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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 11, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, the federald government now out with new wite warning for metro. fix it or else. e this morning how the transitrant agency responded to that threat. impossible to bernie sanders won big during d last night's primaries, hillarya clinton is still holding on tooo the super delegate lead.. but until she locks up the partr nomination, she can give heriv full focus to november. nem and that could give here h republican rival a big edge. caps fans waking up with a h familiar feeling.eeli. disappointment. washington season ended earlyar again last night with a loss to the penguins. pengu we'll have the highlights. ♪ justin beiber what seems to b
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the mill of a full fledged meltt down. why he was wandering around barr foot in a boston park and p comparing himself to a zoo z animal. . good day at 9a starts now. ♪ we'll fine out if it's too late to say sorry. sorry >> never too late. too l >> about this weather. time now is 9:01.s 9:0 it is may 11th, i'm wisdom martin alongside allison all seymour, holly morris and steve chenevey.en maureen umeh has the morningheor off. >> a former first lady and firsf daughter join us life. laura bush and jenna bush hagerh are the coauthors avenue newnew children's book called "ourou great big backyard" we'll talklt to them all about it want theyhe miss most about washington, d.c. >> first, though, more of the mt same. some sporadic rain still ott ono the radar along with gray skiess and some brief bursts of sun. s we're used to it now, right. >> boo! boo >> our patience will eventually pay off.wi that's what tucker says any wayw >> like we'll go
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summertime f were do you have y with you? >> i got a special guest. >> you have graded yourself. sad >> i got very everybody, this is evan. evan say hi.i. >> hi.. >> tell me what boy scout troop you're with. >> we're from true 43 out ofm u4 manassas. >> in manassas. in >> yeah. >> all right. and you loving the weathereaer forecast?rest >> kind of.>> k >> all right.>> all rig they're taking a tour of theng t studio having a great time. te. getting to see everything.ry it's pretty cool behind thein te scenes, senate.ene. >> yes. >> tell everybody the weatherybd real quick. >> it's 55 degrees with showers. >> okay. >> you got it down. y >> yeah.ou >> okay. i can't let you get too goodyoud you'll take my' >> okay. >> you can exit out that way.ay >> oh, wait. oh, wait. those are nice -- how manywy badges you go the now.e n >> 16 i think.i >> all right. you got the weather badge on there yet?et >> no. n >> we'll work on the weather wkn badge together right afterwardss all right.. >> okay. >> i can get that you weather badge. i've done it before. evan, comhae back.e rain showers across the area off to the south and west.est. cloud cover out there as well. and more of the same today.od so the bottom line on the the forecast mid to upper60
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rain showers return later todayd i don't think we'll get as muche rain as we've had the lasthad tl couple of days and you might get a peek or period of sunshine ase little late today as well windsw out of the east here five to t seven. ven. evan, come back quick. q excellent job.t all right. all ri toss it back to these guys.guys. that's the latest from theom weather center. >> toss it back over there. tre >> do not lose the sash. >> thank you. >> tuck will tell you thou y tho survive if he's in bad weather.. >> you got to earn those badges, tuck. evening do you.> >> two men are dead this morning after a series of targetedart shootings in diss trek heights.. this happen in the 6400 block oo gateway boulevard and the 6500 block of hal luck street aroundo 4:30 this morning. mni annie yu joins us live from the scene with the very latest inhev this sto annie? >> reporter: good morning totemo all of you. there are sew still a lot ofa l questions to this and we're w learning bits and pieces as thet morning goes on here.n h but what i can tell you is thatt aztec drive as well gatewayat boulevard continues to beueto b closed.
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early morning homicide police pc still out here processing theing scene. now this happened just after 4:00 their miss morning it's i still pretty early in thehe investigation but here's what wa police believe a man driving a along the 6400 block of gateway was shot earlyr this morning.orng lost control of the vehicle thae he was driving and hit a tree. t he died on now, police believe he was targeted and that rob before heo was the motive.s the ve we actually got a glimpse of the car and the victim was in it ant we have to be careful of what w show you because they haven'the removed the body, but we can see bullet shattered the back wind window. then a short distance away ony the 6500 block of halleck streer here in district heights at hgh second man was found dead on d scene. now detectives believe the samee person shot both victims. vti but what they are trying to ting figure out right now is whetherh the two victims were together ie the car when they were shot andt if the second victim tried to ti get away and ended up on hallece street. we have a double homicidea uble working here. both victims are male
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appears to be the motive. while this incident did occur id the city of district heights,t s prince george's county policeol are actually handling the investigation since district dt heights does not have homicidee unit. un so county police will continue n to update us, but at this time,t we have learned that the motivev appears to be robbery. rbery we have two men dead out here ii district heights.eigh back to you in the studio. >> annie, thanks.nn, thanks. also happening today, one of thg two suspects charged with firsti degree murder in the shooting death of an off duty secretec service officer is due in courtc for a preliminary hearing.. charles sims accused of ofs simo killing arthur baldwin inur bali southwest d.c. in december d during what prosecutors say was a robbery there.he last month police announced thet arrest of sims and mauriceauri bellamy and bellamy was recently charged in the murder of a 15-year-old shot to death on deh metro platform back in march. this morning, more harsh hsh words for met tomorrow this time from the federal government.ernn >> federal transitns administration says it coulds it shut metro down if it doesn't dn fix the on-going safety issues. fox5's melanie alnwick joins uss
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and this is -- that's a bigs threat, mel. >> reporter: well, that'sell, right. that is because what happenedapd here thursday at said federald a center southwest was deemed aeed life safety something that could have been life threatening and that is ani what prom the feds to issueo i their strongest warning yet forf metro to get its act together. e however, as we heard thisd t morning, on fox5, metro board chairman jack evans is not fringing saying that the metro board and general manager haveer already taken those types of strong disease seive actionsct when necessary.eces. but the video that is reallyl what brought all of this on. transportation secretary anthont fox called it in scary, exploding insulators sprayings s hot metal and ceramic parts onis to the federal center platform r just moment after train passed. more even infuriated to learnean metro's rail operations control center refused maintenanceainten requests to take the track out t of service until there was aas second smoke problem later in l the day. as we know, there have been h
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smoke incidents in the last fewe mows of months. month secretary fox says that metroha has yet to identify a root cause and said there are penalties ifs new safety directives aren't an' followed such as shutting downgd the system or with holding hdi federal funds.unds. metro board chairman jack evanke fired back saying, federal money is exactly part of the problem. >> we have a planning to forward to rehabilitate the system andya make it both safe and reliable,l but we don't have the money, ana so i understand the focus on safety we can repeat it everyat day and we're going to do it bui without the funding, without the $300 million that congress owess us, owes us, for transportingnst the federal work force, and thee regional dedicated funningng source, we are just pushing theg rock up a hill and it will roll back down on us. >> reporter: so metro for its part has already begun too implement some of those tse emergency safety directives. dii we saw that big meeting mti yesterday with top levelev managers. those managers will then go and
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their direct reports as well. wl mainly letting everyone know k that safety is the number one priority.iority. that comes before reliabilitylil and already this morning here at federal center we have seen evidence of shorter trains and d some slower speeds as well.s w live in southwest i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie, appreciate it., appe 9:08 is the time. t erin como is back with otherit h stories making headlines thishis morning.morning. err blinn thank you very much,a wisdom. 9:08. first up, the race for the white whi house.e. donald trump and bernie sanderss both savouring primary victories this morning.orni trump picked up both nebraskaebk and west virginia.. sanders defeated hillary clintoi in west even with the latest sanderstan win, though, it's not going to g do much for his chances ofnc winning the white house. hillary clinton still leads in i the delegate count.nt the candidates are now lookingoo ahead to kentucky's primary next week. police in massachusetts aret still trying to figure out why w map went on a stabb
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police say twenty eight-year-ola arthur did he rosa stab twoa sta people inside a home includingng an 80-year-old woman. wom he then drove to a nearby mall, crashed his car and stabbed fouu people at a restaurant.reaurant two of the victims died. did he rosa was shot and killedd by an officer who was off duty. the queen of he know bland b land caught in a case of loose l lips. queen elizabeth making unguardea comment about the chinesese government during a recent party at the buckingham palace. she was referring to a visit byt the chinese last year and was heard saying the chinesese delegation was quote very rude to the british ambassador ofdor china "the queen went on to say they were also undiplomatic.. how did this sound.w did thd >> i like the sound of this. th. no check fee for luggage at thee airport in return for shorteroro security lines.secu l us senators
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to check dropped baggage feesgae ahead of the summer rush. summe. the baggage fees mean twenty mew seven% more carry ons.n% me carr resulting in longer security lines.lines they're now sending theirw sendg requests to a dozen major us airlines.. and finally, here's a storya close to my own heart. hea how does a daily domino'ss delivery habit help save a man's life. well, an organ -- oregon orego location was used to getting ang order every day from its regular customer kirk alexander. when he didn't place an order'tp for 11 days, the staff became bc they sent a deliveryperson toer the man's home. they heard the tv but said kirk didn't answer so they calledal 911.91 and when police arrived, they, t found kirk was having a medicald emergency. the good news, he is now on thet road to recovery.. great job by that deliverymanymn out in oregon there. >> saved by pizza. >> absolutely.y. >> crazy stuff. cra >> crazy stuff.>> c >> i wonder who would comewh looking for me when i didn't d show up there's lot off >> youis
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>> you place your weekly or at chick-fil-a. >> knocking at my door.nockat m >> thanks, erin. erin. >> still ahead we have a veryhar special surprise for some locall folks with us this >> um-hmm. >> not going to see this one to coming. you'll want to stick around forr this. it will be >> it is going to be good.o be g first though we're celebrating the national park for the newthe children' bock called "our great big backyard" coauthor and former first family members laura and jenna bush hager wille join us life. l that's coming up next. 9:11 our time right now.
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♪ our next guests are no gsts strangers to washington, d.c. they also got to live in one off the most covet the pieces ofces real estate in our beloved cityc you know it, 1600 pennsylvaniaea avenue to be exact.avenue to bet we are talking about former f first lady laura bush and firstt daughter jenna bush hager. both have stayed plenty busynt b since their days in d.c. and one way they have done it ii by writing children's book. their latest called our greatd big backyard a celebration ofti our national parks and it's outt now and we are so fortunatetu because this morning mrs. bush and jenna both join us live.iv good morning to both of you. >> good morning.orning >> hi.
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very timely as we celebrate the hundredth birth of day of our o national park. kind of talk little bit aboute a your motivation and inspirationi for this particular book. >> well, we wanted to write this particular book because it iss centennial of our nationals.nal. mrs. obama and i are the chairhr men, co chair men of thehe centennial celebration of theone national parks.nation par but also the national parks havh been important to me for years.a i've hiked in the national parkp with women that i grew up withpt in mid land, texas.exas so it was the perfect time to tell the story of jane the the little girl who is always looking at a screen to try to tt get her to look up.p >> and mrs. bush, there are also family experiences, right, doind those same hikes in ourur beautiful >> that's right.>> one year, just one year, sheea took us along. alo they took their daughters all of their best friends took usk u rafting down the grand canyonndn this is when she lived in livedi washington, d.c. in the fancycy white house but
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we gave up the fancy digs for af tent for a and it was fun and adventurous u and memories that we'll never forget although they neverhhey invited their daughters back.. (laughter). the tent was maybe a little toot close for comfort, jenna. j >> it was little too crowdedro with me in it. >> jenna, i want to ask you thit i believe the same place wherele you got engaged acadia nationalo park in maine is the same placee my sister got married.tegot ma so i know first hasn't thet 't beauty of that area. >> yes.>> >> it's so stunning but we knowk it's funny when you were justn t telling that story we don't stot often think of the two of youhef and the entire former first family as being out and about ii the outdoors.utdoor did you have a chance to get ouo much even when you were living here in dc? >> yeah. that's so's so funny. i loved getting engaged in a cade y my hub asked me on the mn top of cadillac mountain rightah when the sun was coming up it's the farthest east place in our o country so it's the first placee where the sun hits the unitedite states. it w
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but, yeah, when we were little,t you know, we grew up in midid land, texas and dallas, texas and my fond defendant memorieser with, both of my parents with mw mom it would be laying on the oe ground in mid land texas onn blanket and staring up at the stars with my grandmother, hertr mother, and then my dad, woe go to this little cabin outside off dallas in east texas and we would go on night walks as soonn as din are in was over he'd say, okay, girls who wants to get a flashlight and go walk aroundun the lake. l i was sort of a tom boy so io always said me, me, and those memories uninterrupted timesed m outdoors with my parents evennts beat the fancy state dinners. >> yes. y. >> speaking of being fancy andnd state dinners, do you miss washington, d.c. or maybe youd. don't? what is it that you miss most about washington, d.c. if w you do? restaurants? anything? >> i mainly miss the chefs. (laughter). >> at the white house. hou (laughter). >> no.
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again, talk about national natia monuments and national parks.nas my mom lived in the national naa park. >> you may not know that thew tt white house and the president'st park around it is a national naa park and the white housese gardeners are national park so we actually livedoy in a national park and of courseou washington is such a beautiful city with so many beautiful monuments and most of those tho monuments are part of thehe national park system. s there are national historicric sites, so if you visit our big national parks, the big outdoor parks and then all of our of o national historic sites you re really learn american history. >> i think that's important.mpot >> part of the book to the poinp of the book to get peopleet ppl youngsters to get away fromy f their phones and tablets to gett outdoors and do something.ethi >> that's right. >> i have to ask you the both oo you is there speaking ofakin communication is there a bush au family texting chain that goes t on?? >> of course there is.. >> absolutely. there o
9:19 am
technology and when my parentsys are desperate for to us move in next door in dallas, but for asr long as henry and i lived in new york, it's great that we canhatc face time my mom and heff fay ay melia calls him which meansns spanish in -- nos spanish. he still wants someone to call l him boss. >> we were actually at a book ab signing in new jersey. he was on face time thinking hen was going to talk to melia andia poppy. po >> when we first started text mike mom didn't have cell phonel when they were president andwert first lady.rst so then they of course knows kno everything and reads all the the things, but when she first s f started teching with us shell ul say things like dear jenna,, grocery store, party. party love mom. (laughter). >> listen she's a former librarian.libr she's proper per.r p >> thank you growth. tha it was such a joy and pleasure s for to us get this time for youu and thanks for writing the bookk >>
9:20 am
>> i was going to ask what theyy didn't miss about washington.hio >> that's probably a longerably list. >> probably too long.bly o lo >> it was, um, really wonderfule talking to them. the >> you know what i mean? people who spend so much time in the ti public eye it would probable bel so easy to just relax and not at care in the world but to get out there and want to do somethingom for others, it's very admirablee >> i think we should say thisou there might be people at homee e wondering why didn't you talk tl them about the crazy campaignpa that's going on it seems to be an obvious questions but theyhey requested they didn't want to do talk about a they're enjoying their live thee outside of politics and they have other things that they thah would rather spend time their or and respect them and respected s that wish. wish. >> right.>> i was more interested in what iw they're doing versus what w they're >> i'm taking our great big backyard to hayden. hayde we're reading it to night.o >> i love it. i l >> coming up next 9:20 by the bt way still ahead new details inti the death of i couldn't prince.c why federal investigators aretoa now taking a closer look at one of his doctors.. >> plus two local college students black mailed forced to pay thousands
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♪ 9:23 is the time. warning about growing online> 9n trend after two george mason university students fell victimi now it's call people send sexually explicitxpi videos or pictures to someoneomo online w
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money. mone in exchange for not spreadingpri them online. oin the george mason students weresr convinced to undress in front of their web cams and performrm sexual acts. as. the suspects then threatened to circulate the video unless thest victims paid $5,000.000. earlier this morning we spokee e with director of the fraudra institute at hodges university in florida for more on what --t- why on what and why people falll for these scams and what parentt can do to protect their childr children. >> the first thing they do they'll establish a so they might have been watchinh these students for while. whi could have been monitoring theii their social media or anythingig else so they can hone in on keyk words or their interests so theh know exactly what to say anday when to say it.t. kids are crafty and they're t going to go off and do things og their own. you just need to open the linesn of communication. don't say you can't do this. t explain to them why.. >> okay.kay. >> explain to them what canhat c happen. en >> the experts also suggest that parents do not allow a computerr in your child's bedroom and ifod you do, cover your -- cover
9:25 am
anti virus and anti spyware ises install.inal >> i argue that was a tough thing to tell your child at 13 because right there in middle md school don't be on instagram orr facebook because everybody seems to be on it but she also sharede that like facebook you're not nt supposed to be until 13 any way. i don't know how many youngmany people are really on facebook.a. >> these are college kids.sege >> these are college kids. are but they're saying, you know k what you can control the youngeu population what you need to lool out for.oufor you're right. rig a young kid is not going to havh any money to send anybody.. but with the college kids you k would just -- how you convince i your college kid to not fall fol it? >> right. >> getting the word out that yot know you'll have to call mom tot get some money to do this or whatever.wh you know that's the real part. p but i asked how in the worldor would somebody even --n -- >> convinced to do it. to i why did they think it's a goodto idea. idea. >> she explained it's grooming.i we're used to that term withthai younger people and it's just all what they'ret the saying.. >> gaining confidence. >> now.
9:26 am
>> all right.>> yesterday we told you aboutbo meghan trainor pulling her video accusing of being two phototo diversion is out.diversion is ot we'll show you the before and yu the after.. >> good. plus remember that big surpriseg we mentioned at the top of the show? they have no idea what's coming up. up. >> good stuff. tucker will join us somewhere oe the seven day forecast. fecas we will see the sun at some s point in the next seven days.vey it will not be today, though. >> oh, sure. ♪ z1zqjz
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. z1zqjz
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♪ welcome back. 9:28. get it holly.get you missed it. (laughter).aur). >> state of emergency now inn effect in oklahoma after deadlya twisters swept through theough region.. garden county hit the worse with ef3 tour made touching down. dow it destroyed several homes.. look at the damage there. t it killed an elderly man, too. t awful news there the same storm brought high brog winds to parts of texas causingi heavy damage to homes and businesses.nees. more rain is expected throughouu the region by the weekend. wke makes us want to explain lesslal around these parts. pts we have had nearly two straighth weeks of rain just keepseeps oncoming we're on track to to shatter an 80--year-old world for consecutive days with atitha least a trace amount of rain. fox5's lindsay watts has more on this miserable rain streak
9:30 am
the clouds part the sunshinesh came. >> reporter: brief relief in re the form of blue skies and dry pavement. welcome weather when we all knoo this has been the norm for two t weeks too long. if it's bringing you down --own >> it's been pretty gloomy. g >> reporter: you're in goodou'rn company. >> it's a big bummer especiallys in may when you're hoping the ht showers are over in april andil they're still here. >> i would say i've been laying on the couch more and beinge ang outside much less. ls. >> we do painting and thingsng around the house.ou. so it's fine. fine and play dough. dou >> reporter: when we caughteau that midday rain break, localss grabbed their gloves.lo >> we're ready to play softballb >> reporter: and hopped on their bikes. tourist got back to picture taking in the kind of weathere i they expected when they boardedd the plane.elane. >> we didn't even bring rain evn gear. we had to buy this because itthi was raining yesterday. yesterda. >> reporter: a family in townamt from the other washington neverv thought weather
9:31 am
out shine d.c. >> it's been like californiaalor summer in seattle. like 75, 85, hardly any really >> reporter: open with moreen wm rain on the horizon here, peopll can at least appreciate theate e music this weather has inspire. >> it's raining. rni >> it's pouring. i >> the old man is -- >> snoring.>> sno >> purple reign, purple i love the rain. r i love the rain.he r this is how we grow so tall.l. >> rain, rain go away -- >> come again some other >> come again some other day. >> rainy days and monday days dy always gets me down.own. >> if that's the case we'll be b down for some time.. maybe down so long as long a appropriate as well we want to w know what is on your rainy dayay play list.ay songs about the rain. ones that give you escape from o the rain much tweet us with the #gooddaydc.. >> we'll try to brighten thingst up a little bit as -- i think it we're now, what tucker rainrai today so 15 days now
9:32 am
measurable rain.. >> got me ear covered becauseed i'm getting breaking news.g new. 14 days in row with at least 100th of an inch of rain. >> today would be 15. would be 1 >> today will be 15.>> i don't think we've done it yetv today. through midnight last night wetw had 1,100th of an inch just in the nick of time to keep the kep streak going. goi do you have a rainy song we're he end catching people to tweett us >> i would go the opposite way. bob marley.ary. bring a little sunshine in.e >> ac d.c. back in black. >> because? bec >> just because it's on my playa list every day.ry d >> i'm sorry i asked.. >> yeah. you know better than that b allison. >> letet's get to it.'s get to all right. there's your temperature trend. and it's a friendly trend if yod want warmer temperatures up midp to upper 70s by friday. >> lots and lots of clouds of c additional rain showers in the forecast today.reca it won't be a rain out kind of n day. a lot like yesterday withesterd scattered showers back in thebae forecast. >> 55 in the city.5 55 in leonardtown.rdtown 57 quantico.. let's
9:33 am
these numbers haven't budged all morning i'm looking for a signgg of movement here.emenhere hagerstown and wip chesterhest 54 degrees. mid to upper 60s lots and lots d of clouds today.od yesterday we saw few peeks ofksf sunshine i think we'll do that again today there may be ae mayb period or a little filteredilre sunshine for parts of the area.a looks like we're getting a light shower we got drizzle out theree at the moment you can see c see additional showers off to the s south and west which we willho l moving in here kind of lateat morning.rnin so definitely umbrella weatheraa unfortunately here to stay agaia today. to we're likely to hit day number e 15 steve if these showers move e right through the area as we'll' probably get at least a couple u more hundredths of an inch ofnco rain. all right. big picture more of the samee se today.toda tomorrow, friday. front system out to our west o s cold front will get in hereget h friday and that will finally geg things kind of moving along in the atmosphere.e and i think we'll salvage a sva nicer weekend so saturday surda they'll be shower activity actit probably second half of the dayy but it may actually start offrt sunny and bright on sunday saturday.saturd sunday looks great.nday l we'll do that again this sunday.
9:34 am
further south and west today.. so less shower activity still in the forecast with maybe even ana rumble of thunder we did that dt last we could do that again today.tht there we are at 2:00 o'cloc ak.c notice scattered nature of the t shower activity. acty. check in at nine. nin check in tomorrow morning. mni check in -- i'm like a broken bn record. here's your seven day forecast. 67da today. 73 tomorrow.w look out for thunderstormsndersr friday with a cold front ild fri mentioned the weekend i don't in think saturday is washout.ay iso if you got activities onies o saturday at least the first half of the day looks good.oooo that's rain for the second halfh and then sunday looks fantasticc upper 60s we'll dry it out. o that is is look at the forecastc i'll work and my play list for allison.alson. i got to find pretty good rainyy day song. song. holly, i'm tossing over to you.u >> it's a little crowded look al all these handsome gentlemen i i on good day from time to time w like to have special guests comt in. we have a special group today this is true 43 from manassas ms and they will invited to come in here because they are working on their journalism badge. b
9:35 am
they were doing that, we wantede to help out in any way that we could and so what does it take,t this is roger henderson he's ths troop leader they're outaderut manassas like i said.nassas what does it take to get your journalism >> to visit a studio and write a couple articles hopefully for ar school paper that kind of thing. >> um-hmm.>> um. >> learn about aspects of journalism, job opportunities iu journalism. there's about seven, eighteven, requirements they have to do.tst >> oh wow it take a lot to getak this badge. do you have have any questionsyq about the news or how it works or about tv people? >> okay. ka this is not a good start tot a getting your badge.geing here's the first thing about journal limb. you have to be intellectualelctl curious. you have to be inquisitive.o nq. somebody has to ask me abody hos question. >> you have a >> yeah, did you.>> yeah, did >> come on. o i'm revoking the badge that isti you currently have. h i'm just kidding.m ju i'll start it off.t o. it's a little scary to be in thb studio. there's bright lights.s s. there's cameras everywhere.evere it can be intimidating.e inmida. i understand that.i unders so you know when it comes tomes
9:36 am
story you need who, what, where, why. wh who was involved in the story, o what exactly happened.apne when did it happen. dap where did it h why did it happen.appe that's the toughest question tou answer. we don't know.weon't would you feel more comfortablee if we kind of went on a tour off the station?? >> sure. se. >> are you guys real boy scoutst are you actually alive? i don'd know. >> i know this.>> right. you guys were recently in the ie news yourself unfortunately,nal, right? you were a news >> we were. >> tell me about that.l me aboua >> about a week ago, we discovered that our trailer thaa holds our camping equipment wast stolen from where we store it ai the local church that sponsors at river grace church in chu in manassas. the trailer was stolen we foundu it three days later but all --- pretty much all the equipment e was stolen it $7,000 worth oforo camping equipment was taken outo of. >> you guys are planning a trip. >> we're supposed to go whitetoh water rafting at the end of may. >> you don't have any stuff.'t n >> we're hoping to pull it off.o there's a day trip we're hopingn to pill i was. >> as the scout leader, what wat your message to the boys
9:37 am
>> big thing was that bad thingg happen sometimes and how we we react to that is how we measurer our character. boy scouts isn't about camping.i it's just a tool we teach abouto character and integrity.ty. >> amen.>> ame be see you guys don't think you tny know i know anything, do you.anu >> i'll give you a tour.l gi come on. o we have different monitors inonr the loft as you can see we havev different camera locations. this is our very smart panel,, very he is steamed journalists s up here the other hosts otef gog day. do you have a question for anyqu of them, wisdom, steve, allisons anybody have a question? no.n? all right.ig. (laughter). >> they know everything theyowrh need to know about we have lots of cameras all robotic. rot they move someone that controls them with a little joy stick s upstairs as we come throughe here, you can see lots of behinb the scenes action you guys are familiar with thisi area because this is where youse came in ahead of time. tim that was the green room you alll packed in.ed i we do have good dunkin' donutss coffee clearly ya'll should have had a cup. any way come on down this we've got monitors that kind ofd let you know who all works here.
9:38 am
some of the great fox shows thaa you can here we have a beautiful muralil someone came in and painted thi just for us.or u inside here secret room.oo secret roo that's where all our a photographers keep their cameram and all their equipment. equipme and then outside we have thise fleet of vehicles we have livele trucks, we have crew cars, ands you know what else we have? wee have a new trailer for troop 434 from manassas.. >> keep going. going your character is so great and -- oh my gosh.os >> you are so amazing when you faced adversity that there was one special in the community that wanted to help you.ou >> oh, my word. >> i'm not often -- i am speechless much this is crazy. >> this says it all. who needs scouts that speak we have a face like this.lihi who did this amazing thing? hi you're not going to be surprises at this it was robert bass psal of eastern automotive who's oneo of the most generous
9:39 am
i know.i kn robert is so so great to see you. yo >> when we saw your story we ste knew we had to get involved.nv >> thank you. >> we did with the help of three great friends leonards trailersr inspired signs and extreme custom collision, we put this pi together literally this was delivered to us 4:00 i the morning last night.ig they did a great job. >> fantastic. fanta >> ton help you get startedta refilling it we also gatheredat $2,500 worth of gift cards. >> oh goodness.oodn >> thank you so much if you neeh more, we are here.morere >> this is huge. i can't even thank you.ou thank you so much.uc >> this is part of our identityi to give back to the community ci that makes everything possibleip for us.. our last 28 years.ea keep your spirit up. u >> we will. thank you. you this definitely helps.y hel >> community giving badge goes do rob.. right? because he's earn it.t. many times.manyimes he's >> thank you. thank you >> thank you. >> can't say it enough you're ih always great.alys g anybody want to say anything too robert?be >> thank you
9:40 am
>> who is the greatest.rees >> robert. rob >> robert, right? who is the greatest boy scout troop, troopt 43 from manassas and whose the next person going white authorr rafting with you? holly.olly. well, there you go.wether thank you.k everybody come on.ev group hug. i'm a big hug. h group hug. here we go. weo. awesome, awesome, awesome! >> very good.yoo >> thank you.hank y >> how is that surprise for gooo day. day it is a good day.s a good day. even in the rain. rain >> back to you all in the loft.. >> holly, thank you so much.u sm >> thank you very much. >> we promised you it would be u great surprise.. >> fantastic. >> thanks to the good folks at e eastern. they were able to deliver onn that. somehow we were able to keep th secret as well.s w >> we almost blew it during ourd tease they were standing righte outside the door. d teasing about a big secret and c they're standing right there. >> much like the boy scouts weco learn as well.lear >> there you >> that's awesome. thas aw >> i guess they're going on goi their camping trip end of may.f >> that will be great. perseverance learned no doubt about it. >> love it. still ahead at 9:00, who federal investigators areto looking at as part of their the probe into prince's death
9:41 am
also justin beiber acting ain little weirder than even wisdoms might say he normally does.oes. >> i was going to say that's goi pretty >> this time walking bare foot t through a park in boston banninn fans from no autographs nongrhs pictures >> but he's walking around --ron >> bare foot.. >> justin beiber. okay. tmz has the answers for us next. >> is this tucker's song. >> yes. >> okay.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ topping today's fox beat ne details from the investigationei into prince's death. dea my authorities are taking a taka closer look at one of his doctors. doct plus, is justin beiber in theben middle of a melt down? could bo serious business here and whoerd his ex is getting awfullyul friendly with.ndith. for those details and more we turn to tmz's dax holt. h dax is live out of la, of la, course, good morning. >> good morning you guys.. >> we're waiting on the officiaa autopsy on prince but in theut t meantime, information is now n looking out and investigators are looking at one of his doctors.ors >> yeah, the dea is involved n now. i know there was a big search of paisley park yesterday a lot oft cops that descended on paisley y park but the main focus rightig now is this dr. michael show went berg basically this is one of the doctors that prince hadnd spent quite a bit of time witheh over the last couple of years. y he was also one of the doctorsrs who seemed to prescribe quite aq few medications for
9:45 am
now there's a warrant out.ut they are not for his arrest orrr anything but they want to searcn all of this stuff.sehis uff. they want to get in and find all of his medical records. rec they want to find every find ev prescription that he has given to prince and he was actuallyual there at paisley park the dayk y that prince passed away, and sod there's a lot of questions that i guess -- lamb want answered ae from this the most interesting i think isi that where he practiced. he's now vanished from the from facility he practiced at.iced we are not sure if he was terminated, if he decided toed o quit, not really sure but there's a lot of attentionti on this doctor right now and now people want answers, and i can c tell you, you know, when you'rer filling out a lot ofing out a lo prescriptions for one person itn really gets the attention. dea. dea. >> the other thing, dax, i meanm everybody is curious i think tot satisfy our curiosity is as to s what happened to prince. pri you know, numerous substancesube have been thrown out as possible things that he may have haveve taken. but does this kind of lend
9:46 am
little credence there'sre something set tee chi about the way he died or is everybody eryo pretty much on the same page hee was -- whatever he was taking h was taking willingly? >> well, i don't think sketchykc nevertheless but i think thishit might be one much those cases c like michael jackson where was someone over prescribed some som medications beyond what they whe should have been given and thenn the doctor gets involved andve d maybe there is some fault withel the doctor.oc you know, i think that's whatt'w they're looking at right now,igw and the other person that theytt focus a lot of time is on draw a corn felled the son of the rehar specialist out here inere california that was supposed tos see prince the day after he passed away. and he came across state lines carrying synthetic opiates in i miss backpack across state linen in it. i. he's another person they'reern looking at very intensely rightg >> all right.>> allht let's switch gears from princeg and talk about one of my favorite artists justin beiber because he's apparently havingyn some
9:47 am
down happening here. >> a lot of people talking meltm down. down i'm not sure.m nosur maybe he's fed up with such super stardom but he post add pt little message to his fansisf yesterday saying, look, i am nom a zoo animal. ama i'm done taking photos withtoit every single person that comesnt up and asks me for for so please don't ask me for aeora photo any more. more. he said that he just wants to t keep some, you know, bit of normalcy in his life.ife. he's just kind of frustrated,ru and he he said, look, you know,k everyone that comes up asks fors photo if i turn them down, but i bought your album. aum yeah, you got what you paid forr an album. aum there's no small print at theria bottom of the album that says if you buy this you get a photoho with justin beiber. bbe so i think he's just frustratedd everywhere he goes a probably po just constantly hounded foroundf photos and he's tired of it.t >> maybe he's frustrated because selena seems to be hanging out with someone else..
9:48 am
this was a little got photos in from over the weekend and selena gomez havingv a little after party at light nightclub in vegas man dough lay bay one unexpected guest showede up or license dough bloom andblo two of them are sitting in a booth and they are very close tt each they're kind of like all overr each other -- on top of each e other hugging.ugging i can't tell if it goes beyondey that but i can tell you iou thought orlando and katie perryr were still together.og they were hanging out at the met ball together.he that was a couple days ago, and then these photos come out andoa everyone is questioning, wait,,w is he with selena or katie perry? no one notice at this at point. >> it gets loud in those clubs.. may have you have to whisper inr the ear. >> what's going on in thatgoingt picture on the left. >> i can tell you.. >> if my wife saw photos of me whispering in a club it would it not go over very well. >> see, i think because biebssee still pines for selena, thisfor might be a tribute to go his melt down.melt down.
9:49 am
>> maybe so. >> could be dax.>> c >> you never know, k >> that's so true.>> te. >> all right. thank you. >> we'll be looking at all the e hot entertainment news later tmz airs of course at 3:00 and 6:306 right here on the mighty fox5. >> 9:49 right now. n coming up another cap season seo over too soon. soo i was wondering how old orlandoo bloom is not that it matters but he's 39. >> how long is selena gomez.omez >> she's like 20 something. ♪ >> she's in the 20 decade foradr >> yeah.eah. >> okay. >> steph curry young himself hef may be the bev in the game but even he can't help being up u staged by somebody even younger. a three-year-old.ear-d happens to be his daughter.te we've got your sports headlinesn coming up next. nex ♪ z1zqkz
9:50 am
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z1zqkz ♪ 9:52. we're taking our sportspo breakfast seriously this mornini in the kitchen trying to swalloa the bad taste of defeat last night.nigh >> i'm choking.. >> that takes it to another to n level. le >> but some may agree tough agru night obviously for the cit
9:53 am
capitals. suffered a tough game six overtime lossgh to the penguins. caps had rallied back and thishi is what i think makes it stinke so much. they were down three to nothingt rallied back in the third.rd they were able to tie it at a zen the game to overtime but they lose four-three.oue. that's it. end of the road for the caps. eliminated this year. y the team via twitter thanked tha fans for mazing season. mazing a lot of players got to twitter last night or this morning mni thanking fans for an mazing min season. season. i think this is the most balanced caps team they have hae at least for as long as i've've been in d.c.. >> so we still didn't win. w >> i'm tired of being the best b regular season having the best team, best player in nhl. n >> all sits vehicle to get to the post season.the post seaso you got to hit your stride at the right >> that's true.>>ha >> i need more coffee. ce >> more coffee.>> m >> there's coffee.. >> orange juice. juice i want coffee.i nt cof >> another level.>> go ahead and help yourself.oursl >> i already have the orangether juice.e >> you can get some more over so here. let's talk about somebody who is winning. winn another day another record foror nba player steph curry. cur. he became the
9:54 am
unanimous mag man us in mvp mvp winner in baa history the seconc stratose season curry is name eleventh player to win back totc back mvp awards in the nba history and steph curry's daughter rile real mvp she toldl reporters i'm watching you. y while you're looking at my a m daddy. >> right. don't get out of line. >> don't get out of line. o of >> put respect on his >> that's right.ight >> riley curry with the eyes, boys. all right.all righ her dad was up there accepting the speech if you remember shef stole the hearts last year of ao lot of people after appearing with steph curry during post game interview during theew dg warriors play off run. poff r >> i said this my favorite part of the whole thing her littletl >> she's got it down. first unanimous mvp. >> i was surprised, too.ed too when i look back over just in recent history magic johnsonohns when he won three in a row, a
9:55 am
and michael jordan when michael jordan, carl malone, lebron james, he had kevin duran as his rival.val. kobe bryant -- >> what about now? >> when you look at it now -- a- >> but now -- >> lebron not even getting agett vote. >> it's incredible because stepe curry is able to do. able he's amazing in getting all thee attention. >> i would hope that we would -- okay.ay show steph curry's mom. his whole family -- >> the mom is -- she's got thatt little dance, number 30, right.t she is a durable.urab she's probably my age so that's' you know -- know -- >> makes her more adorable. her >> she's not an older person. po >> join the breakfast. jbr we got cough if he if you want.n while tuck goes ahead and getsnt some juice, last but not least l let's give a big shout out touto local high school soccer playerr who just named the gatorade gat layer player of the year.ayerth >> what? (applause). >> this is lucas mendez he playa for washington lehigh in arlington, virginia college
9:56 am
soccer dudes rank mendez asndez number 24 recruit in the classla of 2016. 2 he is the 13th athlete from fro virginia to earn the nationalhet gatorade honor.gatorade honor play maker led his team them generals to an 11-zero-tworo record entering the post.t. >> congratulations. a great honor.ea >> that's impressive. ts im that's good. >> cheers to you.ers to you. >> would you like coffee cake. c >> love some.. >> aren't you a soccer >> i'm just here for the food.o. you can't have coffee cake outce coffee time. co still ahead at 10:00 o'clock updated version of the newew meghan trainor is out.. we'll do the side by side comparison.ison sharon sets the record straighti when it comes to rumors abouts t ozzie.e kevin sitting down with alice from the looking glass all the l way from france. put your seat belts on. >> first though it is coffeee time. do you hear natalie cole singinn so pretty. so you've been eyeing our cool gooo day mugs listen up we have a new one. good day d.c./done did youne diy doughnuts mug to give away theet perfect cup for that
9:57 am
did you doughnuts coffee.hnutcof head over to fox5 or our facebook page at www. -- anybody not knok that any more. d.c. to. t enter our mug contest. ctest one lucky winner will ber wi b selected by random drawing todat but hurry you from now in theo i end of good day at 11am to enter.enter. ♪ >> good day d.c. with the shot boy. >> ♪ >> steph curry with the shot. ♪
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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straight ahead.he >> plus kevin in cannes.. must be niece -- no it's cannesc he gives us our first look atoo alice through the looking glassa >> we give wendy a money for her reason with hot topic. week weaver talking biebs, no bs more pictures.s kelly versus michael round round three. th >> the new couple burning up social media. that's that's just thet's just beginning. the 10a starts right now.ow. ♪ >> i feel like we're on our wayr to the club. the >> what club would that be, tt romper room? room? >> my basement. >> the stair club.>> t >> my basement.>> my basement. >> we can't have a room with no roof because we continually bety in the rain. >> that's true. that'ue >> it would be a problem. >> we want to know what makesham you happy because we've had we'e today if it is measure al rainma and it sure looks like it is.s. it will be 15 straight days ofay measurable rain in d.c. longest streak ever.ak eve >> yeah. >>
10:02 am
>> i'm ready for it to break.. >> is anybody looking for songsr that make you happy that get yot out of the rain funk.n fun what's your rainy day play listy >> you know what i was thinkingn of, i was thinking of the songsn that have the best opening and for me there are two. t. it's when doves cry the openingg and then the jackson five, youou know, i want you back.nt y back. those are my -- >> that's good one film righte m from the first second. sec >> as long as it gets you as ity feeling good, gets you out of the funk -- >> i'm a let's go crazy guy.zy g >> the beginning of it. t o >> the very beginning. beginni dearly beloved --ov >> it pulls in you.lls ou >> pulls you in and let's you g go. >> and drops you youff. >> exactly. >> different place.>> d >> maybe a little prayer to end the >> there you go. >> there you go.ou go lot us know he.we hit us up as always #gooddaydcgc and we'll try to play some to st get through >> you were sitting on my phone. >> oh, sorry. >> makes me happy. >> 10:02. thanks for staying with us for f good day. i'm steve, alongside withith allison, holly and maureen.aure -- wisdom.isdo maureen is off this morning. moi >> hit musical about foundingndg father coul c
10:03 am
nation's capitol.apit it's finally happening thehe broadway smash hamilton isamilto coming to the kennedy center. not until 2017-218 season that'a not this coming season but the b one after that.that musical won the 2016 pulitzerr prize for drama follow nominaten for a record 16 tony awards and wouldn't grammy, right? 't gmmy, hamilton is the story of o alexander hamilton one of our oo founding fathers who was a top adviser to president georgedento washington and served as the country's first treasuryas now, exact dates for the musical kennedy center debut have notot yet been announced. but if you want to make sure yor get a ticket there is one way to do it. i it's not kennedy center is doind anything knew this is howow they're subscriptions haveptns v always work people didn'tys worp realize if you buy aize ifou b subscription to the upcomingthuc season, when it comes time for m to you renew it, then you're y first in line for the nextt so then you would buy the nextbe season and the next seasontso includes hamilton.. >> as a new subscriber which iih probably will be to make sure is see this i would come
10:04 am
renewals, right? or am i -- >> that's why you would buy thii season. se this season then you would beou someone that has one. has o. you wouldn't be a new subscribei come the next season. >> got it.>> i >> they have bunch of differentu packages that range in price. pe it's not like you have to buy t tickets to every ty they have a lot of differentlote options.option but if you ever thought tho subscribing to the ken doo k center, now would be a goodnow e time. >> there's lot of great >> a lot of amazing yeah. >> you're not just buyinguy tickets for one.s for o you can see a whole bunch ofunco them. >> there will be single ticketst made available.ilable >> holly.>>olly >> two years to save >> if you want to go to new yoro right now if you look at the the secondary market six, 700 bucksb a ticket for that show.t >> that's on tuesday night. n >> right.>>ht >> you're exactly right.tlyight >> right.>> rig not on weekend. >> i'll go by myself.ysel i would like to take somebodye else. el >> but you might just have to do what you have to do >> let's check what's 10ing nowg on early this first up a lot of people talkint about this a lot of people have a lot of questions about this. i a warning about what apparentlyr is growing online trend that
10:05 am
many people may not have hearda of after two george masone m university students fell . the exam is called sextortion.eo here's how it works. people send sexually he canhe c explicit videos of pictures toie someone online in many casesases willingly.will however, the person who receives them, then ex torts them for thm money in exchange for not spreading them online. essentially you send themy you d pictures or videos and they saye if you don't want this to gohi everywhere, send me some money.n the george mason students wereer convinced to undress in front of their web cams and perform sexam acts. the suspects then threatened to circulate the video unless it'ss victims paid $5,000. $5, experts say adults and teens tee fall victim to the exam when iti comes to protecting therotectth youngsters the teens, the,he children experts say parents par need to have an open discussionn
10:06 am
and anti spyware software isar i installed because if you send the wrong information they can basically highjack yourhjk your computer. right. they can take over the operatior of that computer or your child.o >> when we spoke earlier to an expert in this i wanted to makem it clear that those pictures orr those who have been ex toured, u they are the victims in this bus it doesn't mean that you can beb just free and loose with yourr information. >> right. it's awake-up call for all of us. us. >> yeah. >> it should be a warning don't go -- you know, free will, don't go in front of the camera and dd these type of things because you just don't -- when you're outheu that dealing with the wholee who internet and the inter web, if b you will, you just don't knowonw where this stuff is going.e is so you have to keep that in mi mine. >> scammers everywhere waitingse to prey on you.t >> i said earlier we're at thehe point we're so accustomed to the internet and so used it to it'ss almost second nature. you know how it is when you geto comfortable with something youhu forget about dangers that there are and how quickly things cannc spread. >> i think inherently you want r to trust people. p you
10:07 am
world we live in.twod we now it's all about -- with the-h kids these days, they don't even know what privacy s they don'thn think it's cool.k it's they don't think it's necessarya then you get into trouble.le >> right. >> so, all right. so, let's get update on that photo shop showdown, you know, pegging singer meghan trainor gets herer video editors.di you may remember she pulled her me too video she claimed herim waist was photo shopped withoutp her knowledge. knowl yesterday cherie released the unaltered version now she admita she did approve the video butut only noticed her weight after ii was released. she says she takes fulll responsibility for the notot noticing it beforehand.ehand trainor posted this side by side image of the photo shopped s version versus the uneditedted version. she admits she is embarrassed by the error.or >> i wonder how this storythis changed like that.t. >> well, i'm a little disturbedu that the initial report was oh,, my gosh, how could they do thisd
10:08 am
the neck day i actually approveo it and then i didn't catch it. that's a change game changer fo me. >> i wonder if somebody else,if family member and said does youu waist look maybe --aybe - >> she probably didn't noticeroa all the detail. you see it.u e it. your first -- it's your new yr video. >> right. >> maybe you watch it --be y >> or the sceptic in me says was it all calculator so we'reoe' talking about >> that's the thing.t'e th >> go, meghan yesterday now i'mw like, go, meghan. >> right. >> halt the brakes on that.. >> still pull down a new one. >> it's not easy to photo shop p video. >> i wondered that, too., too that's so funny you said that. s how do you do you do th. >> outbought to get every frame. >> okay. a magazine aimed at tweentwn girls getting slammed thiss morning for that tells thels t tweens how to find the perfectft swimsuit for their body. b ladies you know what that is. if you're curvy if you have a h thicker waste all that kind of stuff it's feature in the latesa issue of discovery girls whichch targets readers between the ages of eigh and 12 years old. o now
10:09 am
girls who are quote curvy shoulo wear tops that fit like a bra. while straight up and down aow figures can add curves withs patterns. patt it wasn't long before people ono social media shared theirred thr outrage accusing the article off encouraging body insecurityies n young girls.g g it's featured in the latest thet issue of the discovery girlsirls which targets readers betweendet eight and 12.eight an we talk about this earlier.. my thing is you'll have plenty e of time to worry about -- does-d this make me look fat? that's what it is. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i think they would have been much better just by putting outt an article that says here ares the cute trends.e tre >> yeah. >> don't let them -- don't l divide them up like that.e tha >> what age did your girls stara picking out their own bathingwnb suits and things like that.e t >> oh, my goodness. >> at a very young a >> just what they like but ili i pretty much, you went to thehe kids section and our issue --ss >> you as a parent at that ageht still have lot of say over it.t >> there were some summers -- sm this is your bathing suit. >> yes.>> >> what was age appropriate. a we had an interesting dynamic ii
10:10 am
come in all different sizes and so at a certain point it's hard' to even find a bathing suit tha is age appropriate for, say, a 12-year-old who might have, you know a bigger bust line or whatr have you.. so -- i wish i didn't have totav have them worry about any ofut o that. for a mag zone to do it is just -- it's over the top.e >> that's the thing for me.t's h the age rate for that magazinean was eight to 12 years >> you should not have to worryw about body image at eight to 12 years old.s o >> you should be out having funn >> you shall just pick the suitk you like. your mom likes it you go out ano you play in the pool.n e po >> right. right >> come back and clean your canu room. that's the stuff you should betu worrying about. clean your room.clean your room. >> have you done your chores? c >> have you done your chores. y >> then you get this cutehi bathing suit.baing >> that's what you shall bewhat concerned with. let's talk about donald trump,rp with donald trump now havingow h that gop nomination all but allt locked up, the talk of peoplefeo moving to canada is coming backk with force. force thousands of americans havemecas threatened to move out of theveo country if donald trump becomesc president.
10:11 am
off of those threats and possibly a love story. sto a new dating website calledd maple match will pair americansa with canadians who are sympathetic to sir situation.itn the ceo of the website he have since ted cruz and john kasichih suspended their campaigns he's seen a through of traffic to the website. you have to have a good reason.r either you need to be reunited e with family member, you're beine recruited for a job in canada or refugee escaping humanitarianitr crisis. some anti trump folks may thinkt you're facing a crisis. cri off lot of competition aroundtio the world as well.l. canada says it will only take ii about 300,000 new residents thid year. so keep all that in mine ifin you're thinking about running tg >> at leave you can go brows ono the website.the bsi >> you can brows and maybe findd canadian lov >> find love.>> f ea yeah. maple cookies or something. >> maybe he or some can comee cn
10:12 am
>> there you y go >> do you think anybody iso yo really serious about that. tt. >> somebody will.omebody it will get lost. >> come on. >> okay. >> if you're looking for an early -- >> if you don't like it, try tot change it. ch >> den try to come back four bfo years later. >> there you go. >> if you're looking for earlyly christmas gift for wisdom tom wt brady is offering a guide to gue choosing your peek performance u with new cookbook that will onlo set wisdom back $200. >> what? >> not happening, steve. >> got to earn back that moneyhn when you're suspended.ed >> that's true.has >> it's made of natural wood and guess what, it's sold out. brady's fitness company tv12, tom brady 12 releasing the bookk which features 89 seasonablyat inspired recipes including avocado ice cream one of his o h favorite recipes in the book.iph the quarterback and his super sr model wife's struck diettruck consists of 80% vegetablesings, more copies will not beopiee available for another month orfo so.
10:13 am
get this we're learning bradyg b sleeps on mattress made of of diamonds that's brady in the nee ad campaign for beauty rest r mattress has micro diamond iniad the memory foam which keeps thet heat away from the body to prevent overheating.rhating it ranges 22 to $5,000.5, it posted a picture of himselfim drag it up the stairs with theit caption i just found my new offw season work out.or o >> i think that's one of his ts kids. >> eating like tom brady willlim not help you win super bowls. >> no. no. >> deflating balls will.efng b >> can we get a close up one ges wisdom.wisdom. is there something you'd like to say? sa >> apparently tom brady goes toe bed 8:30 every night as there you go. >> i just wanted to throw thatht in i'm such big tom brady fan.ry >> because he has someone making all those exactly.> >> and he has someone watchingee his kids. he can go to bed at 8:30.:3 he's not pour. pou he's not your average joe. >> he's sleeping on diamonds for god's sake.god's s >> he's surrounded by super bowl trophies an model wife.mol w
10:14 am
10:15 am
so fast, they make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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10:17 am
♪ >> all right it's time for good' day celebrity dish.y >> and up first, sharon osbourne. she's been making headlines over the past three days aftercep hr eesplitting with husband ozzie e born of 33 years. yea yesterday she broke her silencel while on her show the talk.he tl here's what she had to say. >> one thing that was being reported is -- was that you kick ozzie out of the house. hou is that made up? up? >> no, it's true. (laughter). >> i just need time to
10:18 am
and really think about myself, s about what do i really want foro the rest of my life? because u this is like getting to the lasl chapter of this book. >> right. >> i'm like, i really want to think about it very carefully about where i want to go. g >> what you want. >> and kelly osbourne also speaking out their daughter she posted this message on instagr instagram. holding the lemon she camsed iti guess who turning lemons intoino lemonade.lena a seemingly -- seeming reference i should say to beyonce''s smasa album of course. >> okay. all right. >> what would they are lemonaded be? >> i think to the infidelityidit so i think, you know what i'm wa saying.sayi. >> kelly she's saying i'm just s continuing with -- with -- >> i took it as she was as sh w referring to her mom guess who is turning lemons no lemonade. her mom is after dealing with wt all the -- she had to deal witha her dad. i could be -- maybe i totallyal read into that.ntoha that was just my take.. >> divorce is never easy.
10:19 am
>> let's talk about this.out what happens in vegas stays in i vegas, right? well, not so mu much. because selena gomez and orlandl bloom were spotted getting closc in nightclub outside of vegas.. tmz got the picks of the two neck nuzzling embracing in thene booth.oth what about orlando's girlfriendn katie perry? as far as we knowk two are still dating. dat they were spotted together atog the met gala after party last week. >> as far as we know.s . >> as far as we know. k as steve mentioned it was loudod probably loud in it's las vegas they could have v been leaning over having aea conversation.conv >> what is she saying. sin >> steve do you lay over withr your head down on the couch.. >> maybe she had too much to muc drink.drin >> look at that picture.k tha >> i know. i'm saying maybe she had too h much to drunk. >> excellent point, wisdom. wdo >> what is she doing under the t table.ta >> she fell.el >> keeping her from passing outo in the club. >> he had to give her mouth tort mouth. cower right. you guys got it all pig out. >> lots of possibilities.sibili.
10:20 am
i don't want to jump topumpop conclusions.nclu all kinds of rationalization.lin i mean --ean -- >> absolutely.>> a you know, it is las vegas afterr all. >> it didn't stay there though.. >> it's all out.ut. >> fighting words kelly clarksoo said about chrissy tee again. ta tee again gave birth to hero h daughter luna and her husbandhes john legend posted a pick of her in crop top showing off her o toned belly on mother's day.ay now clarkson who just had her second child was flabbergastedst by tee again's slim post babyt b body she wrote on twitter, okaya what? i just had a baby. a b my train of thought hash tag tag hate her. h hash tag just kidding.idng hash tag kind of not kidding. hash tag jealous like jonas.onas that's pretty funny clarkson dik try and make up by inviting teet again and her little one overono for may date.. >> that's not serious stuff. s >> i think that that's kellynk t clarkson just being real. real like oh, my god i would love too look like that but i don't. >> okay.>> >> so i hate her.i her >> more power to her. her >> maybe i d
10:21 am
>> jk not just jk.. >> yeah. >> it's all good. it's l go >> that's fun. beyonce' put on quite a shoo her dallas stop with theh the formation tour but the showho stopping moment was when shehen paid tribute to prince and shehe sang her rendition of the ot beautiful take listen.take listen. ♪ >> the two of you wisdom coulddu actual dollar a nice duete together. >> steve, once again anteveonce excellent point by steve chenevey.en >> i'm here for you my friend.ri >> i appreciate it.>> i >> i think your passion is wayr better. >> my goodness. >> >> i'm just sa mying.y we don't want to relivego i tha. this is the f
10:22 am
paid tribute to prince duringe i her tour on her first day tour y date she paid a more somber som tribute by turning the stagehe purple and playing his original version of purposefully rain.n. >> more low key than that.t. ig right. >> she needs you wis.ou >> i think it would beul b incredible duet.uet. i'm available.le. >> um-hmm.. jay-z said no. >> brace yourself allison.llison after announcing last week thatt he had cut his luscious locks.os >> okay. >> we now know the results of harry styles haircut.ut >> i can't wait to see which direction it went. >> let's see it.>> >> dull roll, please. >> what? >> that's very good.s goo >> that was lame. lam >> the singer was photographedte in london sporting a shorteraho hairstyle quite the differenceee from his long tussles hair. h he doesn't like it he has a hath on sporting for the past few pat years that's woo i do.o. it's a
10:23 am
he chopped the locks to raise ti money for an organization that t creates wigs for children who cd have host their hair.thhair despite the sweet gesture fans are having trouble accepting the new do. >> i don't even see it.on't evee they don't even see it. >> they see that's it's not what it was. was >> they can't run their fingerhn threw it. many took to twitter to expressr their heartbreak even creating t the hash tag rest in peace harry's hair. >> here's my predict he hasn't s gotten it cut no a style yet. because that's what it lookt itl like. so he's waiting.. he's doing little bit of actingn maybe he doesn't know how to fif it. >> i have that problem, too. >> you get haircut. haircut. not really comfortable withrtabt fixing it yet. you need to learn.learn >> harry cannot be unattractie.. he's fine. continue.ue. >> so said missy mower. m >> you really like this guy. th. >> i think he's cute as buttontt an nice guy.e g >> she likes his style. >> he's a guy who does takeake picture with everyone.. >> steve that was good.ood. >> steve floated for puns overse here. >> i know. >> nobody heard it.y ard >> steve is on
10:24 am
>> he's in the zone right now. >> wow! okay. oy. steve, let's see what you got oo this one,, ve >> i've give you prop with beyonce'. >> you're on fire.>>e you're in the zone like steve se chenevey with the shot boy. b please don't play the song. >> please. >> ♪ >> steph curry with the shot b boy. >> let me read this. broadway start i wasn't degreete mcdonald is expecting a child.hi six time tony winner and tony winner -- let me shuffle alongfo is expecting her second child aa the age of 45. >> whoop whoop.>> wop w >> mcdonald is elated and a surprised. she said, who knew that tapta dancing during per rye menopause -- >> not that i know about it. perimenopause.meuse. >> allison and i are both perimenopause. >> this will be her her husbandd will -- what's his name. >> swenson.. >> his firs
10:25 am
couple. yeah. fromidsro have other kids previous marriages. >> that's so cute.>> tha >> and by tap dancing she she means --ans >> um-hmm.. >> congrats. >> did we dish on the fact that janet jackson's ex is sayingay that yes they did have childehid together all those years ago.lle i know we jus yt talk about jant having her only child at 50 now. so that rumor just not dying.yi >> that should be -- that shoull be easy to prove. >> no. rumor more has it and also jamej dee barge the father that theyth gave the child up for adoptione. >> okay. oka all those years ago.those years. they were married as likeas l teenagers.. >> the child will surface.fa >> the film festival did youid always say cannes or cannes isn't i always said cannes. >> wiz. >> cannes just to be on theju t contrary >> i thought it was cannes.. >> that's because we share s french >> kevin says another wise muchc he's in france. >> he should know.>> he's there. >> he's sitting down with the star of the latest sequel on the
10:26 am
way traveling adventure alicetu through the looking glass.. >> first though tucker is backbc with a rainy check of theckf t forecast.focast as we sample some of fox5's goog day play list. l there's the queen. que. ♪ >> wisdom, take it awa what does that mean?that m >> what does that mean, chris? >> oh! >> ♪ laugher laugh. >> this is the best part. ♪ (laughter). (applause). yay!y! (applause). >> whoo!
10:27 am
what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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10:29 am
>> back now at 10:30 happeningwt right now out on the beltwayt crews are still working to repair a big pothole that snarled traffic throughout the morning rush hour. you can see cars on the outer loop right now having to go around that equipment.igrsowhaum this is near ritchie marlborolb road. the work truck right there inn the middle lanes as you can see. so everybody got to go to the go left or right to get around itri that. pothole couple with the wetcoup weather and some fog made for, are not been a pl
10:30 am
this morning. a bench of cars had to pull ovee after hitting that this morningg everything has been backed upace during the morning hours. >> let's see how rain we can expect today.od talker is in the weather sent.t >> one day at a time. day at a m it will get better as we debtwe into the weekend but a few moree days of what we've been dealingg with the last couple of cloud cover, drizzle, a fewle, f scattered showers out there at e this hour. and relatively cool temperatures for this time of year.e y we shall be in the mid 70s we'l' top out in the mid 60s with thee clouds and rain currently 55 in washington. was that temperature i think ishinki budged 1 degree in the past sixx hours. hours. winds here out of the north anda north and east about five to 10 we don't have a lot of wind tod deal with.ith that actually nice mix up the ue atmosphere a little with.e w rain showers just out to our to west holding together here. i would expect in the next the couple of hours we'll get somees rain showers moving through intg fact we have rain showers on ths north side of the beltway as wew speak up into howard and a montgomery county, and we willne be looking at scattered showerso from time
10:31 am and again keep the temperaturess cool with the cloud cover. daytime highs only in the midid 60s. high pressure to our north north that's giving us northeasterlytr wind. and you see that frontal systeme to our south and west hangingtan out in the neighborhood for days and weeks and weeks and unfortunately it's no hurry to'o get out of here as this patterne is just kind of stuck here foree few more days.few s. so a few showers this afternoono if you're going to get your gety bobble head tonight at nats parp i think that game first pitch will be in pretty good shape by 7:05.05 just cloudy skies out there witw a couple scattered showersered e tonight we do it again tomorrow. sorry about that and then fridai with a cold front maybe someome thunderstorms.s saturday we might wake up with h little sunshine but the cloudse will increase quickly and we'll' have showers by afternoon.. sunday, yes, they call it sunday for reason it will be sunny alll day upper 60s with low humidityt an chance to finally dry out aut soggy town. t all right.righ we're keeping the streak going. 1,100th of an inch of rain and n add another day to our tally of 14 days straight of rain here ii washingn.
10:32 am
>> back to you.k to y >> thanks tuck. still ahead at 10:00 get ready r empire fans because tonight thet show takesa shocking turn. t >> one of the lyons will and there will be an epic battle between lucious and one of his h sons. our exclusive sneak peek comingn right up.t u é] we head to break, we'll playl another song from our fox5 fan f suggested rainy day play list. s take a listen. lte thanks for watching.chg. 10:32 is our ♪
10:33 am
10:34 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
10:35 am
>> all right. 10:35. brace yourself empire fans because tonight is the night that one of the lyons will fall. >> we have the exclusive firstsf look at tonight's drama filledid episode but first the act who plays becky -- gabbie sid baysi gives us her shocking moment ofm last week's episode. esode. here you go, fans.ou g watch this. >> omg moment in episode 166 lucious is absolutely scared off his mom.his it's no secret she is not mentally stable. and she has made cake in thecakn
10:36 am
personally don't think is that t crazy have you daveed cake.ave . it's pretty good. prey go >> do you love me? liar. liar. >> she's cutting the cake and ce she looks like she's going too really really kind of just jst murder him. i think this is a good thing. grandma walker has been broughtt back into lucious' life so he s can address issues he has from o childhood.chdh maybe once those issues are cleared, stop, you know, being the devil. dil so another o inform g moment atn a reece is about to be an enemye of the lyons like we can use u another enemy for the lions butb he's trying to get to lucious lc through carol. me thinks she might be a weak aw link.. >> put that on my tab.ut i got hers.i got >> you don't have to do that. >> no. >> i'm happy to. two old friends.nds >> old f
10:37 am
>> somebody will take thisebod empire down one way or another.r it might be tariq.. >> girl, guess who iran into atn the restaurant on great jones street? tariq cousins.. remember him? cookie does notot trust tariq.t tariq. he's a cop. he's the other side even thought he's cool from back in the day she knows where his loyal towisy lies and it's not with them.h so she goes to meet him to see if her intuition is correct. coe >> you okay? did i scare you. y >> no, good to see you. >> don't you look like you've seen an a ghost. >> when he brings up monkeys. me you've been sniffing around.n sa you've been sniffing around. >> every artist dream to bee nominated and win any award so d the nerve, the tension, the anticipation, it's on. the boys are competing against each other the son against thegn father and a lot of anx the. t get off me man. man >> lucious and jamal have thise huge, huge blow up.owp. probably the biggest blow upp we've he have seen lucious andec jamal have.jama some things are said that you
10:38 am
and it's right before the aces.e >> i tried to understand and bed respectful of your choices butes you don't respect me.ct m you just keep throwing thisinth unnatural way of life into my m face. fa >> it is the night we've alwaysw dreamed of and cookie alwayskiea dreamed of for 17 years lockora away in prison almost like a lik center reel la story.cent reel s it's the most beautiful night of her life.he all of her dreams are cominging true.. and then the gunshot ring out. t >> no, no, stop! >> chills. >> steve is going to go and to a binge watch everything right n now. >> for the last two years.heast >> right. >> tell hughes will it be. who gets shot, lucious, hakeem, jamal, andre. are >> i say jamal. say jal >> i don't think it was hakeem.k jamal is standing there.. >> then the harsh words from hio dad. dad >> i'm going to
10:39 am
>> yeah. >> i'm just going andre. >> he wasn't even in the clip. c >> there you go. >> exactly.ctly he's already on the ground. on u >> tweet us at good day d.c. d.c using the hash will will which lyon will fall tonight? we'll show your tweete at the end of the show if we c can. glancing below off the shoulder. >> that will be good.>> t >> did you see taraji henson'sss face. >> that's my son.>> t i think that we take for granteg like these are really goodgood actors. >> oh, yeah, no, no, no. n >> that's really good.d >> i think andre is one of the >> hey listen you can catch all new episode of empire tonight ag 9:00 o'clock right here on fox5n after tonight, there is just one episode left. l where did the season go? >> it will be busy today today tomorrow on the 10a. >> om.. e. >> don't miss that. still ahead this hour kevin hits the down he's globe trotting tro once again.once again he's at the cannes or cannes film festival.esti you can let us know what it is. >> okay.
10:40 am
wonderland bosses red queen thee new sequel to the billion dollar box office hit gets ready to arrive in theaters. we'll chat with kevin next muchc it's 10:40. ♪ there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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10:42 am
♪ >> hello, alice. >> ♪ >> we're
10:43 am
>> oh, no, we all are.. >> wait. ♪ >> hold on everyone.rye >> i don't want to hold on. on. >> there's another one that'ss trailer from alice through the looking glassy quell to 2010 to1 live act ali in wonderland.derl alice a race against time to tie save the hatter. hat in the move rhe rhe unites then cast from the original includini carter and kevin had chance tono sit down with her during hisuris trip to london but first he alsa took a few minutes to have fun when he landed in cannes for the
10:44 am
this mor check it out.. >> oh, hey everybody.ey e it's kevin mccarthy i'm here in cannes at the 16 ink cannes fm e nest val very very excite to bee here. re. surreal as the film fan to be to here as well because so many m classic films have taken the golden palm main award apocalypse now, taxi driver alla that jazz, and pulp fiction inn 1994 for that film. f i am here to talk to justin timberlake for his new movieov troll obviously you see the logg right here on this beautifulea peer with the red carpet, roc rocking my chucks out. it's very very exciting to berye here. the festival itself is startingg tonight. mr. woody allen's film will havh its premier right over there the a the pal lay so many big starsa will be here.ll be e. julia roberts making her canness debut for her p.m. money monster direct beside jodi foster also a starring george clooney they'llc be her
10:45 am
here the cool thing.lhi switching to another movie now,e the movie alice through theough looking glass is coming out onut may 20th.may 20th i sat down with one of theone oe biggest stars of the film helenh carter to talk about her role in the film how they do some of the coolest special effects. effect. watch this. >> i am curious, though, howh, they do the sequences in the film when -- obviously we see your character is it motionn capture and are you actually in the shots with the other actorst doing these moments?? >> basically, we were all acting together, um, on the first onese we were acting because alice waw changing sides a lot. on this i was never on my own on but my head always had to bee clear.ear. there couldn't be anythingenythg around my my i had to be careful of my handsn if i acted my hands and han a they came within the sort of o severe of my head that wasn't allowed. >> are you aware how much space there is where your head is? are there dots on your >> no, didn't have any dots
10:46 am
no, sometimes you'd have to bee reminded like it was funny. sasha would say -- sasha, move
10:47 am
luce about prince and the biebsb and kesha. >> bring it on. o we're right back. ♪ ♪ with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? what joint pain? advil liqui-gels are so fast, they make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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10:50 am
>> it is 10:50 it's time for bonus edition of good dayood celebrity dish.ish >> bring it on wis. let's start with, hey, my favorite, justin beiber news. n how about that? little justin i beiber news.. >> does he have a fever or fer o anything. >> people are wondering if thewd singer is in the middle of meltm down after announced he would no longer take pictures with fans.n beiber says he feels like a zooz animal.. in online post beiber says iff you happen to see me out mut somewhere, know that i'm not i'm going to take picture.ictu i'm done taking pictures.icre he said it's gotten to the poini that people won't say hi to himo or recognize him as human. h he says he wants to keep hiseeps sanity.saty the post came the same day he d was spotte spotted walking aroud
10:51 am
boston bare foot. >> this is the same guy who tolt fans that he would not do the meet and greets concerts theync pay hundreds of dollars to do. >> um-hmm. >> i think there's lot of peopl that would want to go up and sad hi to justin beiber. bei if you're not going to embrace b the fans -- >> how about you not be a star s any more.any >> it comes with the territory. >> get over yourself. getur >> there are people who do itwht they navigate it.e when do you ever see denzel den washington hanging --anging >> tom cruise.. >> there's ways to navigateav this. >> get over himself.ver that's what he needs to do. to d >> people don't want to be wt mobbed 24/7 you do lose -- youoy give up a lot to be celebrity cy but at the same time you have ti find that balance where you canu you know, accept being out in oi public and what will happen toa >> have people around you that a will say, not today.oday you get to be the good person.s. have people around you to sayay that. that. >> is that what do you.that >> well, i have a funny storya s about that but i don't think wei have time to share it.. >> you didn't smash a cell phone. >> somebody thought mark was a a bodyguard and they were puttingt a rumor more, high my bodyguardr with me.with m he's my hub. he's just a big guy.
10:52 am
he's your husband. >> that's right. >> that's pretty good. >> prince's death the subject of a federal investigation.stigion why in minnesota dea agentsge carried out the search of his home. they are also investigatingti dr. michael todd shull len berg. >> dea says he treated prince pc twice last month and prescribedc him medication the day before hh died. di no word on what medication thatt was or if they played a role ini his death.ea i will say this. t last image we saw of prince inci didn't know what it was. w but it was disturbing much he'ss outside of the wall green's sorr of like pacing. pacin and somebody is in walgreens.. so with anything like we saw itw with michael jackson there's somebody helping whatever thiseg is. if it's for pain, because iecse thought he actually had a hipip replace many because he's been h jumping off the stage with thosh heels on for years.orears >> for years.. >> he never had it. he >> he never had it. >> he never had ite . >> you have to put it together e much he's in pain.e' pai and those -- we do stories abouo it all the time.ll thee. ifs that the case then thoseho opiates, right, are
10:53 am
addictive.e. >> they are. >> your who are breaks for himro that you know but it looks like he was trying to get help. came too t but we're waiting to see what sw happened here. in any case it's a tragedy. >> the camera was in front ofn n you for the last.e las >> i'll take it for years thougo you know a lot about this stories rumor mores swirling that janet jackson had secretec baby years ago. ago since her pregnancy announceanca many those rumors jump started t yet janet had a daughter during herr first marriage to el dee barge.r >> james his cep the pregnancy a secret from him and the world. >> you see hour serious i got. g not el. >> james de barge opened up topt radar online saying a woman a w claiming to be his daughter recently reached out to him.o h he said the woman admitted todmd being jackson's daughter.. she suggested that they take a a paternity test but so far thatar hasn't happened.apne de barge says he hasn't met the woman yet because he's afraid
10:54 am
>> all i will say about is ins n this. they were really young people pl for whatever reason, you know, k if this is true, then, you knowo 93 put the child up for u f adoption. if it's true. and that's the most that we can ask of anyone.nyone but i bet when that news cameewm out it's my first baby and i'm'm 50 the parties involved are saying, hey -- hey - >> why would janet jackson sayas that if it's not her first babyb you know it's just going to t stoke the >> i think really believed youru secret will be kept and buttnd there's so much emotion involved in it. so -- exactly. exact >> i hope there's a healing a h around that entire situation.ti >> speaking of emotion, there's reportedly more tension betweenn kelly ripa and michael strahan. according to reports ever sincee the bombshell dropped that droet strahan was leaving the show yoh can cut the tension onset with a knife.kne. strahan's last day just dayst dy away but apparently the twohe hosts are still not getting along.on tmz reported ripa is giving himg the cold shoulder and that and they're barely speak
10:55 am
example kelly no longer keepsger her makeup room door open.p she doesn't say good morning tot michael.. well, luckily they only have tov deal with each other until fornr example next friday.exple next . >> they'll still be in the samel building. buildi >> rich people problemsng.le >> you know what, let's be, t'sb adults here.adts h >> let's be adults. >> holly, upping, i understand.e >> no, i understand why she'ser upset. the whole like -- one of my petpeeves when people don't sayp good morning. >> oh yeah. >> just be like -- just say good >> they have to go into a show. that's the fgoake part about iti you're right about rht a >> as wisdom pointed out a a hundreds times it seems like see from the understanding this wass not michael stray man haasesaa personal snubbing her.g her this was business decision he was told by her bosses. boss. >> she think as friend shouldrio clue her in. >> if that happened -- steve ite got something to tell you latert (laughter). >> you know i can never leaveer you unless i was asked to leave. >> right. rig >> for lots and lots of mon
10:56 am
>> yes. >> unless an mazing opportunityr came along. >> and they told me not to tello you. >> right. >> days away from the billboard music awards and kesha and kesha reportedly preparing a quotete unquote statement performanceere coming up with a big showw following her on going drama dra with record pros due sorry keshh accuses doctor luke of sexuallyx and verbal al abusing her attempts to break herreak hr contract with him have failed. kesha expected to make her mak frustrations known at the awardd show next week by making directd references to him during herurgr performance and by the awardss puputting it it out thereut the everybody will want to watch w now, right.ig. >> yes.>> >> anybody declare that it willl be a statement performance.ce >> i don't think it's a d't statement performance.emen >> you'll be watching andbeatch waiting just in st i >> a lot of people will. >> and we'll talk about it the l next day. ne >> can we do a final weather or we want more -- m >> more breakfast?? >> more breakfast.akfast. >> let's just eat.>> let this coffee cake is really goodl by the tay. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> right? >> how about more music. mor mus do we have that? we'll see we' ya'll later
10:57 am
maybe -- >> from wisdom.>> frowi >> yes. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh! >> ♪ what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother?
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. it's "live like a star" week, live on the "the wendy williams show"! ♪ >> wendy: you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ >> announcer: here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yes! come on, now! thank you for watching our show! say hello to my co hosts, my studio audience! [ cheers and applause ]


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