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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nothing's more important than a good bedside manner. i don't know how to say this. it's okay, doc. give it to me straight. no, you don't understand, i don't know how to say this. i'm just a tv doctor. they also know you should get your annual check-up. it could save your life. schedule a check-up with your doctor, know your four health numbers, and start taking control of your health today. cigna. together, all the way. breaking at 11, california's wildfire disaster grows, more than thousand "a" thousand people considered missing. families despete for information. >> we need news, we need something. >> a familiar sight after ouras
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first of winter. crews tearing up the road to repair a major water main break. the work continuing into the weend. and a local hospital on life pport. it wants to close in less than a month. tonight, who's fighting to keep it open. >> news 4 at 11:00 begins breaking news. first some live pictures in mounting county. chopper 4 at the scene of an apartment fire just inside the beltway off new hampshire avenue. >> the are the northwest park apartments, about 20 fire trucks are on the scene. jackiet j arrived. what are you learning. >> reporter: we can tell 0u about 2amilies out of their homes at this time because of what you can see behind me. you can see the topwo floors of that building, the two apartmentshere burne out. we understand that when firefighters arrivedere about
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10:30 tonight, we have some pictures of what it looked like a little earlier. they did have to rescue people from that building. you n see the ladders that are up just outside those windows. a scarysituation, awe situation year are this time of it gets cold, and people start to use different heating sources inside their e homes. now, not have any information on any injuries. we don't believe anyone was injured. we're still trying to get that infonoation. righ everybody who was in that building is out here on the reet after they were evacuated. it's cold. a lot of the folks are just in their pajamas, obviously, at this time of night. but it unclear at this point as toe whether or not peopl will be able to go into that building. obviously those two uni we showed you, they are not occupible right now. the rest of the building does hopefullyricity, s
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some of those people will be allowed to go back inside. live in silver springs, jackie benson, news 4. >> cold night to be forced out. let's go back to chopper 4 now just a few blocks from where jackie is standith. is a live picture at the scene of a water mainn repair new hampshireive but north of the beltway toward white oak. the watn m break happened 12 hours reago, cing all kinds of traffic problems for drivers headed nortre >> the lighting through the night, the brink of that 16-inch main c a large section of the road to crumble this morning. by the evening rush hour, one rthbound lane was reopened. tonight we know the work to fix it will stretch well into tomorrow. 12-foot stand it is a section of pipe that actually broke in two placesee and to be replaced. now to our other big story tonight. it just keeps getting worse in california. >> we've learned more than 1,000 people are now considered
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missing in that camp fire. eight more people declared dead just today. now that makes 71 people kil td s one fire alone. most of them from the town of paradise, california. >> 12,000 structures there are destroyed. now there's a new threat. high winds tomorrow. as the president goes to assess the damage there, nbc's miguel alma ger looks at the station tonight. >> not far from where paradise once stood, many post names and photosthe missing, a list gring every day. >> i'm going to leave this here. >> reporter: many on list could be alive. that's why tammy drove from ohio to california, already finding three relatives but stilllo ing for her mother, sheila. >> we need news, we need something. whether it's good or bad. >> reporter: every day in the ruins of paradise, more bodies are discovered, 63 so far. theor coner will need more hearses.
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>> it's devastating. >> reporter: for those who outran the flames, alood of donations is pouring in. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: but shelters are full, thousands, many retirees are sleeping in parking lots. more than 12,000 structures look just like this. it's going to take rescue teams days, eve wks to go through all of the rubble to look for the missing. hundred dollars like tammy are clinging to hope. >> for me i just need 'rclosure. getting keep looking until we find out. >> reporter: just before the , holida the grim search while tens of thousands are living lost in paradise. miguel alma ger, nbc news. thes cia s saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the hit on journalistas jamal ggi in turkey. nbc news has confirmed the cia assessment first reported by
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"the washington post." that contradicts saudi claims that the crown prince had nothing to do the killing. khashoggi was a journalist and often criticized the royal family. one of the authorize of the post story appeared on cnn hetonight >> is a phone call from inside the consulate we understand fromur sources from one of the ndividuals that was part of his hit team cling back to saudi arabia to confirm to a senr aide to mohammed bin salman that the assassination had taken place. >> reporter: the post said the saudi ambassador to the u.s. urged khashoggi to go to istanbul and assured him he would be safe there. that ambassador tonight denied those claims. back to u. >> leon thank you. a crash injured a police officer and one other person in capital heights tonight. a district heightsolice crewser and another vehicle were
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involved in a wreck at central avenue and richie road. we're working to learn the conditions of the two victims. all we know is both survived. new tonight, investigators believe a man -- th green and yellow lines were single tracking for some time during thein police stigation. d.c.'s troubled providence hospital may be on the vergegf clos its doors. the washington business journal reports hospital leaders want to shutter within the next month on december 14th. but others are fightingo keep it open saying d.c.'s other hospitals can't handle the influx of patientsul that result. news 4's nicole jacobs is live oop. >> providence hospital serves
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wards 5, 7, and 8, we're told 85% of the patient population depend on medicare and so its closure here is a big deal. while there are varying opinions as to whether the hospital should close, the one common concern is the patients. >> i just thought to myself, what is going to happen to this lady? >> reporter: alyssa is a nurse at providence hospital in noheast d.c. she and many others are asking similar questions as providence t.ficials say the hospital's closure is immin >> these are people's lives you're dealing with. >> reporter: the decision nowo said more of a necessity in the eyes of the facility, that's according to the d.c. hospital association after consecutive years of >> every hospital certainly has the right to make business decisions which it deems to be in its best interests and that of its patients. n>> reporter: the washing business "journal" reports they have lost $23 millionhe last
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two fiscal years and nearly $10 million in the fin piece a big concern, next for the existing patients. >> when you are looking at 50,000 visits to an e.r., who absorbs that? many of ou are at capacity.r: >> repor as the december 14th closure date nears,in surroud.c. hospitals have also spoken. the business "journal" reportsr theyn no position to pick up the influx. curry can only hope the nwet s bring a change of heart for the owners iorder to save zbliefz if you want to invest in the hospital like you say, then don't close it, fix it. >> reporter: the hope for many patients and nurses is thatwi ther be an extension given to that closure date, at least through june of next summer.
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curry believes that will makeh for a mmoother transition. nonetheless, she says she andue her colle are committed to fighting this thing to the very end and, of course, taking care of the patients until the bitter end. we're live in northeast d.c. nicole jacobs, back to you. >>icole, thank you. a former high-ranking montgomery county admits to embezzling $7 million from the county. peter dang can spend up to 40 years in federal prison. according to his reply agreement, he stole the money over the course of six years while he served as the chief erating officer for the department of economic development in montgomery he wght after the irs ccounty. noticed he was spending a lot of money gambling, but hadn't reported all his inco. >> a bulk of the money appears to be gone, and appears to have gone in gambling casinos across
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the >>country. outgoing montgomery county executive says the county made several rule changes to prevent a case like this one in the future. d.c. judge tonight easin the restriction on john hinckley, the s man wt president reagan in an assassination attempt. in 2016 hinckley wasrr trans from a mental health hospital to his mother's west virginia he. now a judge has agreed to reduce required doctor visits and louisen some of hinckley's release cond iions. hinckl seeking an unconditional release as his attorney says he hasn't been a danger for decades. a d.c. judge ordered the suspected white nationalist arrested on firearms charges to be held in jail until trial. j thege told the suspect it, quote, seems like you wereni pl something. you learned about today's court developments first on 4. jeffrey clark pleaded not.
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guil they found a nazi flag, ammunition and a noose inside his northwest d.c. home. prosecutors say clark is dangerous. next at 11:00 tonight a hike in prescription drug prices delayed for mos is now closer to reality.ff how it could at the prices you pay for dozens of drugs. from your sleep position to your pillow and how many you use, there are little things you can do right now to get more restful sleep. we'll show you. and out of the last 12 fridays, which include tonight, we've had for nine of them. but here is the laelts on storm team 4 radar. we're completely dry. i'll haven the latest on r chances coming up in my forecast. what's a gig of data?
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a week and a half after election day, votes are still being counted in florida. volunteers spent their friday counting ballots by hand. they're working to get through 93,000 of them by sunday. republican rick scott leads decrat bill not essarily belson votes. democrat stacy abrams acknowledged she cannot win rn georgia's goor's race, but she says she did not concede. she understand republican brian kemp wl be certified as the next governor of the state. abrams claims there were intentional efforts to suppress african-american votes in georgia. she's vowed to fileed a feral
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lawsuit over management of the election. we're workingou for health tonight after caving to pressure from president trump, pfizer says it will move forwarh rice hikes on some prescription medications. the drug giant will raise its prices on 41 drugs in january. this past summer, pfizer put those plans on hold afterhe esident shamed the country on twitter. most of the price hikes will be about5%. "the wall street journal" first reported the news. tonight we wrap upur week of sleep with just how much your pillow and sleep position matter. >> as angie reports, the wrong combination can be a real pain in the neck and more.te >> rep waking up is tough when you sleep like a baby, but a third ofmericans don't, and dr. gregory lee says their position may be the problem. >> the reason you don't want to sleep on your stomach is you have to tur your necko the
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right or left, but you have to >> reporter: which can hurt your neck and back. it's on your back dr. lee says is the best way to sleep, but watch the pillows. >> we've been on your phones all the, on the computer, now you're going to pro-long that bad position with the neck.hi the best tng soda is support the natural curve of the neck and get a pillow for underhe knees. that supports the back. >> reporter: same setup for side sleepers for extra support add a third pillow behind your shoulder. locking that p is important too. the national sleep foundation recommends back sleepers use thinner styles or memory foam. side sleepers, go firmer. on your tummy, try the thinnest pillow or don use one at all. what about that mattress? >> test drive. go to the mattress store, get your spouse or partner and get on them and let your body tell you. don't read the labels that says firm or soft. >> reporter: angie gos, news 4.
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>> makes me tired just watching. for more than 30 years nbc 4 has been proudly helping people enjoy a thanksgiving meal. we're hoping you c give us a hand once again. join us for our annual food for families turkey and food drive next week. we're hoping to feed thousands of people. on monday you can meet pat law son muse and drop of food, cash, orck c at capital one arena downtown. we're countingu. on >> hope you'll join us and help us feed some families. pretty good weather sounds like ahead for the weekend? >> really not too bad. we don't have snow or sleet. but temperatures are running a bit below normal. normal is 58 degrees this weekend. we're talking about temperatures only in the 40s to near 50s. soo t's going chilly out there, but we have plenty of sunshine tomorrow if you're
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looking forething to do at night this weekend, check it out. how beautiful is this? this is from wheaton, maryland. the garden of lights display. this is going to goou t new year's day. what a great vantage point from chopper 2. as we take a look at your weather headlines out there, namely dry but cool weekend. isolated somehow on monday, so have the small umbrella handy. i'm only seeing a 20% to 30% chance with a shower on monday. maybe during the second half of the day. thanksgiving on thursday looking pleasant, still cool, but no rain in the forecast. right now our temperatures kind of all over the place. and i think some of the sensors areicng up where we're seeing a bit of snow and ice for areas like allow eray, nas sis coming in in the upper 20s and we're at 47 here in washington, 40 degrees in gatorsburg.
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37 degrees in hunting town. it's a cold night out there and a cold startomorrow morning, saturday morning, 36 in the district. suburbsnly around 30. so you want a puffy coat stepping out the door. but the sunglassess well. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. bych lme we're at 47 with a a high of 50. avso the weatherg a pretty low impact on your weekend. more clouds on sunday, but for outdoor exercise dthe arches, looking pretty comfortable out there. but we are dealingh w cold mornings. it's just that time of year. if you're getting the car wash this weekend, small shower chance on monday. raking leaves lookie nic both days, but especially tomorrow when there's going to be more sunshine in the if you're hea down to fedex field on sunday for the redskins game, kickoff forhe game around 1:00. temperatures for the game will be in the mid to upper 40s with plf clouds.
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so definitely wear the warmer jacket. if you get cold easily, i would recommend maybe some light gloves as well. quk check of your foliage report. areas west of washington past the district now. considered to have high color right w. we take a look at thanksgiving, a high temperature of 48 degrees with partly cloudy skies. look at the ten-day forecast, well, it's a chilly one out there. again, high temperatures this time of year coming in in the upper 40s. of course my computer is frozen so we don't get a sunday forecast. suffice it to say we're dry all week and next weekend there's a chanceor rain. >> after thasgiving we're keeping on a eye on. theizards riding a three-game winning streak. why it's back to the drawing why it's back to the drawing
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. let me something about the nba's eastern conference. it's like the weather and the dmv. if you don't like what you see, just wait 30 minutes, it's going to change, so we know the wizards started terribly, but that might be even a euphemism. i know it's early in the season, the playoffs are nowhere near close, but just saying. wizards host ed the nets. second quarter, dwight hard! no defense so that works out well. 25 points, 17 boards for howard. down b two at the half and then they disappeared in the second. joe harris with the corner triple.
11:26 pm
nets up. and then in the fourth, gets the hoop and the harm. brooklyn ends their three-game winnin streak 115-104. we knew it couldn't last, guys. college hoops, undefeated maryland hosting hofstra. second half, bruno fernando, nice save. anthony cal in to ayala, knocks down the letrip. fernando was sensational. nice alley-oop. 17 points, 8 of 8 from the field, seven boards of the bench. terrapins win80-69. undefeated georgetown facing loyola mary mount. josh leblanc reading this all the way. ea. bu then loyola enfuego. bateman, lns score points
11:27 pm
in the second half. give georgetown's first loss of the year, 65-52. former maryland legend juan dixon leading against form fou virginia. jerome with the steal. nice euro step like jim back in the day. virg 2ia up by at the break. who's rolling? deandre hunter. 97-40. high school football. prince george's county hosting ch flowers. inton williams connecting with anthon morales, 15-yard strike. third f seven points quarter, still rolling. bell from 12 yards out. 13-6. 10-point game. jags otheirast gap, time
11:28 pm
running out,ui can'tte make it happen. s a couple of gexchanging some helmets. anyhow,re 22-12. high school football news, stunning result in the two-way west regional final, oakdale beat damascus 24-7, snappg a state record 53-game winning streak which was t streak in the country. the bears advance to the constituent semifinals next akek. >> that's a st we talk about the wizards and three, but yeah.
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here's a look at the ten-day forecast, 50s for the weekend.n 43avel wednesday, but we keep it
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peoeasy grab and gong chicken wings, perfect for game day. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make entertaining easy, leaving more time for those closest to you, during the holidays. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- benicio del toro,


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