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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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thanks so much for joining us. here is brian with the news edge. page score street in d.c. get can ready to get a popular makeover. not everybody is happy about it. the idea is to make it better but it will be a mess once the work starts. wisdom martin is live >> reporter: this may mean changes for the better for u street but businesses will go through growing pains as part of their renovation process. by june 11th, the crowds of people who frequent u street on a regular basis will have something else to contend with. construction workers will be all over the neighborhoods. orange parcells will be everywhere as part of the street scape project. residents have some questions. >> i'm concerned because the last meeting i went to, they
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said it won't be a problem at all. >> reporter: montgomery improvements in the street scape projects, driveways and sidewalks, decorative sidewalks in front of the lincoln theater, reconstructed bus paths, new parking meters and new signs. >> we are concerned because people are coming every day, tour buses coming around here. businesses are trying tie open while they walk around. >> reporter: the same project is already in progress in adams morgan. frank street went through his construction. >> u street is many more crowded with many more cars. that will be more difficult to manage >> reporter: the first phase of u street won't be that bad from 9th street to 13th. >> the streets are going to look better, we are going from 14th to 9th. we're going to end up with a nice appearance. >> most of the businesses here, we get business from local residents. won't make that much difference to them will make difference to
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cars. fortunately, this neighborhood has public transportation, too. you can always get here by subway and that won't impact the subway at all. >> reporter: the project is expected to be completed by spring of next year businesses affected by the construction can tap into a street scape survival fund. nine of businesses in adams morgan have used the $650,000 that were in that fund. >> all right, wisdom. tomorrow, the public gets to say good-bye to the godfather of go-go. now the archives are working on archiving his work. the library's chief librarian says that he should be honored like john phillip sousa and james brown. it will be tomorrow at the convention center from noon to 4:00. it's expected to be well attended so the city is urging you to take public bus or rail
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a metro worker who was hit by a train yesterday remains in critical condition tonight. the name has not yet been released. the maintenance worker was hit early. rescue workers flew him to trauma. counseling is provided for his coworkers. news of virginia where a small town reacted to the arrest of a police officer. a special grand jury indicted daniel harmon wright on murder charges. he shot and killed patricia cook during a traffic stop last techry. he claims it was in self- defense. lori evans has more. >> reporter: most people in culpeper have something to say about the arrest of the shooter of patricia cook. police arrested an officer. and his own mother was arrested for trying to destroy negative information in her son's
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personnel police file. the case has had the town abuzz since the shooting happened on january 9th. officer wright was responding to reports of a suspicious woman in a vehicle counsel town. he shot cook who was not armed. >> we know we had to shall patient with this. this is how the system works and it's in the best interest of everybody not to jump to conclusions or have preconceived notions but we all have them and it's just unfortunate what a lot of us suspected is what looks like happened. >> reporter: the officer's mother, bethany sul van was an administrative secretary to the police chief in culpeper one time. harmon wright is held without bond. he will be in court on june 8th. his mother is out on bonds. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will go on trial for child abuse charges
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next week. a judge denied requests by his attorney to delay the trial. his lawyers say they need more time to prepare. the many judge said no deal. trial dates are not perfect. starting the trial date tuesday for sandusky is the best for him and the victims. the defense started arguing its case today in the perjury trial of roger clemens. the baseball great was accused of lying to congress when he denied taking performance- enhancing drugs. clemens told congress the same thing back in 2008 but believed he was lying bit to cover up steroids use. a major security breach at one of our nation's airport . a man just released from prison sneaked past through security and boarded a plane. 
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with all the talk and tight security making you take your shoes off at the airport and all that, a man still managed to walk right on to a flight without going through one single security checkpoint. he had just been released from jail on monday to make it worse. julie viara has details from san diego. >> a quick mental recap. >> i'm trying to think. >> reporter: lieutenant james jordan can honestly say this. >> i cannot think of seeing
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something like this before. >> reporter: same goes with this passenger. >> it's something that i have never seen. >> he board at computer field, not knowing that a a proe with the hope of getting a free flight. >> he said he was trying to get back to alaska >> reporter: was sneaking a seat on the same exact plane. the man had no boarding pass so he didn't go through security. he sneaked through and emergency door, police say. then he snuck on to the tarmac and on to the plane. >> they were boarding the plane at the same time he just walked on and blended right in. even more disturbing, police say once on the tarmac, the man even managed to check his bag. >> something wrapped in a blanket that he gave to, you know, one of the airline guys to put on to the plane and then he just walked on the plane. >> reporter: an unsettling realization. >> i'm concerned how easy this was >> reporter: once on board, nicholas said it didn't take
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long for flight attendants to figure out something was wrong. >> somebody came on the airplane and said that the count was wrong and that everyone should bring out their driver's license. within a minute of this happening, we had, you know, four or five cop cars, canine units out there. >> reporter: the plane was surrounded. the parolee he escorted -- escorted off. >> the concern is what was in that back pack? >> reporter: when i go to the airport, i have to take off my shoes. and then what happens? some guy goes off an xebt door. >> the parolee just finish serving time for theft. he is due back tomorrow on charges of violating parole. first, brian, a new way to download free music.
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don't buy the adhd drug adderall from the internet. the counterfeit pills are round and white and do not contain the right ingredients. the real pills are orangey in color with the letters dph on one side and the number 30 on the other. a huge tip from loyal customers will make all the difference from a houston man. greg rubar's car was destroyed by a storm. two of his regular customers came in and told him they were not going to be tipping him for a while when they handed him an envelope of $5000. >> he said go and buy your car. i was hisant he said, no, you go and buy a car. they told me they felt like i deserved it. >> the jeff rouse couple wants to remain anonymous but other customers are writing in to say
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what a great waiter greg is and he deserved it. >> good people out there. >> i'm sure he'll pay it forward at some point. >> finally quieted down. >> nice to have a day free of the thunderstorms. they have been slow moving. they did have, of course, a lot of rain down around the outer banks, brian. that's what was left of that tropical depression i a moving away, too. we will a talk more about that but get ready for a nice night. we have a cool front that's going to swing through in just a few hours, if not only an hour or so. just off to our north and west and it's a refreshing air mass that will come on in. it will drop the humidity so very comfort overnight. today was not bad. 83 degrees here at regan international. dallas at 83 we did have some clouds that were rather persist tent for a while and that's because that tropical depression beryl that was just down the carolinas was taking a long time to get out of town
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but they were getting some decent rain out across the southeast. no command and it didn't do a lot of damage. we are down to 64 degrees in gaithersburg. drier air will be coming in in just a little bit. temperatures all over the place tip responsibility but definitely on the more comfortable side compared to last night. annapolis, coming in at 61 degrees. baltimore at 70. we head on out towards martinsburg. culpeper, you are at 64 and lot of these folks are headed for the 50s. so real comfortable overnight. check out the temperatures as clear skies prevail. we drop to 58 in fret rick overnight. 58 for winchester and 59 for dulles. a very nice night. there is what's left of what was tropical depression now just kind of an air afterlow pressure moving await as it came across hampton roads and east airline ya, it produced
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two to to four inches of rain. one spot in florida near lafayette county picked up over 12 inches of rain. that's a lot of rain but very beneficial because southeast florida in particular has been running a drought. we don't have any rain in the forecast for tomorrow either, but on friday, we're going to be watching this potent little storm system . it's not going to cross our area. it will move up to the great lakes but it looks like it will drag a cold front across on friday and could produce some stronger thunderstorms around here friday afternoon. let's go forward in time and see what's going to be happening. we have a beautiful day on tap for tomorrow. not expecting any rain but as we head on into friday, maybe as early as the noon hour now, we begin to see some showers breaking out. this could be a good thing because maybe it takes a little bit of the sizzle out of the atmosphere. what we will be watching for is a little bit later in the evening. this is the cold front coming through and some of those strong could be stronger. as we lose the peak heating of the day, programs the
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thunderstorm that we get on friday could not be as significant as they could. 2:00 in the morning, still watching the storms move on across. out of here by saturday afternoon. saturday afternoon looking great as well. we'll watch the storm friday. most of the east coast and mid- atlantic in particular will have to watch the storms because potentially they could have strong winds, very heavy downpours and maybe some large hail and maybe some of them could spin a little bit which could produce isolated tornadoes. we'll see how that pans out. that's not until friday and maybe that forecast will change. overnight 50s in the suburbs and tomorrow really looking like a terrific day at 82 degrees. probably the best day of the week although looks like saturday will be pretty decent as well. the storms to watch on friday will be mainly in the afternoon. temperatures of 83 degrees. few more storms on sunday. 799 degrees. monday's temperatures, pretty decent with some sunshine, back to 81 degrees. that is it for weather and one
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last time. we have to send it over to david feldman, his final broadcast here on fox 5. for the last time, thank you got trap skies, sue palka. the good news is that the nats finished its best may. the bad news they were playing the marlins who won't 21-8 in may best in the majors. roger bernadina drives one to right field. bernadina trying for a triple but not going to happen. he was tagged out. nats leading by 32. john buck with the bases loaded and one out. ryan zimmerman a diving stop but the throw pulls desmond off the bag. nats get swept by miami.
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raja davis turns to bunt. look out. in the face almost. didn't get him. real close. very next pitch, davis takes hammel deep to left. baltimore has lost eight of the last ten. u.s. soccer national team entered winner of five straight at fed ex but they were facing brazil a team the u.s. only defeated once in 16 previous matches. 67,000 people at fed ex field. 26th minute. brazil leads 1-0. maymar on the corner kick past tim howard. brazil in front 2-0. 45th minute. here come the yanks, michael bradley ahead too fabian johnson who crosses in front to
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hercules gomez. 2-1. still 2-1, maymar to mars lo who rims it past howard. brazil defeats the united states 4-1. what we return, ted leonesis' son zachary hopes to bring the luck from ted. ♪
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your washington wizards had the second best chance of securing the number 1 pick in the lottery. 19.9%. you are saying there is a chance. the wizards hoping to win the lottery for the second time in three years. ted leonsis' son, zachary representing washington, brought his grand father's wedding band for support. his father was in the good seeds. bobcats and hornets for the topic. zachary feeling confident but the next team drawn, you don't want it to be it the next team because that's the third team and it was the wizards. tonight's lottery winner, the
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new orleans hornets represented by coach monty williams. they ever expected to take home anthony davis flip sawnder, now a celtic advisor checking out celtics. game 2. dwyane wade's pass stolen by rajon rondo. 30 points at that point for rondo. paul pierce comes off a screen and hits a jumper to put the celtics up 5. final seconds right now. this game is tied at 99. second round of the french open, venus williams lost to the third seed 6-2 and 6-3. we'll be right back. don't go away. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does.
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as you probably already know. tonight is my last show here at fox 5. i'm leaving to take a sports job in san francisco which is where i grew up, home. but washington, d.c. has become my home. for the past 15 years, i have sat at this desk five nights a week and talk to you about something i waspass nat about, sports. i was fortunate enough to cover gary williams, winning it all, george mason a mid-major to the final four. i stood 30 feet away from art monk when the redskin nation in canton, ohio, gave him what seemed like a half hour ovation and i saw the caps go from
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worst to first. i've been lucky. i've worked with some of the best people on tv. i can't them all but i could not have traded our sport department for anybody. chill william, lindsey murphy were some of the best and they had their hand full making me look good. and i want to thank my viewers. you have accepted me from the beginning, always had an encouraging words and always wanted to talk sports. my producer rich dunn, i give him a hard time and say, you are lucky to be here. in real yate, i've been lucky to be here. thank you and hope see you all in the nfc championship game when the redskins meet the 49ers. >> well done. >> well done. >> i obviously enjoyed sitting next to you. you are my buddy. >> you are a great guy. >> brian, we have been together 12 years. i enjoyed it. >> if somebody cuts you off as you leave these doors, realize it's not personal, just d.c. [ laughter ]. >> that's how it goes. >> it does. >> they still love you.
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>> but they might just cut me off. agreed. and i say -- we said it, all the tribute, thank you very much to margie for putting the tributes together. everybody has been so nice. joe yasher, the big guy came? >> i know. we love seeing him very touching and no more tribute. >> it's been a fun 12 years. there will be a big hole in the newsroom without you. >> we'll miss your laughter. >> thank you. thanks so much for staying up late with us.   
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