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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 15, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, zach braff. from "witches of east end," jenna dewan tatum. the annual belly flop competition and music from st. paul and the broken bones. and now, i'm not kidding, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thank you for to be with us
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here. i have an announcement to make. i've been giving it a lot of thought, and i think i might get a toe ring this summer. [ laughter ] i think i'm finally ready to pull the trigger. do they make rings for the big toe? because i like to make an impression. we have a cherished summertime tradition here at the show. to celebrate the start of summer every year in the back of our theater we set up an above-ground swimming pool. there it is. and in front of our theater on hollywood boulevard we set up an above-ground cousin sal. there he is. [ cheers and applause ] every year we up the budget on sal's t-shirt. you can see we're up to $7. [ laughter ] sal, what we're looking for, and correct me if i'm wrong, are people -- we're looking for people who are willing to disrobe. to change into a preowned swimsuit. and to belly flop into our pool. yes? >> yes. you said to get a fat guy, a hot girl, and then mixed ethnicity.
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's right. >> guess which one this is. >> jimmy: well, all right. which category do you fall into? >> i've been growing this for a while for this competition. >> jimmy: where are you are if? >> i'm from ireland. >> jimmy: well, you are from mixed -- well, maybe not mixed but to us you're of an ethnicity. what part of ireland are you from? >> as far north as you can go, bally castle. >> jimmy: you're here on vacation, i presume? >> that's right. it's my last day today. >> jimmy: it's your last day and you can go home. all right. this will be a great way to go out, then. do they belly flop in ireland? >> i'm sure they do, yeah. >> jimmy: you've not seen it yourself? >> no. >> jimmy: you understand the concept, though, right? >> oh, absolutely. i'm pretty good at it. >> jimmy: very good. so sal, send him through. how are you and where are you from? >> i'm from texas. i live here. >> jimmy: what is your name?
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>> amara. >> jimmy: amara. tell us a little bit of something about yourself while i come to my senses. >> i came here to model basically, so -- >> jimmy: you what? >> i came here to be a model. >> jimmy: oh, you did? >> yeah, right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: sal came to be a model too. and look what happened. guillermo, aren't you supposed to be watching out for stuff like that? >> i did. i sent him that way. >> jimmy: you sent him that way. i don't think we need to really ask you. you are absolutely allowed to participate in the belly flop competition. okay? so come on through. [ applause ] sal, round up a few people that look like they might be fun for this and send them through, okay? >> that's a good idea. >> jimmy: this will be fun. especially for those of you who have not gotten enough flopping from the world cup. did you watch this? did you watch the match between united states and portugal yesterday? i really don't know -- [ cheers and applause ]
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i don't know if i'm supposed to be happy or not. i guess we are. portugal was heavily favored to beat us, they scored in the first five minutes of the game. but then the united states scored two goals in the second half. everyone thought we had it in the bag. then in the 95th minute, we were 30 seconds away, maybe 27 seconds away from winning it. portugal 1k0rd again. well, the reaction -- i think this pretty much sums the reaction up. >> i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: we didn't lose but then we didn't win, it ended in a tie. for 90 beautiful minutes americans cared about soccer and it just bit us right on the -- portuguese superstar cristiano ronaldo made the cross that led to the game-tying goal. this is ronaldo. he's well known partly because he's so -- [ cheers and applause ] because he's so ugly. people know who he is. he doesn't even look real.
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he looks like a ronaldo doll. right? this is kind of scandalous. we have obtained the first ever nude photograph of ronaldo with his shorts off. and get ready, ladies. because -- there it is. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] if he was on "game of thrones" they would describe him as unsullied. very good. oh, hi, how you doing? [ cheers and applause ] take it easy, you. all right. still, though, as weird as it sounds, that tie might be the biggest win in u.s. soccer history. the u.s. will advance to the next round, what they call the knockout round, with a win against germany or a tie with germany on thursday, or if ghana and portugal tie on thursday, or if the goal differential, which is the total points falls in our favor, or if any one of the other teams gets malaria.
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if any of those things happen, we advance. it's very confusing. it could take up to a month after the final game to figure out who won. spain played australia today. they won it 3-0. with heart-pounding moments like this. it's our "world cup play of the day." ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] in dodgeball it would have been out. hey guillermo, what -- you've been watching. what's going on with the coach of the mexican team? >> oh, he's very happy we won. >> jimmy: he is very happy, yeah. mexico beat croatia today and their coach, miguel hererra whenever his team scores he goes nuts. here he is. and? [ laughter ] and? [ laughter ]
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and down to the ground. he is very happy, right? oh, look at this. okay, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] hi, everybody. how you doing? >> i've got to tell you -- >> jimmy: all right. so they're going to change into swimsuits in the parking lot. don't worry, it's very private, nobody will watch you changing. [ laughter ] an odd bit of baseball history was made this week. there's been growing concern about the safety of pitchers in the major leagues lately. a few of them have been hit by line drives and they had serious head injuries. so there's a company called isoblocks. they've been developing a protective cap. and the cap made its debut on saturday. san diego padres relief pitcher alex torres wore it. you can see -- real-life bobblehead doll. [ laughter ] it's like something like my mom
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would have made me wear to school that would still traumatize me 30 years later. but it's good, it protects your head. heads are important. i eat with my head. i really -- oh my god. have you been watching "the bachelorette"? [ cheers and applause ] i haven't either. i personally cannot wait to find out which part-time real estate agent andi is going to break up with in four months. but "the bachelorette," so much time and effort goes into creating a relationship that will be dead in a month. i mean, it's like setting up a pension plan for a goldfish. it's not -- [ laughter ] tonight andi and her remaining suitors went to italy where she immediately eliminated all of them and ran off with a handsome italian guy. no, she actually -- two men got the ax tonight. cody the personal trainer and j.j. -- really? j.j. listed his job title as pantsapreneur. i guess he sells pants.
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andi imagined trying to explain what a pantsapreneur was for the rest of her life and said he's out. he's out. tonight in the group date usually they do something fun like skiing or surfing or skydiving. tonight they gave everyone a lie detector test. isn't that romantic? it really was unbelievable. >> are you good in bed? >> yes. >> have you slept with over 20 women? >> yes. >> do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? >> no. >> by the way, the guy -- the guy who said he was good at sex got eliminated. and the guy who doesn't wash his hands is still in it. [ laughter ] so i guess andi has her priorities screwed up. [ cheers and applause ] should we go -- are they ready for us outside? all right. let's go outside right now. because we have to see what's going on out there. it's our eighth annual pedestrian belly flop competition.
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there's guillermo. [ cheers and applause ] guillermo? guillermo, how are the conditions out there? what's the weather like? is it windy? >> guillermo: no, it's great, the weather's nice, the water looks good. >> jimmy: would you say this is an ideal scenario for a high-level belly flop competition? >> guillermo: yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: thank you. let's meet our expert panel of judges. first up, a man who's seen hundreds of people plunge into water. the co-host of "wipeout," john henson is with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you doing, jimmy? >> jimmy: thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: john, is it true that -- i don't know if it's a federal law but a state law that says whenever people are krark into water clumsily you will be there? >> it's one that i have taken advantage of, yeah. >> jimmy: there you go. and our next judge, two-time "dancing with the stars" champion, a woman who knows how to win, cheryl burke. cheryl. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you, jimmy? >> jimmy: thank you for coming. cheryl, are there similarities
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between dancing and diving or belly flopping in this case? >> there's nothing similar. >> jimmy: nothing at all? >> nothing at all. i hate water. i hate to be wet. and i can't swim. so this is perfect for me. thanks for choosing me. >> jimmy: is there any chance you might get into the pool tonight, cheryl? >> depends on how much vodka i have tonight. >> jimmy: all right. load her up with ketel one. anchoring our judges' panel, the greatest diver in the history of pools, two-time olympic gold medalist greg louganis. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: hi, greg. >> how are you doing? >> jimmy: i'm doing well. greg, what is the secret to a perfect belly flop? >> for me, a really strong jump and really flat. if they bounce, that's extra points. >> jimmy: if they bounce. all right. guillermo, let's bring out our first flopper. hopefully he will bounce. and here he is. [ cheers and applause ] from ireland, the first international entrant into this competition. you look great in those -- what are those?
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>> speedos i think? >> jimmy: speedos. okay. all right. well, you look great regardless of what they are. this will not be your first belly flop, correct? >> never, no. i've done many, yeah. >> jimmy: you've done many, all right. >> years of practice. >> jimmy: there's a lot of pressure on you. you right now are the prohibitive favorite. and guillermo, count him down and let's do this. >> guillermo: three, two, one! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: a lot of action in that pool. and a lot of pressure on that ladder. maybe we can get six to eight people to hold that thing down on the other side. let's look at our instant replay now. you see -- oh, that was good. that was very, very good. in my opinion, but i am not one of the judges. let's go to the judges for their scores. we'll start with john. john?
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>> i didn't realize i was sitting in the blast radius, jimmy. >> jimmy: you are. john gives him a 9. >> we might need to fish him out of here. >> jimmy: cheryl, what do you think, cheryl? >> well, i am officially wet. so i give him a 7. >> jimmy: all right, cheryl is towelled up and she gives him a 7. and finally greg louganis. greg, you've seen so many dives. >> i'm pretty soaked too. but a 7. >> jimmy: a 7, wow, despite the fact that the judges are drenched. how do you feel about your score? i think you were -- they were a little hard on you because they have not seen any other belly flops yet. >> yeah, well. i've been practicing for years. that's the best i got. >> jimmy: well, you look great. and thank you. so here we go. let's go up to our next contestant. guillermo, who do we have on the board? >> hi, i'm amara. >> jimmy: that's right. how could we forget?
11:49 pm
now, have you ever done any belly flopping before? >> no. i never have done a belly flop. >> jimmy: you've never attempted one. you understand the concept, though, yes? >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: and you understand that you will get extra points if your stomach comes out red. >> i do now. >> jimmy: you do now, okay, all right. do you have any questions before we do this? >> no. >> jimmy: is there any sense that i'm just killing time so we can stare at you? >> i guess now i know. >> jimmy: all right, guillermo, let's have a countdown, please. >> guillermo: three, two, one! >> jimmy: and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's take a look at our instant replay. and amara leaps in, and i have to say, pretty good form. she doesn't have much of a belly. but -- i'm not sure how cheryl is going to judge seeing as how she did not actually see the dive. >> i did, i did, i was like this. >> i give her a 10 just for the bathing suit.
11:50 pm
but the dive was just gravy. >> jimmy: john gives her a 10. cheryl. >> i saw everything, jimmy, i give her a 9. >> jimmy: cheryl gives her a 9. and greg. >> i give her a 9 too. >> jimmy: greg also gives her a 9. >> the bounce there. >> jimmy: well, i have to say i'm surprised by this. amara, how do you feel about your flop? >> it didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would. >> jimmy: all right. well, you are the leader. right now you are the leader with 28 points. that's going to be a hard number to beat. should we go into the next -- okay. next round? all right. let's do one -- what is that? oh, okay. cousin sal has handed her a hot dog. and who is this gentleman? what is your name? >> it's terry, sir. >> jimmy: where are you from, terry? >> west los angeles. >> jimmy: wow, i can see the whole night sky in your pants. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: terry, are you an accomplished belly flopper? >> yes, i am. >> jimmy: all right, terry. ready to do this? >> yes, sir. i don't want to wet the judges though. >> jimmy: the score to beat is
11:51 pm
28. guillermo, count him down. >> guillermo: three, two, one! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. wow. like a tsunami. let's look at the instant replay. you can see here he got some good height and then straight down. that's how you do it, folks. that is how you do it right there. let's find out -- again, cheryl did not see one second of that. and john henson, we start with you. >> you know what? i'm going to have to deduct one point for the fit of the suit. >> jimmy: okay, john gives him a 9. cheryl? >> i don't have to shower for the next week. so i'm going to give him a 10. >> jimmy: cheryl with the perfect score of 10. and finally greg? >> i'm giving him a 10. >> jimmy: the new leader. >> way cool. >> jimmy: you're in the driver's seat right now. i think you did very -- you have to be happy with that. >> yes, i am.
11:52 pm
i appreciate the scores for today and the hot dog. >> jimmy: all right, the competition will march on. we are not finished. enjoy your hot dog. we have a good show for you tonight. jenna dewan-tatum is here, we have music from st. paul and the broken bones, more bellies will be flopped, and we'll be right back with zach braff, so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ olive garden wants to know what unsuspecting foodies
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, welcome back. tonight on the program, from "witches of east end" jenna dewan-tatum is here. and then their debut album is called "half the city." from birmingham, alabama st. paul and the broken bones from the at&t stage. you can see them live tomorrow night at the el rey theater here in los angeles. tomorrow night on our show, roseanne barr will be here, eric dane will be with us, music from tech n9ne. later this week the one and only bob newhart will join us, gary oldman, nathan fielder, nicola peltz, music from bleachers and spoon. so join us then. if you've just joined us we've pulled a group of confused pedestrians off the street, we've put them in bathing suits, now they're ready to belly flop. who is our flopper number four? >> britney. >> jimmy: hi, britney, where are you from?
11:58 pm
>> georgia. >> jimmy: what part of georgia? >> rome, georgia. >> jimmy: are you a good belly flopper? >> i've never done it intentionally, but when i do it i think it's pretty good. >> jimmy: okay. very good. well, this time you're going to do it intentionally. guillermo, count her down. >> guillermo: three, two, one! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: pretty solid, i have to say. let's look at the instant replay. and -- all right, we got a pretty nice splash there. let's go to john henson, judge number one. john. >> i think pound for pound that might have been the best performance. >> jimmy: john with the 9, a very good score. cheryl burke. >> she watered down my vodka soda so i have to give her a 9. >> jimmy: cheryl with a 9. finally greg louganis. greg? >> pretty good splash. >> jimmy: that's 27, were you happy with that score? >> yeah, that was great.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: let's load somebody up on the platform and we'll be back later to finish this off. you know our first guest tonight from the television show "scrubs" and his movie "garden state." he made a new one and you may have helped him do it, it's called "wish i was here." it opens in theaters july 18th. please say hello to zach braff! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you know, if you want to -- you want to strip off the suit and get out there and belly flop, you're more than welcome to. >> i don't, but there's no way that second girl is not a plant. because where did you find that completely attractive woman to jump in your pool? >> jimmy: this is hollywood, zach. >> they're just walking down hollywood boulevard. >> jimmy: yeah, they are. >> we're all backstage, we're like come on, she's a plant. >> jimmy: i'm pretty sure she's an animal. but -- no. these are honestly -- we don't set these up, we grab people off the street. >> that's impressive. >> jimmy: thank you. how are you?
12:00 am
>> i'm good, man. good to see you. >> jimmy: i know this is your one day off. >> i flew to come see you, i dressed up for you, because i never get to go anywhere. i'm doing a broadway show. >> jimmy: tell us which broadway show. >> i'm doing a show called "bullets over broadway." which if you're in new york check it out. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: woody allen. >> yes. woody allen's first broadway musicality. >> jimmy: that's exciting. >> it's intimidating. it's a 1,700-seat theater. it's giant. we do eight shows a week. it's really hard work. >> jimmy: is it? >> bizarrely you can only see when you're on stage the front row. the front row is so bad because the people are looking up like this. >> jimmy: oh, really. >> and so you have to -- i can only see them and they're a really wacky group of people usually. because it's a discount seat they give out the morning of. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> i have to entertain 1,700 people on three levels and the only people i can see are these really wacky people in the front row. i had an old woman fast asleep. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> mind you, the show -- there's a 20piece orchestra. the show is very loud.
12:01 am
there's gunshots. there's groups of 15 men tap dancing. this woman is fast asleep. and so at intermission i decided i would send her a red bull. [ laughter ] and i sent her a note. and i said, "look, it's very, very hard to do the show for the 699 other people if you're asleep. would you consider maybe having a couple of sips and waking up?" and when i got out there, this is not a lie. i got out there to do the second act. we have these booster seats for kids, you know. so they -- like in the movie theater. her family had propped her up with booster seats. like on sides and behind her. they had put sunglasses on her. and the red bull was in her hand. it was like "weekend at bernie's." and she spent the whole second act like this. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> to this day i do not know if she was alive. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you killed an old lady with an energy drink. wow, that's something else. you said it's hard.
12:02 am
is it physically hard? >> yes. eight shows a week, it's really hard. i messed up my knee. i fell. i did this fall that looks like -- the audience thought i did the most amazing pratfall. my hero the late john ritter would have been very proud of me. it looked like an amazing pratfall. although it wasn't a pratfall. it was a real fall. i fell on my ass and the audience loved it, they thought it was hilarious. they thought it was part of the shtick. >> jimmy: did you finish the show? or did they have to bring out another guy? >> i had to pimp strut through the rest of the show. there's an understudy who can go on if i'm bleeding. but if you just hurt your knee they want you to limp through the rest of it. >> jimmy: do you think that guy hopes you get hurt? >> yes. sometimes i look over and he's like, soon. soon. one day. yeah, he's dying for me to get hurt. >> jimmy: you were at howard stern's 60th birthday party. >> yes. you did a fantastic job hosting. >> jimmy: well, thank you. this is a -- and by the way -- >> very embarrassing picture you're holding but i can explain it. >> jimmy: they just put it online. if anybody wants to watch it you can watch it for free.
12:03 am
>> watch this moment. >> jimmy: this is an amazing moment. i was there. i have to explain why this is so embarrassing. >> you're on stage with slash, steven tyler, howard stern, robin quivers. and me. what the hell am i doing up there? here's what happened. steven tyler, end of the show, the grand finale. so exciting. slash is on guitar. steven tyler's singing. i'm a giant howard fan as you know. and steven tyler starts calling out actors who are in the audience. he's like, come on up here, zach braff! come on up here, robert downey jr.! whoever's in the audience. he's calling everybody out. it's like that will ferrell movie, we're all going streaking! and then will ferrell's the only one who goes. well, i was the only one who went. and so i get up there. whoo! i look behind me. no one else had come up on the stage. so now, look at this guy. now i'm on stage. and i don't know what to do except i start taking iphone pictures. i'm like, well, this is embarrassing.
12:04 am
but at the very least i'll get a good shot of steven tyler. >> jimmy: i think you were dancing there. [ cheers and applause ] you did the right thing. zach braff is here. his movie is called "wish i was here." we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] the beam family has a long history of doing things their own way. in fact, they age every drop of jim beam twice as long as the law requires for a true kentucky straight bourbon. ♪ so four long years from now... i'll be back for this one. that's how jim beam makes history. how will you make yours? ♪
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okay. attendance. grace. >> here. >> tucker. >> here. >> what's your name? >> anthony. >> all right, anthony, welcome to our classroom. kids, unless you're on the autobahn you're never going to get a car like this up to speed. so in a city like l.a. it's really about what it sounds like when you floor it from a full stop. >> yes, but we're on robertson boulevard so there will be no flooring it from a full stop, will there be? >> no, sir. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: zach braff with his old pal donald faison in "wish i was here," which is a movie -- this is the second movie you directed, wrote, starred in. >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: you did it -- your fans funded this film. >> my fans and myself. i put my own money in and i went on kickstarter and my fans backed the movie, 47,000 of them. and it was funded and we had a month to reach our goal. and my fans funded it in 48 hours. >> jimmy: what a great thing that is.
12:10 am
>> amazing. [ cheers and applause ] so thank you, my amazing fans. >> jimmy: some people -- it's very stupid. people get mad, he went to the fans. to me that's the best thing you can do, almost like selling the movie tickets in advance. do you want to see this? great. >> that was kind of my pitch. saying this film, which i'm pretty sure you'll like if you like "scrubs" and "garden state," i have a pretty good sense of what you like. this film i can't get made. i'll put an assload of my own money in, but if you help me get over the ex-trar, the difference, we can make this movie. otherwise, it won't get made. >> jimmy: it came out very funny and very sweet also. a little bit sad. the kids are very cute. you're a dad in this movie which is a weird thing i think for us to see you as a dad. >> yeah. well, i'm a dad who doesn't really know how to be a good bad. >> jimmy: no, not at all. >> yeah, by the end of the film he becomes a pretty darn good dad. >> jimmy: the fun dad yeah for sure. >> dream dad. >> jimmy: with "garden state" you won a grammy for the soundtrack. >> yes.
12:11 am
>> jimmy: you have a great soundtrack here too. >> i was so lucky. i went to some artists that i know and asked them, would you consider watching movie and writing a song in the spirit of what you thought of the movie? >> jimmy: who said yes? >> coldplay wrote a song that cat powers sings. bon iver wrote an original song and the shins wrote an original song. >> jimmy: you're back with the shins. >> i love the shins. [ applause ] i have a funny story about that grammy. i won the grammy for the "garden state" soundtrack. and i beat out quentin tarantino who's one of my heroes. >> jimmy: which movie was that? >> i think it was one of the "kill bill" movies. i love quentin tarantino, i liked watching him in film school, he's like a living legend. i finally get to meet him, i'm so excited to meet him. it's at some party and he goes, you stole my [ bleep ] grammy, man! and my face was like oh, no. this is horrible. i would so much rather be friends with quentin tarantino than have him be mad at me over this grammy. and it's the only interaction i've ever had with him. and we have a mutual friend.
12:12 am
and now this new movie, which is coming out, i go do you think he'll see this movie? she's like, oh, no, he's pissed about that grammy. >> jimmy: send him the grammy. >> i'd rather send him the grammy and -- >> jimmy: yeah, give him the grammy, he'll appreciate it. should we go out again? >> do you want to go again? >> jimmy: let's see. all right. who do we have there, guillermo? >> my name is bobby. >> jimmy: bobby, where are you from? >> i'm from temecula, california. >> jimmy: say hello to zach braff. >> hello, zach braff. >> i like your beard. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you look like you may have recorded one of the songs on his soundtrack. >> i can't tell you that. >> that's exactly what people on my soundtrack look like. >> jimmy: it's going to take a perfect score to win this thing. do you think you're capable of it? >> i'm definitely going to give it my best shot. the beard might be able to help. >> jimmy: give it a shot, let's see what you've got. and here we go. >> guillermo: three, two, one! >> jimmy: oh, this is exciting.
12:13 am
[ cheers and applause ] that's nice, belly flops, there was a lot of the physical action there. >> so much style i think, jimmy. >> jimmy: maybe too much style? john hits him with a 2. >> i prefer him on "duck dynasty." [ applause ] >> jimmy: all right. zach braff, everybody. "wish i was here" opens in theaters july 18th. when we come back we'll crown the belly flop champion. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. at&t best-ever family pricing thing. its ten gigs of data to share with unlimited talk and text, and for a family of four, its $160 a month. $160 a month? sign us up. um, maybe we sign you up at the store after this. right, 'cause this is the... food court, yeah. it's the food court. at&t's best-ever family pricing.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the belly flop competition. it has been an intense night of flopping action. and now it's time to crown a champion. cousin sal, who is our winner tonight? >> sal: i think it's this guy right here. >> terry, man. i appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: 29 points. there's no question that you are our champion tonight. congratulations to you. you may now accept the belly flopping trophy, and a beautiful trophy it is. greg will place the medal around your neck. [ cheers and applause ] in a way, how fitting. and yet how ill fitting at the same time. thank you to john henson, thanks to cheryl burke, thanks to greg louganis and all of our brave floppers tonight. we'll be right back with jenna dewan-tatum. [ cheers and applause ]
12:19 am
>> dicky: next week on "jimmy kimmel live," john stamos, justin theroux, todd glass, abigail spencer, angie harmon, and music from ok go, common, and 5 seconds of summer. plus join us on monday with the cast of marvel's "guardians of the galaxy," including chris pratt, zoe saldana, dave bautista, vin diesel, and bradley cooper. all this on "jimmy kimmel live." not that one. that one. the one who seems like he's already got the job 'cause he studied all the right courses from the get-go. and that's an accountant, a mom, a university of phoenix scholarship recipient, who used our unique --scratch that-- awesome career-planning tool. and that's a student, working late, with a day job, taking courses aligned with the industry he's aiming to be in. ready to build an education around the career that you want? let's get to work.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is an actress, dancer, teen choice award winner, and the only person in america to get tatum channinged in the privacy of her own home. "witches othf on lifetime. please say hello to jenna dewan-tatum! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hi. >> jimmy: thanks for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: did i ever apologize to you for the whole chang all over your tatum thing? >> no. no, you didn't. >> jimmy: is it necessary? >> no. it was awesome. you know i wanted to be in it. >> jimmy: yeah, but you were pregnant at the time. >> i was.
12:25 am
i was nine months pregnant. there's a part in the song where he's like "let the babies be born." and i thought i should booty dance. >> jimmy: you should have. why didn't you? >> they told me i was too far. >> jimmy: too far? you can never go too far. >> exactly, thank you. i should have come to you. >> jimmy: you had the baby about a year ago. right? >> i did, i did. >> jimmy: you had a little girl. >> she's 13 months. >> jimmy: how nice. [ cheers and applause ] was it a good pregnancy? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: was it enjoyable? >> thank you. i actually had a really great pregnancy. i was very hippy dippy, like i'm not watching anything scary, nothing intense. i didn't watch "dateline." i was like we are watching unicorns and fairy dust. i'm going to create the most amazing little being. and then -- >> jimmy: you know that's going to result in your daughter becoming like an mma fighter or something. >> yeah, exactly. >> jimmy: mixing meth in the garage. >> he's already creating a little wrestler as we speak. >> jimmy: did he go along with that yfd all positivity and all that stuff?
12:26 am
>> you don't cross your wife when you're pregnant. no, no, he went along with it. but we found out he was filming in london. we were like, i'm going to have the baby in london. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> after we had the baby we went to a cottage which was like in the middle of nowhere in england. there was hardly any furniture. there was no wi-fi. like nothing in this house but a tv with three channels. and one of the channels was called "the really channel" which should have been like "the really? channel." crazy. they had like three documentaries. they had "love me, love my doll." >> jimmy: what was that about? >> loving someone and then loving their blowup doll. >> jimmy: this is where they put crazy americans on. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: they watch us and make fun of us. i know what they're up to over there. >> 500 pound scrotum was one of them. >> jimmy: that sounds like a baby book by the way. >> my baby book. and then we had fat girl in cedars. >> jimmy: what?
12:27 am
>> people that feed women to death. it was horrible. this is what i was watching with my like 1-week-old, like passing from like boob to boob. channing was like, we didn't watch any of this when you were pregnant. now you come home and it's like you have me in the middle of nowhere with nothing. >> jimmy: when the kid was inside, very safe. once the kid came out, this is the world. fat growing feeders. >> learn now. >> jimmy: wow, how about that. that's something else. where do you shoot your television show? "witches of east end." >> vancouver. >> jimmy: in vancouver. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you take the baby up there? >> yeah. >> jimmy: were you pregnant when you were shooting the show? >> no, i -- actually, i found out i was pregnant when we were filming the pilot. so there was this whole discussion about when the show got picked up, what are we going to do? because you know, i'm clearly very pregnant and i play a -- you know, a somewhat sexy character. >> jimmy: do witches get pregnant? >> yes. >> jimmy: but not in this show. not yet.
12:28 am
[ laughter ] >> so i'm super pregnant. and they're like, you have quite a few love scenes, what are we going to do about this? >> jimmy: yeah, what are we going to do about this? >> there was a whole thing. there was talk of me filming half of the season super pregnant. if anyone saw me, i literally would touch this desk. >> jimmy: oh, really. >> i was so big. they were like, you're going to have to go and we're going to do the cgi with this tank top with like dots. and then i was going to have to like get on top of this guy i've never met before and be like nice to meet you, like super pregnant, film a love scene, and then they were going to put my skinny stand-in and then cgi my face on my skinny stand-in. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. somehow that didn't work out. they called me, i think we're going to push production. they looked at the money. they're like -- >> jimmy: you couldn't hold a plant in front of you while you're on top of the guy? >> exactly. that's what they do in all the other shows. they're like wear cross-body purses. anything. they're like, no, not going to happen. >> jimmy: now, your husband channing mentioned something on the radio i think about -- maybe
12:29 am
it was the tv interview, i'm not sure, that jonah hill, his pal from "22 jump street," was in love with you. >> yeah. what? that's like -- i went to set the next day and people were like, oh, did you hear jonah's in love with you? what? i have no clue what's going on. truly, i'm jealous of them, i'm the third wheel. they have the most amazing bromance. i'm like, i'm here. i'm your wife, remember? i go out with you. like it's crazy. they're like -- >> jimmy: that's why it's so perfect for jonah. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he has it all there in that one little -- well, the show -- it's the second season of your show. >> yes. >> jimmy: no cgi in this one. >> no cgi. i am not hiding any nine-month pregnant belly. >> jimmy: okay. >> yeah, it's fun. it's like brand new, it's a whole new, different look, darker, more intense. >> jimmy: what is the show that makes you pregnant? have you ever thought about that? >> what is the show that makes me pregnant? >> jimmy: if it's the show -- >> oh, my god.
12:30 am
don't say that. i need some time. >> jimmy: you take all the time you want. season two of "witches of east owned" premieres july 6th, 9:00 p.m., on lifetime. jenna dewan-tatum, everybody. thank you, jenna. we'll be right back with st. paul and the broken bones. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. what can i get you?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. >> jimmy: thanks to zach braff, jenna dewan-tatum, apologies to matt damon, ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next. but first, this is their album called "half the city." here with the song "don't mean a thing," st. paul and the broken bones! ♪
12:33 am
♪ ♪ why did it get so dark ♪ i can't bear it no more lord ♪ i hear that talk ♪ i do now ♪ at the foot of love baby i do ♪ ♪ the master of my pain my pain lord my pain ♪ ♪ my kingdom has fallen ♪ oh my kingdom has fallen lord ♪ ♪
12:34 am
♪ why did the light fade ♪ it burn me so bad i know baby baby ♪ ♪ it grows harder and harder and harder baby ♪ ♪ they broke this heart of glass glass glass ♪ ♪ ♪ because my kingdom's gone and my will won't be done ♪
12:35 am
♪ and i can't come back till the morning sun ♪ ♪ oh lord, come on now ♪ oh lord i can't do it ♪ no no no ♪ i can't i can't handle ♪
12:36 am
♪ ♪ all i need is gone ♪ baby, i heard what you said ♪ and i know it's going to be all right ♪ ♪ ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, love at first sight? this bride and groom are tying the knot as total strangers. >> i couldn't even think straight. i couldn't stop crying. >> but were those tears of joy or panic? with the experts with his sxwands wives, would the honeymoon hookup be a bust? >> i wasn't sure what to expect. >> and is this controversial social experiment helping sell the end of marriage as we know it? plus, con artists. these look like the works of the masters. and art collectors shelled out tens of millions. now one painter is at the center of a spectacular scandal. his paintings fooled world-class experts. could you spot the fake? and together again. they grew up before our eyes. >> good night.


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