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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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midwest. chicago is bracing for the biggest storm in decades. the illinois national guard has been activated to help with rescues. the weather has already forced airlines to cancel thousands of flights nationwide. our team coverage begins with chief meteorologist doug cara. >> thousands of flights be likely be canceled tomorrow as well, as this storm continues to make its way to the north and east. the track was along the coast two weeks ago, but now it's back in the west. they could see one to two feet of snow. this is a major storm. and yes, it is moving our way. the critical thing for us is going to be the temperatures. we are going to miss the bulk of the wintry precipitation. that is the very good news across our area. down to the south we're looking at light shower activity making its way up to the north. it is very light right now. most of this falling where temperatures are above freezing. let's take a look at the numbers. freezing rain advisory in effect around the washington, d.c. area, and really points up
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toward the north. i'm not too worried about washington, i'm not too worried about areas down to the south. but to the north, up towards frederick, maryland, martinsberg, baltimore, that's the area we're most concerned about, as temperatures are already at or below freezing. 32 in frederick. 32 in hagerstown. and 33 in baltimore. down towards annapolis, where the temperature is 32, we could be seeing freezing rain there as well. that's why we have the freezing rain advisory that's in effect across the region. but i don't think the biggest impact here is going to be the ice. yes, we have freezing rain, mostly to the north and west that will create slick roads overnight tonight. i think most everybody by tomorrow morning's rush hour should be just rain. but well to the north and west, that's where we could see some problems. we could also see morning thunderstorms from this. and very strong winds. and the biggest impact could be from those strong winds, downed trees and maybe more power outages as well. i'll be back later on to show you how this will affect you and when it moves out of here coming up a little bit later on.
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>> thank you, doug. that storm might leave behind a potentially deadly mix of snow, sleet and ice. as many as two feet of snow expected in chicago. that would break a 44-year-old record there. already there are reports of tens of thousands of power outages in that area tonight. andy is in chicago with the latest from there. andy? >> reporter: jim, it feels like the wind and the snow are coming from every possible direction here right now. 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts we've got here in chicago. for those behind the storm, they are digging out right now. for those in front of it, they're just bracing for it. and nobody escapes the wallop of the wind. it seems the only guaranteed form of transportation right now in the plains states is by snowplow. there are warnings not to even try getting around by car. >> i can't urge enough for people to stay home and stay off the roads. >> reporter: for those who do venture out, man and machine are no match for mother nature.
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>> we've got two people here stuck. it's a mess. >> reporter: in oklahoma city, the will rogers airport looks like a ghost town. and throughout the city, the only thing missing are the tumble weeds. the weather channel's jeff morrow found out that sometimes there are similarities between covering a blizzard and a hurricane. >> it's really the blowing and the drifting, and i'd say windchills right now are probably about 10 to 15 below. >> reporter: it's a good thing cowboy stadium near dallas is closing the roof for the super bowl. the snowfall there was light, but it's the ice that has made traffic slow going, or no going. as the storm marches east in places like st. louis, residents are surrendering at the grocery stores where they are stocking up to hunker down. across the midwest, airports have already canceled thousands of flights. and more are sure to follow. and that will affect air travel across the country. >> chicago o'hare, which is going to cause some significant snarls throughout the entire
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system. >> reporter: the storm here is being compared to the big one of 1967. a record-breaking 23 inches of snow that paralyzed the city for days. this storm could bring 20 inches. and from there, it's on to the east coast. where the storm will just add to the misery and snow totals. interstate 70, the entire length between kansas city and st. louis has been shut down right now. at o'hare, they're up to 1,300 cancellations for the night. midway airport has been shut down entirely. jim, back to you. >> thanks, andy. treacherous weather conditions may have played a role in a serious accident in prince george's county this morning. officials say a 55-year-old driver hit an icy patch and careened into a tree in glendale. that happened just before 9:00 this morning at the intersection of goodluck roads and springfield road. the driver is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. investigators believe that speed was also a factor in that crash. road and power crews are
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positioned throughout the area standing by for whatever kind of winter weather comes our way. pepco is hoping that preparations made for this storm will avoid the troubles that came with last week's snow. chris gordon joins us live from rockville with the latest. hi, chris. >> reporter: spreaders behind me are ready. and pepco promises this time it will do better. pepco has assembled an army of trucks and utility repair crews in gaithersburg, ready to roll at the first sign of ice building up on trees, threatening to take down branches and power lines in montgomery and prince george's counties. >> because we have more men in position, we're going to watch and monitor this storm. if the ice does form, on the tree limbs, on the power lines, we plan to be more responsive to our customers. >> reporter: last week pepco was criticized by residents and officials, including maryland governor martin o'mally for
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taking so long to restore power. 190,000 montgomery county residents were left in the cold. now pepco has crews here from out of state ready to help, like these linemen from raleigh, north carolina. >> you guys are rested and ready to go? >> yes, we are. just waiting for the second round. >> reporter: in northwest washington, a malfunctioning traffic signal created chaos for morning commuters. cars didn't move. the light stayed green for new mexico avenue, but red for nebraska. russell williams, a professor, took matters into his own hand. >> i moseyed down to this corner here and started directing the traffic. i had to keep looking over the hill over my shoulder to make sure no one was coming up new mexico. >> reporter: do you have any experience directing traffic? >> not officially. but, you know, i grew up in d.c., and we came from a good samaritan sort of neighborhood.
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>> reporter: russell williams teaches at au, something he's good at having won two academy awards for sound in the production of major motion pictures. but directing traffic, that was all improvisation. >> the officer was stuck in traffic, too. i said, are you here to relieve me? he said, yes. >> reporter: to relieve you. >> relieve me. the liability is now his. >> reporter: now, the academy awards that russell williams won were for "dances with wolves" and "glory." he told me he got his start in the business about 30 years ago working at nbc 4 with a young jim best. guys, back to you. >> and we remember him well, as a matter of fact. may i point out, i wonder if there's another double academy award winner anywhere teaching in washington, d.c. i think he's got that distinction. and now he's got the distinction of being the best traffic
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director in town. that's not officially sanctioned to do so. >> reporter: his title is artist in residents at american university. >> well deserved title. thanks, chris. all this bad weather has forced schools to rearrange their schedules. fairfax county students will now have class on president's day, monday, february 21st. that was originally a day off. students in stafford county will also have class on that day. stafford county also has extended three early release days to full days. those dates are february 18th, april 22nd, and may 27th. and while prince william county is not scheduled any makeup days, students will not need to report to class this thursday. that's so report cards can be sent out. montgomery county has used all four of the snow days that were built into the schedule. the next day off will lead to an
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added day at the end of the school year. right now, the federal government is scheduled to be open tomorrow, with unscheduled leave, or unscheduled telework. but officials at the office of personnel management say they're watching conditions and they may change the federal government's operating status. we invite you to stay with news 4 for the latest on all this weather. you can go to at any time for up-to-the-minute school delays or closings. "news4 today" will start tomorrow morning at 4:00. now, to the latest developments on the crisis in egypt. president obama is expected to speak this evening about developments in that country. late this afternoon president hosni mubarak addressed his nation. he made it clear he plans to stay in office until his term ends in september. but he said he wants to ensure a peaceful transition of power. however, thousands of protesters are demanding he leave now. and today the state department ordered most embassy workers and their families to leave egypt.
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jennifer johnson reports. >> reporter: after days of protests involving millions across egypt, president hosni mubarak responded to his opponent. he intends to stay in office, but will not seek re-election in september. >> i did not intend to run for another term. >> reporter: after 30 years in power, and support reportedly weakening from the u.s., mubarak made the announcement in an address to the nation late tuesday night. >> i will work on the remaining months in my term. so we'll take the measures to guarantee the peaceful transition for power. >> reporter: as sympathetic americans held their own protests outside the egyptian embassy in washington, a u.s. senator delivered a powerful message to voters in egypt. >> if you do have free elections in september, i hope you'll be wise enough and brave enough to say no to forces within your
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country, radical islamic forces. >> reporter: the last of egypt's internet providers have gone dark. mubarak had already pulled the plug on other providers. over 1,600 americans have already been evacuated from egypt, including these college kids from south dakota. and now the state department has ordered all nonessential government workers to leave, too. the state department is also recommending that americans avoid traveling to egypt. and tourists still there are being told to leave as soon as they can safely get out. in washington, jennifer johnson, news 4. we invite you to stay with nbc news for continuing coverage of the crisis in egypt. we will carry president obama's speech when it begins coming up in less than five minutes. we'll have reaction from brian williams who is in cairo tonight. coming up, al qaeda's threat to wall street. >> a serial burglar may be hitting homes in northern virginia. some leaders in a city want
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to change the law to allow mothers to breast-feed at work. and in public. it is mating season at the national zoo. >> what you got, lindsey? >> the wizards have another chance to snap that streak tonight in new orleans. also, the capitals back on the ice after the all-star break. and media day at the super bowl. more like a three-ring circus. a full recap of the show when
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the fbi put the nation's biggest banks on alert with a warning of possible terror plots. intelligence officials say the threats are general in nature, but there are concerns that al qaeda operatives have discussed the names of some top u.s. banking executives. officials have also warned that bombs or even biological weapons could be mailed to bankers. citibank, bank of america, goldman sachs and jpmorgan have gotten updated security briefings from the fbi. investors, on the other hand, were more focused on good earnings, and manufacturing reports today, which sent stocks soaring. the dow gained 148 points today to close above 12,000 for the first time in two and a half years. the nasdaq gained 51 points closing at 2,751. the s&p 500 reached a milestone closing above 1,300 with a 22-point gain. protests inspired by the events in tunisia and in egypt
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have led to a shakeup in jordan. today jordan's king abdullah ii fired the prime minister and the cabinet. people in jordan are upset at rising food prices, high unemployment, and poor living conditions. king abdullah appointed a new government and says he ordered them to pursue political reforms to, in his words, creorrect the mistakes of the past. the white house says president barack obama is expected to talk about the developing situation in egypt within the hour. if that happens, we will bring that address live. in the meantime, there are still tens of thousands of people marching in the streets of egypt demanding that president hosni mubarak step down now. nbc's brian williams is in cairo tonight. he spoke to some protesters about this change in their country, and what it all means to them. >> reporter: is there any way this can ever go back to the way it was? now that all these people are here? >> one good thing that came out of the protests, now we know for
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sure that mubarak is not going to run in september. and we know his son will not take over. which the majority of egyptians do not want. like my friend here was saying, we don't need any more military rule. they failed the economy. they simply failed. >> those protests continued throughout i day in egypt and drew hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. trips to cairo are being canceled. students are scrambling to return home. >> for a lot of people, egypt is a destination of a lifetime. >> reporter: a destination many may not see for some time. trips to egypt being canceled left to right. travel abroad is used to changing situations overseas. >> we've been through chernobyl, tiananmen, sars. >> reporter: they just decided to cancel their latest group
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trip to cairo. their travelers getting their money back. sarah anderson booked her trip, though, with another company online. >> it was very difficult to get a voucher, or refund back. they actually were going to charge us a $250 cancellation fee per person. >> reporter: she and her boyfriend are no longer going to cairo. they ended up with a travel voucher. they're now heading to rome and athens, instead costing them another $700, travel insurance not covering the civil unrest. some like sarah are losing their money all together. since monday nearly 1,600 u.s. citizens and their family members have been evacuated from egypt. now home in saulsbury, may macgyver took these photos last week, spending her last year studying in cairo.
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>> it was exciting to see people demanding their rights. >> reporter: reverend long solomon was also in egypt when the unrest began. he and his parishioners got out and are now in jerusalem. >> some people said, wow, this is great, like a free trip to jerusalem. so some people are staying until the end of the week. we have people leaving all the way up until the weekend. >> reporter: in washington, melissa malay, news 4. most of the students from our area studying abroad in egypt have made it out of that country safely. however, not all of the students plan to return to the u.s. some have relocated to other locations overseas so they can continue their semester studies abroad. coming up tonight, doug returns with a look at some wet, icy weather coming our way. >> the nasty winter storm moving across the country has crippled air travel. i'm barbara bush, and i'm for merge equality. >> the daughter of a president stepping f
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the nasty winter storm is having a major impact on air travel. today airlines canceled more than 6,000 flights. that includes nearly 300 flights out of the d.c. area. travelers we spoke with seemed to be having the hardest time getting to dallas and chicago.
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>> when i checked the hotel coming up to get on my american airlines flight, it was up and running, until i got here and they canceled somewhere between the shuttle ride between there and here. >> they shut the airport down all day tomorrow. all flights inbound are canceled. to o'hare. >> most airlines have waived the fees to change flights. if you're traveling tonight or tomorrow, you would do well to check your flight's status with your airline before you go to the airport. that is for sure. >> sounds and looks pretty ugly for -- not for us yet, though. >> not yet. but this is really going to be a monster storm. we talked about historic storm yesterday. it is going to be such, could break some records in cities like st. louis, maybe up towards chicago as well. here, we're going to dodge the biggest bullet. this is what it's looking like in chicago. 50 to 60-mile-an-hour winds. you talk about a blizzard, that's exactly what they are seeing there. blizzard warnings in effect all
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night tonight in chicago. could wind up setting their all-time snow record of 23 inches coming up just about 44 years ago. so you know it's a big storm when you see something like that. doppler showing how big this storm is. every once in a while you hear a meteorologist say, look at the perfect comma shape. you see a comma shape, this is what i'm talking about from the south to the north, and back to the west, that comma shows you that it is an extremely, extremely large and powerful storm system. and it's all moving this way. but one thing you also notice, look at the rain. it is now almost all the way up to indianapolis. you move that over to the east, and that is around the washington, d.c. area as well. this will most likely be a rain event for washington and points down to the south. right now, though, there is a little way in the way of freezing rain. and some light shower activity around fredericksburg, back to washington, the western virginia and front royal. 66 to the north. that's where i think we could see freezing rain tonight down to the south. a lot less in the way of freezing rain overnight tonight.
6:25 pm
i'm really not too worried about that area. now, 37 degrees is the current temperature outside right now. winds are not going to be a factor tonight. but they'll be a huge factor tomorrow. temperatures around freezing. hagerstown, frederick, baltimore and martinsberg, those are the areas, if you live close to those cities, you'll be dealing with the best chance for freezing rain. from washington, quantico, fredericksberg, where right now it's 40, i think much less of a chance from the freezing rain tonight. i think tomorrow morning things will be okay in those areas. the freezing rain advisory does include washington from 9:00 tonight until 7:00 tomorrow morning. most everything will change over to just play rain. here's the storm system right now, at least parts of it. one piece up to the north and east, another one well back to the west. here's all the moisture. it will move in quickly overnight tonight. as temperatures fall below freezing, this is where we'll
6:26 pm
see the problems. 9:00 tonight, 30 degrees in frederick. 32 in baltimore. still above freezing in the d.c. area. watch what happens by midnight. just about everybody at or above the freezing mark. so we may be changing over to all rain by this point in the night. from d.c. downward, fredericksberg, dealing with all rain. by tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., still cold to the north. so still pockets of freezing rain. but look to the south. near 50 in leonardtown. by tomorrow afternoon, 55 in d.c. 56 in leonardtown. and 56 in frederick. you might think, 55, it's going to be a nice day. but we're talking winds 30 to 40 miles an hour tomorrow. the cold air will rush in very quickly, by 6:00, down to 42. most areas back in the 30s. tomorrow a day of transition, from cool, to hot, to cold again. moderate ice impact tonight from 9:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. for winchester, baltimore. i don't think we'll see any impact at all to the south. to the north, overnight, between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.,
6:27 pm
moderate impact close to the pennsylvania border. from winchester to d.c. southward, really no impact at all from the ice. looking at a very changing scenario. but changing for a good way. clouds moving back in, warmer to the south tonight. 30 to 38 degrees overnight tonight. periods of freezing rain, mostly to the north and west. 32 to 36 degrees. temperatures will rise by tomorrow morning. and this is why i think we could see the biggest problems. winds gusting upwards of 40 miles an hour. 34 to 40 miles an hour during the day tomorrow. and we could see those winds extend through the afternoon. temperatures will be falling during the late afternoon, and continuing to fall during the day on thursday. a high of only 39. another storm on saturday. as far as power outages, not going to be from ice this time, i don't think, it will be because of winds. and don't forget, we could see delays tomorrow. that's why i'll be here at 4:00 a.m. with "news4 today." >> feels like it's all coming at
6:28 pm
us rapidly. >> it just continues. another storm saturday and possibly next tuesday. coming up, we'll tell you about some people who want to protect breast-feeding in public under the law. bank robbery suspect involved in the hostage standoff last week had a gun that was not loaded. detectives think 20 home burglaries in northern virginia are all linked. we'll be right back. coming up in sports, it's all about hair at the super bowl media today down in dallas. also, the hoyas hang on against louisville. the capitals may get one of their stars back on the night their stars back on the night tonight agains
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there's a really nasty storm bearing down on about a third of this entire nation. chicago among those cities expected to be hardest hit by the snowfall. it could see up to two feet of snow there. that would top a record held since 1967. pepco is working ahead of the storm this time if bad weather hits our area overnight. they have teams staged throughout the coverage area. several fairfax county neighborhoods have been targeted in a recent series of burglaries. >> police believe those crimes are connected. at least 20 houses have been broken into since november. the most recent one was in the
6:32 pm
area of fairfax station on saturday. craig melvin has our report. >> reporter: for susan frye, it was more than a burglary. >> they hit the jackpot. truly. i mean, they took my mother's jewelry, they took my sister's jewelry, both of which passed away. i mean, just antique jewelry that you just can't replace. >> reporter: she and her husband had just returned to their virginia home december 30th. >> go upstairs, walk into my bedroom and immediately -- i didn't get one step in, and everything out of my dresser, every drawer, everything was out. and i said, steve, you need to come up here. he went, we've been robbed. >> reporter: fairfax police say since november 13th, burglars have hit 20 homes in this area. including frye's and three others on the same evening. the most recent burglaries happened saturday here in the 9700 block of thornbush drive. sometimes they're kicking in doors, other times they're finding a way around security systems. >> there have been no injuries. and in almost all of the cases,
6:33 pm
there's been no one home at the time of the break-ins. >> reporter: another thing the burglaries have in common, the types of homes being hit. the neighborhoods are mainly upscale, and many know someone who's been a victim. >> it's not as safe as i thought it was in this neighborhood. >> reporter: have you started to do anything differently? >> i do now lock my back door. >> we've changed our security system. >> reporter: susan frye has been checking craigslist and area pawnshops, and so far, no luck. at this point, fairfax county police say they have no suspects. they have no descriptions either. if you know anything, they'd like to hear from you. craig melvin, news 4. there is new information tonight about last friday's hostage situation at a tacoma park bank. sources tell news 4 the suspect's gun was not loaded when he took a teller hostage. the suspect was identified as 43-year-old carlos ra doflo garcia. he was shot and killed by police after dragging the teller outside.
6:34 pm
the suspect was from nicaragua and has no family in this area. the family of a pentagon official who was found dead in a landfall last month said they feel snubbed by detectives. an attorney says john wheeler's family has requested forensic reports, search warrants and surveillance video related to the case. investigators said they want to keep the information sealed. wheeler's body was found in a delaware landfall december 31st. a medical examiner determined that wheeler died of blunt force trauma injuries. the family lawyer said they learned about that from media reports, not law enforcement. they're offering a $25,000 reward in the case. in frederick county, maryland, they're talking about cutting the budget of the fire and rescue services there. the county says they're trying to close a nearly $3.5 million deficit, projected for that division in the year 2012. so far, the commissioners have
6:35 pm
already cut one bureau chief and six lieutenant positions. two of those positions were vacant that were eliminated. three other lieutenants were offered the option of a lower rank. there will be a meeting tonight at 7:00 to talk about the budget. the county says that none of this will have an impact when residents call 911. in alexandria, virginia, they've always prided themselves on being family friendly. but a recently uncovered law on the books is creating a stir. city officials found that a mother could be charged with indecent exposure for breast-feeding in public. two city council members are trying to change that now. jane watrel has that report. >> reporter: alexandria mother has no qualms about nursing in public. >> it's my 6-month-old baby. he's exclusively breast fed. if we're out in public, it happens out in public.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: after some working mothers in city hall were wondering why there wasn't a private room to pump milk, a startling discovery was made. in alexandria, breast-feeding in public is illegal. >> i was blown away that alexandria has a law that says it's indecent for a woman to breast-feed in public. >> reporter: last changed in 1983, it is unlawful to have, quote, the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple. councilman and vice chairman want it changed. >> it's common sense to get rid of it. this isn't who we are as a community anymore. alexandria is becoming increasingly family friendly. there are strollers everywhere. >> reporter: that has many mothers cheering, especially those who have noticed their breast-feeding in public has made others uncomfortable. >> you really have to develop a mentality that you don't necessarily care what other people think. becau if you care what other people think, you'll be more hesitant.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: they say acceptance is one of its goals. >> it is a symbolic gesture. but it helps to encourage breast-feeding is worth it. >> reporter: the proposed change to a law would not only make breast-feeding legal in the city of alexandria, it would require large businesses to provide enough time for nursing mothers to pump their breast milk in a private room. in alexandria, jane watrel, news 4. that revised ordinance is expected to be introduced at a city council meeting on february 12th. coming up, strong support for legalizing same-sex marriage coming from the bush
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6:40 pm
former first daughter barbara bush has come out in public support of gay marriage, and she's joining the campaign to make it legal in new york. barbara bush is the daughter of former president george w. bush. she appears in a video called new yorkers for marriage equality. >> i'm barbara bush and i'm in marriage for equality. everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love.
6:41 pm
join us. >> barbara bush is not the first family member of a prominent republican pop tigs to come out in favor of gay marriage. john mccain's wife and daughter have both made similar statements. they're trying to make a baby panda at the national zoo. they inseminated the female panda over the weekend. experts came all the way from china to help with that procedure. the zoo said they decided to inseminate the panda after they did not successfully mate naturally. the giant pandas have given birth to just one cub. teshan was born at the national zoo back in 2005. this weather certainly isn't very conducive to panda mating, doug. >> makes you get closer together, i guess. >> that's one way to look at it.
6:42 pm
>> the storm is making its way across our area right now. it's going to be moving through overnight tonight. most of our impact will be rain overnight tonight. most likely in maryland. watch out there. we'll do a little bit of the zoom in here and show you where we're seeing light shower activity down toward front royal. that's about it. we're not seeing a whole lot in our area right now. it will move in around 9:00 tonight. the freezing rain advisory goes until 7:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures right now, at or below freezing. up towards frederick and hagerstown. south of washington, temperatures are well above freezing. this is what to expect. freezing rain to the north and west. watch out for slick roads overnight. the potential for strong thunderstorms tomorrow morning. and some strong winds. once again, worried about some power outages. >> oh, my. thank you, doug. how about polar bears. >> the panda story is always right before weather, too.
6:43 pm
you think i would be better at that by now. >> i enjoy you bring it back before sports. that's always a highlight as well. >> we expect you to be able to handle it. well, another polar climate, the capitals return to the ice with some recharged batteries after the all-star break. the wizards, they're in new orleans tonight. can they possibly end the streak. and who's got the best hair at the super bowl. we try to settle that on
6:44 pm
we're going to the white house now. the president talking about ejimt. >> we've seen enorm aus demonstrations by the egyptian people. we've borne witness to the beginning of a new chapter of a great country and longtime partner of the united states. my administration's been in close contest with our egyptian counterparts and a broad range of the egyptian people. as well as others across the region. and across the globe. and throughout this period, we've stood for a set of core principles. first, we oppose violence. and i want to commend the egyptian military for the professionalism and patriotism that it has shown thus far in allowing peaceful protests while protecting the egyptian people. we've seen tanks covered with banners, and soldiers and protesters embracing in the streets. in going forward, i urge the military to continue its efforts to help ensure that this time of
6:45 pm
change is peaceful. second, we stand for universal values. including the rights of the egyptian people to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the freedom to access information. once more, we've seen the incredible potential for technology to empower citizens, and the dignity of those who stand up for a better future. and going forward, the united states will continue to stand up for democracy, and the universal rights that all human beings deserve. in egypt, and around the world. third, we have spoken out on behalf of the need for change. after his speech tonight, i spoke directly to president mubarak. he recognizes that the status quo is not sustainable, and that a change must take place. indeed, all of us who are privileged to serve in positions of political power do so at the
6:46 pm
will of our people. through thousands of years, egypt has known many moments of transformation. the voices of the egyptian people tell us that this one of those molts, this is one of those times. now, it is not the role of any other country to determine egypt's leaders. only the egyptian people can do that. what is clear, and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak, is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now. furthermore, the process must include a broad spectrum of egyptian voices and opposition parties. it should lead to elections that are free and fair. and it should result in a government that's not only grounded in democratic principles, but is also responsive to the aspirations of the egyptian people.
6:47 pm
throughout this process, the united states will continue to extend the hand of partnership and friendship to egypt. and we stand ready to provide any assistance that is necessary to help the egyptian people as they manage the aftermath of these protests. over the last few days, the passion and the dignity that has been demonstrated by the people of egypt has been an inspiration to people around the world, including here in the united states. and to all those who believe in the inevitability of the egyptian people. particularly the young people of egypt, i want to be clear, we hear your voices. i have an unyielding belief that you will determine your own destiny, and seize the promise of a better future for your children and your grandchildren. and i say that as someone who is committed to a partnership between the united states and egypt. there will be difficult days
6:48 pm
ahead. many questions about egypt's future remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt will find those answers. that truth can be seen in the sense of community in the streets, it can be seen in the mothers and fathers embracing soldiers, and it can be seen in the egyptians who linked arms to protect the national museum. a new generation protecting the treasures of antiquitantiquity. an ancient civilization to the promise of a new day. thank you very much. >> president obama speaking live from the white house about the critical situation in egypt right now. >> very delicate situation for the president and his administration. they have to be very careful about how they handle that. president hosni mubarak said he would not run for re-election. let's turn to sports now.
6:49 pm
this is stupid day at the super bowl, right? >> the steelers and packers are trying to figure out how to handle themselves on media day. they know exactly what they're going to get. ben roethlisberger said because of the weather down there, he felt like he was back home in pittsburgh, because it's an icy mess right now down in dallas. today one. highlights, media day at the super bowl, really a playground where anything goes for journalists. it's probably the only place a player might hear both, here's the offense and will you marry me. jerry jones, he was excited about this, just wishes his team was playing, 5,000 plus members of the media credentials. players interviewing journalists. the secret is if you can entertain these guys, you can usually get the players to play along, even maybe to sing a few notes. we've got the best moments beginning with a lot of attention on pittsburgh safety troy polamalu's hair. green bay's clay matthews,
6:50 pm
defensive star, says his locks are just as pretty. >> i'm not intimidated at all. in fact, i should step up to the bat by getting my own hair endorsement deal, trying to break up the monopoly he had over the whole hair industry. so, yeah, i'm stepping up to the plate. it will be a good matchup come sunday. who's got better hair. >> like i said, they may win that argument, but the argument about the most expensive hair they don't win. >> are you from texas? >> i'm not from texas. i'm from alabama. >> you're from the south then. >> how come it's getting so personal here. i don't have any of those feelings. >> are you a fan? >> yes, i am. >> really? >> yeah. >> do you believe in love after
6:51 pm
love? there we go. >> i don't want to hurt nobody. i don't want to step on nobody's foot, or hurt their toe. i don't want to have no dirt or none of this rubber on this field flying today. i just want to tackle them softly on the ground. and if you all can, we'll lay a pillow down where i'll tackle them so they don't hit the ground too hard, mr. goodell. >> oh, they're making a joke of his reputation as a cheap shot artist. it is, isn't it? very, very funny. >> it says something about the state of football today, who can hit who when and how hard. >> a lot of it came out this week about helmets and everything involving hitting, big hits. moving to another sport, with big hits, hockey. bikini girls, that's among the
6:52 pm
things ovechkin said he missed when he was busy over the all-star break. as for his teammates, they had an extended break to relax a little bit. but tonight it's back to business. they hope to take care of montreal at verizon center. >> it's always nice to get time away for a bit. but second or third day you want to get back going. it's one of those things that a week later you're kind of bored. what do you do now. it's nice to be back. >> i'm kind of jealous of those guys, because they go to mexico, you know, and good weather. swimming. bikini girls, you know. >> brought the computer home and my wife was slapping me around for watching games. but, you know, it's what we do. and there's not a coach in the world that doesn't work 18 hours to try to get the edge.
6:53 pm
>> he said stop giving me grief, crystal. >> i've got to imagine his wife is the only person in the world who can slap him around. >> and he buys her purses, he buys her these beautiful purses. that's great. another note, the wizards have a chance to break their streak again tonight in new orleans, trying not to be 0-25. >> tonight's the night. >> let's hope they don't break our hearts again. >> okay. >> thanks. coming up, a young musician making a big impact.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
this year for black history month, nbc news is teaming up with the to profile 100
6:56 pm
african-americans across the country who are paving the way for all americans. todd johnson introduces us now to the youngest person on the list, ho isn't even a decade old. yet she's doing things that takes people decades to achieve. >> reporter: the booming sounds jumping off the strings of this cello are 9-year-old sajari's personal symphony. >> music is life for me. it comes alive to present it to an audience. >> reporter: it's easy to see why she's so talented. her father was a jazz musician, introduced his daughter to the piano at 1 and later the vi lip when she was 2. but when she got her hands on the cello, she knew she had found her voice. >> i felt she would rock and she would close her eyes. get so involved into it.
6:57 pm
i said, wow, maybe this is the one. >> reporter: and it was. sajari's nimble hands and that adorable smile have been wowing crowds ever since. a 2009 performance at the white house left everyone, including president obama and the first lady, wondering how this little girl could play so big. >> i think that she is the most talented student i have ever seen in my teaching career. and that's a very long period of time. >> reporter: she's home schooled, with plenty of time to pick up her cello and play. and when she's not doing that, she's busy acing high school-level classes, and dreaming about what her next accomplishments will be. >> nothing's my limit. i could ride on forever and ever. >> reporter: and you can play the cello forever, too. >> yes, i can. and i will. >> reporter: todd johnson, the >> to find out who else made the
6:58 pm
100 history makers in the making list, logon to the you can also find the link on our website final check? >> looksing at some moisture moving in overnight tonight. the biggest question will be the temperatures. are you at 32, or are you at 33. that is going to be the big difference between just rain and freezing rain. right now live digital doppler showing just a few isolated showers moving in right now. there is the freezing rain advisory in effect for a lot of the area, mostly northern virginia and parts of maryland. most of maryland, as a matter of fact. about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, temperatures are now at or below freezing from baltimore to frederick and hagerstown. north of that mark i think is where we'll see problems. south of washington, less in the way of freezing rain. the high tomorrow, 56. but don't let that fool you. temperatures will fall quickly during the afternoon. highs on thursday of 39 degrees. 43 on friday. and then another chance for a
6:59 pm
mixed precipitation rain or snow during the day on saturday. and then why not throw one more into the mix next tuesday as well. both of those storms look minor. but tomorrow's storm, we're going to be here for you, 4:00 a.m. for any cancellations or delays. there were a few this morning. >> thank you, doug. buckles turned 110 years old today. he's the only veteran of world war i left in america still alive. mr. buckles is on his farm in west virginia, along with his daughter and her husband. just two years ago, he testified before congress about the need for a national memorial honoring veterans of world war i. he doesn't get around much these days anymore, but his friends say his mind is still very sharp. and he says he is looking forward to celebrating his 115th birthday five years from now. good for him and happy birthday. may we note also that what had been the oldest person in the world died in the last day or so. a woman down in -- i think down


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