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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. arriving at 3:00 to 7:00 this evening. plan on needing the umbrella it won't be a washout of the day, but the rain could come down fairly quickly along with gusty winds today. that will make it feel like it's raining a lot harder than it actually is. most rainfall amounts will be under a quarter of an inch. up to low 50s in downtown. hour by hour, plan on temperatures near 50 first thing this morning. mid 60s by noontime. the showers are moving in in from the west by lunch time. and today's highs up near 70 for a brief time before the rain moves in. don't get used to the warm weather, everybody. that is on its way out. highs tomorrow only in the upper 50s to barely 60 degrees. take a look at the bus stop weather in ten minutes. right now, a check on the traffic with melissa. >> 95 southbound as you're headed through lorton, looking
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nice and clear. i want to show you the northbound lanes it's starting to slow down. 50 at 410, we're flipping through some cameras and came up this. this is an issue with two right lanes blocked there at 50 at 410 for you this morning. taking a look at 95 in maryland, no problems. b.w. parkway looking quite look. top of the beltway nice and green here now that we're in the 6:00 hour. 270 as you're coming out of frederick we're a bit slow as you're passing buckeystown pike. that stretch of slow lasts all the way through clarksburg and then you open up as you get in the germantown area. southbound and northbound you're clear as you head away from top of the beltway there. look at 66 into town here we're a little slow through manassas and again 95 slowest spot is as you're headed through lorton dale city i don't have any issues on 895. we'll be back to look at travel times.
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see you in ten for weather and traffic on the ones. john hinckley jr., was just 25 when he tried to assassinate president reagan. today he'll appear in court in d.c. as a 60-year-old man asking for new freedoms. news4's megan mcgrath is outside the courthouse with details with what we expect from hinckley when he arrives later on today. >> reporter: well john hinckley, jr., is expected to be in the courtroom when this hearing gets under way. it is scheduled for 9:30. now, hinckley has been receiving psychiatric treatment at st. elizabeth's hospital for decades. and over the years he's been granted more and more freedom. he now spends 17 days a month at his mother's home in a gated community in the williamsburg area. now, hinckley's attorney say his mental illness is under control and he's no longer a danger to society. they want the judge to grant him more time away from st. elizabeth's hospital.
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now, the government though disagrees. they say that hinckley continues to be deceptive and poses a threat to public -- to the public. they say in 2011 he lied about going to a movie. he actually went to a nearby bookstore and went to the section on president reagan and presidential assassins. now, that hearing to decide what should be done that gets under way in federal court later on this morning. it is expected to last a couple of days. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. 6:03 now. a man is in critical condition in prince george's county after a shooting in temple hills. look at the scene here. this new video in overnight. you can see detectives investigating near the intersection of olson street and st. claire drive. according to prince george's county police a man was shot there around 7:00 last night. they have not released the man's name. we are now hearing from the father of the man you see here john geer in response to the big settlement his family's receiving from fairfax county
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police. fairfax county officer killed john geer. the police department just settled the lawsuit with the payment of $3 million. don geer still wants justice for his son. >> it's a step up the ladder towards closure. that's still a long ways to go before we get there. >> mr. geer says he wants to see torres indicted. he also wants reforms for the police department to prevent another shooting like this one. your taxes won't be going up if you live in arlington. they voted on the new budget yesterday and i does not raise property taxes. it fully funds the county's school system. the school board made cuts to keep the tax rates the same. the new spending plan also includes more economic development. in the day ahead, a ground breaking ceremony will bring you more options for affordable housing in the district. it will create 140 affordable
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apartments for families on 14th street in the brentwood neighborhood in northwest. the concord, have lens ya buildings will be dedicated. the $32 million project is expected to be finished by next march. d.c.'s two playoff teams are coming home and they're coming off big wins. the caps play first, tomorrow night they face the new york islanders. take a look here, backstrom's game-winning goal in overtime. you see -- >> amazing. >> you can still buy tickets for tomorrow's game for about 50 bucks online. it's around $60 to see the wizards take on the toronto raptors this friday. they have a 2-0 series lead and about to play first game at home. last night was the first time in d.c. sports history that the caps and the wizards each won a playoff game on the same day. if the wizards beat toronto they'll play the nets or the
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hawks in the second round. >> the netsats won yesterday too. >> adding clarity to the debate over the safety over vaccines. what this is saying about the risk of autism. >> mostly clear outside right now, but rain will be pushing its way in soon. the conditions your kids will be dealing with with your bus stop forecast at 6:11. it's still not carrying a single passenger, but tell you why you shouldn't expect a free ride w
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you're watching "news4 today." laurel is hoping a new high-tech tool helps truck drivers avoid a notorious trouble spot on main street. nearly a dozen times a year trucks like this one get stuck
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at this low bridge at main street and first street. now, the department of public works has installed lasers ahead of the bridge and they'll detective whether a truck is too tall and will trigger lights to flash on the sign warning trucks that they're going to get stuck in that tunnel. hey, don't expect a free ride for long when d.c. streetcars finally start moving. according to "the washington post," the bowser administration wants to keep the free period shorter than former mayor vincent gray. we are learning to wait how long that free period might be. gray's administration had a plan to let people ride free for an indefinite amount of time. d dot's director's expects them to run every 12 to 15 minutes instead of every ten minutes. it's not clear when they'll start rolling on "h" street. today might be a day to spend outside -- okay, chuck is fussing at me because i said it was chilly. >> today will be the warmest day
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of the next seven so soak in the warm while you can. you're right, eun, a chilly start this morning. nothing around the area just yet. but that will change later on today. plan on a chance for showers around lunch time and 5:00. right now in the chilly 40s to near 50 degrees. a little warm layer to get you out the door, but it will be dry to get it started. showers likely by the time you come by 5:00 this afternoon. seven day forecast in ten minutes. now 95 northbound as you approach you can see a little bit slow. 30 and 40 mile per hour depending on the flow of things. there this popped up. suitland parkway at the beltway the right lane is blocked there. 270 and 495 there in maryland, no problems right now. 95 north quantico to the beltway, ten minutes behind because of the slow downs. 66 inbound no issues.
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listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic. see you in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. news that will have you taking a closer look at the makeup you wear. the types of chemicals you may be exposing yourself to on a daily basis. plus, a developing story right now out of france where news of a potential terrorist attack being
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protesters continuing to call for answers in the death of a baltimore man. freddie gray. he suffered a deadly spinal cord injury while in police custody. yesterday, hundreds marched through the streets in a neighborhood near the police station. the justice department is opening its own investigation. this entire thing was captured on cell phone video on april 12th. he was taken into custody on a weapons charge just before 9:00 a.m. some time between that moment and paramedics being called less than an hour later, his spine was nearly crushed. the 25-year-old died from his injuries on sunday. six police officers involvedthat arrest are on administrative
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leave. prosecutors are sharing new evidence with the jury that will decide the boston marathon bomber's fate. the penalty phase began yesterday. the court heard sounds of the bombing aftermath that were captured by a video recorder. victims testified about the excruciating pain they felt in those moments. some jurors wiped away tears as they listened. prosecutors showed a photo of defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev making an obscene gesture. that was taken in a courthouse months after the bombing. this morning, a prince george's county police officer will be tried for assaulting a handcuffed teenager. police say officer jerry thomas hit and shoved that teen in november of 2012. the victim was in a holding cell at this processing facility. surveillance video captured that incident. he's suspended without pay. montgomery county police want possible victims to come forward after making an arrest in a sex assault case. warren giddings is accused of
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attacking a woman with learning disabilities. back in february he met that woman online in a dating side and he went to her home sexual i will assaulting her and stole a tablet. police are asking others to come forward. a developing story in japan this morning. a small drone was found on the roof of the prime minister's office in central tokyo. officials originally call the drone harmless but then said it had trace amounts of radioactive material. they don't believe it was enough to pose any danger. it's 6:17 now. a lawmaker could soon face an investigation over whether he's violated d.c. gun laws. and's all because of a photo he tweeted. here's the photo. that is representative ken buck of colorado on the right. he's holding an ar-15 with another congressman. assault rifles are illegal in the district. the d.c. attorney general's office said it's passed the photo on to d.c. police. buck told the hill newspaper, capitol police gave him permission to have it in his
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office. buck told the hill the gun does not work same quote, the bolt carrier assembly is not in the rifle. it is in fact in colorado. here at the live desk at this hour, we are getting more details on that terror plot foiled in france. police arrested a guy they said was going to attack several churches. he accidentally shot himself and called for an ambulance. also learning that the islamic extremist had an arsenal of heavy weapons in his apartment as well as notes about potential targets. all this according to security officials. they say the 24-year-old is suspected of killing a young mom. also just days ago. and at this point, there is no evidence that he is actually tied to a specific terrorist group. aaron? >> thank you. 6:18. the u.s. military is stalking a convoy of iranian cargo ships off the shores of yemen. the fear is that those ships are carrying weapons for rebels
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fighting the government. there's an arab blockade to keep iran away. for now, that i show no signs of challenging that blockade. if they cross into the yemeni waters that could put the u.s. in a position to take action. right now, australia is dealing with a superstorm that killed several people. the sydney harbor is finally back open and a carnival cruise ship was able to dock. strong winds and heavy rain knocked down trees and power lines and flooded roads. at least one home was swept away. it is one of many new buildings to be completed in the new development of tyson's corner. today, the hyatt regency center will officially open its doors. the hyatt is the first new full service hotel to open in tyson's in more than 20 years. the hotel has 18 stories, 300 rooms. it's right next to the metro station on the silver line. parents in prince george's county are relieved that plans
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are moving forward to build a new elementary school. in a letter released yesterday the superintendent is recommending that ferlazzo elementary be built on sprigs road in woodbridge. the school board wanted to relocate mary porter traditional school and that upset some parents because they were promised a new school. ferlazzo is set to open in the fall of 2016. one montgomery county students can call their teacher by a different title this year -- teacher of the year. joseph gannon. congratulations to joseph gannon. he's a social studies teacher at damascus high school. he teaches a.p. world history. he goes on to compete for maryland's teacher of the year. the other two finalists are josephine luster and jill raspen. and a lot of you know that i'm a proud product of the montgomery
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county school system. i emceed this for the third year in a year. the montgomery county business roundtable for education puts on this event. to really highlight all of the good work the educators do. not just teachers but we toasted larry edmonds, a volunteer. administrative officials, the un lunch ladies, bus drivers. >> such a thankless job. they it was all the thanks for what they do. 6:21. i want to turn to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell keeping an eye on your forecast for today. >> that's right. watching it out, we'll have a rain drop sandwich. we have a dry slice in the morning an later on today. but may be a little wedge of rain drops in the middle of your day today. you may want to have the umbrella ready to go. what to expect for today, off to a cool and dry start this morning. we are dodging the drops here around noontime and 7:00. not all day soakers but quick
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hitters. little bursts of rain and wind are possible at any point in time as this weather front comes through here. should be reaching the i-95 corridor by 5:00 this afternoon. out ahead of that we'll have a chance of rain increasing up to lunch time today. then off and on shower chances through the afternoon and then drying out a bit overnight tonight. it's a chilly one this morning though. 43 in new market maryland and at the inner harbor in baltimore. 46 in ashburn. 41 from falls church out to manassas. 43 in culpepper. here's the timing on the rain drops, afternoon and up through 2:00 or 3:00, the first little burst of rain showers coming through at 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. then drifting into southern maryland by 4:00 or 5:00. most of the evening is dry. as that colder air settles in couldn't rule out a sprinkle or two during the course of the evening but most of the evening is dry. seven day forecast 80% chance you'll get rained on today. highs near 70. 50s to near 60s on thursday and
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friday. a little chance for showers on your saturday. sunday looks like the better of the two days this week. time to pump up the volume on your weather morning traffic outside with melissa. >> we're not talking about my hair. talking about the roads, yes. this morning, chuck, this is 95 northbound as you approach the fairfax county parkway. going 45, 50 miles per hour. same thing, 66 inbound here at lee highway. a little slow, but we normally see this volume like this in the morning. 270 south at the outer loop, democracy boulevard, a report of a crash. we are seeing some slowdowns there. wide look at things overall, no major issues here on the beltway. starting to get slow. top of the beltway there inbound 395 as well. look at prince george's county. overall no major issues. inbound, branch avenue, right now 31 mile per hour. indian head a little slow as
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well. your travel times in maryland looking pretty good. i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. a consumer alert now at 6:24. trek is recalling 900,000 bikes because of a problem that left one rider paralyzed. there's a defect that can cause the front wheel to stop suddenly or to separate from the bike. the trek retailer will fix the problem for free. there have been reports of three injuries with these bikes. the company is recalling all of its bike models from the past 15 years. right now, blue bell ice cream is working to find out the cause of listeria contamination in its products. blue bell recalling of the ice cream, frozen yogurt sherbet too. it comes after two samples of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream -- the plant there in texas tested positive for listeria. three people in kansas died from listeria. it's an infectious bacteria that can cause nausea and fever. one in five infected people with die. a virginia based consulting firm says there is no link
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between the measles vaccine and autism. in the late '90s a british researcher linked the two, but it was found to be fraud lent and discredited. but it seems that idea has stayed with many people. the lieuen group studied more than 95,000 children and getting the vaccine made no difference. some of those children tested were at risk for autism because they had an older sibling with autism. well, the cosmetic industry is loosely regulated so do you know what chemicals are in your products? the european union has banned more than 1,200 chemicals while the u.s. is still lagging behind. it has banned knewfewer than a dozen. but with more and more looking for alternatives online product developers are offering more
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options. more organic and more plant based products are making their way to the shelves. take a look here 5-year-old jack carter was the center of attention in ohio. now, he was born with only one hand. that did not fully form. now, carter showed off his new 3-d prosthetic hand. it looks like it belongs to iron man maybe. the boy's favorite superhero. he threw out first pitch at the game with his more humanoid hand and got a standing ovation from the crowd. pretty awesome for him. >> what a great -- i love seeing that. how adorable is he? and to show that you know i'm going to pitch and play baseball and move forward in life. >> nothing will stop you. good for him. putting themselves in harm's way to save a stranger's life. a man falls on to the tracks. plus more capital bike share stations have been popping up around time. now a better idea of who is
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using the service. pretty
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well enjoy the clear skies outside right now because that will be changing in the hours ahead. more rain is pushing its way into the area. threatening to soak your plans today. >> we're looking for your tweets using the #dodging the drops. chuck bell with the conditions you'll see in your neighborhood. we'll be doing some dodging. >> a little step to the right and the left you'll be fine. you'll want that umbrella ready to go your chance of being rained on today is at 80%. so a very high chance for rain but no washout coming. rain most likely between lunch time and dinner time this evening. were now now though beautiful sunrise in our eastern sky. there it is mostly clear across the washington area. first thing this morning those clear skies have allowed for a chilly start, but there are clouds and rain drops out to our west. raining from morgantown into parts of garrett and allegany
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counties now. we're off to a dry start in the metro area right now. 41 now in manassas. fredericksburg and stafford 51. 53 in capital heights. what you should plan on today, beautiful in potomac, maryland. showers at lunch time, by noon and 6:00 today. should be dry the time the nationals play at 7:00 tonight. a check on the traffic with melissa. >> we are slowing quite a bit. 270 southbound at tuckerman lane had an issue on the outer loop there. just past democracy with a crash. that really started to slow things down. now we're seeing an effect here at 270 south at tuckerman. 66 west of nuttily street. you can see inbound, our typical volume. then the inner loop of the beltway, you can see normal volume. we had a slowdown a little bit as you look at the live camera this morning. taking a look at the bottom of the beltway, no problems.
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prince william a tad slow this is typical of course for this time of the morning. 95 b.w. parkway and 29 looking good. >> thank you, melissa. there is a memorial in manassas this morning for two women from our area. emily and evonne selke were killed in the french alps last month. family and friends will be showing up in a few hours. darcy? >> reporter: good morning, eun. this was a huge loss to the community here in manassas. we are told that the selkes were long-time members here at sacred heart catholic church and this is where that memorial service is going to be held a little later this morning. now, the mother and daughter were on the doomed flight last month, a flight that the co-pilot took down intentionally. investigators still trying to figure out why that happened. the pastor here at the church has told news4 that the selkes have been members here of this church since 1993.
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he says that members of the church literally watched emily grow up into a beautiful young woman. she was very involved in the church sang in the choir. her mom also very involved in the church and active in the children's ministries over the years. the services will get underway here at 11:00 this morning. eun, back to you. >> darcy spencer thank you. for families of all of the victims compensation talks with lufthansa are expected to talk soon. a lawyer is considering seeking 1 million euros or a little more than $1 million per victim and that he can seek damages in the u.s. if an agreement isn't reached in france. the site is finally clear, the crews finished clearing up the wreckage this week. a teenage boy is facing serious charging this morning, accused of attacking a metrobus drive we are a taser. the 14-year-old was on a bus in january heading to ft. tauten when he tased the driver on the arm. officers used video surveillance
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from the bus to find the teen. it is day three for the jurors in a high profile murder trial as they decide the fate of the man accused of killing a d.c. corrections officer. seyoum is being tried. if he's found guilty, seyoum faces life in prison. they went above and beyond to keep us safe. today, more than a dozen prince george's county police officers will be honored for their bravery. the valor awards will be held and they'll be recognized for several danger calls including disarming a man who killed someone and firing at a gunman who killed his daughter. this morning a man using a wheelchair is alive because two men rescued him after he fell off a metro platform. take a look at the video closer here. you see the men jumped down on
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to the tracks putting their own lives at risk here. they lifted the victim to safety. this all happened within about 30 seconds. a rider who didn't want to show her face tells news4 the victim is a regular at that station. >> it's sad. i mean, if he's falling off tracks, maybe somebody needs to be with him at all times. like maybe he's getting to the point he can't be by himself anymore. >> the paramedics took him to the hospital. he had cuts and bruises on his face. at the time, the nearest train was three stations away. metro says it's always best to wait until the station manager cuts power to the third rail before you help somebody in a situation like this. time to start sajida al rishawi -- time to start circling the sundays on your calendar. here's a few of the highlights of the redskins. september 13 they open at home against the dolphins.
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the redskins are a 2 1/2 point underdog for that game. september 24th against the giants. the first nfc east game. december 7th, first game against the cowboys. monday night football. can i still say go 'skins? too early? >> not too early. they need all the help they can get. pushing for new freedoms how much more time john hinckley can be spending out in the public and where he'd be spending that time. clear skies set to give way to some rain as we track this line of showers. take a look at storm team 4 radar here. a little bit of color on the map. we'll break down the day ahead at 6:41. plus growing in popularity
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some people still have questions about how many minorities and local residents
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are being hired to build the new mgm casino in prince george's county. nearly one-third of the contracts in the project have gone to minority businesses. they also say about half of those firms are based in prince george's county. still, some lawmakers still they want a list of the contractors which the company has not provided. the casino is set to open next year. more and more of you are using capital bike share in the district. more than 65% of you are hopping on bikes when your destination is too far to walk. 64% of those trips start or end at a metro stop. it seems you're using it to save money and the environment too. 8% of capital bike share users have sold their car. saving more than $700 a year. the majority of users are younger, white and male. and d-dot says it's looking at ways to make the system more attractive to other people. >> i thought about using it a few times. >> you have?
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>> but the sign-up is too much work. >> the sign-up? >> yeah that's how lazy i am. >> you sign up and you put in your credit card to go. >> you have to read the thing to get the bike. >> can we look at the sunrise? how pretty is that? >> absolutely gorgeous. chuck bell we'll just keep this picture up you talk. >> too much work aaron. too much work for me to do it right now. you know? pointing and clicking it can exhaust you. outside this morning, a little dim sunshine. courtesy of a few clouds in the eastern sky. more clouds and rain chances out to the west. the first patch of rain headed up into maryland and we'll be dry longer than that in the metro. but our rain chances will move in after lunch time. we'll be near 70 for a time but have that umbrella ready to go seven-day forecast in ten minutes. >> all right, looking right now at 270 southbound at tuckerman, looks like that volume is easing up a bit. we had that earlier problem, outer loop as you're passing democracy.
6:42 am
causing some issues. 66 westbound, no major problems as you're hopping on from the beltway. eastbound you can see a little bit of volume in the head lights the other way. germantown the beltway has slowed down in the past couple of minutes. outer loop, top of the beltway, taking you 20 minutes instead of ten. so listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. >> thanks, melissa. offering a new way to stay connected, how google claims it will save you money when it unveils a new wireless service in hours ahead. plus, we are h
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right now trying to comb a community as tensions remain high in baltimore following the death of man who was in police custody. that city's police commissioner is now addressing that situation. the message he has for freddie gray's family and the public. it will be mild today with a high near 70 but rain chances are on the up and up. rain most likely in the metro by 1:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. here's melissa. 66 west, not too bad. volume fairly right right now. 270 south at tuckerman a little slow. kind of keeps changing here because of the earlier crash in that area.
6:46 am
it's impossible to forget the frightening video of that attempted assassination of president ronald reagan in 1981. today shooter john hinckley jr., returns to court in washington to ask that judge for more freedoms. news4's megan mcgrath is outside the courthouse where hinckley will arrive in a few hours. good morning >> reporter: good morning, eun. should john hinckley, jr., be granted more freedom than he already has now? a hearing is getting underway in federal court later on this morning to decide that question. now, hinckley has been undergoing psychiatric treatment at st. elizabeth's hospital in d.c. for decades. over the years he has been granted more and more freedom and he currently spends 17 days a month at his mother's moment ho -- home in the williamsburg
6:47 am
area. they say his mental illness is under control, but the government however strongly disagrees. they think that hinckley could still be dangerous and don't think he should be given any additional privileges. now, it's up to the federal judge to decide. the hearing getting underway at 9:30 this morning. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. 6:47 now. the drug enforcement administration is looking for a new leader. michele leonhart announced her retirement yesterday. nbc's kristen welker is live from the white house with more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: aaron, good morning to you. that's right, michele leonhart has led the dea since 2007 and has been with the agency for over 35 years. she is now stepping down amidst a controversy. the inspector general's report found between 2005 and 2008, dea agents engaged in sex parties in colombia, some hired by the drug cartels. last week, she was called to testify before congress.
6:48 am
she was grilled about all of this. lawmakers infuriated. wanted to know specifically why those agents had been suspended, why they hadn't been fired. she didn't really provide satisfactory responses to the answers so you could tell last week that president obama a number of members of congress had started to lose confidence in leonhardt. yesterday, attorney general praised her for being a special agent in charge and she said, quote, she has devoted her life and her professional career to the defense of our nation. she's expected to leave in mid-may. we reach out to her but didn't hear back. aaron, back to you. >>en welker live for us at the white house, we'll hear more at 7:00 a. the baltimore police commissioner is speaking out about the man who died while in custody. anthony batt said he understands the pain in the community.
6:49 am
>> we had a loss of life. if you can imagine what the family is going through at this given point in time they want answers, they deserve answers much like the media. much like myself. and the fact of it it takes a little time to get to those answers. >> freddie gray was arrested on april 12th. somehow his spine was nearly severed while in custody. the justice department opened a federal investigation into gray's death. prince george's county police are now offering a reward for information about a shooting in temple hills. take a look at this video we received overnight. you can see detectives investigating around the intersection of olson street and st. claire drive. a man was shot there and police say he's in critical condition right now. the father of a man killed by a fairfax county police officer said a multimillion dollar settlement is not enough. we spoke to john geer gear whose son was killed by adam torres two years ago. john deergeer gear was unarmed. the justice department paid
6:50 am
millions to settle it. john geer his father said it's not about the money for him. >> the main thing is to have justice for john. >> mr. geer wants to see torres indicted as well and he called for reforms at the police department to prevent another shooting like this. today is earth day. if you're looking for a way to celebrate our planet we have a few options for you. you can head down to union station to take part in the hands on environmental exhibit headlined by nasa's scientists. they put on a good show. in arlington and alexandria, you have a chance to donate your old bike to a nonprofit group who will send them to the philippines. rockville is celebrating with a special tree planting ceremony this afternoon. new at 6:00, we just learned some new details about the president's upcoming climate change speech in florida today. the president will argue that climate change poses the greatest threat to america's
6:51 am
security and economic growth. in florida alone, impacts like sea level rise are threatening some of the top tourist attractions. that could result in estimated revenue losses of $9 billion by 2025 and $40 billion by the 2050s. google says it has a plan to save you some money with the new wireless service. cnbc's landon dowdy has that story. >> that's right. google may launch it today and reports says it lets users only pay for the amount of data they use each month. the service uses sprint and t mobile's networks but is only available on the google's nexus 6 phones. it will switch between sprint and t-mobile based on which network's signal is stronger. the service is expected to use wi-fi to route phone calls and data which mahloer your phone bill. never a bad thing. >> thank you, landon. d.c.'s two playoff teams are coming home and coming off some big wins.
6:52 am
the caps play first tomorrow night. they're facing the new york islanders and just tied the series up. look at niklas backstrom's game-winning goal in overtime. he's so awesome. you still buy tickets to tomorrow's game for about $50 online and how about the $60 to see the wizards take on the toronto raptors. this friday, the was have a -- the whiz have a series lead. last night was the first time in history that the caps and wizards won a playoff game on the same day. nats won too. >> does that cover everybody? what do we know about soccer? >> the redskins schedule is out too. i know. >> did the redskins play? please tell me they played. a little bit of rain coming our way for lunch hour and a little bit after lunch time today. so a beautiful sunrise outside this morning. we'll turn to a cloudy sky in the next couple of hours and then rain chances are on the up. the rain chance is at 80%.
6:53 am
not a guarantee, but it's a high likelihood. outside this morning, nothing to worry about for the morning commute in to work and school. beautiful sunrise there over the potomac. good day to get outside and enjoy it first thing. 53 now at reagan national airport. winds for now are out of the southwest at 5. then the next couple of days cool and breezy weather coming back into the picture. 40s to mid 40s along i-81. 46 leesburg, 53 in capital heights right now. 50 in gaithersburg and rockville. overall, it will be moderate from lunch time to dinner time. the rest of the day will be fairly low, but showers are likely this afternoon and into early this evening into southern maryland. dry early this morning but by the time we get to noon 1:00 2:00 rain chances will be increasing dramatically. weather slowdowns today, nothing to worry about this morning. chances for some slow going early this afternoon with the rain moving in, but things will
6:54 am
be improving by the time we get to this evening. there it is a innow, cleveland to pittsburgh. columbus. that's all coming in our general direction. we have many dry hours before the rain drops move in. by 11:00 a.m., still dry. here come the rain chances at 2:00 3:00. and nationals first pitch is at 7:05 tonight. may be a brief delay at the beginning but should be able to play baseball today. not too much good weather over the next couple of days. the weekend is more dry than wet. >> sounds pretty good. we have a new crash sandy spring at 108, dominion drive. that should slow things down a little bit. 270 at tuckerman looking better. 66 eastbound at 50, we drive eastbound there on 66. it is very slow there. just after you get on from 50. 95 here as you're headed out of prince william, the stafford
6:55 am
area. a little slow, and then slow through woodbridge and lorton dale. city slow as well. beltway at darcy road is moving along. 95 b.w. parkway, no major problems. 35 miles per hour as you head inbound on the parkway this morning. >> thank you. no tax increases if you live in arlington. the county board voted on the new budget yesterday. that budget does not raise property taxes, and it fully funds the county school system. the school board made cuts to its original budget to keep tax rates the same. the county's new spending plan includes funding for public safety and more economic development. it is 6:55 this morning. we are learning about the extraordinary 5-year-old who was born a girl but is now living a happy, healthy life as a boy. his parents told the "today" show they were nervous in the beginning but believe this is the right decision for their child. >> i remember crying because i imagined her being in the playground and nobody playing with her.
6:56 am
imagine her going through high school and not having a date. and honestly i still worry about stuff like that because i think we have a long way to go as a society to accept transgender people. but i feel we're on the way. >> you can watch the full report coming up in just a few minutes on the "today" show. 6:56 now. four things to know in manassas this morning, family and friends are holding a memorial service for two women from our area. evonne and emily selke died in the plane crash in the french alps last month. we are watching for developments in japan after a drone was found at the prime minister's office in tokyo. officials said it had a small amount of radioactive material. they don't believe it was enough to cause any harm. baltimore police commissioner anthony batt says it will take time for the truth to come out regarding the man who died from injuries sustained during an arrest. in a few hours the man who shot then president reagan will return to court in washington. john hinckley jr., asking for
6:57 am
more freedom to visit his mother's gated community in virginia. future weather shows a dry start this morning but between lunch time and 3:00 or 4:00, a round of quick-moving rain showers coming through with brief, gusty winds. high near 70. 66 inbound at 50, after you get 50 it opens up a tad. >> melissa, thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next. we're back in 25 minutes. until then, ha
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. a heavily armed man in custody accused of planning to carry out an imminent attack on churches in france. we're live with what investigators are saying about the arrest. from new mexico to new england, al's tracking the threat of severe weather stretching 2200 miles across the country. i was embarrassed. ben affleck apologizing for pressuring pbs to omit his slave-owning ancestor from a documentary. now the network is opening its own investigation into what happened. and the "time" of their lives. >> time is running out for me to -- >> become president with matt lauer. >> we go behind the scenes at


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