep our eyes on this but it does look like it's going to fall apart a little bit as it pushes toward the east and we'll see something a little bit later on towards the end of the rush hour out of that. elsewhere a little fog here and there that might produce mist on your windshield. satellite shows you there is some sunshine farther to the west but we expect mainly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks today and occasionally a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm is possible. 70 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. it's a little bit mug knee out there. 70 in allentown, 70 in wilmington, 71 in reading. still 67 in both sea isle city and at the boardwalk in allentown. as we -- nor atlantic city, excuse me. and as we head out the door upper 60's between 6:00 a.m.
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and 8:00 a.m. patchy fog in a couple spots and lots of clouds. as we go through the day a-high of 77, we'll hit that at about 3 o'clock. you can see by 9 o'clock we're still in the 60's but we're going to spend most of the day in the 70's. again clouds, some sunny breaks and a slight chance of a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm although overall there's probably less of a chance of that today. that changes tomorrow karen. more showers on the way. details coming up. >> we're getting more details on a horrible accident in hamilton township. police are telling us someone is entrapped in a vehicle on route 50 in mays landing and it is closed in both directions while emergency workers converge on the scene right now at south county boulevard stick to cologne avenue to avoid any delays right there and we'll keep you up to date on that accident scene. we've had a couple accidents out there, this one involving a deer eastbound route 422 right at 29, so watch for some possible restrictions with that accident. in hatfield township montgomery county getting word of an accident here as well on
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bethlehem pike and north broad street. it's early but yet a few accidents and problems out there. when we look outside other schuylkill expressway at montgomery drive we see no weather-related problems. some spots the roads may be a little damp from some misting but eastbound traffic headed towards center city moving just fine at this point. a few accidents we're tracking in some of the suburb, matt. >> thanks karen. new here on "action news" a philadelphia mother and her boyfriend were charged overnight in connection with a grade school drug scare. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside john barry promise academy in west philadelphia. katherine. >> reporter: and, matt, we're told that school counselors will be on hand today, one day after police say a little girl brought heroin to school. that girl's mother and her live-in boyfriend were charged overnight. 19 students in addition to that one little girl were taken to chop yesterday from here, john barry elementary school in west philadelphia. they were taken there to be checked out. "action news" was there as the girl's mother arrived at the school yesterday.
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she and her boyfriend were taken in for questioning. undercover drug officers searched the parkside home on viola street and overnight police confirm the two were charged with endangering the welfare of a child, possession of narcotics and recklessly endangering another person. investigators say the girl brought 11 bags of heroin to her first grade classroom. a teacher spotted a child chewing on one of the packets, sending the school into emergency mode and 20 students went to chop. all of the children were medically cleared. they were also interviewed by police at the hospital. "action news" did speak with some of those parents outside chop. >> child is seven years old. that's the last thing he needs to be exposed to is a drug like that. >> reporter: and police did recover some marijuana after searching a home. we're told that little girl is now in the custody of dhs. we're live in west philadelphia, channel rin scott channel 6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. a sheeting in camden left man in serious but stable
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condition. the action cam was on the scene near tenth and sheridan streets overnight. police say a man in his 20's was slot in the back. the bullet pierced his ribs but so far there's been no arrest. a bulletproof vest was a life saver for a bucks county police officer. not from gun but from a knife. matthew miller has been charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. he's accused of slashing bensalem officer michael jachimski in the stomach then stealing his police car during an attempted arrest. jachimski tracked down miller he on woodhaven road after he reportedly escaped from county prison. miller's bail is set at five million dollars. >> today is the deadline to finalize the deal to sell the philadelphia inquirer and due to a last minute decision philanthropist gerry lenfest will be doing the deal alone. the son of the late lewis katz has announced that the family is pulling out of the partnership. drew katz says it is due to the turmoil of the last 10 days. lewis katz was killed in a fiery plane crash in
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massachusetts just four days after inking an $88 million deal to buy the papers with lenfest. drew katz issued a statement that reads in part "i believe strongly that the organization would be in excellent hands under the ownership of gerry lenfest now and in the years to come." lawyers for lenfest did not return requests for comment. >> this one is a jaw dropper in the political world. house majority leader eric cantor has lost his primary beaten by a little known college professor. cantor was one of the most powerful republicans in washington and the number two man in congress. now if you want to know how big is this? cantor is the first sitting house majority leader to lose since 1899. his opposition with tea party candidate dave brat whose primary issue was opposition to immigration reform. >> the reason we won this campaign is there's just one reason and that's that dollars do not vote; you do. [cheers and applause]
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>> this fall brat will face democrat jack trammel also a professor at the same college randolph make couldn't. >> a lot of people are comparing this to when tom foley was defeated, the first time a house speaker had been defeatd that way. so big stuff. >> big stuff out to the west of us but not so much here right now. storm tracker 6 live double scan does show you that there are some showers and some thunderstorms that we're produce -- were producing lightning, still strikes in lancaster and north and east of harrisburg. this is falling apart a little bit as it heads towards the:it's also moving very slowly so, so far so good. i do think that while there's a little sprinkle opening up ahead of this around reading the main rain probably holds off for another hour or so before it starts to threaten places like reading and perhaps chester county, southern chester county could get it within the next 15 minutes or so, at least that first cell and we'll keep watching it. it has a chance of falling apart a bit but we may still see some thunderstorms out of this as it continues to push
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east over the next couple hours. let's get you outside and we will take a look at sky 6 and we are down the shore and it looks kind of gray down the shore cape may, new jersey, hm, and kind of cloudy everywhere across the region. temperature right now is 70 degrees. the dewpoint is up there at 66. we do have some fog around that may be putting some drizzle on your windshield here and there. winds are out of the east at 8 miles per hour. satellite and radar showing up on future tracker 6 right now and as we go from now until noon, again those showers may start to push in later in the day. as we getd into midday hours doesn't look like a lot going on. rest of the afternoon clouds, sunny breaks and the slight chance of a pop-up shower or maybe a thunderstorm here or there. i think there's less of a chance for that today than it was the last couple of days though. 68 degrees by 8 o'clock, 72 by 11:00 and then we spend the afternoon in the mid 70's with a high of 77 probably around 3 o'clock this afternoon. clouds with some sunny breaks overall. and as we take a look at high
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temperatures across the region, up in allentown, 74, 75 in reading. not too much different, maybe a couple of degrees warmer in the i-95 corridor and down the shore today unfortunately you're stuck closer to the 70-degree mark with a fair amount of clouds around. if you're head to the phillies tonight, phillies trying to get two against the padres, cloudy and humid, spotty shower possible but i think there's a real good chance that the game is dry tonight. 73 for the first pitch and 70 for the ninth inning. and then tomorrow little better chance in the afternoon of some showers building in after about 12 o'clock i would say the best chance is from noon on and as you see by 5 o'clock there is the chance of not only some showers but some thunderstorms and maybe some heavier downpours and more of that coming on friday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today 77. we're getting a little bit of an ease back in that t it will still be warm and humid. clouds, sunny breaks and a slight chance of a shower around particularly this morning, maybe something pops later today. tomorrow humid and in the afternoon a better chance for showers, maybe a thunderstorm,
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a high of 81 and on friday we get a cold front coming at us that will very likely trigger not only some showers and some thunderstorms but some of these that could produce drenching downpours. i could see some of that on thursday but another chance on friday. a high of 83 on friday. the good news is that once this gets out of here we look at very fast improvement on saturday. there may be a little cloud cover in the morning but overall it's a day that features a lot of sun in the afternoon, lowering humidity and father's day looks great, sunny and warm and comfortable conditions. big story this week will probably be that rain thursday-friday and it could be heavy enough to produce some poor drainage area flooding, okay. >> okay, thank you david. it is now 5:39. on the edge a luxury house is declared off limits down south when a cliff starts to crumble. >> the manayunk arts festival is not just about art. fyi philly has a sneak peek of the festival including some of the delicacies you may be eating this year. karen. >> i always make it about food
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whenever possible traffic not too bad as you head towards girard, moving okay. getting more details, still this nasty accident in delaware in -- in south jersey. i'll get the very latest, head to the big boards and be right back with that. >> authorities release new information about the teen killed by a student gunman out west. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> 5:42. smart ideas from peco energy up on that building there in center city. see a little mistiness in there, a little fog and it's see a little mistiness in the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> let's find out what's going on around the region and go over to karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we've got one horrible accident scene and the details just keep coming in right now. this is hamilton township, new jersey, and literally just a second ago we were finding out that it's involving two dump trucks and a head-on collision and we're hearing that someone is entrapped in one of the vehicles. there could possibly be a fuel spill. a horrible scene here on route 50. they've shut it down in both directions. you can imagine with a situation like that the number of emergency workers that have to come to the scene. avoid it altogether. it's at south county boulevard in hamilton township not far from egg harbor city in mays landing. use cologne avenue as your alternate to avoid delays here on route 50 shut down in both directions and the details
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from this one just sound horrible. also hearing more details as matt and tam have been telling us about 495 and officials say now the southbound could possibly be opened at labor day and that's the earliest. so, we're looking at a long term situation with this and it's perhaps even longer than that as they continue to investigate what's going to help this situation with the bridge over the christina river. you can't use 495 between 12th street and terminal avenue for an extended period of time so during the summer if you're planning your beaches to delaware you have to plan around it. i-95 looking at no delays in delaware. 295 in this area usually runs nicely. right now looking at speeds of 65 miles an hour but even during the rush it's not as bad in that portion of 295 so you might want to head into new jersey to avoid the delays right there. looking outside this is the 30 bypass at 340. this is your eastbound traffic from coatesville f you're coming from coatesville maybe heading towards 202 you're looking okay. no delay or big problems. we saw maybe a touch of fog in
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one or two spots. it's really not bad. one points >> a lakeside luxury home in texas is about as close to on the water as you can get. it is now hanging off of a cliff along the lake whitney shore line. neighbors have been ordered to stay away from the property. soil and other debris is already fallen from the foundation of the home. the residence built in 2007 was valid before this at more than $700,000. >> rental in your. the school community gathered in portland last night for a candlelight vigil in memory of emilio hoffman. the 14-year-old was killed by a classmate yesterday. police later found the suspect slumped over in a bathroom after apparently taking his own life. students describe the chaos.
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>> was banging on the door saying there's a guy with the gun let us in. we let him in. we sprinted to our weight training room and we hid in there. >> he was carrying a gun running after one of our teachers, our pe teacher who actually ended up getting shot. >> phys. ed. teacher todd risler was injured. he ran to the office and initiated the school lockdown. police are not releasing the game of the gunman. >> happening today, defense secretary chuck hagel will testify at the first public congressional hearing on the bowe bergdahl controversy. hagel is expected to defend the prisoner swap that enabled the sergeant's release by explaining that the u.s. was assured that the freed taliban officials would be monitored. during a brief yesterday some republicans and some democrats criticized president obama claiming he violated u.s. law citing that congress must be notified 30 days before such deals are struck. >> this weekend is the 25th annual manayunk arts festival.
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melissa maggie checks out new places to eat while you're checking everything out including main street's taco-erie feliz. >> you hit immediately with all the vibrant colors. draws you right in. >> we like pop, we like a little bit of color. >> celebrating their first sumner manayunk the restaurant offers all to enjoy their mainstream take on the taco. >> tacos are a big emphasis of what we do. >> the chef has a staple, the baja fish taco. >> really nice summery item. >> their lam is a labor of love steamed for up to eight hours. >> that's kind of like our own american spin. they don't do that in mexico. >> for those who want to be more adventurous we have a different kind of dish. >> they're grass hospitallers many. i tell people it takes like
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corn nuts. >> that is literally from farm to table. >> tastes like chicken. [laughter] >> more on fyi philly saturday at 7:00 p.m. >> you know when they say it tastes like chicken. >> it doesn't its a grasshopper. >> it's 5:48 and there are new developments in the i-495 bridge closing in delaware. when drivers can expect that span to be reopened. >> a disturbing crime spree in new england involves a burglar who tickles his victims while they sleep. david. >> all right, guys, we're off to a warm and muggy start. dry across most of the region. some of you might have a little mist and drizzle from some patchy fog. if you're dressing the kids it's going to be warm so i think shorts and t's and i'm easing back to the rain gear because the chance of rain is really spotty. radar out to the west
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>> they say talk is cheap but this chatty bandit made off with a whole lot of money from a florida ban. surveillance cameras captured the robber appearing to talk on her cell phone during the hold up. it happened at a td bank in west palm beach. the woman is still on the run. >> a touch of fog. on the vine street expressway right now, we can see traffic starting to slow up as you exit off for the schuylkill expressway at this moment in center city. meanwhile mass transit new jersey transit patco septa subway and regional rails on time but certainly continue to expect delays with patco. none reported just yet, dave. >> on the big board we're continuing to watch storm tracker 6 live double scan with very good live images of some showers and some dying thunderstorms that are starting to push into lancaster. starting to get past harrisburg and getting a little bit closer to reading. reading itself actually is in the vicinity some of very light sprinkles but as this
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pushes toward the east while we do expect it to diminish a little bit there is the possibility that as we get into the second half of the rush hour that some of our western suburbs start to pick up some of this in the southwestern corner of chester county is already getting a little wet. that's the rain for this morning. don't know that it is going to make it all the way to the east but it's something we're watching. 69 degrees by 9 o'clock today, 74 by noon. generally speaking we're looking at cloudy skies with some sunny breaks. not as warm as yesterday but still muggy with a high of 77 around 3 o'clock and at times we have to allow for a spotty shower or a thunderstorm. not nearly as much of a chance of this today as there was yesterday overall, though, tam, okay. >> okay, good to know. thank you, david. all right. well, here on "action news" the mayor in california has apologized for a crude act. cameras caught san marino mayor dennis nayer tossing a bag of doing do in a yard. he casually tossed the waste not into a trash can but into the nearest yard. the mayor wrote a letter of
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apology to the property owner. new this morning boston beware. there's a serial tickler on the loose and it's not funny. police say the tickler has been sneaking into houses near boston college. apparently he's tickling feet while students are sleeping. over the past two year the suspect has been spotted at least 10 times and police say the odd bandit seems to be targeting men. >> my roommate woke up screaming and there was a man in his room and he had tickled his foot and was crouching by his bed. >> right now police say they do not have any leads. >> 5:53 now and up next, why it is going to be tough for many people to get to the delaware beaches this summer. >> also new details on a local mother who left her baby in the car while she went for a drink at a bar. that update is all new at 6:00 a.m. >> a full run down of our top stories is on our 6abc news app. a free and quick download up to date no matter where you
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>> a pop-up storm is to blame for this collapse at a gas station in newark, delaware. the action cam was on the scene at the university plaza shopping center near route 273 and chapman road as crews tried repairing the damage and getting that overhang back into place. new this morning, a cashier working during a store robbery faces charges now along with the suspected thief. authorities say this was all an inside job. 41 year old sayena moody called 911 when a armed man
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ran off with money in from a family dollar store. police say moody helped plan that holdup and was expecting a cut of the cash. moody and the suspected robber will be charged with robbery and prim all of the stolen money has been recovered. >> it will be a long road ahead for people eager to travel on the i-495 bridge in delaware again. deldot says the southbound lanes on the closed bridge will reopen by labor day at the earliest. the northbound side could follow a month later. the agency shut down both sides last week when engineers discovered tilted support towers underneath the bridge spanning the christina river. deldot plans to build entirely new foundations for the four tilting columns. >> 5:57 now and a bad fortune. a national chinese bistro confirms a possible customer security breach. >> the lehigh valley mother preparing to admit guilt for she could
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala program. meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday june 11th and here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking some storms to our west. see them right there. meteorologist, david murphy has the update on storm tracker 6 live. >> a passenger in the crash that injured tracy morgan speaks out about surviving that traumatic accident. >> and there will not be any lights in the sky on fourth of july in one south jersey community. find out what prompted officials to pull the plug. >> all right, let's take a look now at accuweather and traffic. david murphy my yard says thank you very much. it does not need another drink of water and karen has been watching some serious doings


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