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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  May 12, 2019 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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st business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. seems like some type of horror movie. >> tariffs for our country are very powerful. >> good morning, welcome to sunday "today" on this may 12th. i'm willi geist. happy mother's day to all you moms out there. more on that most important story of theni mor in a moment. meanwhile, president trump overnight going after his former white house counsel don mcgahn, following the news that mcgahn refused to clear the president of obstructing justice, this as congress fights to have him on
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capitol hill. hallie jackson is here to go through all of trouble in houston, following days of heavy flooding there, crews now are working to contain a major chemical spill in the city's shipping channel after two barges collide in an oil tanker. residents now concerned about the possible health effects. we'll go there live. and later, a sunday sit-down with keanu reeves, on a career that launched 30 years agoit w an excellent adventure, trav aveling through the matrix and now has arrived at his latest john wick movie. but before he was a star, keanu almost was someone else. >> when i got here, they wanted to change my name. >> welcome to hollywood, change your name. >> my middle name is charles. they were, like, whyca don't we you k.c. reeves. i feel wounded.
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sling slings and arrows, i think that's an arrow. >> a sit-down with keanu reeves and another life well lived and beauful mother's day story all later in the show. let's begin in washington, where president trump is going after his w formerte house counsel don mcgahn after the lawyer refused white house requests to publicl clear the president from claims he obstructed justic >> reporter: in the wake of reports that former white house counsel don mcgahn refused to tell the world what he told the special counsel, that he believes the president isn't guilty of obstruction, mr. trump is lashing out at the man whose job was to defend the presidency. >> reporter: the presint now taking shots at his former white house counsel, in a tweet clai e bob mueller. actually, lawyer doncgahn had a better chance of being fired. this after reports that mcgahn refused white house requests to publicly say heever believed the president obstructed justice. and as mcgahn faces a subpoena
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from house democrats demanding documents and testimony. thesi prential offensive was one of more than a barrage of 60 tweets and retweets on saturday, from t president's tax returns to trade. in one he issued a warning to china, don't stall until after the 2020 elections hoping to get a better deal on trade. the deal will becore far w for them if it has to be negotiated in my second term, the president wrote. it would be wise for them to act now, but love collecting big tariffs. with the high stakes trade talks at an impasse, both sides are digging in. they vowed china is not flinching and nor are the chinese people. when h wasn'ttweeting, the president spent five hours saturday at his northern virginia golf course. meanwhile, vice president pence delivered the commencement address at liberty university, home to 100,000 students with an
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emphasis on christian education. pence warned graduates they'll be attactd for wha they believe. >> you'r goingo be asked to bow down to the idols of the popularculture. >> reporter: and on those trade talks, as the president takes a shot the chinese on twitter and nervous consumers and jumpy financial markets waited for a deal, the two sides have yet to announce a date to resume talks. wil willie? >> thanks so much. hallie jackson made the trip to new york to join me for the morning. good to see you. d -- mother is right aro >> backstage. no pressure. >> no pressure on you to perform for your mother here. china, with the tariffs. on friday, as promised, the president bumped them to 25% on $200 billion worth of goods. negotiating tactic here from the president because there is still time to turn this around. >> the tariffs are in effect now. the entire tariffs areha ening. but there are tariffs on goods, on stuff, things you and i buy
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all the ti, groceries, fruit and nuts, clothes, handbags, it is on chinese ships. till a couple of weeks for the ships to come u.s. shores. and that's when the tariffs kick in. there is two or three week grace period where if they are able to come to a deal, none of us will feel the heavy financial impact that a lot of people are bracini for,t? here is the question, though. as mike pointed out, there is no date for more negotiatiose. the chieam left. the delegation in town talking with treasury secretary mnuchin and the president' presentative is on their way back home. unless there is some movement before the end of the month, it is going to start to be pain in the pocketbook for people across the country. >> already some from previous tariffs. >> and the threat of more. >> right. mike mentioned the don mcgahn story who reportedly nbc news confirmed would not go out publicly and say the president has not obstructed justice as he was asked to do by the white house. the president predictably going
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after don mcgahn. how concerned are theut abo don mcgahn out in the wild? >> he did speak to muell for 30 plus hours. he was the star of the second volume of the mueller report. there is a lot in there based on what mcgahn had to tell. they already tried to silence mcgahn. they want to talk to him about what we're talking about, pid theresident really tell you to get rid of robert mueller? how did you take that? they have the white house said you can't talk to congress. now don mcgahn is under threat of being held in contempt of congress because he's refused to mply with the subpoena. for mcgahn, it is a tricky situation, but the white house clearly not happy. but you don't have to be a white house correspondent to know that. you just need a twitter account. the president is not happy. >> you can be in new york and scroll throute twit let's talk about the 2020 race as it relates to the white house. rudy giuliani, the personal
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attorney for donald trump, had threatened to go to ukraine to investigate a story about joe bideot now he's n going to ukraine, by by virtue of mentioning h was going to ukraine, the stories are out there. is he the guy that the white house has itsye e on? >> if you ask people publicly, they'll say no. ifou y ask people privately, they say yes. i've been hearing from my sources since months before joe biden ever said he was going to run for president that if he ho would be e one the biggest threat. and i think you can also see that by the way the president is responding to this. the idea his personal attorney would consider traveling overseas to ukraine just to dig up dirt on this one guy, he's the guy tha the president tweets the most about, i think the most nicknames, right? sleepy,reen creepy, it goes on. clearly nervous about it and the president is talking about it, he thinks it will end up being joe biden or bernie sanders. joe biden, as we talked about, can play in some of the states that helped donal trump get to
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victory in 2016. those rust belt states, mwest states. the question for joe biden, this is the one we don't have the answer to yet, can he make it through thery democratic prima when you have a more progressive democratic base who is look for somebody a little younger, maybe ressive, joee pr biden on the more moderate end. >> at this early stage, he's got a big lead, nationally and in early states. thank you so much. i think your mom is proud. see hermiling over there. stick around. we'll see you in a moment. now to the afterth of the chemical spill in houston's shipping channel. crews are working to contain the damage with residents of the country's fourth largest city wotied about the efft may have on their health. tammy leitner is in houston with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. much of the channel here is still closed after thousands of rrels of a chemical spilled here and it is still unclear how long it will take to remove it. this morning, one of theworld's busiest shipping water ways
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still partially closed after a chemical spill. salvage crews scrambling to contain the mess at the houston ship channel and nearbysi rents are worried. >> oh, no. not again. >> reporter: britney lives two locks from the channel and is keeping her four kids and dogs far away. >> my kids like to go fishing down there. so does my husband. >> reporter: a tug boat pustwng barges collided with an oil nker on friday. one barge capsized. the other carrying 25,000 barrels of a chemical called reformate was damaged. almost 9,000 brels of the toxic material leaked into the channel. it is found in the gasoline we put in our ca it is extremely flammable. and can be deadly to marine life and to human beings if swallowed. >> the monitoring is continuous. if you have health concerns, call 911. >> reporter: epa and locale officials arnitoring the air qual around the clock. and so far they say there is no
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alth risk, but some residents and business owners are still concerned. louis martinez is worried for his son as well as his pet. >> any airborne particulates can really affect our animals, especially with the respiratory. >> reporter: he's taking no chances. >> we're still using our bottled water, we're making sure that we don't get them anything from the faucet. r: they're still traumatized by the chemical fire in nearby deer park less than two months ago. >> i think it was more devastated knong that the problems keep occurring. >> reporter: resident and communities 20 miles away say they're smelling gasoline so we're told around the clock air monitoring will continue for as long as it takes. wi willie? >> tammy leitner, thank you very much. the car student who got killed when she gotnt i a car that she thought was an uber was
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awarded a degree posthumously. the seat was reserved in the front row for the 21-year-old who would have graduat on sa. the university has launched a nationwide campaign for better ride share safety. this anrning, are mourning the death of actress peg rgy lipton. she played a flower child hippie cop on the police show "the mod squad." she took a long break from two g to raise her daughters including actress rashida jones with music producer quincy jones. then returned to tv on david lynch's twin peeks. peggy lipton was 72 yearsld. let's turn and get a check of your local weather. >> we have temperatures out there rht now that are in the 50s. we'll keep with the temperatures in the 50s through a good portion of the day. rain continues as well. so showers will continue throughout the day today.
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wave of rain, heavy rain coming down right now in spots. but, again, we'll continue to see waves of r throughout the day today. again, just expect that, jus expect a dreary day and also a breezy day, northeast winds from 10 to 20 miles an hour. rain connues through tomorrow. >> straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week on this mother's day as oneet mom a big surprise that her son's college graduation. here was another cap and gown handy. and the internet whipped in ds of frenzied speculion over an out of place coffee cup left in a scene from "game of thrones." we'll get to the bottom of >>it as loanebt overwhelms college students, one radical plan to throw them a nelifeli >> do you feel like you yourself are an investment? >> they're hope iing that i'm gg on that investment and i hope the investment pays offca bee that would be great stuff for me. >> it is all coming up on sunday
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"today." and as we head to break, our photo of t week, the queen of england gazes upon her new great grandson archie, a healthy baby bornwe this ek. archie's mom, the duchess of sussex is american actress meghan markle and the wife of prince harry. actress
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new gain scent blast. love it or hate it. it's intense. . hallie jackson and her amazing shoes back. >> thank you. >> help me go through the highs and lows of the week. i love them. les start with a great high. mother's day, of course. to all you moms who always put your childn first, that includes a michigan womanamed sharhonda, set to graduate last weekend from farrah state
8:18 am
university flint her son getting his diploma from central michigan university over in mount pleasant on the same day. soithout a secon thought, the proud mother skipped her own graduation to watch her son walk pe stage. well, thesident of central michigan caught wind of this and ceremony, ing of the he quickly reached out to the president of ferris state and together they arranged a surprise for sharhonda. >> by the virtue of the authority vted in me,y the state of michigan, and the board of trustees on behalf of president geissler and the state trustees, i deferpon you sharhonda v sh please move your tass. >> and with that, she got sher diploma. she graduated alongside her son with ahelor in science in
8:19 am
business administration. stephon earned a ba in music theater. congratulations to both. what a day. the way this played ou she posted something on facebook and that made its way to the president's office on the morning of he calls over and said let's g this done. >> looking at that picture, you get emotional, especiamoy with er's day, what an amazing moment for both of them. power of social media.t she wen viral first and now viral again. >> absolutely. congratulations on graduation. that's awesome. our first low,o t the time wasted by the world's 7.5 billion people this week debating a coffee cup on the set of game of thrones. last sunday dragon queen sat at the head of the able to aft arfter her celebration. shetly asked for a grande skim latte. look here, in the midst of the party set centuries ago, the oe
8:20 am
queen has a modern coffee cup sitting in front of her. fans will accept flyingon drag and bats, but put a cup of coffee in there, it sets the internet ablaze. as many fans saw a starbucks cup, the company jumped into the fray, jokingly surprised that the dragonot queen did n order one of their drago drinks. by some estimates, starbuc got more than $2 billion worth of free advertising over the last week. but it turns out it wasn't even a starbucks cup. it was a cup of tea or coffee from kraft services that may have belonged to either amelia clarkr to her co-star sophie turner who playfully blamed each other for it this week. hbo ditally removed the cup for future airings in the episode. in reviewing the entire season frame by frame our team of forensic analysts noticed something, another slip. look closely here, youanee her carrying her sunday "today" mug as she rides into who left that there?
8:21 am
>> it is so strange. it is so big. a "today" show growler. it is a bucket. >> it is great. it is available at the nbc store. that's the beauty of the whole thing. >> starbuck made out look a bandit on this. not even a starbucks cup and a ton of free advertising. two ext high belongs to women who finished last in the pittsburgh marathon. but who are the very first runners everyone will remember from the race. ura mazer and jessica robertsonever met before they reached the mile 14 marker last weekend. hey both were feeling pretty discouraged. wondering how they would make it the rest of the way. that's when they noticed each other. they decided they we going to finish that marathon together so they grabbed hands and they started to run. she said i told her i would stay with her if she stayed with me. the picture went viral around the world this week. they passeden strgth back and forth between them, they did it. more than seven hours after they
8:22 am
started, laura and jessica finished the pittsburgh marathon hand and hand. shoutout to anyone who finishes the marathon, anyone who can do 26 miles, however long it takes. i want to in my head, but tn i think about what goes into it, probablyever going to happen. >> it is not always about competition. >> is not. great moment. our finalurlow, o thoughts and prayers to the person who rolled out the red carpet for de russian presi vladimir putin this putin h the ice on friday night in ,sochi, russithof a grouormer nhl legends in aio traditl exhibition game. putin weaves through the defense like a young gretzky and scored eight goals, almost three hat tricks ingane game ast nhl players. how does he do it? watch one defender briefly consider stopping putin's russia to the goal befe quickly valuing his life and that of his loved ones. he was skating around the rink waving to adoring fans, when a
8:23 am
red carpet rolled ou for a post game ceremony snuck right up on him and down he went. horrified teammates rushed in to help. he popped up quickly on his own, the only defense played on the russian president. what a player. >> who among us, though, hasn't tripped, eaten it on the floor, tried to hop up, right? >> i guess. like in that setting, though? >> with the red carpet, yeah. >> thoughts and prayers to everybody involved. coming up next, a sunday sit-down with keanu reeves, talking about his early days in "bill and ted's excellent adventure". the latest installment in his popular john wick movies and how he keeps a relativy low profile despite 30 yearss a star. and then on this mother's day, the incredible story of two women, a patient and a nurse, bonded first by cancer and now by a mother's greatest joy. we'll be right back.
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thiss a news 4 today news break. >> 8:26 on this sunday, may 12th, mother's day. good morning to you. i'm adam tuss. a major stretch of the gw parkway shut down for several days because of this huge
8:27 am
sinkhole. crews were out in full force yesterday, working to fix it, which opened up friday night. northbound lanes o the parkway are shut down from chaimbridge road to the beltway. they hop to have o lane open by tomorrow morning. you can still drive the southbound lanes pretty smoothly. a major part of the air at joint base andrews is canceled because of the nasty weather. air showhe officials say tre will be no aerial donstrations at the show today. rain and overcast skies are going to make that impossible. you can still come to the air field and check out all of the vintage planes. you have to it on the ground. keep that umbrella handy, oi we're g to have rain all day. lauryn ricketts is back with a look at your mergefoother's day recast when we.
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the best internet is even better at our best price. switch now and get our fastest speeds and a $200 visa prepaid card. only on fios. we continue to see some rain showers pushing through the region, waves of rain will continue onhehis mots day. you wake up, walk outside, we got foggy and wet conditions. that's going to continue all t throughout day. breezy conditions as well. teeratures in the 50s. that's where we're staying. we'll keep this northeast wind.r sh throughout the day. heaviest rain between now and early afternoon and then a fewe showers on this afternoon through tonight. showers through the day tomorrow. but finally by tomorrow night, we'll start to dry out. and we're a lot dryer on sunny on tuesday, low 60s. we stay below normal. average temperature, mid-70s. we're dry as we continue through the end of this workweek and into next weekend.
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adhe? >> keep t umbrella handy. all right. we're back with more news and weather in about 25 minutes. for now, back to sunvey "today." ha great day, everybody. sometimes what your mother means varies based on where she's from. if your mother asks what are you doing for mother's day and she's from philadelphia, she means -- >> you better come down for brunch. papa is make the medirsne. >> motherom boston could mean -- >> if your car is not parked in in my yard on mother's day, i'll have a heart attack and you can eat at wahlberg's. >> ta fey and amy poehler joining emma thompson with mother's speak 101. the jonas brothers were the musical gues. 30 years ago, two slackers named bill and ted traveled throughime on an excellent adventure. in a movie that becameri a su hit and launched the
8:31 am
career of a young actor named keanu reeves. fr there, the hollywood adventure took reeves through a range of roles in films lik "parenthood," "point break," "my own private idaho," "speed," "something's got to give" and the matrix movies where he dothd bu dodged bullets in slow motion. that made reevesamous around the world, but he's remained private and not drawn to the spotlight that follows ehim. we wer happy when he agreed to get together this week for a sunday sit-down to talk about his life and career. ♪ >> tha you for doing this. >> thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to converse. >> when it comes to his work, keanu reeves likes to be at the center of the action. inis latest film, "john wick: chapter 3 -- parabellum," reeves
8:32 am
returns as the grieving assassin looke.g for reveng where do we pick up john? >> at the end of chapter 2, we saw him running out of central park for his life and in chapter 3 we slam cut -- >> new york public library. >> a little later at night, raining and john wick is stil on the run. >> reporter: made on a small action movie budget, first john wick movie was a runaway hit that launched two sequels. thankso in part t the series' innovative fight sequences. it makes sense, given the film's direct wears keanu's stunt double in the matrix films. at 54, the actor's moves are all his. >> i do all of the action. i'm 90% of what'sap hning there. i'm maintaining the connection with the audience and with the story. stuff, it is wacky crazy you're, like, oh, my god,id at -- what did i just see? >> reporter:s it different
8:33 am
doing an action scene today tha0 it was years ago in the matrix? >> yes, absolutely. it is more about recovery. but with the experience, though, you becomeore efficient and hopefully you get better at what you're doing. because there is judo, jujitsu, weapons manipulations, and i call it >>gun-fu. reporter: there is some mo>>rcycle-fu. here is motorcycle-fu. ninja moto fu. >> reporter: get your money's worth. >> the whole shebang. >> reporter: his story begins in brut beirut, leban, where he was born. he moved around as a child until his family settled in toronto. >> irew up in showbiz. >> reporter: the whole shebang. >> let me color you a picture.
8:34 am
my mother is a costume designer. she works for ann murray and dolly parton. >> reporter: true story. >> true story. my mother says h came to when i was like 15 and i said, i want to be an i actor, that okay? and she was, like, of course, darling, whatever you would like. and then i was really self-motivated, so i started taking acting classes and improv. >> reporter: reeves soon landed his first professional gig, on stage and in commercials. >> who's your coach? >> my dad. >> when i was 20,n i got my car and drove to hollywood. i got here, they wanted to change my name. keanu was a little confusing. i was kind of, like, why don't you call me templeton or chuck spidina. and my agentswere, like, when will we get serious mre? mydle name is charles. they were, like, why don't we call you k.c. reeves.
8:35 am
my heart, i feel wounded, slings and arrows. i think that's an arrow. >> reporter: even with a name like keanu, reeves picked up small roles in movies.he and tn one excellent one. >> whoa! >> reporter: i'm sure you're painfully aware of it, but 30 years since "bill & ted's," right. does that rocket you to a new level of stardom in hollywood. did it feel that way at the time? >> no. >> reporter: ally? >> yeah. i mean, that was another film too that almost kind of in the john wick sense, under the radar, the success of that was a different tthing i had before. >> reporter: so successful in fact that more than three decades later -- >> it looks like we might actually hopefully mak a movie this summer. "bill & ted 3." >> reporter: a third film in the franchise. due out next year. >> excellent!
8:36 am
>> reporter: why did you want to come back to thatll story a these years later? >> because the writers had aea good id i don't know what it is going to be le to play tha role. but -- >> reporter: what is that going to be like 30 years later? >> i have no idea. scared. >> strange things are afoot ati the ce k. >> reporter: that signatureel delivery hped to launch a career of defining roles in films like "point break". agent!n fbi >> reporter: "speed." and "the matrix." >> the way the world reacted to "the matrix" andhe trilogy, i'm a part of that and certainly that -- the scale of that film i have no other film that is -- had that appreciation for it. >> reporter: despite leading a billion dollar actionan ise, reeves managed to keep a relatively low profile. is that something you work at or something that just haened? >> i think -- yeah, my day is pretty normal.
8:37 am
>> reporter: over the years, reeves has earned a devoted ll foing. delighting fans by just how pretty normal he can be. in march, after his flight made an emergency landing, hours from its destination, reeves jumped into action. even workingith theairline to get a van to take him and his fellow passengers home. even better, he won't boast or even talk about any of itte >> reporr: you are a reputation of being a very generous guy. there are stories about you buying harley-davidsons for crews -- >> you know what i love about john wick is, like, the cast i'm working with. cane,ou imagin like, i got to work with anjelica houston. >> reporter: ayes. lever diversion from an action star who always is thinking about his next move.ud inclg where john wick goes from here. >> wick and the whole shebang. >> reporter: that's the next movie. chapter 4. wick and the whole shang. >> in 4-d, in vr, an incredible
8:38 am
rama.r: >> reportee'll wait for part 4 4. for now, "john wick: chapter 3 -- parabellum" comes this friday, may 17th. our thanks to haca restaurant for hosting that conversation. this summer, keanu will lend his voice to a motorcycle-riding character named duke ca boom in the animated moyie "t story 4." to hear him talk about the real life motorcycle company he runs, and what he loves about being out on the road alone, check out our web extras at don't forget to bscribe to the sunday sit-down podcast to hear the entire unedited interview. find that at apple podcast or wherever you get yours. now a big announcement about next week's llshow, when we' have a sunday sit-down with an american icon who you don't see all that often these days, david letterman. dave and i put on the waders and stand in a stream for a rare
8:39 am
conversation to talkbout the state of comedy in our political culture, his life after late night which includes the discovery and awe of costco and the new season of his netflix ow. david letterman, next week, on " sunday "today. first, let's get a checkf your local weather. well, it is going to be a wet one out there for mother's day. we continue to watch showers push through the region, waves of rgn continuin to move through. that's what you're going to expect out there today. the heaviest rain pushing through. now, uil the early afternoon. then more scattered light showers as we head into the afternoon. foggy out there, breezy out there. teatures staying in the 50s. we continue with rain showers throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures in the 6 low. light stuff drawing out monday night and dry the rest of the workweek. >> next on sunday "today," a crisis of student debt threatens to swamp a generation of young people, and innovative new solution has colleges investing in their students, literally.
8:40 am
we'll explain when we come back inust 45 seconds. this show your lofr with a gift the love and be loved collection by kay. a symbol of your inseparable bond. it's where together meets forever. now save 30% storewide. exclusely at kay. the most recent statistics from the federal reserve sw in
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the united states, nearly5 million borrowers owe 1.$5 trillion on student loans. it is larger than credit card and auto loan debt and mortgage debt in this country. the numbers are staggering and they threaten the future of a generation stuck under the weight of its loans. now one major university is leading the way with a plan that eases the burden of tuition by taking a cut of its student future. sasha burns of our streaming service nbc news now has our sunday spotlight. >> reporter: america is a betting land. from wall street to the playing field. but what about betti on the next generation? >> around my junior year, thatn was whe that savings account dried up. up my parents could not make for that difference. >> reporter: paul is graduating from purdue university this weekend, but that almost dn't happen. >> my parents are saying i might
8:42 am
are to take a semester off and just work and save up that i moy that needed. >> reporter: his problem is not unique. but purdue solution is. it was the first major public university to give students new way to finance their education. the idea is called an income share agreement. an isa. here's how it works. a student's tuition is paid for in exchange for a percentage of their future income. there is no interest, there is a set end date, and a spending cap. and while you're out of a job, you don't pay. essentially students sell a stake in themselves to investors, while investors mak aet that the students will succeed after college. >> not necessarily a loan, but it is more so partnership between you and the university. >> reporter: do you feel like you yourself are an investment? >> they're hopinghat i'm going to leave here and grow and then return on that investment and i hope the investment pays off because that would mean great stuff for me.
8:43 am
>> reporter: in the u.s., the growth of student loan debt is actually outpacing wage growth. purdue president mitch daniels wants to change that. was, will l question there be demand for it. there was. >> reporter: right now, the student is the person who assumes most of the tsk. >>t's exactly right. they can rather quickly get in a hole if their career does not start off in a good paying job. in an a,is that risk is entirely shifted. it is also a way for the investors, which in our case includes the university to take accountability. >> reporter: this is purdue putting some skin in the game. >> absolutely. >> reporter: chris is the co-founder of edly, a marketplace for isa. >> we bring together schools on the one hand and investors on the other hand that come together to finance isas. >> reporter: from the investor perspective, is this a good cause? or is it good business? >> i think it is th. can see that the returns look good. but we also know we're solving r big oblem.
8:44 am
>> reporter: how does this play out for student after graduation? you borrowed 27,000. >> yes. i'm expected t payy income share, which for me is 10%, back for 4 months. >> reporter: charlottefr graduad purdue in 2017. she funded three years with udent loa until the isa progra launched her senior year. how do the two compare? >> the isa ises dned to take ndividual circumstance into account. while a standard loan doesn't care. >> reporter: one thing this doesn't address, the massive cost of ed yation. doou worry it is sort of a band-aid on the bigger problem? >> yes and no. something like this takes the strain off of theud ts, while the university, the government can think about is there a better way? >> reporter: and that seems look a pretty fair bet. burns,day "today," sasha west lafayette, indiana.
8:45 am
>> thank you very much. next on this mother's eday, th story of one mom celebrating her first mother's day. and the nurse who has been at her side since she was a teenager fighting cancer. >> it was almost like walking na a stranger's room, but coming out with a friend. >> she talked to me, like a person,ot like i wasn't just a patient. >> reporte . and later, the life well lived, the woman who rose from the streets of harlem to become the queen of swing.
8:46 am
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hey, look, it is my mom. it is impossible, of course, to sufficiently thank mothers for all they. do but today on mother's day, we try. around me are the members of our brilliant team and their moms. a mother's love, care, sacrifice,n begins eefore her child is born. and it never really stops. so we children say to our mothers, our wives, our sisters, our grandmothers, our aunts, our friends andothersround the world, thank you for all of it. and nbc's kristen dahlgren, a mom herself shares a wonderful story of motherhood and sisterhood in our sunday closer.
8:49 am
>> reporter: amy belly always dreamed of celebrating mother's sy. >> i alwanted to have kids. it wast a estion. >> reporter: as a young woman, her life was falling into place, she was in college, dating her high school sweetheart josh, and everything was great and then -- cancer, similar to leukemia. the young woman who had it all need bone marrow transplant to survive. >> a kick in the gut, all of a suddenavhey say you cancer and, like, your whole life changes. >> reporter: includingte poially amy's dream of becoming a mom. >> she had told me that it would most likely leave me inrtile. they told me i could freeze eggs. >> reporter: an ey decision nce she knew she wanted kids, but doctors also told her freezing embryos would give her a better shot. and that required a donor. a ngugh question to ask a y boyfriend. >> we had been together for three years. but i9as only 1 and didn't know. >> we had to get lawyers because
8:50 am
we were so young. >> reporter: denise will never rget the youngcouple. amy was her first oncology patient as a nurse. their ages a few years apart. >> like walking into a stranger's room but coming out with a friend. >> she talked to me like a person, not like i was just a rpatient. >>orter: with amy in the hospital for months, their friendship grew. denise's care helping amy beat cancer. >> she is just a wonderful success story and when she kind of got better and moved on from being a patient on the unit, i would still think about her, wonder how she was doing. >> reporter: they were facebook friends so denise knew amy followed her into nursing and she was excited to hear amy and josh did get married. but a few weeks ago, a surprise. denise had just started a new assignment at brigham and women's hospital's neoetive intenive care unit when she heard a couple requested she
8:51 am
take care of their new baby who arrived a few weeks early. >> i just couldn't believe that they were here, ten years later, healthy, happy and having a baby. >> hi! >> reporter: little lucas, a michele baby who brought everything full circle, for his parents and their nurse. >> my favorite baby ever. >> reporter: in the hospital where a once fought for her life, she brought a new one into the world. >> i didn't know if it would happen and here we are. >> reporter: lucas is home and doing great, a little dream that defied the odds. today, celebrating the mom who never gave up and the people who helped get her here. for sunday "today," kristen dahlgren, boston. >> what a great story. thank you so much. and happy mother's day to you. this week, wean highlight her life well lived. easter sunday, 1932, a 12-year-old star was born while dancing in her church o clothesn
8:52 am
a sidewalk in haem. she soon would be known as the queen of swing. ♪ norma miller grew up in a small apartment with her immigrant mother and her sister. her father, a dock worker, died of pneumonia a month b was born. from her window, young norma could hear the music coming from harlem's famed savoie ballroomd anee silhouettes moving across the floor. she wanted to dance too. aamous swing dancer named twist mouth george ganaway saw talent as she danced that sunday and introduced her to the world inside the savoy. she joined the lindy hoppers that took her around the world performing their acrobatic swing dancing. brotherse met the mar and began appearing in movies like 1937's "a day at the races." over the years that followed, she helped to make harlem swing wo famous in movies, on
8:53 am
broadway, and on global tours. norma also fought against entrenched segregation in show business, often leading all rican-american groups to venues where only whites had performed before, and insisting on equal treatment. she performed for troops invi nam and even had a role on red fox's show "sanford and sons." norma miller, the queen of ing, diedast sunday at home in fort myers, florida. she was 99 years old. ♪
8:54 am
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hallie jackson is back to help me sort through the sunday mail,re we take your questions from twitter, facebook on instagram a joanne asks
8:57 am
this mother's day morning, who is your favorite tv mom? >> good qution. favorite tv mom is my mo k she'sd of on tv. >> hi, mom. >> look, i lov modern family. i like gloria, sofiave rgara. she is fun. she is hilarious. mom. >> i go fun mom. >> i goy back to m childhood, elise keaton from "family ,"ties meredith baxter birney. you said you've seen one tv show and that's the mom you chose. ourailbox was full this week of your messages and photos with your big yellow sunday mug. meg in new york ty, toast t being cancer free. we all toast to that, meg. here is melissa and her team of teachers at marlolementary in new port richey, florida. we're told that melissa figured out twio get us that pic. and belinda in clarksville, tennessee, received our giant mug as an early mother's day gift. there she is. happy mother's day, belinda. happy mother's day to all of
8:58 am
you. thanks, hallie. happy mother's day, hallie's mom. >> "news 4 today" starts now. >> just about 9:00 on this sunday morning. here's what we' following for you, a local marine killed in training. now his family is speaking to news 4 about the terrible moment they learned the news. er>> brazen mu new details this morning about the woman gunned down leaving work. we'll have the latest on the search for her killer. >> and that sinking feeling continues for drivers on the gw parkway this morning. road work continues today for a sinkhole that is under the busy road. that's going to be a mess for a littleb . we'll continue to check on that. we welcome you in on this mother's day, happy mother's day to the moms out there. >> yount meioned the mess on the roads. messy day in neral. >> yes.
8:59 am
>> good to be indoors. >> she's not messy. sometimes she's messy b we'll bring her in. >> are you talking about lauryn ricketts? >> no, no, never. >> i'm a hot mess. >> i'm trying to keep it positive here. you know what i mean? from the mess outside, but you can straighn out the mess for us. >> how do you make this positive? >> i am. because lauryn is here. >> thank you. i'll throw a positive spin on it. it will end on tuesday. there we go. there is the positive spin. great day for mom. you maybe had breakfast in bed because we have rain showers out there now.a it is dreary morning. we have the fog, and to boot we have temperatures in the 50s, a long with a northeast breeze. 10 to 20 miles an hour. all of that, right across our area. waves of rain continuing to move across our could be moderate at times, could hit dry patches, but for the most part, we'll be dealing th rain showers as we continue through the day today. temperatures as i said a little
9:00 am
on the cooler side. temperatures are in the 50s for daytime highs today. that's where they re rightnow. so going ahead and popping out that screen, you can see thatn raishift will continue to push through the watch out for the fog when you head outside. visibilities are low now. that temperature 57. that's where we're going to stay. northeast winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour. we'll talk about the rain ending on tuesday. we'll time it out fto today and rrow. that's coming up in 15s. minute >> lauryn, thank you very much. the rainthat lauryn was talking about is already causing major problems for drivers. we're talking about a five mile stretch of t gw parkway that is still shdown. >> could stay that way for several more days. live now, derrick ward joins us from along the parkway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. we're here at champ bridge road and the ramp which is closed beus


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