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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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hello again here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. flooding is a concern for parts of our region as the heavy rain pulls through and david murphy has the latest from accuweather. bill cosby back in a pennsylvania courtroom for day two of the sexual case to get thrown out. and the u.s. has the first transmission of the zika outbreak. >> and accuweather continues to track rain moving across our region and is expected to get heavier as the day continues, and the rain will help to melt the snow from the blizzard of course, but also it could cause
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flooding. looking live outside over the ben franklin bridge and parts of 95 and it's warm outside as well today. >> we have team coverage on the weather and walter perez is live in northampton county but first we check in with david murphy at the big board. >> you see the temperatures are on the rise and the rain is coming and that combination will melt the snow and have you water getting into your creeks and streams and the storm sewers, and there is the large view, this is a big system that will take until tonight to get all the way through, and for a time today we'll see the downpour activity, as we look at the local view on stormtracker 6 live double scan areas to the west of us and north of philadelphia are getting into some of the the heavier rain near gettysburg and maryland. the movement is out to the west and north and there is a slide
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to the south and media beginning to get back into it. and honey brook and up towards pottstown starting to build the rain and melt the snow and there is an area where you could see backed up water on roadways and don't try and drive through any of that. and easton is in the moderate range, and the movement of the precipitation from the southwest. you are in the bowling alley as it work with the heavier stuff heading in our direction. the flood watch is in effect until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, because the rain ends tomorrow night, we still have runoff with the continued melting of snow adding to the water in our storm drains and smaller creeks and streams and some of those could rise and some places you don't see a lot of flooding in poor drainage areas and areas that
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usually are prone to flooding tonight and by tomorrow, and the water keeps rising and you could get into problems. it's mild out there from the city to sea isle city, still in the 40s up north mild enough to melt snow and we are looking at the potential for record highs today. wilmington 63 is the forecast high. and 64 in philadelphia and when you check out the records we are close in a lot of these spots, philadelphia will be among the spots that set a record high this afternoon. more on future tracker 6 tracking the rain as it comes through, we'll break down the issues the creek streams coming up. >> thank you. now, lets switch live to walter perez in palmer township where the concern for flooding is higher because of the record amount of snow they got from the blizzard. >> reporter: you can see it's just miserable conditions here in the lehigh valley, here in palmer township, nothing right
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now to be concerned about but as david mentioned that could change later on today as heavier rains move in later on combined with these unusually warm temperatures for this time of year. more than half of the record breaking 31 inches of snow that fell on t fell on the lehigh valley a couple weeks ago prompted a flood watch. the real concern is for local creeks, streams and poor drainage areas, the flood watch remains in effect until 5:00 tomorrow evening. back out live the flood watch includes lehigh and hunterdon county in new jersey, we'll keep an eye on the situation here and have much more on "action news" starting at 4:00.
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reporting live walter perez, channel 6 "action news." as the wet weather continues stay with for the latest and view the forecast and storm tracker 6 radar. still developing at this hour. we could soon learn if the sex assault case against bill cosby will be thrown out. are you looking outside of courtroom where with the hearing is underway at this hour. this morning cosby's top legal adviser testified that he never would have allowed the comedian to testify in a lawsuit if he thought cosby could face criminal charges. lawyer jack schmidt also testified he considered the criminal case concluded after then district attorney bruce caster told them he was closing the investigation, but current d.a. kevin steele says that it's not binding for current prosecutors. stay with channel 6 "action
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news" and, for the latest developments throughout the day. >> in the news at least one person was hurt when a septa train crashed into a septa taxi, that was on the tracks during the morning rush. on the tracks near washington street and cherry street. one the 55 people on board the manayunk norristown line was treated for a head injury, the driver called 911 when she got stuck on the tracks and saw the train and ran. the police cited her and she did not appear to be under the influence. the crash shut down the line for more than two hours. and the cdc is expected to put out guidelines. so far 40 cases in 12 states. we are joined now from new york with the latest. >> reporter: well, health officials say that someone in texas just tested positive for the zika virus and what is
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alarmed for officials in this case this victim, the virus was not spread by mosquito. a disturbing development in dallas in the battle against the zika virus. >> it was not spread by a mosquito, it was spread by sexual contact. in 2008 a traveler infected returned home to colorado and his wife later tested positive for the virus but still officials say this is the first case of sexual transmission in this current outbreak and call this case out of dallas a game changer, because the virus with possible links to birth defects in unborn babies and paralysis in adults. could be deadly and have
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delibtating economications. >> the fact that 11 months out she is still have difficulty walking makes it a severe outcome. >> the cdc will reduce new guidelines but the old ones still stand. if you are pregnant avoid zika infebted countries. in addition to new guidelines from the cdc, the red cross is asking people to wait 28 days before visiting zika infected countries before donating blood. >> thank you. much more to come on "action news" at 12:30, an altercation and a truck driver and a group of motorcycle drivers gets intense. find out how a gun got involved in the road rage incident.
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alicia vitarelli talks with an actress in the madoff mini series.
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this confrontation on a desert road in nevada is making headlines online. it appears that the driver of the red truck made an obscene gesture to the bikers and the mand behind the camera confronted the people in the truck. henderson says the man seen pointing the gun is cooperating with the investigation it's unclear if he will face criminal charges. it's unclear if the cadets enrolled in the police academy in hershey are under investigation for cheating,
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there is evidence they shared tests or were given tests from other cadets. they are scheduled to graduate in march, it's unclear if cadets will be expelled or other troopers who participated in sharing tests will be fired from the force. the cyber criminals stole credit card information from chains in the landry's company from may 4th, 2014 through december 3rd of last year. some include mccormick and schmidt and the cherry hill and philadelphia locates and morton center city and the golden nugget casino. we have more information on what to do if are you affected at and people are optimistic on what 2016 might bring, the chamber of commerce hosted the conference this morning and held a survey showing that it
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improved last year compared to 2014, and there is optimism things will improve this year as well. this weekend say special valenti valentines fyi philly. and karen rogers talks to a man that hand crafts bean to bar chocolate. >> reporter: for robert campbell the chocolate chemist it starts with a trip to peru last may. >> went to five different organic farms there. >> he hand selected beans from ecuador and the dominican republic. >> these have a solid earthy taste to them. >> he roasts them and hand separates the good from the bad and then a blow dryer to separate the shells from the anybody. >> isn't that cool? >> that is amazing. he makes them at his shop at
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10th and spring garden street. he built a glass room so people could watch him work. >> reporter: are you the only one doing bean to bar? >> the only one in philadelphia. i love the taste of chocolate and how it makes you feel. >> happy valentine's day to chocolate.
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. catholic schools weeks start in collegeville. and they packed the gym naz yum to talk about important sports figures, they dresd up like the pope and astronaut sally ride and peyton manning. why not? and second graders took time to write valentines for the sisters and for the seminarian. no recess today david? >> stormtracker 6 live double scan right now and we have rain across a good portion of the
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region. can you still go out in south jersey and in and around philadelphia you are about to get wet again, a somewhat soggy morning, you don't have to go out too far outside of the city. but this is media, delaware county seat and chester county, and these are area that are beginning to pick this up. and farther to the north and west that is where the action is right now. we'll give you the motion here pushing up towards the northeast and pottstown you are getting hit with steady rain, and farther up the pike we are starting to see heavier stuff filter in. i'll leave you with the wide view, and allentown and bethlehem getting heavy rain and the wide view showing heavier stuff out to the west. and that is more or less moving over the i-95 corridor over the next few hours. as we look outside, there is sky 6 hd live down at cape may, and
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cape may one of the spots that has not seen a whole lot of rain yet. 62 degrees is your current temperature so we are on the mild side, big time. it ties the record time at this date. we'll probably break it over the next couple of hours with a couple of degrees on the thermometer, up until 5:00 the latest model run, has heavier precipitation in philadelphia. the latest run has a break in the action and i'm not sure that will happen and we got into a period this afternoon where we have that type of activity. a chance this is pushing towards the coast and you will get hammered down at the shore and 11:30 tonight we'll be breaking it down but adam and cecily will have the latest on what going on not only with the active rain but whether there are any flood
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warnings that pop up. late this afternoon the flooding issues, some streets with snow pack nearby have the best chance of problems where storm drains are not taking the rain and combined with that snow melt you may have backup on the creeks. and tonight overnight into thursday, that is when the schuylkill river basin become a widespread problem. all the runoff from the snow and rain water is going to be continuing to fill up the smaller streams and the schuylkill river could run a little high. even if you don't get into big time flooding tell your kids to stay away from fast running water on creeks and streams. 64 is your high in philadelphia a new record and a lot of us getting into the upper 50s and tonight speaking of the melting the rain ends tonight and look how the temperatures stay mild,
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61 tomorrow morning and we continue to melt overnight. rain and snow melt and flooding and that is the story today and tonight and tomorrow the rain is over and we may have high water in spots. and still pretty comfortable for a walk or whatever you want to do outside to avoid areas, 46 degrees and still above average. and we are watching tuesday and a storm not too far away that could do something to us. coming up tonight on 6 abc oscar winner, richard dreyfus steps into the role of bernie madoff for an abc event. >> alicia vitarelli joins united states now with a look at the big board with some of the local faces that are also feature. >> reporter: that is right. when the abc original movie event premieres tonight you'll see a lot of local talent on the screen including a young star on
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the rise from northeast philadelphia who is acting since she was in diapers. >> all i know is that bernie madoff took a lot of money and when to jail a long time. while 9-year-old shane coleman knows that richard dreyfus plays a bad guy in the story about the man behind a massive ponzi scheme -- >> the northeast philadelphia star says behind the scenes it was all fun and games. >> he was really funny. he kept joking around. shane plays madoff's granddaughtercate and got a chance to prescreen the episode in new york city no stranger to the red carpet shane is getting used to the paparazzi and all the camera flashes. >> i did a couple of interviews and i got my picture taken and it wasn't a lot of flashes
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anymore. >> reporter: shane has been acting pretty much since she could walk and talk and booking her first commercial at 8 months told by accident at her brother's audition. >> studied the lines and i knew them when i got there. >> she is big movies and was recently on the big screen alongside alicia silverpman. >> i was not allowed to watch it and my mom was and she was cheering. >> she is attending virtual school after death threats forced her to take her out of john hancock's school last year. she is living the dream and has guys for other kids with the same passion. >> i just have to say try your hardest and don't give up.
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>> a remarkable little girl and too cute. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, meet the drexel hill actress that plays madoff's secretary in the series. and what she learned about the infamous 17th floor. you'll enjoy this interview as well. the mini series premiers here on 6 abc tonight. and it's a two night event and i can't wait. >> lots of tal enin the delaware valley. >> yes. >> lady gaga is getting in on the super bowl action, the performance happens live before the panthers and broncos kickoff and is joined by marlee matlin who is signing the anthem for the hearing impaired and she will sing a medley of david bowie songs at the grammys.
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meteorologist, david murphy is back now with a check of the forecast. keep the umbrellas handy through the afternoon and evening, we are looking at milder temperatures in the evening with possible street flooding and small streams getting involved. 60 in reading and 59 in pottstown and a lot of nice numbers on the map and a record high by 2 degrees this afternoon and we tied the record, and upper 50s down the shore. this is pushing to the north and east with the yellow band creeping toward i-95 over the next couple of hours. >> thank you. here is a look at stories coming up tonight on "action news" at 4:00. donations come in to a deli that was destroyed by fire and now the owner wants everybody to take their money back.
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and a prisoner who escaped and set off a manhunt in upstate new york came back to court. now for david murphy, rick williams, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a nice afternoon.
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