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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ground predator e accused of luring young girls away from their family. good evening. we begin with breaking news in capital heights, maryland. firefighters found two children and an adult unconscious at the scene of a fire late this afternoon. we got pictures from the scene. paramedics worked to revive at least one of the fire victims as they were rushed to the hospital. the two kids are very critical. the adult is also badly hurt. more details on this story as they become available to us. >> to a tough political fight in the battleground states. a new poll shows both the presidential race and the u.s. senate race are extremely tight in virginia right now. the poll shows that democrat tim kane leads george allen by two points in the senate race. 48-46. the result is within that poll's margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. president obama is leading mitt romney in virginia by a margin of four points.
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49-45%. republican governor bob mcdonald said he's not worried. >> no. it's 90 days out. when you look where governor romney was four months ago he was down six to eight points after a bruising primary season in the republican field. so we think he's doing much better. it's essentially a dead heat. >> virginia is just one presidential battleground. today candidates campaigned in swing states. mitt romney was in iowa. president obama is in colorado where he's trailing in one poll. steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: colorado is the key western swing state won by president obama in 2008. he came in today trailing by five points in a new poll. he touted health care reform, using the republican term. >> the affordable care act, also known as obamacare.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> i actually like the name. because i do care. >> reporter: he warned about the republicans. >> mr. romney is running as a candidate of a conservative government. there is nothing conservative about a government that keeps a woman from making her own health care decisions. >> reporter: the people are furious about the new romney attack on welfare. >> president obama announced a plan to gut welfare reform. >> reporter: bill clinton shown in the ad signing the bill requiring welfare recipients to work called the ad not true. mitt romney kept up on the president. >> it is wrong to make a change that would make america more of a country of government dependency. we must restore and i will restore work into welfare. >> reporter: romney needs more blue collar support. he trails in new polls of swing states wisconsin and virginia. in a new national poll by abc and the washington post, romney
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has just 40% favorability. the lowest personal popularity of any presumptive nominee in decades. president obama's popularity in that poll is 53% which might explain why he was out today touting his signature accomplishment and calling it obamacare. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> police confirm the man suspected of opening fire inside a sikh temple in wisconsin died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. fbi officials say wade michael page shot himself in the head after an officer shot him in the stomach. six people were killed in that shooting last sunday. three people are still in hospital. yesterday police arrested page's ex-girlfriend on an unrelated weapons vielg charolation charg. they do not believe she or anyone else was involved. police in prince georges county released video they say
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links a child sex assault suspect with a young victim. the video is from july 9. it shows 25-year-old charles emofa abducting an 8-year-old child from the value village thrift store. the girl managed to escape. he is also accused of abducting a 6-year-old child on monday from the same store where he assaulted her in a nearby park. police say he confessed to both crimes and is being held in jail now without bail. >> less than a week after a deadly crash involving a mega bus another vehicle caught fire, this one near the south carolina and georgia border. it shut down traffic today, creating a ten-mile backup. the company says all 80 people who were on board this bus got off safely. there are reports that a blown tire may have sparked the blaze. the official cause is still being investigated. mega bus operates with a major hub in the district. our hot dry summer is taking a toll on parts of maryland. now the governor is asking the
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federal government for help. governor o'malley wants the agriculture department to provide drought aid for 13 of 23 counties. on the list, prince georges, and others on n eastern and central maryland. farmers have lost as much as half of their crops. the state has only gotten 70% of its usual rainfall since january. >> really sticky out there stay. doug says it could be a stormy -- pretty much stormy throughout the week. >> at least towards the end of the week. exactly, jim. we are talking rain. as you mentioned we are talking about much needed rainfall. we really do need to see rain. much of the area still in a drought situation now. you could see we have thundershower activity through northern virginia and in towards parts of montgomery county. a good storm here around the sugarland area. not a lot of people living out in this region. there are quite a few areas of
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showers and thunderstorm with lightning. another around fairfax. yet another around menasis. we are not done with rain yet. we'll' issee a stormy pattern ia moment. >> women's beach volleyball's final match can be seen on nbc tonight. but without spoiling anything, we guarantee that the u.s. will get a gold medal. mark barger joins us from london with a look at the highs and lows of the day. >> reporter: good evening, jim. it will be a big night for women's beach volleyball. have to keep two things in mind. there will be olympic history made. as you said, the u.s. is guaranteed to win a gold medal. it will be a night at the beach for the u.s. the horse guards palace, the seen of an all american show
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down, the scene of the show down for beach volleyball gold. kerry jennings and mystery trainer against april ross and jen kessy. >> we have only been on the podium once this year and not at all with them. it will be a nice experience to hear the national anthem all together. >> reporter: there will be no anthem for the u.s. men's indoor volleyball team. 18 gold medalists were eliminated by italy today. >> they played well and we didn't play to our level. >> reporter: still in the hunt the u.s. soccer women looking to avenge a loss with japan. >> it's redemption but also an opportunity to show the world that we are the number one team in the world. >> reporter: medals weren't the point for saudi runner sara atar. she wrote a page in the history book of the games. >> to have people support me is a huge honor. i can't believe i'm here. >> reporter: last in her heat in the 800 meters she was the first
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female olympian in track and field from her nation. coming up tonight in primetime on nbc, more track and field. the men's 110 hurdles final. also the women's 200 meter hurdles final. allison felix in that one. she missed out on gold in 2004 and 2008. she'll find out tonight if the third time is the charm. i'm mark barger for news 4. here at home, teenagers are arrested in a crdramatic foot chase today. it started on the national mall. that's where richard jordan is with more on the story. >> the tablets are a popular target for thieves. police say they have three juveniles and a grown man in custody after they allegedly tried to take an ipad instead they get taken down.
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police arrested teens who tried to steal ipads. >> they did take off. they were running. our officers pursued them on foot and were able to catch them. >> guy ran right here. >> reporter: quinn pitman says the officers got the upper hand fast. he says he saw police catch up to the teens and dropped them to the ground. then police pulled out their weapons. >> kind of scary when they pulled them pistols out though. >> reporter: the suspects separated an put in the back of squad cars. >> that young kid was part of it, too. >> reporter: the youngest wasn't cuffed but he was questioned by police and taken away. the ipad they allegedly tried to steal ditched in bushes nearby. the latest snatched tablet picked up by crime scene investigators. police say tablet thefts are on
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the rise. >> throughout the city, not just the mall. >> i i guess it will be going around in this area. the charges are pending. meantime, police say they aren't sure when they can return the ipad to the owner. richard jordan, news 4. >> thanks, richard. just days after announcing
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>> police are investigating one of their own in a case of excessive force and the victim is on edge. >> former astronaut neil armstrong is recovering from a health scare. and secretary of state hillary clinton is shaking things up in clinton is shaking things up in soalking i'vdoing is
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that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call,
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why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. we have breaking news out of capital heights, maryland. a firefighter found two children and an adult unconscious at the scene of a fire on carrington court this afternoon. erica gonzales is there now with more on the effort to save those lives. >> reporter: the call came in around 4:30 this afternoon. what fire officials have been able to tell us is that four people are at the hospital now. two of them in extreme critical
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condition. joining us is fire chief mark bashore. tell us, chief, what is the status with these individuals? >> the two youngest ones had cpr in progress when they left the scene. they are in the most critical condition. that's the update we have. an adult male met firefighters when they arrived, an approximately 24-year-old male. he had at least second degree burns. he was taken to the burn unit in critical condition. we don't consider it life threatening. the fourth, the person was over come and needed to be taken away. >> that is possibly the mother of the children? >> we believe they are all family members. >> how did this get started? i want you to pan over if you can see the duplex. the fire engulfed both stories. chief, how did this start? >> fire investigators are in there now. we have no idea how it started. we don't have information at all. fire investigators will leave no stone unturned. they are in there now, approximately a dozen, trying to
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figure it out. >> reporter: how severe were the flames? one individual who was outside couldn't get to the children? >> i don't know if he was able to try. if they didn't have firefighting gear on it would have been difficult to get past the first floor. >> reporter: thank you, chief. live in maryland for news 4. we'll have more on the story as it develops. vance? >> thanks. cars for sale, but how safe are they? tisha thompson shows why the government says this is illegal and probably happening in your own neighborhood. >> reporter: there is something not quite right in this parking lot. cars lined up, but do you see what's mising? no license plates, the keys to why the news 4 iteam went under cover. we sent a producer to test drive this 1991 lexus after we found it for sale by owner on craigslist. 160,000 miles, $2500. but we discovered he had other cars available, too.
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>> he saide was going to be selling the minivan. >> reporter: the seller showed us more vehicles on his phone. in maryland, anyone who sells more than three cars in a year must have a dealer's license. otherwise out's called curb stoning, against the law and experts say it's risky. >> if we have to comply with the law, everybody should. >> reporter: jack fitzgerald has been in the car business almost 50 years. he says legit dealers spend thousands to meet government regulations including bonding, insurance and taxes. >> all the uh laws are to protect consumers. >> reporter: for months the iteam watched more cars show up on craigslist and in this parking lot all using the same cell phone of this man. >> he's given me some of the names. >> reporter: his real name is blake keller. consumer protection says police have shut him down once before in a grocery store parking lot but didn't bring charges at that time. >> we have records showing he obtained at least 25, 30
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vehicles and sells them on craigslist. >> reporter: keller uses a north carolina dealer tag. the iteam found he does have a wholesale license that gives him permission to buy cars from auctions around the country. it does not allow him to sell cars in maryland where the motor vehicle administration confirmed he is not licensed. >> i don't sell cars in maryland. >> reporter: you say you don't sell any cars in maryland? >> no. i didn't say that. i said i don't sell cars in maryland. >> reporter: he tried to sell two more cars on craigslist to our news 4 employees. this 2001 cadillac and this 1999 saab. we watched you try to sell that car. >> these people are wholesalers. >> reporter: no they're not. they are employees with channel 4. >> the cars are typically junk. >> reporter: john has spent years shutting down curb stoners and say safety is the concern. >> there is no way to tell unless it is inspected prior to
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sale that you're not buying something dangerous. >> reporter: are the cars safe to drive? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: how do you know? >> because i have driven them. >> reporter: have they been inspected? do they meet maryland inspection? >> they probably will. a lot of them have been. they're safe cars. >> we have talked to consumers and they have said to us, if the car isn't running anymore, i had a difficulty getting it through inspections. >> reporter: keller isn't alone online. friedman estimates up to 80% of classified ads are curb stoners. >> i'm not a back alley sales man. >> reporter: keller promised to show us the license. we waited for him to bring it back. but he showed up empty handed. >> what i'm doing is not illegal. >> the county disagrees and says it is now meeting with the mva and police to figure out a way to shut this guy down for good. if you are looking to buy a used car, we have put a checklist on our website of what you should have inspected. go to nbc
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look at our investigations page. we have tips for what you need to do when you buy a car. >> caveat emptor. >> buyer beware. >> thank you. doug has more about the weather forecast. rain in our future. >> storms continue to grow in intensity. nothing severe. we'll continue to watch them. take a look now. we have been dealing with clouds throughout the afternoon today. even with the cloud cover we still managed to reach a high temperature of 91 degrees. again, the 4 3rd day of 90 degrees or higher. 91 today. 77 the morning low. a warm start. look at this. we really need to see rain. 8.34 inches below average for rainfall for the year. once again, i think the rain chances will be on the increase. temperatures now 87 degrees under mostly cloudy if not completely cloudy skies. heat index at 91. a muggy, soupy atmosphere when
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you walk out there. 90 in frederick. 84 in culpepper. up to 81 in fredricksburg. they have been in the 70s with showers and cloud cover there. we have rain now. you can see these thunderstorms i'm talking about. in through northern virginia and western portions of montgomery county. we'll do a zoom here. you can see this one over manasis. it's seen rain over the past two, three weeks. they have seen thunderstorms come through, too. this is right along prince william parkway. very heavy rain. this is around bull run. if you live in this area give yourself time driving on 28 and prince william parkway. a shower making it through fairfax county dying out as it made it to the beltway. a new one developed to the west. oakton. seeing a shower now. then seeing a little bit in the way of rain in that region, too. another heavier shower around
6:22 pm
poolsville around 28 in through maryland. heads up. heavy rain and lightning associated with the storms. they are drifting off toward the north. right around the buck lodge area in montgomery county. heads up. this will continue to move to the north. also developing back here in loudon county. highs today, 91 in washington. 95 today in columbus, ho hochoh. it's been extremely hot this summer. how about the hottest july ever. not just here. it's the hottest for the continental u.s. above average through texas. only four states were average. nobody below average. why are virginia in the red? it was the hottest month ever recorded here. we go back over 120 years. a very hot july. you know that for sure. as far as the future weather goes, the rain moves in
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tomorrow. at least a chance of it. look at friday. maybe severe on friday. friday is the day to watch out and do things indoors. a high tomorrow of 95. 88 on saturday with a chance of showers early in the day. then some nice weather, i think, sunday and monday. if you have plans the next couple of days switch them to sunday. sunday will be just that nice. of course we will be in somebody's backyard tomorrow on thursday for a backyard wedding. >> switch your three-day weekend. make it saturday, sunday, monday. >> good point. >> thanks. coming up, new concerns that the wilson bridge may have structural defects. >> a 12-year-old takes action after the penn state sex abuse scandal. >> coming up in sports dan
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halley catches up with one of usa soccer's rising stars. and roger bernardo and the and rogei got the chancehe to start my own business.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> the city of laurel and one of it police officers are being sued for millions. >> filed after this video surfaced which appears to show an officer hitting a man in handcuffs. derek ward spoke with the man who is now living in fear. >> reporter: the incident caught on cell phone video shows 27-year-old diante williams struck three times as he's led away in handcuffs following an incident at the laurel station bar and grill.
6:28 pm
>> put the hand cuffs on me. as we were walking toward the car i don't know exactly what was said to the officer, what he said to me or anything. all i know is i was just getting hit. it was excruciating pain going through my head. >> they have now filed a $3 million lawsuit. >> there is no reason in the world when a person is in handcuffs to hit them repeatedly. it's on tape. we have no confidence in the city to find their officer, you know, violated my client's rights so we filed a lawsuit in court. >> reporter: the suit alleges civil rights violations. the officer called jay chavaria. a representative of the police department says the command structure was quickly made aware of the incident sunday. >> the shift supervisor alerted the laurel police chief and an internal investigation was op opened immediately. >> emotionally it's distressed
6:29 pm
like. it's been hard to sleep. i wake up with cold sweats. >> williams and the other men involved in the incident that brought police to the laurel station bar & grill were arrested. williams was charged with that incident. derek ward, news 4. police took down several alleged thieves on the national mall today for snatching an ipad from tourists. officers chased down two teenagers on foot and then tackled them to the ground. they were arrested as was an adult suspect. police recovered the ipad. they say tablet thefts are on the rise. >> a single car of a csx freight train derailed near woodstock road in howard county. the car carried chlorine. haz-mat crews responded. buildings nearby were evacuated but nothing leaked out. there is no word on what caused the train to derail. a special ceremony at arlington national cemetery
6:30 pm
today for two american airmen killed in a plane crash in vietnam on this date 46 years ago. for years they were listed as missing in action. their remains were finally recovered in 2010 and identified through dna. they were buried together in a single casket with full military honors. >> tonight a grassroots movement to ban corporate contributions to local political campaigns failed. the d.c. board of elections ruled not enough signatures were submitted to qualify for the november 6 ballot. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago the d.c. public trust coalition was confident as leader brian weaver walked in 30,000 petitions to the d.c. board of elections hoping after several scandals to ban all corporate contributions to city political campaigns and
6:31 pm
committees. wednesday, weaver brought the petitions home. the board of elections ruling that the citizen effort fell 170 signatures short of getting the 23,000 valid signatures needed to put the measure on the ballot. >> for groups of community activists probably this hurts a little bit. i don't think many of us are particularly deterred in the overall thing. >> reporter: the activists have just two weeks to review that you are files hoping to correct enough address and registration errors to get the proposal reconsidered. a tough task. and they can't get new signatures. mayor gray who declined to take a stand on initiative 70 said wednesday he plans to introduce his own ethics reforms first expected in the spring. >> we are in the latter stages now of putting together our own legislative package. i would ask you to look at that first. >> reporter: activists say the mayor and the council's slow move to act prompted their effort in the first place. >> many members of the council
6:32 pm
have actually -- and the mayor -- have talked about proposals which are appealing. the problem is there doesn't seem to be a majority of the council willing to put the initiatives forward. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> a man from virginia once known as a guitar hero has been locked up and accused of arson. 29-year-old sean mcsorley made headlines in october when he fended off a burglar at his home by slapping him upside the head with a guitar. this is video from after the incident. last monday, authorities arrested and charged him with setting a fire last month. that fire destroyed the st. patrick orthodox church. he is being held without bond. the woodrow will sop bridge is one of 34 bridges in the country being checked for structural problems according to a report in the baltimore sun. a substance known to speed up
6:33 pm
rusting is believed to be on the support cables. chloride contaminated grout is used in bridges in 2 1 states. it is blamed for a bridge collapse in 2000. the manufacturer of the grout stopped making it two years ago. >> one young woman is banning together with her community to help sex abuse survivors. the penn state child sex abuse scandal inspired her to raise money. today in d.c. she dropped off a huge check. former penn state football players were there to cheer her on. >> i know that not many 12-year-olds do this kind of thing. >> reporter: for kelsey this was a huge undertaking. she may be prepping for her bat mitvah but she's also trying to
6:34 pm
run a business. she's selling bracelets to help victims of sexual abuse. her parents sat her down to talk about the scandal. she started selling the bracelets for $3 each. the bands for rainn say hope, courage, strength. kelsey sells them online, at school and with her brother at penn state. today she was honored for her work in northwest washington presenting a check. >> reporter: since january kelsey has sold more than 2,000 of the bracelets. with the sales plus donations she's raised almost $11,000. now the bands are helping to unite the penn state community. >> from awareness to prevention to raising funds, it all has to come together. >> reporter: since the scandal broke rainn has seen a 47% jump
6:35 pm
in the number of survivors asking for help online. >> it's motivated so many good people to want to help and to raise money to volunteer. >> reporter: strides that may not be possible without an idea like kelsey's and the heart to help. >> i didn't think this was going to get to like a big level like this. >> reporter: in northwest washington, news 4. >> in the fall, kelsey's face will be added to a mural at penn state. jerry sandusky's face was removed from the mural this summer. if you would like more information on the bands, log onto and search key word "bands". coming up, a student hiking trip that went terribly wrong. >> one of america's most famous astronauts reveals a personal health battle. >> how are we looking, doug? >> quite a few showers and thunderstorms across parts of the east and the region moving our way. ho
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> three people are still unaccounted for after a hiking trip in new zealand took a dangerous turn today. a group of students and their instructors were hiking when some of them fell off a cliff. a helicopter was sent in. it took most to safety. two students and an instructor fell in water. crews are continuing to search for them but say the chances of finding them are rapidly decreasing them. >> the first man to step on the moon is recovering after heart surgery. neil armstrong checked into a hospital friday after failing a stress test. doctors did a quadruple bypass operation yesterday. his wife says armstrong is doing great and doctors do not expect complications with the recovery. neil armstrong walked on the moon in 1969. he celebrated his 82nd birthday this sunday. >> uh hi, carol.
6:40 pm
>> hey, guys. we're looking good. did you stay up last night for the nationals? >> sure. >> i can tell. the best team in baseball. you're going to see this replay a lot. coming up in sports, nine innings, far from enough for the nats and orioles.
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hello, everybody. welcome back. a little warm and humid. 87 out there with a heat index of 91 degrees. some areas seeing more sun than others. 88 in fort bellfour. cloud cover east of washington. dulles at 85 degrees. there are storms out there. showers, too. right in through northern virginia and in through montgomery county. these are what the heaviest storms are.
6:44 pm
one around the airport right here. this is the strongest one. we'll zoom down to this guy. this one was earlier a little bit further north around 66. now right along 28 here in virginia, 234. heads up for that. this is the one with lightning associated with it along the potomac river. let's hop over the river here and see around the burdett area around germantown close to 270 back through poolsville. lightning associated with the storm. this will continue to migrate to the north and east. you could see heavy rain along 270. overnight low 69 in culpepper. 76 in washington. tomorrow, guess what. it's hot and humid. 95 in washington. 93 in leesburg. once again, showers and thunderstorms out there. some could be strong. >> announcer: this is the
6:45 pm
xfinity sports desk. every minute, every medal, every scream. the future of awesome. >> okay. carol has been out of redskins camp every day. she says -- >> roasting. >> there are cool stories. yeah, roasting and toasting. she looks much the better than chicken anders does. having said that, in 25, 26 hours we'll finally get to see and get some idea of what rg-3 has going on. >> and get new video. >> that would be good. >> it's a travel day. they are going to buffalo. they should have arrived already. >> okay. >> something new today. we had a chance to talk to the coordinators and position coaches. we haven't had a chance to talk to them throughout training camp. the game plan for robert griffin, iii, 12 to 20 plays, no mistakes, no juries. kyle shanahan says the skins are treating him like any other starter in terms of snaps.
6:46 pm
the play calling will be adjusted. griffin has been studying the entire play book for more than three months. he's had dozens of walk-throughs, practices to get the hang of it and has been quizzed on the contents. no matter how well he knows it that doesn't mean he can do it. how about this novel idea. only call the plays which suit his strengths? >> you put a whole playbook in and find out what the offense does the best. it always starts with the quarterback. your offense is only going as far as what the quarterback can do. put a bunch in to see what he's good at. if you ask a young guy to do everything it's a matter of time before it's too much. >> any quarterback we have, you're constantly trying to work the fundamentals to make sure it's second nature and he's not thinking about it. he's out there playing, reacting. i think he's improved every day. >> nbc 4 is your official
6:47 pm
redskins station. catch the preseason opener against the bills tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. on nbc nonstop. we'll have complete highlights on news 4 following the olympics. the washington nationals are used to their players saving the day. heroes not hard to come by on any given night on one of baseball's best teams. rarely do you see a guy rescue his team in such dramatic fashion like roger bernardina did. i'm not overselling it. they say everything is bigger in texas. even the mustaches. hey, this game felt as long as that stache. top 12 when jim was sleeping. nats get the lead. this one ripped up center. scores and the nats are up 3-2. two-run homer. you think he's the hero. nope, it's roger's night. tyler clippert in to save. brett wallace with a blast.
6:48 pm
bernardina -- oh! spectacular disappearing into the fence. he crashes and catches it. that's the ball game. the catch saves it for clifford. the replay confirms definitely has catch of the year quality. best record in the majors. here's the hero after the game. >> well, you know, hit the ball good. then tried to get it. you know, that moment i felt like jumping. that moment, you don't think about it. you just go for it. you know, i'm good now. >> all right. >> the orioles hosting the mariners down 5-0 after the second inning. the o's come back. they are down 7-4 in the 7th. hardy to left. three-run homerun. it ties the game at 7. this one would go to the 14th inning. bottom 14. good thing we were on late. we got to show it to you.
6:49 pm
the oriole bird looking for a walk-off. jones rips this one off the glove of wells. orioles win 8-7 in 14 innings. after the game zack britain to triple a. steve johnson called up to make his first start. 24-year-old johnson, the son of o's pitcher dave johnson. for your crazy coincidence, 23 years ago today, august 8, 1989 dad dave registered his first mlb win for the o's. now time for your olympic spoiler. i stop talking if you don't want to know the results to the events tonight turn away. this is your final warning. hit the music.
6:50 pm
>> that don't mean nothing. >> these guys kept talking. from a last minute thriller to a chance at redemption the u.s. women's soccer team is on quite a ride. standing in the way of gold is a team that beat them in last year's world cup final -- japan. dan tracks down alex morgan whose late semifinal goal against canada has team usa a step away from gold. >> kristy said she doesn't feel pressure because you're now in the gold medal game so there is no pressure. would you agree? >> i completely agree -- well, i usually agree with what the captain says. i do agree. we're here in the gold medal match and we're excited. we're confident going off the last game. we have gained confidence this entire tournament. it's always excitement. it's finishing off the journey we have had together. just living in the moment. >> the gold medal match scheduled for tomorrow. i'm seeing a big day of couch
6:51 pm
sitting coming on. do i feel hot to you? >> we know the feeling. >> out's infectious. >> people should try to find the nonstop channel. find it. don't wait up till the redskins are coming on tomorrow and be a n a panic. >> and mad. >> mad at us. nbc nonstop. coming up, not just meetings and peace talks for secretary of state hillary clinton overseas. wait until you see the other side of the secretary of state. >> what? >> for all your news follow news 4 online. search
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> you thought you had a bad day. wait until you see this sticky situation in a south miami home. tens of thousands of bees have taken up residence inside the walls of this home. so many bees that honey started dripping from the ceiling when that contractor cut through it. on monday the landlord and renter tried to take care of the problem themselves.
6:55 pm
ew, you can see that didn't work out well. on tuesday, the professionals came in. most of the bees are gone now. a bee expert estimated at least 60,000 bees have been living in the walls of that home. so if you hear something buzzing, get right on it quickly. coming up tonight we are staying on top of the fire in capital heights after two children and an adult were pulled from the flames. plus a cheating scandal at a d.c. public school and a viral wedding video. how the flower girl stole the show on a special edition of news 4 at 11:30 tonight. >> don't they steal the show the flower girls? >> this one really did. >> out there now we have showers and thunderstorms. most of these starting to wind down a little bit. the heaviest shower over gathersburg and over 270. get ready for heavier showers there. still a little bit of lightning back toward the poolsville area. this storm is dying out of here. as we look to the south there are more storms, too.
6:56 pm
we'll watch throughout the rest of the evening. now the four-day forecast. 95 tomorrow. a stormy friday with a high of 88. it does look like nice weather late saturday into the day sunday and monday. >> thanks, doug. it is possible we have never had a secretary of state like hillary clinton. she's in the midst of an 11-day tour of africa. monday she visited former south african president nelson mandela. today she urged college students to live up to his legacy. she's also tackled the subject of aids prevention to the united nations and the future of syria. it is the video of what she did last night that's going viral. ♪ >> the secretary of the state hit the dance floor at a dinner hosted by south africa's foreign minister. clinton danced for a few minutes, busting some moves. how low can you go? dancer, entertainers and other
6:57 pm
guests there. after dinner wrapped up, she got back into her secretary of state suit, got on a plane and flew to capetown for the next one. >> she's too cool. >> she's too cool. >> [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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