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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 7, 2018 12:37am-1:05am EST

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>> jimmy: i want to thank neil patrick harris, arie and lauren and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him tonight. "nightline" is next, but first his album is called "california sunrise" here with the song "heartache on the dance floor," jon pardi! ♪ ♪ yeah i was just hangin out some little west coast town found a bar out by the sand so i made my way in ♪ ♪ first thing that caught my eye like nothing i'd ever seen ♪ ♪ sunburned auburn air the california dream ♪ ♪ yeah she was shaking them hips to some old motown song ♪ ♪ i couldn't say anything so i sang along ♪ she was a heartache
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on the dance floor yeah she's moving through my mind ♪ ♪ i gotta know her name and i gotta see her again she's got me wondering yeah i'm just wondering ♪ ♪ where she at where she at where she at tonight ♪ ♪ where she at where she at where she at tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so i just hung around this little west coast town i dropped by every night i stayed till closing time ♪ ♪ my little mystery that girl is killing me so i put on a song just to sing along ♪ ♪ she was a heartache on the dance floor yeah she's moving through my mind ♪
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♪ i gotta know her name and i gotta see her again she's got me wondering yeah i'm just wondering ♪ ♪ where she at where she at where she at tonight ♪ ♪ where she at where she at where she at tonight ♪ ♪ she's got me mesmerized she's all i'm thinking about all i think about think about think about ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so i'm right here right now humming this little song ♪ ♪ if i could say a thing i'd want you to know ♪ ♪ you were a heartache on the dance floor yeah you're moving through my mind ♪
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♪ i gotta know your name i gotta see you again and if you're listening listening listening ♪ ♪ where you at where you at where you at tonight ♪ ♪ where you at where you at where you at tonight ♪ ♪ girl i'm hanging around this little town yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ where you at where you at where you at tonight ♪ ♪ where you at where you at where you at tonight ♪ ♪ woah oh oh woah oh oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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this is "nightline." tonight bachelor love triangle. after the shocking unproposal, arie and becca coming face to face for the first time. why were not you fully honest? >> and the emotional recoupling that could last forever. >> but it is the twist ending that is setting social media on fire. plus, the other view. outnumber bud still outspoken. >> i'm a big second amendment person. i am an nra member. >> talking about her off air relationships. her family feud with the
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president. >> i wish he would apologize. >> and picture this. michelle obama having a shake it off dance party with a 2-year-old fan. how did this happen?
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good evening. thank you for joining us. it was reality tv in uncharted waters and taking criticism on social media for broadcasting the heart-wrenching break-up to millions. the emotional roller coaster of the "the bachelor" finale. did it all end happily ever after? >> arie luyendyk from arizona. down on one knee for the second time. >> lauren elizabeth burnham, will you marry me? >> definitely. >> tonight's proposal comes after last night's dramatic upset. the bachelor got cold feet. after proposing to becca, the 27-year-old publicist from minnesota. >> will you marry me? >> of course. >> millions of viewers watched with baited breath. driven to the brink by a shockingly callous person
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realizing he is really in love with lauren. the 25-year-old tech salesman from virginia. >> do you want to be back with her? >> i want to see if there's that possibility. >> you're kidding me. >> that was wild. 16 years of this and that was breath taking. it will take a little time the process all of that even for myself who knew it was coming. >> i admit, i stayed up late to watch it. it sucked me in. >> reaction to the bombshell break-up as the bachelor's swap was swift. >> he is such a jerk. his jerkiness came through so loud and clear. he didn't make it clear, we are done. he made it all about lauren which i thought was really rude. >> former bachelors chimed in on twitter saying, does this mean jayon and i are off the hook now? shawn low saying i don't like the one bit.
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last season's final rose went to vanessa. she said you do not play with someone's heart like that. say what you will about the bachelor, it has produced more than 20 successful couples is that plenty of children. 15 years strong and audiences can't seem to look away as bachelor cameras hang on every tear. >> i feel like my future was ripped away. >> i wanted that for us, too. and i can't give those to you if i'm in love with someone else. we're talking about a reality show. right? so i think part of the deal is, whatever happens in these relationships gets broadcast to everybody on the show. it becomes part of the show. in some ways, there's to wrong way to have a break-up because it makes it more interesting. >> the bachelor host has been through his share. he said after he headed home from peru, he started having doubts. >> i heard weeks after that he
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was still struggleling the decision and he was still fighting it. and he was very open talking about it but the things didn't seem to be going that well. then several weeks more, he came to me and decided he was going to pull the plug and do this. >> he is a reality show producer's dream. if you're going to create a human being for a reality show producer, he should have said, i'm not doing this on camera. but it was extremely insensitive. she's crying in the bathroom result of knock there? no. i'm getting broken one a million cameramen around. >> and even it was all in the same episode, the decision to call it off came weeks after the proposal. >> and he said i can't fake had for another weekend. i can't go through this and look her in the eye for another weekend. and i know i really care about lauren. and i want to give this a shot. >> i think one of the reasons
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that he loved lauren is because she was such a weak little soul that was so dependent on him. i felt like he was carrying around a weak little bird. >> what we know about arie, what he's shown us. he is an ambivalent choice, it is not permanent. i would sty this new girl, buyer beware. >> glaek tried to put the past behind her. >> he had to do what he had to do and follow his heart. becca face to face. >> i should not have pro poetsed. i needed more time but i didn't have any more time. so do you accept that apology? >> i do. i and i for give you. >> the bachelor has seen its fair share of fairy tails gone
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awry. >> i haven't been able to stop thinking about molly. >> are you going to thenld tonight? >> i have to. >> jason famously decided to call it off with melissa after his proposal. >> will you make me the happiest man? >> deciding instead to be with molly. they have a daughter get. >> i've been through. this as i told arie, jason was back in the dark ages. there was no social media. your life will change if you do this. >> jason offered some sage advice. >> don't do this unless you're 100% certain. >> breaking up is now real big business. it is a $2 billion a year industry. you can download, get a break-up box or even enlist a service that takes care of the dumping for you. amy started renew. a break-up boot camp in upstate
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new york specifically designed to heal the heart. >> so they say necessity is the mother of all invention. >> yeah. so five years ago i was dating someone i thought i would marry and spent the rest of my life with. when that fell apart, i realized there needs to be something for people going through this very pivotal stage of life. >> we were told to bring a journal. eye masks. i don't know what this is for. i'm excited. >> the broken hearted come here to bond with animals. >> you're so sweet. >> meditate. >> you may notice there are some spots of your chest that feel pain, tightness, loneliness. >> and open up in group therapy sessions. this 36-year-old is still healing from an old break-up. >> i dated someone about five years ago.
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he was in it and then he would just disappear. that was just crushing for me. i want love in abundance for myself and i don't want to have fear anymore. >> i feel free. i feel so inspired and in control. i think i'm definitely open and toward find love again for the first time for me. i have that confidence. so i'm definitely going to bring a different type of love and a love that i deserve. >> as for finding ever lasting love on television, that still remains to be seen for arie and lauren. and for becca? >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce the new bachelorette. becca. >> we'll have to wait and see. she might just find the one on bachelorett. >> one thing i know for sure, you've never seen it all. next, a conservative surrounded by liberals.
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meg han mccain is often the lone conservative voice on "the view." and her role has prepared her to take on another opinionated powerhouse. tonight she tells us why she wants an apology from president
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trump. here's 90 "nightline" co-anchor. >> when the sparks fly on "the view" -- >> you can be sure meghan mccain doesn't back down. >> i don't want to bed that just because i'm a republican, i'm offending you. >> she is holding her own against the veterans. >> i would like to have a real conversation about it. >> i don't know why you're saying you're offended by all republicans of the. >> the 33-year-old daughter of john mccain has emerged as a powerful republican voice in these tumultuous times. people feel unheard by washington and underrepresented and there are a bunch of liberal elites judging them. and there are times i agree. i think people in the media are judging in a way that's not fair or accurate. >> at times, staking out lonely positions on the show. >> i am intensely pro-life.
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i am an nra member. >> do you feel that way? that you're the lone conservative in a field of nonconservatives? >> yeah, definitely. >> she's been in the political spotlight most of her life. tagging alongside her dad. she led contributor rows in msnbc and later fox news. before joining "the view" just last fall. >> welcome to the set. it's so big and always filled with very excited people. >> while she may look right at home on the set of "the view," she said she initially wanted to turn down the job. but she said her father who is suffering from a deadly form of brain cancer, convinced her to sign on. >> i hung up the phone. he said who is that? i said oh, it's the "the view." he was very, and then he was
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angry that i was so dismissive about it. >> i understand that he is your biggest stage dad. >> he watches every day and he does his physical training with his trainers. >> her debut was met with tabloid stories of cat fights on "the view." >> you talk about it being a hot seat. how much of it is sorority hazing? >> it is not the people here. it is the press. the press hazes you. two weeks in, this, maybe one of the worst articles that has ever been written about me comes out about how everybody hates me here and i'm an ice princess. it is so unfair to pit women against each other. men never get the same criticism and the same arrests. the caty, misogynistic bs. >> and she insists no matter how big the disagreement -- >> it was my question.
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>> there are no hard feelings off the set. >> the women are really good about letting what is on the air stay on the air. >> she has settled in new york city including her favorite haunts downtown where we met for lunch. this place is called extra virgin. iley right down street. >> do you think of yourself as a new yorker now? >> i'm so arizona. there's so much of he that's new york in so many ways. my brothers never cease to point that out when i go home to arizona. but i feel roots to arizona. it was in her beloved arizona, on her family's ranch, where she recently got married to ben. a sometimes polarizing pundit. >> sometimes we fight about, he is much, much more conservative than i am. >> they planned the we having in three short months. her father's doctors advised them not to wait. >> they said it is a very unpredictable cancer.
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and i wanted him to know, he would be there present in all the ways he can be. >> her father's cancer bringing the newlyweds closer together of the. >> love is when your dad is diagnosed with glio blass toma and your boyfriend is going with you to scans and helping you pick out clothes because your brain is not functioning and you can't put your clothes on. i thought this is what real love is. >> amidst all the change in her personal life, the show requires knocking bring her "a" game every day. >> these women are smart and tough and well researched. and they'll come at me with a lot of different things. >> it is simple. >> one of her tasks, explaining and at times defending president trump. >> i think trying to understand him and his voters is a lot more productive than just attacking him for being stupid. >> you were quoted as saying i feel like jane good y'all. >> i have so many friends of mine in arizona.
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they don't make a lot of money. they love trump. they don't think the people in the media understand them. i think i've made a real conscious effort. >> the president doesn't always seem to return the favor. >> i don't want to be controversial so i won't uses his name. at this year's political action conference, president trump renewing his attacks against mccain's father. this time for his vote against the repeal of the affordable care act. >> and except for one senator, who came into a room at 3:00 in the morning and went like that, we would have had herring too. >> the president's latest salvo against the war hero who was shot down and taken prisoner during the vietnam war. on the campaign trail, trump infamously mocks his service. >> he's not a war hero. >> the he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who aren't captured. >> i would implore him to
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apologize. >> president trump hasn't apologized for any of those things even though his supporters don't like it. >> he gets on politics. i think his ego is in the way. i would implore him at this moment to apologize for it if that's possible. i don't know if he's capable of apologizing. >> mccain said attacks against her father are even more hurtful given his illness. >> he is the most resilient guy in the world. he was fine. he's like, we're going to hit this like everything else and i was just a complete mess. >> i know you and your family have been through tragedy that i couldn't conceive of. >> one of the things that gave bo courage, my word, was john. >> the emotional strain of her father's illness sometimes bubbles up on the set like when joe biden stopped by. >> bo talked about your dad's
1:05 am
courage. not about his illness but his courage. >> bo signed away from the same deadly brain cancer her father is being treated for. the bidens and the mccains have been friends for decades. >> i talked on him backstage and i already started getting emotional. i have cried on multiple occasions. i love them dearly and i think about bo every single morning. >> for this die hard conservative, that love for the bidens might stop short at the ballot box. if he runs, i think i'll completely screwed. politically we disagree on 75% of things. but there's something to be said for integrity and character being more in the forefront. >> what comes through in your life, love or politics? >> love. >> so maybe you would have to get behind joe biden after all. next, how the little girl got to have


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