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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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special p sam ward at the american music awards. problems on the commute. melissa, what's happening? >> we have a problem on metro. let's take a look at this. this is breaking news in first 4 traffic. the problem is blue and yellow lines. we have service suspended here between pentagon city and l'enfant plaza. it's going to cause a problem. they have requested buses to help with this. at this point, yellow and blue line service suspended. prince william parkway, our problem on the roads here. main lanes very, very slow because of that problem. eastbound 66 after 28, center line blocked. new hampshire avenue, the inner loop of the beltway, we'l
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minutes with more on the breaking news. the suspension on the blue and yellow line between pentagon city and l'enfant plaza. sheena? >> hopefully that clears up soon. one thing to know before you step outside this morning, it is cold out there. make sure you have the warm jacket. the gloves, the scarf. 34 degrees is what it feels like now. the wind is not too bad. we've seen it sustained around 10 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures, though, closer to 10:00 a.m., feeling cooler by noon. 48. we're looking at a dry day. that's good for any travel you have today. look at the feels-like temperatures. if you're in leesburg, it feels like 26 degrees. feels like 30 in manassas and clinton. gaithersburg feels like 27 degrees. coming up, we'll take a look at what you can expect. thanksgiving day for travel. the thanksgiving day forecast, just a little bit, guys. >> sheena, thank you. it'
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we have a warning as you prepare to send the kids off to school. police are warning about a possible sexual predator who may be hanging out around the prince george's county middle school. news 4's justin finch at benjamin stoddard and temple hills. what's going on here? >> reporter: eun, police have two cases so far. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. both near stoddard middle school in temple hills. police are saying right now, they want to catch this guy. both cases report a man in a gray car exposing himself to the students as they're making their way to and from school here in temple hills. the first report, november 9th, about 3:30 in the afternoon. just as school is letting out. that first report came. then about a week later, november 16th, 7:30 in the morning, another report in this case the girl said he exposed himself t
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her way -- this man did not approach or touch any of the these -- they're stepping up -- we're live in temple hills. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the studio. justin, thank you. also this morning, american university is warning students to be aware of what's going on around them. someone was sexually assaulted on campus on sunday. it happened around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning on massachusetts avenue. campus police say the victims thought the suspect was a car service driver. it's unclear if the person is a student there. they're investigating. charles manson is dead. chris lawrence has details from the live desk. charles manson was 83 years old. he died last night of natural
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a peaceful end to a violent life. the convicted killer once called himself the devil. back in 1969, he ordered his followers to kill pregnant actress sharon tate and six others terrorizing the city of los angeles. he was sentenced to death but it was changed to life in prison when the state of california abolished the death penalty. he came up for parole 12 times and was denied each and every time. back to you. baltimore police will lift a lockdown in the neighborhood where a detective was shot last we week. detective sean suiter died a day after being shot in the head. police kept the crime scene roped off since then. they're looking for his killer. he was a father of five. a go fund me page raised more than $13,000 since yesterday. they posted a link to it on the nbc washington app. alabama's leading newspaper,
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the birmingham news -- republican candidate roy moore. this editorial comes after multiple women are alleging that moore sexually abused them. one victim said she was 14 years old. president trump has remained -- he did tweet against al franken who is accused of sexual abuse. savannah guthrie will sit down with leigh corfman who said she was a victim of his sex abuse. the administration's budget director said the white house is willing to remove a contentious provision taking aim at the affordable care act. that provision repeals the requirement that everyone in the u.s. have insurance. that compromise would ensure that critical gop senators vote yes for this bill. republicans are hoping to end the year with a major legislative victory. will fully reopen wh
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denton. this widening project added shoulders and eliminated points of entry to make it safer. governor larry hogan will be at the reopening and that route is something a lot of people take to the delaware beaches. it's now 6:06. the start of a major construction project that could impact your commute for years. state and local leaders will be at the groundbreaking for the toll roads on 66 outside of the beltway. the plan to build two express lanes. new park and ride lots and expand commuter bus service from the beltway to gainesville. redskins fans, you have to get out of bed and pick up the broken pieces of your television sets. we have a game on thursday. we're hoping the team can redeem itself after this frustrating, excruciatingly painful loss. >> it's hard. >> if you missed it, they blew a 15-point lead in the final minutes. look. >>
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touchdown! >> they lost in overtime and lost a key player for the rest of the season. sherree burruss has more from new orleans. >> an emotional 34-31 overtime loss truly painful for the redskins here in new orleans. third quarter, redskins lead the saints 17-14. kirk cousins scramble has chris thompson out in front of it. thompson gets rolled up. potential pro bowl cena peers to end. with a fractured fibula. a fourth quarter lead for washington evaporates under drew brees' direction. they score twice in the final 3:00. then in overtime, it's a 28-yard field goal to win. >> you got to win the game, man. i don't care what happens. i don't care what the case is. you got to find a way to win. >> the players, they laid it on the line
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environment. against a team who won seven in a row. i don't get anything for close. >> a tough one to take and a tough turn around. a short week for the redskins as they host the new york giants on thanksgiving on thursday. from new orleans sherree burruss, news 4 sports. get your head in the game. tell them that. kickoff for thanksgiving -- for that game is 8:30. >> playing the giants. we have to win this game. >> what are you saying, eun? >> we can't beat the giants? one of the biggest nights in music will be popping up in your social media feeds this morning. truly a rock family affair. >> tracy ellis ross hosted the music awards and her mother received the lifetime achievement award. >> ♪ >> climbing that mountain for a long time. >> and still looking good doing it. >>
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joined her on stage. the whole family came out. virginia delegate elect danica roem was in the crowd as the guest of singer demi lovato. >> for inclusion and against bullying. that meant a lot to me personally. really able to give a lot of voice to people who need a champion. >> as you heard her show, lovato's performance was a call to end bullying. she reached out knowing that roem put up with many verbal attacks. roem is the first openly transgender delegate to serve in the virginia house. she will be at the prince william school board meeting this morning at 7:30. we know the awards went late into the night. i didn't stay up for them. >> quick turn around. back from china and new backlash. president trump may be regretting
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players home after a shoplifting scandal. the reason he's had a change of heart. a scaffolding scare. people running for cover below. what happened before emergency crews were called to the streets of new york. even though it's going to be a short work and school week for many. the first thing on a monday, what's it looking like? pretty good. not much of a rain or snow threat. that's always good news for thanksgiving travelers. sheena
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a couple of other problems including one in virginia coming up. hi chuck. good morning, melissa. been very quiet and cold start to your monday morning. windchills are down in the 20s this morning. but even after yesterday's complete collapse against the saints, the redskins will try again thanksgiving night. if you're going to the thursday night game, be ready to layer up. temperatures mostly in the 30s. that's a cold one for sure. sheena has the five-day coming straight up. speaking of the holiday, back there at the live desk, we're learning about a tragic crash in arkansas before thanksgiving. a medical helicopter went down in a rural part of the state. officials say three emergency crew members are dead. they didn't have any patients on board. this video shows you all the first responders there at the crash site in dewitt outside of little rock. we've learned that the ntsb and faa have deployed their
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investigators and they're on the scene this morning to find out why that helicopter went down. back to you aaron. thanks, chris. today marks two months since hurricane maria decimated puerto rico. the people on the island are still in need of dire help. sunday morning, demonstrators marched through d.c. with one message for the people of puerto rico. you are not forgotten. lin-manuel miranda helped to organize the rally. it is preventing necessary supplies from reaching the island by ship. puerto rico's governor says more than half of the u.s. territory is still without power. 6:15 is your time. it's one of our favorite events of the year. food for families. >> we are trying to provide thanksgiving food baskets for families in our community. this morning, we are taking you inside our packing center where volunteers are preparing all of your donations. >> first let's go to pat lawson
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this morning to accept your donations on f street. pat, good morning. we love that you come down every year to greet people and get the donations. it's great to see. >> reporter: yes, eun and aaron. we want to do it again. good morning to you all. we're on a mission this morning. a mission to provide food for families once again this thanksgiving. we're segt the table for thanksgiving. we want to provide food for thousands of families once again this year. we want you to be part of this effort by donating to food for families. guess what? i've gotten the giving started. i've been to the store. my familicameraman can pan down. i have string beans and i've got corn and i've got stuffing and i've got chicken broth. all of of the ingredients that you need to help make a thanksgiving dinner. these things, of course, will be paired with the turkey that will be distributed to the needy families. it's the beginning of a
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collecting here at the capital one arena. we'll be here all day with our volunteers. our partners from radio one are setting up down there on the sidewalk. we've got a whole army of volunteers coming to join us today. we want you to join us. take part in this effort. you can donate. it's so easy. come and see us here at capital one arena or donate online or call the phone bank. the volunteers are up early this morning. they're on duty. that number is 202-885-4949. you can make a secure online donation at you search food for families and click on the donate link. you can donate cash or checks also. once all of the food is collected here and the cash, then we move on to the big distribution center, the heart
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morning. >> good morning, pat. there's a lot of activity going on at this distribution center in northeast. it's the greater washington area boys and girls club. packing up the potatoes here in the bags. we've got potatoes in the bags. and canned goods here. 2600 turkeys and bags of sides. these bags going out to those families in need so they can have a great holiday this week. these volunteers arrived early in the 5:00 hour. many of them are coming back for a second year. coming from churches and community groups. we're so grateful that again, the boys and girls club of greater washington has opened its doors. we have gabrielle webster who heads up this club in this area. let's talk about the tremendous effort here to make all of this happen. >> we have volunteers and they've been here for hours. they set up y
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that so many families will have a wonderful thanksgiving. to have people that will take the time from their days to ensure that people have a great meal. it's just a fabulous thing. it's the real meaning of this season. >> it is the real meaning. to have these folks come out so early in the morning and to see this volume of food, too, gabri gabriel. >> absolutely. they're working so hard and diligently and quickly, they understand the importance of making sure that people have a wonderful meal for thanksgiving. we will feed thousands of kids and people throughout the city. so it's a special day. >> reporter: gabriel webster, thanks for joining us. that's the whole point, that these thousands of people in need and thanks to this effort, it's going to happen. let's go back inside to eun and aaron this morning. it's a wonderful sight down here. >> appreciate all the work that the folks are doing. >> my favorite part for sure. >> thanks,
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news in traffic. >> news about metro, melissa. >> a little slow on metro. single tracking on the blue line between pentagon city and arlington cemetery. on the yellow line between pentagon city and l'enfant plaza. we did have service suspended but now it's single tracking. this is northbound 95 approaching prince william parkway. it's on the left side of the roadway. the bad news is this. all the delays painly as you head northbound. about a 2.5 mile backup. after 28 centerville, left center lane is blocked. another problem on 66 before business southerly road. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, melissa. one thing we'll be watching for the morning commute, we have a beautiful sunrise coming up. the morning
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degrees in washington. clear skies and those breezy winds making it feel like 35 or 34 degrees. it is a cold one out there. gaithersburg, 25, leesburg, 29 dulles. bundle up. needs a home by the way. 20 degrees by 8:00 a.m. also by the afternoon, temperatures in the low 50s. locally we're dry. lake-effect snow showers. if you are traveling early for your thanksgiving holiday, keep that in mind. as we go into tomorrow, things are looking fairly quiet for travel. into very early wednesday morning, few showers and there could be travel delays around boston for the early part of wednesday. locally, though, i don't think we'll see a weather delay at all wednesday morning. call your airline ahead of time. looking pretty good. reagan, dulles, bwi.
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freezing morning temperatures. we talked about freezing -- good news, roads will stay dry for travel. you will want the warm jacket all day. look at the thanksgiving planner. 11:00 in the morning, 41 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. 47 degrees. that's going to be one of the coldest days out of the next -- dry weather, nero owe there you see that 47 and dry on thursday. black friday so far is looking pretty good. nice and dry for that too. the extended forecast coming up in a bit. thank you, sheena. a border patrol officer killed. the shooting that has president trump making new calls to build the wall. white house security scare. the new threat and the new way jumpers are getting around security changes. one of country music's biggest stars is going to be on ellen.
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the extra security outside the white house fence has not discouraged some people from getting on to the grounds. somebody tried to jump over a row of metal bike racks to create a second row of fencing. he was arrested president trump was inside during that incident. the extra fences were installed after a series of jumping incidents in recent years, including a man who made it
6:26 am
2014. now to a developing story out of texas. the fbi is investigating an -- two u.s. border patrol agents. one agent died and the other in serious condition. officials say it happened near interstate 10 in culbertson county. no specific details released. charles manson, the infamous cult leader has died. what we're learning about his final moments. back from china, but the ucla controversy is not over. why president trump says he should have left the star basketball players stranded oversoove overseas. i'm chuck bell. it will be a bright and sunny monday. all
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6:30 your time right now. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. your "news4 today" team is getting ready for the thanksgiving holiday week. it's thursday. >> all that business to -- crunches and everything. >> all that stuff. get to your weather in a moment. we do have breaking news in first 4 traffic. let's turn to melissa mollet. >> this is so breaking that you didn't have time to change. we are no longer single tracking on the yellow or blue lines here this morning. we had the early problem where things were suspended and single tracking. no longer single tracking yellow or blue. that's good, good news. >> your main lanes right there, you can see the crash is on the left side of the roadway. this is a two-mile backup. eastbound 66 after centerville, this cleared as well. still have the delays there as you head inbound through
6:31 am
good morning, mr. bell. >> good morning, ms. mollet. windchills as a result remain below freezing in many neighborhoods. have your warm coat on early this morning. it's a good looking describe. very clear skies and a mostly sunny day today. look at these feels-like factors. 24. the current windchill in winchester. 30 degrees in fredericksburg. you need your warm coat today. there's your planner then. for today, highs into the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. 46 the high in winchester. 52 in washington. 49 by the bay in annapolis. by the road in flredericksburg. sheena and i teaming up with the holiday forecast and the ten-day. all that is coming up. chuck, thank you. right now, here's a look at the other top stories. cult leered and killer, charles manson has died. in 1969, manson september his followers to kill
6:32 am
corrections says manson died of natural causes sunday night. he was 83 years old. a man has been exposing himself to students near prince george's county middle school. this happened twice last week in temple hills. police are setting up patrols in the area. justin finch will have a live report on the warning at 6:45. redskins fans, after the excruciating loss, the team has one chance to see a win this week. the 'skins blew a 15-point lead yesterday and lost to the saints in overtime. i hate to relive these moments. they play again thursday in a thanksgiving night matchup. you know the giants record. we have to be able to win this game. >> maybe something better to report on friday. >> let's hope so. the drama surrounding the ucla basketball team spreading to washington. three students were arrested for
6:33 am
>> president trump is regretting his decision to help their release. he tweeted, "i should have left thechl in jail. lavar ball's son was one of the players. he called the father very ungrateful after ball down played the president's role in his son's release. all three of the players thanked president trump during a news conference. each player is suspended indefinitely from the team. today the first trial gets under way for demonstrators charged with rioting on inauguration day. you'll remember the violent scenes we brought you as they were unfolding on that day. the trial begins today for six of the 200 defendants. they're each charged with six felonies for inciting orri urgi riot and destruction of property. chris lawrence at the live desk. >> several people can't
6:34 am
this morning after an electrical fire ripped through their home. take a look at this house in silver spring on republic road off glechb glenn haven drive. investigators tell us the fire started in a bedroom downstairs in the basement. it spread pretty quickly from there. thankfully, no one was home at the time. no one hurt. still looking into how it started. back to you. chris, thank you. it's 6:34. lady gaga brought her world tour to d.c. a family brought -- we told you about this story a few weeks ago. they bought 26 tickets to the concert. she wanted to thank her friends and the medical team who thanked her with her cancer battle. sadly, she passed away in september. her family used a few of the tickets and raffled off the rest to raise money for a trust in her name. >> we wanted to make a big impact in and a
6:35 am
for future patients to get help. it raised $50,000 for the trust. that relationship there is way, way deeper than owner and driver. >> one of the most recognizable names in racing is hanging it up for good. dale earnhardt jr. has retired. he drove yesterday in homestead, florida. he won the daytona 500 twice. earnhardt jr. is the son of famous racing star dale earnhardt sr. who died during the daytona 500 in 2001. >> he's going to be a commentator for nascar. his father left an incredible mark and he carries on the baton. >> he'll continue to contribute to the sport of race car driving. she risked her own life to save her mother. now local teacher is in the hospita
6:36 am
out in her home and how her students are getting involved. plus, the roy moore controversy takes a new turn. how the sex assault accusations are impacting the final days of campaigning and the new p -- a phone bank is now open for our food for families campaign. take a look at the number on the screen.
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chris lawrence at the live desk with breaking news in alexandria. someone fired a gun inside an apartment. police are looking into the incident right now. it happened behind landmark mall next to 395. someone fired a gun inside the apartment but didn't hit anyone. the alexandria police have arrested a suspect and they're looking into how this incident went down.
6:40 am
chris, thank you. this morning, we're hearing allegations of sexual assault, this time against a hip hop mogul. the los angeles times reports that russell simmons assaulted a teenage model while brett ratner watched. the model was 17 years old at the time. she says simmons started behaving inappropriately while showing a music video. simmons remembers that weekend but insists that everything was, quote, completely consensual. we have new video this morning out of new york city. a strong wind knocked over the scaffolding yesterday afternoon. take a look at all that mess on the ground there. you can see the large wooden planks, the metal bars all over the streets. several people injured. star studded night at the american music awards. how a local star
6:41 am
to hollywood elite. we have many areas that are feeling like the 20s. make sure of the gloves, the scarves and the puffy coat this morning. we'll look at the travel weather coming up. brand new crash in
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now on "news4 today," a school community on alert. the reason you may want to keep a close watch on your kids heading to school today. caught in the flames. a mother and a teacher fighting for her life. local students showing their support and a local family calling her a hero. a commute on one of our busiest roads about to change. what you can expect new this morning. come on, ease on down the road ♪ >> show stopping moment. the american music awards and what everyone is still talking about this morning. 16 before hour right now. a warning you should hear before you send your kids off to school. >> police are searching for a possible sexual predator near a local middle school. justin finch at benjamin stoddard in temple hills with a in
6:45 am
justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. police want students and parents to keep their guards up as they look for this man who appears to be targeting students near stoddard middle school here in broad daylight. take a look here. so far two cases involving this man who is exposing himself to the students. at this point, both students say this man was doing so in a gray car. we have two reports so far. the first report november 9th. he's seen around dismissal time, 3:30 p.m. then november 16th, he's seen around the start of school, 7:30 in the morning in the area of 23rd parkway here. now, in both cases police say this man did not approach these students. still, they do want to catch him. in the remaining days, they have been stepping up patrols in this area too watch out for him and keep an eye out for these students. live in temple hills, justin finch, news 4. back to you. justin, thank you
6:46 am
university is warning students to be aware of what's going on around them. somebody was sexually assaulted on campus on sunday. this happened around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning on massachusetts avenue. campus police say the victim thought the suspect wags a car service driver. it's unclear if the victim is a student at a.u. but we know that d.c. police are investigating the assault. baltimore police will lift a lockdown in the neighborhood where a detective was shot last week. detective sean suiter died a day of being shot in the head. police have kept the crime scene roped off. they're still looking for the killer. a go fund me page has raised more than $13,000 since yesterday. we've posted a link to it on the nbc washington app. a d.c. fire ems captain says his family is being targeted by criminals during the darkest point in their lives. his mother and sister were hurt during a
6:47 am
he says vandals have broken into their home several times. it's a distraction he doesn't need as he focuses on his family. >> this is the toughest thing i've ever experienced personally. i mean, everything can be replar replaced. but my mother and sister can't be. >> smoke alarm in the home were working. his mother was just released from an intensive care unit. his sister cheryl is still in a coma. she's a teacher and a hospital room filled with get well messages from her students in northwest d.c. a construction project that could impact your commute for years. the toll roids on i-66 outside the beltway. the plan is to build express lanes and park and ride lots and commuter lots. one of the biggest nights in music will be popping up i
6:48 am
it was a ross family affair. >> tracy ellis ross hosted the american music awards and her mother, diana ross, won the lifetime achievement award. ♪ >> diana ross' grandchildren on stage. the whole family came out as she thanked the crowd. >> meanwhile, a virginia delegate elect was among the shars. danica roem as the guest of singer demi lovato. >> her advocacy for inclusion, against bullying, that meant a lot to me personally. really able to give a lot of voice to people who need a champion. >> as you heard her say, demi lovato's performance was a call to end bullying. she roechd reached out to her knowing roem put up with many
6:49 am
>> she's the first transgender to serve in the virginia house. she will be at the prince william school board meeting this morning at 7:30 a.m. after the late night at the awards ceremony. >> back to work. let's get a look at the morning commute. >> here's melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning, guys. chopper 4 headed to a problem. this is the outer loop of the beltway where we have this issue at annapolis road. it's blocked by the crash scene. a little bit of the beltway -- it looks pretty good. 66 slow inbound towards centerville. because of that earlier crash after 28, the lanes though are now open. southbound 29 before green castle road. burtonsville, one lane blocked by the crash here. southbound. as you look at laurel, northbound bw parkway before -- the median in northwest washington. eastbound nebraska avenue near ward circle. near american university. some lanes blocked because of a water ma
6:50 am
>> cleared out of way sometime soon. >> yellow and blue line. that is good news. taking a look at your travel times, 270 southbound looking good. top of the beltway, no major issues there. 66 inbound. looking okay. 95 north quantico to the beltway. slow at 30 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm. when you hop in your car. right now, you got to listen to mr. bell. >> good morning to you and good morning everybody. after a windy weekend. get your monday started, a breeze remained. 10 miles per hour. that shades about 5 or 6 degrees down to the windchill. 40 at national airport. a windchill of 34. windchills across the region. mostly in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. warm coat, required today. at least
6:51 am
staying in the 30s until 9:00. a nice rise in temperatures. back into the upper 40s and low 50s. back before 5:00 this evening. high today 52 degrees. breezy at times this morning. the winds should lay down a little bit later on in the afternoon. as far as any rain or snow chances today, nothing around our area. snow showers in western maryland late last night. our next little chance of getting a quick little rain shower or two in here late tomorrow. here's 7:00 tuesday night. skies becoming mostly cloudy and then late wednesday into the pre-dawn hours of thursday, maybe a sprinkle or two. no major impacts on travel weather locally. for a look at national travel weather, let's go to sheena parveen. >> national travel. that's what a lot of people are looking at. if you are leaving the area, maybe jumping on a plane as we head towards thanksgiving. here's a look at the map. good travel
6:52 am
lake-effect snow. the only delays going on begin tomorrow afternoon. delays likely in parts of north florida. maybe jacksonville area. delays in the pacific northwest. most of the country, even chicago believe it or not, looking pretty good. into early wednesday morning, locally we could see a few showers. most of that remaining in parts of new jersey and delaware maybe up towards new york could have delays in areas in buffalo, western pennsylvania and norfolk. right along the north carolina coastline. we could see delays up in boston. other than that, for your thanksgiving day travel, it's looking really good. for thanksgiving morning, temperatures at or below freerzing. dry roads and you'll want to stay warm all day. wif a pretty cold thanksgiving in the forecast. let's look at the ten-day, chuck. >> also the big thing on thursday night, 8:30 p.m., the redskins and the giants play. it will be cold with temperatures in the 30s during the game. you can see the ten-day forecast.
6:53 am
impact on all the travel plans, whether before or even after thanksgiving. black friday shoppers on friday morning, temperatures near freezing and even colder weather coming back next week. >> chuck, thank you. 6:53 right now. this is one of our favorite community events of the year. we're talking about food for families. >> it happens every year at this time. we're providing thanksgiving food baskets for families in our community. our phone bank is up and running. ready for you to call in. the number is 202-885-4949. you can donate to make this thanksgiving great for families in need. >> right now, let's go out to pat law man muson muse. she's braving the cold as she does every year. we want folks to stop by and help out this cause. >> aaron and eun, this whole effort warms my heart on a cold morning. for more than 20 years, nbc4 has been providing food for familie
6:54 am
in our community having a tough time. it means a lot to my family. i know it means a lot to yours. there are many families who may not have a hot family. that's w -- hot feel to serve for their family. at verizon center, all the volunteers in northeast washington at the boys and girls club where they pack up the food and deliver the food from now until thanksgiving. we do this with the generosity of our viewers. we need your help to do it. donating is easy. all you have to do is drop off nonperishables. you can check donations or make a secure donation at you go to search food for families and click on donating link. any amount is going to help us. no amount of money is too
6:55 am
a little goes a long way. help us put tisch is on the table. eun and aaron. >> a great reminder, when you're shopping for yourself, grab a few extra groceries and head on down. >> everything is on sale. you can get 15 cans for $1.25 and something crazy like that. >> don't forget your phone banks, you can call in all day. here are four things to know. a potential pro bowl season has come to an end after the saints defeated the redskins. the saints scored twice in the last 3:00 of the game. you can follow sherry burruss on twitter. leigh corfman is speaking out on the "today" show after accusing roy moore of sexually abusing her. she says she was 14 years old at the time. she is one of nine women who have come forward against him. prince george's county police are looking for the man
6:56 am
exposing himself to children near a temple hills middle school. it's happened twice in the last few weeks near benjamin stoddard middle. justin finch is there. you can follow him on twitter. cult leader and killer charles manson has died. the california department of corrections says he died of natural causes sunday night. he was 83 years old. chopper 4 headed to that problem. outer loop at 450 here this morning. right side is blocked by the crash. rest of the beltway looking normal. maybe lighter than normal volume. 66 inbound. still the slow spot as you're headed into centerville. guys? melissa, you'll have sun glare driving in. but we're not looking at big problems locally with the weather. look at thanksgiving day. temperatures below freezing in the morning and staying cold through the afternoon. nice and dry. even for black fridayr
6:57 am
early. bundle up for that, melissa. are you going to be out there. >> you're making fun of me. i'm going to delete that gift. >> you'll make cyber monday a big deal in your house. >> i think cyber monday is great. >> we have party hats and everything. >> now we're talking. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us this morning. >> the "today" show is next. pat lawson muse will be at the capital one arena accepting your
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, breaking overnight, charles monson, is dead at 83. >> i haven't done anything i'm ashamed of. >> unrepent ant and defiant until the end. reaction pouring in. will his beth bring closure to the families of his victims. >> today exclusive, leigh corfman, the first to accuse roy moore of sexual abuse when she was just 14 speaks out in her first television interview. the white house weighing in on the controversy saying the president is very concerned. submarine mystery, the search


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