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tv   WSLS 10 at 530 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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now at five- thirty ... danville police continue the investigation into a man they say made a false report.... hoping police would shoot him. plus ... an 87- year-old man celebrates 50 years with a local volunteer rescue squad. why he says ... he's not retiring any time soon. but first ... snow returns for parts of southwest virginia. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls ten at 5:30 .. i'm dawn jefferies. and i'm john carlin. the second hit... of a one-two
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this past weekend... a storm buried much of new england and today another blast. forecasters believe it could parts of massachusetts. massachusetts governor charlie baker is urging residents to as closed. conditions are a little different here in southwest virginia. some schools closed early due to weather concerns. here's a live look at i-77 in hillsville ... where you can see some accumulation. storm team ten chief meteorologist jeff haniewich joins us now ... jeff ... how long is this expected to continue? a strong clipper-type system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain and snow showers. as we turn colder tonight, any
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will be snow showers. that said, tonight, the precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains. tonight: mostly cloudy with snow showers possible, especially in the mountains. pretty cold with lows in the upper 20s. tuesday: mainly cloudy with snow showers possible, mainly
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investigate a weekend incident in which they say a mentally unstable man tried to get officers to shoot and kill him. police were called to the 100 block of barrett street for a report of a man dragging a body through the woods around 5- 30 sunday morning,. when they got there... a 25- year-old man admitted to making up the report in hopes of getting police shoot him. officers spent a couple of hours trying to negotiate with the man and eventually decided to use non-deadly force to take him into custody. police say taking time to negotiate with the man was the right decision. "if the person who has mental illness can be treated, that's what you look for. if officers are able to go home safe and citizens are able to go home safe, that's what you want. so, if it takes extra time to make that scenario possible then that's what you do." police have not released the man's name or if any charges will
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a roanoke county woman is in jail tonight ... following a malicious wounding incident. according to police ... it happened in the 69-hundred block of goff road. when police got to the scene ... they found the victim ... jeffery brock holding down the suspect joy kent. police say brock had what looked like a stab wound on his side. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. kent was charged with malicious wounding ... and is currently being held at the roanoke county jail without bond. meanwhile in amherst ... a man is in jail tonight facing charges that stem from a domestic dispute. deputies say ... it happened in amherst highway on saturday. deputies arrested 39- year-old william crank at the scene for malicious wounding. deputies found the female victim at another house ... with cuts on her arm along with other signs of harm. she was treated at the scene. crank was also charged with "curse and abuse" based on how he treated the 9-1-1 dispatcher. he's being held at the amherst bond.
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healthcare of abingdon ... following an anonymous complaint. many details are not been released as it's an active investigation. we know the abingdon police department requested the investigation back in november after receiving a complaint forwarded from the adult protective services division of the department of social services. the catawba hospital in roanoke county is on tonight's salem city council agenda. council is expected to pass a resolution... requesting the general assembly take no action to close the facility. governor terry mcauliffe called for the closure in his biennial budgets. salem will join botetourt and roanoke counties in opposing the closure. veterinarians are warning of a fast spreading disease ... affecting dogs in 28 states. veterinarians at valley animal hospital say there's confirmed cases of the dog flu in north carolina and maryland ... but not in virginia so far. practitioners are concerned it
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charlotte hatch, associate vet at valley animal hospital: "it grows in the body over a two to four day period before that period the dog can be transmitting that disease to others before it even shows signs. so, it's a virus that spreads very rapidly." the dog flu is a contagious disease that spreads easily in kennels and parks. vets say if you see your dog show symptoms like sneezing and coughing bring them in. martinsville police chief sean dunn is staying in the area .. after recently pursuing a position with the portsmouth police department. dunn was one of three finalists for the police chief job in portsmouth. the position was offered to another candidate, but dunn says he's not too disappointed because he's fortunate to work with a great crew. he's served the martinsville police department for two years. a henry county man has been serving the bassett community for 50 years as a rescue squad volunteer. the difference between him and his
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wsls ten's colter anstaett shows us the career of 87- year-old claude cobler ... and why he says he doesn't have plans to quit anytime soon. nat sound 87 year-old claude cobler has been climbing into and out of ambulances at the bassett rescue squad for nearly fifty years now... and he says he enjoys it just as much today as he did when he helped found the rescue squad back in 1966. "i just enjoy helping people, especially at a time in their life when they're at their lowest." a lot has changed in fifty years. he says the biggest difference - now it's nearly impossible to get anyone to become a volunteer, let alone stick around. "we probably don't run more than half the calls we get. 'just because you don't have the staff?' because we don't have enough people." cobler's good friend steven kieth stone has been with the rescue squad for almost as long as he has. stone says he has a lot of memories of working with cobler and hopes he's able to
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years. "years ago when we used to keep an ambulance at his house, and i would go up there and meet him and we would take care of the call." brian hall has been with the rescue squad for about 23 years and says claude is an excellent teacher for those looking to get into the business. "claude will go step by step with you and he will make sure you get through the class." claude says it's hard to remember all the calls... but the people he's helped over the years certainly have not forgotten his help. "maybe, a teenager says 'you remember when you took me to the hospital and i had that baby?' i don't even remember them, let alone the baby." laughs in bassett, colter anstaett, wsls 10. the potential for winter weather could mean issues on our roadways ... in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... so far so good. right now ... we're not seeing
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delays across the area. millions of americans admit to hiding financial secrets from their spouses. the amount nearly half of americans say is ok to spend ... without telling. but first ... here's a look at how some stocks of local interest
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a strong clipper-type system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain and snow showers. as we turn colder tonight, any leftover precipitation will be snow showers. that said, tonight, the precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains.
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snow showers possible, especially in the mountains. upper 20s. showers possible, mainly in the mountains. chilly and 30s. we may still have the chance for some upslope west slope snow showers lingering into wednesday. other wednesday will be mostly cloudy and cold still breezy too with highs in the lower 30s. as far as accumulations through wednesday, here's what we are thinking: west slope areas mainly in wv, including mt. rogers: 3-6"+ most of the nrv/highlands: 1-3"
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higher 3" possible near mountain lake, etc. roanoke: coating possible, maybe up to 1" around catawba, bradshaw, and bent mountain the higher elevations lynchburg/sout hside: no accumulation forecast thursday will finally be a dry day for everyone. we will see a mix of sun and clouds, but it will be cold with highs only in the upper 20s. during the day on friday we look dry under partly sunny skies with highs in the low-to- mid 30s. however, we could see a quick-moving storm system impact us friday night, bringing another round of snow showers. a very light accumulation is possible
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no accumulation expected outside the mountains. saturday should see more sun east and more clouds west with more mountain snow showers possible. we will remain cold all weekend long with highs near 30 on saturday.we could be even colder on sunday with highs in the upper 20s. sunday will be dry under partly to mostly sunny skies. we'll be watching the potential for another storm system on monday.that one could be a bit more significant for the entire viewing area. too early to make the call yet, but as of now, we are looking at cloudy skies with some snow possible.
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middle 30s.stay tuned for more info on this as the time draws nearer. passengers aboard a royal caribbean cruise are heading back home following a rough night at sea.
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to news making headlines around the world ... russian authorities arrested seven isis militants who were planning bomb attacks in several major cities in the country. the group was arrested in a mountainous area in the central part of russia. authorities say ... the men are charged with terrorism and illegal possession of weapons and explosives. officials say ... they uncovered a bomb-making laboratory during searches of the suspects' homes and found detonators, guns, grenades and extremist books. authorities believe the group was lead by an isis fighter from turkey. a royal caribbean cruise ship is heading back to it's home port ... after getting caught in strong winds and rough seas overnight. the ship was heading to port canaveral, florida ... from new
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weather off the coast of north carolina. crews reported hurricane-force winds of more than 100-miles- an-hour ... and waves up to 30 feet. damage inside the ship includes toppled tables and chairs ... broken vases and decorations and broken kitchenware. no one was hurt. royal caribbean says guests will receive a full refund and 50- percent off a future cruise. baltimore prosecutors ask for a delay in the trials of three police officers charged in the freddie gray's death. prosecutors filed motions friday asking the judge for a delay until the appeals court decides if william porter can be used to testify against lieutenant brian rice ... edward nero ... and garrett miller. all three are charged with assault ... misconduct and reckless endangerment. rice is also charged with manslaughter. gray was fatally hurt while in police custody last april. still ahead in a wsls ten
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automakers are making the switch to larger vehicles. which cars will be dropped from
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
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so you can love cereal... again! fiat chrysler and toyota are making plans to drop smaller cars from their lineups due to economic climate change. both automakers say ... they're moving away from smaller cars and going towards larger and higher riding crossovers.
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compact dodge dart and the mid- size chrysler 200. as we've reported ... toyota plans to drop the scion brand. analysts say ... the bigger cars mean a larger profit for the automakers. a recent study shows millions of americans are hiding a financial secret from their significant others. credit cards dot-com finds ... 13-million people have either a hidden bank account or credit card. the study also says ... 41-percent have spent more than 100-dollars and didn't tell their spouse. nearly half of americans say they would be okay if their partner didn't tell them about spending the 100- dollars. less than 24- hours after the denver bronco's win over the carolina panthers ... fans are questioning the legendary quarterback's future with the team. reaction from fans and peyton
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super bowl win. some fans say ... it's a bittersweet victory ... considering the possibility of quarterback peyton manning hanging up his cleats to retire. while manning kept quiet about his career plans during an interview with the today show's matt lauer .. many say they would love to see the 39-year-old play one more season. peyton manning, denver broncos quarterback "at the appropriate time i think i'll make a decision. i have to tell you though matt, i'm very much at peace with whatever the decision is i have a real peace about it." but to broncos fan: "peyton manning - you're the man. you're seriously the man. you've done everything for this city. flash peyton, if you come back next season - if you can do it - we'll follow you again, man. if not, you're our boy!" meanwhile... carolina fans say
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panthers didn't take home the vince lombardi trophy .. they're still proud of a strong season. panthers fan: "i wanted them to win and it's kind of depressing." there were also wins and losses among advertisers who paid up to five- million dollars for 30-seconds of air time. some favorites included mountain dew's "puppy monkey baby" and bud light's "bud light party" commercials. meanwhile .. other ads --such as quicken loans' "what we were thinking" -- were met with backlash. that's all for wsls ten at 5-30. your 90 minutes of news continues right now. a strong clipper-type system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain
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leftover precipitation will be snow showers. that said, tonight, the precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains. tonight: mostly cloudy with snow showers possible, dr. phil mcgraw, talk show host: "i think this is a cautionary tale. i think you have to tell them, look you don't know what you think you know. people can put you things you want to hear." the death of nicole lovell continues to spark media attention on a national scale. wsls 10 hears from dr. phil about the case .. ahead of the airing of his interview with the 13-year-old's father. meanwhile ... the virginia tech community comes together to
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but first .. storm team 10 is
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