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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 6, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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d.c. saiz mayor for life facing a new round of trouble, but this latest criminal case is not so cut and dry. i'm laura evans. >> and i'm bill thomas.
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shawn and bill are off tonight. and the victimmed is questioning the charge herself. roby chavez is connecting the dots if our top story. >> reporter: what did police see that made them charge marion barry. barry says it wasn't a crime at all, rather all part of a relationship that is ending in an ugly way. whatever the case, it's put barry back in legal jeopardy. >> so clearly there was no stalking, there was no coercion. >> reporter: marion barry did whisper into the ear of his long time attorney. fred cooke says the stalking charge is baseless. >> the person who made the charges against mr. barry has in large part recanted her initial allegations. she has said that she was not threatened. she did not fear for her life or physical safety. she indicates that she has had recently, as of a couple of
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hours before this alleged incident, had a meal with mr. barry. >> reporter: cooke says marion barry is the victim of a personal relationship gone wrong with a woman he had been basing for the past 18 months. in fact he says 70-year-old barry and 40-year-old donna watts spent a great part of the day together and only to be accused of stalking that night. the ccuser says in part, quote, it is senseless to accuse marion of stalking after having a meal with him an hour earlier. barry went so far as to bar her husband from the wilson building. >> that person had been confrontational with mr. barry in the past and asked the secretary of the council to exclude the individual from the building. >> reporter: barry was arrested on saturday and today lawyers
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question the actions of park police. >> i don't know how the officers decided that an offense happened in their presence. >> watts denied her ex-husband threatened barry and said she was disappointed on how barry's camp is labeling her as troubled. now the u.s. attorney's office will have to weigh all of these versions about what happened out there to see if there is enough evidenceto charge barry. he is expected in court on thursday. another big story tonight, the final farewell to the king of pop just hours away. last-minute preparations are underway. massive crowds are expected to show up to remember michael jackson. meanwhile michael jackson's mother is no longer in control of his estate. a judge has handed it over to the two men jackson named in his will. josh eininger has the latest. >> reporter: in just hours the world will look to the staples
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center for the public tribute to michael jackson but behind the scenes authorities are bracing for an onslaught of fans who don't have a seat. they might be the most sought- after tickets until the world. now the seats are finally in the hands of the lucky few who won them. >> we never won anything. >> reporter: just under 9,000 people won a pair of tickets each. today they lined up at dodger stadium to pick them up, with stern warnings not to lose or sell them. l.a. police say scalpers will be arrest and put in jail. >> i guess i'm one of and it's so exciting. >> reporter: news crews descends as far away as australia, with a star studded lineup including maria carey and usher and lionel richie. and they are encouraging everyone not to show up here. >> you'll be standing on the hot street, but not within eye
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shot of staples very much. >> reporter: meantime in court a judge appointed the two designated to administrator the state following the written orders of michael jackson but over the objection of his mother. >> we'll be watching closely. and tonight the l.a. police department is planning to have undercover officers in the crowd and anyone caught scalping will have to pay a fine. josh eininger, fox news. >> jackson was report -- jackson was reportedly $350 million in debt. his music catalog and neverland ranch could be worth more over time and some are expecting it could be worth more than graceland. our coverage of the death of michael jackson is far from
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over. coming up tonight at 10:30, we're live in los angeles where mourners are arriving. and don't miss how local little leaguers are paying their respects. it's all still ahead. also new tonight, two men under arrest accused of murder in prince george's county. it all stems from a homicide on new hampshire avenue last week. takoma park police tracked down one suspect this afternoon and the other took off and barricaded himself inside an apartment building. he was eventually taken into custody. a violent holiday in the district. a 10-year-old girl just one of nearly a dozen people shot over the 4th of july weekend. six people are dead and one victim remains in critical condition tonight. the sudden spike in violent crime has d.c. police taking immediate action. fox 5's maureen umeh has the details. >> reporter: d.c. police have fanned out across the district, making arrests in several of the shootings. rights now they are hot on the trail of a suspect in the shooting of the little girl and believe other arrests will come.
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we're hearing this was a targeted attack that left innocent people injured. >> we have names. we're out looking. and if we don't have you yet, we'll have you very soon. >> reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier, strong and determined. her message clear. >> if you shoot someone or kill someone in the city, we will find you, we will arrest you. >> reporter: wanted now, this guy, 18-year-old derek dante phillips. police believe he's one of several people involved in a shooting early sunday morning here on the 600 block of 46th place southeast. five people were hit, including a 10-year-old girl. residents are fed up with the violence. >> it's extremely upsetting. it's hard to sleep at night when you think this kind of thing is happening in your community. >> reporter: the shooting is believed to have been a target add ack. it isn't known what sparked it but residents are concerned. >> it's not always like this. but when it is like this, it's extremely alarming. >> reporter: the shooting comes on the heels of several others
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over the 4th of july holiday weekend in the district. in all six people were killed. a 20-year-old man died from multiple gunshot wounds here on the 600 block of more ton street northwest and a 23-year- old man was shot to death on the 800 block of 50th place northeast. the police chief is confident all of the shooters will be caught. so f t are behindbars. >> we have demonstrated that you will not get away with murder in this city. >> and the chief is reminding people there is a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest and indictment of the suspect. there is also an all hands on deck initiative this weekend to help ease some of the growing violence. laura. >> thank you. prince george's county police are investigating a string of home invasions, all happening this morning, each about an hour apart. two about an hour apart. in each case the suspects who wore ski masks tied up family members before robbing them.
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no one was hurt. coming up tonight on the news edge we'll have reaction from neighbors and find out what police are doing to catch serial criminals. that's still ahead at 11:00. in less than two hours gay marriages will be recognized in the district. a law recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states will take affect at midnight. opponents tried to force a referendum on the issue but it was rejected. today maryland governor o'malley said he's open to recognizing gay marriages performed in other states. breaking news tonight. the manhunt for a serial killer on the run s finally over. how cops say they caught their man, next. plus this facility meant to rehabilitate troubled teens bau they're breaking out and our camera is the only ones allowed to show you e damage that's been done. we have that next. weary travelers and working stiffs are none too pleased
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with the d-dot plan to ease the budget crunch. i'm bob barnard. i'm explain in just a bit. plus that morning cup of jo, how it could help you prevent a debilitating disease. stay with us. your block of news is just getting started. the distance from the field to your table just got shorter.
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because at safeway there's always freshly picked... local produce at great prices. it's 100% guaranteed... to be fresh and ripe, every time. so hurry in for delicious goodness, all right down the street. that's ingredients for life. that's safeway. right now, get northwest sweet red cherries -- just $1.99 a pound with your club card. safeway just lowered the price of summer. breaking news tonight. a burglary suspect shot and killed today in north carolina. it could mean case closed in the hunt for a serial killer. two separate crime scenes 30
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miles aart connected tonight. five brutal killings terrorized south carolina and today a shootout in police in gastonia, north carolina. and one of the men was identified as patrick tracy bird is the suspect they've been hunting. this picture released an hour ago. >> law enforcement is confirming ballistics on a gun found during a police shootout in gastonia, north carolina, matched those used to shoot five people to death over six days in south carolina's gaffney and the surrounding cherokee county. the gun fire erupted after police showed up at a house for a burglary call. >> almost immediately after they walked into the house i heard someone say put it down, very loud. and it wasn't two seconds after that, i heard the first shot and i did see the flash from the gun coming toward this way as if it was pointing toward
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the police officer. >> reporter: investigators try to find out why he started the shooting spree, hundreds gather for the funerals of an 83-year- old woman and her 50-year-old daughter. investigato believe they were murdered at hands of the serial killer, along with a farmer, a businessman and his 15-year-old daughter. >> i hope he gets caught. this is a close-knit community and you don't expect this to happen. >> reporter: and now it appears he is no longer a threat. late monday evening, law enforcement spoke about the man they say terrorized a qut region of south carolina. >> his age is 42. we do not have an address available. he's committed crimes in many states. and at the time, mr. burres was killed, he was on a probation violation. he was wanted for being a habitual felon. >> talk about relief for that
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community. many people were living there with arms. they had bought guns anamo flying off shelves. now they are focusing on grieving without the constant fear of when the killer will strike again. disney's monorail back up and running one day after a deadly crash. two trains collided on sunday, killing one of the drivers. test runs were performed before it reopened. in a letter to employees, disney said new safety sensors were added to monitor track switches. >> there may be information in terms of the sequence of events, what happened, what mechanical mechanism took place and how it worked out. but right now they're looking for any clue or clues they can find in order to find out why the trains collided. >> none of the passengers on the train were injured in the crash. it is called the anti- prison. the new rehabilitation youth center in laurel. but barely a month after the multi-million dollar center, 16 have escaped from the certainty
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and it's not the first time. claudia coffey has an exclusive look at the damage the kids left behind. >> reporter: when new beginnings opened its doors in late may, it was dubbed the anti-oak hill. the old facility was marred with numerous escapes and deplorable living conditions. new livings was a new approach to security. gone was the razor wire and instead cozy rooms and spacious classrooms. today those gleaming rooms have been trashed. ty we're going to face secu chesnd then we'll put the public safety aspect of this in danger. >> reporter: these ctures were taken one day before six juveniles escaped this sunday. on july hsih te osx were already causie trouble. allegedly breaking almost all of the windows in the school and the superintendent office. >> we had to call in reinforcements. we got extra officers in.
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>> when the director of the corrections paupon got this message on sunday. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: she said she wasn't surprised. she repeatedly warned administrators that while the facility was under construction that it wasn't safe enough. even the kids have found weaknesseses in the building. >> it's like a glass storefront and the mechanism on that it breaks, it gives. if you hit the door hard enough it gives and the kids know tt ha and so t kpee hitting the door and they're out of the unit, doing what they want to do. >>eporter: the six that were involved in the disruption were the same ones that escaped through a classroom window. they were later caught near the wal-mart. one woman out with her children said residents weren't notified. >> i would hope they would notify the residents about what they're doing to keep it security problems at the facility started days after it
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opened. one juvenile climbed over the crime-proof fence. williams ysit whin t eitas las two weeks there have been two riots involving 20 juveniles. chairs were used as weapons, walls busted out. it has gotten so bad she fears for the safety of the correctional officers. >> somebody is going to die down here. it's going to blow up so big somebody will get hurt. >> reporter: the department of youth rehabilitation services says they are inish ated a -- initiated a full investigation and then the agency will release it's findings. tommy wells, the chair of the human service committee says he's so concerned he plans to meet with guards and union reps to discuss the problems. claudia coffey, fox news. >> you can see all of our exclusive photos from the beginning on our website, click on the local news page to find nearly 20 photos. the world is watching president obama's trip to
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russia. today in moscow, the president met with his russian counterpart. president obama is hoping to improve strained relations during a two-day summit. they came to terms on a number of issues, including tentatively agreeing on nuclear limits. the former defense secretary forever tied to the vietnam war has died. robert mcnamara helped escalate america's involvement in vietnam. he resigned in 1967 and in his memoirs he admitted the war was a mistake. he died this morning at his home here in wash -- washington. he was 93. more than a dozen rest stops closing across the state. we'll show you what it means for your next road trip. we have new information on the tragic murder of steve
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mcnair and his teammatean d coach respond o his death. that and more as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. hy do i love this country?
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a word to drivers in virginia. pretty soon there will be far fewer places to pull over and take a break irs many rest stops are osing. more than a dozen of them. sure to make it tough for drivers on the road. and that's just the beginning. x 5's bob barnard is breaking it down for us tonight. >> reporter: rest stops have been a saving grace for road weary drivers since the first interstate highways opened more than 50 years ago. >>he rest area is a big thing for truckers. >> reporter: this is the first and only rest stop after 170 miles. >> but now the virginia department of transportation is planning to close 19 rest stops two weeks from tuesday. >> that's crazy. i didn't know that virginia was doing that. >> reporter: v-dot plans to close four facilities in
10:25 pm
northern virginia. the cars only rest areas north and southbound on 95 in dale city and the 66 rest areas east and westbound near manassas. darrell miller of colorado springs says, remember, he can't take his 6-year-old rat terror -- terrier anywhere. >> and when you can't take your pet to somewhere that it says pet rest, you can imagine how people at mcdonalds are looking at me. >> reporter: the verge welcome center will stay open through mid-september. but marion williams days as a custodian here are numbered. >> yeah, we're going to lose our jobs. we have to be laid off. >> are you prepared for that? >> no. not really. because i don't want to do unemployment. i prefer to work. >> reporter: v-dot says it will save $9 million a year by reducing the number of rest stops across the commonwealth
10:26 pm
from 42 to 23. over the next year the transportation agency says it must layoff 1,000 employees. all in an effort to cut into the state's $2.6 billion revenue shortfall. >> v-dot hopes a change in federal law will allow the rest stops to reopen one day. >> the state will investigate if there is a possibility to privatize them and if they can, we'll have those available. >> reporter: in the meantime, the truckers and the rest of us will have to be careful when hitting the road. bob barnard, fox 5 news. in less than 24 hours a star studded memorial for a final goodbye to the king of pop. and the crowds are streaming in. we'll take you live to the action in five minutes. plus solving a medical mystery means turning to a pantry staple. how honey bees help save a life. this was so nice today. will it keep on rolling through
10:27 pm
the workweek? there are a couple of bumps in throad. we'll talk about that and show you the full forecast all coming up.
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the countdown to michael jackson's public memorial, tickets and wristbands to tomorrow's event are already handed out. some ended up on ebay with asking prices as high as $10,000. johnineinger is here. they are expecting half a million people to show up without tickets. >> reporter: mayberevemon . maybe as many as 700,000. but whatever the number is going to bethey are expecting many, many people. and they're going to be kept way away from here. they're establishing a perimeter all around the
10:31 pm
staples center where only people with tickets, wristbands or members of theworking press also have wristbands, they are the only one as loued inside. people outside of the perimeter won't even be able to see the staple center. >> what about campers? are people arriving right now for the event? >> reporter: no. it's a very controlled experience. so the perimeter hasn't been set. there are still people milling around. and at this point, i think people that have the gold wristbands are allowed to get to a certain point close to staples center, but it's a very controlled access point that will be happening tomorrow morning. and so people are not being allowed to camp out overnight. there isn't like that going on. >> what about the jackson family? will they be attending the service or are they going only to the private memorial service beforehand. >> reporter: we do believe that
10:32 pm
members of the jackson family will be here in attendance. and i can tell you that earlier this afternoon, i was standing here talking to another station when a big white rolls royce drove by behind me and that was jermaine jackson, who was potentially in the backseat. so they have been seen he at the staples center, looking at the -- spectacle. >> and what do do you know about michael jackson's mother who no longer is in charge of the estate. >> reporter: in his will he named a executor and an attorney to be in charge and that was written in 2002. his mother had asked a judge to delay actually assigning the executor duties to those two gentlemen in hopes that a more recent will would be discovered
10:33 pm
and thejudge denied that request and gave the two men the executor status on the estate and so it does move forward in terms of a legal wrangling. >> thanks for bringing us up to date. it will be quite a day tomorrow. a tribute at the southern maryland blue crabs game in waldorf. a jackson impersonator threw out the first pitch and there was even a moon walking competition. our coverage of the death of michael jackson continues on web. we have a lot of information for you, including links to other fox sites for a closer look at how the world is mourning. and you'll see the memorial service lineup and leave your thouts all right there on there is new information tonight in the murder mystery of former baltimore ravens player steve mcnair. the 36-year-old was found shot to death inside a nashville condo over the weekend. >> the body of a 20-year-old
10:34 pm
woman he was daying was found alongside him and dave feldman is here with the latest on the investigation and the reaction from the football community. >> we'll get to the investigation and then tell you about the football community and coaching staff and former players are mourning. police have confirmed that his girlfriend, sahel kazemi bought a gun. they say she bought it thursday evening. this is them vacationing three months ago. the relative says that kazemi believed mcnair was divorcing his wife and his aunt was selling her furniture before planning to move in. nashville court have no record of a mcnair divorce case. but a 14,000 square foot home he owned is on the market. his wife has been described as drought about her husband's death and has not commented. he played 13 nfl seasons and was a leader and good teammates
10:35 pm
and his death hit friends very hard. >> i will miss him. as we'll all miss him. i ask you to honor what he did on the field and in the community, as what he was was a tremendous teammate and that is his legacy. and i'm proud to have been a part of that. >> we all make mistakes. we all wish we could go back n things. but i'm not here to dwell on that, i'm here to celebrate the life of a dear friend and teammate. >> recently jeff fisher extended invitation to mcnair to join him at titan's camp later this month, not as a player, but as a way to keep him connected to the field. he is trading one house for another. moving to pennsylvania avenue. don't miss what one star is doing for the obamas. plus are they ready for the
10:36 pm
road? america's favorite idols headed for the stage. we'll catch up with them before the tour begins when fox 5 news at 10:00 rolls on. mo
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safeway just lowered the price of summer. on capitol hill and ready to work. after a long court battle over election results, al franken, the new senator elect from minnesota, comes to wshington. he was all business today as he was ready to take his seat. tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: u.s. senators have come from all walks of life. but never before have we had one who used to make their living as a professional comedian. but the advantage that senator al franken gives the democrats is no laughing matter to the republicans who have to navigate with the democrats new supermajority. after eight long months, mr. franken has come to washington. >> i'm ready to get to work. >> reporter: alongside harry reid monday, franken said that while much has been made about him being the 60th democratic
10:40 pm
vote, he says his primary focus is minnesota. >> i'm going to work day and night to make sure that our kids have a great future. >> reporter: but the senate democratic leader, while careful not to boast, now enjoys a lock on power not seen since the carter administration, he still called on republicans to try to work with the new democratic supermajority. >> these challenges we face are not democratic challenges or republican challenges or nonpartisan challenges. reporter: franken represents the so-called magic number of 60 votes which under senate rule democrats can stop any attempt by republicans to stall legislation. for that reason brian darlingtoning says the g.o.p. would be wise to pick their battles carefully. >> they do not have enough votes to stop legislation and
10:41 pm
they will use is democrats can unify behind their legislation. >> reporter: the minnesota supreme court declared franken victorious just last week. but with the senate 7 months into the term, leonard steinhorn says senator franken will have to play catchup. >> it's certainly a big disadvantage in terms of exposure, experience, camaraderie in terms of relationships but he'll go right into the senate judiciary committee for the sotomayor hearings. >> reporter: he'll be sworn in on tuesday. one of the people escorting him in will be walter mon dale. fox 5 news. from house to the white house. after leaving the series house, cal penn is taking a break in hollywood to work as an associate direct in the office of public lee ason.
10:42 pm
he helped campaign for obama last year. turning to a pantry staple to solve a medical mystery. doctors are using honey bees to hale. don't miss one girl's story of survival next. coming up next, three home invasions hours apart with the same m.o. victims tied up and robbed at gunpoint. police are stepping up patrols as the community raises concerned about criminals still on the streets. would you be able to tell if any of these people are lying? tonight the human lie detector exposes the tell tale signs. gary is working on your five-day forecast. hopefully it's good. we're hoping. stay with us.
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doctors say the morning cup of jo may protect youfrom alzheimers disease. researchers gave mice the equivalent of five cups of coffee a day. that's my intake. they showed improvement in mental skills compared to the mice that drank water. humans will be tested next. a warning from the fda, some dry milk products may be contaminated with salmonella. the possibility was sent to companies across the nation by plain view milk. the fda says lando lakes madagascar cocoa may be contaminated. see the list on our website, just click on web links. most 13-year-old girls are worried about what to wear and who is written -- has written on their facebook walls, but for one girl staring down
10:47 pm
death, hope was almost out of reach. a fox report. >> this is my honey. >> reporter: honey, sweet golden honey, making a spoonful takes a tremendous amount of buzz power. >> an 8-10-ounce bottle, you're looking at a couple of hours of 100,000 bees to work together to make. >> reporter: charles hammond should know. tending bees is his hobby. there is more than a million in his backyard colony and the sweet sticky stuff they produceit isn't just delicious, it turns out it can heal. >> for years we've used honey to soothe sore throats but imagine a doctor prescribing it to save a child's life. >> i left here saying we're going to have to find another daughter because this is crazy. >> reporter: because her daughter was slipping away and there was no help. >> her body would turn red and shake and i thought she was
10:48 pm
going to physically have a heart attack. >> samantha has a skin disease. it causes her skin to blister. >> it turns into what looks like third degree burns and sometimes they take almost half a year to heal and she'll get 40 to 100 blisters a day. >> reporter: the superbug no longer responded to medication. hospice was called in to help. it seemed like there was no hope. >> reporter: that's when doctors stopped antibiotics and tried an unconventional treatment. they said to soothe her blisters with this, plain old honey. >> i was so shocked. >> honey is so dense, it tries out. >> reporter: this doctor treats infectious diseases. for years he's healed with honey. >> i've had a lot of occasions
10:49 pm
to use this for wounds that weren't responding to heavy treatment and iv, andy buy ottics. >> reporter: so with no other options, mary beth followed doctor's orders, putting the golden nectar beneath the bandages. >> within a week everything calmed down. the fever stopped. it was just like this -- like what happened. this is so great. it was like a miracle. >> reporter: because tre is not as much pain and the infection and wounds are under control. samantha is now closer to living the life of a teenager. next year she's heading to high school. >> it almost sounds like it almost saved her life. >> it definitely did. >> reporter: her mom says its thanks to the magic honey produced, bringing samantha back to life. >> no doubt. >> reporter: fox news. >> i'll never look at honey the
10:50 pm
same. but the bees still creep me out. well nothing creeping us out about the weather. this is awesome. >> no. this is good. and i have to believe that somewhere along the line, we're going to pay for this. >> well, yeah. that's one pessimistic way to look at it. >> i'm waiting for that humidity to roll through. >> it's going to come back. i know it will be. bu so far we are rolling, aren't we. this is good stuff. and you know what, the week's forecast does not look too ba it does look like, just in case you're planning, that a slight pattern change is upon us and it looks like it wants to do so toward the end of the week and into the weekend. and what i mean by that is i think, as will was mentioning about the humidity, it does want to creep back in here in the latter part of the weekend and next weekend. that's what the long range guidance is suggesting right now. and there seems to be a little bit of a trend with that. we'll watch it for the next couple of days to see if it gets a god handle on it and we'll report back.
10:51 pm
how about that. a deal is a deal. reagan national, high of 85. bwi marshall 86. and the thing about today that was so nice was the fact there wasn't much in the way of humidity out there. so it was very nice and very comfortable. and most of what we had today was just clear skies across the mid-atlantic. all up and down the eastern seaboard. high pressure has built in. there are a few clouds out there tonight and you can make those out on our high resolution imagery. but we're dry and where most of the rain is has pushed well down to the south. this is all along the frontal boundary. the same front that came through here a couple of days ago. and it left clouds in the area yesterday. but as it pushed farther to the south, it took all of that away. overnight tonight, mostly fair skies. a cloud or two, that's about it. 67 in the city. mid to upper 60s in the city. inside the beltway. you get outside the beltway in the suburbs and it is cooler and that's no exception tonight
10:52 pm
as numbers will be down into the lower 60s. we start out tomorrow in pretty good shape. lots of sunshine. late in the day, we're watching this frontal system getting closer to us. as it gets closer to us, it will kick up a few clouds and right now it looks like it may kick up a few showers too. most of the shower activity will stay to the north ofs. there is a little bit more moisture up here and that will allow showers from new jersey all the way up into new england. but i have to believe this far south, along the front, late in the afternoon, early in the evening, there could be a shower or two. more like a thundershower, spotty in nature. so it looks very isolated out there tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. maybe onor two pop up along that front. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., 72. we're up to 83 by lunchtime and 86 at 4:00. and here is what it looks like for the next five days.
10:53 pm
your max hd five-day focast. 87 for a high tomorrow. the humidity stays down. we'll call it a spotty thunderstorm tomorrow. chance of a spotty thunderstorm on wednesday. most of that should say south and -- should stay south and east of the city. showers and cooler on thursday. temperature on friday in the middle 80s and saturday should be 90 degrees. and when you see the 90, you have to start thinking about humidity and i think it will come back for the weekend. >> that's the payback you were talking about. >> we'll get some payback in august, i'm sure of that. >> positive thinking. >> thank you. as if flying isn't cramped and uncomfortable enough, how about standing room only. could you imagine? the head of low cost ryan air in europe wants to sell tickets for passengers to stand for a flight. they'll wear a seat belt and stand next to a bar stool. they believe the planes can pack in more passengers and
10:54 pm
slash costs. he says he's waiting for aviation authorities to okay the plans. >> standing room only. now we've heard it only. we are jam packed on the news edge at 11:00. if someone was lying to you, you would know it? no more guesswork. a psychologist shows you how to become a human lie detector. plus an adopted teen abused by her mother and ft to die. you remember lexy glover. today there was warning signs that may have been ignored as her mother faced the judge into and a warning by microsoft. there is no fix for a security breaches. what they say you should come coming up next at 11:00.
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this year's american idol star have hit the road. the top ten contestants kicking off the 50 city concert tour this weekend.
10:58 pm
and anita vogle has the preview. and some gifts for the road. [ singing ] >> reporter: the wait is finally over. and not a moment too soon. for season 8's american idols top 10. [ singing ] >> such a good kind of nervous. this motivates you to do well. >> it drives us. >> if you're not nervous, there is something wrong with you. there is a lot that goes into this, but i'm really excited about it. >> it's not being judged, it's a contest, it's a celebration of what we did on the show. it's a joy. [ singing ] >> reporter: it's 50 cities in two months, kicking off in portland, oregon. and heading out across america as fans show up to support they're favorites. >> i came from houston. i'm 60 years old and i love adam lamb rt.
10:59 pm
>> i'm so excited. >> reporter: in the interest of economy and togetherness, this is a bus tour, meaning many hours on the road ina hopped up moator coach. luckily we have the solution to highway hypnosis. >> this might be interesting. palm readin >> you'll be doing many shows in the next few months. >> read his palm first. >> what is his fate? [ inaudible ] >> maybe this will hit danny. >> i could just have so much fun with this. >> i actually will take -- i'm going to take operation. i need to practice. i can't kill the guy any more. i have to really -- his heart already fell out. >> i think this might be my book. road trip trivia. look at this guy on the


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