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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 13, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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a jet boat team is sure to set a blinding pie or at least they would have if they didn't wipe out in one spectacular crash. a suspect on the run and ramming cars in -- >> -- a big old dump struck. >> why going rogue has him going to jail. it's the stuff nightmares are made of. >> and it has hands. >> the story behind one scary looking creature. >> and. >> hi, i'm e l lrksllelly, i'm 30 years old and single. >> the dating video ladies seem to dig. let's head down to new zealand for incredible footage
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championship. we have driver right now. you see the inside and outside of the boat to see the kind of gs these guys are pulling. this is not sped up. the reaction time is incredible. looks like these zbies areguys are going to set a blinding time. or at least would have if this didn't happen. >> oh! >> an absolute monster as they leave the track, go tumbling, see the gas explode, they finally come to rest. cool part about this video we get multiple views of the accident, you can stee from the inside as it goes tumbling around. >> i thought for a second kate hit the eject button but there are no buttons on boat. there's nothing will. >> you think that's spectacular. slow motion get a load of this
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it looks like out of a movie like a special effect. >> will be amazed. minor injuries. because apparently blake seen a number of accidents and just upgraded his boat. also changed the lay out of the seats. so they stayed just fine. >> stay extra with that safety gear, that's when you just walk away from it and they did. you don't see anything on your screen because i want to warn you, it's big, it's blagck, and it has hands, otherwise known as, hey paul. >> oh, yeah. >> that's also a very big spider. spider, part crab. >> it's, like, brutal. >> those can puncture your skin.
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>> if they poke the skin is it a bite. >> no it's a puncture. the one handling this is a breeder. as you can see there's a lot of handling because they play with it a lot of time. >> that explains why this person is not afraid and running out of the room screaming. ah,ah,ah. >> what do we use to get this if one cops to us. >> just put it in your hand, put in a cage and breed it. >> what's it breed with humans? >> hopefully other spiders. >> it looks like something i would fight in one of my video games. panic, like, ahhh. >> ali didn't say anything the first few minutes of the conversation, he was so freaked out. >> that's good because now we're going to bring one in.
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>> eh. at first glance you're thinking this is just cctv business as usual, but very quickly you will notice we are following and keeping a very close eyeball on this yellow truck, a big old dump truck driving through the streets in england, like to say it's high speed chase but it's not more like a 30 ton chase. >> why is the driver running? >> the driver was operating the vehicle according to reports while under the influence of drugs. some say it is a disgruntled laborer. >> so he knows how to drive this heavy machinery but he's loopy.
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knows how to handle this thing. >> police are on his trail for two hours. >> being pushed back. >> not a very high speed. but the guy goes right for a police car and hits it. but the guy is relentless, at one point he's just unable to keep moving forward. they are able to stop him. the driver is 40 nicholas hershel. this insurance dengtcident happened last year he has been sentenced to 14 months in jail and a fine of about $40,000 u.s. dollars. these videos prove that sometime you got to do what you got to do. these firefighters in moscow are trying to get to a building that has smoke coming from it but they can't. >> oh, no. >> they just did this to get through? >> the alley ways are pretty narrow. >> if you notice these
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several cars to get to their destination. word is the apartment complex is not very expensive but the parking is to the people who live there park on the street and this is what happens. >> that fire truck could have run over that car if it wanted to. these guys doing a good job and conscientious too. >> in the u.s. we have fire hydrant rules and emergency lanes not sure what the rules are here but there's several cars here that these fooifrts and folks on streekt have to purk out of the way to get trucks through. the crew was smart about it. they spent firefighters in to dif use the situation. the truck on the other hand, does make it through after they spend all this time trying to push these cars out of the way. those car where's sighted. the owners got a fine. >> befrg this seems so wrong.
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so wrong but this next video seems oh, so right. >> what are they doing? it is a wheel barrel. >> yes girl, they are the tiny in the world. the thirds stooges filming, why don't you help. i want to remind you if therewas a questionable video not long ago. >> hard to move judge. >> well it gets a little bit harder for these guys. and then this happened. >> no. no. >> yes. a whiz requestkid for epic memories
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plus dude perfect is at it again, this time, taking it to new heights. >> the mountain tops, no battle. you be the judge of this competition. >> nice job. >> that's a split that's fair. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden. tim thinks you need to be amastermind to do your own taxes. so, we flew in a mastermind to help him. well, did you buy a home? yes. then i'd press there.
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intuit t look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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one day it appears. is that a dark spot? closed captioning provided by -- targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. fellows over at dude perfect are back at it and i love what they got going on. this time it's their first competition of 2016, the mountain top snow battle. >> we have to do this. no we have to do this. snow is only two hours away from us. before i see what happens we have to do this. >> the competition consists of
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>> ladies and gentlemen welcome to the snow board competition. worth five points a piece. first ring five. second ten. third ring 20. >> oh, nice. >> as was falling down too bad. >> after the first event let's see how the fellas did. there's a pretty good gap between the first and last. >> not to mention snowboarding itself is difficult. >> they're going to take this bulls eye, go down the slope -- >> why are we doing this! >> -- and the other fellas get point by hitting them. >> i'm 6'6" if you don't hit me you should just go home. >> oh, how fun is that. >> ow, ow. >> those lands are like saucers of death. >> ooh. >> the agony of defeat. >> coming out from under him and they're just helping him. this is straight muddy. snow mobiles, inner tubes and
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>> oh, yes, yes, yes. >> oh, they're being pulled. ooh, nice job. >> now that's a tough spare. >> let's reveal the winner. >> please goent mad at me guys. i see the comments, i'm so tired of ty winny i hate him. >> there's always that one guy. keep winning. >> ty is like cam newton of goofy sports. >> right. he should just dabble. i'm always amazed at the kind of idiot you can find on youtube. a kid doing incredible things. a individual yee video of a proud dad. his son too interest in flags. the other day while at home he did this. >> okay.
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>> . >> so starts four minutes ten seconds as he goes through 195 countries of the world. whatever's got a flag he's got it and he goes so quick i can barely keep up with the cards. it shows just how impressive it is around this point here. see if you can spot why. that's a polish flag. that's indonesia flag. that's the monaco flag. there so many flags it's crazy. >> i guarantee you ask 99.9% of americans to name a few of those, people can't even do it. >> i know they exist and remember them from world cup but if you just quizzed me -- >> there was a little bit of drama though right here. >> i forgot again.
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had a momentarily lapse but we continue through every other country right up to the end. >> mongolia. >> yay. >> now challenge him to learn all the capitals as well. just thought you'd like that. >> good! he's best known as the doggon. >> this is elias freeman 27 years old and has made a lot of people happy on social media. >> this guy would not have a career if not for his timing with social media. they're going pound for pound. >> the guy that's supposed to be punch ed as sandwich that way
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sorry. get a free quote at itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. dog owners how hard it is to catch a photo of your pooch. >> good luck trying to get his photo. big toy comes out. i start making weird noise, one second later the dog is posing like a professional. >> very nice. >> this is elias freeman, 27 years old and he's made a lot of people joyful through social media that's why the he has 1.8 million followers on instagram.
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time's best seller's list. people love it. >> i wouldn't mind having this gig but it all started because he doesn't have a job. >> at the beginning of the project no one knew who i was. i was just walking around every day having interactions with dogs. the project has grown and i've been this sort of figure. >> good grief that's incredible. this guy wouldn't have a career if not for his time with social media. >> exactly. >> it's still baffling how many people like the photos. >> he takes about 15 or 20 pictures but the first one is usually the best win because the dog is surprised. he also thinks location is key. >> shooting downtown weekends
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with five other dogs. >> he said every kind of neighborhood has their own dog identity. brooklyn with a lot of pit bulls, new york is a dog town. >> he has no dog. >> why would you need one, right. you get to go out and play with everybody else's dogs of. >> dogs haver opened up a world for me. >> women live longer because men do this. >> o wgsw. >> these guys having a good old boxing game by putting boxes over their heads and then trying to figure out where you are so
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so the guy that's about to bunch -- punch him. right. >> it's a match up of marco polo and then they're like with boxing. >> ha, ha. >> have they been drinking? >> maybe some consumption has been had. >> i would like to say this place is messy because of what they're doing but no it's probably messy before they even got started. >> it's duke. >> why hit on duke. you're making fun of the fact that we die early. what? >> what are you cheese right now, come on sandwich. come on. >> oh, yeah you take boxing classes. >> wait that guy punched and knocked himself out. >> it's hard to tell where the other person is because you're already disoriented because of the box. >> note to you fellas who try to try this, you exert more energy
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dating can be deadly. therefore -- >> ellie here decided he would n stad out. stand out. he made his own video. >> watch and decide if he's right for idthat feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero
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weeteners. just good. i think we all kind of take helicopters for granted. you see them flying over, there's a lot going on to make that mechanical piece of machinery work. hold on to your cookies, this may make you nauseous. a guy attached a gopro to an m18 russian helicopter. what you're seeing is one of fieft blades spinning five blades spinning around and noticing all of the hydraulic lines and everything keeping this together. wizardry is a mazing.
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make you completely nauseous. >> if you watch in slow motion, almost see the giant rotor blades flexing, all of that is done as it flies right past you, that bit of bundle and parts all together works. so lee is going >> some of us are looking for love in all the wrong places.
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boring, so it's elle here would decide he'd stand out and made his own video. >> hi i'm elle 30 years old, single, and for a job i do film making and photography. this might we a creative way to showcase who i am, what i'm about. so the kind of things i would look for in a potential date, someone with a don't lick my face. >> i'd lick his face. >> i'd got you. >> i'm great with kids. that's important. >> oh, my god. [ laughter ] >> abort mission. abort mission. >> yeah he's really good with kids. >> he can start dating once he
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>> let's see what his ex girlfriends say about him. >> you got to pretend to be my exgirlfriend. >> oh. >> i really don't want to do this. >> such a freaky looking barbie doll. >> i can play guitar be your rock star maybe on that day i'll do my best not to look at your -- >> ready i'm ready to date this guy. >> should be fun, smart, sexy as hell, can cook as well, my parents would be happy if she's -- jewish [ laughter ] >> wow good luck with that one, dude. >> that woman does not exist. >> hey, elle. >> yeah. >> you're not jewish. [ laughter ]
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>> so sorry. no, no, no. [ bleep ]. >> give it to me. thanks for watching, we'll see you on the next "right this minute". >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave
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