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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  June 11, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight the d.c. shocker. the leading republican ousted. he spent nearly as much on steak dinners as his opponent had for the entire campaign and the other guy still won. are voters fed up? what's the message for washington. final moments on tape inside the walmart. the husband and wife shooters. guns drawn. what authorities captured on video and what they now know. tornado watch and the dangerous storms across much of the country. swollen rivers. and the warnings right now in the east. plus this home teetering on the edge and what's happened 20 years ago tomorrow. we couldn't believe what they're doing with that white broncho now.
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good evening on a very busy wednesday night. diane is back tomorrow. we begin with the massive upset in washington. the republican leader suddenly out. no one saw this coming including hip. eric cantor once a rising star in the republican party defeated by an underdog. cantor, less than he spent eating out. how did he explain his loss moments ago. abc leading us off. >> reporter: house majority leader eric cantor said tonight he's stepping down. not in disgrace but in a defeat he saw coming. >> i'm going to leave the political analysis to y'all. >> he lost to dave brat. an unknown college professor on a tea party wave. he orchestrated from his tiny
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virginia headquarters with only two staffers. how different were their campaigns? cantor $5 million, 50 times more than brat. candor wrote $9,000 checks for private jets brat spent at walmart. when we talked to brat last month he pulled up outside the capitol in his chevy. a stark contrast from the motorcade that made his rival seem unstoppable. >> i will be the voice of the people are he was caught off guard. in the final weeks the professor managed to beat back an on slot of tv adds. also in the corner, conservative radio which made him a star as the candidate blocking immigration reform.
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voters sending a clear message against the washington establishment. >> jeff, you learned of a meeting behind closed doors and some tears among the establishment. >> i'm told by republicans that speaker boehner cried a very emotional moment. he's been in the trenches with his house majority leader so long. a new fight about who is going to replace him. >> jeff, thank you. now to the new and dramatic video to the moment of crisis inside the walmart. the husband and wife team on a shooting spree. authorities have revealed they have a tape of the final moments. pierre thomas with the images and fbi warning coming for every american town when it comes to terror down the street. >> reporter: there they are barricaded in the auto section of walmart caught on tape. jared miller and his wife amanda, anti-government in the middle of a fire fight.
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amanda is wounded. he points his gun at her. she aims at him. listen to police as they watch it unfold. >> looks like they're shooting at each other. >>reporter: today authorities corrected the record. >> in fact, just prior to this video we see where the male was shot by police gun fire. >> reporter: this came after the millers had executed two police officers in a pizza place. draping with a swastika and a note. >> what happened to change these people into murderers we don't know. >> reporter: but could it have been prevented. neighbors said they told them they were preparing to kill police. yet those neighbors never called authorities and today we learned the police met with jared on three occasions. authorities said the encounters
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gave no hint of the violence to come. homeland security and fbi officials say they're concerned. a bulletin to warn police to be on the alert for anti government violence. a new federal task force has been launched and now emerging as a top threat. >> pierre, thank you. to the other shooting 24 hours ago at the high school in oregon. we are learning about the student gunman, what he was carrying. also new tonight, this image. look at the bullet hole in that t-shirt. that's the gym teacher who we have learned did something to save so much. abc news's david wright from the scene. >> reporter: police say the teenager responsible for this rampage was a 15-year-old freshman, jared michael padgett, who arrived on campus as though it were just another day. >> he arrived at school yesterday morning on the school bus, carrying a guitar case and duffel bag. >> reporter: inside the ar-15 assault rifle used in the
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attack. plus a hunting knife and a handgun, plus nine extra clips of ammo. the shooter obtained the weapons from his family home. the weapons had been secured but he defeated the security measures. >> reporter: authorities say padgett went straight to the locker room near the gym where he shot and killed fellow freshman emilio hoffman. football coach todd rispler saw what was happening and reached down the hall to sound the alarm. the gunman chasing after him, shooting. look closely at the coach's t-shirt there. that's a bullet hole! today the local mayor told me the coach's quick thinking saved lives. >> basically the lockdown was -- >> he's a hero. >> reporter: police say padgett's death was a suicide. but not clear is the motive for this attack. graduation set for tomorrow will go forward as planned but it will include a memorial.
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david. >> thank you. we're getting a clearer picture about a real danger on american roadways. how long had the drives in those tractor trailers been awake. the drive at the center of the crash involving tracy morgan in court. we learned something about his long commute before he began his work. abc's gio benitez tonight. >> reporter: truck driver kevin roper silent in court today, accused of slamming his walmart big rig into a limo bus carrying comedian tracy morgan. tonight, the n.t.s.b. is investigating roper's strenuous commute. they say he lives in georgia, but works in delaware. the accident happened in new jersey. prosecutors allege roper hadn't slept in more than 24 hours. morgan's writing partner was killed. morgan himself still in critical condition. and today, we're hearing first hand from friend harris stanton, who was also in the limo. >> it happened so fast and when it stopped tracy was on top of me. and i didn't see anyone else,
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>> reporter: police believe the truck driver dozed off at the wheel. the case now triggering an intense debate across the nation. daphne izer has been sounding the alarm since her son was killed in a crash with a tired trucker. >> 65% of drivers admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. >> reporter: truckers telling us they don't rest enough. >> reporter: truckers are now limited to 70-hour work weeks, but congress is moving ahead with plans to raise the limit to 82 hour, leading advocates like izer to worry the situation is about to get worse. roper pleaded not guilty. walmart telling us as the facts continue to unfold, we will review our transportation policies and procedures. david. >> thank you. we move on into the other developing headline involving the weather. 28 million americans on alert right now and this is what they're facing tonight. streets under water in palm
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beach, florida. up the coach in virginia. look at the skies. tonight is radar. those storms moving in to forecast in a moment. first, abc's clayton sandell on the flooding playing out right now. >> reporter: tonight, the treat of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms drenching the east. in north carolina, two girls were trapped when this tree fell on their house. in florida, a bolt of lightning ignited a two-alarm fire that left dozen's homeless. >> reporter: out west, too much water -- some rivers and streams are dangerously above normal. in denver, a ten year old girl and her parents had to be rescued by firefighters. >> the water goes fast. >> reporter: turbulent waters also aggravating the moment kevin ottomeyer's weekend rafting trip goes from adventure to nightmare. >> and it just takes your breath away as soon as you hit it. and when you're underwater and you don't have a breath, it was quite frightening at first. >> reporter: everyone on made it
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to shore, but a man who fell out of another nearby raft was killed. >> reporter: there are some flood warnings as thunderstorms move in tonight. dave. >> thank you. elsewhere let's bring in our meteorologist from our power house station in philadelphia, great to have you with us tonight. you were saying much of the country under severe threat. >> let's get to the main. one is a large area all the way from texas into parts of minnesota and also from north carolina into the ohio valley. these storms have a history of producing damaging winds and large hail. >> the system on the move over the next 24 hours? >> yes. shifting to the east. the violent storms moving into the gulf coast. as we head into friday it all expands northeast. flash flooding a big concern as we head through friday. >> thank you. one more image before we
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move on. this one from texas tonight. this home teetering after a chunk of earth gave way leaving it on the verge of falling 75 feet into the lake below. the family moved out a couple of weeks ago at the first signs of trouble. we turn overseas to accurir. taken over by a grouped linked to al qaeda. we remember that moment 11 years ago u.s. forces toppling the statue. abc's global affairs correspondent martha raddatz again tonight. >> reporter: with breath-taking speed and brutality the militants are advances towards iraq's capitol of bagdad seizing american supplied vehicles and weapons left behind by the iraqi troops we trained who are abandoning their post leaving hundreds of thousands of families running from the
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violence. the militants so ferocious and bar barrack that even al qaedady evowed them the islamic state across the nation. they have taken down one major city after another in just days moving and heading south. today it was tikrit that fell. saddam hussein's hotel where he was found hiding in a hole months after the u.s. forced him from power. we traveled to iraq and saw the growing violence in january. thousands already killed. >> two bombings here. >> reporter: retired general spent two years commanding troops in iraq. >> all the americans that i served with who served in iraq who died in iraq and who are wounded in iraq watching this unfold in the most unfortunate way possible and heartbreaking.
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>> martha, you have sources on the ground in bagdad. what are they senses tonight? >> reporter: residents are afraid to move around the city. iraqi military forces have been sent to form a defensive line just 20 miles there the capitol. but of course, iraqi forces may well just run. >> martha, thank you. to another crisis unfolding on the american border. small children crossing into the u.s. and many cases alone without their parents and then getting trapped in limbo. these images obtained revealing people sleeping on what looks like foil. what some are calling a humanitarian problem. jim avila with new video tonight raising new questions about a hidden america just now discovered. >> reporter: it is a huge humanitarian crisis on the border right now. a gigantic unprecedented surge of minors most without parents or guardians crossing our
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southern border and captured by the border patrol as seen in the photos and provided to abc news and texas congressman. they show the teens and younger children packed into cages on hard floors. advocacy groups complaining that 80% of the children had inadequate food and water supply. pastor john torez has been inside. >> i don't know how to explain it. they're holding them like prisoners. they're not prisoners. children. >> reporter: they're supposed to be transferred within 72 hours. and a more humane setting taken by a government camera last week and released today to abc news. a first look at where the children spend their time. cafeter cafeteria's, classrooms where english is taught. and gym class.
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a far different scene than these children's first stop in american custody. >> undeniably there is a problem of humanitarian proportions in the rio grand valley sector that we must deal with. >> reporter: most of the kids crossing illegal. are not from mexico but from challenge america. the number one point of origin is hon dur rasz called the murder capitol of the world coming here into the overwhelmed arms of the u.s. border patrol. >> thank you. our hidden america team will stay on this in the weeks to come on "world news." much more ahead on this wednesday evening. the couple who spent thousands on a trip of a lifetime left with nowhere to go. what happens when your home has been rented out without you even knowing about it? later, that dramatic moment in the sky. look at what the pilot saw over his shoulder. that is a dreamliner there.
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next tonight here to one of the hottest scams of the summer. almost 1/4 of americans say they stay in vacation homes they rent from the owners. what happens when the owner has no idea? >> reporter: retired couple john and nancy donor love to travel. >> we're trying to travel farther away. >> while we can. >> reporter: like so many, they turn to a vacation rental site, a popular way to find co accommodations. after clicking on the sites and right in their in-box. free laundry service. airport transfers and a 20% discount seemed like a great deal. he accepted it. wired the cash. even got a thank you e-mail with the rental agreement. then --
6:49 pm
>> the website disappeared and i said what's going on here. >> reporter: what about the company's address listed on that rental agreement? we tracked it down. but no business there. just this innocent guy's home. >> as far as scams go, this is an epidemic. >> reporter: here's one way they do it. you see home for rent online but a scammer is waiting to intercept your message and send you a offer without the real owners ever even knowing. we traced the apartment to a legitimate listing inside this new york city apartment building. the owner declined to speak to us on camera but told us people have literally shown up on their door step not realizing they have been scammed. >> reporter: two of the biggest rental companies, home away, and flipkey told us this happens to far less than 1% of their customers. that travelers should avoid communicating with anyone outside of their sight and to never wire money.
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. finally tonight, two young stars known for outrageous movies and willing to do anything to get a laugh. they got one from abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: seth rogan and james franco famous for their hollywood blockbusters. as for their homemade internet spoof that reached millions. it is a made made in comedy heaven. i want to ask you guys about your relationship. >> i consider him one of my closest friends. >> me, too. >> reporter: a friendship starting 15 years ago on the set
6:57 pm
of the tv classic "freaks and geeks". >> he was reading a book. >> i was like i get it. you read. but now like it's been almost 20 years and it's not a -- >> not an act. >> reporter: tonight they have given us a glimpse of the latest project, a comedy about north korea. >> want to go kill. >> i think the best comedies do deal with what might be a tough thing to make light out. >> franco and rogan played journalists who nailed all interviews kim jung hue. >> wouldn't be able to if it was straight drama.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: as for their next project, anything is fair game. >> it's not that -- >> were you about to say it's not that offensive? >> reporter: isn't consider yourself warned. diane is back right here tomorrow night. good night.
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