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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  April 2, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, police are searching for a group of robbers responsible for a crime wave that took less and that three hours but left at least ten victs. the crowds are out and are expected all weekend to soak up the beautiful weather and the beauty of the cherry trees here in washington. and numbers out this morning show the largest job gain in three years but the unemployment rate remains unchanged. "news4midday" begins right now. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4midday." i'm bauer ra harrison.
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it's tried, april 2, 2010. a police chase ended way crash. jerry edwards has more on the road closures from that. what can you tell us. >> this happened just within the hour. i can take you up to gaithers berg by way of one of the traffic cams. up at 35 near the gaithers berg area. there was a police chase that started earlier this morning. tended up with a crash of the vehicle involved in the chase. and a metrobus we are told closing down route 35, very close to chestnut street near old town gaithering berg near the bridge up there. right now authorities do have that stretch closed off to traffic in both directions while the investigation is getting under way. not a lot of detas to add to it. you folks up around the area of gaithersburg headed on over toward old town gaithersburg, just want to stay away from 355 for the time being. we'll get more information and pass it on as quickly as we can.
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the afternoon rush hour is well under way. a beautiful day like today you'd expect it. leaving the capital beltway headed to points south, all the roadwork should be over to the shoulder now. nevertheless, a tough trip for those of you headed south. busy day already. we'll keep you updated. >> thanks a lot, jerry. we have another traffic issue this morning to tell you about. a pedestrian accident. a woman is dead after being hit by a car in wheaton. this happened around 6:00 this morning near veirs mill road and randolph road. chopper 4 was bob the ene. it's unclear how the woman was hit but the driver involved did stay at the scene. ten robberies in just three hours. d.c. police are searching for a dangerous pack of thieves. they moved with startling speed in yesterday's early morning hours in a spree that reached almost to walter read army medical center. most of the crimeweowd university campus.
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where news4's tracee wilkins joins us more with a warning for students this morning. >> good morning. a lot of the students uncomfortable here on the howard campus understandably so with what happened thursday morning. ten armed robberies in this area by ten armed robbers. they were going after electronic devices and also phones. this robbery spree spanned two police districts in d.c. but all within northwest. >> to hear that happening is kind of like a throwback to me because i'm on campus you. know what i mean? it's supposed to be a safe environment. >> around 3:30 thursday morning, three students inside the school of engineering on howard university's campus were robbed. according to university officials, the robbers made off with the students' belongings. and slapped one of the students before heading out the backdoor on to georgia avenue. >> to hear now they were robbed in the actual building is surprising to hear. >> there were four robbers but police say this was only the beginning.
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d.c. police believe these robbers were a part of a gang of ten who committed at least ten violent armed robberies throughout the northwest area between 3:30 and 6:30 a.m. thursday morning. in addition to the robbery at the engineering building in sixth street, there were robberies close to campus at 13th and otis place, the 700 block of hobart place, the 900 block of randolph street, the 1,000 block of gerard street and 2900 block of georgia avenue. farther away fr campus in another area of northwest, there was a robbery in the 1400 block of sheridan street, 14th street and hamilton street. 7th and kennedy and 5th street and longfellow. police say in some cases these victims were beaten. while in others they were threatened with guns. but in all cases, they were either african-american or latino melds walking in either pairs or alone. students we talked to back at howard's campus say it's an unfortunate reminder of the importance for them to be safe. >> after awhile, you kind of get
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comfortable in your surroundings and don't hear too much stuff like that. now hearing it again it kind of puts me back on my toes. >> i feel like howard is a safe campus. the security work hard toeep the students safe and protect us, the students that go here. i feel it's a safe campus. >> howard is also an open campus. that has a lot of students feeling uncomfortable about the fact that someone was robbed inside of one of the buildings here. police don't have a lot of information in the way of a description. they're saying the suspects are most likely teens or in their 20s. they were masked men. sometimes they got away on foot, sometimes in a black four-door vehicle with tinted windows. they're asking anyone with information to please call. barbara, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. well, the annual cherry blossom festival has already drawn some big crowds out there. with the warm weather we're expecting for the weekend, looks like it's going to be very crowded once again.
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the peak bloom period has passed. but there's still a spectacular sight out there. the chief horticulturist says the trees will have 70% of their blossoms out through this sunday. some people planned early visits today to miss crowds and enjoy the beautiful views. >> it's breathtaking. if you haven't seen them before, i encourage everyone to get down here and see this. it's a work of god. it's just beautiful. >> i think it's beautiful this morning. they're full of bloom and gorgeous. we are enjoying it so much. came out early so we could beat part of the crowds. >> highlights include a fireworks show this saturday on the southwest waterfront of washington. take a look outside right now. it is bright, sunny, beautiful. great day to go out and see the trees. let's see what chuck bell has to tell us in for tom kierein today. we know it's going to last throughout the weekend, even easter sunday. >> yes indeed. the easter bunny will be happy this year because the weather is
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going to cooperate nicely after a very pleasant morning this morning, a lot of people made it down to the basin first thing this morning. temperatures started out in the 40s in most of our suburbs to 53 for an overnight low temperature in downtown d.c. now with all thawill strong april sunshine doing its thing, temperatures have climbed into the low and mid 60s now. 63 here in washington. 65 in fairfax, 64 in loudoun and prince william counties. 64 in montgomery county, maryland. 68 in frederick. here's a check of our satellite loop over the last six hours. no real weather worries for today. clear skies across the area for now. we will keep those the remainder of the day. plenty of sunshine. toasty warm. a little bit of a breeze up alongside the chesapeake bay. bayside locations just a little bit cooler. tomorrow most everybody should have more of an offshore component and as a result, a little touch of summertime coming our way for tomorrow. 80 degrees an average high
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temperature for the first of june. >> it sure feels good out there, too. we'll be talking to you shortly. d.c. prosecutors are facing mounting criticism after a mass shooting in southeast d.c. nine people were shot tuesday night. four of them were killed. police have charged three people in the shootings including orlando carter. he was suspected in the murder of jordan howe, a previous killing thought to be linked to tuesday night's violence. however, carter was still on the streets because prosecutors wouldn't issue a warrant for his arrest. they said they didn't have enough evidence. >> he went on top of the retaliation before it happened and they were trying to prevent it. that's what we want from officers. >> the u.s. attorney's office dropped the ball? >> i think so. >> the u.s. attorney's office release this had statement "in all violent crime matters we pursue the cases with law enforcement while adhering to our obligations of making sure there is enough evidence presented in order to justify detaining a suspect."
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it goes on to say it is a difficult balancing act but that is the process we follow in all of our criminal cases and that is what was done in this case. and two more people were shot in d.c. overnight. this time in the 1300 block of congress street in southeast. police say two men were shot just before 11:30 last night. they're both in serious but stable condition this morning. this is right around the corner from wre jordan howe was murdered last week. however, at this point, police do not think there is a connection. and new today, good economic news. today's job report for march shows the largest job growth in three years but unemployment remains at 9.7% for the third straight month. economists don't expect hire tock fast enough to rapidly reduce the re this year. 162,000 jobs were added last month, which is below the expected 190,000 private employers accounted for most of that number. 123,000 jobs, the most since 2007. and the other 48,000 were
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temporary workers hired by the u.s. census department. analysts say this could be the start i've hiring trend they hope. well, today is john cato's last day on the job as metro's general manager. when cato resigned he said he believed it was time for new leadership after a harrowing year that included the deadliest crash last june in metro's history. the incoming chief has pledged to make safety his number one priority. 11:10 is our time right now. a major change in u.s. airline security. what those changes are coming up and if your next trip will be different. plus, observing good friday from jerusalem to rome. and one of the tiger woods' former teachers is expected to talk today. what she's going to say. those stories coming up.
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today is good friday. christian pilgrims and clergy splen traveled to jerusalem to observe the day of jesus' crucifix. many carried crosses along the path known as the way of suffering. it's believed that the route this is the route that jesus was led along as he carried his own cross. the final stations of the cross are in the church of the holy sepulcher where the faithful believe jesus was crucified, buried and then resurrected. as pope benedict xvith prepares forester sunday, several catholic cardinals continue to defend him and the church against sexual abuse
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allegations. we're looking at a live picture right now. today the upon the tiff is presiding over the way of the cross ceremony. ? >> elaine reyes joins us with more. >> so far the pope has made no reference to the growing scandal during the holy week celebrations but there is speculation he may do so today. on holy thursday, pope benedict conducted a feet washing ceremony in a re-enactment of the last supper. he spoke of priestly duties during yesterday's mass but did not mention the recent criticisms. the pope recently came under scrutiny for his handling of priests an accused of child abuse during his time as a cardinal. but some catholic leaders across europe are addressing the claims with an pol jazz, even a hotline number for victims. but many senior leaders at the vatican have come to the pope's defense calling media reports unfair and say he is concerned.
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>> i was very, very profound and touching words for the victims with the profound understanding of the suffering in the situations. >> again, as you saw, ceremonies are under way at the vatican was as we speak. tomorrow pope benedict will hold an easter vigil in st. peter's square where he will celebrate easter mass on sunday. back to you. >> thank you, elaine. and there are new rules for screening foreign travelers coming into the u.s. starting this month, travelers from 14 different countries that have been home to terrorists will no longer automatically face extra screening before flying to the u.s. instead, the screenings will be based on specific information about potential threats. these new procedures replace those that went into effect after the attempted bombing of a plane on christmas day. a federal judge will decide today whether nine suspected members of a militia-style cult will remain in jail till tear trial. the eight men and one woman were
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part of a group that called itself had you tar re. they had planned to kill a police officer officer and kill more by bombing the funeral. it was an attempt to start an uprising against the government. the members were arrested earlier this week in michigan, ohio and indiana. some lured t a phony memorial service so they came unarmed. it's been a bad week for the republican national committee. first it was slammed for spending nearly $200 at a sex-themed hollywood club and now this morning, they're in hot water for sending out a fund racing listed that listed a phone sex number. the rnc spokesperson says it was a typographical error. instead of listing washington's 202 area code it was listed as 5800 number. printer vendor will not be used for the foreseeable future. and homeland security janet napolitano and a team ma official are in rhode island
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today to get a tour of the damage there. they're meeting with the governor discuss recovery efforts. areas all over new england are dealing with high waters right now, but rhode island was hit the hardest. the rhode island governor calls this the state's worst flooding in 200 years. he estimates the damages to be in the hundred of millions of dollars. let's take a look outside. let's look to chuck to take us outside to see what the weather's going to be like today. good morning again. >> good morning once again. a good friday morning everybody out here in the news4 nation. it's a gorgeous way to get a holiday weekend started. a lot of people are trying to get things going a little bit early this morning. william fultz, one of our great weather waemps and photographers as well was down at the tidal basin first thing this morning to snap off some sunrise and predawn pictures. that's a beauty right there. the washington monument, almost touch it, that little blossom right there. our live view of the trees
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outside. they tre are in a blaze of beautiful pinkish-white hues. the temperatures have responded nice throw that april sunshine. 63 our current temperature now. the dew point at 47. winds are light now out of the south averaging five miles per hour. i know a lot of people planned on getting up early for sunrise services on easter. sun up at 6:48 on easter morning. outside, as we said, it's 63 degrees downtown and like a lot of places where you get the influence of that little bit of a breeze off the tidal potomac or the chesapeake bay, temperatures are lower. downtown at 63 whereas fairfax and loudoun counties in the mid 60s. frederick up to 70 degrees. annapolis only 54 degrees because that is the water temperature in the chesapeake bay just off the beaches from annapolis and down into st. mary's county as well, temperatures holding in the mid 50s. with the exception of places right up alongside the water, most everybody should be near 80 degrees this afternoon. the clor to the water, the
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lower your afternoon high will be. current temperatures up the east coast from us, 59 in new york, 54 boston. raleigh, north carolina, 72. atlanta ga coming in at 70 degrees. beautiful weather up and down the eastern seaboard. big area of high pressure controlling our weather for the next several days. as it does so, expect a very warm weekend ahead. that general southwesterly wind flow will pump warm air all the way into the mid-atlantic. there are showers entering the western parts of the state of missouri, part of a weather system which may bring an increases number of clouds as we get into the day on sunday. i think most of our rain chances remain less and that 30%. i don't have it posted on the seven-day forecast. here's a look at our future cast model over the next 48 hours. by sunday on saturday, that weather boundary moving onto the western side of the appalachians. one or two lonely sprinkles in far southwestern virginia. as we go from there into sunday morning, notice how almost all
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of the rain showers dry up as they come into our dry air mass and down sloping as well should eat up most of whatever rain drops will be out there. we'll call it a partly to mostly sunny day sunday. it will remain very mild. so highs for tomorrow, up near 81 degrees. again as winds come more and more out of the south and west, that will take away that little bit of a bay breeze. on sunday, temperatures should hold mostly in the mid-70s. so for today, sunshine, toasty warm away from the bay. and your evening plans if you're going outside, take a check. looking west, about 30 minutes after sunset, you'll have no trouble spoth the bright planet venus in the sky if you look down and to the right, that will be its neighbor in space, mercury. it will they're only 10 million miles apart and you'll see them a finger width apart by the time you get looking at them this evening. great weather for today and tomorrow. a few clouds on sunday. i don't think it will bother anybody.
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baseball weather returns on monday and the boys of summer will feel right at home around here. a couple of years ago, we had snow flakes flying. the warm weather sticks around through at least the middle of next week. cooler weather with shower chances returns on thursday. that will probably linger into at least friday of next week. that's a long way away. we have a lot of great weather in front of us. >> hopefully that beautiful weather will bring them good luck on their first day on monday. >> they can't do any worse and that spring training. >> we'll be talking to you again in a few minutes. and we have an update now on breaking news in gaithersbu. 'stolen car has crashed into a bus. jerry edwards joins with us more on the track problems that this is causing. >> chopp 4 over the scene now with live pictures. the incident occurred on route 355 near chestnut street in gaithersburg. authorities remain on the scene with an investigation. it was the car that hithe ride-on bus up here. right now authorities telling us they still have route 35 closed
11:22 am
to track near chestnut street in gaithersburg south of lake forest mall close to the bridge for those of how know the area. avoid that stretch for the time being while the investigation does continue. now, we've got trouble in northern virginia along i-95 northbound with an accident. the left and right lane taken away, 95 northbound between lortton and newington. rubber necking, so we're jammed up here. word of a beltway crash at connecticut avenue. policefire rescue crews are headed over there right now. >> we'll be waiting to hear from you. thank you. fallout from the tiger woods' scandal. tmz is reporting a kindergarten teacher is going to hold a news conference this afternoon. thsite says she's coming forward after tiger talked about his first day of kindergarten in a book. he's quoted as saying he became aware of haddis racial identity on his first day of school when a group of sixth graders made
11:23 am
raci remarks. he went on to say the teacher didn't do much of anything. there's no word if she will address that will specific issue. 11:22 is our time right now. chocolate for the easter basket that will cost you quite a bit. we'll explain. >> plus, five k fridays. a spring event that has runners lacing up their shoes. and the wait is almost over for apple's new ipad. whether the experts think it's a winner. first here's a look what's hot on
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chocolate lovers get a load of this sweet treat. the house of chocolate in paris created this elaborate themed jungle creation for easter. chefs used 13 pounds of chocolate to make these animals, hippos, giraffes and others and the surroundings, too. it comes with a $928 price tag though. if that's out of your price range, you can buy chocolate eggs and chocolate fish for less. now, what's easter without a few bunnies? people gathered in prague to watch this hare-raising competition. rabbits showed off their skills on the racecourse. rabbits of all shapes, sizes and colors took part in the event. most of the races didn't exactly look like thoroughbreds but they hopped away to the finish line. and coming up in the next half hour of news4 midday, a
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heart warming story. a father and son reunited at last night's caps game. the surprise that will bring tears to your eyes. plus the weather's getting nice out there. it's already nice. that's going to mean more construction. why you may need to add 20 minutes to your commute. and petco is telling customers not to believe everything they read. we'll explain. chuck bell will be back to talk about the '80s. that's right. our temperatures in the 's. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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right now at 11:29, d.c. police are searching for a pack much robber who's struck ten times in three hours early yesterday morning in northwest washington. about half the crimes were concentrated near the howard university campus. in some cases, the robbers beat victims. other times they threatened to shoot them. right now, president obama just arrived in charlotte, north carolina there to talk about the economy and job growth. the president will speak to workers at shell guard, a company that makes batteries for electric cars. afterwards he plans to take a tour that have plant. and big crowds expected to cause traffic backups for the second day in a row at the cherry blossom festival. the park service's chief horticulturalist says the trees will have 70% of their blossoms out through sunday. highlights included a fireworks show this saturday on the southwest waterfront. a metro family got a surprise off the ice during last night capitals game at the
11:31 am
verizon center. an air force colonel serving in iraq surprised his son and daughter with the help of the hometown. there wasn't a dry eye among those who witnessed it. we have the story. >> whoo-hoo. >> good to be here, buddy an. >> it's been an emotional day for the dennee family. for the past six months, rick has been station inside baghdad, iraq, flying f-15s for the air national guard. when his wife sarah found out seven days ago her husband was coming home early, with the help of the washington capitals they plans an elaborate surprise. >> anticipation is probably the worst part. 20 hours on a flight trying to get back here, trying to make sure the flight got on time. >> after making it just before gametime, shocking their 13-year-old daughter emily was just the beginning. >> now comes the biggest surprise of the night. right now his 10-year-old son henry is participating in the
11:32 am
pregame flag ceremony. little does he know as soon as he steps off the ice into this tunnel he'll be greeted by his father. >> whoo hoo. >> dad! >> as a father, emotional. no doubt about it. it feels great to have my son come up and see the tears in his eyes. out there. >> what's it like seeing dad. >> exciting. i didn't even know that he was supposed to be home. >> as capital security and personnel looked on, it was hard not to get choked up. for sarah dennee, these were tears of joy. >> it's hard because you have to try and be both, you know, the mom and the dad. and it's just really incredible when they come home, you just feel like you're a whole person again. >> what's the first thing the family will do? >> watch some of thinks games on flip video i have mailed to me to watch. we'll see. just gethe family together, sit down, have a quiet meal, go out, do something, relax.
11:33 am
>> john swrifren, news4. >> we've got something to celebrate here. the weather in washington is unbelievable. chuck bell is standing by with that story. >> you can't believe it, really? >> i believe it. i've experienced it. it is really nice out there, even early this morning. >> really a very, very mild start by early april standards. our average low temperature this time of the year should be dropping way down into the low 40s in downtown d.c. and this morning we bottomed out at 53. very mild start indeed. after a mild start, things are warming up fast. another one of these great pictures from william fsom. look that the cherry tree up in front of the jefferson memorial by the tidal basin. a beautiful shot there. some people just know how to take a good picture. 65 degrees right now in sterling, virginia. it is 54 in annapolis at the naval academy right there by the bay. a hint i've bay breeze keeping temperatures down if you're up alongside the water. but for most of us, all we have
11:34 am
to worry about is sunshine and a delight delightfully warm weekend ahead. no weather related problems at all. just sunshine today. a little bit on the almost too warm side for a lot of people's likings at this time of year. the cherry blossoms will not last as long this year as they did last year because of the warm temperatures. temperatures up near 80 degrees. will cook the little blossoms pretty thoroughly. as a result, the petals will not hang on quite as long. nonetheless, barbara, mother nature threw us a slow pitch in time for a long holiday weekend here in april. >> i can't remember when we had an easter weekend that wasn't rainy or chilly. >> it will be our warmest easter in the last ten years.three years ago, we had snow. >> i believe it. i can see it and feel it. a final check on the midday traffic now. jerry, y look ready for a holiday. >> yeah, thank you. we have a lot of the work to do unfortunately here. busy midday underway. it looks like authorities have wrapped up their investigation
11:35 am
and that is very good news. route 355 just reopened moments ago. chestnut in old town gaithersburg, that was the police chase that ended with a crash of a bus. that's your number one. issue two, we'll head over to northern virginia. had the accident 95 northbound, the left side of your screen between lorton and newington. authorities putting the wraps on that that has northbound traffic backed up. right side of your screen is southbound traffic crawling from the beltway most of the way to woodbridge due in part to rubber necking in the earlier accident. capital beltway had an accident on the outer loop of the beltway near connecticut avenue. the inner loop that's a typical pattern for the afternoon rush hour which is well under way. barbara, back to you. >> all right, jerry. are you leaving us now. >> i'm going to stay around. >> meanwhile, drivers in virginia, it's going to be a long year. vdot is working on ambitious
11:36 am
projects designed to give you a smoother commute. in the meantime, your trip to work will take you a little bit longer. >> between springfield and au ca kwan, extension of the fairfax county parkway and the rail line to dulles, a set of ambitious projects. >> all of these projects are on schedule, which is very critical. >> that's good news but there is inescapable bad news too. >> there's going to be some disruption, there's going to be some inconvenience. >> in fact, planners predict an average of 20 minutes added to commute time even though they'll try to skeltd the most disruptive work alt night and weeks and other off peak periods. >> throughout the region whether you're in the maclean area on the dulles toll road or whether you're on the annandale, you can expect closures of all lanes on the interstate, dulles toll road system throughout this next
11:37 am
year. >> not all at once of course. still efforts are being made in conjunction with businesses to lessen the pain. >> we want to encourage tell lal commuting. we want to encourage different work times. we have started a new transit service. >> planners say if they can get a 30% reduction in traffic in these areas it should make things go smoother. some is built in. the dulles rail line has an on site concrete plan so you don't see all the truck concrete for this phase of the dig. efforts like this only go so far. the key, planners say, is to build a bridge of communication with those affected most. >> can't just build something without reporting to the people because part of our effort is to reduce stress as much as possible. >> derrick ward, "news4 today." >> in comingweeks, there will be inserts in local newspapers telling drivers where the road projects are going on. drivers could start noticing an easier commute by the end of the year. metro filled its top safety
11:38 am
now appointing james doherty as the chief safety officer. he had a similar job for san francisco's transit agency. he'll start april 19th. as you'll recall, metro has had a spring of safety lapses including a deadly crash back in june that left nine people dead. federal prosecutors have added new charges to their case against a former d.c. official accused in a bribery scandal. last september, ted loza was accused of taking money and gift in exchange for trying to influence taxicab legislation. he was then chief of staff for council member jim graham who still last october oversaw the taxi commission. grained jury indict him on four charges yesterday including conspiracy and extortion. loza has pleaded not guilty in this case. petco customers may be tricked by a scammer. the utility company says some.customers have received fake letters saying all rate increases have been canceled. there's a phony website telling
11:39 am
customers to contact the call center to get renewable energy adjustments. pep coissue aid statement that stipulated customers should contact the pep cocall center for energy adjustments are also lse. rate increases are not being canceled and currently there are no rate adstments. well this weekend, you can get your hands on apple's ipad finally. mark barger shows us what you can expect and how it could change the market. >> a truly magical and revolutionary product. >> apple's ceo steve jobs gave the world a look at the ipad in january. saturday the world gets its hands on it. >> it's a game-changer already. >> smaller and that a laptop, bigger and that a smart phone, it packages familiar functions into a gadget that has options for both wireless and wi-fi. $500 gets you a base model. $800 the high end version. >> it's a matter of whether
11:40 am
people who already have a smart phone and or a notebook computer decide i need this, too. >> adding to the appeal is apple's launch of electronic books through its popular itune service. makes the ipad a direct competitor to amazon's kindle. >> it does things the kindle doesn't do. it's cooler, sexier and in color. >> newspapers and magazines also sent an ipad opportunity. >> we've already seen with the iphone, people will buy apps and pay forn app that provides news from a newspaper when they might never pay for that website. >> the gaming industry is also zeroing in. the ipad's potential. >> i think with the graphics on it, it's going to be a killer game device. >> analysts expect anywhere from 3 to 6 million ipads to be sold by year's end. >> over time this is going to have some kind of influence. we don't know yet how much. >> consumers will provide that answer in the months ahead. mark barger, nbc news. >> apple's competitors have products similar to the ipad in the pipeline. they are ready to capitalize
11:41 am
what could turn into a new breed of computer devices. our time right now, 11:40. still ahead, crystal city is attracting business with the help of runners. we'll explain. plus a look at the new means in theaters this weekend. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon.
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as simple as bake them, frost them, devour them. this sunday delight your family with pillsbury. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso stand 'n stuff taco shells. old el paso. feed your fiesta. today's weather has a lot of people talking about exercise, getting outside. crystal city hosts an
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portunity every friday in april for those who love to get out and run. joining us this morning to explain that is angela hawks of the crystal city business improvement district. welcome. >> good to be here. >> what is this all about. >> about an opportunity to get healthy and green for spring. we have a program called green scene we kicked off with this art project yed and a 5 k every friday at 6:30. >> anybody can run in it. >> anybody can run in it. >> it's called fit and fabulous 5 k friday. every friday this month. >> there are five this month. >> why is the business district wanting to do that. >> i think people want to have or employees want to be in a place where they can get fit and have an opportunity to get outside and for this, it's a great way to sort of get your exercise at the beginning of the weekend and relax the rest of the time. >> tell us where will it run. >> starts on crystal drive across from the restaurants and runs throughout the streets of crystal city. we have 900 runners, which is three times last year for the first race. >> are you going to be closing streets.
11:45 am
>> half the streets. you can still get around. >> we won't have to send jerry over there. >> unless he want to run. we'll be out there running. my whole team will be there. it's a lot of fun. afterwards sport and health lets you shower. you can have dinner. half price dinner at cora and an after party with great music by adrian loving. >> is there a run today. >> there is. >> what time? >> 6:30. >> how do you sign up. >> sign up online or for today, just show up. it's $15 a race or $50 for the entire series. >> how many runs are there. >> there are five. >> are there going to be prizes? >> there are prizes. for every race that you finish, you get entered to win a bike which is pitching this new bike kept, a partnership with revolution. then the other thing as part of the green scene, because it's all about getting fit and being outside, we're doing electronics recycling project and shred on april 21st so you can bring all you're electronics for free and we'll recycle them for you. >> you don't have to live or
11:46 am
work in crystal city to do that. a lot of folks going on there on a day like this. >> absolutely. >> recap how people can get involved in this. each race costs $15 or $50 for all five rays. prerace registration is available online at crystalrun 5 k is that right. >> that's right. absolutely. >> angela, thank you so much for coming in to tell us about it. >> i'm looking forward to it. getting my running shoes on shortly. prince george's county won't be cracking down on burger and fries after all. lawmakers reject aid bill that would limithe number of fast food restaurants that could be built in the county, a word from the "washington post." it says a house committee voted 22-1 against the measure. now the sopranoser has with drauntd legislation. the bill was designed to fight the obesity epidemic in the community. one hollywood starlet is showing off a much slimmer silhouette these days. jennifer hudson is a spokesman
11:47 am
for weight watchers. the singer says she's not going to say exactly how much weight she's lost. but she says the diet program was the driving force behind her slimdown. the grammy-winning musician and academy award-winning actress says the program helped her make better choices by cutting calories and increasing exercise. she looks great. looking for something to do this weekend? there are a few films opening at the box office including a new 3-d adventure. "avatar." you recognize him. his name is worthington. you probably remember him from the "avatar." he's in a new movie now, "clash of the titans" a remake of a 1980s cult clack. he plays%ious, a mortal leading a revolt against the gods. he doesn't know he's half god himself. will he am neeson and ralph fiennes also co-star in this film. it is rated pg3.
11:48 am
and director tyler perry drops his latest film this weekend with what did i get married too". janet jackson stars in the story about couples who reunite for their annual island vacation. this time one of the couples is confronted by issues of fidelity and commitment. it is rated pg 13, as well. miley cyrus drops her anna month month character for the movie "the last song." cyrus place a new york teen trying to reconnect with her estranged father. that means spending the summer at a north carolina beach which doesn't turn out to be that bad when she meets a boy. the last song" is rated pg. 11:48 is our time right now. a new art exhibit at american university. plus, chuck bell will be back with another check of the
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
a new exciting art exhibit opens next week at american university. it features is artists from lebanon. and joining us it morning are rita namor and anita shadeeg. you spear leaded this and i'd like to know more about that. it's. >> caller: ed the convergence new arts in lebanon.
11:52 am
there is a sto in the new york times about how lebanon is the new paris. is this a renaissance going on in lebanon and beirut specifically. >> actually, yes. beirut was always alive and well except for the few years of tragedy and war. this is why we wanted to do this show to show that it's not only war in lebanon. it's about a city alive. >> how hard was it to find new artists to get involved in this. >> american curator here from the au went to lebanon last year and he picked all the artists and the artwork. we have 29 artists with 42 artworks at the american university. >> i'm told your husband is the ambassador from lebanon. have you ever mounted anything quite so big as this? >> to tell you the truth, no. the first time we have a big exhibit in north america usually artists goes to europe to exhibit. but this is the first time it's coming here to north america. and you know, lebanon is always
11:53 am
associated to war and still happening now. it's associated with art and beautiful things. >> let's take a look at some of those pictures that people are going to be able to see. there's also sculpture. is this the uptour that everybody's talking about? >> yes. >> this is the fisherman and the clouds. you're seeing only part of it, not the clouds here. and it's a kinetic sculpture. it moves when you walk around it, it is part of the project called the cloud which was con received for the city. now you can see all of it. >> oh. >> yes. >> it actually you interact with this. >> you walk around it, it moves. the cloud moves the hands on the fisherman move. it was a sketch and when dr. rasmussen went to lebanon, he like it had very much. and the idea of transforming the sketch into a sculpture was no longer considered a dream.
11:54 am
>> dr. rasmussen runs the art exhibit that -- art museum part of american university which is actually our neighbor here at channel 4. >> right around the corner. >> i've never been in to see the work. >> please come and visit. it's exciting. we have the. >> this is the sketch that he liked so much. we have the lebanese curator who helped him in picking the art. >> there are all kinds of things. there are pictures. there are sculptures. >> paintings. >> representing the new lebanon. >> tre also a film series from the 1th to the 16th of may. >> we thank you both so much for coming in to tell us about this it will get usll over there. >> of is invites. there for six weeks. >> okay. starting next. >> tuesday? >> tuesday, yes. >> thank you both for coming in. rita nicole. and the show runs as they just told from us tuesday april 6th
11:55 am
through may 16th. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following for this afternoon. first at 4:00, it may seem like a legit posting on craigslist. it's just a scam. do extra research before planning your spring or summer he vacation. tonight, a couple that had been friends for a decade before they became romantic. how that ended up. did they walk down the aisle? you'll find out. those stories and all the day's news starting on news4" at 4:00. join us for that. a final check on the day's forecast. chuck bell. >> yes indeed, a beautiful day outside. the great weather will last through the weekend. temperatures are climbing quickly into the mid 60s around town. a few spots have made it into the low 70s. frederick, maryland, winchester, virginia, you're already in the 70s. harrisonburg in stanton, virginia, 57 degrees right now. beautiful weather is expected all the way through the holiday
11:56 am
weekend. i hope you have a chance to take in some of the real early summer preview treat from mother nature. sunshine today. toasty warm. at least away from the bay. if you're right alongside the bay, you may have a bit of cooler influence from the water. after the sun goes down this evening, in the western sky, you'll see the bright planet venus. just down to the right corner, that will be its the neighbor, mercury. outside for the next couple days, plenty of sunshine around here. temperatures near 80 degrees each and every day. our next little chance for rain showers doesn't show up till thursday of next week. >> that's amazing. thank you so much. we'll see you later. let's get a final check on the midday traffic. jerry edwards has the conditions out there right now. jerry. >> hey, barbara. not good at all. 59 southbound delays begin at the beltway. it's going to be jammed down to the au ca quon river. we'll head further south and show you what it looks like as you make the trip down towards
11:57 am
frederickburg. an earlier accident has cleared. we are jammed from the beltway in springfield to fredericksburg. the trip out to the bay bridge, an accident eastbound span of the bay bridge with only one travel lane getting by. eastbound route 50 delays begin before sandy point. going to be a rough day for traffic but the payoff worth it. >> thanks a lop lot. you have a great weekend. >> you too. >> filled in for rod pampling. it's a little down the left hand side. just a little. that's all. boom. three-pointer. >> oh. take a look at that three-pointer from way down. except it's on a golf course at the shell houston open. andrew mccalendardy's tee shot goes into a garbage canon the fly. after he fished the golf ball out, he got a free drop and recovered to part hole. that's "news4midday." we thank you for being with us.
11:58 am
tune in for the daily connection" at 2:00. news at 4:00 is, 5:00, 6:00 and tonight at 11:00 and through the weekend, as well. i'll be back on monday morning at 11:00 a.m. till then, have a terrific day. a great weekend and happy easter to all those who will be celebrating. we'll see you monday. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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