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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  June 30, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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of this house and down the street. >> reporter: another large tree, one neighbors say they have been complaining to the city about for years, came down on the house next door. >> and they have a log, written record, undocumented record about telling the city that this tree was trouble. well, last night, we saw it. the trouble came last night and there is some more trouble to come. there that is a half a tree there. we are warned the branches can fall at any time. >> reporter: the man killed was found outside of the car steps from his front door. >> and very, very unfortunate. our thoughts and prayers are with that family. there was a wire, it came down across the road as i understand it, took the wire down and i believe caused a fire. he came out to deal with that and made contact. >> reporter: pepco said trees and branches knocked out power to thousands throughout the
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city and that can be as long as as a week. >> and we requested over 1,000 crews from different parts of the country and secured between 175 and 200. that doesn't mean we're going to keep asking. >> reporter: the mayor declared a state of emergency in the district, which lasts for 15 days and authorizes the city administrator to apply for federal funds. >> at least 11 trees damaged houses or trapped residents in houses and we have no reports of trees falling on schools or any significant damage to schools. traffic is generally flowing normally on the major arteries. >> reporter: however, the side streets are a different story. if you venture out, you might find yourself in somewhat of a maze. d.c. police identified the man who was electrocuted in front of the house as 67-year-old garforian. his wife was severely burned and remains hospitalized in critical condition. in northwest, paul wagner, fox
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5 news. >> more that were 100,000 people are without power tonight and that means no air conditioning and that is starting to take its toll. audrey barnes has the latest. >> reporter: this huge tree came down in the storm last night and neighbors say eerily, the same thing happened almost in the identical spot a few years ago during a storm and that tom they were out of electricity for seven days. they hope this is not a repeat performance and from the looks of the debris left behind and all of the tree and tree parts that had to be removed, it could take awhile to get them back on line and the power is also out at tanglewood. and that entire 180-unit building was evacuated and there is a red cross shelter there and that this is a storm they'll be talking about for some time.
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>> and was on the fifth floor when it happened. i heard the windows shattering and the next thing, the flights were flickering. after that, someone started knocking on the doors telling us to get out. >> i heard the chaos going on and people yelling. i am like what is going? i look outside and see debris everywhere. >> and there is a lost debris in that parking lot. a lot to clean up and will continue into tomorrow as well and as far as the situation in college park, the neighbors are concerned that they will be forgotten and claim to be the last neighborhood to get back online a few years back. the utility companies are urging residents to call and report outages. because you think one of my neighbors called, they suggest that you do it yourself. they want to prioritize the outages and get everyone back online as quickly as possible and back to you in the studio. >> thank you. last night's storm killed
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two people in northern virginia. >> anndale was one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: we're outside of the beltway and off of gallows road. this neighborhood took quite a beating from the storm and two houses across the street were hit by trees and the property where i am standing. in fact, this yard had four trees. you see several in the front yard and what came crashing through the roof and into a bedroom. >> and i got here, was shivering and i was so nervous. i didn't want to move and like get to the basement. and when we, you know, as a town around 11:00 or so, then we made it upstairs where we found this and looked around. yes. >> a stick poking through the seal something.
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>> yes. practically and you can't see anything else outside. we had no clue and went for the basement. >> reporter: she's a lovely woman and her family is sweet as well. they consider themselves very lucky. she said her mother is staying over for the night and would have been sleeping in the bed where that ranch came right through the ceiling. some good news for them there and a lot of folks here lucky as there were no injuries in this area with all of the trees down and there was this van in front of the house. a tree crashed in front of it. she doesn't know who owns it, but they are certainly lucky because it was not struck by the tree and sort of a miracle there for whoever opens that and the other thing, the power is not out and the folks are dealing with the issue and not only homes but businesses and some goings. we spoke with frustrated drivers as well.
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>> and i have gone to a couple of gas stations that had power and we're out of gas. this is the first one i found that had gas and power. and here we are. >> and some long lines at the goings and some ran out of fuel. and then we're getting new shipments in and be patient is the word of advice and be careful. some intersections do remain dark and will be for several days and that can be the case. we saw an accident route 7 and there were no injuries reported and that is happening in the intersection. and adding to the trouble in nowhere virginia, several areas have spotty or no 911 service at all. some agencies contacted us with some backup phone numbers. the numbers are there and if
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you lein the area, write the number down. call that backup number insteadive you why -- if you can't get through 911. >> a boil individualory issue has been in issued. customers are irare advised not to drink tap water. it's because of a drop in water pressure and that is in the city water system this afternoon. the news edge continues in minutes with a last look at weather. @@
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. welcome back, a little bit of good news. we had the thunderstorm complex south and west of the city. watch that explode late this
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afternoon and into this evening pushing to the south and south and east. a confirmed tornado developed to the north and to the east of richmond and weather to the south and in washington, nothing more than a pop-up shower and to the west, and do not want to see the clear, but we're not look at the severe weather we were 24 hours ago into the west and that could be another pop-up shower or storm tonight and generally, we're going to be quiet overnight. that is the good news. the hard part, reagan national, 86 degrees and that, of course, is not comfortable for 11:30 at night. 79 at dulles; 83 for patuxent naval air station. the temperatures are not going to cool off overnight. 79 in baltimore and leave night lows in the mid-70s and some sunshine tomorrow. and temperatures with highs in
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the afternoon and in the upper 90s and do what can you to keep us cool. the cooling centers and lots of ice. if you don't have electricity and outside right now, 91 degrees and that is your heat index; 93, baltimore and 97 at thank youux -- patuxent air station and that is a hot one tomorrow and could be an isolated storm and the temperatures continue and some partly cloudy skies and back to you, sarah and maureen. >> thank you, tucker. don't forget our complete coverage continues 24 hours a day on can you see the videos, photos or upload your own and get the latest weather there as well. >> and that is it for us. fox 5 news always on as we said, keep it here, though, sports extra is two minutes away. have a great night. ♪
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. good evening, everybody. he's something you have power and if not, please be safe around the dmv this weekend. in the meantime, i am dave ross and thank you for joining me for nissan sports extra and begin with a bizarre day at congressional country club and that is because professional golfers are used to things being quiet and not this quiet. today, for the first time, anyone associateed with the pga tour can recall, no fans were around and allowed to be on the ground at congressional. instead, they were greeted by the sounds


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