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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 22, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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and end p on greener pastures. a patrol officer spotted a toddler walking down the highway. he encountered the child's frantic parents who said they wandered off in a flash while they cleaned. theyonducted an investigation and found the parents were at no fault. a cse call for a pair of texas police officers. the two w wting for a tow truck by the side of the road. see it right there when a truck almost slammed right into them. the scaredd driver apologizing repeatedly saying his brakes locked up. the officers just glad he was able to regain control of th car. he is not being sited for failure to control speed.
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realizes she is not alone. time to check on the day's toto stories. >> christine: a man taken into custody after a hit and run in miami. the woman was sent flying into a car dealership before slam ingming into several other vehicles. a bad night in brickle neighborhood when a pass pads goes on the attack. it all happened on saturday and the video just now going viral. the woman identified as a
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jackson health. they have placed her on leave. uber has suspended her account and the driver didn't want to press any charges. an northeast bracing for a blizzard. salt trucks and snowplows gearing up for a busy weekend. the nation's capital could see more than two feet pile p up. and how often is it you see the express lanes congested. hello, once agains, everybody. i-95 at 151st street and the reason for the congestion in the express lanes is the broken down vehicle at 135th. 135th is where the southbound main line delays start heading to downtown miami, virtually the entire way at least where the
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let's check out the dolphin, the big south bunked stretch not moving very well and eastbound palmetto delays out to the golden glades, south of the eastbound traffic trying to emergency on and dolphin delays eastbound to 13th avenue to i-95 a we will go to broward county, take a look at northbound traffic on the right. that is going to crawl all the way up to glades road not because there is an accident but the northbound off ramp won't back up. no grant. we'll have one more look at your ride in less than 15 minutes. we are off to a warmer start in the low 60s and 70ss but we have rain to talk about on the local storm-tracking radar. we have heavy rain along the east coast of miami-dade, especially miami beach and key
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more moderate as we go t west into doral and hialeah, more rain developing in broward county. we have areas of the rain in the upper keys. there is the possibility of seeing strong to severe-type storms capable of producing frequent lightning and gusty winds over 40 miles an hour. waterspouts are possibility andnd an isolated tornado before the front crosses rough. this front is anchored to an area that is producing an a lot of snow, freezing rain an it will produce a blizzard. the models are suggesting by noon we will start to see more activity by florida. the heaviest of thee activity will happen during rush hour with the leading edge of the front approaching.
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wills be dealing with strong thunderstorms. we car out, an isolated quick shower will be possible and after that, we dry up and temperature readings will be tumble k in the 40 sz to wake up . when you factor in the wind, we will see chilly night. a skier getting an upclose view. in a stunning video, two deer emerge from the woods and nearly get within arm's length of the skier as she makes her way down a mown tape. good thing she was so experienced she was able to catch it on camera.
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>> omar: i would have been boom. >> christine: back here with broken limbs. we're going south of the border to make s/mething to
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it's in a bite with belkys. if you like hot and spicy, we have a treat for you. >> omar: mexican is what we're cooking in a bite for belkys. >> reporter: the chef at the taco beach shack in hollywood. >> we make mexican food. we have different tacos here. >> reporter: it's open for lunch and dinner every day, happy hour, daily s scials and live entertainment.
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we're making today jalapeno poppers. >> i love the poppers. they're kind of spicy. >> reporter: spicy and delicious. start by putting room temperature cream cheese in a bowl and break it up.. then add sauce and blend. next add some shredded mexican cheese, chopped jalapenos and combine. put in the mixture in the stuffed jalapenos that have been sliced in half. dip in flour, back to the eggs, panko bread crumb, eggs and panko once more time. all that dipping makes them extra crunchy. when breaead, fry in vegetable oil at 350 degrees. move them around so they cook evenly.
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serves with sauce, lime wedge, cilantro an nice cold margarita. > enjoy our jalapeno poppers. >> reporter: who doesn't love those. if you want the recipe, it's on
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hello, once again, everybody. express lanes south of the golden glades have justeen shut down. there's a broken down bus in the way and you can see an emergency vehicle is there to let the peopleletuck in between get into the main line lanes. and between the rain and traffic, it's going to be a crawl from 151st street to downtown miami. let's move over to palmetto expressway, at's stent delay. eastbound 836 delays to i-95, south dixie highway at kendall drive and not moving as it is going to crawl all the way on the merge up to i-95. in broward county, a look at sample road, accident free in
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going to go from sample into boca because backup along i-95 at grades road. hope you have an a safe ride. reno grant, now 7 news today in florida continues. >> g gd morning, south florida. and clouds are rain are due to a front well north. and turnpike, plantation and tamarac.
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well from ball harbor, miami shore, north miami all the way south into downtown miami, miami springs and moderate rain. the florida keys especially upper key largo thunderstorms over the lower keys have finally moved towards the north. winds out of the south will continue to pump in moisture in our direction from time to time. the front to north is anchored to spin of low pressure with ow and freezing rain into the carolinas. it is expected to produce a crippling blizzard around the nation's capital with over two feet of snow possible for them. a lot of advisories and warnings in place. for us, the leading edge of the front will cross through tonight. we will get a strong wininfrom the north to help clear things out. that wind will help temperatures
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into saturday morning and feeling more like the 30s and it will be the coldest air so far this season. not breaking any records, but certainly feeling really chilly. a gale warning will start in effect around the atlantic watts are tonight. the forecast is calling for winds over 30 miles an hour to picking u and roughing up the seas for swimmers and boaters. today we could see frequent lightning and gusty winds with the thunderstorms that develop. risk of rip currents for swimmers in place. we have a marine warning in place for biscayne bay. coasl waters are choppy and rough in the florida keys. 7:39 tonight is next high tide in miami and a 7:52 in key largo. high will range in the upper 70s, rain around in the upper evenings. your extended outlook is calling for wet weather today. we dry up over the weekend. it's going the get very cold saturday nite and sunday.
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and next on today in florida. a family road trip takes unexpected turn inging. and we've asked you to send in pictures. here's one sent in on instagram
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back. >> dirty grandpa is up to no good when he tricks his gndson into a road trip to florida. the the uptight grandn are on spring break. she discovers the boy she's in charge of may be a boy who is alive. the movie based on popular novel on a quest to save her brother from the invaders. the onscreen fight for survival making them reflect on tir
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>> got fire skills. >> it's how it goes. think i've gone soft. don't know if i could do it. also hitting theaters, the boy, a horror movie about a nanny hired to take care of a life size doll. she quickly learns the consequences of not following his rules. >> this is soom kind of magic trick. >> not a trick. >> reporter: all though she enjoys scary movie, they can be too much to handle. >> i do horror all the time, walking dead 7 half of the year and i don't know if my glands can take it.
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you guys want to tag along? >> zac and robert star in the raunchy comedy dirty grandpa. substantiately. the stuff sha comes our of his mouth is insane. dirty grandnd is rated r. the police drama exposed also hits theaters today.
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back. >> omar: t tt will do it for today in florida at 8. i'm omar lewis. christine: and i'm christine cruz. more news and weather on today
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>> announcer: now on 7 news.
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