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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 8, 2018 12:30pm-1:02pm EST

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at a local library so people can charge their devices and hopefully decompress. >> many par the region were me hit hard yesterday. stayed in all day and the roads froze overnight yesterday were out this morniea cy conditions this from the vehicles, some folks morning and many a with power outages. hager problems to deal >> and downed trees are a with. like one drive their had a giant problem as well. tree fall on top of their car. dver a home in >> it happened at 23rd ray medford, knowledge, this morning. the tree fell on the back of the street and was still there this home there and likel morning. as we check the forecast the damage. sun is but don't let just how much we don't know. ut arethis that fool. you it's still very cold. around the region. as we look from sky 6 hd s and parts of bucks county were you t center city at lunch hit hdesty e storm. and residents got time. folks are walking around and foot of snow. peco is working to restore tens. trying to get some sunshine p. and grab a bite. the sun is melting a lot of the snow but the cold winter air is walter per has more. here and on sticking council rock school district around for a while. karen rogers is at the big board is closed and peo time getting their day started with the details from accuweather. at least sun though. the morning after richboro, >> at least sun. look at this satellite image, we
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bucks county got clobbered with inches of snow. have some clouds out there for sure. to the north and west. bill hoff says there are few at the moment we have sun things more stressful than through most of the region and when you step outside you hear trying to get out the door but the melting it's happening out you just can't good to there now. get to work. we see the clouds fill in later and it hardened up overnight. and stay dry today a high of 42 we hoped tck cet to dig it out degrees and normally at 50 and temperatures well below average. and certainling like froze but it didn't good big smith was finishing up the hbor we would like to this time of year. and the winds have a chilly snow out of the way. breeze miles per hour. it will feel like the freezing working into the gh the afternoon dipping down the windchill to night we a cppedd the low 20s in the overnight hours, it's not a bad idea to wash the car today and get the grime off of it. as much snowr buts and the next potential storm is on monday. lunch time 38 degrees that is that g for gary o'neil the bucl what it was at noon. 4:00, 40 degrees we are sitting at that. not a good idea to wash the car. his then a gardamage the overnighte dip down to 28 degrees and even colderso. truck drove into the lowerable and tore it down. >> it's frustrating.
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especially when you are asleep and we have to watch for that and it sounds like someone hit with temperatures in the 20s the house. >> and o'neil was one of many early tomorrow morning and a that lost power. couple of flurries north of the city and we get many icy spots northampton police chief michael clark says his heart goes out to returning this morning. the easy commute not the case the people that are still and helping you through that. without power from the last for sunday into he seven-d whp storm. people were restored yesterday morning and lost it again yesterday afternoon. it makes it difficult. >> you can access updated it's hard living. weather information any timeeta >> reporter: there are still a couple of roads closed because storm tracker 6 on your phone or of downedes and power. tablet. the app is a free download for and a station is set up your mobile device. to the nation's capital. there are more questions about the russian investigation and how it's effecting the staff at the white house. >> sources trump spoke with his former chief of staff about his meeting with mueller and asked if he had
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been nice and treated him fairly and asked done mcbegan about his the conversations were friendly. >> any lawyer advises someone in this kind of si be carefu be seen as talking to, most importantly, interfering with and most importantly trying to sway witnesses. >> the attorneys did not declin did not respond tonews. and new word overnight that --i nader that set up a meeting with prince, and a russian businessmand mueller he was at the meeting o the inauguration. and that prince denied set issing up the back channel.
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>> using russian diplomatic facilities for a back channel is designed to hide the communications from the russian government but from our own government. >> they are waiting to see if the president signs the proclamation for the steel and aluminum industry. and today is i womens day and the the press for progress. this was led by drexel university. and highlights the research that focuses on body images and risk of mental health and more. two invaluable resources for families are joining forces to help refugees that found new homes in the delaware valley. restore, which is affiliated with "habitat for humanity" joined with jewish family services of delaware and
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together you can donate much needed furniture and household goods and other things that give refugees that justed in the first state get a fresh start sfwr we are asking for the community in newcastle county and the surrounding area, you want to support this effort and support these refugee families to make a donation to this effort. this partnership. and habitat is the ones that you have call to come get the with little or nothing to their n restore has operations in wilmiton and miletown. > is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a huge honor hollywood for legendry singer and new american idol judge, lionelichie.
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the powerful nor'easter that
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hit here yesterday left behind a snow and along with theall the snow covered roads. there are power outages and major frustration up and down the east coast. >> reporter: parts of new york and new jersey getting hit hard some areas seeing 28 inches of snow. three different interstates shut down. spun out and stalled cars dotted this stretch of 280. the unluckiest of drivers sat this in their vehicles ht. >> still stranded out re. >> this is winter at the airport in philadelphia. more than 2800 flights canceled to this point. and this is team work, northeastern university squad push
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benc by the snow on the much better -- e's in . >> got on the 611 and then 633 and off that train a here passengers trapped fours ate gr this is the last. inderailment evacuation. battled indoor temperatures below comfortable lpennsylvania, the bensalem rescue posted this video of a power line exploding. >> a number of folks along this same stretch realing from a storm that came through and knocked out power just days ago and now news that another nor'easter could come by early next week. authorities in southern california arrested a 14-year-old boy for pretending
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to be a sheriffs deputy. he showed up driving a suv with flashing lights and wearing a sheriff's uniform. the homeowner says the teen and pulled as investigating a a woman over and gave her a warning before letting her go. facebook is set to build a $750 million data center just outside of atlanta. the new center if newton county will be the ninth in the u.s. and create 100 full-time jobs and help facebook provide apps and services to more than 2 billion people worldwide. the new facility is expected to be fully operational by 2020. topping t peoplescene, lionel richie got a hollywood honor. he got his hans and feet in cement in front of the chinese theater. this lasts to his lasting legacy
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and won four grammy awards and academy award and golden globe award. and was indu into the writers hall-of-fame in 1994. >> and tsomest as an america idd . and ryan seacrest will host idol once again. watch is sunday night at 8:00 here on 6 abc.
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the philadelphia fire department is celebrating is international womens day by focusing on safety. the second is annual women in safety conference. it features workshops and sessions. and on this international womens day. royal couple, prince harry and meghan markle visited to celebrate. and everywhere they go is a huge spectacle. molly hunter has more.
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>> reporter: the mega mania continues in birmingham. on international womens day. the american royal to be and her fiance, prince harry travelled from london to attendee vents encouraging young women to pursue careers in engineering and science and math and their arrival was simply may ham. >> he is kind and magical and i want to get to that weddinging. >> excited school children mobbed her and harry pulls her out of the crowd to meet megan and she wants to be an actress. she says one day she could see her doing just that and harry gives her a pep talk, be confident you got it. >> sporting a j crew coat but it's sold out on the website. and earlier we learned that she has been baptized in secret by
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the arch bishop of canterbury. >> the next time we see megan another big milestone coming up an event with the queen the first official event will be commonwealth day on march 12th. >> i love royal news. rick is mocking us but we are like oh my gosh. she is great. i love her. lets take a look outside. who doesn't want to be a princess come on! chopper 6 hd you did that too well. lets look outside. drone 6 was out this morning flying around in medford, new jersey. this is an area that is heavily wooded obviously. and they had 6 to 9 inches of that heavy snoee the car in the driveway thinking, i think i can make it -- they have a lot of digging out to do.
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like many of you. today is not a bad day to do it. it's chilly, 38 degrees right now in the city. dew point 21 and dry atmosphere and winds from the west northwest at 14. and the pressure is holding steady and the windchill feels like 30 degrees. not feeling like march should and not going to for a while. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we happen to have mostly clear skies especially south of the city but you can see the clouds that will fill in later. a little bit of precipitation cycling around in and upper level disturbance and we get a passing flurry tomorrow especially north of the city. 41 at 2:00 and at 4:00 holding at that low 40s and feeling like the 30s when you factor in the wind. and the overnight hours dips to just 28 degrees and it's going to be a lot killier than last night. last night's low was 32 and today dipping to 28 in the city and colder than that in the suburbs. low to mid-20s. watch for a lot of refreezing
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after all the melting today in the sunshine. here is future tracker 6 at 1:00 in the morning. a little snow shower trying to hit the lehigh valley and kind of falls ahart. and you get a few flurries or snow shower. and this is north of the city. not a big deal but don't be surprised to see a flurry and friday afternoon flurries look to stay near the poconos. and 43 degrees and feeling brisk way wind and seeing gusts of 20 miles per hour. and could be a bit windy tomorrow at times. the next possible storm is sunday into monday, and at that point. the models are not sure what to make of it. some suggests it stahe south and southern sliders don't affect us and another one saying it could come up the coast and maybe brush us especially east of the city. it looks to be the best chance if we were to get the snow sunday night into monday. we'll keep tracking this and it looks like a close call. here is a look at the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast lot of melting going on today. the temperatures is only 42 but this time of year it feels good with the sunshine. and tomorrow maybe a morning flurry north of the city or quick snow shower overnight. not really affecting anyone. and 43 degrees tomorrow. and normally about 50. temperatures stay below average the entire seven day period. and daylight savings begined saturday night into sunday but not spring yet. the chance for another storm sunday night into monday. and some models keep it down to the south. 42. and tuesday windy and partly . wednesday 39 at 39 we would be 1es below average. we were so mild in february, not the case thus far in march. so winter kind of hanging on. >> yes. >> it's a hanger. you want it to go. >> exactly.
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thank you karen. >> the philadelphia flower show is in full bloom at the pennsylvania convention center there is so much to see and do from a butterfly room to a fairy garden and the place to have tea among the flowers, our chris sowers shows us in this fyi philly. >> bring a pair of walking show shoes and good nap because this convenience center is packed with flower power. the butterfly room is back along the grand hall concourse. >> get to walking through completely filled with butterflies. >> more than 20 species flying around producing smiles and peaking interest. >> a q tip with sugar water. >> and you see the beautiful stuff. >> and they have succulent fairy gardens. >> a tree cookie. and it's planted in the middle. >> this is the first year they
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are using paper flowers for the crowns. they are made by volunteers. >> and if you are not interested in a fancy head pie you can build your own pen dan. >> start way string and cork. >> put charms on that. next decorate the bottle. the theme will be like a beach. and then p >> this goes -- garden.>> ta-da. are yougood. years.en t say show sara e noo >> more space and g, t i l fare and assortment offine fo tour. >> a 12 foot tour structure illustrates the plight of mexico.
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and it offers an inside look of. 't get are there by the we noticed the mainxhibits but look f super selfie. check wall goo like a rain forestvertralculenta hom with me lovers calenr march >> guests and their kx ninsmano ur at the main hall. iskon t
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