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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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so, what do you think of the o'briens' plan well, i kind of like it. sean... has a nice ring to it. except that in bajoran sean means "swamp." do the o'briens know that? i doubt it. someone should tell them. i nominate you. dax: morning. neck bothering you again? it's... it's just a muscle pull.
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actually, i believe commander dax has been treated for seven muscle pulls two contusions and three cracked ribs. the only person who's spent more time in the infirmary over the past few weeks is commander worf. isn't there any way the... the two of you could, uh... uh, you know... make love? without injuring yourselves? interspecies romance isn't without its danger. that's part of the fun. maybe we'll have better luck on risa. risa? i thought you and worf were taking your vacation on earth. that was his suggestion. i changed his mind. odo: from what i hear risa makes the hoobishan baths look like a monastery. i hope they have a good hospital. i can't believe you actually convinced worf to go to a pleasure planet.
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i hadn't noticed it. come to think of it, neither have i. oh, no, he's still the same old worf. prune juice, extra large. see what i mean? worf. captain, constable... commander. uh, dax said... you were going to risa. did she? it's no secret. you must be looking forward to it. i'm looking forward to spending time with lieutenant commander dax. isn't he sweet? we have much to discuss. about what? it is a private matter. worf's upset because i had lunch with captain boday. the gallamite? his skull is transparent. if you couldn't see his brains, would you feel better? it is not proper for you to have lunch
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we were just talking. you have to learn to trust me more. worf: i do trust you. i do not trust captain boday. well... i can see it's going to be quite a trip. the two of you have to tell us all about it when you get back. i am sureshewill. i do not see why you feel the need to talk and i don't see why you feel the need to control my every move. and they're not other people. benjamin and odo are my friends. bashir: jadzia worf. i've been thinking about this trip you're taking to risa. he's a friend too. juli an and i were talkng and we'd like to come along... if that's all right. actually, we were hoping to spend some time alone together.
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s. there's no harm in sharing a runabout. i suppose not. oh! thank you so much! i'm going to go pack. commander... do not hug me. i promise we'll keep out of your hair. good. because we have much to discuss. i really wish i was going with you. dax and i had some great times on risa. (laughing) curzon dax. curzon. of course. have fun.
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what is he doing here? i've always wanted to go to risa and this seemed perfect. he wouldn't give me time off unless we promised to take him. i hope this isn't a problem. quark: why should it be a problem? we're going to have a wonderful time. now, if you don't mind, risa awaits. sorry. jadzia...
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let's see... that's a tarkalean tea for you a raktajino for you and an extra large prune juice. leeta, you're on vacation, not at quark's. you don't have to serve us. oh, it gives me something to do. space travel's so dull. have you ever noticed how all stars look the same? excuse me hand-squeezed. get it yourself. i'm on vacation. how much longer till we get there? dax: another six hours. six hours? tell the ferengi to return to his cabin. you call that a cabin? it's a cot and a waste disposal unit. it's so small even i can't stand up in there. look. i'm developing a slouch. tell the ferengi to return to his cabinnow. quark... what's he going to do? turn around and take me home?
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g course for deep space nine. okay, okay. you made your point. i'm going. but first, i have a little present for everyone. one for you. and one for you. and one for you. and none for you. what's this? it's ahorga'hn. a risian fertility symbol. indicates you're seekingjamaharon. leeta: what'sjamaharon? i'll show you later. oh. look. they like each other. i think i'm going to be sick. all right.i'm going. me too. going? where? i'm going to change into something more comfortable.
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dressed like this, do you? that's a good idea. when in rome... oh! i can't believe we finally made it. well, enjoy your vacation. we will. time to test these babies out. ladies...
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all that is ours is yours. i'll take it. aren't you uncomfortable in that uniform? starfleet uniforms are designed for comfort even in the most extreme environments. well, you look out of place. i mean, look around you. isn't it beautiful? it is an artificially created paradise weather control system in the federation. in its natural state, risa is nothing more than a rain-soaked, geologically unstable jungle. maybe so but the only dark cloud i see around here isyou. i did not come here to admire the scenery. if you say so. i guess we should just go home. well, maybe... i would not be so hasty.
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a few months ago when i was commanding thedefiant on a scouting mission in the gamma quadrant we encountered a protostar cluster a swirling mass of color set against a background of glowing clouds and burning sky. it was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen... until now. i've got to take you on vacation more often. dax, is that you? arandis, i was wondering if you were still here. oh! not only am i still here, i have been promoted. i'm chief facilitator for the entire temtibi lagoon. worf, this is arandis. a friend of curzon's. she and curzon spent a lot of time together on his last trip here. we had a wonderful time together... until i killed him. killed him?! death byjamaharon. i suppose there are worse ways to go.
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he was such a sweet old man. i'll take your word for it. it's so good to see you again, dax. your new host is very attractive. thank you. i'd like to think so. you haven't aged a day. ah... risa's been very kind to me. come. let me show you around. maybe later. of course. all that is ours is yours. thank you. but we have everything we need. that wasn't very nice. why? is there something of hers you want? arandis was curzon's lover, not mine. i hope you remember that. you're still angry about captain boday. if i am angry, it is because you do not take our relationship seriously. we just got here. do we have to start arguing again?
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u haven't noticed, i am not a klingon. that is no excuse. i have been loyal to you and i expect you to be loyal to me in return. i have been loyal to you but i'm not going to let you run my life. i'm not trying to run your life. then i'm going to go and have a big glass of icoberry juice. that is a mistake. you are allergic to icoberry juice. it makes your... spots itch. but i like the taste. fine. have as much icoberry juice as you like but it is still a mistake. but it is my mistake to make. now, why don't you go up to our room and put on your bathing suit, so we can swim in the lagoon? as you wish. (door chimes) enter. i hope i'm not disturbing you, lieutenant commander.
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the new essentialists movement. i'm not familiar with that organization. we're dedicated to restoring the moral and cultural traditions of the federation. this is a statement of our principles but if you'd like to hear more we're holding a rally later this afternoon. on risa? what better place? this world revels in the kind of self-indulgence that's eroding the foundations of federation society.
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what's really disturbing is that you're still wearing your uniform. it would not hurt you to read this. leeta: mmm... mmm! ll, the truth is not everyone can be a dabo girl. first of all you have to be able to wear the clothes and believe me, that's not easy. you have to be able to calculate odds in your head very quickly you need a very supple wrist... like this. dabo. dax: ...end of the federation since the day it was founded. trust me. i know. oh, hi! leeta, what a surprise. care to join us? we were just about to take a reyamilk soak. maybe later. worf. worf.
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bashir. it's none of our business. are you defending her actions? i am not defending anything but it's not my business or yours. now, what do you say we go sign out a couple of floaters and take in the sights? i cannot. the essentialists are having a rally and i plan to attend. (sighs) you're kidding. you're not kidding. don't these people have anything better to do? perhaps you underestimate the power of fullerton's message. the plot thickens. and you were worried about julian. why are he and leeta not together? i don't know, but don't jump to conclusions.
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this place is a bad influence on people. arandis: here for the show? i would not call it a show. really? i find mr. fullerton very entertaining. he seems pretty determined to discourage people from coming here. risa receives millions of visitors every year. all of them leave happier than when they've arrived. i don't see how one man can change that. kahless fought off an entire army at three-turn bridge andhewas only one man. fullerton and his essentialists ut a month and no matter how many speeches he gives the water's still warm and the wind still smells sweet. but, if he's enjoying himself, who are we to discourage him? (scattered applause) that's right. take a good look. i can only imagine what you must think of me-- a middle-aged, ponderous academic
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telling you things you don't want to hear. but you know what i see when i look at you? children... pampered, spoiled children. for some reason the citizens of the federation have come to believe that they are entitled to lives of ease.... i may be wrong, but didn't he just insult us? if you want something to eat you get it from a replicator. if you want amusement, you go to a holosuite and if you need protection, you call for starfleet. but someday... someday soon you're going to have to learn to take care of yourselves because ifisee you as helpless children then how do you think the borg see you? or the romulans or the klingons or the dominion? these empires look at the federation and they see a prize-- a prize that we have forgotten how to protect
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mr. fullerton has quite a flair for the dramatic. does hereallybelieve that? i think he does. ...and re-embrace the kind of hard work that built the federation in the first place or we can lie here napping in the sun until we wake up with jem'hadar guns to our heads. the choice is ours. heaven help us if we make the wrong one. bashir: what are you talking about? worf, this sounds like nonsense. i'm merely observing that the klingons would never have attacked had they not believed the federation vulnerable. even now, since the changeling was discovered on the klingon high council most of my people continue to call for war because they think they can win. none of this has anything to do with risa. you cannot be certain of that. all i know is i've spent lifetimes
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julian? oh,thereyou are. i am so glad we came here. i'm having the most wonderful time. i told you this was just what we needed. mmm... something wrong? it's nothing. you two dishonor each other with your actions. do you know what he's talking about? you mean... we didn't tell you why we came here. we're conducting the rite of separation. it's an old bajoran custom. when a couple separates they spend several days celebrating their parting. it's a way to remember all the good times and to seek out new opportunities. a very wise and ancient culture. you know, julian i don't think i've completely gotten you out of my system yet.
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um, we have a few... details to work out. terminating a relationship should not be taken so frivolously. not every relationship has to end like a klingon opera. oh, no, no. just the ones that are important. (furniture breaking) stay where you are. hey, man you okay? yeah, just a little shook up.
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e, two... wait. that's enough. well... i hope we've proved our point. the power cells are empty. we have no intention of harming anyone. i don't understand. you think you're safe here in this "paradise" of yours but you're not. what if we had been jem'hadar or klingons or romulans... hmm? you'd be dead now. ou-- starfleet officers-- were lulled into a false sense of security. if you could be taken unaware what chance do the rest of us have? the sad truth is the galaxy is a hostile place. forget that even for a moment and you risk losingeverything. just something for you
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as a starfleet officer, i have the authority to arrest you for what you just did. but that would be a waste of time. we both know the risians won't prosecute. they don't have the courage for it. believe me, i wish they did. commander worf... what did you think of our little demonstration? i cannot condone what you have done. maybe not... but i do think you understand it. (sighs) i don't know about you, but it's past my bedtime. (sighs) we need to talk. about the essentialists?
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rong. i did not say you were doing anything wrong. it's just that... some of your behavior... what about my behavior? at times, you are too impulsive. you-you act without thinking. you have no self-control. and you think i need you to control me? jadzia, you are mypar'machkai and that means everything you do reflects on me. i'm sorry if i embarrass you. nship as seriously as i do. and i just wish you'd relax a little and let yourself enjoy what we have together. worf, i'm not going to change who i am. nor am i. well, at least we agree on something.
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why don't we go to bed? you go. i will be there shortly. (sighs) (sighs) this place looks a lot better than it did last night. i guess the risians aren't as lethargic as the essentialists would like everyone to believe. the essentialists are wrong about many things. what mr. fullerton could use is a littlejamaharon. no, a lot ofjamaharon. i'd buy him ahorga'hnmyself if i thought he'd take it. (sighs) it looks like he's not the only one that could use some cheering up. i've had better vacations. better than risa?
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who had a tougher time enjoying himself. that's no reason for you not to have a good time. risa is famous for its diversions. i wish it were that simple. it was for curzon dax. yeah. and i can tell there's more than a little curzon in you. he loved this planet. and risa loved him. why don't i help you clean up? all that is ours is yours. our paths have grown apart. what was one is now two.
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toward the path of happiness. and may they walk with you always. that's it? that's it. what were you expecting? i was expecting fireworks. where's the anger? the vicious name-calling? i never would have agreed to be a witness if i'd known you were going to be socivil. it's disgusting. personally, i think it was admirable-- no recriminations, no hurt feelings. i don't think i've ever felt this good about the end of a relationship. oh, i agree. now i can finally be honest about my feelings. what... does that mean? it's just... in the past few months


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