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tv   Action News  ABC  February 10, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EST

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or is it just me? every minute between you and red lobster's lobsterfest feels like an eternity. and who could blame you for craving our largest variety of succulent lobster dishes all year? dishes like dueling lobster tails. with one tail topped with creamy shrimp and a second tail stuffed with tender crab. i was hungry already and now you show me lobster lover's dream® let's make this dream a reality. a delicious, delicious reality. but one that won't last forever, so hurry in. >>t imday nht and the big story onacon news" tnht is a tgic, wter ti it apprs it was an i new
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jrsey turnke, at caud tis higamhem toght in canberry toship i happed ss than o hou ag oe person was kill, and dzs suffered minor injue and5 cao taor trairs, o b tucks and a load bus wer ivved the inn roadwa a ast a dozen schoo have ardy did to delay thr oeng the morni. tat becau of icy cntions we e rng t the lt of shls at the bottom of your sree mahile les cck out dublscan rar and metrolost cecily tyn ccy, it is prey bad o ter is is just at y expt. > fortute is. i was talk abt during "acti news" at 6:00hat wth tempatures bew feezg uil miay tomoow iingill be a big probm. so tracr six li dole scan swg havanotr bat of msture movg in, ad this u casee set and
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feinga. do u see this ra in vrnia. thiwl bmong in dla and uth jeeyn te overght hours and with tmpetures bew frei tawill be frzing rain. so ominin this is whe w have t that gze hapni rig now. oxfd cht cou a cross ru one right now movi up t e noh and east. rally y roads that a teedery well with salt ae colelyized ov. yu rlly to wt to be cref. tis ll ba pblem even ito thmorning commut te winter weher adsories psted acss our entire vewi area uil 6:0o'clk torrowornin lhigh valley and upr buc cuy it end at midg an tat f ice and feng rinnd even some sleet. rght now you can see tmpetures bow freing ee where. 2 dreesn phadeh. thiy in millll tey-nine in wiington. twentfi in alltown. s the mning commu i cnt stss engh be very creful. expect dela. nt only are the road goi to b azedver with i cars as we you wilhe get thatce off yo windie.
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sdal very slk. ft lks wet coider it iy, i will talk abt ts ad tck snow and cold on e wy in e accu weher frast, jim. > t's switch ve to "conews" rerr kenth mtoon roe 2 in king of pusa keethwt are t cnditis li ther > porrjim, as wod y expe rk beg de by rad cre to take re of the sick spo but lo it is rally dgeus and slk, o ese sidewks. tese paing lots a those scoa roads. tnh that lig rain and tosdroing tpetures ceedore ice and slpery cntions. > know a l of people ciing ice off tir wnhields, ippin gog tkg out the cra. > porter: toght exeme cautn conties in ples lke ng of pruia wre sa crew wresacing mjor roadys like 20 wi we fod mit loading u to hale the smaer on. h s spreing the ice melt in is nehborod off of glf rd. > ifouon have to gout
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teonight d't bother gng ot if u do gout be rlly carul, driving and or wlng wn y get ouof te vecles. > rerter: inth phidelpa a treated bro sreet apared tbe dry but o stree li wt onrio natth can see the dnge kt's s a his csin wre app ter tir suv ht patch of icand oertn thway home from scho. >> was slpe li ic i was ice. h i to stop but he cod nt sp. >> porter: e t 16 yaolds are recoring fm teumber of injues whe fmy members are sendi out tafamiar wning. >> the only mn stets bt the secda stre still ae dgers. yuust haveo be caful. > porter: wo ll contie overnig ke the rasafeut agai the real dnr ose untrted are bry treed surfaces. rpting verom king of pussia night kennh moton fr chael six ction news" jim hanks, kennet teaction ne" tmi be o eay binning at 400. with the lattn
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te icy cditions. pluantraffic or trant troubs, or adtial schl dls. she willll of this sow ? thais the queson rsentsn and ou a bsn are askingafter bei btred wh thr third wnrtm itwo wee. sm5 feet of snow has faen i th te crting maive pil aseoery tshovel ot. mlplroofs have ao colpsed inhe area. >> ts is the way it look tnht in wmingto dlawe. flas atck a house on nr mart stet and sead t neigoring dwling it was a tough fit again the a cold and the i. lts go "acti ne" rpter shrie wliamlive a e firecene sharri wais the story. >> roerjim, this all erued just befe 80o'clk just aer 7:30 tey ll us this is whe fas oke out. tka lo as y can see tis is wt is le of this fur unit row me are
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i is, a total lo wee bing tolby the chief who wasut re workg on this. te e good news though, eeone de it out ale. bit cored fles took off oethis sectnf r hme nay 80 fire gers o multip enes rking tgetheto g the fast mving fire unr contr. > itooked as tugh with mnes the ames were srdi to thother hses. i ver seen noing ke ta it was shoino of the sde i w like someing n blowinghe fire out. i st took over. > porra fi twoea old man was app insi a hdo be rcu by fire fgers, tt aoing to nw castle coun officis. fmily memrs rush oeearing tir lovedne ned help. > camerou here and all yuaw was smo and ames comg from the side. me and mtwo ecanmy sst rato the do to get hmut but smo was too havy. we d to back off. w re reamg his name to cme out. > rerter: me owner nay toton was watching
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tlevion en she heard comtn >> nehrsnocked on the dorn inside co oniss nnc needo you get out nw i graed my bootsnd a co. > porter: thornton dn't havtime tgrab athg else, n enepurs se h led here for over0 yars >> thats my hom i he been he since 14, te sond wi the white awngs e ye i watchedhe sme move in my rom it distui. im hap at i'm av >> rert: very diicult for tse he owne to watch teirom gop in fles. tiis stl an acti fire fger sne. frfightersn the back of teome now worki so they cn lk for remaini hot so. we know that thr pple were tak tthe hosta two teed for sme inlation te trderson ing that gntlenho s trapp a hdo be reued. he did suer so burns we know tthred cro is hlpgthrefamils tnh liferomilmiton shaie wilams for chnel x "acon news".
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> thas shr. >> plalpa police are ivtigang alled sxl assat at a septa taiccrseh afterno. deteiveare reviewg surveiae vid from the jefrson staon atenth and flrt. sues are tellg con nws" nig that the8 yar-d woman wiingly walk with h alled atcr to tend of a platrm d tn dwn on to therac. bt the situion tued vont. she sa she was been mleed thenable to eceoell auorits. tehe vtiis inhe hsta n res have been a maid. >> ts was a night ofri nght of tes, a nit of uyieing disbelief the on te cpus of mierille uirsity. studtcame togher murn vlent dea of t fllow stude. "acti ne" reporter dann cell was on caus nht. > pt: falty and stude hereeryuch in e sa of sho over this tac brut murd sometng that aff mbers sy ve ner happed here o cpus. tnht many gather to
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rmbe18 yearld karlie hll. > ♪ > repoer: rough trs a sadss more than 2 studes ad stf members braved an iy drizz to mourn loss of feshn klie hl, a bsess major he. > m saddened i'm shoed im angry about what haened t kaie ha. > is young le s en tken far too so. >> porte court reco revled a violent confntaon early unday iside karlie hall rm ro i bard halon e millersllenersity campu ple sath ey respond to e cond floor room and fu hals boyid 19 yaold ggorio orroieta gvg her cpr his hand and jans were bloody. tld poli they argu aft a par and he shov her. > eyere in some ty of a pycal confrontionn wi hedmied to wh he cld backnding h and pshinger and that she bce ueonse. >> porte b dical examir dermined tthe hdeen sevely been and
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sraled >> theos th sheufred werfar greer and more sve then a bachandlap ad one pu. > rerter: toght amid cndle lit at miersville they placed a bla il or te stae the uversity mscotor tru even those who didt know kare ha wre huing. > don forgete are alo fmil w arall he. w' all he f one aoe i know that thiwille toh frot oy kaie's fami bt rll of you we. > rerter: auer of sude grou are anni to hld fun raise tours he krl ll's faly with fneral expens. sspect ing held whout bail at lcaster coty pison aiting a preliny hang at mlsville unersity im dann cular for channel six "tion new. >>ti tcome on "ti nws" tonit caacking caughlive on tv during a wld poli cha around the srts of sohe clirni w ll sw you dratic gunr colusion.
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>>ndasto game the i a miig deadne that culdau the enreel cso sale tool ccy. rd e ready icy tnht i'm tracng more feezi ra movg in oeigha afr this t tiseek i'm trkg sw ad coldt air massfhe sann t ac weatr fras >>riatafjns tonht wi the speal. >> rort: portim, we ptur liv on line ese dys thking on savvy hckercld find their wa t that iormation buso much of what we post thinkg i prate is actuay very pblic and veryasy to fine. cminuwe will ta to s-caedigit detectives wth me ts on h to fd i dhy you you ould be long. nd duc roers with the sxs going up again t bst baskball night wenaconews" coie
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>>e eog to go live te sce of that traic aciden more than a traffic acin a pile up theew jry tupike tonht, r ti i wa to say to you is w do the not have conol of this cara so if it goes all oer e pla pol guys. tis cara is fm our sster statn, wabc but the iages of t southbnd sde ofhe new ry trnpe, beeen ex g ad 8a shutown tigh tis is where over vhles, ma more tn 20 vhlegot inlv in an acint at 91 tonit. oeeon was kild. sxruc we inlved icludingourrtor tails. thiis now vio of the atualccint sce. to x trus and over 15 cr got invved in th ice caud acdt. w belie that icy
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contiononhe rdys cudhis accint. tiis between, agn, exit eig and 8a the utound sd cneo back to that li soif we can. te southbound side is now sudownights you can seeonof the tck driver i beeve is now bng itviewed r live tlision,n n yo cy. mj pblems, on the suthund def t new jersey tnpike nigh wrst part of it all, e prn s ki. aild pole cha arou ls anges tonigh invoe a lst four crass, a crjaing and eed wi a sootg. plice say when the susct' fr stolen car was totad he jued out and rjac anoer vecle at gunpoi. eentl got weed btwnars, jumd out a tiedooand dear a third vhie but puug offers sot him hanuff him ad ru him the hospital. ple have not saidf he was ht or if any oth mori
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wre hur >>fter alwas sd and dn will e al to he wi i the vel cano, rely be cnled? earli toy the owne of the former ci said ty wu cancel the deal the slisn't clos by miight tnht. the pepective bur gln stra ys he cld n get i do by mnit cae ucerinty or ghts of frm sine th reed sacithe reve strauwas eected to pay 95 mllionollar. w n'know exaly what ging haen. te rev n ace if the dal dsn't go thugthey wll ke stra't mlon-dlar dosi >> rnorolice ha ieifd lprit rpoible fr forng the evacuation te townsp municipal buiing tonit. a faty heat caused high lvs carbon moxen the 3 blo of ethan avenue. tneoee chk o for gs poisong but ey were deemed be oy. aoer psonas taketo teospital for ovnight
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osvation. onight speci rort o sign what yopostn linean come bck u u. speay wen applying for a job but yuoo can be a dital dtti folling the the btanbyhe oeee a ead umbs to lp ge ot sange rely are who tey say ty ar bi ft w le at t teigod to expln, bian. > rerter: metimes they laveore than breacrum teleehe sandwies jm. to be car, the for we put on lne rete safe or ecpted or behind a firell takee bad gu out but yuit be surid to find otow mhbouyou is a aailableo anody who want t fd it. wile th mit snd scary te are some too when us te rht way caprove ivalble. > is is a little dective tickwill she you. > rerter: from oline bnng. > l the nam poing u > port: on line dtg. > us ofi. > rerter:ite byinute facook roniclg of our
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dy >> wtoureoing have eeryine of ery d. > rerter: wlivo lives mre and mo on le and we pt lot of ouelves out tehere ever the y b. ad cynth heaerton ncessaryowo get the se predent of e haertogroup a digit dtecve oseob is to fi ot more abo peop usg olwhat she fi right here. seays that you can and shod do ththe se,ith yur meeng strange roh dtg appsr hing bby-tte watch over yur ki trusdsn hav to be so bnd anyme. fr shss use the the bss, easy to get iformi. > anyo n fi with googl o bing or any other network. > port: then dig epe hatht ys lkin is glminef iormatn that poe puic post. > nns my reme, ok a me. > poer: u can find tis like peoes resu
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dd they go to colge where hve th wor in sht, a they whoh have been sayg th ar >> have bacround ifortio ings hes ivve in, intested in. >> repoer: anher to i twe tail toh th se yu c search for a pern titter handlend find out waty eet abo mo ot and how ty spe wn tey ink none else is lsteng. hatrn alize on ts ifmionalled tin eye trgh ts poal you can gaed fabo or twier pofile picte and nd out were elsit may a apar tisear engi will look fr itaes where that pctu has been used other tan the sitthaw got a a. > porrrobevio a flwital decv sa that usefuif sooneas a acte prole on anore kefair jt sis or any oh conntio atnd bth heatrn and devideo sys a locd feok prile cniela tonf ifoaon. >> o are tyrie wh? wo a thetaing to.
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>> rerter: en iyou cnt see somnsage you cn ofn see w their fe aend fd out whth are cnneed. i at sound crey, the epts s it shld not >> i havn crsed a line ad done any hacker stuf youot have t > porr:eusthe the infortion is plic, and aailae, d ey sa the mryou kno the better off yu a. >> e ara coum would be smt if you go and be pro ate anlook at what is out te. >> port: that ao appls to you. nw a of the expes we lk to say you shou u l of te o on yosf to fnd t what othsan see ao y day in and day out. haern grp has put tgeer me tips for you icludgow to tter sure youfacebook pa. w can all benef from tha we ve pted all of that on six abc.m. tis jim, just very tip of the very g icerg, of ifortion that o the adarus tls to find it. yuill will fi those on six
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> ian, tnk yo whave a tough siation ot ther we have cecy tn he to expin why. > m,e are findingow e hw dangous fezg rain can be. so trkeri usual we sow live but i wt to sow you arod 9:00 o'cck thapink line, that isew jry tnpike near cranrry ad it was a ief tch of feezing in tt rolled trou. do yoseeh bl? tawas it. i ll thugh very qil thais all it takes to coat ad gzehe roads. tat like did cae that pile upn t n jers turi. nowwe will go to stm tack six livand show you wais gng on we ve anoth bah of feinrain movinghrou lncaer cnty rit now, ceer coty, nohern new cstlcot and more mong trghn the oveit hou. the pblem is temrur ae bew freezi ape will stay bel freing unt mdy torrow. piladelia 28 drees alltn5. mlille 30. wldwood 30. radi 2dege s ything untad
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gtng gzed over with ice. yu really haveo be vy crul torrow morng beforyoutep outde if y cn go ahd and throw se slouon the ro and sdalk. stlite six with action rd swg we ve set to feezg rainight now and mre moture that is stting to e uprom virgia. tat will be mong throh dlarend uth jeey aod 2: o'clo. this is likely gointo be ha frzi ra. as we ad tard the the mrng commuteerything wlben to dry out expt fr pmay coty and suthn ke coty a then by afternoon we will see bes of suhe. tempeturein t 40's. dn get used to it. stlite s whcon rdar swing pacic nrwest the next system tkghape. tis is an aric bodary binngs snow shers on tuday and op the do for vry ld air. fiday wi be brally cold aterno highs onlin the 2' tacold enou but sat take aoth syst puld tou witmo snow shers, and tisi pull do the
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clde r ms of t sas. tmrarefor afteo hig oy in the teens on sny this cold air ace cross esrn seabrd do to fori and wind chillsill b below ro so sday is gi to be a tough day. tmorr moing alscod be a tgh rning mme coy, cold icy road epially, sonry road diwa, tempetures hldi ithe aer noon or hig20's i shou say. fr t moing. nw for the afrnn. 4 deees finly with brks snine. wedsdaye wi starwi sn ineang cld. knot oppose. 3 ge thud weill get sw sors, . tmratus fe fl. fiday only 23egrees. te satuayor ventines dy you you may wanto cuddle u at home. mrsnow shows in t ateron a eveng. tmratus inhe the 20' tis th very co air on sndaon unday high of 19. mndaprident ke anotr bitrolday with a high of 2 grees. yu doant tune in "acon ne".
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w ll stt earl a 4:00 torromninto tack icy ro. > an, cecily. >>ick santorum spent this eveni in exn tonit. ntn a potical capity bt as a autho te foer repuican pedeial candate and snat from pesylvia held a ok sni at barneand nobl perhaptre w a pitical cnxt to this a. sntorum and his wife kare pent ok ll a's gift ao their unst daught bthe
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said it, about a mome ago thereou haveeen asolely no potic und tn oany kind for foer snor saorum and his wife sgninthe book about tir duter, togn exton. fosh i for mto say, lt go dus rodra te sixers pying the bt tat ere is right. > ld state warrrthey aren unbieble ing to wt. jmdo you belie in
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mirl? hwbout moral victies. te sixers put up a fit bgs e nba's be team bu a you exct th come up so. mo'ne dav getna piure witstepurry or e t oth way around. k mcdanl towing an alley hotoimself off the bckbrd. sxs lead by fr after e. gme ed in thsecond qart. frr sixers are iguola. sxs down by o pois at hlf ti. nrnsecsi heill had 1 pots, sen bod. so musc here. gamtied at 46. sx a hd warrr to 4 rcent sotg when cry mkesig buet en it cunt he ores a team high0 pin. bck iguala here. sxs lo 89-eit 46789 tego to the all-st eak a 12-4 >>lys arhoping for best bt hope mht not be enoug seve mason we dn agn ystery teaisalling it a lower bdy inju. i is belied to kn rlat. mayn had be help o te i.
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timeans ray eryill be i e met wh fers skate in moneal tomoow. lsg a togoal i is a srio bl to this team. > well knowhat he means to the tea tehave been a real good gae he for a while now. h is just like any oer guy tat ts inry, we he to mve on, deal witt and pick u. > i'm exiteto pla i dot want to see steve get hrt. w he good test again mneal. if utart loing at past tat en you will get ahd of yoursf. > thob z inred atny steh been ca
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>>ioneer in the way we vw nls gone, ed sab has die he found l fis, nfl films rd the game into gre thter. h s inct in the pro foalhall of fame in 2011. h was years old. >> clege baetblville knoof ep toumbesix in eation cats ltake on pridce o wedneay fran dunphy and tele tued teir sean arou. tmorroowls ho cincinna. since long b31 pois tme has wofive in a ro >> have refocud. i was any by gettge by 3. theust comi back and i try t get as healthy as psible to g out heith the guys ad refos a do wte neto do. w s gos bere the san. we e trying to me those ga. >> and at is sport. > anks duci jm kim i lee next flwed nig li. jmmy gut bill o'rll
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kl osbourne and musal mshp mors day and tim nw "acone" contiest te 4: a.m. fr the the entir"acon nw team m jim gardner, god nit. >> "actn ws" is respoe offedn part by elns ceole st drive015 euin atou jerses peere dealerip oped ltfor serve. the vis elkins at route 73 i mlton or on line
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