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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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delaware, police chase ended with officers shooting and killing a man in front of a wilmington church. thank you for joining us at 5:00. i'm lucy noll around. >> i'm iain page, police say it started when officers tried to stop the guy, he took move his car. fox 29 shawnette wilson joins us live in wilmington with more, shawnette? >> reporter: well, you guys mentioned that this was just near a church here, but also right across the street from where it happened is the delaware state police barracks troop one. this intersection where it happened as well, on washington street, has been cleared. you can see, police are out of the area right now, they're -- waiting on update for police on what's happening. right now information is very limited at this time. but what we can tell you, as we look at skyfox view of the scene, new castle county police were following a suspect after 2:00 this afternoon, they say, that they tried to pull over the man, but woe not stop. he ultimately crashed his car near philadelphia pike and washington street. that's where they say he got out and ran. police say a confrontation
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happened, which ended with police shooting and killing the man, we spoke to a young woman whose family owns an ice cream shop nearby. she says they heard the gunshots. >> who heard the gunshots? >> my aunt and the other employee that was working there, as well. >> they were working outside. they kind of looked over and that is big commotion next-door. so i don't -- this doesn't happen often here. >> now right now you are looking across the intersection to the right of that church is where the young man was shot. we're told his body may still be here on scene. what we also know right now is that the officers involved have been taken to the hospital. it is unclear the injuries that they suffered, or whether the suspect had a gun, whether there was exchange of fire, we are told again the officers were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. again, waiting for more information on why they were even trying to stop this person. and again, why the officers were hurt. back to you. >> all right, thank you, shawnette. on busy news night, one word, guilty. that is the verdict just reached for eric frein.
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the man who ambushed two pennsylvania state troop nerves 2014 killing one. in closing arguments today prosecutors called frein quota terrorist with murder in his heart, a plan in his mind, and rifle in his hand. frein faces possible death sentence for the attack. >> take a good look at this guy, police say he targeted elderly woman as she got off a bus at east mt. airy at first she wouldn't let go of her purse, even though the guy was tugging on it. >> police say then he attacked her, one of two men officers are now trying to track down. our dave kinchen has been following this investigation all day live at northwest detective. dave? >> reporter: yes, i spoke with a woman off camera earlier. she said she is doing okay, she wasn't hurt too badly but she wants her attacker off the street. >> it could be someone's mother and grandmother that got harm like that. >> philadelphia police say this is the man wanted for punching a 81 year old woman after she got off the h bus on
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the 8400 block of thoron avenue on march 20th. >> well, i'm very surprised, it is relatively safe neighborhood. >> septa released images of the suspect after the attack last month, philly detectives believe he cased the elderly woman on the bus, who was running money orders for her church. >> once he got off the bus, we believe he contacted the person in the vehicle, who then pick him up. they followed her a short distance in the vehicle, at which time they initiated the robbery. >> making the surprise attack as soon as she got off the bus. neighbors are in disbelief. >> i'm senior citizen. so i don't like that. same thing could happen to me. i don't like it at all. >> at first investigators say the old lady fought off the attacker but he went back after police say someone told him to strike her in the head. he did so and got away with her bag and cash. >> what goes through your minds hearing that? >> sad, hurt, you know, that anybody would, you know, be
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able to do that to someone else. >> well, police tell us this appears to be random crime of opportunity. they say they have not had any related incidents in this area since this happened about a month ago. but if you recognize that person in surveillance, call police. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. arrested this woman now accused of selling heroin out of her new castle county home. investigators say they found 169 capsules of heroin and adderall pills inside the home, of michelle reid. police say she lives along opus drive in newark, she's in jail now facing a list of drug charges. >> the race to escape when a house goes up in flames in camden county. two families including children made it out just in time. the flames, as you saw, so intense, even firefighters had a close call. >> tonight several families are burned out of their homes. fox 29's dawn timoney is in pennsauken live. dawn? >> lucy, iaian, it was quite a
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fire. one firefighter was actually trapped on the second floor, for awhile, but managed to escape out second floor window. another firefighter suffered ankle injury. it is amaze that no one was seriously injured here or worse. >> a fierce and fast moving fire roared through this four unit apartment house on the 7400 block of zimmerman avenue in pennsauken. it was about 2:30 this morning when the flames lit up the sky. >> i thought everything was on fire, that's how bad, it was bad. >> carmella widthworth lives across the train tracks from the fire and worried it was going to spread. >> i thought the whole river track, all of the trees, were going to go. >> doug shot this cell phone video. he's just two doors down. seeing the intensity of the fire up close, he feared his family's house could easily go up in flames. >> i mean, it was everywhere. i mean, it was hot, it was
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blowing over here across the street, that's how hot it was. >> seven people lived in this apartment house including children. john giordano smelled the smoke, and new something was wrong. >> two minute later, felt like an explosion-type feel. >> that's when he looked outside and saw the back porch on fire. >> i got my girlfriends, and got her son, and we just ran down the stairs and right out the front door. >> and in just a nick of time, the second and third floor collapsed on to the first floor. the apartment building destroyed. >> to see that floor, that house has been there for ever, you know, they've lived there for ever. so it has just been tough. at least everybody got out safe. >> now, one of the resident on the second floor tells me that his two dogs actually woke him u, alerted him to the fire. they got out. sadly those two pups, eight and ten month old pitbulls have, not yet been found. the cause of the fire remains undetermined. iaian? >> al right, dawn, thank you.
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organized crime ring busted using something you have got on your car right now. a license plate. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro announce criminal charges today against dozen people. they are accused of applying for license plates from penndot and then using them for a criminal enterprize that sands several state. >> they then rented these fraudulent plates for $400 a month, to people who wanted them specifically to evade law enforcement, evade paying e-zpass, and evade paying tolls and parking tickets along the way. >> shapiro says the vehicles with those plates racked up over a million dollars in tolls, fines, and tickets, and investigators say the group also used fraudulent insurance cards. >> warning tonight for teens and parents in delaware county. springfield township's police chief posted a message on facebook saying if you are making trouble, cops are coming after you. chief joe daily says large groups of teens have been
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getting together around the township, drinking, using drugs, bullying harassing and assaulting people. some, he says, are throwing rocks at the trolley or playing chicken with carson their bikes. the chief says officers are looking for any unacceptable behavior and you will be prosecuted if you're behind it. >> a brutal attack caught on camera. these guys beat a man unconscious, then continued punching and kicking him in the head. this one down on saturday at b and tioga streets in kensington. their victim simply walked out after restaurant, that's where the three guys ambushed him. they got away with the man's phone and wallet. cops are hoping you can help officers track down the three of them and get them off the street. penn state's investigating two incident where people took pictures or videos of student in dormatory showers, police say both times it happened in thompson hall. late at night, on sunday, and also on monday. officers have not identified the victims, nor their sex. police are asking student for tips about who might be
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responsible. >> the nfl draft is about a week away. that means a lot of closures along the ben franklin parkway, and some traffic headaches. crews have streets in the area blocked off for neck week's &-úf closures rolled out early this morning. the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway close in the both directions from eakin's oval to 20th street. the closures, are only going to get worse. entire parkway will close next monday night. three day draft starts of course next thursday. on the jersey shore, towns may have to come up with some extra money to pay for their own water testing. the trump administration's budget proposes to eliminate beach monitoring support to the states. that money pays for the state to test water every week at public beaches. in the last three years, new jersey has gotten $1.4 million in federal water monitoring grants. onto your fox 29 weather authority, now, we take live look at trenton, perfect wednesday today. that was little chilly. but what can we expect for the rest of the week? scott? >> high there, iaian, looks like warm up for the rest of the week, but if you are
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stepping out, grab a light jacket or sweater. cloudy, cool, the sun will set at clock 44 this evening. coming up we will talk about when to expect temperatures around 80 degrees. >> like that. thanks, scott. a 3,500-dollar ring stolen from a jewelry store in olney. how this guy walked away with the bling, yo. >> and princeton university about to re-name one of the oldest buildings on cam pulls. why it says it is about time. >> lucy the team that made superbowl great again, once front and center today. stop by the white house, i'll& tell you all about it later in sports.
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>> check out this guy posting as a customer, he got away with a pricy ring, surveillance video shows the guy looking into the case, at jewelry store on the 5500 block of north fifth street in olney. he asked to see a gold ring, put it on his pinky finger and took off. that will ring, white gold, with a one karat diamond, worth $3,500. if you know anything, call police. celebrations all around old city today for something new, celebrating our nation's storied history. >> newly constructed museum of the american revolution held a big grand opening today. the festivities kick off on independence mall, then the crowd paid homage to the tomb of the unknown revolutionary war soldier. museum of american revolution was 16 years, and $120 million in the making. local and state government leaders were on hand today, even former vice president, joe biden. >> you cannot define an american by race, religion,
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ethnicity, you can only define an american by an intuitive commitment to the notion that all men are created equal. >> the main attraction at the new museum, general george washington's actual tent. this is the one he slept in on the battlefield where he planned attacks against the british. how cool is that? >> princeton joining other college in its complicated racial legacy. ivy league school is renaming a couple of spaces on campus to honor former faculty members. auditorium at the woodrow wilson school at public and international affairs will take the name as sir at you are lewis, late black economist who won the nobel prize, west college one of princeton's oldest buildings will bear the name of black novel list, tony morrison, and these changes happen in july. students and staff at drexel university celebrating earth day, a few days early.
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the celebration on the university city campus including games, and give aways, as well as display, showing off green and landscaping, outdoor yoga, and sculpture contest, earth day by the way isn't until saturday april 22. today's afternoon clouds didn't stop some young ones from having some fun. the sons of ben held it fourth annual spring fun day at the stem academy in show walter. the free event featured soccer tournament for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, that are part of the soccer for success program. that program offers free soccer based after school programs. fox 29 weather authority, it was a great day for that, iaian, tell you watch live look at reading on yet another really picture perfect april day. you agree? a warm up actually on the way too. meteorologist, scott williams, has the bounty of good news, a little wrench in the plans in 15 seconds.
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>> the high temperature if philadelphia 63 degrees, but felt colder, because we have the cloud cover, and also those winds coming in off of the ocean, as we look at the satellite and radar now, it is mostly cloudy and look at most of the rainfall toward parts of new england, few light showers have been sneaking into sections of the poconos, and also, the lehigh vale, so we will watch for. that will but otherwise just cloudy, cool, if you are stepping out to walk the dog, head today dinner, grab a light jacket or a sweater. look at the tempertures, kind of uniform, especially because the water temperatures are low 50's, 53 atlantic city, 53 wildwood, 54 degrees right now in wilmington, upper 50's currently in allentown. so look at the winds, out of the south and east. on average, about ten to 15 miles per hour, so once again, that made it feel cooler, even though, we had highs in the low 60s. right now, 58 philadelphia, 68 ,
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78 degrees in atlanta, and look at the 80s, off to the west of us. we will tap into some of that warmth for thursday, and also into your friday, and then, some weekends changes, part of the weekend could be a wash-out. we'll explain coming up. but overnight tonight, we keep mostly cloudy skies, maybe some patchy fog, or mist early thursday morning, thursday, we will be mostly cloudy, partly sunny, temperatures will climb. thursday night frontal boundery moves north and west, maybe some scattered showers or a rumble of thunder. and then as we move toward friday morning, cloud cover, some showers, then we break into some sunshine, and those temperatures really rebound on friday to around 80 degrees. low 50's, for tonight, mostly cloudy, watching out for a little bit of fog developing by tomorrow morning. as we look at the clock, temperatures, at 7:00 a.m., 54 in wilmington, 56 millville, and atlantic city once again watching out for some of the low cloud cover, first thing tomorrow morning. by 11:00 a.m., looking at
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numbers, upper 60s philadelphia, millville, atlantic city, 69, by 11:68 in dover. and then look at the afternoon high temperatures, little cooler still down the shore. but 75 in philadelphia, as we move toward the afternoon. going to go 76 for the high temperature on your thursday. and then once again, as we move toward take a look at sunday it, looks wet, maybe half inch to inch of rainfall, and high temperatures on sunday, stuck, yes, only in the 50's. that seven day forecast showing 76 tomorrow, 80 degrees as we move toward friday, and then that half and half weekend, saturday, beautiful, partly sunny, 66. then only the 50's, guys, as we move towards the second half of the weekend. back over to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. i don't like those 50's, but -- >> it is okay, i love ron burke, look at this. >> great to be with you guys. thanks so much. looking of course next week to the nhl draft. i want to first ask you if you don't hustle should you play? we'll tell you how not
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hustling last night has impacted freddie galvis as the phillies prepare to meet the mets again tonight. nfl draft is in philadelphia just eight days away. ron jaworski playing a leading role. he'll tell us why the draft touches more than the players whose lives are about to change.
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>> we're only eight days away from the start of the nfl draft in philadelphia. football world will be watching closely, wave of future stars, newest eagles hope to be counted in the number. meantime eagles great ron jaworski one of the main men in the huddle for the draft as co-chair of the host committee. and jaws told us today that three day event will have impact well beyond the draft picks. >> our legacy program is going to take place, you know, helping kids, leaving our legacy in the playgrounds, and fields, and equipment and all of those things, so it is not just about having the draft here, it is about leaving something behind. and i think the commissioner understood it wasn't just about football. it was about art, it was about culture, and how do we embrace everything that that bridges
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to the table. >> in the 2010 draft, the patriots selected aaron hernandez because of off field trouble, he allegedly hanged himself this morning in massachusetts prison cell. one time rising nfl start with a play maker on the feel and convicted killer offer of t serving sentence of life without parole for 2013 murder, prison officials say hernandez hanged himself with a bed sheet in his single cell just last friday, the 27 year old found not guilty of two counts of murder in a separate case. >> hernandez's death comes on the same day many of his former teammates were being celebrated. superbowl champion patriots at the white house hon orders by president trump. several players chose to not attends, some saying in advance they would not show up for political reasons. also absent, quarterback tom braid high said in a statement he had to attend to some personal family matters. >> well the phillies continue their road set with the mets tonight, and manager pete mack can inch has freddie galvis in the line up, even after the shortstop stopped short. galvis failed to run hard on
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pop up here in the eighth inning with phillies down only a run. once he saw the ball had been dropped, he ran a bit faster but only got as far as first basin stead of second. moment. >> right? >> so thanks for all of the misch-mash of weather. what's great is that you're providing little something for everyone. >> absolutely. chilly tonight. then near 80 again tomorrow and friday. >> all right, that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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it's the end for bill o'reilly. >> media's biggest star and the face of fox news is out. >> as he visits the pope at the vatican. >> and disgraced football star aaron hernandez. >> his shocking prison suicide. >> the same day his teammates celebrate their super bowl win at the white house. but where was tom brady. >> then, uproar over video of the parents who made their little boy burst into tears. >> you did this. >> i didn't do that >> now the mom and dad behind the prank speak out. >> doesn't it bother you to see your son so upset? >> plus. >> put it in my mouth. >> magic trick gone wrong, the little


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