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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, may 19. we've got breaking news on "action news." the disappearance of the egypt air flight.
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officials believe it crashed into the mediterranean sea on its way from paris to cairo. if you hate traveling 'lone uber is launch ago new safety feature to let loved ones track your trip. let's get a preview of weather and traffic with david and karen. >> reporter: good morning, guys we're off to a cloudy start, no fear as things will get better as we move through the morning. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the last showers from the overnight still down in south jersey and ready to push off the coast before too much longer. satellite and radar shows you clearing to the west. it looks like a day where we start out gray, but we transition to a lot more sunshine. 54 degrees in philadelphia. i'm comfortable in a light jacket with light winds. the jacket a good idea this morning. on the bus stop it's mainly cloudy and spotty shower in south jersey in a couple of neighborhoods and temperatures in the mid 50s between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. things turn around in a hurry
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today. 11:00 a.m. we'll be up to 67 degrees partly sunny skies. 3:00 p.m., 73. we're actually looking for a high of 74 around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon and again, sun going back and forth with clouds, but pretty bright and pretty nice today. pollen count up to the medium high range over the next couple of days. you can see how the pollen count drops over the weekend with the arrival of rain. i'll talk about that rain coming in saturday and a little bit more on sunday all ahead in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. really great out here right now, karen. >> reporter: we'll want to go back to our breaking news with chopper 6 hd live on the scene right now. we had a single-vehicle accident where a vehicle rolled over blocking all inbound lanes on kelly drive approaching sedley drive not seeing traffic moving through, not seeing the vehicle involved, as well. kelly drive iran bound had been blocked, all lanes involving a
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single-vehicle accident. looks like emergency workers getting ready to clear the scene and let the traffic get by, we're not seeing the vehicle any more. chopper 6 live on the scene. things looking better right now. vine street expressway, westbound traffic heavy volume as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. the vine didn't shut down overnight, it's been open in both directions. the crews said they finished it early so they didn't have to close it down again. i-95 southbound traffic looks like you're building volume as you head toward center city. we're dry on i-95, david has been saying the showers in south jersey, watch for that. 422 showing an equally nice ride, matt and tam. information continues to come in on our breaking news story, the disappearance of egypt air flight 804. officials say it crashed in the
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mediterranean sea. officials say there were three security officers known to be on board, but the distress call from the pilot never came in. a search and rescue is going on right now. katherine scott is live in the satellite center where she is following the breaking story. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam, the search and rescue operation is underway in the mediterranean sea, armed forces from greece and e searching for survivors. as to what caused the crash, officials are not ruling anything out. 804 departed charles de gaulle airport in paris and heading for cairo. it was flying at 37,000 feet at 2:45 a.m. local time when it dropped off the radar after entering egyptian aerospace.
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crisis centers have been set up at the airports. air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot who didn't mention any problems. the there was no distress call from the pilot, but there's conflicting in fact about whether there was an automatic signal an emergency signal picked up from the plane after it vanished from radar. the airline said there was, the egyptian military said there was not. the plane had 56 passenger including two babies and young child and ten cabin crew members. 30 egyptians, 15, french, one was canadian, nonwas listed as as -- none was listed as american. there's a lot of questions what happened to the flight. the focus is finding the plane
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and seeing if there are any survivors and locketted the black boxes. -- locating the block boxes. we're updating this story at "action news" facebook. two of the three girls charged in the death of wilmington high school student are scheduled to be arraigned today. amy joyner-francis died after a fight in the girl's bathroom at howard high school last month. two girls were charge with co-conspiracy and prosecutors charged another girl with criminally negligent homicide. amy joyner-francis died from hidden heart defect that was triggered when she was hit by the girls. they could face up to one year in jail. a reading police officer is going to turn himself in on charges of harassing two people
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last month. investigators say officer jesus santiago dejesus pulled over a woman and her boyfriend claiming she didn't use a turn signal. she started recording the officer on her cell phone when the situation escalated. he ripped the phone out of her hands and slammed it to the ground and punched her. i'm using my phone to record him this is my proof. the officer is charged with official oppression and tampering with evidence, false reports. we knew there was a linked in data breach, but we didn't know how bad it was. maribel aber has more. >> reporter: 117 million linked user names and passwords are being shopped around by hackers. the data was stolen back in 2012.
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the price tag about 2,000 in bitcoin. linked in said it is working toen validate the accounts affected and contact the members to reset their passwords. stocks closed after a choppy session. futures pointing to a lower open. we'll have a look at the labor market when a report on weekly jobless claims are released. tj max, marshall, and home goods will open thousands of stores. one way to grow it will look for bargains on buildings other retailers have closed. that's the latest from business at the nasdaq. back over to you. thank you, maribel. a little rain. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing it's mainly over in south jersey and along the shore. one blip of precipitation in the
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southern end of the atlantic city expressway heading toward the east. that won't be too much longer. light sprinkles and showers coming across the delaware bay that will fall apart before it hits lands. as we look outside, we have a fair amount of cloud cover. we could have sun here and there. that will be the pattern as we go through the next couple of hours. 54 degrees, current temperature, chilly enough for a light jacket, winds are calm or running light in most areas. future tracker 6 handing handling the cloud cover situation, overall we might open up with bright blue skies. we'll have fair weather cumulus popping up and every now and then there could be a pop-up shower or sprinkle. i think most of you will stay dry and nice today. temperatures, 56 degrees by 8:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m., 64 degrees and up close to 07 by noon.
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73 by 3:00 p.m. about 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. we're looking at a high of 74. a nice afternoon ahead with lots of sunshine mixing with clouds, overall we'll call it partly sunny skies. temperatures up in allentown and trenton, 70. 71 in reading, 72 in wilmington. a little cooler closer to the shore, cape may, 64 degrees. tomorrow is the pick of the week, though, tomorrow we're expecting more sunshine. high pressure in control. winds stay light, slightly warmer high of 76 degrees. today looks really good. tomorrow, slightly better and things change again for friday as we have this area of low pressure tracking so the -- to the south and most of the models suggesting we'll get pretty good rain from this. some of it could be a soaking rain. saturday, wet, cloudy, sunday a little bit better. we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's been crumby around here for the last couple of weeks. just a reminder we're not too
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far away from better times. the middle of next week we'll be dry. we're looking at temperatures topping out at 80 degrees heading into memorial day weekend. memorial day 11 days away. summer begins in 32 degrees, 46 days we have the 4th of july all that good stuff coming and the weather will be less unsettled than it's been recently. 74 is the high, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a decent day ahead. tomorrow, better, 76. lots of sun. for the weekend, rainy on saturday, 64 and mostly cloudy on sunday, high of 70. there's a chance of a pop up you thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. monday and tuesday, 72. clouds and sun, a couple of more spotty showers lingering. by wednesday, the return of super-nice conditions, lots of sunshine, 76. by thursday, i could see us heading up to 8 for the high. it looks like it will get nice. super nice, doesn't require a
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super hero. up next, more stories you didn't see including a violent ambush, a man and i see -- and his girlfriend come face-to-face with an armed man on the city streets. >> reporter: 30 bypass looking good, eastbound approaching 113. we'll look at a new accident in chester county coming up. uber wants you to have peace of mind when you ride solo. that's coming up in tech bytes. good morning, chopper 6 hd
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high in the air bringing you this beautiful view of philadelphia here on your baby friday, your thursday morning, 6:15, 54 degrees, the fact that friday is around the corner and we live in such a beautiful place. it's going to be a good day. >> reporter: baby friday, i like that, it gives a whole new prospective to thursday. looking live near conshohocken eastbound traffic slow from the curve and montgomery, and westbound traffic heavy at this point city avenue to belmont. we talked about the accident on kelly drive it's clear. both lanes back open on kelly drive. no problems there, a single-vehicle accident
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approaching sedgely drive. i just got off the phone with police in chester county. it's a single-vehicle accident, sprawl road at reports way a person hit a mail box. we have bean krueger talking about an object on the road 476 northbound near conshohocken. we have showers around in south jersey, mays landing off the coast of atlantic city and surf city, roads could be damp with the passing shower, other than the passing shower, it's a nice day today. 54 degrees, lots of clouds early on. we'll see sunshine remember what that is. decent high of 74. feeling like spring. new on "action news," the naacp is suing the city of flint michigan over the water crisis they seek damages for pain and suffering and medical money --
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million ton toring -- monitoring for residences and businesses. highway patrol jumped into action to help save people in a balloon. the highway patrol was called to the rescue. the balloon company said the passengers were not in danger they got a free extended balloon ride and free helicopter ride. smooth move, a bridge replacement project has something you have on your kitchen sink. >> reporter: we have jackets on the kids this morning, temperatures in the 50s, most of us are dry. lingering showers in south jersey. this afternoon shorts and ts. i'll check things at philadelphia international and we'll have the day planner forecast next.
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>> reporter: in tech bytes, google takes on amazon echo with digit assistant. it will play music and control smart devices around the home. no word on how much it will cost. uber has rolled out trip tracker to monitor passengers ride in real time from the uber app on their smart tone. there's a cool new device for people who struggle with foreign languages. the pilot provides instant translation in four different languages. it will go on sale this year with a price tag of $100. those are tech bytes, have a great day.
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construction crews in missouri are using dawn dishing -- dish washing soap to slide a bridge into place. the garth avenue bridge is the second bridge in the missouri to be slid into place using dish washing liquid. columbia's bridge replaces project should be completed in september. i thought it was good for getting your wedding ring off. it's slippery from my experiences in washing dishes. [laughter]. that's a lie. >> reporter: let's take a look outside right now on the ben franklin bridge, we are dry we are clear, we've got no problems and the traffic is starting to bore me. chester, bondsville road is closed through june 1. stick to 322. >> reporter: your weather will bore you in a couple of minutes. we have the last little shower
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in atlantic county ready to go off the coast. a couple of more sprinkles out to the west looks like they are falling apart. we're looking at a good looking day, 56 degrees by 7:00 a.m. cloudy, with breaks of sunshine. 9:00 a.m., 61. the relevant day on average, partly sunny and warm. 4:00 p.m. we'll get to 74 degrees we'll be sitting on it by 5:00 p.m. that's the high today. 74 partly sunny, wind on the light side. comfortable. down the the airport an hour ago we had delays at philadelphia international. they are off the board, looks like everybody is looking at no major delays, we don't have any hint of current precipitation in any of our most commonly traveled big-city airports. the red hot phillies have the day off. the city surged to the top of the nl east by beating the marlins 4-2 they have won seven
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of their last 8 series. a plane vanishes over the mediterranean sea. we gather information about the final radio calls and what might have caused the plane to lose contactment we'll bring you very latest at 6:30 a.m.
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new this morning a 51-year-old man is nursing a gunshot wound to his leg. a someone drove up and opened
6:26 am
fire and annie mccormick drove drove -- and drove off. bridgeton high school students daisia sulton and mikayla mosley died after a car they were in ran off the road and hit a tree after a postprom trip to ocean city. investigators don't believe drugs or alcohol played a role in their deaths. another girl was killed after her car struck a pole. tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m., we look at the smallest victims of pain killer addiction, babies. >> reporter: inside this neonatal intensive care unit, some of the babies days old are going through drug withdrawals. their mothers were addictioned addictioned -- addicted to
6:27 am
percocet and oxycontin. i can't stop. >> reporter: are the babies in pain? i have to say yes. we take a closer look at pain killer addiction and the epidemic's innocent victims. tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. so, so sad. it's 6:27. we're following breaking news, the search for a missing egypt air flight. uprising by bernie sanders supporters has party leaders increasingly worried about what happened at the democratic convention. you'll hear from one concerned senator next. ♪
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this afternoon, refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a medium sweet tea, sweet tea lemonade, or original iced tea from dunkin'. sip one for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. news," a midair mystery, officials say a commercial flight from france to egypt has
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crashed. at this point no one can find it. happening today, two teens charged in connection with the classmate's death will be in court. we're looking at a long lost friend, you heard of him, the sun. it will be short-lived. david murphy vaguely remember what the sun looks like. karen rogers has the morning commute. good morning. >> reporter: you'll see a good deal of it today and tomorrow morning, before things change. we have sprinkles and showers north of atlantic city they are getting ready to depart the coast, which is nice. the cloud cover is in play, but we'll see it break up a little bit. we'll wind up with partly sunny skies today. under mainly sunny skies and cool temperature are 54. not much wind this morning, but a morning for jackets once again. as we go into the afternoon we
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can toss that jacket aside. 61 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., 67 degrees, overall partly sunny skies, 70 degrees by 3:00 p.m. high of 74 probably chiming in about 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. pollen count in the medium high range the next couple of days, the drops saturday and sunday that coincide with the arrival of rain, i'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. camp, what you got on the roads. rnl. >> reporter: regular morning jam on i-95, heavy from academy to cottman and the betsy ross bridge to girard. no problems on i-95. we had showers earlier, looking better on i-95. vine street expressway moving nicely, everything open and looking good. exton, chester county we have a vehicle that hit into a pole on eagleville boulevard at mccallen
6:32 am
drive. we had a problem that cleared sprawl road at rogers way. no longer an accident there. david showed us on the radar showers down there. especially closer to the shore. 42 looking good, 9 minute ride from the walt whitman bridge to the ac expressway. paris plane disappearance on radar. >> reporter: they don't know why the plane vanished. it remains under investigation. officials are not ruling anything out. we are hearing the prosecutors in paris will be opening an investigation into the crash. the focus a search and rescue operation going on in the mediterranean sea. let's go to the maps, the route of the plane, egypt air flight
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804 took off from charles de gaulle airport in paris bound for cairo flying at 37,000 feet 2:45 a.m. when it appeared off the radar shortly before entering egyptian aerospace. crisis centers have been set up at the airports. the plane was cruising which was the safest part of the flight. there was no distress call from the pilot. we're hearing conflicting information whether or not there was an emergency beacon picked up from the plane after the disappeared from radar. the plane had 56 passengers, two babies and child. 7 crews members and three security officers. among them, 0 were egyptian -- 30 were egyptian, 15 french and one canadian.
6:34 am
greek air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot who didn't mention any problems. it tried to get in touch with the pilot ten miles before it reached greek aerospace. egypt is leading the search effort, greek arm forces have deployed, as well. french military sent a falcon surveillance jet monitoring the area for migrants have been redirected for help. they are searching the mediterranean sea trying to see if there were any survivors. recovering the black boxes to figure out what happened here. live from the satellite center, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." new this morning, two philadelphia housing police officers were shaken up in a crash. their cruiser were involved in a minor collision in kensington at 1:00 a.m. the driver of the other vehicle was not hurt. we're learning about a
6:35 am
crash that closed a busy highway for five hours. the three car pileup happened on route 70. no one in the minivan were hurt. medford police are investigating whether the driver will face charges. happening today it's a first court hearing after two delaware teenagers were charged for the death of a girl after a fight in the school bathroom. annie mccormick has more on what to expect today. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, two of the three girls charged will appear before a judge in family court. we are naming them because they are juveniles. the first two face the lessor charges of criminal conspiracy. this is the amy joyner-francis who died april 21.
6:36 am
according to police three classmates planned a confrontation against her. amy was rushed to the hospital where she later died. coordinating to -- according toe first autopsy she decide from a defect triggered by the assault. a spokesperson for the family told "action news" earlier this week the family is calling for a second autopsy and they want more severe charges. so, now we're going to blame her death on the heart condition when it was a school fight that led to her death. so it was the physical assault that led to her death not her heart condition and the family wants to make sure the people have clarity about this. >> reporter: both girls appearing in family court are out on bail. according to the medical examiners, only one girl was
6:37 am
directly charged with criminally negligent homicide. she is the one that allegedly directly hit amy joyner-francis. show does not appear today in court, she will app at a later time. -- she will appear at a later time. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." authorities in camden believe this man may have information into a series of shootings one of which was deadly. they all happened within hours tuesday night into wednesday. suspects fired a shotgun at people in two separate locations and nobody was hurt. a short time later they found terrence phillips gunned down on pierce street. if you know anything about the shootings or recognize the man we just showed you contact police immediately. donald trump will join chris christie for a fundraiser in lawrenceville, new jersey. most of the proceeds will pay off the campaign dead of chris christie's unsuccessful presidential bid.
6:38 am
while it's not being coordinated with the republican national committee the first time he will raise money as the presumptive nom -- nominee. concerns from leading democrats, the division within their party is getting worse. bernie sanders is marching on. a violent outbreak in nevada has party leaders worried about security at the dnc in philadelphia. worries me a great deal. i don't want to go back to the 68 convention, because i worry about what it does to the electorate as a whole. he should, too. that 1968 democratic convention in chicago was marred by riots. abc news said 5 groups supporting sanders campaign have filed permit applications to protest near the wells fargo
6:39 am
center where the convention will be held. >> reporter: turning to david murphy, a nicer. >> reporter: definitely turning the corner today. the rain is turning the corner, too, out into the atlantic. as i go in tighter, the last areas are getting ready to clear, oceanville and southern long beach island over the next few minutes or so. "live" with kelly and michael somewhat overcast, the clouds will break up quickly this morning we'll wind up with a partly sunny day overall. 54 degrees currently as you head out the door. the suburbs cooler than that, the wind are calm and overall you get a light jacket on it's a comfortable morning to take. cloud cover early, we are looking at the quick disturbal of the clouds. we'll tall it partly sunny. notice ohio the model wants
6:40 am
to -- notice how the model wants to put up an instability shower. it will not last. majority of the afternoon bright with sun and clouds mix. temperatures in the 70s. we'll hit a high of 74 degrees by 5:00 p.m. in fact i think we'll be there by 4:00 p.m. and sit on or about that between 3:00 p.m. and dinnertime. a nice afternoon ahead, partly sunny, nice wind. 70 in allentown and trenton. 71 in reading, 66 in millville. down next to the cool ocean water the mid 60s this afternoon. we'll have high pressure in control, it will be a bright day, sun and clouds, a better high of 76 degrees, unfortunately you got to enjoy the next couple of days while you got them. saturday we've got a wave of low pressure that will passing by the region just to the south. most models thinking it will be close enough to give us periods of rain all day and some of the rain could be a soaking rain.
6:41 am
remember, though, things are getting better. the middle of next week, we'll dry out, we'll wind up with warmer conditions. i could see 80 by next thursday. right around the corner, memorial day summertime against in 32 degrees and we're 46 days away from the 4th of july. lots of fun coming our way and we don't have 0 to wait too long. sunny and warm, 74 degrees. tomorrow, 76 degrees, great evening for union soccer in chester and phillies against the braves at citizens bank park. saturday, cooler high, rain, 64. back up to 70, mostly cloudy skies and chance of afternoon thunderstorm, obviously of the two weekend days, saturday is the bigger challenge. monday and tuesday, 72. clouds and sun, maybe a couple of spotty showers as the low migrates away from us. by wednesday, i see a full force return of nice.
6:42 am
76 degrees and we could be up to 80. a lot better weather coming. the next couple of days not bad. 6:42. in hot pursuit, a police officer chasing down chris take out an innocent driver who was in his path. a kindergartener gets sent home from school. her mother is speaking out. >> reporter: 11 minute ride from oaks to 202. we'll talk about a couple of accidents coming in from montgomery county when "action news" comes right back.
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get closer, come on, sun, know you can do it. there's only a few clouds in there, you're trying to poke yourself through, we want to see you again, we don't want you to go away forever. we missed you. >> reporter: i didn't know that's how it works, matt has to coax the sun out. all right we'll take it. not a lot of sun glare out there. this is eastbound montgomery to girard. you can see past montgomery to girard. an accident upper dublin welsh road at dresher town road. in norristown, we have an accident, injuries on the scene. you'll see police and emergency
6:46 am
workers. we had an accident on the sprawl road that has cleared. we have one on a eagleville boulevard a car smashed into a pole. that's causing problems, as well. storm tracker 6 live double scan we saw showers in parts of south jersey, currently near surf city you want to watch for that and off the coast in atlantic city, a couple of sprinkles. you could see sprinkles around lots of clouds, 54 degrees is the high. you'll see sunshine, matt will coax it out of the clouds. sunshine and 74. feeling like spring today tam. go figure. a florida was seriously hurt when a police cruiser plowed into her car. red light cameras recorded the collision last week. the officer was responding to a robbery call when he ran through the light and t-boned the vehicle. the victim doesn't know when she'll be be able to work again. the officer was ticketed and
6:47 am
placed on paid leave. the victim plans to file a lawsuit. closing arguments are expected to begin on the trial of the police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. he had war nero is the second of 6 baltimore officers to stand trial for the freddie gray's death. the judge is expected to issue a verdict on monday. we are still awaiting word to learn how much george zimmerman's gun sold at auction. it was the weapon used to kill trayvon martin in 201. he set the minimum bid at $100,000 and said the buyer may remain anonymous, critics called the auction an insensitive move. live preview of "g.m.a." is up next.
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let's get a preview of "good morning america." amy robach is joining us with a look at what's coming up. amy we've been following this plane crash, we bet you are, too. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam we're following your coverage, the egypt flight that disappeared over the
6:51 am
mediterranean sea, 66 people on board, was it an act of terror. a man in trouble for trying to help the baby buys -- bison at yellow stone national park. thousands of guns stolen, what can be done to stop the disturbing trend. it is thursday, that means it's deals and steals. tory johnson here with great deals for summer. that's coming up next on "g.m.a." sounds like a good show. >> reporter: i'm in a shopping mood. chester county, 30 bypass, slow from 322 to 113. coming in from coatsville or thorndale, slow.
6:52 am
limerick we have an accident limerick road at mine run road. strawberry mansion drive closes at 11:00 a.m., it's are a regata season this time it's the stotesbury. >> reporter: we've hours north of atlantic city. if you're dressing the kids, in the 50s, light jacket a good idea. this afternoon, shorts and ts weather. 61 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 67 by 11:00 a.m., the clouds will break up and through the majority of the day we'll call it partly sunny skies, at times you might see more clouds, at other times, bright blue back and forth. the high today, 74 degrees around 4:00 p.m. a nice one on tap, tam another good one tomorrow. thank you, david. a 5-year-old colorado girl was suspended for bringing a plastic princess bubble gun to
6:53 am
school. she had the gun in her backpack. school officials called her mother and said she had to take her out of class. fake firearms are forbidden. you ever -- you have to look at that and see it. they he have to use common sense. the school has suspended children for bringing in guns made of foam.
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welcome back here the top stories, an egypt air flight disappeared on its way from paris to cairo. the plane crashed off the greek isle of crete. of 6 people were on board. a reading police officer is going to turn himself in today charge with harassing and assaulting two people during a traffic spot last month. >> reporter: they are blocking the left lane at passyunk so you're jammed from 28th to brad. >> reporter: it's going to be a nice day today. clouds this morning will give way to an average of partly
6:57 am
sunny skies. it will get warm later in the low to mid 70s. we'll see a high of 74 around 4:00 p.m. turn to "g.m.a." next to the latest on the egypt air crash. at least that's what they think happened. for karen, tam, david, i'm matt.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. a passenger jet with 66 souls on board disappears over the mediterranean sea overnight. egyptair flight 804 heading from paris to cairo lost just 20 minutes before it was supposed to land. >> an international search effort is now under way. authorities poring over security footage trying to determine if a bomb got on board. the families gathering right now looking for answers. u.s. airports on alert. our abc news team covering every angle across the globe. also this morning, donald trump launches his toughest attack yet on bill clinton calling out his history with women. even bringing up rape. >> you know, he lost his law license, okay. he couldn't practice law and you don't read about this on clinton. >> the clintons now saying trump is just trying to distract voters. oh, my, ste


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