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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 6, 2018 1:35am-2:10am EST

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nothing. nope. well, what about hostility? did you feel any for andrew? was there any reason that you would want him to experience ill will? i wasn't even in kindergarten yet. so that's a no. yes. yes, that is a no. okay, so what about after? did you miss him once he was gone? that i do remember. i asked about him so often that my mother thought it would be in my own best interest to convince me that he didn't even exist, that he was just a figment of my imagination. mm-hmm. it's her version of protecting you? she didn't want me to know that i'd hurt him. if you'd hurt him. well, he didn't fall down a flight of stairs by himself. okay. you're convinced that you pushed him down the stairs. but that leaves the big question. why? you know, hearing you talk about your future with michael and the baby... hmm. makes me want my little girl back even more.
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i'm not even a mother yet, and i can't imagine what it's like seeing avery around town and not being able to hold her and talk to her. it's a torture like no other. but, really, i don't see that i have much of a choice. well, for now. but if i get my way, carly's not gonna be an issue for either of us anymore. oh, yeah, really? uh-huh. you think so? yeah, carly can try her damnedest to make me look unfit. i'll just fight fire with fire. what does that mean? what, you're gonna somehow prove that carly's unfit? well, actually, you know, there is truth to that. i mean, she's certainly deranged when it comes to perceived threats against her family. 100% unhinged. ♪ i confronted nelle about her lost year, and she did something i never expected. what, did she tell the truth about her breakdown after her fiancé's death? she turned violent, michael. nelle tried to hit me.
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how do we know that andre got rid of the flash drive? okay, andre... put the flash drive in a-a disco ball, a christmas ornament, and gave it to anna devane, and anna put the ornament in a box with a bunch of other ornaments and took it down to the community tree. and by the time she realized she needed it, she went to search for it, and it was gone. and what about the other ornaments? both: still there. which means it's not random. someone was looking for the flash drive. it wasn't faison. he had no idea it existed, but henrik -- if he was in port charles, maybe he did. maybe faison's other son has your flash drive. this is starting to feel like an interrogation. did faison say anything about his son -- henrik? no, he didn't mention him, but i should thank you. i hear your bullet's the one that did faison in. why were you at crimson? i'm the coo of aurora media.
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i check in on my subsidiaries all the time. i was dropping off a report when faison arrived. yeah, but why -- why would faison go to crimson? to get maxie jones. to -- why not just show up at her apartment? how do i know? why risk showing up at her office... where there could be witnesses, like you? ♪ cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle, meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd like. for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet.
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thank god you're okay! wha... this is -- why -- why wouldn't i be? rita? is it all right if you give me a second with my dad? no problem. i have to go open up the bar, anyway. and you -- i will see you later. bye, sweetheart. it's really nice meeting you, sonny. don't be a stranger. nice meeting you, too. [ sighs ] well, it's good to see you. things good? yeah. family? good, considering.
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yeah. i kn-- i know i-i told you when we spoke, bears repeating. i'm -- i... i'm so sorry... about morgan. thanks. yeah. i-i was heartbroken when -- when i heard. you know, i mean... no parent should have to bury a child. i...can't imagine. i... [ sighs ] i had a month of masses said for him. carly and i appreciated it. [ sighs ] ♪ i'm sorry i couldn't... have been there. i'm -- i'm just, you know -- i-i-i wish -- i wish i co-- had been the kind of father you could turn to for support. ♪ i'm -- i'm sorry, sonny, about all of it.
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♪ mike, what -- what's this trouble you've gotten yourself into? ♪ just maybe... you never pushed andrew down the stairs. or if you did, it was an accident. like you keep repeating, you were just a small child. well, children are nothing if not impulsive. it wasn't an accident -- because you don't want it to be. i -- yeah, i don't know what that means. you're begging me to brand you as a lost cause. why would i want that? to protect yourself. the only person i'm trying to protect is elizabeth. elizabeth and her kids. have you ever, in all the time you've spent with them, ever felt the impulse to hurt elizabeth, jake, cameron, aiden? no. never. and that doesn't speak volumes to you? i-it does not prove that i've been cured.
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it doesn't prove that you're not. if there is a chance, if there is even a whisper of a chance that i could hurt them, i need to get away from them, even if it breaks my heart. griffin: how are things going with franco? good, good. we finally set a wedding date. mm, that's amazing. that's great. yeah. i think the idea of him being happy is always gonna be a struggle for him. you know, having people to love, who love him back, kind of scares him a little... yeah. the point of self-sabotage. yeah, i'm sure it's gonna be a bit of a process until he learns to trust it. yeah, process should be his middle name. but he's a great man with a better heart. he just needs to learn how to get out of his own way. a lesson for us all. yeah. ♪ do you ever wonder if... ava might revert back to her old ways, and if she did, how that would change everything? yeah, um... yeah, i-i think about it.
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i-i know there's always -- there's always that chance, but i have faith. to faith. to faith. is that the look in your eye when you launched your first offensive against carly? could be. ♪ clue me in. ♪ i'm gonna hit carly where it hurts. and i know exactly how i'm gonna do it. wait, nelle actually tried to slap you? not that i let her. i have excellent reflexes. so, how did, uh -- how did it go down? you mean, how did i push her to the breaking point? no, i-i can't imagine that nelle just try and slap you out of nowhere, so what did you do? what? d-did you threaten to, uh, prove that she's an unfit mother, or what did you do? i said it was an option for you. well, hopefully, it doesn't come to that.
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oh, come on, michael. think about it. if she is set off that easily by me, just imagine her postpartum or exhaustion or being overwhelmed by a crying baby that won't stop. that is not fair. we have no idea how she's gonna react in that situation. exactly! mom! i would never allow my child to be in danger, physical or otherwise. you have to trust me on this. i do trust you. it's nelle. she -- it's nelle you don't trust, i get it. mom, everything is going to work out. ♪ if you say so. okay, so, on the night that anna donates a box of ornaments, henrik goes through every single one of them and just happens to find a flash drive? i don't know if he just happened to do it. i mean, if he had her followed, they probably had... audio surveillance on her, too. so when he found out that she was gonna go look for the flash drive, he beat her to it. the only thing is, we don't know who henrik is or how to find him. and you're okay to still look for him, even though if we find the flash drive,
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neither of us are completely comfortable with me using the procedure? i know you want your options. so what do you say? feel like going on a little adventure with me? you want to help me? yes. i say let's do it. let's find that flash drive. let's figure it out. i will call anna, and, i don't know, jason? we can fig-- no, we're gonna leave jason out of this right now. anna can tell us everything we need to know. okay. okay, if -- if that's what you want, sure. all right. now, we still have a company to run, and i have a meeting with peter. okay, you go to your meeting with peter. i have some e-mails to answer. i've gotta pick the kids up from your mother's, and then i will meet you at home. home. love the sound of that. see you soon. okay. ♪
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faison didn't make a move unless it was calculated. i don't know why he went to crimson. maybe he went to maxie's building to grab her, and then she was called away to crimson at the last minute. so, he followed her? makes sense to me. except that maxie arrived after faison. so his car was faster. look -- look, i'm sorry that you want answers, and you can't get them from faison, but i'm not sure how i'm supposed to be able to help you with that. when you spoke to faison, he say anything about a flash drive? no, drew told me about it, though, when he went in to grill him, and, unfortunately, he said nothing came from it. [ knock on door ] marsh: excuse me! officer. the offices are cleared for re-entry, but we never found the bullet that faison shot at you. so, if any of your staff comes across it -- you'll be our first call. ♪ trusted their soaps for years... this is the soap i grew up with
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nelle, come in. [ sighs ] michael. hey. i am so glad that you're here for this. carly, i wanted to apologize. i lost my temper, and i'm sorry. i was out of line, too, you know, so all is forgiven. really? mm-hmm. okay, i just -- i know i've caused your family so much pain. everyone in your family so much pain, and i wanted to make it up to you. that's not necessary. it is. and i think i've thought of the perfect way. ♪ caruso called, said he had some concerns, mike. about me? so you're a bagman now? is that the deal? that's what rita said. [ sighs ] i really wish she hadn't said that. it's a bad idea, mike. ♪ how am i supposed to get a job, huh? at my age, with my history? caruso called with an offer. i took it.
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if he told you i'm gambling -- he didn't! oh. well, then... what kind of trouble does he think i'm in? he wasn't specific. he said to check up on you. rita's the one that told -- told me about the 10 grand. [ chuckling ] the what? yes, yeah. two guys came here. they said the money wasn't delivered. so what happened to the money, mike? [ scoffs ] faison's gun was aimed at me when it went off. that's why i dove for cover. maybe it misfired. i'm happy to say i don't know much about firearms, but if you need me to make any additions to my statement, i will be more than happy to help out. i'll -- i'll be in touch. thank you. you know anything about that missing bullet? enough! that man that just walked out of here had a badge on. you don't. and i'm extremely busy today. if you have any more questions, just make an appointment, okay? yeah. yeah, i'll call sam and have her office set it up. great. ♪
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♪ we have to find out if there are any other root causes aside from the tumor, that triggered your behavior, but that's going to take time. and it's going to take a lot of soul-searching. yeah, see, that's the thing. i don't have that kind of time. elizabeth and i are supposed to be married this month. well, i'm sorry, franco. you just can't rush this process. [ scoffs ] right, okay, so is that -- is that what you told your serial-killer twin brother -- "ryan, i'm really sorry, but we can't rush this process"? my brother was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of our mother. that's terrible. yes. it was the cause of his psychosis. unfortunately, he died before he had a chance to heal. but you believe he could have? mm-hmm, and i believe you can, too. if you're not healed already. franco, just the fact that you're here and willing to go through all this
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prove that you can be helped. you're awfully confident. i am. there's hope for you yet, franco, and i'd be happy to prove it. ♪ ♪ [ sighs ] ♪
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i'm glad i ran into you. yeah? drew wants to continue to look for the flash drive, and i suggested that he work with you. that's great. but he -- he disagreed. oh, okay. well, you can ask me anything, anytime. i-i -- drew wants to do this alone, and i don't want to go behind his back. well, we'd get farther if we share the information. i mean -- i know, but you didn't share the information,
2:02 am
and i understand that you like working with sonny and spinelli better, and drew likes working with me. and i wish the two of you could find a way to treat each other like brothers, but... we both know that -- that's not gonna happen any time soon. [ sighs ] no, i-i guess not. we're danny's parents, and that's never gonna change. ♪ but outside of that, i don't think we'll be seeing much more of each other. take care. uh, okay. you too. ♪ uh, you know, if you need me, you know where to find me. ♪ i know. ♪
2:03 am
♪ [ sighs ] before we get down to business, there's something you should know. okay. your brother came to see me today. what did he want? same thing as you -- answers about faison. why would jason come to you for answers about faison? i have no idea. i've never laid eyes on faison before that night. mm. i, uh -- i cleared my schedule. how come? well, i took your advice, and i went to see dr. kevin collins and had a session. you did? i did. good for you. so, how'd it go? do you think he can help? turns out, there might be hope for me after all. i know there is. come here. ♪ so, how are you? i know last night was rough.
2:04 am
i'm hanging in there. is there anything i can do? you're doing it. this is, uh... exactly what i need. you...are exactly what i need. [ sighs ] ♪ you think i stole the money? i think it's unaccounted for. you were in charge, so... unbelievable! you have another story? 'cause i'd like to hear it, because i know it's gonna be better than this one. i take my job seriously. good, good. where's the 10 grand? i have no idea. just admit it, mike! and i'll take care of the situation. i know this is just the tip of the iceberg. last thing i want to hear is my father's dead on the street. ♪ how much do you owe, mike? ♪ it never changes, does it? i wish it would. [ chuckles ] i'm just an obligation to you, huh? just a-a-a mess for you to sweep -- what happened to the money, mike?! i...don't...know.
2:05 am
♪ no, you don't have to do anything. it's -- it's okay. oh, but i want to. i-i've come up with an idea that i think everyone is really going to love. what is it? okay, i have decided that whether the baby is a boy or a girl... [ sighs ] i'm gonna name it morgan -- morgan corinthos. ♪
2:06 am
>> hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire," where today comedian rob riggle will take on the serious challenge of trying to win $1 million
2:07 am
for his favorite charities. so stick around. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] you guys are fired up. they must know this guy's in town. let's welcome our celebrity contestant today, comedian, actor rob riggle! >> thank you. >> what's up, brother? >> good to see you. >> good to have you here. >> yeah, i'm glad to be here finally. >> this seems like a terrible idea. >> yes! what could go wrong? >> [laughs] the good part of this-- you're here playing for charity. if it does go well... >> yes. >> and you do make any money at all... >> [exhales] >> fingers crossed. >> come on. >> we get one right. >> just one, baby. >> just one. charities we're playing for. >> yes. >> you're playing for two. >> i am. i have two charities-- >> 'cause you're that confident you're gonna win that much money. >> i--that's what i'm hoping, right, you know? i have two charities that i really believe in, and i support. one is the semper fi fund.
2:08 am
they're an outstanding organization created by wives of veterans. >> and you--you served for the marines. >> i did. i did serve in the marines for-- for quite a while. [cheers and applause] thank you. >> and then what's the other charity? >> children's mercy hospital in kansas city, my hometown. >> yep. >> children's mercy is one of the most cutting-edge pediatric hospitals in the country, and they don't turn anybody away, so they need all the help they can get. >> all right, well, with two charities, we need to raise double the money. >> yes, yes. >> you're about to face 14 questions. money value's growing from $500 all the way to that $1 million. >> whoo! >> you have your three lifelines. >> yeah. >> they're there if you need 'em. >> yes. >> shall we? >> let's do this thing. >> all right, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ all right, $500 starts us off. good luck. here we go. to get a maximum score on the marine corps fitness test, a 21-year-old male marine must do all but which of these things?
2:09 am
>> you know, you don't have to-- you don't have to get the 255 on "clash of clans," so i'm feeling pretty confident. i'm not gonna use a lifeline on this one. >> [laughs] good. >> i'm gonna--i'm gonna say d. >> final? >> final answer. >> $500. [cheers and applause] >> i'm out of here! [laughter] >> did you really ever run three miles in 18 minute? >> i did. i did. i did a couple times when i was about 21. >> all right. what would that be now? >> now, it would be more like 41 minutes. >> all right, here's your second question, worth $1,000. according to "the washington post," as much as 20% of all power outages are caused by animals--especially which kind of animal? >> [laughs]
2:10 am
i do feel like squirrels up in the trees and around the power lines--i feel like b is going to be my answer, and i'm--i feel like i'm gonna lock that in. >> final? >> final answer. >> that's it! squirrels. [applause] that's $1,000. third question, worth $2,000. which of these is the name of thor's hammer in norse mythology, and not a brand of hammers sold at the home depot? >> okay. >> hmm. i'm going to say c, right? am i reading the question right? c, not a brand-- i'm gonna say c, final answer. >> the mjolnir. yep, that's right. not at home depot. >> yes. >> all right. little trepidation, but he's getting there.


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