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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  April 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> happening now on "action news," a south carolina police officer has a late night court appearance in connection with a killing of an unarmed suspect. we'll hear from that man's family. they are demanding justice. >> cameras reveal new clues in the search for three center city kidnappers. we have the video police want you to see. >> a spring chill is in the air. accuweather is calling for a damp and somewhat dreary day. good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this wednesday. it's going to be dreary. >> yeah. >> hello. >> happy wednesday. >> tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us. we'll cheer you up. >> we'll try.
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all right. so, we are looking at a few showers but hey only down in parts of the region. most of are you dry right now. if you're down in cape may county southern cumberland county southern atlantic county you got a little shower popping through. dover about to pick up another one. this one might try to glide up more north toward northern cumberland county and perhaps catching salem county and there's a couple of much lighter sprinkles up by 95. generally speaking most of our rain is to the south this morning. after the rush hour we'll get this cluster of precipitation coming through for about 90 minutes. the rest of the afternoon is gray and maybe a little spite. it is on the cool side. 44 degrees in philadelphia right now, 44 in wilmington, 44 in allentown. about 15 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday so we are definitely in the pocket of that cool air that accuweather promised. 44 degrees right now on the way to school or the office. then 43 degrees by 8 o'clock. by noon, 45 and notice how the numbers really don't go very far today. just kind of hanging in the 40's with a high of 47 right there around 3 o'clock.
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not a washout today but just about any time, karen, we could get some spotty drizzle or a pop-up shower. i'll let you know how long this pattern lasts in the accuweather 7-day coming up. >> i didn't think we could make damp and dreary sound worse until david said spitty. southbound traffic headed towards center city. drying out on 95 from that batch of showers that moved through. not seeing any problems right there. on the big picture no big accidents on your majors blue route, schuylkill, i-95, all mostly in the 50's at this point but we've got two events tonight in south philadelphia, the sixers play at 7:00, the phils at 7:05. you'll see lots of congestion. you might want to take the sports express trains and if you're headed out late from work expect congestion there. northeast extension southbound starting near lansdale roads are clear no, overnight construction. traveling in the 60's. can't beat that. how about going outside live. we'll check out the 202 parkway in a second and see what it looks like in a second right there. traffic moving
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nicely. no problems at limekiln pike a-bit wet right here. you see some of the raindrops on the camera lens. other than that you're good to go david. >> a police officer had a late night court hearing on murder charges. >> officer slager was denied bond for the killing of walter scott. this shooting comes on the heels of several high profile cases of police officers using deadly force. >> sauce san saulny is live in washington with the latest on the investigation. susan. >> reporter: good morning, matt and erin. the swift action by officials in south carolina comes in contrast to other similar police shootings. this morning north charleston patrolman michael slager is behind bars facing a murder charge while the victim's family is left to grieve. >> green shirt, blue pants. >> reporter: this is the moment captured on cell phone video by an unseen eyewitness when officer slager who is white shoots and kills an apparently unarmed 50-year-old black man, walter scott. [gunfire] >> reporter: scott clearly running away with his back
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turned is the target of eight shots. after he's face down on the ground unresponsive officer slager places him in handcuffs. >> he needs to know that that wasn't an animal that he killed. he was my son. >> reporter: the officer said he feared for his life after scott took his taser. from the video that's unclear. but it does appear that after the shooting officer slager picks something off the ground then drops it next to scott's body. the incident began after a traffic stop at this intersection saturday. scott fled on foot. there were bench warrants out for his arrest due town paid child support. he died shortly after the shooting. the scott family attorney provided the video to abc news. >> as a result of that video and the bad decision made by our officer he will be charged with murder. >> reporter: for the family left behind, that's only a first step. >> the charge is not being
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convicted. once a conviction is put in place, i'll feel a whole lot better. >> reporter: if convicted officer slager could face the death penalty or 30 years in prison. reporting live in washington susan saulny, channel6 "action news." matt. >> all right, susan thanks so much. "action news" is staked out at the pennsylvania state police barracks right now awaiting word on what charges will be filed in connection with a shooting on the schuylkill expressway. it happened at the height of the evening commute. authorities say a 22-year-old man in the back seat of a buick shot his father in the head while the dad was driving the car. it happened near spring garden street in west conshohocken. the car came to a stop and did not cause any other accidents. police took the accused shooter into custody. "action news" will stay put at the belmont barracks to get an update on the investigation. a live report is coming up at 6 a.m. >> 5:35 now. a jury returns for a second day of deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial.
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the panel deciding the fate of soak dzhokhar tsarnaev met for more than seven hours yesterday going line by line through the 32 page verdict form. the jury sent two notes the to the judge who is expected to issue responses today. of the 30 charges tsarnaev faces, 17 carry the possibility of the death penalty. >> new video has surfaced of a vehicle that police are linking to a kidnapping and assault in center city. this van has been spotted along the 700 block of chestnut street over the past month. it is the same area where three men abducted an employee from jewelers' row on saturday. they were trying to force her to give the code to the safe where she worked. she didn't have it so they drove her around, beat her then shackled her and dumped her in a cemetery. anyone who recognizes the van we showed you should call 911. >> the southern plain states are bracing for another round of severe storms today. forecasters say tornadoes are possible.
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hail and wind that some same weather system caused problems for south western indiana yesterday. this is a look at some of the damage in vandenberg county. flooding has closed down roads that will remain blocked off for the morning commute. >> we're tracking some showers out there right now. >> yeah, a few. take a look at storm tracker six live double scan. they're mainly down south of philadelphia in south jersey and delaware and i'll go ahead and give you a closer view. looks like the next one is pushing in towards sea isle city, a little bit of it may be clipping the southern portion of cape may county and areas south millville also picking up some of this and you can also see there's a second round coming in through the eastern shore of maryland that's heading more or less towards smyrna and dover. a couple other sprinkles farther north near wilmington but most of the action to the south. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies. down the shore those clouds low as those showers are in the vicinity. 44 degrees currently in philadelphia. we are off to a much cooler start than we were yesterday. winds out of the east-northeast at 14 but these chillier conditions are not a
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surprise as we've been saying for days that we were going to be looking at a couple of cool ones and it does start now. 43 in philadelphia. on future tracker six as we move into the 10:30 hour probably still holding that temperature and after rush hour there is the chance of a little bit more pronounced shower activity coming in from the west that could affect pretty much the entire region for about an hour or maybe 90 minutes. and that's gone and we get up to 3 o'clock and we're really looking at just some spotty drizzle or spotty light showers and that pattern continues through the evening commute and on in through most of the evening. phillies are playing baseball tonight at citizens bank park and i think they will get that game in spite the fact that it's cool and maybe a little damp. temperatures really not going all that far. 43 degrees by 8 o'clock, 44 by 11 o'clock. 46 by 2 o'clock and your high at 3 o'clock is 47 degrees today, a little spotty shower activity around. high temperatures from north to south, 44 in allentown, 47 down in cape may and everybody else pretty much within that range. dover has a shot at 50. for the ball game tonight at citizens bank park, red sox
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taking on the phillies. again it does look like it could be a little bit damp and kind of dreary. definitely chilly so i would bundle up in layers. the first pitch temperature is 43. and for the ninth inning 42 degrees. that is what you get at the ballpark tonight. then tomorrow that frontal boundary that's pushed to the south allowing that cool air in remains to the south and on thursday we're still looking at another cool gray and somewhat damp day. the rain for tomorrow, though, is not all that impressive. maybe a little shower at times in the afternoon. but most of the morning and early afternoon looks dry. and then we dry out again in the evening, probably in time for tomorrow night's phillies game. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 47 today chilly and damp. cloudy and damp tomorrow, 47 and both days periods of shower activity or maybe just some drizzle. and then warmer on friday with a high of 73 degrees. but a frontal boundary coming in from the west will trigger an afternoon or evening shower or thunderstorm. so that's something to keep in mind for friday in the evening. and then on saturday, that system's gone, it's sunny and breezy, 63 is your high. we've got the union at home in the afternoon.
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the phillies at home at night. and it looks like decent april weather for both of those games. and then on sunday we're back up to 67, nice day for phillies baseball there too. and 70 on monday and back to 68 tuesday. tuesday looks like the next chance of rain. >> thanks, david. 5:40 now. new and next this morning -- next and new this morning a photographer snaps an amazing shot of a bobcat's wild catch on a florida beach. >> a brand new hybrid sport is trying to conquer america. fyi philly checks out footgolf. karen. >> see, another thing you got to try matt. looking outside live in fishtown starting to dry out on girard avenue. we'll take you live to bensalem and check on construction in west conshohocken coming up. >> an activist uses an unusual method to try to get the movie "the interview" into north korea. details when "action news" comes back
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:43. you're taking a live look at the philadelphia international airport through sky 6hd. the airport runway looks really pretty there. a little bit of a dreary day. nice weather is coming this weekend. hang in everybody.
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>> how is the commute shaping up karen? >> not too bad. it's early. if you're in the suburbs let's show you what it looks like right here. it is a little damp but not too bad in bensalem bucks county. this is route one at the pennsylvania turnpike. not seeing any problems. pretty light volume and in some spots the roads are starting to dry out and that's not too bad right there. let's check some of your other roads and we've got construction that's causing a problem in plymouth township. they had to do emergency construction so plymouth road remains closed between the blue route and butler bike. stick germantown pike as your alternate. balligomingo road closed between portland and front street and that lasts until april 17th. you'll be dealing with that one a little bit longer. you can stick to 320 or matsonford road to avoid the problems there. let's go to your commuter traffic report. this is the one you get to be a part of when you download the free waze app and you can join our team. this is miss flowerpot and i love that name who is a member
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of our 6abc team telling us about a big pothole on 202 near lower gwynedd so watch for that big pothole there and i know there's so many throughout the region. if you become part of our team when you sign up you can actually get special alerts when we have upcoming extra congestion on the weekends and such. 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. a temperature significantly cooler than yesterday. right now about 15 degrees cooler than they were at this point yesterday. also kind of damp with some rain at times and highs just in the 40's today, matt. >> okay, thank you karen. developing now the controversial comedy "the interview" is now being used as political fodder overseas. the film centers around a plot to assassinate north korean leader kim jong un a south korean activist launched thousands of dvd's over the boarder in balloons he says the aim is to help destroy the idolization of kim jong un in the north. >> sharks are usually on the
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prowl but this time one became the prey. check out this photo of a bobcat taking a bite out of the killer sea creature along florida's vero beach. vacationer john bailey shot the snap. he figured the big cat was trying to catch a fishily it pulled out the shark instead. wildlife experts don't think this image was doctored in any way noting that florida bobcats are known to hunt along beaches. >> new this morning, the local government in ferguson, missouri is becoming more diverse. municipal election results came in overnight and two african-americans won additional seats on city council. that increases black representation on the six person panel from one to three. the saint louis suburb has been in the national spotlight since the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black teenager last year and the subsequent clearing of the white officer involved. >> and spring for many people means golf season is upon us. in fact, it's masters week but if you're looking for an easier way to hit the links
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maybe footgolf is more your speed. melissa magee has a preview of this weekend's fyi philly. >> ♪♪ >> it's really playing golf with a soccer ball. >> instead of using the golf club and swinging away. >> you just kick it. >> cobbs creek is the first accredited footgolf course in pennsylvania. it's got 18 holes played right alongside the real golfers. we brought an expert in to help navigate the course from the philadelphia union. >> look at that. any tips for me. >> right now just try to hit it as hard as possible. >> got a little somethingy something for you. all geared up it's time to grip it and rip it. hurd my toes a little bit. wow. that's a good ball. it's all about the driver. footgolf hole is 21-inches big enough for a regulation soccer ball but it's still tough the sink a putt.
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>> unbelievable. >> oh, a slow one. >> what? >> there it is. >> melissa looking good. fyi philly airs saturday night at 7:00 and sunday at midnight. >> be nice to golf on a course with a cup that big. a lot easier. a big surprise from an nba star springs brings a single mother to tears. >> police are searching for a group of teens that attacked a family outside a mall in the poconos. david. >> we're arming the kids with umbrellas especially in south jersey and parts of delaware where there are some active showers this morning. this afternoon mainly gray ann little drizzle but it is going to be cooler so keep the jackets handy. your array of area temperatures and your day planner forecast coming up next.
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>> an nba player who shows no mercy on the court revealed a much softer side off the court o-oklahoma city thunder guard russ westbrook decided to donate his prize a brand new kia to someone who really neither. a local charity recommended kirsten gonzalez as the recipient of the car. the is this goal mother of two is trying to finish college. look at her. she's breaking down. westbrook says he was happy to hand over the keys. >> i love her reaction. >> yeah. >> god, i love people doing good work like that. let's take you outside see if anything good is happening on the roads right here. southwest philadelphia, this is the platt bridge by i-95. no problems just yet between 26th street and i-95 looking pretty good. tacony palmyra bridge up right now. head to the betsy ross bridge instead because traffic is stopped. and we had a disabled vehicle just cleared here in glenside on easton road, dave. >> all right karen on the big board we have storm tracker six with showers mainly down to the south in places like dover and cape may county. everybody else looking at gray skies and perhaps a bit of drizzle. we're also a lot cooler this morning with temperatures in the low to mid 40's all the
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way out from slatington and fleetwood down to pottstown saint davids warrington and 43 degrees in center city. across the river in south jersey, 42 in cinnaminson, 42 in woodbine. if you're running errands this afternoon you might want to give it until maybe after lunchtime as we are looking at a sweep of rain coming through at some point after 9 o'clock up until about noon. after that, 45 degrees, then 47 by 3:00 i can't do anything to warm you up this afternoon but there will be generally less rain in through here than there will be before noon. erin. >> thanks so much david. breaking overnight a judge has denied a request to let president obama's immigration action take effect. the executive action sought to shield millions of immigrants from deportation. a federal judge in texas grant add preliminary injunction in february at the request of 26 states that oppose the action. the u.s. department of justice requested that the judge allow the action to go ahead.
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late last night that judge refused. cuba may be taking off america's terror sponsor list at any moment. sources tell abc news that cuba's removal from the list is imminent. the state department has not sent the paperwork to the white house yet but officials expect it at any time. america's list of state sponsors of terrorism include iran, sudan and syria. cuba was added to the list in 1982. >> 5:53 and coming you on "action news" at 6 a.m. a-live update on that expressway shooting. police say a man shot his father in a moving car. >> a candidate collapses during last night's mayoral debate. we'll tell you how lynn abraham is doing this morning. that's ahead at 6 a.m. >> ♪♪
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>> philadelphia police want the public to take a good look at the man in this surveillance video. they say he stole a laptop and several tablets from a business on the 1600 block of south street last week. it appears as if the suspect made a few passes by the store before going inside and grabbing goods. if you recognize him contact police immediately. the burlington county mother arrested for setting her baby on fire in january has now been indicted for murder. a grand jury issued a counter of first degree murder against 22-year-old hyphernkemberly dorvilier. investigators allege the pemberton woman gave birth at home and then immediately drove her newborn daughter to
5:57 am
simontown road where she set the infant on fire. >> new on "action news," police in the poconos are looking for a group of rowdy teens who attacked a family outside of a movie theater. this happened at the stroud mall in stroudsburg during an easter sunday showing of the fast and furious seven. that's cindy santa maria williams. she says three girls sitting behind her were rowdy and cursing. after the movie she says the three girls and other teens were waiting outside. >> they immediately jumped on me and knocked me to the ground punched me in the face. i think that's what knocked me to the ground. >> santa maria williams and her senator law were hurt. police hope to find the teens and charge them with assault. >> 5:57. a controversial arrest is under investigation. we have new video out of that violent that sparked community outrage. >> pro athletes fall victim to
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of. get two boxes of dunkin' k-cup packs for $16.99. your coffee, your dunkin'. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday april 8th. tamala edwards is off. erin is joining us. >> accuweather is tracking cold conditions for the next two days. >> gunfire erupts inside a moving car on the schuylkill expressway. we have a live report on what led to the shooting. >> scare he remoments at last night's mayoral debate when one candidate collapses. >> good morning karen and david. >> a bit of a breeze blowing clouds overhead. take a look


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