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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. good morning. marine mess. a growing scandal for the military. 16 marines arrested in an early morning sweep from law enforcement. facing charges involving human smuggling and drug offenses. here marines are now being questioned as t investigation widens. >>tc suicide jeffrey epstein back in his cel this morning as the mystery deepens around what happened around the financier. his cell mate denying he had anytng to do with epstein's injuries. so was this an attempt to take his own life? we're live with the latest. or>> no m mr. nice guy. under attack from the other 2020 hopefuls, front-runner joe biden fits back ahead of next week's
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democratic debate. >> what did you mean when you said you're not going to be as polite in the next debate? >> we'll see. >> those stories, plus, remembering ally fries and family gat for the ole miss student gone way too soon. >> scooter skirmish. are they simply too dangerous fod riders anpedestrians. >> and fortnite fever. we take you inside the first ever worldup of fortnite geing under wayhis weekend. massive numbers of fan gathering and a jackpotp for grabs. today, friday, jy 26th, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda k sve fromdio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and." welcome to "today th for joining us on this friday morning. thanks to kristen welker filling
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in for savannah, enjoying some time off. you picked a good friday. >> a great friday to be here. concert.ed about this >> lined up for pop superstar andy grammer, singing some of his biggest hits. >> perfect for afriday. >> feel-good music, a great way to start the weekend. but let start with our top story, that growing scandal within the marine corps. this morning, 16 u.s. marines from california's camp pendleton are in custody for what's being described as various legal activities. national correspondent miguel almaguer is in oceanside, california, with the latest on the investigation. miguel, good morning. >> craig, good morning. the alleged crimes by the group of marines remains under investigation here at camp pendleton. officials will only say they're connected to human smuggling and drugcharges. those arrests happening just behind me. some 800 marines were taking part in the early morning battalion
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investigator o carriedut a sweep. 16 marines arrested. another eight plucked fro group for questioning. all part of a large-scale ongoing criminal investigation. >> basically, it's a shock to the system. >> the junior enlisted marines were arrested for their alleged involvement in various illegal activities, including human smuggling and drug related offenses. in a statement, the marine cors says it's committed to justice and the rule of law. and will continue to fully cooperate. >> these crimes look like organized crimes crimes, but these were not organized people. they were relatively low rinking and were not in leadership positions and as a result, they took their opportunity when they saw it to make some extra money. >> officials confirm the arrests came on thef heels o another human smuggling investigation. marines his month, two were arrested and charged with transportation of certain aliens for financial gains. investigators say those marines
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agreed to transport three mexican citizens over the border for $8,000. >> these marines have been alleged to have done certain crimes. so if they are in fac found guilty of those crimes, then'l th be a heldppropriately accountable for that. >> the marine corps says the latest group of marines arrested did not take part in the southwest border support mission yeearlier this . they remain in custody and could be tried in the military justice system. >> and miguel, this isn't the only troubling headline coming out of the military, right? >> yeah, craig. it's not. a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. platoon was sent home from iraq after a, quote, loss of confidence. they're accused of drinking while off duty. they'll be sent back here to california. >> miguel almaguer,hank you. meantime, multimillionaire jerey epstein istill on suicide watch as investigators try to piece together what
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really happened in histt manha jail cell that left him injured and semiconscious. what's the latestovernight? >> good morning. the latest is this. according to the bureau of prisons, jeffrey epstein was never taken toit the hospal. there's still no official word on his condition or a statement about what actually happened. but one attorney is pushing bac sex trafficker was attacked. this morning, still no word on how jeffrey epstein ended up on the floor of his jail cell i around his neck.on, with marks asy described b several law enforcement sources. was it a suicide attempt? was it a ploy to get moved to a different facility? did another inmate attack him? according to two sources amiliar with the case, epstein is sharing a cell in manhattan's metropolitan correctional center with nick olis tartelioni, a of former police cer accused of
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murder. his attorney saying he's being unfairly targeted. >> nick had nothing to do with harming anybody in any facility, including mr. epstein, and he was not questioned about assaulting m epstein. >> the attorney describing what he calls grim conditions inside the jail. >>t is insect infested. inmates get woken up at night by having road nlts crawling on them.n florida, the palm beach sheriff's departme opened an investigation into his 13-month stint after he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution. at the time, epstein was aowed to leave his cell six days ao week and gto an auchs for work tn attorney for one of his accusers said i wasn't all work. >> he had visitors, femalesi vitors. i don't know that any of them were under, and the female visitors were there not for business. >> no proof was given for the allegation, and epstein has not
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responded to the accusation, but the current sheriff said if the law was broken, he wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.ei epstn's attorneys are appealing the bail decision that will keep him in jail until h trial begins. it could be months and even longer before the trr way. >> another angle you're tracking. the company that own victoria secret is hiring a lawyer. >> they put out a statement saying jeffrey epstein was the personal money manager for les wexner, but they didn't go into specifics on what they were investigating. we'll see what comes out of that. >> thank you for that. >> now to the infighting that's ting to heat up among the leading democrats vying for the chance to face president trump in the 2020 election. as the stage i set for next week's debate, most of the attention is directed at former
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vice president joe biden who is leading t increasingly more aggressive pack. andrea mitchell has the latest on this one. andrea, good morning. >> good morning, craig. with the democrats' second debate less than a week ago, joe biprn is iewing a more combative approach to his rivals, including kamala harris and cory booker. both harsh critics of biden's ci l rights record. a more aggressive joe biden, aides say ready for a rematch. >> do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in america then? >> no. >> do you agree? >> i did not oppose busing in america. this time, planning to punch back, and expecting new attacks from kamala harris. >> i thoht we were friends. and i hope we still will be. she asked me to go out and called me and asked me to gohe convention and be the guy from outside of california to nominate her at he .r the senate seat i did. >> and now, also sharing the stage with cory booker.
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who has been slamming the former vice president for his now controversial 1994 crime bill. >> i'm disappointed that it's taken joe biden years and years, until he was r f president, to say he made a mistake. >> biden in turn going after oker's record as mayor of newark, new jersey. >> his police department was stopping and frisking people, mostly african-american me >> the former vice president telling democrats at a fund-raiser earlier this week, i'm not going to be as polite this time. >> wha did you mean when you lite in the next debate? b as >> we'll see. >> in fact, biden is prepared to be attacked from all sides, not just booker on the crimeill and harris on busing, but kiersten gillibrand on his recordefending women's rights, and julian castro on the obama administration's record on
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undocumented immigrants. t labelingm as medicare for all, which biden says will raise taxes on the middle class. one issue they all agree on, attacking presi trump for his racist comments about the four freshmen congresswomen of color. this rning, biden has a commanding 2 to 1 lead over his itor, bernie sanders. in a new fox news poll. after his performance in the first debate, his team has a lot to prove next week when he's back on the debate stage. craig and kristen. >> all right, andrea mitchell for us in washington. thank you. and now we want to turn to that record-breaking hea wave hitting europe, from rome to paris, dangerously high temperatures reaching up to 110 degrees right at theeak of tourist season. so we want to turn to al for all of this. what's going on here? >> we have these blockingns patthat stretch all across the ocean. in fact, halfway across the globe, so you have seen from paris, as you mentioned, to italy, to london, on intospain, record-setting heat, but tod l is thet day of that.
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take a look. we have this blocking pattern. many countries and cities-time cord highs. in fact, for the uk, only the second time they reached over 100 degrees. belgium, 105. the netherlands, a little over 107. a much cooler air mass is starting to move in,ne so o more day of extreme heat. by the weekend, everybody is into the 70s or low 80s, so that's a break for them. mentioned this blocking pattern. as we're looking at climate change, we're seeing more and more of these. this hugein blo ridge blocks those and locks those weather patterns into place, and we're seeing that, in fact, over the arctic. in fact, for alaska, they have this strong blocking pattern frequent ecoming more with climate change for july. this is the hottest month, not just july, the hottest month ever on record for alaska. temperatures 5 to 12 degrees normal. 90th consecutive day on average for the state to have above normal temperatures. 315 ofhe last 365 days above
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normal. and as far as the lower 48, we're talking temperatures now that are starting to rise again. om omaha,que, denver, chicago, and as we move to ther noast, temperatures all rising from burlington, cleveland, into new york and pittsburgh, and heading into the weekend and early,ext week you can see the temperatures are starting to creep up into the 90s. for philly, raleigh, detroit, nashvinte, atla and des moines as well. so the heat is on. it's not going anywhere anytime soon. >> temperatures creeping up indeed. thank you for that. we will get the rest of your forecast in a few minutes. >> for the moment, we turn to an international dust-up involving an american rapper charged with assault in sweden. now, kanye west, president trump, even first lady melania trump, are all getting involved. nbc's keir simmons has the latest, and keir, this is a weird one. >> it is. good morning to you. even in this extraordinary political era, there are still events that can leave us pretty stunned. this morning, the president chas
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tizing the predent over thee of a hip-hop artist and a fight in the streets. street brawl in sweden. now a fully fledged international r president trump weighed in on twitter in support of asap rocky. the american rappe caught on camera involved in a fight in obtained the images by tmz. two men mattacked. on beaten, kicked, and cut with a bottle. arrested, held for three weeks, and is now charged wil assault along with two alleged members of his entourage. but this video posted by asap rockyppeared to tell a different story. it shows him being followed by the same two men who were later attacked. >> we don't want no problems with these boys. ey keep foll. look at this. they kee following. >> the men ignoring repeated requests byndhe rapper a his
7:14 am
team to back off. apparently throwg headphones at his security the rapper's lawyer saying he ted in self-defense. >> he is claiming that he's innocent. >> on thursday, president trump tweetingde swen has let our african-american communi dn in the unid states. adding, give asap rocky his freedom. we do so much for sweden, but it doesn't seem t o work theer way around. >> i think the most -- >> overnight, presidential hopeful bernie sanders asked by jimmy kimmel about what he plans to do about asap rocky. >> not much for the moment. >> not much right now. >> theo rapper als getting support from other stars, including kanye west, kiman kardashi, and justin bieber. earlier in the week, the president was promised to bail, lly vouch for his but sweden has no system of bail, and sweden's prime minister insisting everyone is equal before the law, emphasizing the complete
7:15 am
ndependence of the swedish judicial system, no matter if e president himself weighs in on a fight in sweden's capital that's now being seen around the world. so keir, now that asap rocky has been formally charged, what's next? >> the legal process is being expedited pretty quickly. a hearing will take place next tuesday. if he's convicted, then he could face a fine oamounting t a earningsn of his daily or he could even face two yea in jail. so clearly, this is a serious charge. nterestingly, the public prosecutor in sweden making an unusual statement, saying we have evidence that folks on the internet don't have. effectively saying don't try this guy on twitter. wait for the real legal heaning, of course, that's a message to everyone, including the president. >> okay. keir simmons, keep us posted. roker, we turn back to you for the rest of the forecast. >> the good news is things are relatively quiet today. kind of summer doldrums, if you
7:16 am
will. few severe storms making their way through the upper midwest. summer sunshine throughout much of the east. we have a flood three southwestsss low pree develops. warm temperatures in the pacific northwest. medford, oregon, will see a high of about 97 degrees. 90 down into los angeles. we'll going to get to your ln al forecast ith ♪ but i told ya... yo, jer! we gotta get to the show. ♪ i was looking for a sign. get on the bus. d ♪ i neesomething to believe in. ♪ thrli my hands up to the cei. ♪ oh sky won't you give me a sign. ♪ tl me will the world oney e? jeep wrangler. freedom to do it all. good morning, everybody. tgif. a sunny friday morning.
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temperatures have been below 90 degrees for the last couple days. the heat and humidity of summertime will be making a comeback. right now, we're in the 60s and city.0s around the upper 50s in the shenandoah valley. a pleasantly cool start to your friday. here's your five-day forocast. thh the weekend, 89 today. back to near 90 tomorrow. then low 90s for sunday, monday, >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you for that. coming up, remembering ally, a late night vigil for that rdered ole miss student as her room mates speak out for the very first time. >> also ahead this smorning, what those e-scooters are everywhere you look. americans took 38 million rides last year, but n growing numbers of problems have some cities thinking twice about those two-wheelers. first, this is "toda
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thiss a news 4 "today" news b >> good morning to you. 7:26 on friday, july 26t . i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm molette green. a chance to find a teaching job in our area. montgomery county schools is hosting a hirg expo starting at 9:00 until 2:00 this afternoon. about 30 schools will be there to conduct interviews at the lter johnson high school in bethesda and you don't have to register. >> traffic could be backed up for hours crews try to get a tractor trailer off 270.on it lost col and crashed into a police cruiser which then crashed into another cruiser. let's send it to mel hsa mollet details on how it's impacting your commute. >> a three-mile backup through
7:27 am
germantown. southbound 270 at germanswn roadhere this crash is. it will be blocking the ramp onto 118 for the next couple hours. allow some extra time if that's your route. right now, going only 16 miles per hour in those southbound lanes. as we look at the beltway, volume actually nice and light.g no bcomplaints there on the beltway, and we do have this problem, centreville, crash blocking two right lanes. >> thanks. a check of your forecast coming up.
7:28 am
good morning, everybody. temperatures have fallen into the 50s in the shenandoah valley. already on the rebound throw. 71 in washington. 66 in fredericksburg. plan on sunshine. a little extra cloud cover in the afternoon. rain chaes delightfully low for the day. your saturday planner, in the
7:29 am
60s again tomorrow morning. low 90s on sunday. >> all right, thanks so much, chuck. another local news c updateing your way in 25 minutes. >> for now, back to "today" rt (whispering) ever since she got her new havertys furniture, she's been hosting all sorts ok things. ladies, tonight is all about letting loose. so fill up those glasses and let's paint! (sighs) where do you want me? (screams) tom? let's talk! havertys summer savings ent is going on now. we put everything on sale!
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and --t an extra $100 off now through monday. these deals will make you... ...the hostess with the mostess! havertys life lks good. ♪ you have t keep your >> it is 7:30 on this friday morning, july 26th,20 . no better way to kick off your summer weekend than with a concert from andy grammer. his fans,s you can see there, out in full force. can't wait to dance and sing into the weekend. also goingewo be n music as well. >> he's one of my favorites. >> keep your head up. >> before we get to that, we want to first get a check of today's headlins. more tha dozen marines were arrested in southern california thursday on allegations of human smuggling and drug related offenses. investigators carried out the sweep at camp pendleton during a morning battalion formation. 16 marines were taken into
7:31 am
ano eight plucked from the group for questioning. it's part of a large sle ongoing criminal investigation. in a statement, the marine corps said it's com jtted totice and the rule of law and will continue to fully cooperate. >>ca republi blocked an election security bill from advance. mitch mcconnell objected to the bill that would have authorized some $775 million to beef up state election systems and would have required the u of paper ballots. theillassed the house with just one republican voting for it. gop leaders made the case the trump administration has already made great strides in protecting the vote, and they say no more funding is needed. >> a runway tire caused a big commotion on a new jersey highway this week, and it was all caught on camera. take a lookt this video. youan seehe tire rolling down the middle lane at a high rate of speed.en evtually, it crossed over to the inside lanend suddenly jumped up on the jersey barrier and continued to roll along until it fell in oncoming
7:32 am
traffic and slammed in a jeep causing it to kfully, despite those frightening moments, the driver of the suv was not serioly injured, but the tire didan signif damage to the jeep. police are still trying to figure out where it came from. >> now to the university of mississippi where it has been a week of sadness and disbelief after student ally kostial was murdered and a fellow student arrested and charged with the crime. >> but friends say instead of t herragic death, it's her kind and positive spit they choose to remember. blayne alexander is in oxford, mississippi, with the latest. goodmorning. >> kristen, good morning to you. here at ole miss, on sorority row, several of the houses, including here where ally was a member, have hung black ribbons in her honor.un her fal services are set for tomorrow in st. louis, missouri, as so many people prepare to say good. >> she was just such a bright light. >> overnightn st. louis, family and friends of ally
7:33 am
kostial finding comfort amid their tears. >> she had a her that will never burn out. ever. >> nearly 200 people gathered at stial's former high school to mourn a young life cut ort. she should beemembered in every way that she impacted people wh her kindness. >> her friends say kostial always wanted to attend miss. she was there taking summer school courses when police say this surveillance video shows her walking out of bar near campus last friday. they are some of the last images of her alive. it was along tthse lhihaak t is a secluded than 30 minutes away from campus and a popular spot for students to hang out. monday, police arreste 22-year-old brandon thesefield and charged him with her murder. officials will not comment on how the two knew each other, but theesfeld, now suended from ole miss, is seen with kostial in theseto ps shos hem f will p
7:34 am
not guilty. >> she's always such a, like, now, those wholl loved a are bidding a painful good-bye. her dad on facebook calls this photo of his little girl one of my all-time favorite pics. and from her former roommate, a hand written letter that reads in part, ii could have protected you from this. i wish i was there. i am so sorry. >> there's so many unanswered questions, and so i can't understand it.'t i can understand how a person could be so cruel. >> and i understand you tald to theesfeld's lawyer. what is he telling you? >> yeah, kristen,the tells me are not speaking publicly right now, but they're doing their own research, going to thc e and interviewing witnesses and investigators. right now, theesfeld is being held at the county detention center. as of now, no bond hearingbeas set. kristen and craig. >> thank you for that reporting
7:35 am
from mississippi. >> we want to take a turn and check in with al and the weather. what are you watching? >> a lot of rain going on in florida, and they're going to get one more day of heavy ip precation, and then finally, things will calm down. you can see a lot of lightning strikes going on right now. anywhere from s another 1 to 3 inches, especially in east central florida. now, we're also talking about lightning fatalities. so far, ten deaths this year. on average, you get 27. as you notice, the number ofg lightnin strikes and deaths in pennsylvania and down in florida, and in fact, if you look at the 2018 average flash density per county, the heaviest area, right down into the southeast, down into florida, we're looking at that, you can see heavy lightning strikes. so look for shelter in a strong building. or a vehicle. if there's no shelter, avoid open fields and hilltops. stay away from tall objects. get out of the water. if you're inside, stay away from exterior windows and doors, avoid plumbing and don't touch corded electronic devices.
7:36 am
that's what's goi on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we have sunshine in the nation's capital on a friday morning. temperatures in the mid 60s to around 70. forecast high today, 8 degrees. a light wind out of the northeast, and plenty of sunshine. over the weekend, saturday and nday look great. temperatures will be in the 60s in the suburbs to around 70 in town both saturday and sunday morning. 90.urday's high back up to low 90s on sunday. and ifou you are beach for the weekend, the weather looks fantastic down at the eastern shore. safe t. >> nomination for greatest d father's present -- >> behold. >> he picked out this outfit. >> he did a great job. >> you have to show them the pants. >> i was going to wear gray pants. >> he's got style. >> you picked these out. >> ifr. roker signs off. >> like father, like son. great style. >> thank you. d thank you, son.
7:37 am
thank you, thank you. u, al.nk >> coming up, a shocking rise in the number of cases of skin cancer, especially among young women. so what's behind it all? we'll tell you what you need to know. >> that' then, what would you do if you ce face-to-face with a asark. maybe p out? we'll show you what to do as morehaourists try srk diving plus, once upon a time in hollywood star leonardo decap reo sharing a touching tribute to luke perry. >> and some citiesre cracking down on elec scooters getting so. from an infection, human papillomavirus i knew widespread hpv is and while hpv clears for most, human papillomavirus that might not be the case for him. i knew his risk increases as he gets older. i knew a vaccine could help protect him at age 11 or 12, before he could be exposed. i knew so i talked to my child's doctor.
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and we're back now. 7:41, and carson has joined the table. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> we're looking at in-depth today. theng debate over one of scooters. transportation they descended on 100 cities yrldwide, but man places are wrestling with how to regulate them. >> feels like they're everywhere now. now, atlanta, they're making changes following that city's cond scooter-related death. nbc's joe fryer has more. joe, good morning. >> good morning, guys. atlanta's mayor is hitting the brakes. e-scooters are still legal there, but for now, the city won't give permits to any new companies that want to drop theircooters there, as the city figures out what it wants to do next. and atlanta is not alone. as e-scooters gw in popularity, many cities are
7:42 am
faced with growing pains. grappling with clogged sidewalks and worries . on the streets of atlanta, protesters form a hum bike lane. they're calling for safer places for e-scooters after the city's second scter-related death. a rider hit and killed by a bus. police say the bus driver was not at fault in the ma >> now he's gone. >> in ls than two years, shared scooters have become city fixtures. in the u.s. last year, it's estimated riders tookore than 38 million trips. f> it's really convenient. they're kind o fun. >> people who ride them areha ving so much fun, they're not paying attention to traffic. >> anyone can quickly rent e-scooters using an app. typically, it's a buck to unlock them and 15 cents a minute after that. some cities also have e-bikes which can go nearly 30 miles an hour.ea idlly, the scooters and bikes ride on city streets, but wat this.
7:43 am
>> are you on a scooter? >> a dashcam in dallas recently captured ts scooter driver riding across lanes of interstate traffic. >> totally calm and cool, just looking him, making sure he could clange nes. >> they have clearly hit a nerve. some social media accounts are solely devoted to images of people taking out their frustrations on the two-wheelers. during comic-con in sandiego, the city impounded 2500 scooters >>. >> if you're going to use one of these things, wonderful. but please make sure that you park it responsibly. >> a for injuries, a study in austin examined 190 people who were hurt on scooters. 48% sustained head injuries, 15%, b traumaticrain injuries. of the nl190, o one was wearing a helmet. in los angeles, home to more of these than any other city, officials areor looking f solutions, including scooter driving lanes and special parking zones. >> we want to invest in making these things as successful as
7:44 am
they can be, because they help us meet big goals around climate and around mobility, and then we can follow up by investing in better infrastructure for people to re safely. >> so joe, is there an age limit for riding these scooters? how old do you have to be? >> most companies require riders to be at8. least 1 some stateu do need to have a driver's license. it's important to check with local laws before riding. the companies and clsy officia say one of the biggest challenges is getting riders to wear those helmets. some scooterompanies are giving out free ones or helping with discounts, but many riders still don't wear them. guys. >> part of the problem is a lot of these folks are tourists coming into cities and using them, so they're not traveling with helmets and there's no way to get them. >> procedure don't k the area either. >> have to wear your helmet and don't go into the middle of a freeway. my home town in santa monica, california, surprised they haven't put a cap on how men y f
7:45 am
these partnerships they do. they lither cityll they're a over the place. they drop them, they're everywhere. >> we need like bike racks for scooters. >> your husband occasioaklly will t one out, right? >> he will ride, and i always tell him, put on your helmet, stay on the sidewalk. those are the hrules. >>e you're watching. thank you, joe. thank you. up next from e-scooters to e-sports, carson, this one is for you, brother. >> let's go. >> it's like the super bowl of fortnite with more than $30 million up for grabs. we'll take you inside the first gaming world cup. it >> that's me playing. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's de-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week r toeal younger looking skin. makingrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with new retinol oil
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home insurance trusted by more people thanny other. state farm. we're back on this friday morning. this weekend marks the first ever fortnitehe wor sldupcuer nd it is all the buzz with us gamers. in fact, my fellow resident gamer gadi schwartz is out in l.a. with more on this huge event. we hav had a chance to play duos in fortnite in quite some time, butne it's big . talk sw for us fanatics. >> good morning. fortnite is that global phenomenon that nexploded o the gaming scene. over the past few month, its popularity has been waning. even i have given i up, my little brother doesn't want to play, but there's been so much hype about tg world cup that the pull of fortnite is ce again taking hold. he company is banking on. if you thought the tthattforth craze was over, think again.
7:50 am
tens othousands of fans are expected to pack this stadium in new york city this weekend to watch their favorite e-sports superstars battle it out in the wildly popular videogame. gamers like these -year-olds known as mr. savage and b gie fishy are here keeping their eyes on the $33 million in prize money. >> buy may mom a house, my family a house. >> he's ver passionate about tss, you know, e-spor>> the firl threee of live competition, streaming on platfernals like youtube and twitch. >> e-sports a generated astounding $900 million in the past year, and we're expecng toee that number double or even triple in the next three years. >> after breaking records last year, downloads and mentioned of fortnite have dipped slightly, but experts say the game's 250 users areeeping it very much in play. >> fortnite world cup is going to put gaming on a whole other level, going to -- the prize pool of $30 million is going to put so many eyes onto the game.
7:51 am
>> some of the e-sport athletes are pulling in over $10 million a year. gaming friends are now banding together, posting video of their game play,elling merchandise, and creating multimillion dollar media empires. >> this is the view? this is hollyod here. >> they have six gers competing in this world cup. >> every second that they can, they're trying to get better at the video game. they put in 8, 12-hour days every day. >> after touring their l.a. gamer mansion that might make some rethink the career choices -- >> now you have the impossible task of expla iing whyt is kids like to watch other kids play video games. >> i'm i guessing'm explaining this to a lot of momth out e. i want to shout out to my mom. t smee watcheshe show, too. you make so many friends plang videogames. besides that, it's competition that really, really gets people addicted. >> now, to corpete in the w cup, you had to make it through ten weeks of qualifying games, and guys, i'm ashamed to admit
7:52 am
it, but i did not make it. i blame carson daly for not g the fortnite friend request i sent a couple months ago. >> why didn't you go? why are you off fortnite? did you switch over to apex now? >> i have been in red dead redemption 2 for two months now. i keeptng getti sent off on all these side quests. >> that event looks like a lot of fun. >> like we're switching to another language.>> ou heard it in his piece. $900 million, e-sports, could double or triple in years. >> it's fun and fun to watch guys like ninja, who is likehe t lebron james of e-sports, watch them , and my son asked for a gaming chairor christmas, so get ready, parents. >> you probably asked for one too. >> comg u do it? thousands of people are actually diving into shark infested waters on puose, including al. we'll show you what happens when you do and tell you eve
7:53 am
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this a news 4 "today" news. >> 7:56 is your time on this friday, july 26th, 2019. good morning to you. i'm molette green. today, at redskins training camp, reporrs will get their first chance to talk to the three players competing for the starting quarterback job as alex smithes continu to heal. news 4's sherry bird is in richmond covering every aspect g camp.n look for her reports later today on news 4. now let's send it over to melissa mollet for a look at ur traffic. >> good morning. still have this alert, southbound 270 at germantown road. three-mile backup as you're headed southbound. the ramp from 270 to 118 is shut down, overturned tractor trailer filled with hersheys candies fromast night. right now, 16 miles per hour inu the southb lanes. inner loop, outer loop, no major worries. looking at centreville, westbound 66 before 28, crash blocking two lanes, and ft.
7:57 am
washington, northbound 210, left lane is blocked there. >> not yet hot enough to melt those hershey bars. we'll check the
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. sun is shining on a friday morning. temperature now 74 in washington wrurb still plenty of the suburbs in the mid to0 upper 6s. a seasonably warm dayy. to our average high temperature is 88. the forecast high for today, 89 with a few extra clouds around during the afterno wee wl not b affected by rain at all. boat saturday and sunday seasonably hot and dry. a little more humid coming up on sunday, and i'r youe beach bound for the weekend, the weathe down at the ocean will also be very, very nice. temperatures in the mid 80s. >> all righhu c.oming your way in 25 minutes. now, back to the "to
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, marines mass arrest. 16 marines areton c this morning after a massive investigation involving human charges. >> basically, it's a shock to the system. >> just ahead, what the marine e inves guo f here?d wherrodoes we're live with the latest. >> plus, jumping the? we're going face-to-face with the ocean's most feared predators as more tourists choose to get in the water with sharks. >> should i be worried right now? >> but is it safe, and how close is too close? >> the best t thing do is just us, they have already turned
8:01 am
away >> what you need to know before diving in. and good gra. >> andy grammer taking over our plaza for a live summer concert. >> but you got to keep your head up. >> keep your head up because you're not going to want to miss this one. today, friday, july 26th, 2019.. >> happy frida >> this concert in four days. >> feels good to be alive right >> we're celebrating -- >> madison's 13th birthday. >> we love >> and we love andy grammer as well. >> yes, we do.
8:02 am
>> welcou being with us on friday morning. w alongh the huge crowd on the plaza for our andy grammer concert. >> we cannot wait to get out there. a great day to send in a my today plaza shoutout. record short message and post it on twitter or instagram with the hashtag, #mytodayplaza. >> we want to get to your news at 8:00 because there's a lot goingon. 16 u.s. marines from california's camp pendleton are stin cuy. they're charged with human g and other illegal activities. nbcews national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on what they're accused of doing. what do we kw this morning? good morning. those alleged crimes remain under investigation. that group of marines, the 16, were arrested during early formation on thursday morning. they were arrestedne by onen front of a group of 800. n.e takedown was done in dramatic fashio investigators are releasing few
8:03 am
details, only saying that the charges connected to those arrests are human smuggling and drug related offenses. this all unfolded aer a july 5th arrestor two marines who were accused of trying to smuggle three mexican citizens across the u.s. border for about $8,000. thearine corps this morning saying none of this behavior will be tolerated. craig, back to you. >> miguel almaguer for us in california. thank you. accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein remained on suicide watch overnight in a manhattan inveators are still trying to figure out how he ended up injured and nearly thconscious is week. stephanie gosk joins us with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. you know, jeffrey epstein was never taken to a hospital, accordin isons, which didn't provide any further information about his condition or what actually happened to the 66-ysr-old. wat a suicide attempt? a ploy to get transferred out of the jail, or was he attacked by another inmate?
8:04 am
nick tartalioni shared a cell with epstein. his lawyer is speaking out ying his client did not attack epstein and his name was leaked to the press by lawce enfornt officers who don't like his client. that attorney went on to describe grim conditionshe in t jail, claiming the cells are insect infested. for epstein, he could be there a while. a judge denied ais bail his trial could be months away if not years. >> thank you. e-cigarette maker juul is denying this morning that it hijacked aanti-tobacco program from stanford university and used it to expose more teenagers to vaping. a stanford professor said juul took slides and talking points from a school website meant to teach people the dangers of tobacco ted juul usedm in thr own anti-vaping seminars offered to schools, but critics say the seminars tually undermined prevention efforts. juul replied it doesn't market
8:05 am
to teenagers. it saistanford's material was intended for public use and already included much information available to other sources. >> spacex successfully launched a cargo mission to the nternational space station o thursday. >> three, . zero. ignition. and liftoff of the falcon 9n rocket the dragon spacecraft. >> the dragon capsule is on its way to deliver about 5,000 pounds of supplies, including an 3d r. the unmanned capsule will dock ith the space station early tomorrow. about ten minutes after takeoff, the falcon 9 rocket made a perfect landing back in cape canaveral. >> now to an incrediblesc diery that dates back more than 140 million years. take a look at this hugeno diur bone. there it is right there, found this week in france. scientists say it's a thigh bone that's more than sixlo feet ng. it's believed to belonged
8:06 am
to a tsauropod, plant eating dinosaurs with long necks and long tails. it was discovered at an excavation site where me than 75,000 fossils have been found in the past decade. >> let's get a mrning boost. a military mom, captain erica woods, is stationed in alaska. she hadn't seen her middle school daughter in nearly six months, so she flew in t surprise 13-year-old jada at her championship track meet in sacramento, calicarnia. ain woods was waiting at the finish line with open arms as ja and her relay team got a fi >> now, this season has been especially hard for jada,he sin r mom hadn't been able to come to any of her races. but that made this championship reunion so much sweeter. >> look at that embrace. >> emotional and so fantastic.
8:07 am
>> military reunions. they never get old. >> they never get old. good for them. >> well, coming up next, an 800% rise in the most deadly form of skin cancer, andhe people most at risk are youngerwomen. what's behind this, and what can you douco red your risk? we'll tell you next. also, we're going eye to eye with the most feared predators of the summer, withore and more s touristswimming with sharks. >> good morning. i'm kerry sanders in the atlantic. and we are surro by sharks. but the experts say tunherede i safe way to do this. i'll have those details coming up next. >> better kerry than craig. we're going to kick off our special shark week series right after . ary. m somebody burned downshe shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's ofire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed.
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♪ make you're jaw drop make up say oh my god ♪ we're back now. 8:11, with today'stalker. alarming news when it comes to skin cancer. the disease itself is the most common cancern the united states, affecting 1 in 5 americans. >> now the latest news from the american academy of dermatology hows rates of melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer has increased ak800% mg it the second most common cancer in young women. dr. natalie azar has joined us with the details. dr. natalie, break this down. an 800% lincrease. aot of people find that hard to believe. what's happening here and who is most effected? >> the data is basically from 1970 to 2009, the rates of
8:12 am
melanoma increased 800% the rates of basal cell carcia the bottom line is this. dermatologists will tell you, theumber one wayo avoid skin cancer is to avoid uv radiation. sunlight andbe tanning ds, as we'll get to, are the main culprits here. >> tanning beds. people are still using tanning beds en masse in this country, knowing what we know about the correlation between tanning beds and skin cancer? >> yes. craig, i you use tanning bed once in your lifetime, you have increased your risk for melanoma by 20%. time?t one >> one time. if you have used it before the age of 35, that risk increases to 59%. and with each subsequent use, you are alsoincreasing your risk. one data point that i thought was very interesting is that young girls who are using tanning beds under the age of 16, over half of them are going with their moms.
8:13 am
>> wow. yeah, so one of the points the dermatologists are trying to hit he is two-fold. one is we need to be doing a better job of ecating young women about this, and also to remember there's a latency. if you lay out today, you're not going to get skin cancer tomorrow. it's going to come years down the pike. >> and i think the question is what are theey tips for young women? because they think this can't happen to me. >> it's keyyo tips for g women but also now as a parent of kids who are older, about educating young people. when you have little ones, you're doing it yourself. you're slathering it on your children. age kids get to t where they understand the risks, you need have this conversation. avoid the sun betweed 2:00, when it's the strongest. of 30 or greater, water resistant, broad spectrum, ntly, thaty freq means after swimming, after sweating, every two hours at a minimum, and avoid indoor tanning recommendations from
8:14 am
our termtology colleagues. >> when you're applying the sunscreen, you shouldpply it 30 minutes before you're texpod to sun? >> to let it absorb, and i could be a lot better about that. >> dr. natalie azar. >> 0%. >> it looks like a typo, but it's in fact a data point. >> impor nt information. thank you for that. let us turn to mr. roker for a check of the weekend weather. how are we looking this weekend? >> today, things are looking pretty quiet. we like this. heavy rain down in florida. a few showers and thunderstorms in the upper midwest, also the southwest. otherwise, things fairly quiet and dry. also, the heat starting to build again. hundreds, as you get into the southwest and on into parts of the central plainsnd down into texas, also in the central gulf coast. otherwise, temperatures relatively seasonal. fo today, summer sunshine throughout the southeast, into the mid-atlantic states and northeast. a bit of a flood threat from the southwest. plenty of sunshine along the west coast. that's what's gunng on aro the country.
8:15 am
>> i'm meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures are climbing into the upper 60s and 70s now, headed for a high temperature of 89 degrees today with just a few fair weather clouds the coursea afternoon, the dry weather is going to stick around for the weekend. well into the early parts of next week. a little bit of a warming trend on he way aswell. highs mostly in the 80s today. near 90 tomorrow. and then in the low 90s for the early parts of nex weather.s the latest craig. >> all right, mr. roker. it is that time of the morning that we all wake up. >> come on. cont your excitement. >> we can't. willie geius came over jt for this. >> willie is the third item of today.p start my colleague, willie. >> we'll start with leonardo dicaprio who stars in onc upon a time in hollywood. it includes a lot of a-listers, but in a recent interview with entertainment weekly, leo
8:16 am
revealing it was luke perim who made h star struck. hear him open up about what it was like to meet and act with the actor. >> this immediate excitement in seeing luke perry on set. it was incredible. i remember being, you know, in my teens and he was the manifestation of the new dean on television. and everyone was crazy about m. and i felt this overwhelming feeling of kind of being star struck. but then he and i got to sit down and talk about los angeles, the '90s, hislife, where his career had gone,ee where my car had gone, where his life had gone, and i was just so -- how i say this -- the kindness of his character just really, i don't know,t really affected me when i heard that news. it was really heartbreaking, to say t least. incredibly generous human being. >> as we know, luke perry passed away in march after suffering a massive stroke.
8:17 am
it's huge to see a huge star like leo share about what luke meant to him, and leo doesn't talk about anyting in tha length. >> he got emotional aut it. the other actors were impacted as well. >> once upon a time in hollywood is in theaters now. >> after three revival seasons, "will angrace" is ending its historic run. they're going to sayreboot's th airs ind-byooaf 2020. spark a trend in the ne of reboots. roseanne, beverly hills 90210 to flame a few. "will and think the grace" reboot episodes the way karen walker things of martinis. 51 is not enough. 53 is too many. at is why after consulting with the all decided this will be the final season of a "will grace." what an incredible run for a grt show. >> indeed. >> finally, mr. geist, jake gyllenhaal sat down with you just down the street from here.t you're a the hudson theater,
8:18 am
site of his new broadway production, seawall of life, and you talked about what it was like for him to jub from personal passion project right back to the billion dollar block busters that he's known for, like spider-man far from home. >> almost the last minute, they came to me like, hey, do you want to play this character? i said yeah, yeah, i love tom holland. i loved the first movie. it really somehow just matched me in a way that i loved. you knan. d it felt right. so i was like, yeah i'm in. then putting on the costume was a whole oer thing and wearing a superherouit was a whole other thing and jumping le platforms and pretending your wuflying was a whole other thing. >> spider-man became another hit under jake's bel ho was jake? >> such a great guy. this moment for him is such a snapshot of who he is as an actor because he's doing tays pl that opens tonight and previews called seawall of life, which is him and tom
8:19 am
stirrage, one other actor, and they have a monologue, talking to the crowd. meanwhile, he's in a billion dollarl thmovie. e guy can do it all. we talked abo "brokeback motain" and he's 14 years to reflect on what it meant to the culture and him and his of d about this yesterday, i think, where he's the s guy sitting the ng with you, and then camera goes on, exactly the same guy. >> you think doing monologues, these very simple ed to hit the set ces, gets nd do the balkbusters. >> he said to me, i think he said it privately, but i'll say it anyw. this is the best work my he included all his movies in it. he got emotional talking about it. a lot of stuff about fatherhood, and he talked to me about wanting to be a father. talked about his relationship with his own dad. a really deep conversation. we went to some places i don't think he's gone a lot before.ll you'ear it on sunday. >> look forward to that. >> spider-man, by the way, is in theaters right now. you can watch that interview wie willi and jake gyllenh l
8:20 am
here onnbc on sunday today. >> and you have daily click? >> we have time? not everyon has a job like ours that's a thrill a minute. sometimes there might be a little down time, which leads to today's video. here's a group of what i'm guessing are seemi warehouse workers because they decided they wanted to live out their indiana jones fantasies. take a l. >> go! >> run back. >> no, no, no. >> gotta g >> how about that? >> whoa. >> slid >> that could have ended badly. >> it's friday. we wanted to speed it down for you a little bit. >> wow. >> can we add a little music to that? like
8:21 am
very cool. >> don't try that at the warehouse. >> great video, carson. thank you for that. now for a story i can't wait. this morni kicking off shark week on " hat time of year whenam icans are braving the heat and hitting the beaches. >> hundreds of thousands of tourists are jumping at the chance to go shark diving, to see these underwater predators up close, but is it safe? kerry sanders is diving in to show us. kerry, good morning to you, my brave friend. >> good morning, guys. if you're at the beach or on the water and see a shark, you're likely to get out as fast as possible, to get but there are folks who decide they want to go in the water with sharks. we have come sixiles off t coast of florida on a shark tour. is there a safe way to do this? and if you decide to go, here's what you need to know. it goes against common sense. get in the water with the ocean's most feared predators.
8:22 am
sharks. but thousands of tourists all around the world do it every year. shark tousm attracting almost 600,000 thrill seekers worldw more than $314 million, but is it safe? today, i'm going shark diving to show you. but before you even get on the boat, do your research. look for a reputable andie ce tour company online. with good reviews. when you get there -- what do i need to know briefing. >> if you can swim slowly with your feet, you're looking at least more natural in t water. >> so you know what to do and what not to do. >> as we're heading out, i'm a little nervous. >> yeah, totally natural to be hnervous. youe nothing to worry about. >> janell has been diving with sharks for six years. leading tourists for curious divers like 'm. >> i trusting you. >> you can trust me. i got you. >> when we get to the dive athi
8:23 am
sharks. the a common practice that's recently come under fire because some experts say it could encourage sharkso come closer to shore and endanger people. out here in federal waters, it's legal, and many tour companies do it.ui i s up. if you're going snorkeling, try on your gear before you evenhe t in t water. ift holds to your face, it's good. >> practice breathing through it so you're comfortable. and ifng you're goi diving like me -- >> all right, we have your air right here. >> make sure a safety diver goes down wit with sharks swarming below, that's our cue. to dive in. >> should i be worried right now? >> not at all. they want nothing to do with us. they may be a little bit cub fused, but for the most part, they know we're not on their menu. >> that's because of what i'm
8:24 am
wearing. >> why ini wearing gloves? >> the sharks eat smaller yish. and the r hand looks like a fish belly. so we wear them for otection. >> another important tip, keep your hands close to your body as you im. so the sharks don't confuse them for lunch. but if a shark does come toward you l oe this -- >> the best thing to do is just maintain eye contact. with just us looking at them, y turned away. >> this is key. eye contact. experts say let the shark know you're a top predat , and establish dominance, which is exactly whatns when i comeo- face-tface with this shark. >> do you see that shark? once it recogzed how big i was, that i wasn't a fish, it just swam away. >> experts say sharks are not interested in humans, b when you're under water, you're on their turf. so don't get too close. a>> it's not petting zoo. we tell people not to touch them out of respect for the sharks.
8:25 am
>> armed with these tips you might just be brave enougta to ke the plunge. one other tip the experts say if directly headed towards you, get your foot up and get the fin on its side to redirect you. if you can't get your fin up, use your m, kind of like a stiff arm heisman trophy move, bringing the shark just by you.o it s, they say, and in the almost decade they have been bringing folks out here to swim with sharks, they have nev had an incident. guys, back to you. >> oh, kerry sanders. all next week, by the way, o ark week on "today," we're teaming up the discovery chann shark weekteam. we're going to get up close and very personal with the always creatures. giant and share ground breaking insight with the experts, and who better for that assignment than al ror? >> i will admit, i had a moment trepidation when i looked down and saw two dozen sharks. i thought, oh, okay. but we did it. >> you're brave, al.
8:26 am
>> pretty amazing. >> al roker swam with sharks off the bahamas. we'll have that monday. >> up next, he's outside. andy grammer. we'll take a look at local news >> this is a news 4 "today" news >> good morning. it is t26 onhis friday, july 26th. i'm jummy olabanji. let's start with a look at your roadways this friday. standing first 4 traffic. >> good morning. ill a traffic alert, southbound 270 at 118. very slow headed southboundth o right side, we have that tractor trailer crash. and you cant get onto germantown road from southbound 270 right now because of that. co auld bef a the c hershey candy. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no majorsu . >> thank you. . check of your forecast coming
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, ever hope younje eing your friday. temperatures in the 60s and low g temperatures climbo the mid and upper 80s. most everybody should stay below 90 today. the dodgers i town tonight. sun is not down until 8:30, so game will be probably almost t the sixth or seventh inning by then. clear skies and perfect weather for baseball. there's you ten-day forecast. a warming trend as we go into early next week. climbing humidity as
8:29 am
next cha for area wide rain doesn't return until wednesday. >> thank you. you can get the latest news and weather in the nbc wasapngton have a great big health insurance, inc. how can i help you? hello, i'm calling because i've en paying more r my medicines in medicare and i hear there may be discounts. sure, we work with middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers to negotiate discounts. oh, great! so, i can get those at my pharmacy? nope. that's not the way it works. so, you int discounts on medices, but you're ns? passing them on to u [hangs up] hello? hello....?
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now on a friday morning, july 26th, 2019. and we're out here with a great fans. of andy grammer he's one of our votes, too. an all-around nice guy. in fact, this is andy grammer's 13th visit to "today." >> seriously? >> 13 times you have been here. >> 13 is the charm. >> you know what you get for tthat? >> whao i get? >> a mug. >> i'll take it.
8:31 am
we're excited you're here f 13, and he's got tons of fans, as you can see on the plaza and at home. they voted on one of the songs he'll sing later on. 'll reveal that i few minutes. first, over to carso for the crowd moment. >> they wanted to be on tv and now they're looking at andy's back. you're on tv 're all here. andy gammer fans lined up for hours to be here today. this is catherine from louisiana. how are you? >> i'm good. >> so nice to have you here today. you, my friend, got some good news. old.e 16 yea what was your good news? >> i'm one-year cancer free.>> od bless you. andy,et down here. get down here, andy. you're an andy grammer fan, i know how about that news from catherine? cancer free. got the good news this week. there's another small connection. you're from louisiana. >> my daughter's name is
8:32 am
louisiana. >> so it is -- >> so sweet. congrathat u. that's awesome. >> we got a ss.eaton or you, and thank you for being here. and thank you. my own hero,ng openi track on his album, that song is ridiculous. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> looking forward to chatting more with andy and the performance, but catherine, it's about you. thank you for being here and congratulations. guys, back to you. >> congratulations indeed. wow. >> mr. roker, before we start, having all that fun, how about another check of the forecast? >> let's look at your weekend, see what we got, w startingh tomorrow. summer heat up and down the east coast, through the ohio and mississippi river valleys. heavy rain through the gulf. monsoonal moisture and storms in the southwest. that continues sunday, aysu more humid in the mid-atl.tic states showers through the gulf. warm and dry in the western third of the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right here in our neck of the woods, tun is out and it will stay that way. ckly ratures climbing q now out of what 5 weres and
8:33 am
60s, into 60s and 70s now. high temperature today, 89 degrees. plenty of sunshine around for all of your outdoor plans. perfect weather for the weekend as well. temperatures around 90 on saturday, low 90s on sunday. if you're beach bound to the eastern shore for the weekend, highs along theoastline will only be in the mid 80s. .afe travels. >> concert series on "today" is proudly presend to. >> multiplatinum singer/songwriter andy grammer's new aum naive drops today. he'll hit the stage in a moment, but first, a look at his impre s ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ >> his music is multiplatinum. >> you got to keep yr head up. >> and h message is relentless positivity, andy grammer has become a bright light in ♪ i'may just sing it's fine by me ♪ >> his success story is as
8:34 am
inspiring as his music. he was playing on the pier in santa monica before being discovered by a music manager. he spent his time since . ♪ honey i'm good i could have another one ♪ >> his hit single, honey i'm good, went quadruple platinum and has been view on youtube more than 85 million times. ♪ i'm not giving up not giving up ♪ >> his new ng, don't give up on me, is on track to be his sixth platinum single with more than 120 million streams to date. naive, out today, and an bum, upcong tour, andy grammer is making our summer concert stage his first stop. and the wait is over. ladies and ♪ i got these fresh eyes that
8:35 am
seen you before like this ♪ ♪ my god you're beautiful ♪ it's like the first time when we opened the door for me ♪ ♪ it might seen superficial stereo typical man ♪ ♪ youress up a little and i'm like oh damn ♪ so suddenly i'm in loveith a stranger ♪ ♪ i can't believe she's min ♪ now all i see is you with fresh eyes fresh eyes ♪ so suddenly i'm in love with a ♪ranger ♪ i can't believe she's mine and no all i see is you with fresh eyes fresh eye
8:36 am
♪ appreciation well it comes and it goes sntsz ♪ but i i'll ride that wave with you ♪ ♪ it's human nature to miss what's under your nose ♪ ♪ till you, till you remind a fool ♪ ♪ maybe all of this is simple ♪ my heart's unconditional ♪ y up just a little and i'm liken oh dam ♪ ♪ so suddenly i'm in love with a stranger ♪ ♪ i can't believe she's m ♪ now all i see is you with fresh eyes fresh eyes ♪ ♪o suddenly i'm in love with ast nger ♪ ♪ i can't believe she's mine and now all i see is you with esh eyes fresh e
8:37 am
♪ if i could bottle this up bottle bottle this up i wou ♪ ♪ i would bottle bottle this up i would ♪ ♪ because you're gorgeous in this momen ♪ ♪ if i could bottle this up i wo ♪ so suddenly i'm inh love wit a stranger ♪ ♪ i can't believe she's min ♪ now all i see is you with fresh eyes ♪ fresh eyes ♪ so suddenly i'm in love with a stranger ♪ ♪ i can't believe she's mine ♪ now all i see is you with fresh eyes fresh eye ♪
8:38 am
♪ >> and we're back with more music from andy grammer in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> andy grammer is here with us, and he's come a long way from his days performing for s- pass at the santa monica pier. >> yeah, he has. today, he's multiplatinum singer/songwriter, but he incorporates the days of to make it in the business into all of his music. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> yourusic is so happy, so feel-good, so optimistic. is that who you are? >> that is pretty much who i am.
8:41 am
ut it doesn't mean it's always easy to be that way. my new record is called "naive" becae sometimes if you are what you said about me, people see it as a weakness, or that guy iscute, put him in the corner, but i feel people who like my music are like me, and there's a lot of power in being optimistic. sometimes it's a war to stay positive. >> talk to us a little b your process for the new album, naive? >> it took longer than i was hoping to find the magic. >> how long was that? >> if you don't have the magic, you don't hav anything. so there w that went into creating this one. because of that, then, you get engs like don't gp on me. i'm almost glad i had to go through that, because songs like that, i feel people would like it. >> you mentioned your daughter. how has being dad changed you musically? >> just the love, so muchlove. even just saying that, i'm like, ah. she's the best. >> but is it harder going out on the road, or does it make it
8:42 am
sweeter coming home? i it makes sweeter coming home. i did some promo in paris, and it was reallyin tense. bringing a baby on flights is a nightmare. >> by the way, someone said you were hanging out in the subway last night. >> we did a show in the subway. we did. >> you decided to head down to the subway and jam out? >> of course. with the new yorkers. there you are. >> my fourth album, that's still my heart right there. >> does it bring you back to the days on the santa monica pier? >> something really wonderfully rebellious about i don't care what people say, i'm going to play. >> by the way, the acoustics are so good. you're not doing a subway tour, but in southern california, you kick off a tour. >> the don't give up on myho . >> from his brand-new album, naive, once again,
8:43 am
♪ i will fight i will fight ♪ i always do until my heart is black ♪ and i will stay i will stay y ♪ we'll make it to the other side like love ♪ i'll reach my hands out in the dark ♪ ♪ and wait for yours to interlock ♪ ♪'ll wait for you i'll wait ♪ because i'm not giving up i'm not giving up giving up ♪ ♪ no not yet ♪ even when i'm down to my last
8:44 am
breath ♪ ♪ even when they say there's nothing left ♪ ♪ so don't give up on ♪ i'm not u giving i'm not giving up giving up no not me ♪ ♪ even when nobody else ♪ i'm not going down that easily ♪ ♪ so don't give up on me ♪ and i will hold i'll hold onto ♪ no matter what this world will throw ♪ ♪ i won't shake me loose ♪ i'll reach my hands out in the dark ♪ ♪ and wait for yours t interlock ♪ ♪ i'll w t for you i'll wait
8:45 am
♪ because i'm not giving up i'm not giving up givep up no not yet ♪ ♪ even when i'm down to my last breath ♪ e ♪n when they say there's nothing left ♪ ♪ so don't give up on ♪ i'm not giving up i'm not givingp giving up no not me ♪ ♪ even when nobody elseev beli ♪ i'm not going down that easily♪ ♪ so don't give up on me ♪ whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪h yea yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ i will fight i will fight for
8:46 am
you ♪ ♪ i always dontil my heart is black and blue ♪ up next, andy sings the song that was picked by fans, but first, this is "today" on n. we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying heon fancy technology for lp.we snail mail! ere invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands!
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8:48 am
man, we've been having quite the party on the plaza this morng thanks to the very talented andy grammer. the other day we asked fans to vote for the song they would like to hear. live >> the song you chose is -- >> drum roll. . from andy grammer, take it away. this one.
8:49 am
♪ i've been waiting onet suns♪ c dy're mdin gettinget s high ♪ ♪ higher t n myincome ♪ income's bread crumbs i've been trying to survive ♪ ♪ the glow that the sun gets snlts ♪ right around sunset helps me realize ♪ ♪ this is a journey drop your worries ♪ ♪ you're going tourn out fine oh, your turn out fine ♪ ♪ but you gotta keep your head up ♪ ♪ you c ♪ you gotta keep your head up ♪ and you can l h yourr down ♪ ♪ i know it's hard i know it's hard to remember sometimes ♪ ♪ but you gotta keep your head up ♪ ♪ you can let your hair down
8:50 am
♪ i got my hands m in pockets kicking these rocks ♪ ♪ it's kinda hard to watch this life go by ♪ ♪ i'm buying into skeptics s skeptics m with the confidence in my eyes ♪ ♪ i'm seeing all the angles thoughts get tangled ♪ ♪ i start to compromise ♪ my life and my purpose is it all worth it ♪ ♪ am i gonna turn out fine ♪ ♪ you turn out fine fine you turn out fine ♪ ♪ but you gotta keep your head up ♪ ♪ you can let your hair down ♪ you gotta keep your head up ♪ and you can let your hair down ♪ ♪ i know it's hard kw it's hard ♪ ♪ to remember sometimes ♪ but you gotta kp your head up ♪ ♪ and you can let your hair down ♪ ♪ only rainbows after rain ♪ the sun will always come again ♪ ♪ and it's a circle circling
8:51 am
omes around in it again ♪ ♪ i said only rainbows after rain ♪ ♪ the sl wil always come again ♪ ♪ and it's a circle circling ♪ around again it comes around ♪ butou gotta keep your head up ♪ y ♪ so can let your hair down ♪ ♪ you gotta keep your head up ♪ and you can let your hair dono ♪ it's 's hard know hard ♪ ♪ to remember sometimes ♪ but you gotta keep your head up ♪ ♪ and you can let your hair ♪ keep your head up ♪ c you let your hair down ♪ keep your head up and you can let your hair down ♪ ♪ keep you head up and you can let your hair down ♪ ♪ i said oh no no no n >> andy grammer.
8:52 am
thank you. back in a moment. but first, this is "today" tyou've got
8:53 am
8:54 am
what a great concert. >> fantastic. >> great way to kick off the weekend. >> and more music coming up in our third hour. first, we want tbrk the smucker's jars and celebrate some birthdays. let's go into the k chen and spin those jars. show you mr. edwin peck, sr. of a beach, florida, celebrating 101 years. no slowing him down. he still drives to work a couple times a week. eggie gooch of los angeles, celebrating 106 years. swears the secret to longevity, not letting the li things bother you. happy 100th birthday to ray
8:55 am
fuller. he loves speing time outdoors, especially on the golf course. margaret pollys from la mesa california. a hard working at 100. she works at the local baskens robins ice cream shop until she was 83. retiredting 105 years, traveling salesman, married to he love of his life for 75 years. >> speaking of love, happy 75th anniversary and toer rob htelen klein of anaheim, california. seven grandkids and 15 great grandkids later, they would not be ier. if you know somebody celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, tell us about them at the gooch. >> they're n booing. they're saying the gooch. >> i enjoyed being here. what a fantastic friday. great to be here. >> enjoy your bekend. comek any time. open invitation. we'll see you back here in a few minutes. we're back after you
8:56 am
this is a news 4 "today" news. >> 8:56 is your time on this friday, july 26th, 2019. t good morning you. i'm jummy olabji. let's get right over to melish mollet witour first 4 traffic report. >> good morning. 270 southbound atgermantown road still very slow through that area. the ramp from southbound 270 onto 118 is blocked. an overturned tractor trailer loaded with hearsy candy.
8:57 am
could be a couple more hours for thoseysdela right now on the beltway, two problems. outer loop before rockville pike and outer loop at 210. >> thank you. a check of your frid. i switched from dodge.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
bri st andny on your friday. temperatures climbing quickly. in the mid 70s all across thegi now. high today expected to reach 89 degrees. and the great weather is going to hang around all for your weekend plans as well. satu and sunday will both be sunny and seasonably hot. highs around 90 degrees both days. highs in the low 90s, but turning more humid by monday and tuesday. next best cha for rain arrive in the middle parts of next week.. . there's always a certain amount of fumbling. a lot of times it doesn't work. we have problems. comcast business goes beyond fast. by letting you make and receive calls from any device using your business line. and conference calls u can join without any dial-ins or pins. ther are currently 3 members in this. i like that. i like that too. i would use that in a heartbeat. comcast business has the solutions you need.
9:00 am
get started for just $39.95 per month. call 1-800-501-6000 today. liverom studio 1a in rockefeller heplaza, this is t third hour of "today." >> hey, it is a tgi friday. welcome to the third hour of "today "today." i'm al. we have dylan, craig, and ur good pal, stephanie gosk. >> fri-yay. >> a big crowd on plaza today. the energy of andy grammer is contagious. >> it makes you smile. it makes you wanto bop in your seat. you stand up, and then you just bop on your feet. >> happy music. >> that's >>right. ourth studio album dropped today. >> "naive." he'll be joining us ter, and we'll have him perform one more song in the artist lounge. >>s


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