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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. "news4 today" starts now. a body and a crashed car found near a park in prince georges county, this morng police are on the hunt for a killer. days after this shocking video surfaced police in the district say they have made their first arrest. what's ahead in the case. raising the bar as d.c. gets ready for sports betting. several bars are working to get in on the action. find out wha you could soon be placing your bet along with ordering a drink. and good morning to you, i'm meagan fitzgerald.r thank you fooining us on this saturdayi morning. t's looking like a perfectmm suer saturday ahead and you e know what, weserve it.
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last week was hot as you know lat. liveook at washington this morning. it'ulgoing to be a beautif day. so who else to check in with, but my girl ls,ryn rickett good morning, lauryn, i'm so excited for this day. beautiful ng to be out there today, guys, we'reng lookit some very nice conditions. show you the sunrise i have right there, i have a different view out there. let's go ahead to our maps and show you guys what's going on. we've got some beautiful conditions out there, the sun coming up just at 6:05. hasn't quite come up just yet. it's 6:01 right now. and, again, that sunrise is coming up at just about 6:05. beautiful sunrise out there. plenty of sun to go around today. again, a gorgeous looking day out there. temperatures not that. bad temperatures right now in the low 70s across the board. we'll continue to head right into the low 90s for daytime highs today. again, it is looking good as weh go throuhe day today. currently that temperature at 72
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degrees. he've got a nice light little wind out t and again the winds are going to be fairly light out there today. so our average temperature, 88 for this time of year. we stay above normal until wednesday. wednesday, big changes coming our way. we'll talk more about that0 in 2 minutes. >> lauryn, thank you very much. we're following breaking news in northern virginia this morning. one person was stabbed to death right by the springfield town center overnight. fairfax coun police say another person was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. we're told there is no threat to the puic and no one else was wonvolved. no rd yet, though, on the possible charges or any arrests that have bn made. prince georges county polge are tryin to figure out who stabbed a man to death at a popular park. chopper 4 flew over the scene yesterday at allen pond park in buoy. investigators found a damaged silver suv near a baseball
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field. it's not clear if the wrecked vehicle is connected to the homicide. place say there is no risk to the catmunity and theck was not random. so far the name of the victim has not been released. and right now police are investigating two separate violent incidents in seat pleasant. it started with a shooting in the area along birch leaf avenue and then policeeonded to a stabbing along martin luther king highway. >> th e's nogoing threat to the community. we belie the incidents are very isolated. >> the police chief says invest ators are working on identifying suspects. no word yet on the victim's >condition. >> and we have an update on a violent attack to tell you about. it was all caught on camera outside the washington hilton, as you see o your screen, near dupont circle. oneerson has been arrested in this assaulr suillance video shows a group of teenagers beating and stomping on a man outside the
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entrance about two weeks ago. the victim did suffer injuries to his head but is expected to be okay. olice have charged one 17-year-old boy with aggravated assault. they're still looking for several other suspects. one of the nation's top hbcus has fired narly half of its police force.n hampto university in virginia says nine of the school's officers are off the job this moeding, they're accusof sharing sharing racist and other offensive remarks on social media. the university did not detail what exactly was said but our sister station obtained thle er which says the officers are -- and supervisors shared the images and remarks inside a group chat in an entire statement, earlier statement from hamptonit university says they have zero tolerance for such behavior. and we're working for y health this morning. there's a stubborn intestinal illness making people sick in our area and nearly a dozen
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states. it can be traced back to fresh produce. thera pate, it's called ciclospora. it causes arrhea, stomach pain and weight loss. there have been nearly 100 cases in maryland and virginia. it traced it to a fresh batch of basil. >> it is transmitted by fresh produce that is infected with fecal material. generally it's in imported produce. it generally occurs btween one and two weeks after eating something that's contaminated with the parasite. >> health experts say you should wash your produce thoroughly and wash your hands to avoid getting sick. another health alert to l you know about. a new investigationfod leafy greens tainted with listeria were sold at major super markets
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last 284 samples tested, including lettuce, spinach and kale. six tested positive. two prepackaged andew prashed. the samples were purchased at several grocery chains including costco and whole foods. the bacteria can sometimes cling to leaves i even when's been washed. new developments as d.c. gets ready to begin sports betting. some bars are trying to get in on the action. duffy's irish cub, the brig, and wet dog tavern have all bmitted applications to revise their liquoricses to allow for sports betting. they'll need to apply for a separate sports betting license with the city. in person sports betting at bars start by s could
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september. weeks after thel flash fds that swept through our region arlington residents are still rebuild.g t i want to show you video of a homeowner's -- this was in westover area. athena burkett says she and her husba w have been stayingith friends. their entire basement filled up with sewage water and had to throw out most of their belongings. tryig to learn to do the repairs themselves. it can be challenging. >> i had to stop a couple days and be like i can't think about this at all today. i only have a certain amount of work. it's overwhelming. >> i can only imaine. thena says they're looking at $50,000 for repairs. if you'd like to help we have a linkonline. they're doing a ofundraiser, our nbc washington app, search flood. and heads up, you won't be able to take awalk on part of
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the c&o canal. the park service says they've closed part o the canal between swans lock house and the pennifield parking area. a thunderstorm earlier in the week knocked down a lot of trees and crews are working to clear the pathnd they say it will remain closed until further notice. metro news to tell you abou t theansit agency may have flushed more than a half million dollars down the drain on a self-cleaning toilet that hasn't worked in years. that's according to a report by metro's inspector general. nthe self-cleag toilet is located at the huntington station, and records show it hasn't workedince 2017. this is in despite the years of maintenance that likely totaled up more than $500,000. watchdog groups say it's an example of metro's poor spending practices. we've asked metro for a commenbu t so far we have not heard eack. meanwhile, mo is aiming to return to normal service
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after labor day. right now six blue and yellow line stations are closed south of reagan national airport for construction. metro is installing new digital ain signals, train arrival signs, lights, usb charging ports on the platforms. they neral manager says should be able to run near normal service on september 9t similar work will happen next year on the green and orange lines. and the theft of at least $30 million in gold and other us precioetals was caught on camera in brazil. vestigators released security camera video from the airport tcargominal where the heist ce.k pl it happened yesterday at south america's busiest airport. the video svews seral suspects working out of a black pickup truck resembling brazil's federal police. authorities said an airport officialad members of his family taken hostage.
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they say helped the gan get inside information under duress about operations at the terminal. they were later released unharmed. the thieves left with 1,600 pndnds of gold a other precious metals that were frome nork and zurich. the suspts remain at large. an airporpe spokeson said no one was hurt during that artists are already starting to drop out of the wood stock 50th anniversary concert next month. talks are under way to bring the three-day celebration to mary weather post pvilion in columbia,yl mard. headliners like jay-z have said they're not going to perform. coming up at 6:30, news 4's derrick ward will have more on the story. and from keeping folks
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active to keeping them secure there's a new effort to help those dealith wi a common but serious disease. ahead northern virginia bureau chief julie carey explains what chief julie carey explains what one local city is doing to be need help paying for college? so does... everyone. strayer has graduation fund. finish your bachelors degree and save up to 25%
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with tuition-free yasses in your lastear.
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welcome back. ny of us have seen firsthand th t enormousl it takes when a loved one has dementia, espengally when they're livi at home. but next week alexandria will become just the fifth community in virginia to take a public stand tory and make life easier for those with dementia and their caregivers. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey explains what's ahead. changing lives as a business educational teacher and now 91 there's been a big change in joan's life. sheth now dealing wi dementia.
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her daughter marjory cares for her in her alexandria home while attorney. g as a >> it's isolating and it's 'srdensome, but it burden we take on freely, right, we love mom, we're happy to have her with us. >> isolation,f it's one othe biggest concerns both for those facing dementia and their caregivers but it's something alexandria is about to tackle with a new initiative called dementia friendly alexandria. >> the whole idea is to end the isolation, so bring people out into the community to feel comfortable wherever they are. so that's the basic mission. >> reporter: the dementia friendly concept is modeled after places in europe where red carf signs mark welcoming stores, more than a thousand residents trained in how to interact with people who have dementia. >> this person with dementia may take longer to respond. so patience is major ingredient. >> reporter: jane king will help
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cad the effort in alexandria to train thatmunity. the training will start with faith communities that over the next several years will include grocery stores, restaurants, banks, even the fire and police departments. patty adams is a nurse practitioner that cares for many patients in their homes. she sees theacrifices families make. >> they deserve to be able to go out into the community and not feel uncomforble and not feel overburdened. >> reporter: people treat mom with a lot of respect but even more is even better. >> reporter: more understanding so families can continue caring for loved ones in theires hom i'm yjulie carey, news 4. training is under wayto lemake herndon, burg and arlington dementia friendly communities. o live lookutside where we are in store for a beautiful
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day. lauryn
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maryland drivers will have to pump the brakes on some commuter routes that many of us drive every day. the transportation officials arw ling the speed limit on some roads in montgomery county and it's part of a new push to try and save lives. chris gordon ha more on where the new limits are and when they
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are going into effect. >> reporter: motorists are bein ware speed on bradley boulevard will be reduced to 25 miles an hour between wisconsin avenue and -- starting next friday. >> we're looking at speed limits, especially in high pedestrian traffic areas, to see if we can lower the speed limits enhance the safety for the pedestrians. >> reporter: montgomery county pice report this year there have been 14 fatal crashes, six resulted in pedestrian deaths. >> i have an appointment right there. and i have two boys. and i cannot tell you how much times they almost get hit by a car because the speed limit. people go too fast. they need to slow down. >> reporter: a new 25 mile ho speed limit is posted on wilson lane and the speed is reduced to 35 on this part of river road where three members of a family were killed in 2016 when their car was hit crossing to whitman high school by a driver going more than 100 miles
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an hour. the state highway administration also plans to slow traffic in g princerges county. the speed limit will be reduced from 35 to 30 on indian head highway between livingston road and thewashington, d.c. line. there have been numerous fatal rashes on this stretch of highway. drivers are warned to watch out for the new posted speed limits. >> paytt extra ation for the n si we're going to do everything we can to alert the public to make sure they're aware of is. >> reporter: police tell us there will be about a one-year grace period for people to get used to the lower sptd limi they will issue warnings rather than citations. but after the grace period they'll be giving you a ticket. if you want to check out the changes planned for prince georges and montgomery counties you can go to ourbc washington app and search "speed limits," chris gordon, news 4. all right. so you know what? we now have beautiful weather coming in and i think we've earned it. the last couple of days, last
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week. >> awful. >> just unbearable. >> it was awful. >> oh, my gosh. >> you could barely -- i was so tired and i was like why am i so exhausted? the heat take -- >> the sun takes it out of you, doesn't it? >> it was almost too hot to go to the pool. >> you're sweating at the pool. be under thewa ter, come up for breath and go back down. so hot. >> so we have the heat but we don't have the humidity. it will be here d there. little touches of it but not the oppressive humidity like last week. we'll take that. >> temperatures are around 89 degrees. not that bad out there. similar to the last couple days, maybe a stray shower or two. th's about it. let's go ahead and take a look outside. a little bit of fog in some areas, and you can seeat haziness cong off the potomac river right now but for the most part it's a beautif start to your saturday morning. so today it's going to be hot. t it's going to be comfortable and we still have sunshine out
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there. not only today, but also tomorrow. monday, touches humidity here and there but over the next three days we've got plenty of sunshine. we even take that sunshine to t sday. tuesday will be our next chance of some storms. actually i'm going to put a number on it, 20% to 30% chance. until then we've got less than a 20% chance of some rain showers coming our way today, tomorrow, and even on monday. again, i'm going to keep a small chance in there. for the most part we will be dry. temperatures out there right now, you can see we're in the 60s here in the district, at 72 degrees, annapolis coming in at 73, winchester is the cool spot recently, 59 is that temperature and over the next 12 hours, absolutely gorgeous. again, isolated shower, towards the winchester area and towards the shenandoah valley, hot and warm, plenty of sunshine and comfortable out there. it's going to be beautiful.s ar as your weekend outlook goes, if you want to exercise this morning it's going to be beautiful. temperatures 60s and 70s.
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pool time all weekend long. hot and sunny. laer on the spf. evening barbecues, grilling out. especially if you want to have those long smoke sessions with some of thatis brt. a lot of people ask me about that. perfect weekend to do that. we've got a few ppop-u showers possible this afternoon, look at that. less than a 20% chance that you're going to see -- i barelyt put that in ten-day forecast. as far as this evening is concerned it's not looking too bad. eat dinner outside. we have a spotty shower again. the sun goes down before 8:30. nothing happening out there right now. high pressure in charge looking good. 92 for tomorrow. humidity with another isolated chance of a shower or storm. each day, saturday,sunday, monday, spotsy showers. isolated chance tuesday and then this pattern breaks down on wednesday, ck into the 80s but we'll have the storm chances
6:24 am
ith the frontal system coming through. thursday chance of rain is around but friday we dry out. we stay in the 80s, normal for this time of yearat sday and sunday of next weekend, we have rain chances. again, enjoy this weekend with temperatus in the low 90s and plenty of sun. re've got mo
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kids ither one of us have and we both know that song. we're over here jamming. c exactly. the song you't get out of your head now is coming to your breakfast table. kellogg is launchg baby shark cereal. >> our prompter is out. we've got our pa zach over here. >> basically, the cereal has been filled with berry flavored loops and marshmallows. every kid would love that. >> tons of sugar, why not? >> the maker says it's berry fantastic. you can buy the cereal at sam's club starting august7th. mark your calendars. get it at walmart. and in late september. it goes on sale for about $6. i thought that was shocking. >> that's expensive. >> i don't eat cereal as much as i used to when i was a kid, but
6:28 am
$6wow. >> that's a little on the expensive side. it's all sugar with all those marshmallows. of course they were going to market it like that. what's next? t> this is iconic car. >> there are iconic, ca then there's this van. so the unmistakable-- mutt cut >> do you remember this from "dumb and dumber"? >> yes, i love this. >> a blogger in russia thought seeing the car and the movie would go handin hand. they go, oh, this is great. we're going to cut out some material, completely rdo this car and make our own thing. that's what he did. he added coins and skittles tur the f to celebrate 150,000 youtube followers. >> you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? i can do that forever, guys. >> isn't that when he licked the
6:29 am
pole and his tongue got stuck? >> they're in the car and they're trying to eye t nowhe other guy, the bad guy, all right. >> okay, okay. that's enough of us. >> we could talk about that forever. they keep telli us to move on. let's move on from tis -- i don't want to move on from this. weath it's nice out there. all good things must come
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click, call or visit a store today. >> announcer: "news4 today"
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starts now. good mornin and thank you so much for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm meagan fitzgerald. we are in store for a beautiful day ahead. and you know what i ay, we deserve it. you remember last week, it was so oppressive hot, you couldn't go outside. sweating everywhere. face melting off. maybe that was just me. >> it was all of us. yesterday was gorgeous. the day before was gorgeous. i was off the last two days. it's been absolutely fantastic . weathe it's been a littlehot but it hasn't been that bad. from the live city camera, you can see the beautiful orange hues out there right now. it's a perfe sunrise. before the sun came up, it's on mynstagram page and all my social media, facebook and twitter, all of that. it's a beautiful sunrise, coming up about five minutes after 6:0 72 is our temperature right now. it's comfortable too. you walk outside and you're not
6:33 am
hit with the humidity in the face. very comfortable conditions. might need a light jacket in the shenandoah valley. we have plenty of sunshine, could have an isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm pping up later this afternoon. same deal heading into tomorrow. we'll talk about when we change things here in the weather department, all good things must come to an end. ming up. that on our ten-day, breaking news in the philippines this morning. at least eight people have been killed in two strong earthquakes that hit just hours apart. the quake measures 5.7, and 5.9. about 60 people were injured. video of the aftermath is what you're looking at here. it's still circulating online. government officials there say medical and rescue teams are already on their w in part of the country to try and he out with the relief and then- cl.
6:34 am
this morning police are trying to figure out who stabbed a man to death at a popular park in prince georges county. chopper 4 flew over the scene yesterday atllen pond in buoy. investigators found a damaged silver suv you're looking at there near theeball field. it's not clear if the wrecked suv is connected to the homicide. lice say there is norisk to the community and the attack was not random. so far the me of the victim ee has not bn released. right now police are envestigating two separate violent incid in seat pl pleasant. it started sith aoting and an hour later police responded to a stabbing along martin luther king highway. >> there's no ongoing threat to the community. we believe te incidents are very isolated and they are not connected in any nature. >> the police chief says investigators are working on identifying suspects. no word on the victim's condition. and developing this morning
6:35 am
at least two people are dead after a balcony collapsed at a southern korea nightclub. hundreds of people, including le aths, were inside the club at the time. this happened last night. we're also learning members of the u.s. women's and men's water polo team were inside at the time. they were celebrating the women'am world chonship victory. a spokesperson tells nbc news that all players inside are sa and accounted for. this is a developing sry. we will continue to follow it. look for updates in our nbc washington app. and this morning president trump is claiming victory after the supreme court ruled he could use pentagon money for sections of his border wall. the ruling frees upthe money while the case makes its way through the courts. the high court's decision reverses a lower court's ruling to freeze fding and stop construction. the $2.5 billion will be used to replace existing sections of a barrier in arizona, california
6:36 am
and new mexico. the president declared a national emergency in february to direct funds to building a all ong the south western border. is speaker nancy pelosi says mr. trump is stealing milit y funds. in virginia the white house says president trump will travel to williams burg next week to celebrate the 400th anniversary of j estown. because of that some democratic state lawmakers say they plan to boycott the event. in a statement friday the democratic heads of the straighs legture says "the current president does not represent the values that would celebrate." jamestown was the first representative democracy in america. democratic lieutenant governorf a heads up for those of you in virginia, an emergency drill is ening today at the pentagon. military officials want you to know to the to be alarmed if you see any activity today from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 this
6:37 am
afternoon. it's only arill and it's not in response to any specific threat. it will have an impact on metro. here's what you need to know if you plan on riding the rails this weekend. >> reporter: i'melissa mollet with a look at your railsend. trains will be by passing pentagon station, the blue and yellow ne, saturday from 7:00 to 2:00 p.m. for a training exercise. us and shuttling service will relocate to pentagon city etation. blue lineeen national airport ad fr franconia/springfield. green line, every 20 minutes, red line every 17 to 15 minutes and orange and silver, regular weekend service. have a gat weekend, i'll see you monday morning for "news4 today." she's the teen tennis sentation the world can't get enough of.c
6:38 am
cocoa gauff, hopinorto qualify he city open. she's powerful and fast, she's f determined. and keep in mind, she's on 15 years old. >> i feel really good. i love the courts. i love d.c. and i'm excited to see what i can do here. >> she's a beast. city open benefits the washington tennis and education foundation. we are rooting for her. a new push to transform a neighborhood inf need o a spruce up. the new developments that will bring hundreds of new homes and stores to a part of northeast d.c. get your first look at what's on the way coming up next on "news4 today." of savings and service.
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a massive new housing
6:41 am
development is coming to northeast d.c. neigorhood in desperate need of a boost. the bryant street project would bring more than a thousand new a homes well as retail and entertainment to the area near rde island avenue's metro station. e 4's mark seager shows us how it could transform one community. >> 60 years of waiting for this. >> reporter: nancy jones has seen lots of stores come and go from this lot. today she feels like her community is finally getting the type of delopment it needs. the same types of options other neighborhoods in the district have. >> i've been here through the bad times and now the good times. >> reporter: located just off rhode island avenue between blooming dale and brooklyn. when it's complete bryant street will boast 1,500 apartments with a qetarter million square ff retail, a nine screen movie theater, an outdoor space that connects the neighborhood to the rhodesland metro station. >> everybody's excited.
6:42 am
everybody's talking about it. it's bringing new life to the neighborhood, a lot of amenities. the best thing it brings the community together. >> reporter: the mayor was on hand for today's ground breaking. she says there's a huge demand for affordable rental units in the district. >> we estimate that we need to keep pace with our population growth, 36,000 new units, by 2025. >> reporter: while bowser is busy pushing for more affordable rental options she's aware there are a lot of people who wantblo be a to afford to buy a home in d.c. as well. mrs. jones is hopeful about the future of her neighborhood. >> it's a beautiful thing for the community. it's growing. i feel that we need something like this. but hopefully it's for everybody, affordable, like they said. >> reporter: the first phase of bryant street development is set to open in 2022. in northeast, mark segraves, news 4. mayorowser says home
6:43 am
ownership can be affordable as home rentals. she pointed to several first time buyer programs in the city it s to offer to help residentou live ltside. we are in store for a bey tiful dahead. we're going to check in with lauryn ricketts in just a moment. me is 6:43.
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back. flier beware. all this week theews 4 i-team has looked at air traffic and
6:46 am
air travel safety. now, vising revelationsth about punishment for people caught with guns in our airports. people have attempt to carry guns on airplanes about a dozen times this year atl airports. an investigation byma scott arlane and the i-team shows us. ♪ >> reporter: flying is all about packin. sto the airport. and through theecurity line as quickly as possible. >> i usually am very rigid, structured when i walk in there. >> reporter: this frequent flier has a warning. recheck your bags before you leave home. >> reporter: we're not showing his face because icould cost him his job. what went through your mind when the tsa officer said over here? >> a giant freeze and everythin stopse assembly line of security. red light siren deals going off over the x-ray unit. kind of packing for him and dozens of others in our area, when he accidentally
6:47 am
brought his carry-on bag with his gun inside. >> i didn't think about it. didn't even hit me. i identified it as my bag and it hit me like a ton of bricks. >> prosecutol charge. airport records oained by the number, ow he's far from aloneg more than 160 people arrested at dulles international, reagan national and bwi since 2016. >> even morealarming, 86% of these guns were loaded. >> what we're hearing people say is i forgot i had a loaded gun with me, incredible. >> reporte two of the most common excuses, their spouse packed their luggage r they travel with the same bag they used at the gun range. >> you had the bag at air fing range. >> yeah. yeah. it was a backpack. so it had stuff in it. you know. and just didn't even think about
6:48 am
that. >> reporter: the reason oor the ban guns for air passengers is clear. >> you never want a firearm in a cabin of a plane. >> reporter: we found the penalty for those who break the law is not clear. the tsa announces eac passenger's gun arrest they don't publicly release the names. the i-te goes through 100 plus of these cases, and people do not go to jail. some of those arrest faced fines of $100. those stopped at bwi completed unsupervised release, as little as one da and 80% of reagan arrests, got the charges dismissed. >> i never looked at jail as being something that's required every time a person is found a guilty of crime. that's not how we operate. >> reporte the commonwealth attorney says those arrested ara advised toppeal cases to circuit court. if they have no previous record and complete communityic se >> reporte this seems like a fair disposition to you?
6:49 am
>> right. >> t folks are law abiding citizen. when they recover the gun most individuals are horrified and they're completely beside themselves. >> somet else we've found in court records. many arrested are already familiar faces at the airport. getting stopped at the tsa pre-eck line used by trusted travelers who had background chec l. that couldd to suspension of the program for months. that's what happened to this flier. he paid a fine and had a gun. seiz >> i didn't look through my bag, i'm an idiot. >> reporter: best advice for traveling, start with an empty bag when traveling. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. the tsa says people stopping at la guardia or jfk can face jail time because of new york's strict laws. to watch our entire flier beware series, open our nbc washington app.
6:50 am
interesting and scary t at the sae to be on a plane, or obviously they don't get that far, but someone bringing a loaded gun. it's scary. >> i was thinking on my walk , here i think i've known one or two people that have had problems because they've had -- same how that guy had, hwas on the shooting range or something like that, and taking his bag. at first i was like how do you do that with a loaded gun? you should know where that is at t miste. crazy. what i love bout today is that it's a great day, it sounds like, to go outside. have brundh outside. y a i are going to that nats game.n, oh, ma we've got to work on that. >> trying to make up a handshake. >> we're t headedthe nats game. come say hi if you see us out and about. the temperatures for the nats game are going to be great. it's going to be hot out there. if you haven't gotten your tickets yet and you're sitting in the sunshi, oh, might want to gd s if you can get tickets sitting in the shade or underneath the overhang, the
6:51 am
4:05 game against the dodgers is going to be toasty out there. it's a butiful start toour saturday morning. a heat wave is in the works. we were in the 80s over the las couple of days. yesterday we had 90 degrees and i think we're going to stay around 90 degr ws as continue right on into next week. we have stray chances of passinr shows but the biggest change for ourorecast comes on wednesday. take a look at our humidity levels. really not that bad, maybe a touch humidit we get into sunday. the legend on the left-handide of your screen and on the right-hand side we have days out there. it's going to be humid on monday and tuesday, even into wednesda through and the humidity will sweep away. enjoy the day today. temperatures out there right now are in theow0s and l 70s. 72 in the district. a little chilly, especially if you're headed tdoors. far as your saturday planner is concerned, plenty of sunshine. listen, there could be a stray shower but we reallynk thi that's going to be around the
6:52 am
shenandoah valley. noat will blossom up, short lived. ing happening out there right now. if you're traveling and heading to the beaches, north or south looking good. again, we could have a chance of -ua pop shower and you can see this heading into the afternoon, mainly along the mountains and ring to. for the most part we are staying dry out there, less than a 20% chance you'll see it where you are. we need rain. a lot of people are suffering from mold pollen out there, md spores are at moderate right now in terms of levels. if you want tor washed, do it. we have the stray chances of rain here and there. but for the most part we'll stay dry for several days. might be a good time to get to the pool. lather on the spf, not only today but all the way thr egh intoarly next week. temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the low 90s and again we've got another chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms. the change comes on wednesday for scattered showers and th'lderstorms. we keep a chance on thursday but you can see how the temperatures drop.
6:53 am
friday, we're dry and then more chances of rain for the weekend. you can see we're in the 90s. at least as we head through tuesday. hello, heat ve.
6:54 am
6:55 am
delays cost millions and huge g for a trendy stock in the week that was. economic growth in the u.s. ond ed sharply in the s quarter of the year. gdp rose 2.1%, down from 3.1% in
6:56 am
the first quarter. consumer spending rose sharply but it wasn't enough to offset drops in business investment and inventories. costs are adding up for airlines that can't fly their boeing 737 max jets. s said the boeing grounding will cost it $400 million this year. southwest airline is cancelling all flights in and out of the t is also pulling all 737 max jets through januaryh. 5t facebook agreed to pay $5 billion to settle the federal probe into privacy violations. the social media giant isn't done with regulators though. facebook says the federal trade commission has opened an anti-trust investi of the company. the alternative meat craze is pushing shares of one company into the stratosphere. the stock price jumped more than 30%, valuing the company at $14 billion. roughly the same as american airlines.
6:57 am
i'm ericem ch get all your business news on cnb ewou're watching n 4. your time now is 6:56. we have so much news to get to. take a quick look outside your window. we are in store for a beautiful day ahead. but when will that humidity come back into o forecast? that's the question we're going to check in with lauryn ricketts in jus a minute to let us know what the rest of our weekend and workweek forecast is.
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noin ann: "news4 today" now. a body and a crashed car found near a park inrince georges county. this morning police are on the hunt for a killer. days after the shocking video surfaced police in the district say they've made their first arrest. coming up we'll tell you what's ahead in this case. a raisinghe bar as d.c. gets ready for sports betting. several bars are working on getting in on the action. find out where you could soon be placing a bet along with grabbing a drink to order. good morning to you, i'm meagan fitzgerald. thank you for joining u on this beautiful saturday morning. it looksar like we e in store for a perfect day


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