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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  August 9, 2009 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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n't let times like tse stand in the way of th. prott your familily with the gift of financial security. backed by e highest possible ratings new rk life. the company you keep. . this is geico sports extra. yeah, yeah, yeah -- go skiing. >> stay calm, act medium. >>
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. good evening everybody, welcome to another exciting edition of geico sports extra. i am dave ross, a show we have for you, nats, tiger woods going for career win numer 70. and a soccer giant comes to washington, d.c.. but we begin with the number one show in town, the washington redskins, and for very good reason because this time of year, everybody thinks their team will go to the super bowl. well, two teams will. but will the redskins be one of them? to quote the musical stylings of asia, only time will tell. jim zorn and jason campbe, sharing a smile at practice. he beginning the third straight season, big expectations for him this season. how about the rookie? well, brian there, number 98, expected to put the heat on
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opposing quarterbacks. while the coach doesn't want to talk bit, he degrees the fans have a great reason to be excited. >> they have a good reason to be excited. there is a lot of work to do. it is not this -- most excellent performance -- right from the start. we're going to grow and we're going to get better as we go along. >> random thought time, but if there was one guy on the redskins roster i wouldn't want to bother, this would probably be big al haynesworth, 6'6", but we'll have more. >> i still want to play out there earlier, hot out there, running offense. he is going to get tired. and i'm not sure if you watched film before, but when he is tired he taps out. just falls out to the ground, oh my gosh is he hurt?
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something wrong with him. no he is just giving the guy on the sidelines enough time to get out there so he can get up. go to the side lines, catch a breather, get something to drink. people thought he was hurt, no, he got tired. >> wow. taps out i believe he said. those are fighting words, or are there? because the skins today chose to take the high road. >> well you know he can talk here or there, he has to learn like we did. he will get humbled. we're not their first game are we? >> are they the home opener, they better be worried about that. >> i don't think he said it to get al angry or fired up. i think he was making a comment on one man's opinion of what we do. so maybe he has exposed some really dramatic secrets to the rams. >> i don't know. >> here is where it gets very interesting. smith, the rams face
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haynesworth in the redskins week two. stay tuned. okay, who is the hotter team in major league baseball? the answer, the washington nationals gunning for a season best eight wins in a row. who knew? jason bergman new, he dumped water over his head there. big adam, long gone there, number 30 on the year for him. nats take a lead, they don't let go. bottom of the 3rd. still 2-1, dukes gets it by reynolds, zimmerman. comes on home to score. the bad relay will go all the way into the second. nats win 9-2, martin earned his first career win. , he gets the pie in the ce eight wins in a row for the nats, hey, skipper how about that? >> it is a very nice way to win, 25 games in a row.
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a tough stretch to major league left, or any level. guys are playing hard and playing hurt and banged up. and you know giving great effort. >> how about the demonstrations up north of the border, taking on the bluejays. tied at one. trust me the orioles lost to the bluejays, 7-3 up not. now when we come back, we have a big one. soccer style here at fedex field. called the new york yankees of soccer because their salaries are just ridiculous, real madrid in the house. highlights coming up.
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. welcome back to the show, and today was a real treat for area soccer fans, because d.c. united played hosts to real madrid. possibly one of the best all the world over. fedex was where the international friendly went down, a good one for a while. 14th, no score.
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here, josh wicks with a spectacular score. and here it changes -- did i -- i said it all night, i had it rightll night. here he comes again, getting it in again for his second goal of the night. and yeah, d.c. united they lose, 3-0, but the head coach still pleased. >> he is bringing world class players that are fresh. you can just see the difference, fresh legs as hot as it was -- they're a great team. and we're happy how we came out. unfortunately didn't finish strong, but it was a good result and good performance on our guy's side. >> reporter: and world golf champion tiger woods at it again. an the par 81, i think he is really, really going to like it a lot. then it is back to tap in birdie range. he goes on to par-5 under 65 to
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inish 12-under. padraig harrington, a formality here, the second time tiger woods won that championship. next time, roddick taking on the defending champion. this is match point, is it in? out? well, called in. roddick challenged it. why not? nothing to lose at this point. but it was in fact in. beats roddick, first repeat winner sins agassi. and when we come back, revisiting a competition. campbell throws a few passes when we come back. i caught that one. 
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. welcome back, last week, fun with dave challenges, this one we got schooled by the starting quarterback of the washington redskins, jason campbell. >> continues with our receiving challenge with the quarterback the redskins, jason campbell who is going to give us a play. we're each going to go out see if we can run it out, catch,
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and then we'll each try to defend each other. >> first thing you got the see the ball though. >> jason, i will let you throw the little things first. >> 5-yard penalty, wrong foot up, playing -- >> drops it, oh. >> defensive on all sides -- >> little dance, have a seat there. >> we want to try this again. here we go. >> oh man. >> here we go, already. off side, 5-yard penalty. and he is going deep. going deep. can he catch it? oh, touchdown. >> almost with thhands catch. >> those of us who were in the end zone before, we act like we were there. >> take the ball -- >> i caught it. >> i'll defend you. >> watching him run into >> let's do it on two, i thi that will confuse him.
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>> outside, watch the face here. >> well, outside hand contact. oh, got him. got him. caught it. caught it. >> [laughter] >> speed kills, baby, speed kills. >> i score here, i win. >> off sides every time. >> all right. that was a good job. we got -- >> >> hey, hey, hey. >> pushes off -- >> check this out. it don't lie. >> dave felan and jason campbell. >> left arm, dave feldman is back tomorrow. thank you, see you tomorrow. this that is been geico sports extra.


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