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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 3 mark tight the winter weather brings with it a lot of road mess. the snow, ice, cold and salt have all conspired to create those dreaded potholes. they're opening up everywhere. courtney wheaton joins us live tonight.. with what she discovered on pothole patrol. courtney live u mark, the city should get props.. because many of these holes got patched up. but if you do come in contact with one, there are steps the city says you can take to get them fixed. 3 3 "i see they fixing 3 them, but they ain't fast enough." kim richardson, is talking about potholes. he says the craters turn his nightly joy rides into nightmares. "i have a hard time on this scooter as soon
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the last two weeks, he says he's had to get his scooter re-aligned twice. and cars don't have it any better. " it shakes up everything in the engine, it shakes up your axle, it shakes everything in your car so you gon' be spendin." he's right. mechanics at harris tire say the damage done by potholes bring in the big bucks. " it could cost 60 dollars almost to thousands." take a look at this. another victim. " if you ride around with low tire pressure and you hit a good pothole that's all it takes to do something like this" and if you do have a face-off with a pothole-- here's what public works recommends you should do. first call 856-city to report it. " we send people as quick as we possibly can because once someone hits it we don't want someone duplicating that." but if they do, they can file a claim with the city's risk manager. " they are usually pretty good about doing the right thing by citizens." still, every situation.. like potholes.. is different. which is why
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on the lookout.. for these money hungry holes." because at 18 degrees, black ice and a pot hole it gets kind of dangerous." 3 court live u many times the city will use a filler mix until they can patch the holes up permantley. they plan to do that early this spring. live in lynchburg, courtney wheaton, abc 13 news. 3 mark tight tonight- state police are investigating a fatal crash in charlotte county. troopers say the crash happened around 2:45 this afternoon. john covington was driving west on route 40 when he ran off the left side of the road and went down an embankment. he died at the scene. police say he was wearing his seatbelt. 3 3 mark tight tonight- the pittsylvania county sheriff's office tells us it's getting closer to a suspect.. investigators believe they will find the person behind
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hargrave military academy in chatham. the sheriff's office is working with state police and the cyber crimes unit to find those responsible. meanwhile, general don broome.. the school's president says.. many parents picked up their kids. but more than 40 international students aren't able to go home. tonight though- sheriff mike taylor is confident they've prevented any threat from happening. 3 mark tight police charged a man from vinton after they say he hurt an 11 month old baby. preston chewning is charged with aggravated malicious wounding.. abuse and neglect of a child.. and child endangerment. police say on february 11th, they got to fairmont drive for a call about a baby injured in a fall. they say the child went to the hospital with multiple fractures and internal injuries. chewning is being held without bond. 3 mark tight a bedford county man is facing charges tonight of owning dangerous dogs. police say his 2 pit bulls attacked twin boys and
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boonsboro. the two boys were playing outside after school. the pit bulls reportedly escaped from their own backyard. the boys say.. they're still shaken up.. and are mourning the loss of their family dog.. scruffy. now, their father says.. with all the kids in the neighborhood -- he doesn't want to see the dogs come back. konstantin ostapenko/father: "nobody wants to see these dogs around because we've got so many young kids and so many dogs, i mean, friendly dogs, and everybody know each other and we don't want to see this kind of dog around this neighborhood."john maddox/owner of pitbulls: "i've got a 7 year old little boy that they curl up fright next to every night, sleep with them every night and wouldn't hurt a hair on his head. so, for them to accuse them of attacking two children is just ridiculous."mark tight most families we spoke with agree.. they don't want the dogs back. the sheriff's office says.. a judge will decide during the owner's hearing next month..
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euthanized. 3 3 mark box the flint water study group at virginia tech is getting huge props for its work on the flint water crisis. the group spent the day assembling water test kits to send to flint. they will let them know if the water has improved. even if it has, the group says the lead pipes need to go. the city has no idea where its lead pipes are though. so finding them could take years. dr. marc edwards says doesn't believe flint will become the new chernobyl.(dr. marc edwards/ flint water study, virginia tech) "i mean that's what it was becoming at the time. if you lose your water system. if you can not bathe in your water or drink the water, people leave. i know a lot of people who left flint because of this. and you know, realize it's not just the water was bad but they're paying about double for their water bill that the typical mortgage costs in town. mark box we have more on tech's study on the flint water crisis on our website, 3
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marina and boat rentals announced it has launched a fleet vessel sales program that will offer used boats and personal watercraft for sale to you at prices well below market value. it's been compared to a car rental company -- where slightly older cars are in good shape -- are sold to make way for new vehicles that renters prefer. the marina currently has 13 watercraft for sale. you can go online and look at those. we'll have a link at 3 mark plasma next -- up finding the connection.debi white, legacy museum board member: "it is just absolutely amazing, and i'm so excited about getting involved in it again." how a local geneology workshop inspired local african americans to
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3 february is black history month.. and in honor of it.. there's an exhibit about virginia's slave trade at the lynchburg museum. marissa parra is here to show us.. what a free genealogy workshop at the library has to do with it.marissa well mark, the slave trade exhibit here is a temporary one library of virginia. some of their archivists traveled from there today for this workshop, and it had a great turnout.marissa tight about 50 people filled the room. they came to learn from the best on how to trace their roots. 3 this is more than just a workshop for debi white.debi white, legacy museum board member: (32:33) "i have 6 grandbabies. all boys, aged six and under." (32:38) this is about family legacy. debi white, legacy museum board member: (32:40) "i'm preparing a family history book for each of their families." (32:48) she's among 50 who traveled near and far for this.thelma thomas harris, genealogy workshop
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originally from lynchburg, but i came today from greensboro north carolina especially for this program." (08:24) worth it, to learn a little bit more about her roots. thelma thomas harris, genealogy workshop attendee: (09:14) "i'm hoping that it will get me re-excited so i can go back and do my part in researching my father's family." (09:23) thelma thomas harris, genealogy workshop attendee: (08:42) i only knew a couple of my relatives (08:46) the african american narrative is one that's historically been difficult to trace.doug harvey, lynchburg museum director: (01:56) "african american history has been so difficult to research, a lot of the slaves, they just used their first names, or they took the last names of their master, but a lot of their records are missing. (02:06) (10 secs) finding those telling records used to take a lot more effort. now... debi white, legacy museum board member: (32:07) "i don't have to leave home. and all i have to do is plug in my computer. and i am so excited about doing that" (32:13) (6 secs) which is important to her and others because.. debi white, legacy museum board member: (06:05) "it opens up so much, what we have been able to accomplish in spite of our history and
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3 marissa tight you can still catch the traveling exhibit, "to be sold: virginia and american slave trade" at the lynchburg museum. it'll be around until march 6th, before a new train exhibit will take its place. mark chief (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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3 mark plasma coming to you next- it's friday night.. and that means full court press. dennis carter and dave walls have all the highlights.. plus a look at
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3 welcome to week 7 of full court press. with dave walls, i'm dennis carter.
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cheerleaders and player of the week, the trifecta. but first, let's go to the highlights. 3 we begin with our game of the week at g.w, the eagles hosting e.c. glass for the conference 23 championship. tight game in the second half, malik knox for glass. ball goes up and over the gw defense and hits the jumper! the eagles come alive - great vision by isaiah bethel, who finds armadius jones in the paint for the layup! eagles up by 6 early in the fourth, and rolling! daquan hairston down court to pat robinson for the layup. a strong 4th quarter leads to the conference 23 title. gw wins out over glass - 64 to 56. ron parson, g.w. head coach - "we had to play with everything we had to stay with this team tonight. so we're very happy and very thankful. i liked our mental toughness, cause you have to be mentally tough to play a squad like them. you have to be mentally tough and our guys were 3 3 conference 30 championship game, heritage faced off against the rustburg
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mike jones helped rustburg race out to a big 10-2 lead early, jones led all scorers with 22. but jordan hamlette and the pioneers charged back, hamlette had 18, heritage down 3 at the half. third quarter, caleb snead of heritage gets the steal, breaks free, and snead throws it down to tie the game, pioneers led by two entering the fourth. cj rosser helped the pioneers build a 7- point lead. five seconds left, joe daniel buries a 3 to bring rustburg within one. jones' shot to win at the buzzer is short. the pioneers hang on to win a third-straight conference title. heritage 47, rustburg 45. 3 let's head to ringgold for the conference 37 title game, dan river hosting appomattox county. zemar anderson has it, but buster henderson swipes the ball and cuts straight down the court for an appomattox basket. the raiders looking good in the later half. marquise morgan makes a quick pass over to henderson and he lands another one! less than 10 seconds left on the clock, last chance for dan river.
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jr - we're tied at 54, we go to overtime! in ot, all wildcats. a 10-1 overtime, and dan river wins it, 64-55 3 in altavista, the colonels squared off with luray for the conference 44 title. mateo maulback drains the three from the corner! maulbeck with 18, altavista up 9 and rolling! later, nice move by daquan poindexter.. gets the defender to bite, on the easy layup! luray tries to get back in it, on the leo yates drive, but lawrence galliard blocks any chance of a comeback! altavista claims the conference 44 title with a hard-fought 70-58 win over luray. they'll host a regional 1a game next wednesday at 6. 3 conference 24 at william byrd, the terriers took on william fleming. end of the third, tyrell adams for three at the buzzer! but just a minute later byrd answers back with a block by stephen olsen. fleming doesn't go without a fight. von saunders steals the ball and goes in for a quick layup. then with just a few minutes left,
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downtown. adams with 20, but it's not enough - byrd takes conference 24 52-45 over fleming. 3 girls conference 30 at brookville, the bees battling the liberty lady minutemen for the title. brookville led by just two after one but shut out liberty in period two 12-0 to go up 14. camden osborne scores here for the bees in the fourth, kiala marshall led brookville with 12. kasey carr tried to rally liberty, she led the minutemen with 11. but the bees take home another conference title. brookville 48, liberty 24. the bees improve to 22-and-2 on the season. 3 conference 37 title on the line, as chatham hosted dan river. 2nd quarter, jasmine owens is tripped up, but alliyah fitz is there for the putback! cavs lead just six, but they heat up! princess anderson gets the layup and the foul! then just before the half, robyn minter will spot up from 15, and gets the deuce to fall. the cavs lead 30-17 at the half, and chatham goes on to win their second straight conference 37 title, 59-32
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3 semifinal conference 32 game at cave spring, the knights hosted hidden valley. cave spring started out strong. right off the bat, mason reyer with the steal, jake furrow with the bucket. turnovers leading to points earliy for the knights. furrow knocks the ball down, leading to another layup. then at the end of the first quarter, it's cave spring's zach shannon with the block and reyer takes it in. cave spring beats hidden valley by 20, 52-32. 3 on the boys scoreboard... the comets fall in the conference 16 final to albemarle. northside moves to 22-1, taking conference 31 over botetourt. martinsville over floyd in the 38 semi's, they'll face glenvar in the finals. radford no problems with covington, and roanoke catholic wins big over covenant.girls scores... the warriors take conference 31 over lord botetourt. blacksburg pulls out the 5 point win over cave spring. hidden valley no problems with abingdon. halifax county falls in the conference 16 consolation game. parry mccluer takes conference 45
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radford. and the lady eagles 3 still to come on fcp, we've got your player and cheerleaders of the week. plus the trifecta on week
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cheerleaders and you're watching full court press on abc 13." 3 it's time for the best three plays of the week inside the trifecta. number three - ec glass at lca. off the steal, the pass inside to (#3), and tj jones is there for the follow and the foul! glass goes on to win in ot!number two - luray at altavista. leo yates on the drive, but lawrence galliard with the block. shuts out the comeback in the colonels big win.and number one - 3 that's trifecta play number one. 3 time now for our new fcp boys top 13. entering play tonight..the northside vikings remain at number one with radford two. martinsville is third, followed by dan river, g.w., rustburg, william byrd, cave spring, e.c. glass up to ninth, altavista 10th. rounding out the top 13, hargrave, l.c.a. and v.e.s.
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remains brookville. the bees lead the way ahead of hidden valley, fleming, lord botetourt and floyd county. magna vista moves up to sixth, g.w., chatham, glenvar, timberlake, l.c.a., parry mccluer and martinsville. 3 our seventh full court press player of the week honor goes to hailey craft of altavista. craft and the lady colonels overcame early adversity on their way to the conference 44 title. in their semi-final match against william campbell, craft scored 22 points, including 5 three pointers en route to the championship, and says her team plays like one.hailey craft, altavista "we've worked as a team, and they've helped me make shots, and i've helped them in the post, too. but we've played together for a long time, so i'm looking to win more and keep going towards the states!: 3 3 college hoops tomorrow, virginia is off. the hokies host florida state, liberty is home at 7 against presbyterian. high point plays at radford, vmi at samford and lynchburg college plays host to virginia wesleyan.also washington & lee plays at randolph, averett at
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gardner-webb, the lu women host coastal carolina at 4, flames coach carey green goes for career win number 399. and the lc women host hollins. 3 it's been a strong day for lots of area wrestlers. these are some who've earned their way into tomorrow's state title matches at the salem civic center. brookville's reid stewart and austin wilkerson advanced to the finals in 3a, chad cantrell of l.c.a. 4a, elijah seay of staunton river in 3a, seay is undefeated this season.also wrestling for state titles tomorrow, jeffrey allen of amherst county and mason wolk of lca. 3 that does it for week 7 of full court press. thanks for watching. we'll be back with a final look at
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher. from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jake byrd at a donald trump rally. and music from nothing but thieves. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i hope you're ready to party. i really do. hey, you know, tonight is mardi gras. it's a big night of celebration. mardi means tuesday in french. gras means fat. it is fat tuesday in new orleans right now. everybody is drunk. even the babies. nobody gets a pass on mardi gras. it's an interesting day in america today because we're voting for candidates for president in one state and flashing our nipples in another state. [ laughter ] in new hampshire today the first official primary of the election season, and they had a bit of fat tuesday action themselves. this is a pig, a 600-pound pig. it made its way to a polling location. a school in pelham, new


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