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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  December 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's 6:00. and itooks like a snowstorm is coming this way for the liday weekend. how much? and wh will it start? meet yolgsz tom kiereis foreca is just secon away. breaking news th morning. a d.c. firefighter is in surgery right now after being st rlier this morning. >> and good moning, thanks for joing us for "news 4 today," i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm joe ebs on this thursday, the rd day of deceer, 2010. t's take a live look outside right now where the temperatu freezing. not well below zero as in t north pole, alka, but it is sll cold here. >> and maybe cold eugh bring some snow o way.
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tom,olding our breath to know what kindf weekend we're going to have. >> 70 degrees warmer he than it is innorth le, alaska, li our reporter just showed there. almost40 blow zero there. 're about 30 above zero. that is amazi. here it is,ven thoug we've been cold, rtainl nothing like that. 's near 30 but it feels colder with tose wds that have been stingut of the north and west. look at our wichills. they're down into th upper teens to just nea 20. tse north/nortesterl winds have been gusting to around 25, 30, to 35 miles per hour. these e the latest wind gusts at therea airport. and this i going to continue throhout the day. righnow, out of the mountains western maryland, west virginia, in the 20s. and right nar freezing around t bay and virginia tide ter, southern ryland, northn neck. over the last 12ours these windsave increased as high pressure is pushing in. low pressure deepens off the new england coast. we'll havethe gusty winds throuout the day, quite a bit of sunshine. highs reaching near 40 this afternoon. sunrise 7:2suet 4:51.
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a look at the weend ten miutes. how's traffic? >>good mornin we have a mecal emergency on the parkway that'shut downhe ramp to the powder mll interchae. police are on scene with that. not terrible on the delay from bw parkw but it is beginning to stack up. around the capital bltway here's the pace just west of georgia avenue. head lights leavg bethesda in college patarting to get a lite bit of volume. you're still at speed. as you make t trip travelg along 270 sout we are starting to stack up making your way aded down towards 109. by the ti you hd towards the beltway, as you can see it's ve quiet. alng 66 in the eastbound diection, we do have a ttle bit of volume starting to velop out of centrelle. but no big probms towards the pital belty. if you're riding the rail great s. problems, vre, marc line or mrorails. >> thanks so much,ashley. brking news right n. a gunman opened fire on a d.c.
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firefighter earlyhis morning. police tell news 4 the refighter dve himself to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. right n he is undergoi emergency surgery at washingn hospital center in northwest. no wordon wherehe shooting ppened. we are following developing story out of south korea. the south korean army conducted a major live-fi exercise ju 12 miles from the north korean border these are pictures from the drill, which volved self-propelled guns, tanks,nd 800 soldiers. south korea's military sa this is in pparation in case nort korea decides to become more aggssive. tensions have been hh between the two countrie since north rea bomb an island near the country's border. this was in response to another li fire drill by south korea last month. >> president obama is on his way to hawaii. th commander in chief is traveling to the ilands to meet up with his fily to celebrate christmas. he stay inwashington whi congress worked down to the wire to passmajor legislation.
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in the pas 24 hours, the president signed the repeal of "don't ask, dot tell also,congress passedhe 9/11 health care bill givi millions of first responders who were sufferingrom the toxic dust from the world tde center. and last but not least, congress ratified the s.t.r.t. eaty with ssia. the treaty ages to reduce nuclear weapo fro both countries. president obama lebrated an extrely productiveame duck session of congress. telling reporters that this is a, quote, season of progss. he praised congress r working hard down tohe wire to ensure that the impornt legislative issues were pass. i think it's fair to say that this has been the most productive st-election priod we've had in decades. and it comes on e heels of the most productive two years that 've had ingeneration >> however, presidentbama says the failure to pass the dream act, which would allowyoung, illeg immigrants to have a ass citizenship, was his biggest disappoiment. new today, former white
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house chief of staff rahm emanu is closer getting on the ballot to run for the mayor ofchicago. a hearing officer has recommended that his name shld appear on the llot. the elections board still nds to approve that final decision, though. morehan two dozen people complained that manuel had not lived in the city for a full year, which a candidate must to be eligib to run. emmanuelnd his attorneys contenthat he did not forfeit his chicago residency mply by going to wk washington for twoyears. wit christmas less than 48 hours away, many people are packing their bags and getting ready to head home for the holidays. thisear it's expected to be even busi than last year, bo on the roads andn the nation's airports. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live from reagan natial airport this morng with more. how's it loong? still quiet? > it's still pretty qui. we're seeing tngs pick up a little bit. seeing a lot of families. a lot ofpeople wearing shorts, obviously going toestinations that are aotarmer than the weather 're experiencing here so people definitely getting out of town. and we are expecting to see
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increase in air travelthis holiday t expected increaseis 3. over last year. no we are going to be deing possibly with some issuesith regard to snow in our area,nd all up and down theast coast for that matter, coul see some snow as tomhas been saying over the weend on sunday and into monday. that could afct travel plans. cod cause some cancellations d delays. folks are gong to have to keep a close eye on that and try to be flexible. we've bn talkin to travele is morning. talk to one couple traveling wih a vy young child and they re a little concerned about things so they leftheir hse extra early this morni toake sure they got out without a hitch. >> we'reereearly, earlier than we normally would be. i hoping it's going to be smooth it his first time ever on an airplane. i'm a lile anxio. but i'm hoping it's going be okay. >>nd of course, they'v had some pblemsver in europe with snw. we're hearing, ough,that that's starting tolearp
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re. heathrow isxpecting to run about 90% normal. so they're starting to get folks on flights o of there and getting ba to normal. the big question mark, of course, is what willappen here in o area this holidayver the weekend. tom s been talking about the possibility of snow on sunday. that could impact avel, pecially as e day wears on and youtart to see some delays and canceations. could have a snball effect. we're going to have to wait and see. back to y in the studio. >> little snow could cause some bigproblems. megan, thks so much. >>on't say snowball eect. drive goin north on -95 should be prepared forajor traffic delays. themain problemill be athe newark toll plaza in delaware whre construction has shut down anumber of nes. you may remember the traffic nightmare during the thanksgiving mmute. traffic officials expect ito be the same or eve worse. >> metr wi be open late this holiday weekend. trainsill ru from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. both tomorrow and saturd. christmas eve and christmas day. they'll operate on a snday
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schede. metrobus will also opere on a suny schedule on both day >> coming up, first came the floods. then the muds. ecord setting rainfalls causing havoc out wet. >> up next, the holiday coration that is causing concern, and complaints ione area. >> 32 degrees rig now here in the nation's capital. wll have weather and traffic togetr on the 1s next.
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ll, take a look at this. don't be alarmed. that is a summy. a al dummy. thisrealistic displ in rde island is causing some doubleakes. the dummy is so effective some peple have actually stopped to he only to find out that it's a fake guyanging from the gutter there, nging -- trying to hang o his holiday displays. infact, some people have said it's diracting and dangerous d they've ev complained about it. hanging from the gutters. that could be me. >> it could be you. and guess the problem if anyone actually called11 or called the authoritieso make ure that th person was in any real dangerit could cause some pblems. >> someone drivingown theoad just looking at i and bam soebody crashes into the back of tm. >> but i have to sayit's prty ingenious. i'veever seen anhing like that. >>it is funny. let's check in with tom erein 6:1 any snow coming our way? >> it does lok like probably
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not on christmas day. maybe sarday night lat and into sunda sunday looks like the greer chance forccumulating snow this weekend. rig now,nowe travel problems weatherwise on thishursday morning. temperures around the region are in the low 30s to near 30 degrees. 32 atnaonal airport. windchills, though, in the teens to near 20. wee got northerly and northwesterly winds gusting to around 30 to 35 miles per hour we'll have those winds wth us throughout the day day. some clouds int the north and west ofashington now, but otherwise, quite a b o sunshine breaking t after dawn and ding the afternoon. hihs reaing near 40. gusty winds toda tonig and part of tomorrow. highs upper 30 on friday. then increasing clouds on chris s day. some lht snow possible after sunset saturday night. but thereaterchance of accumulating snow with gusty winds on sunday. a look at mond, tuesday, wednesy at 6:21. ashley, how's traffic? >> well, chopper 4ive over top of a scene. we had a medical emergency on the bw parkwa still affecting traffic. it's going toblock your access to power mill.
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so that'soing to be shut down little while. you d hithe brakes on your approach towards it. 270 headed southbound a lile bit lighter than you ght expect at this hour. just a little bit of vome toward the truck scale but nothing too terrible at 109. rte 1 out of maryldetween sunny de andowder mill, still ha the sthbound lanes blocked ong the right sid so one left le isow open. rails, no probm. vre, marc trainnd metrorail all runng at speed. joe an eun back to you. >> 6:13 is you time now. 32 degrees. thieves steal a car with a baby in the back seat. how the child got home safe. >> the game must go on. take a lo at this. the footballield that is, well it's perfec
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welcome back. we're following a veloping story from thewestcoast. that's ere a week of nonstop rain has left many cities a towns under water. in san diego inflatable boats and canoes have been uso rescue dens of motorists and homeners. other parts of soutrn california were overrun by mudslides that washed hillsides out on the highways. >> it was like the heavens
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opened up. just nstant. it didn't stop. didn't stop. >> bimudslide came down. >>he storm is also using some big problems inrizona. the swollen rirs swept away several homes in littlefield. further inlan theain is changing to heavy snow that is piling up in thsierra nevada mountains. fire cre say a blow torch might be to blame for massve fire at a northwest d.c. school. it happened at tacoma education campus on tinyranchoad around 10:00 yesterday morning. 150 firefighters were cled to battle the huge fire. the t staff members insidet the time of the fire made itut unharmed. and there were no stunts in the building becaus of the hoday break. the school was being renoted at the time but investigators have t ruled on an official cause of that fire. this morning a3-month-old boy is back with his foster family. he was inside a car when two men stole it. it happened on dopplestreet and clovis avenue in capital heights yesterday afternoon. a social worker went toick up
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leroy vaughn from his foser family, but he forgo a bag in the drivey, so he got out of the car to getit, a witness tells news what happened when heeft the baby then inside that car. >> t dudes walked up, and when he g the bag, dudes jped in the carnd took off. >> the two mimum soon realized there was a baby in t car and ditched t car a few blocks away. prin george's county police thenound te car and returned the baby unharmed. no arrests have been made sar in the case. and today funeral services will be held for a d.c. store manager shotnd killed during an attempted roery. raj patel naged the newtn food mart in the brookn neighborhood of northeast washingn. police say two metried rob that store last weekenand then shot patel when he walked out of e bacand surprised them. tho men have not en found. friendsnd family will gather toy at t lee funeral home in clinton. visitation hours begin at 1:00
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andhe funeral begs at 3:00. for most kidshis really is the most onderful time of the year. but for thoseith a parent dealing with the hardshipsf war it can also be very difficult me. that's whereome great voluners come in nbc's rah o'donnell introduces to some people making difference in silverprings. >> reporte silver spring, maryland, is long way from santa'sorkshop. but in this orkshop, the elves ar members of t walter reed auxiliary. more like a mrs. claus. >> yes. i never thought of that. in a way. santa claus isn't here. >> reporter: tracy ll, like many military pouses, is home one this christmas. her hband jonathan is deployed to afghanistan. and e knows how hard the holidays areon soldiers, ad especially their children. >> our soldiers get stuff ery year for ristmas. but it's kind like, at are the kids getting?
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>> repoer: so tracy created the gift tree. an online registry at target and amazon. >> i have a son, and i couldn't igine n being able t afford he few extra things at christmas. >> reporter: new clothes, books and toys donated from those with generou hearts. >> this one is fom pennsylvan. reporter: and tracy keeps track of everyittle detail. >> most of them come from the metr d.c. area. but therere on in here from arkansas, wisconsin. it's coming fromall over. reporter: hundreds of presents. wraed with care. orted in stacks all b a team of cheerful voluntee. >> it'spfect. >> reporter: ne byone, sdiers' families arrive tracy's door to pick their gifts. >> awesome. >> reporter: speciast william nd his wi lindsay have a new 9-mth-old baby. >> excellent. >> rporter: he is a medicat walter reed and he's on his wa to afghanistan in february. >> the fact that she put tis together just outf the ndness of her own heart for the tients and the sff
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there. just means a lot. >> reporter: andt means a lot tracy, who, afterll this, wris a handwritten note to every single dono >> everybody gets a thank u. >> reporter: from you? >> yes. >> reporter: and what do you say in t thank you? >>hank you for your suprt. thank you for giving. repoer: a reminder that in this season of giving, sometimes those already sacrifici so mh are still willing to give a t more. rah o'donnell, nbc news, silver sprin maryland. >> wow. what a woderful prize tt that young woman is doin in the end it' like those who are sacrificing already arehe ones who think to sacrificeor others. >> and theedication she has to ganize this entire proje and then to write handwritten thank you notes to every sngle pers who donated. it's really incredible. >> making it aerry ristmas. >> mm-hmm. >> and now this story navy andan diego sta might need to bring scuba gear f tonight's poiettia bowl
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because of heavy rain. lk at that field. eeavy rain in san diego, the qualcomm stadium is under several inches of water. bowl officials say even with these soggy, w conditis, the game will still go ontonight. that is amazing. but it' goodractice for any of the navy graduates who are thnking about joing the s.e.a.l.s. >> i was gng to say. that's going to be a game to watch in those condions. a lot of cleanup to do, too. >> the good news is the rain has ended inouthern calirnia but they are still dealing with the noff. they may get that field to dry out a bit todays we'v got a respite from theain there. that storm system hasovedo the east an willregenerate alone the gul coast and perhaps move along our cstline. the atlantic seaboard sby sunda. right now dry, near 3 degrees around the region. blustery northwst wind gusting 30 to 35 miles an hour. mostly cloudy just north a west of washington but elwhere clear. we shouldave quite a bit of sun today, highs near 0,gusty
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winds. winds should diminish,ighs upper 30s. then aftersunset saturday night could get light now. still on track or accumulating snow on snday with strong nds. might get se lingering snow showersonday and stillindy and sunny and col tuesday, wnesday. ashley, w's traffic? chopper 4 is live over topf a mecal emergency. southbound bw parkway drivers cannot make the exit on to poder mildew to that medical emergen. you will hit the breaks on the approach but dels aren't that bad. 270 southbou is much lighter than you wouldormal expect athishour. no big lays from 109. and out of virginia, vume is on the increase there the parkway up to springfiel a line delay on thevre line a massas train 324 is running ten minutes late. eun and joe back to ou. >> okay, thanks very ch, ashley. she doesn't have a vo and now there is a plan on catol hill to reduce the power d.c. delegate eleanor holmes nort already has. >> th downtown metro stations whe therehas been a dratic
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increase in ime. >> will the show go on? the future of the controversial "spider-man" musal on broadway following complaints fro actors.
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well here's a probm. a man crashed his car into the frontard of t house owned by former president george w. bush.
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. and mrs. bush were home at the me but they were not injured. theyive in a gated community in dallas. secr service detains the driver, as you might expect. he told them he was showingoff his muscle car to afriend when the gas pedals got stuck. hmm. no word whether heill face charges. the cast of a new broadway show "spider-man" will return to the sage today after more saety issues fced it to shut down. abor officials canceledast night's show t work with t director on new safy measures. on monday night a stunt man plunged 30 feet into a steit near the end of tshow breaking seral rib it is the fourth ct member to end up in the hospital. the director juli taymor i best known for directing the huge broadway hurt "t lion king." at $65 millionspider-man is the most expenve show ever. >> ey've had aot of oblems. >> a lot of problems. but i'd ke to seehat all this mon and hoopla is about.
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>> must be really dramatic. the fght scene is supposedo be really dratic when it works 6:26 is the time. brking news, the d.c. firefighter is in surgery nig now after beg shot early this morning. we're livgathering new information. >> and find out if meteorologist tom kierein is still predicting a white chstmas.
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time rig now is 6:29. we have 30egrees -- i'm sorry, 30. 32 degrees outside. the lights of the nation's pitalleaming out there. good mning. pell comback to "news 4 today" i'moe krebs. >> a i'mun yang. it is thuray, december 23rd. we're just two days away from christmas. cant can'believe it. hope you're getting all the ristmas shopping done. evything's ready to go. >> oh, dear. >> it's saturday. >> no i thought --no. >> yeah. >>'ve got some rk to do. >> and snow not in the morning but maybe in the evening, tom. 'll take that, though. on saturday, into. and it should be dry for travel around ouregion tod all the way rough,ooks like saturday afternoon. but terthat, things change. rht now, it's near around shington, and the nearby uburbs and rural areas. big story this morng the wind. nds have bee gusting 30 t 35 miles an hour. thewindchills only in the teens
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to near 20s. so it feels ite cold this morning. temperatures in t mountains stern marylan west virginia in the d 20s. around the bay, estern shore. rginia tiewater soheast of viginia near thereezing mark. ver th last 12 hours a settled pattern here. clouds north a west of washinon. anyone driving toward new england wilbe driving into some lght sw. otherwise, shouldnot have any travel problems thrghout the eastern two thirds of the nation. however there'some ow and rain an the west but it has moved east of california. now, for us toy, windy and cold, lots of sun. hihs reaching near 40 but it will feel colder tn that with gusty winds. a look at the chaes on ou way for the weekend at 6:4 and ashley linder good morng. how's traffic? >> good morning, well chopper 4 is livever top of the issue o the bw parkway. the rampo powder mill is blocked due to medical emergey. you're going to hit the brakes after 197o get beyond this. once youe beyond it you're back up toeed. no poblems along 395 at this our. we're actually in pretty good ape making it into the
6:32 am
district. tho are the express lanes headed tond across the 14th. and thenhose had lights are continuing out of the distri no problems there. if u'reraveling on the rails this early morning we doave a delay on the vre manassas line, 324 isunning ten minutes late. e and j back to you. >> thks very much. wre folwing breaking news rightnow. the d.c. firefighter shot earlier this morning. right n he is in surgery i the hospital. news 4's tracee wilkins i live outsidef med star innorthwest with what we know so far. good morning, acee. >> reporter: good morng, joe. accorng to d.c. police th off duty d.c. refighterpulled up here to the ergency room at th washiton hospital center, and ey say that he hadbeen shoteveral times. so d his vehicle last word he wa in surgery and lied under critical condition. d.c. police s theydo not know whre thehooting happened and th don't know the victim's identity at this pointr they're not releasing his name. so they're still investigating exactly what happened here.
6:33 am
t vehicle is part of that investigation, as well, remoed from the hospital's grounds and this is just an ooing criminal vestigation at this point. i'm tracee wilkins ve ts morning in rthwest. >> thanks very much. >> were following a deloping story out of south korea right now. the south korean army conducte a majorlive-fire exercise just 12 milesrom theorth korean borde these are pictures from th drill whichinvolved self-propelle guns, tanks d 00 soldier south korea's military says this is preparaton in case rth korea decides to become more aggressive. andensions have been high beten thewo countries since north korea bombed an isnd near the cntry's border. this was inresponse to a live-fire drill by soh korea last month. well, president oba is leaving frigid washingn for nice, warm hawaii. thestatehere he spent much of s youth. the cmander in chi is aveling to the island toeet with his family to celebrate christmas. they're already the. stayed in washingtonwhile
6:34 am
congress worked down to the wire to pass some major gislation. and it was a busy 24 hours for the prident and congress. the president sied theepeal of "don't ask, don't tell also, congress passed the 911 health care bill gving billions ofollars to the first responders who are sufring from the toxic dust from the world ade center. and finally, but not east, the congress ratified t s.t.a.r.t. treaty with russia. the treaty agrees to rece nuclear weapon for both countries. president obama celebred an tremely productive lame duck sessionof congress, telling repoers that this is a, quote, seson of progress. he praised congress for working hard, down to the wire, to ensure tt these important leslativ issues were dealt with. >> think it's fair to say tha this has been the most produive post-electio period we've had in decas. and it comes on the heels of t most productive two years that we've had in genations >> however, presidt obama say the failure to ss the so-called dream act,which would
6:35 am
have allow young illegal mmigrats to have a path to citizenship is his biggest disappointment. starting ne year the districtwill lose what few ting rights it had in congss. "the washington post" repots the new republican leadership will chae the rules denng delegatethe right to vote on the hse floor right now delegate eleor holmes norton can vote in certa circumances. that is when the house mee at what is clled the committee of the whole. s will lose that right, but she will still be able to vote in regular committ meetings. she represents mo th 600,000 peopleiving in the districtof columbia. this morning metroransit police are remindng riders to keep a clos eye on their belongings. robberies metro are up 17% this yr over last year. crime is up 20% between t dupont circle and galle stations alon police say there are a few simple ways to avoid becomg a victim. keep your purses and your bags closed. stand in well-lit eas. and always be aware ofour surroundings. police e also urging robbery
6:36 am
victims and witness to report crimesaas soon as th occur. the "today" show is next coming up at 7:00. les che in with matt lauer to see what they're working on for "today" this morning. >> god mning, eun. nice to see you coming upon a thursday here on "today," the latest on the damage leftbehind by a week of devastating storms out west. we'll talk to e woman wh made a daring escape with ramily as their home fill with mud. also will the bettyord staffer wh was allegedly attacked by lindsayohan e the actress? we're gng to ask that man's lawyer in a live inrview. plus a look back at th year's biggest stories and the people who tched ourives in the year 2010. nd we're live at the north pole, as santa d his elves prere for tomorrow night's big ride we've gothat and much more ahead as we get started on a thursday morning right hre on "today." eun,ack to you. >>santa's going to be busy. and that re looks pretty rogh. >> but it looks beautul up
6:37 am
there. alough cold. i understand it's like 20 bow zero. >> tooold for me. if ion't see you mrks mrk to you. >> thank you, and to u. > thank you. well the new deal between the national zoo an china to keep the beloved pandasn washington. but it's notor long. >> but maybe it does pay procrastinate. the deals just for last-minute oppers. >> 6:37 is yo time now. will we get a white christmas this year? tom wil have your forecast. tom wil have your forecast. weather a traffic on the 1s
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well that about ss up the wizards nit. they fall to the bulls 87-80. ni young led the businessards with 22 points but the bulls orwardoverpowered washington scoring 30, ading 10 rebounds, too. next up f the wizards a road gameon sunday against the spurs. the wizards he not yet won a single game the road. >> that is not good. we need john waugh back. >> yes, we do. >> 32 degrees out there. ar those the stars that i'm seeing in the sky?
6:41 am
>> therere stars in your eyes, eun. twinkling. yes, we are seeing a few of the early winter constellations cominghrough. just to our north quite cloy. the wind is whipping in out of the north and west. 's been gusting to around 30 to 35 miles an hour this morning. few cuds over shenandoah valley in the mountains as well. later today,quite a bit of sun. highs ne 40. that blustery wind will be with us tonight as well astomorr. highs in the upper s on friday d paly cloudy. increasing clouds on christmas day saturday. highs mid 30s. after sunset sarday night there's a chance of se light snow. but still, it does appear in fact there's icreasing confidence at we'll get accumulatingnow on sunday with stronwin a look at onday, tuesday, ednesday in ten minute ashley linder, how's traffic? >> gd moing. we do have some problems. bw parkway the ramp to t powder mill interchange still blockedue to a mecal emergency. 95headednorthbound, volume on
6:42 am
the increase out of woodidge stoords ringfld. by 395 you're back to speed. along 270 south we actually have someood news. lihter an normal as we make our way sthbound. i don't want to give youalse hope that this is going to main the casehroughout the entire day. right around noonwehould be kickg rush hour into high gear but as for now we' got a clean slate no problems. if you're traveling on vre, manassas line 324 is runningten minuteslate. eun and joe, back toyou. >> ashy, tnk you. 42 i your time now. degrees from higay to the runy, the problems you'll enunter if you are heading out of town for the holiday. >> also aheadhe big mess left beind ou west following what is bing called the storm of the century. >>ill ty stay or will they go? the future ofhe pandas at t national zoo.
6:43 am
6:44 am
just in time for the hiday rush the average pce of gas hit the a gallonmark. and that is bad news f the nearl 86 million americans w will be traveling overhe ne few days. right now, the national avage is $3.01 a gllon in the
6:45 am
distrt, it's even hier at $3. a galon. in maryland, $3e02. and in vast th best deals at $2.93 a gallon. ivers should be prepared for traffic delays at the newark toll plaza inelaware where nstruction has shut down a uple of lanes. you may remberhe traffic nightmare during the thankiving commute. traffic officials expect the deys toe the same or worse. the airports are also expected to be pcked with people traveling home for the holiday a news 4's megan mcgrath is at reagan national right now,hich is likely to get very busy later today. wh's it ok like now, megan? >> well, eeing it pick up. there are a lot more people here. you can ta look behind. live look. a lot more folk than when we last spoke to you. aot of people getting out town. people wearing shortsho are heed to wmer climas. a lot of families. ople who e carrying big shoppg bags. obviously they're bringing gifts with them on their plane toake
6:46 am
to lovednes and friends. lot of activity at the airport. the beg queston is what going to happen with th weather. as tom h been saying all rning ong, we are expecting snow on nday. and of course, any timeou have any kindf snow, that could pact the trav out there. we could see delays, we could see cancellation sunday, a up and do the st coast here so we're going t have to keep a very close eyen that. we spe to oneamily who is headedut of town, going to the bahamas, retuing on sunday. so they're hoping for the best. right nowwe'reust gng to cross tat bridge wh we get there. wel wait and see. you know wend up gtting stuck somewre, it's vacation time i guess. >> stuck in paradise. not a bad deal. ablutely. >> yeah,n extra day in the bahamas. what a hardshiphat wou be for them they weren't too concerned abou it. there ar a lot of folks who are due back to work on monday. if get snow on sunday and it's accumulatingnow that causes delays, that coucause
6:47 am
some problemsorfolks. the best advice, give yoursel extra time. call ur ailine ahead of time if you're concern about delays and try tobe plexible as you can. joe, back to you. >> be nice to call your boss from the islands andsay, gee, i'd love be there. >> that's right. the und of blenders behind you. mightot buy that. >>right. okay, thanks very much, megan. >>well, across the world famo atlantic ocean, heathr airport in london is open now, and running at about 7. many stranded ssengers slept teinal floors have awakened now d tried to drag themselves onto teir flights. snowy weather shut down the major european airport earlier this ek. heathrow's bo even ss he's now giving up his annual bonus to show that he iaking responsibility for the oblems. many people were very ang that it took s long clearll the snow a ice from the many miles of runways there. 're following developing story from the west coast now. that's where seven days of nonstop rain have left many
6:48 am
cities and townnder water. in san diego, boats we used to resc dozenserists and homeowrs. other parts of southern california why overruny mudslides that buried homes and cars an waed hillsidesnto the ighways. it was like the hvens opened up. it was just constant. didn't stop. didn't stop. >> big mudslide came own. >> the storm isalso causing big problems in arizona. thewollen rivers swept aw veral homes in littlefield. further inlandhe rain is anging to heavy snow ping up in the sierra neva mountains. honda announced a new recal nile lapin joins us liveith more on this story. nile, go morning. >> good morning, eun. honda is recalling mre than 10,000 cords and pilot suvs ov a possible failure with th frt end suspensn. the action covers 2010 and 2011 accords and 2011 pilots. eproblem focuses on t
6:49 am
machinery used to tighten the front axels. ners will be ntified mail to brg in their vehicles for inspection. > skype, the mega internet phone serce giantuffering a major worldwe outage last ght. as of last night, though, service was returning, but sype says it willtillbe several hours befe it' fully operational. no wo yet on the cause. but last time skype suffered a simir major breakdown was '07 after routine upgrades. meanwhile, onne retailers are cebrating huge holiday sales. and making sure your last-minute gits get to wre they're suppose to be rightn time. >> today think about it theine in the sand deadlineor guaranteed deliveryy christmas. for abt 60% of cains polled by the national rail federation. azon f exam almost deliver items ordered on chrisas eve the same day r .99 per item. neiman marus has free overnight ippingor anything orded by
6:50 am
12:59 on the dop.m. eastern time today. jcpenney has 50 off express shippi for gifts to rive tomorrow. andn your favorite and mine, tiffany's has free shipping for everhing oered today by noon. >> yes that is cutting i close. en if it was late i'd take anything that came in tat little blue box. >> th lttle blue box. perfect gift. >> hope y get some under yr tree, nicole. >> thank u. you, too. >> happy lidays. if you have so last-minute hopping to do you may want to think about sticking closeto home. there are thousands of great locally ownedusiness right in the washington area, alg the eastern crridor in northwest d.c. veral those businesses banded to the to form the think local first campaign and educate peoe on the benefits of supporting loca stor. the store owners say mo ofhe money ent at thei shops ends upecirculating in the community. well, you can see the giant pantodays a little longer at thenatiol zoo. >> great news china approved a temporary expense for mei xiang and tian tian. the pandas are on a n-year
6:51 am
contract that expir at the end of the year. ey will negotiate a new agreement they keep the panda. thy say they expect the agreeme to be signed in january. mei xiang and tian tian are the parents of tai shan, whom you remember waseturned to china in februy. e all cried, and were very sad about taye shand leaving. >> but now it'time to plan more bamboo. >> that's right. we'll takehem as long as we can hav them. >> a ten-year contract. i want theirgent. >> that's right. >> you got to have deep pockets for that. >> and i you le bamboo. >> righ right. >> hey he this morning we have a cold start ande've got winds that areusting outof the north and westo around 30 to 35 miles an hour. righnow at union stati, we have folks headin forhe trainthere. and i love union station,ith the big wreaths all lit up there. st a beautiful, you ca see there, there are a few clouds in th skyn the first light of dawn showing up there over union station here in washington, d.c. rightow it is right near 30
6:52 am
degrees around mu of the reege. look at the windchills though just in the teens to near 20. that is due to winds that have be gusting ov the last several hours. 30 to 35 miles an hr. ght now in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia in t 20s. southeastern virnia, and southern maryland, the eastern shore around the bay, right near freezing ovr the last 12 hours, clouds comingin fr the north. rig now partly cloudy in waington. mostly clear over theest of virginia. ouds frther north in the shenandoah valley and ov the mountainsf westernaryland and west virginia. if y're traveling today, well, the rn has end in california and the west cot is looking much better. but that sstem has moved inland. rain from arizona to snow in the corado andwyoming rkies. that's heading into the northern plains. but settled upnd down the atlantic seaboard. towd new england, driving that wa you'll be running intosome light snow, new yo state a connectic and massachusts and points north. for us here, win today, highs reachingafternoon. quite a bit of sun but winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. and still windy tonight under a clear sky. we'll be in the mid 20s tomorrow morning. then friday, partly cloudy,
6:53 am
afternoon highs upper 30 mid 30s onaturday afternoon, with increasing clouds after some sun inthe morning. and th, a small chance of sme light snow satury night. and then on nday, there is increasing confidence we'll get acculating snow with strong winds and that's tperingff sunday night. lingering snow shers monday ettling down midweek nextweek. how's trfic? >> this early morning, sti dealing with a tractor trailer accide. wever it's been moved over to the shoulder along 95eaded southboundpproaching roe 0. here's the pace a the capital beltway in the 270 split. as you ca see, everyone's doing their thingt the sted speed lims. no big challenges ahead of drivers this earl morning. capital beway lighte than normal. college park to silverspring, probably the las time i'm going to be ableo say that today. dela are filling in along 95 out of virgiia as you make your way up towards quantico. repor of an accident involvg a tractor trailer. brief delay there and woodbridge up thrgh springfield. no problems along 395 at its length tond across the4th you'ralso in grat shape. eun and j back to you.
6:54 am
>> thank youery much, ashley. :53. here's a look at our top stories. one d.c. fefighter undergoingng surgery after being shot early is morng. police tell news 4 the refighter drove himself to the hospital. no word on wre the shooting occurred, or on the firefighter's identy. t southorean army concted a major live fire exercise 12 milesfrom the north korea border. the dri involved se-prop self-propelled guns, tanks a 800 sdiers. south korea's military says tis is in prepation in case nth korea decides to become more aggresse. a hearing officer recommendedormer white house chief oftaff rahm emanuel should appr onhe ballot for the mayorf chicago. e elections board still needs to approve that decision. more tan two dozen people h mplained that he was -- had not led i the city for a fu year, whichandidate must do, to be igible to run. president obama has lded a nice, warm hawaii. thecommaner in chief traveled to th islands to meetup with
6:55 am
his familiy to cebrate christmas. he stayed in wasngton while congress worked down to the wire topass major legiation. while most people wereelaxing around the holidays, santa elves are busy up at the north pole. >> and we're getting a special inside look at santa's adquaers. nbc' bob joins live fr alaska. the last time we talked with you you were having labor trouble with those elves. you got that worked o? >> i don't know. weould find out in a moment here. good morning to y. merry christmas eun and e. you can see sant's sleigh he needs to be hitch up with his reiner. they usually don't do thatntil right before the flight around the world. don't know i you can see tt right there. that's the actualnorthole itself. it extends about 30 fe from the ground. andbehind that is santa's house where that jolly old elf right now is bsy getting rady r his flight. so busy he couldn't come outde to talk to us. but he was able to nd down one of s helpers.
6:56 am
skttles? >> yo sclchlt. >> let'sgo over the checklist. toys. >> check. >> see cushion or the sleigh. >> chec. >> maps to a t kid's houses. >> check. >>adar clearance? kwl check. >> reindeer food. >> everything's under contr. >> normally when someone gives me at kind of lip i confront them. but he's at least 3'2". i don't want to end up in the hospital. yo guys understand. >> yove got to be careful out there. thos elves are feisty. they're worng hard. they're tired. >> yeah, they telle -- >> it was- >> go ahead. >> well, i mea the's one reasonhey're feisty is because the working condions are very extreme. there's ss than four hrs of sunlight. sun res 11:00 in the morning, sunset around 3:00, 4:0 in the afternoon. and then of course you've got these temperatures, gative 39 degrees. at lst it's not netive 40, because that's wh it gets really cold. >> 39 you can deal with. >> right. >> it's negative 40 that is --
6:57 am
>> i'm ay with that. once gets to negative 40. >>well, bob, ay war take care of yoself, and be goo to those elves. they can make it bad for u. >> than so much, bob. take care. >> mer christmas, you guys. >> merry christma >> and that is "news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with u >> the "today" show is next. we'll be rig back here tomorw moing an christmas eve. we hope you'll join us then. we start at 4:30. have a greaday. [ r brotr ]he tt.
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