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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  April 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lawmakers till can't come up with a deal. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doren gentzler. the deadline for a partial shutdown of the federal government is friday at midnight. a failure to reach a deal would mean furloughs for 800,000 federal employees across the country, but lawmakers on capitol hill have been told to tick around this weekend. steve handelsman joins us from the hill at what's at the heart of this disagreement. steve? >> hi, doreen. they should stick around tonight because for the second day in a row president obama's called both sides to the white house. he's out of town now and gets back about 8:00 or so. they'll be down there around 8:45 and he's going to hammer both sides to try to get a deal. don't hold your breath because the two sides are still far apa apart. that's all about the tea party. the powerful, new conservative movement with so many house freshmen members. they are blocking an immediate deal. >> we don't want to shut down the government. we want to see harry reid do his
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job and cut spending now! >> reporter: tea party republicans rally on capitol hill. freshman lawmakers flexing their muscles. >> status quo is not an option, mr. president. >> reporter: they say the showdown is over keeping government solvent. >> and i strongly support the cuts that we've made, but it is just scratching the surface. >> reporter: house speaker republican john boehner. >> the republicans have no interest in shutting down the government. that's not what the american people elected us to do. they elected us to cut spending because cutting spending would lead to a better environment for job creators to create jobs. >> reporter: republicans are out on a limb in political jeopardy if government does shut down. today's "wall street journal" nbc news poll finds 37% of americans would blame republicans in congress. 20% democrats, 20% president obama and just 17% all of them.
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president obama accused republicans of having a shutdown. >> stuffing all kinds of issues in there, abortion, the environment, health care and, you know, there are times to have those discussions, but that time's not now. >> reporter: mr. obama says he's agreed to the end? ing cuts the republicans once demanded. quit playing game, the president says. start acting like adults and he said boehner and reid, my place tonight. back to you. >> steve handlesman reporting from capitol hill. thank you, teef. a partial shutdown of the government would have a significant impact on our region inside and outside the beltway. the washington board of trade asked business leaders if they were concerned about a friday deadline. about 71% of people that responded said they are either concerned or very concerned about a federal government shutdown. the district government, of course, would suffer the result of any shutdown.
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that means, among other things that trash won't be picked up at all. the city motor vehicle offices will close. tom sherwood has more. they're sending out notices that key city services like police department patrol anies fire and emergency services and all public schools will remain functioning, but other daily services will be interrupted. presidential trash won't be picked up for at least a week if there's a shutdown. it could resume in part only to avoid immediate health and sanitation problems. all of the city's motor vehicle offices will shut down. no tags, no license renewells, no changes in registration or inspections and the city will do only minimal emergency treat repai repairs. the city won't issue permits for businesses and home renovation anies do building inspections and all of the city's libraries will be closed for any shutdown and maybe some good news for some. the city says it is aggressive parking ticket writing effort
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would come to a halt during any shutdown. >> why are you speaking parking tickets, i'm on way to pay in right now. >> the city has to make money somehow. >> i don't drive. it don't bother me. >> d.c. chief financial officer says any shutdown could cost the city as much as $6 million in lost revenue and services each week and he says that's a conservative estimate. vincent gray has ordered the district to be ready for any federal government shutdown, but gray says the city raises most of its own tax money and congress should exempt the federal city, but so far has chosen not to. in the district of columbia inappropriately is being treated like another agent of the federal government. these are dollars that have been generated by the taxpayers of the district of columbia. >> let me warn you about the parking tickets. d.c. police can write tickets if you park in front of a hydrant or other unsafe areas.
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don't be foolish. >> don't push your luck. >> thanks, tom. >> we invite outside you to stay with news 4 for a partial hutdown of the government. in 15 minutes we'll report on metro's plans for service if federal employees can't go to work and you can find other details online right now at the search word is shutdown. >> a news 4 exclusive tonight. three high school athletes are recovering from serious head injuries they received while practicing at a football camp. their practice got out of control and medical assistance was not readily available. pat collins joins us from northwest d.c. with more. >> some serious head injuries have a local football camp under scrutiny. >> the coaches chose not to do what they were supposed to do. the coaches were to supervise the children that were on that field.
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the coaches were to protect those children from harm and they fail individual those respects. in the law offices of joseph camarata, they're investigating troubling allegations about a popular high school football clinic. meet now demery monroe. he's 16 years old, but he's not moving too fast these days. demery's a football player at the high school. he says he can't remember much of anything about what happened that day. he recalls putting on his cleats, but that's about it. demery was one of scores of high school players at that camp in the dulles sportsplex arena. demery was one of three players injured in a drill that some parents believe got out of hand. attorney joe camarota represents the injured players. >> they were sent on a collision course unknownst to them, the coaches blew the whistle and told them to run toward each
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other and when thai got to the middle of the field they coll e collided with each other. >> concussions? >> concussion is a brain injury. each of those children suffered a concussion, a brain injury. one of the children had his skull fractured and was bleeding on the brain. another child has no recollection of what went on that day. >> during the drills, the parents say the players wore no pads, no helmets and there was no medical personnel standing by. you in this event was sponsored by all-american training camp. the organizer, wayne arborough. arbar owe said he spent all night at the hospital with one of the injured players and he says he feels bad about what happened. he said all of the parents signed waivers that they knew what was going on, that they knew there was a risk of injury. he said parents signed documents releasing the organization and its sponsors from liability in
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the event something happened. now this story is not likely to end here. doreen, back to you. >> all right. pat collins reporting from northwest. thank you, pat. >> a show of support today for a bill calling for tougher penalties for maryland drivers who are involved in deadly bicycle or pedestrian accidents. victims' families rode bicycles from baltimore to the statehouse in a nap rhys. that's where a committee was holding a hearing on the legislation. the law would make it a charge of manslaughter when a driver's negligence resulted in death. natasha petgrew was riding a bike near 202 last september. her mother said the person who hit her daughter should get jail time and not just a fine. >> the person can easily get $100 fine or some very minimal fine or citation because gross
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negligence is absolutely almost impossible to prove. >> where did that leave you emotionally as a mother? >> as a mother, emotionally it leaves me without my daughter. >> opponents of that bill say jail time should be only for those who intentionally cause harm. >> coming up on news 4, find out why a georgetown student wanted to land a plane in a big hurry. >> my engine might be running a little teensy, teensy bit rough. a little teensy bit rough. a fire that swallowed half a city block. >> a judge made a ruling before the murder trial of a red skins player can even begin. another air traffic controller caught sleeping in the tower. veronica, what's ahead in our weather? >> it you liked today it will be even warmer tomorrow. we have rain to talk about before the week is or. lindsay? >> veronica, coming up in sports, the capitals clinched the division. they had the season home finale
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half a tea block. lightning strike from storms on
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tuesday night sparked the fire in the historic business district in that town. a professional photographer was working in his office at the time. he grabbed his camera and you can see the flames shooting into the skies. crews fought mightily to keep the fire from spreading. seven businesses were destroyed. fortunately, no one was injured. the federal aviation administration is is investigating yet another case of an air traffic controller who fell asleep while on duty. that indent happened back in february at the mcgee tyson airport in alcoa, tennessee. the controller was on the midnig midnight shift. the chief talked about that before a house subcommittee today. he said how the controller fell asleep willfully in his words. federal officials are in the process of firing the man. babbitt also expressed disappointment in a similar case at national airport here in washington last month when another controller allegedly fell asleep while on duty in the
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tower. steps are being taken to deal with what they call staff fatigue. now to the latest on the nuclear crisis in japan. authorities believe they finally have managed to shut off the radioactive water that's been pouring into the ocean for the past several days. technicians used liquid glass to seal a leak in a cracked maintenance pit. however, workers the situation is far from stable. the japanese government may expand the evacuation zone around the nuclear plant. radiation levels have not necessarily gotten worse, but as it drags on officials are concerned about the duration of the public exposure as well as the dosable level. today the prime minister of italy's sex trial started, but it didn't last ten minutes. silvio berlusconi is accused of having sex with an underaged prostitute and also with abuse of power. . the case has thrown italy into an uproar. michelle kozinski reports from milan. >> reporter: silvio berlusconi's
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latest defense that as age 74, even he could not have done it, telling a newspaper even though i'm a little mischief maker, 33 girls in two months is too much even for a 30-year-old. these tv showgirls told us berlusconi's infamous bonga bonga parties at his villa were just elegant dinners where they might dance and their prime minister would sing. he's like a second father says barbara guerra, but now leaked photos supposedly show the bonga bonga in progress with barbara guerra dressed like a not quite police officer. real police have called these soirees orangeys. prostitutes and young women were recruited for berlusconi, but they defend him. >> he is not a monetary. he is like a simple man. >> reporter:al sandra says she's been to many of the prime minister's parties. >> and they weren't full of sex and partying and naked women?
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>> i don't -- no. >> what he's actually accused of is having sex with teen runaway turned belly dancer ruby heart stealer when she was only 17 and of getting her released from jail when she was accused of stealing and she was related to egypt's president mubarak. is this all the end for italy's leader? >> prosecutors have 20,000 pages of stuff, lots of wiretaps, but it remains to be seen how much of that is actually damning because what's leaked out so far has not been necessarily at least as far as crimes are concerned. and berlusconi has been pretty light hearted about this. the other day while he was handling a tough immigration issue he made a joke. he said when women were asked would they sleep with the prime minister, 33% said yes and 67%. said, what? again? not everybody finds this funny at all. back to you. a mother in colorado is
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criticizing the police for using pepper spray on her 8-year-old son. the boy's name is aden and he's a second grader at a suburb of denver. he acknowledges that he has anger issues. back in february he was at school when he got so angry that he threw chairs at his teachers and threatened to kill them. they locked themselves in an office and called the police for this 8-year-old. when officers arrived he threatened them with a sharp piece of wood that he had torn off a wall. >> i wanted to make something sharp for, like if they came out because i was so mad at them. i was going to try to wach them with it. >> our officer his to do something to diffuse the situation in a hurry before someone got hurt. >> think it's excessive. i think that they could have tried to talk to him for five, ten minutes to see if they could get him to calm down. >> i kind of deserved it. >> the incident marked the third
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time the police have been called to the school to deal with aden. he is now at a school for kids with behavioral and emotional issues. his mother says doctors cannot find anything wrong with him. coming up on news 4, a woman accused of hoarding dead cats has been found and her family is talking about her troubled past. a report on how it is somebody happened to be recording video when a 2 x 4 slammed into a car windshield. >> it will warm up on the way b
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hill. if lawmakers can't reach a compromise key government services would shut down. as jane watrel reports it's a situation that could cripple local businesses. >> reporter: it's the lunchtime rush at foster's grill in alexandria. its manager says 90% of customers are federal and contract employees from the patented trademark offices across the street. a government shutdown would have a disastrous effect. >> we haven't even been open a total year and now something like this happens, a lot of food businesses, any a lot of businesses in general will go under within the first three
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years. so it will be tough. >> federal employees are worried, too. a shutdown would mean a furlough for non-essential workers. in other words, no pay. >> i have two small children in day care any it's a home day care and if i don't go to work then i can't afford them to day care and that directly affects her home business. >> you can't afford what's going on and they're trying to put information out there any at the end of the day, the ninth hour you know nothing has been passed yet. >> reporter: what will happen if the government closes? the problem is no one knows for sure, not even the experts who have been tracking the government's move for years. federal news radio's mike cozy. >> we're at peak tax filing time for one thing and what happens to those refunds that are in the pipeline? what happens to the checks that people are expecting? the contractor situation is unbelievable. there are about six federal contractors for each federal employee. most of them, maybe all of them will not get paid if there's a
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shutdown. >> reporter: while a shutdown could affect metro ridership from 5% to 20%, the metro edges says it will not shut down. instead it it plans to run a regular schedule with less rail cars. on capitol hill, jane watrel, news 4. veronica is here with our weather forecast and a look ahead to hurricane seasonal ready. >> that's right, already. spring, we start thinking about showers. we talk about what kind of severe storms we'll have and yes, hurricane season two which by the way, it doesn't come out with their official forecast until may, and there are researches are at colorado state university. they put out the forecast today and they're calling for an above-average 16. that means 16 named storms and out of that, nine of them are expected to turn into hurricanes and five will become major hurricanes and that's their prediction. so that means at least five, we'll have winds over 110 miles
6:24 pm
per hour. watch out for me when the official forecast comes out. as far as the weather video goes. can you guess where this is? >> monticello? >> it was a real stumper. >> is it close to the city? >> it's not, and that's what threw us. this is richmond, virginia, the state capital. >> exactly. >> that's what we said, too. >> we don't usually see it from that angle. >> i know. i know. but hey, nice blue sky across the area as well as the kind of day that we had around here it was gorgeous. it was cold this morning and the angelo, 43. we started out at 36 inside the beltway and a lot of locations below freezing. your high today, 64 degree which is is down at 63 and lots of sunshine throughout the area with the wind at 18 miles per hour. it has been breezy, but once the sun sets we'll start to lose some of that wind. look at early morning
6:25 pm
temperatures, 34 to the north in frederick county and just off to areas west loudoun county. prince william, temperatures started out near freezing. a couple of days ago i turned the heat off in my house and i everybody was whining about how cold it was. 60s, close to 78 and kull pepper in fredericksburg. we've been kind of in and out of a few clouds. if you're in the northernmost counties you can see them kirting around the maryland, pennsylvania line. fredericksburg, virginia, your temperature 67 degrees and 64 in staff ford, virginia and 63 currently with the south wind in fairfax and we've not had any rain at all around the area and that has remained to the north and aal altoona, and louiston a redmond. and the weather front has been laid out here, pennsylvania, ohio and areas into southeastern michigan where there have been some thunderstorms today.
6:26 pm
those thunderstorms kind of forming with the clash of air masses and 38 degrees in detroit, michigan in the other side and temperatures in the 07s and right now it's 70 degrees in ohio. take a look at the next 48 hours. we'll be staying on the warm side of the weather front at least for the next 24 hours. there's the weather front. chilly conditions to the north. the blue, those are the showers so we have a partly sunny type of day coming up. we'll have less wind than what we had today and then as we get into late thursday night and then friday and the front that's been laid out across pennsylvania, that will be dipping down to the south and we'll be on the chilly side of that system and boy, temperatures will be much different from the 50s to 60 degrees on friday with showers throughout the day from start to finish and probably just a few light showers in the early part of the day and picking up by the end of the day. for the evening, 59 to 51 degrees and clouds on the increase and high clouds will be moving in. by tomorrow morning, partly cloudy start for us and look at
6:27 pm
that, with the temperature between 41 and 46 degrees, it will not be nearly as chilly as it was this morning. exactly. some extra clouds for the day tomorrow, but 65 to 70 degrees and that will be a few degrees above the average. we are wet throughout the day on friday. rain is looking likely and about a 50% chance for saturday and then up to 82 degrees on sunday. very nice weekend at least for the second half coming up and we should still be in the 0s in the first part of the week. >> can we leave the heat off without freezing the carlings? >> i think i can. i'll be doing that. put a jack oat, you know? it's not that bad. >> think layers, right? >> thanks, veronica. coming up, a georgetown student piloting a plane. he decide he better land on a beach. >> a group of women attacked a man and it was what he did that draft beingly changed his future. reporters are covering part of the sean taylor murder case. the washington airport's
6:28 pm
authority decides where to put a metro stop at dulles and state and local officials are not too please said coming up on news 4. the nationals make a costly error in extra innings and also the wizards officially on a win streak and the capitals have two streak and the capitals have two games towhat do we have here? oh, it's scotts naturescapes advanced mulch. advanced huh? ehh...mulch is mulch. oh, not so, pops. ordinary mulch can fade after a few months. that's mulch! naturescapes holds its color for a full year. a whole year? guaranteed. plus, it's water smart. water-what? water smart. it channels water directly to the roots... reducing runoff, so you can water 30% less. saves water...holds color... you're sure this is mulch?
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lawmakers have until midnight friday to reach an agreement on a budget plan or the government will shut down. democrat and republican leaders have been called back to the white house tonight in an effort to hash things out. >> d.c. mayor announced the fire departments will still operate in there's a government shutdown, but the services provided by the department of motor vehicles and public works will be interrupted. >> three athletesy recovering from serious head injuries after a weekend football camp at the dulles sportsplex. the families say the players were working out without helmets and pads during some intense drills. >> a maryland man was sentenced to 70 years behind bars for killing a bystander outside a bar. >> this happened last year in maryland and tonight, john schiffen has a look at the surveillance video of the fight that started the whole thing. >> he came back with a gun and pointed it into a crowd of people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the
6:32 pm
initial incident and said i'm going to kill all of you. >> this tell its the story of a wild night that changed the lives of three young people forever. >> angela also brooks says this altercation ledesma a run lewis to open fire on a crowd of innocent bystanders, killing one and injuring another. >> today the man was sentenced to 70 years in prison. >> we are pleased with the sentence today. we feel justice was served in this case. 70 years, we think is an adequate sentence for the harsh incident. >> on that fatal night some time between 1:00 and 2:00 in a woman lewis stumbled into a woman. after turning down his repeated advances, the woman's spend stepped in and began kicking and punching him to the ground. in a rage, lewis went home, got his gun and just before closing at 2:00 a.m. as the crowd was being let out he fired shots. 32-year-old cynthia aaron who had a young daughter was shot
6:33 pm
once in the head and died immediately. another man, walter brit was shot five times in the back, but survived. >> there's nothing you can do to bring back miss aaron, but i certainly hope that this verdict will bring some comfort to her family who will never have their daughter again, but they feel at least that justice was served in the case and the same for mr. brit. >> reporter: for the state's attorney he says this kasem fa sizes the need to get guns out of the hands of young people especially illegal handhandguns. >> in prince georges county, john schriffen, news 4. >> the news media will not be allowed into the hearing for the sean taylor murder trial. the court hearing is necessary for the defendants to get a fair troofl. eric river a j junior, and four others were accused of killing the player four years ago. taylor was shot and killed in a botched robbery in his florida home. the pretrial hearing the focus what evidence will be allowed into the trial.
6:34 pm
it's scheduled to take place on may 20th. a charles county man who went to the bank and took out a large amount of money is missing. michael bowen was last seen in waldorf, maryland. he is mute and hearing impaired and may not be able to communicate with people. the police have found a woman who owns a home where dozens of cats were found dead. news 4 first reported about this case in herndon university. animal control officers chased two dogs into the backyard of the house along summerfield drive upon. one of the officers looked in the window and noticed a dead cat. he they got a warrant and went in and found 20 to 30 dead cats. police are not releasing the homeowner's name because she has not been charged. today we spoke with her father. >> does she have a history of hoarding animals? >> not to my knowledge. no. we've always told her not to leave cats there and this, that and the other, but we haven't
6:35 pm
been there in years. >> the herndon zoning board has condemned that house. election day 2012 is more than a year and a half away, but virginia's senate race is getting attention especially since former governor tim kaine has joined the field. julie takes a look at the front runners on both sides. >> less than 24 hours after stepping down as dnc chairman, tim kaine was poising for photos as candidate kaine. candidate for u.s. senate. >> what grade are you guys in? >> in the eight weeks since jim web announced he wouldn't seek re-election, democrats undered dooin get into one of the most closely watched races in the nation. now that he's in, kaine says he'll direct voters to look at his record as governor. >> washington can learn what we do in virginia. if you can cut the budget and keep the economy strong. you can cut the budget and preserve core services that people depend on. >> kaine's decision could set up
6:36 pm
a high stakes clash with another governor, george allen. he fired off a sharply worded statement branding kaine as a liberal washington ally, senator harry reid and congresswoman nancy pelosi. allen's comments were less pointed. >> my campaign will be for the voices and the values and views of virginia. they have been ignored in washington and the washington liberals, whether it's tax increases. whether it's counterproductive energy policy or a dangerous level of debt. >> taking aim at both men is edwards' gop challenger upon. >> we wish you good success. >> them, thank you. >> radkey's never held elective office, but has one growing support from gop conservatives. she argues the fact that being a political newcomer will help her, not hurt her. >> i think people do not want to put back career politicians back
6:37 pm
into washington, d.c. that have been lawyers and lobbyists. that's what you get with kaine or allen. >> the gop primary that will select the republican nominee is still 14 months away. for now, kaine has no challengers from his party and a few democrats are still weighing a possible run. ? richmond, virginia, julie carey, news 4. coming up tone, a driver with a lot to be thankful for. >> a young girl
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6:39 pm
6:40 pm
a good day for sailing today, right if yeah. there's been enough wind around the area any check out this sailor. he's been hanging on for a while. we've been watching him. so pretty nice wind out of the southwest and he knows exactly what direction to put that in, doesn't he? he's still not dropped and it's not too bad out on the water, either. certainly not the kind of weather that they're having down around augusta, georgia. 80 degrees and 80 plus down there in the next couple of day with lots of sunshine, and tomorrow morning, not cold any it will be mild, starting at 46 to 47 degrees and we'll see high temperature tomorrow around 70 degrees and then we're back down with shoers that will be back
6:41 pm
into the area for friday any saturday it will be on the cool side and wet and tomorrow back to a high of 82. gotta wait. >> all right. he's still going. >> thanks, veronica. there was an unusual case of distracted driving in shelby, north carolina. this cell phone video shows a 2 x 4 slam into the wind she would. whoa! wendy cobb went on "the today show" to talk about what happened. she pulled out her cell phone to record two trucks blocking the road as they raced down the hallway in north carolina and the truck in front of her sit hit a 2 x 4. cob was not hurt. she's just happy her kids weren't in the car when it happened. a medical student at georgetown university was piloting a small plane monday night when one of his passengers got sick. the guy's name was jason maloney. he uponed to land quickly on a beach in queens, new york.
6:42 pm
air traffic control said he could land only if it was an absolute emergency and suddenly the situation onboard the plane seemed to change. >> my engine might be running a little teensy, bit rough. a teensy bit rough. >> do you require any assistance? >> we should be fine, but i'll make a precautionary landing. is that all right with you? >> landing will be at your own risk. >> that plane did, in fact, land safely. lindsay's here with sports. >> what's coming up? a lot is coming up as the season winds down. the capitals have two games to go and why they're focused on winning them both. the wizards are rolling, better late
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
so there are division champs that keep on, but a couple more conference champions. >> they obviously want home ice advantage. they know it's a tough road to hoe. they could match up against the rangers who shut them out twice this season. >> i remember that so painfully well. >> i talked to one of the players who said it would be exciting to play up there in new york during the playoffs. so we'll see if they sing that tune later. >> tonight, they're on that quest to hold on to that spot atop the conference standings and the home finale against the florida panthers and the caps intend to follow up last night's win with another aggressive performance. >> we're in toronto where alex ovechkin will take auto maple leaves and these days are getting back to basics. alex ovechkin just fires it in
6:46 pm
and he was playing lights out last night and it's his 34th goal of the season. he's the sixth youngest to reach that milestone. the capitals tie it at one. in round four, here's mike, he's 1 for 6 in his career. the capitals beat the maple leaves 3-2 and they clinched the south division title for the fourth trait season and for first place in the east. >> he had two games left and you want to win them because you want to be as good as you can be. boston's got three gamis and guarantee they'll work their rear end to win those three and philadelphia will work their butt off to win two and if we don't win both of our games and philly wins both of their games and boston wins all of their games they're going to jump over us. so there are a lot of things that are still at stake here. yesterday was the first time in
6:47 pm
five games that we would shut a team down that we wanted to shut down the way we'd been doing it most of the month of march. >> watching the guys on the ice it it feels like everybody's coming together. you know, it's a good time in the season. i think that it was our time where we started to pull together and play as a team and it seems like everybody's bought into that and it's been frustrating and it's given me time to rest and get ready for playoffs. >> mike green has been out for several weeks because of injury. he will not play tonight, but he is expected to return saturday in the capitals' regular season finale down in florida. to nfl news today. the federal judge overseeing the players' request to lift a lockout said it would take a couple of weeks to rule. judge richard nelson urged both side to the begin negotiations again. meanwhile, to another sport that would face the lockout. . the nba, the wizards did something they haven't done since april of 2008.
6:48 pm
nick young, among the guys out last night. take a look at all of these guys on the bench there. it's the whole team, josh howard, hello, taking a look. fourth quarter, john wall misses the three. andre cleans it up. he finished with 26 points, ten rebounds and the wizards had a 94-89 win. tayshaun prince off the mark. the wizards at the break. he throws it down and wall went for 26 points as well as the wizards hang on to win 107-105, their first three-game winning streak in three years. >> last night's women's ncaa championship game was the second time in 19 years that no number one seeds were playing for the title. texas a&m beat notre dame in a game mo said was more entertaining than the championship game. notre dame trying to mount a comek bah. four minutes to go in this game. hirish are down two.
6:49 pm
drives, hits the jumper and the game was tied at 66 and they finished with a team high 22 point anies thing aies on the inbounds. two seconds on the shot clock and she gets it. the biggest shot of her life. techs it techxas, a&m defeats them. a night they'll certainly never forget. the nationals showed some offensive power last night, but ultimately hurt themselves falling to the marlins 3-2 in extra innings. top of the first, the nationals led 1-0. anabelle sanchez into centerfield and look at this. chris coglynn. take another look. it's like ballet moves. a thing of by they. top of the third. 1-1. ryan zimmerman and takes anabelle sanchez' shot, and zimmerman's first of the season. the nationals are able to take a
6:50 pm
2-1 lead. bottom of the tenth, tied 2-2. drew looking good and doesn't get help. omar infante, popup to center right. do drops the ball and that error would prove extremely costly. we have sean burnett facing donny murphy. two outs and the bases are full. murphy is a hero, rips one to left and infante would score the game winner and the marlins defeating the nationals 3-2 in extra innings. the masters golf tournament tees off tomorrow in augusta georgia. defending champ phil mickelson is the favorite. tonight the par 3 contest where players and well families get to have fun on the course. it was a picture perfect day out on the green. telling the ball to slow down. slow down. the ball apparently listens and bends right into the cup. agree, they worked! how about that?
6:51 pm
great putt. a moment those two will never forget. craig stad statler on the first hole from 130 yards away lands above the hole and sits for a moment and you're thinking, not bad and watch this. it's not done. that's what everybody wants. tracks right into the cup. a hole in one. the 1982 masters champ loves it. luke donald wins the par 3 event and earns crystal for it. the par 3 contest -- has never won the masters in the same year. maybe that's why tiger decided not to participate. >> i doubt it, but -- >> wouldn't you like to be able to hit a shot like that just one time? >> oh, absolutely. >> oh, absolutely. >> thanks, lindsay. the price tag on extending the metro to dulles just got bigger. >> for all your news search nbcwashington on facebook and on twitter. ♪
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>> local leaders aren't happy about a plan at an underground metro station at dulles washington airport. they say it's more convenient for the riders, but as aaron gilchrist reports there are
6:55 pm
concerns about the cost. >> rail to dulles is a number one transportation priority. number one priority. >> fairfax board of supervisors she's worried that it was dealt a blow today with the decision to build an underground metro stop at dulles. >> we felt it was very important that it was user friendly and was as close to the airport as close to the terminal as basketball. >> mwaa had a choice of an above ground station while a final choice is 150 feet closer to the terminal and expected to last 70-plus years is $300 million more expensive than the alternative. >> if they chose an alternative that's more expensive then they'll need to identify funding sources. >> raising rates on the toll road and increasing the burden on a fairfax special tax district are understand funding options she wants to pursue and
6:56 pm
virginia's transportation secretary blasted the decision saying it favored airport improvements and not the rail project. mwaa's selection of the tunnel alignment places undo burden on the project cost, making it harder to achieve. >> we're committed to the scrub the cost for phase 2, to find any savings that we can possibly find to reduce the overall cost of this project. >> reporter: riley says the airport's authority will pursue federal funding to make the underground rail station less of a burden on funding partners like fairfax and loudoun counties. residents have mixed feelings >> if we can save above ground, then save $300 million. >> if it brings more people out this way and boosts the economy and increases property values it will be good for us in the long run. >> reporter: local and state officials are not willing to take today's vote as the end of the story. they'll have to work with them to figure out how to save more money. i'm aaron gilchrist, news 4,
6:57 pm
dulles international airport. >> coming up at 11:00, we've heard a lot about the impact of a government shutdown, but what about the funerals at arlington national cemetery? we'll have more on that. >> a man in virginia walked into his bathroom in the middle of the night and saw a snake in his way. the real surprise was how that snake got in. you might want to hear more about that. also a thoughtful thief how one crook thanked his victim after spending her money. why? >> all that -- >> how would you like to see a snake in the middle of the night! >> when you're half awake. oh, my goodness. >> i don't want to think about it. >> not sleeping anywhere in that house afterward. >> ever again. >> right. yep. we were taking a look at the surfer dude earlier, i think he's still up. i think he's still up. that's what they're telling me. look at that. >> you have to have a lot of upper body strength to do that. this has been a real workout for him. i don't think he'll be out there
6:58 pm
much longer. soon, the sun's going to set coming up and then the winds are going to start to die down and probably less wind around the area tomorrow. it is going to be warmer throughout the area. we have temperatures in the 60s right now and just looked at some of the ratings. poolsville and kensington at 63 degrees and murphiesville at 64 with spots down south higher at 65 degrees. for the evening some, clouds and increasing clouds by tomorrow morning and partly cloudy and nice, mild night in the 50s and tomorrow morning in the 40s. as far as rain goes, no rain for tomorrow, but it will return, i think, early friday. friday's looking wet from top to bottom. 80% chance right now and much cooler with the high of 55 and 60 degrees for saturday and the 50% chance of rain with the fog in the area and the high of 82
6:59 pm
and probably nasty weather and severe weather for next monday. >> thanks, veronica. >>. we like this story and the girl. her name is regina meyers, 15 years old. lives over in germany. she begged her parent it is for a horse. they said no. so she looked around her family's harm and said to herself one day, well, we have plenty of cows so she picked out a cow, named it luna. for two years she trained that cow to carry a rider and to jump like a show horse. when she needed advice she consulted cow experts in switzerland. virginia's parents are so impressed that they decided to offer to get her a horse. though she said, we don't need no stinkin'horse. luna has become her best friend and she will never give her up. look at this. >> oh, yeah. >> that is too cool! good for her.


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