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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 9, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EST

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bill: it is still cold. more winter weather on the way. behind me is the frozen delaware river. as you know, commuting today was very, very challenging not only the freezing temperatures causing some of the ferries to be canceled and trains across new jersey transit to not run not only on time but many cancellations but also think stormy weather tampered everyone's drive today. that plus airport chaos. don't try to get a flight out of jfk any time soon. not only flights delayed going on two and a half days but some
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families having to spend that time at the airport, but then a pipe bursts sending three inches of water across terminal four and a hero cadet t. that is right. a boston college jr. saves lives during a terror attack in london. we'll talk to them on tonight's show. i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." ♪ ♪ bill: we have a weather areceiptor for you tonight. another winter storm barrels down in the area. freezing rain making the commute absolutley awful. we have team chaser coverage not only today but what is the commute going to look like tomorrow morning. let's start with dan star in blow has all the details. dan, what do you got? dan: well, bill, the weak storm system brought as you wintry mix. little bit of snow, sleet, freezing rain. was actually the freezing rain
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component that was most concerning that happens when the air temperature is just above freezing. it falls from the crowd and liquid rain and freezes on contact with the cold object like everything out there after our deep-freeze. we see a few slippery spots out there. is with not a big deal thanks to dry air that helps to evaporate the freezing rain before it hits the ground and also thanks to treated road surfaces. road salt did its job here. we moved through glover knit and could be icy spots for tuesday morning and then, let the warm-up begin. i will look at that in the local weather forecast little later on. bill: might near at jfk airport not only dl the incredible winter weather we have been having delay flights stranding some families more than two days trying to get to the destination at the airport but to add insult to injury origin troy insult, i am not sure which is worse here. a pipe burst flooding parts of this airport. john has the full story. reason, what is going on at jfn it ised about any way you look
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at it, bill. u starting adding a water main break. a power outage. thousands of exhausted travelers limited information and the frustration and the epic levels. here is what happened on sunday. important to note, the cancellation started on thursday. here is what happened on sunday. a water cascading through some count kerrs and bag ame areas and three inches of water on the floor at terminal four and this follows hundreds of canceled flights from the storm on thursday. 1:00 howz with bad is it? on monday, port you a thousand 2:00 twitter handle sent out immediate tweet first thing monday morning. there are still delays. is getting better but it is still not 100%. >> you grows it happened in the first place was the pipe left exposed was it not insulated. what happened the port a think for acknowledged the pipe in question was not properly insulated. what happened is unsen. rider, passengers deserve
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better, yes. passengers were on the tarmac, some for hours before getting to the air part to find out what was described by many people as baggage mountain. 1:00 and the people who were there to get out originally were there for days. bill: all right. the% author says its in never been this cold. thanks. >> new jersey transit can't seem to get out of of the own way. the organization has been plagued with problems from crews short aings to trains shutting down today among one of the worst mondays they had and in awhile. cold weather being blamed for 15 trains being han kelled and more than two doz dean lays. a nightmare for commuters on the platform. wait until you get on the train and there doesn't look like there is any end in sight. allison was at the meeting today. allison, what happened today if. >> senate and assembly committees held a joint hearing monday in trenton to discuss the problems with new jersey transit. they heard from three witnesses including new jersey transit
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fights president robert lovelle and new jersey transit executive director. tongues included the staffing crisis, equipment and positive train control. according to the three witnesses, new jersey transit is losing qualified employees for several reasons. conductors are concerned about assaults and they are promoted to management or leaving for a hire pay at metro-north. lovelle also add it is a generational issue and younger people just don't want to work nicer weekends. commitment issues are also apparent on social media. tweeted this video of a train moving with open door still moving full speed. even with all of the problems committee chair john mccain is hopeful at the end of the hearing, mccain thanked whistle-blowers for his courage. he is a former new jersey transit compliance officer who says he was fired after being told repeatedly to ignore the
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systematic safety and staffing issues he uncovered. >> you know, i feel em pat think for him. he came forward to unvoluntarily before he was terminated. and came with a whole bunch of documents that i think were proof of a lot of what he had to say. reporter: all he was trying to was get the message out. santoro announced the resignation last week and it will be fighting in april. i am allison gormly reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you, allison. all right. let's bring in the a plus panel to break down and talk about? j transit. it can't get any worse? i am joined by the attorney and columnist for law and crime. welcome, good see you. >> thank you, bill. bill: dennis penney is leash the program coordinator at rutgers. got see you. nice to see you. bill: lauren craig is back. lauren is newark's ambassador. always guide. i will start with you. really?
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millennial. they don't want to work hard. >> that's the layist lambist excuse i ever heard. you cannot blame an entire generation for not working. it seems to me that the people in charge are doing something seriously wrong if they cannot get good people to staff these jobs. >> i am millennial, too. i am 35. >> yeah. >> basically kits my fault. >> you know, like i said said, i know what i had to do. but obviously, you can do it overnight, a little beth more stressful. maybe you offered a little bit better pay they find the quality of people or maybe. >> they razz proposing the 9% increase. the rate increase. where is it doing? i think people would be open to increase if we knew he would be getting some sort of a benefit so i would say definitely people should allow their voices to be heard at the public hearings and you can comment i have ya e-mail or letter by may 21st. u can also vote with your feet and drive. >> that is right. >> thanks, guys.
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>> democratic governor brendan byrne passed away last week as we reported to you. today on monday, he was remembered at memorial service with a ways tenned by not only and family and plitco's but incoming governor phil murphy and current governor christie. ashley johnson was there. ashley? >> the memorial for leadership continues to speak new jersey pos politics and who touched lives. gathering a big dug tar race including all libbing governors and friends fannedly filled the paper mill playhouse in mill bourne, new jersey monday for the memorial service celebrating the life of two-term new jersey democratic governor who served from 1674 to 1682. 93 on thursday at nursing home.
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>> what kind of service he would want and he said, surprise me. new jersey governor chris christie kept the laughter going and shared how byrne was obsessed at the state house. >> don't in that hallway. >> governor byrne was well known for the stat's first income ushering in casino gambling in atlantic s. >> among the greatest accomplishments was the fact he deserved the farmland in southern new jersey. was man of great integrity across the board. >> tom byrnes planned on organizing retrospective of the father's life in the spring in princeton. then, in mill bourne, ashley johnson reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you, ashley. all right. check in with somebody who knows a lith about new jersey politics
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political strategists jennette halfman. welcome back fm how are you? >> i am good. thanks, bill. >> governor christie went to pay the respect. the question about him in the exit interview he did with matt arco. he talked about basically saying and not for donald trump. what do you think? >> well, of course, chris christie is going to say that, bill. it is chris christie. he has huge he go p. what is he going to sna so lack at the facts here. of course, donald trump had the outspoken style that chris christie wanted to claim as his own. however, there are two reasons why i don't think chris christie would have been opted. the first he was a moderate republican governor and a number of moderate republican governors in the race like jeb bush. i don't think he would have found a lane for himself. second, cannot arguing with the fact that bridge gate really damaged politically. look at the approval ratings here in new jersey. >> oprah o no pra.
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i don't know. it seemed like she was reasoning to me last night if you listened to the speech. should be fun to see what she decided to do in 2020 if she decides to run, i don't. also, i think it would be fun to seize donald trump's reaction to her candidacy ap how liberal she is and the nicknames he may give her like overrated oprah. who knows. time will tell. stranger thing happens pepped, bill. bill: try to spend the next two weeks ruck the internet of the pictures of her and harvey weinstein. >> oh, i bet she will. bill: good luck, oprah. >> thanks, jen neat. >> all right. coming up on cbs "chasing news" don't go anywhere, weather is here and freezing rain, ice, freezing temperatures, frozen rivers, and when is this going to end?
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. we have a weather alert for you tonight. bad weather here. freezing rain. unbelievely awful evening commute today. you blow b that? we'll bring in dan zarrow in a little bit to give details and to tell how it will shape up tomorrow. but first lets take about offshore drilling. the trump administration is relaxing the rules and it is opening it up for some state on the east coast to now consider offshore drilling. >> what president trump announced yesterday is nothing less than dropping a ticking time bomb off the coast. bill: but the governor elect
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bill murphy is saying not so fast. we don't want it in our backyard and i would check in with jeffs who the director of the sy rear club in new jersey and jeff, before you even say it, just tell me why and how, how much are you opposed to this possibility? i have been fighting this since i was in high school for over 40 years. it is so wrong,able, for this state because you foe, the jersey shore what is makes new jersey and it is our national treasure, it is what makes us all the summertime and it is a big part of our lives. and it is also $46 billion year part of you are economy and so to jeopardize it for a few days worth of loyal upper coasts, it makes no sense. bill: the serious question, i mean. the driving issue in new jersey that is we cannot afford to lib here any more. middle class workers working class families have been priced out of new jersey and the kind of revenue you are talking about from offshore drilling is
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incredible. you go a place like alaska they give you a check. alaska controls a lot of the own land. and here here, it is control bid the federal government. so the oil revenues will be going to the federal fresh ry not in the state of new jersey. and if there is still and remember after katrina 200 rigs disfunctioned and 20 floated a ashore. we had something like hurricane sandy that could destroy. >> well, you lo, though lit lir talking about hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the private sector. i am these ancillary and related businesses. all of that revenue is not going to the federal government and would be kept here because the jobs would be created here. when you use a pump ber of hundreds of thousands. nationally and opening up the coast from alaska to maine. the jobs will be relatively minimal and you know what? we could create more jobs and longer-lasting jobs than doing oil wells. but the biggest issue for us.
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when you go to the jersey shore in the summertime. you want to go out to dinner afterwards. you order clam sauce. you don't want to taste like steak. the boats got run on something, jeff. thanks for joining me. appreciate. always good talk now. stay warm. >> take care. bill: all right. let's bring back the a plus panel to break it down. they are here with me. so laura we were talking about before. one of the safest ways of ex tracking oil is this shallow water drilling very few incidents over the last 15-20 years. honestly, why not. people don't want to come and look at it? >> why not net is careless. per say that to take the best resource that we have and risk it for something that might help the economy. it is not a good. it is irresponsible. even if there is one incident. it could cripple the entire industry that is tourism at the jersey shore. bill: let me look at you and say how many students are coming through rutgers and cannot
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afford to live here and not going to stay here and guess what m we're all using petroleum fuel. >> you are right, bill. u lo, at the lowest point you got to factor in and take from the earth. eventually, i love the idea of drilling. i like to be sitting on the boardwalk and having a funnel cake and lacking out saying the taxes went down because that thing out there is something all of this liquid gold. no? >> no. the risk is not worth any perceived benefit. we can see how a potential oil spill can totally just destroy the economy and marine life and we will never be made whole as a state. exxon recently cost new jersey, i think, it is over $8 billion in plugs and damage and we settled the case for drar 225 million. >> when are you buying the wind powered car? let me know. >> thanks, guys. appreciate being here. >> booed to see you.
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thanks. >> back enzyme was a terror astart in london whering apeople lost their lives cars and attacked one of this ohm this and one of the heros of that day that helped save lives is mark and he is a jr. at boston college he fries brooklyn answered has been award medal another heroism on that day. mark, welcome to "chasing news." how are you? >> i am good. >> mark, show me the medal. it it rigs here. bill: look that. well deserved. well earned. all right. mark, you are in rcc. you are ina bar. in the market. my daughter lives in london. it is crowded. s chaotic. tell me what happened. this happened on a saturday. and we had just visited the popular sky scraper in london then we came down off the observation deck and there for 45 minutes and went to go get dinner and the pub thing market then we were there when it broke out. bill: from your position where
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you were in the market. did you know what was going son in how were you able to save lives? >> well, i didn't meet immediately know exactly what it was. i knew it was some type of terror attack. i didn't know it was islamic thing. but i immediately, i was sitting down with my classmates maybe like 20-25 minutes not very long. then we heard four to five ex sissive loud gunshots and i immediately identified it as gunfire from my experience using weapons and rtc and what not. after the g gunshots went off. a wave of people on the street maybe 25-30 rushed into the pub to safety and indoors there. then, a guy at the front yelled everyone get down. get below the tables then we were all taken, taking refuge underneath the tables hiding trying to wait it out. then i picked my head up and saw near the front of the door, off to the left was guy who speaks clearly and had a serious wound to the head and pool of blood forming and hex to him and i thought there was only one
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person helping him so i ran over to see what i could do to help then i applied along with other individual who i think was an em heee of the restaurant. i made a tourniquet with using the belt and we put pressure on the wounds and just continued to do that until medical personnel able to come to the scene. bill: calm, cool, collected, courageous, under tremendous circumstances and i appreciate your hero. and what the nil marty needs then next generation. thanks for talking to me today. thank you, no problem. bill: here is meteorologist dan zarrow the weather forecast. >> a little round of wintry mix is behind us now. we may have a few icy spot force tuesday morning's commute but that should be fairly manage be now let's look ahead to the other big weather to ry of the week and let the warm-up begin. foon i, since the first time since christmas, we have above freezing temperatures in the forecast.
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actually, 40 degrees on tuesday and wednesday and by the end of the week, we could be talking 50 degrees but it does come at a price. we got some rain in the forecast from thursday and into friday. then the combination of warm air and rain will cuss a lot of? he and ice melt so flooding may become issue. ice bands may become issue. the other thing is this warm-up is not going to last very long and looks like the cold air returns on saturday. then, by the time we get to sunday. we are right back where we started below freezing again. no tell whether it is extended thing or just a temporary thing but just know, the warm-up will not take up to spring. let's look at the forecast for tonight. lows in the mid to upper 20's then some icy spots by tuesday morning then as skies be fin to clear. during the day tuesday, highs about 40 to 4 45 degrees not ba. our first trip before freezing in more than two weeks willwell's see good sunshine by tuesday afternoon. wednesday we are clouding up again. still holding in the's. could be a few showers maybe even some wintry mix wednesday
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afternoon then boy the end of the week, we are talking 50's for thursday and probably friday, too before temperatures plummet again. then the end of the week thursday night and friday, also, look bet wet. am meteorologist dan zarrow. >> here is a look at headlines we're chasing today. atlantic city's a seen the has new owner that is set to reopen this summer under a new name. the ocean resort casino will open and the same time the former trump taj mahal a colorado developer purchased for $200 million after a fire at trump tower injured three people monday morning and 14 people were hurt in the afternoon fire at a condo building in washington heights. fire at trump tower broke out inside of a cooling tower. the six story building in washington height on the riverside drive between 150th and 150th street and the fire began on the second floor and sped upward. that is look at headlines we're chasing today. bill: coming up on "chasing news." don't go anywhere. we got a lot more show four including the result interests
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the nfl wildcard rec rec and the rumor mill in high gear about who is going to the next new york football giants' head coach. stay tune.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea s. let's check win the sports reporter who has the result interests the nfl wildcard weekend and developing rumors around the new york giants and the search for a head coach. george, what do you got? reporter: thanks, bill. well, hold on. he threw a big bucket of cold water on that on monday saying he intends to coach the patriots next season. what do you expect him to say in the middle of a playoffs but i wouldn't know. football on sunday a couple of wildcard games one good one not so good. also get a the bad one out of the way. that would be jacksonville hosting buffalo and 3-3 game in the third quarter. a bad game all the which around.
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he did machinage this one-yard touchdown pass. 10 opinion the final. in pittsburgh next week then panthers at saints drew brees led the way and we'll show this beautiful touchdown pass. 80-yards to former panthers' area that was for 80-yards and early-0 led and held on for 31-26 win and get the vikings in minnesota next week. now because carolina lost and giants can now interview the defensive coordinator still wilkes he has hosted cent in carolina. and ladies and gentlemen, leading the both at espm he is door to oakland raiders will sign a ten hr year $100 million contract scheduled for tuesday. that is your football wrap-up and spores monday. bill, let's get it back to you. >> joinest there of your night. i will see you tomorrow on "chasing news."
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we begin tonight with live look at doylestown. no major snowfall or any absurd cold out there today. the issue was rain that turned to ice had a lot of slipping and sliding out there. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. that ice made for a dangerous and tricky evening commute. schools and even some workplaces letting out early so people could avoid that ice. some schools have already reported delays and closings for tomorrow and you can see those at the bottom of your screen. let's get right over to kathy orr. >> i'll tell you iain temperatures right now below freezing pretty much everywhere. they'll be falling overnight. the precipitation finally moving offshore in the form of mainly rain in atlantic city and cape may. but everywhere we'll see the deep freeze. you can see around the circle on the parkway, it's a slow go. there's few cars out


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